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America hates New York City

Don’t read New Republic but this popped up on my feed this morning and I thought it was especially interesting in the wake of Cruz getting booted from NYC. From New Republic: New York Campaign Ads Are a Tale of … Continue reading

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Millennials want a big house in the ‘burbs

From MarketWatch: First-time buyers are skipping the starter home and saving for the big house in the suburbs Forget the starter home. Today’s first-time buyers want a place they’ll live in for a long time — possibly even into retirement. … Continue reading

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Slowly heading back to normal, whatever normal is now.

From HousingWire: Mortgage lending boom? Equifax reports massive increase in home credit Contrary to some fears that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s new disclosure rules would severely dampen mortgage lending in 2015, a new report from Equifax shows that exactly … Continue reading

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Negative equity improves … except for the low-end

From CNBC: How are millions still underwater as home prices rise? Fast-rising home prices brought 1.5 million borrowers up from underwater on their mortgages in 2015, but there are still twice as many drowning. In total, 3.2 million homeowners nationally … Continue reading

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Early indicators of the next building boom?

From HousingWire: March job creation bodes well for housing inventory crisis March job numbers brought welcome news as more jobs were added to the construction market, which bodes well for the current lack of inventory in the market. Job creation … Continue reading

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Hello Spring Market! Best February since 2005.

From the Otteau Group: Home purchase demand in New Jersey increased for the 18th consecutive month in February rising to more than 8,000 home-purchase contracts. This was the highest number of purchase contracts recorded in the month of February since … Continue reading

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