Are suburbs the smart move?

From Inman:

Are the suburbs a better deal for millennials?

Much has been made of the millennial desire to live in cities; however, a couple of recent studies show that for families with kids, the suburbs might be the place to be.

The National Association of Realtors 2017 Home Buyer and Seller Generational Trends study found that more millennials are moving to the suburbs with their kids.

As millennials age, more of them have children. This year’s survey found that 49 percent of millennial buyers had at least one child.

Affordability is sending millennials to the suburbs. The survey showed that just 15 percent of millennial buyers bought in an urban area, down from 17 percent last year and 21 percent two years ago.

It’s not just housing affordability that is a factor in where millennials chose to settle. The Zillow and Cost of Living Report measured how much families could expect to spend on housing and child care in urban and suburban locations around the country and found that overall families spend $9,000 more a year to live in the city versus the suburbs.

Although the difference between city versus suburbs varies from city to city, it is most stark in New York, Chicago and Dallas.

In New York, a family would pay an additional $71,237 a year in order to live in the city.

Suburban living doesn’t always win out. In Philadelphia, a family would spend an additional $13,859 to live in the city as compared to the suburbs.

In most cities, high property taxes and rising home prices are usually the reasons why city living is more expensive; however, in some cities, the cost of child care is the issue.

Zillow’s 2016 Report on Consumer Housing Trends also found that millennials, the largest group of homebuyers, are making their way into the suburbs.

The Zillow data says that almost 50 percent of millennial homeowners live in the suburbs, while 33 percent live in an urban neighborhood and just 20 percent live in a rural area.

Of the millennial buyers who moved in the past year, 64 percent stayed in the same city and just 7 percent of them moved to a different state. Millennials pay a median price of $217,000 for a home that is about 1,800 square feet, similar in size to what older generations buy.

Like older generations, they prize shared community amenities and are considering townhouses at higher rates than other generations.

Because of the size of the generation, millennials, like baby boomers, create change with each new life stage they move into. Now that they are buying, and moving into suburbs, they are changing the way we consider what a suburb looks like.

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  1. The Original NJ Expat says:

    Are suburbs the smart move?

    Pumpkin puke tsunami should hit these shores in about an hour.

  2. The Original NJ Expat says:

    About the author ad copy writer:

    Deidre Woollard is the co-founder of Lion & Orb, a real estate public relations company. Previously she was part of the marketing team at, publicist at Rodeo Realty, and head of communications for Partners Trust in Los Angeles.

  3. Ottoman says:

    Thanks to dummies like you who’s narcissism prevents you from ignoring him.

    The Original NJ Expat says:
    March 16, 2017 at 8:11 am
    Are suburbs the smart move?

    Pumpkin puke tsunami should hit these shores in about an hour.

  4. The Original NJ Expat says:

    Thanks to dummies like you who’s narcissism prevents you from ignoring him.

  5. The Original NJ Expat says:

    Q. How do you get 4 gay guys on Ottoman.
    A. Turn him upside down.

  6. EncuncKep says:

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  7. D-FENS says:

    @johncardillo 5h5 hours ago
    John Cardillo Retweeted John Cardillo
    1. Obama and he were law school classmates.

    2. Obama appointed him to fed bench in 2013.

    3. Obama was in HI for the ruling.


    Judge who issued travel ban ruling is Obama law classmate

  8. Anon E. Moose, Ghost of JJ says:

    Juice [7:07];

    Paterson closed?

    When spouse got back into teaching (math/science credentialed), Patterson (East Side High, in fact) offered her a position all but sight unseen.

    I suggested it was a bad idea, because if they were giving offers with such a shallow interview process: a) they expected most to reject; and b) they expected many of those who accept to burn out quickly. Under those conditions its rational not to invest much time info finding the “right” person since so many of those investments are not going to pan out.

    Having had some cursory experience with their administration, I have come to the conclusion that an organization doesn’t fail so thoroughly, for so long, by accident. They send out offer letters with no letter, or even salary. When asked, they never responded.

    In the end, I suggested that if they did accept the position, it was entirely conceivable to get “lost” inside that district collection pay and benefits for some years. As far as I know that administration is still waiting for their new math teacher to show up.

  9. Steamy Cankles Foundation says:

    Does it matter if school is opened or closed when nearly half the kids don’t attend?

  10. D-FENS says:

    Any wonder why the laws in this state hardly make sense? People like this woman write them.

    “Anything is constitutional until somebody takes it to court,”

    Read More: N.J. Dems passing bill requiring White House hopefuls to release tax returns |

  11. Steamy Cankles Foundation says:

    “When the bill advanced last month in the Assembly Judiciary Committee, in a party-line vote, Assemblyman Michael Patrick Carroll, R-Morris, was turned back by Democrats when he suggested expanding the bill to cover candidates for state office.”

    Move along…Nothing to see here.

  12. Steamy Cankles Foundation says:

    And there goes Oprah’s chances.

  13. Steamy Cankles Foundation says:

    Dems so dumb!

  14. Steamy Cankles Foundation says:

    McD0nald’s just got hacked. No one is sure who was responsible, but Dem’s are trying to subpoena the special sauce in Putin’s borscht.

  15. D-FENS says:

    God damn…I want a cheeseburger right now…

  16. The Original NJ Expat says:

    I just made one …on the grill outside. If you take a small-ish white onion, cut in half at the equator (skin-on to hold in the steam), and put it on the grill just ahead of the burgers you have a hot topping too.

    God damn…I want a cheeseburger right now…

  17. EncuncKep says:

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  18. Comrade Nom Deplume, The GOAT says:

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all of you and even to our favorite Irish dwarf, Gluteus

    Got my Guinness ready for some tournament viewing. May all your brackets remain unbusted.

  19. Comrade Nom Deplume, The GOAT says:


    My technique was to grill atop the onions, flip it over and melt the cheese over the onions. Once I did that at my frat house and my housemates flipped out and demanded I make them every week. I was like, come on, do it yourself.

  20. Grab them by the puzzy says:


    160 years ago, the Irish were poor, uneducated, starving refugees.

    We welcomed them by the millions.

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

  21. Steamy Cankles Foundation says:

    “We welcomed them by the millions.”


  22. Comrade Nom Deplume, The GOAT says:

    Legally, shmegally, that is immaterial to puzzy and his ilk

  23. Grab them by the puzzy says:

    Happy Lá Fheile Phadraig to all of my great Irish friends!


    Fukc you Donnie.
    How many of us would have been turned away if there was a travel ban back in the
    “no irish need apply” day?


  24. Steamy Cankles Foundation says:

    Pablo is pissed. Perhaps he should turn his anger to his Irish parents who named him Pablo?

  25. D-FENS says:

    A lot were turned away. That’s what Ellis island was for. The sick ones were quarantined there or sent back…

    It was still chaotic then but at least there was some sort of process that everyone understood.

  26. D-FENS says:

    “Half and Half”….Yuengling on the bottom and Guinness on top. I call it the Irish American.

  27. Tywin says:

    We’re the legal Irish immigrants flying airliners into 50,000 Americans sitting at their desk in an office building?  Driving trucks through crowds of families celebrating in the street?  Sawing off people’s heads, and teaching children to saw off people’s heads?  Shooting up people in crowded nightclubs?  Shooting up newspapers who published a cartoon?  Jackhole.

  28. Fast Eddie says:


    What have you done to help the refugees and illegals? How much time and money do you spend on a weekly basis? How many have you taken into your house? What kinds of sacrifices have you made amid the so-called resistance by the current administration to do so?

  29. Steamy Cankles Foundation says:

    Does donning a white pant suit count?

  30. Juice Box says:

    Don’t forget Obama is Irish too you cucks!

  31. Bystander says:

    Wow, Steam. There were thousands upon thousands of Irish who got into this country illegally via Canada. Think about how easy it was to pass a border or forge a document 150 years ago. Hell, I just watched Orange Sunshine documentary on small group of 18 year olds kids in so cal responsible for supplying hash and LSD to entire country in mid 1960s. They would fly into Europe, forge passports and documents, drive to Pakistan, buy 150 lbs of hash and put them in containers, ship back to US then pick up at US customs. No problems for years. Guy simply said there was no technology, document validation or cross checking back then..easy. Immigration was exactly same.

  32. Bagholder says:

    ‘We’re the legal Irish immigrants flying airliners into 50,000 Americans sitting at their desk in an office building?’

    No, that was the Saudis, who are fine to come in even today.

  33. Against The Grain says:

    Irish immigrants totally trashed lower and midtown Manhattan and were responsible for up to 2000 deaths, only a few generations ago. But at least they were legal.

  34. D-FENS says:

    FAKE NEWS: Did Trump Just Kill Meals On Wheels? Not Even Close.

    The Trump administration proposed budget would kill the Community Development Block Grant, a federal boondoggle that’s largely been used for waste and fraud. It costs $3 billion per year. As the budget proposal stated, “The Federal Government has spent over $150 billion on this block grant since its inception in 1974, but the program is not well-targeted to the poorest populations and has not demonstrated results.” Nick Gillespie of Reason explains:

    The money often is not going to Meals on Wheels or even to the neediest communities. As a Reason Foundation analysis also from 2013 shows, wealthier communities get the larger chunks of the money, particularly counties that—what a coincidence!—are in proximity to Washington, D.C….Check out this audit from Riverside County, California, for their CDBG expenditures for 2016, and there’s neither a meal nor a wheel to be found. Of the $761,744 the county received, nearly all of it went to improve a playground and the sidewalks of a single local elementary school. And note that the reason they were audited by Housing and Urban Development was because they hadn’t provided proper documentation of their expenses.

    Meals on Wheels does get some money from the CDGB. But the vast majority of its funding comes from elsewhere, and as even the leftists over at Snopes state, “the effect of CDBG cuts on local Meals on Wheels groups is uncertain.” Only 3 percent of the Meals on Wheels budget nationally comes from the federal government at all, and only a portion of that comes from the CDBG. Walter Olson of the Cato Institute explains that 35 percent of federal funding for Meals on Wheels comes from the Older Americans Act, not the CDBG; no cuts have been contemplated to that program yet.

    So, Trump isn’t killing Meals on Wheels. But the damaging media coverage has many Republicans cowering in fear. As usual.

  35. Tywin says:

    Australian Teacher Quits After Islamic Students Threaten to Behead Her

    March 17, 2017

    Teachers at a primary school in Sydney, Australia have been threatened with beheading and other violence from young Islamic students, prompting one of them to quit her job.

    Students as young as those in Year 5, according to the Daily Telegraph, are making the violent threats and pressuring others to read the Koran at Punchbowl Public School in Sydney.

    Documents given to the newspaper allege that three staff members have taken a leave of absence owing to stress, received counselling and been awarded compensation after bullying from Islamic students.

    One female teacher reportedly quit her job after it got too much for her. She claims she quit after receiving death threats to her family from her year 5 and 6 students, with some saying they would behead her.

    The teacher also said she made numerous complaints back in 2014 about the extraordinary behavior in the class. For example, she said, she was abused by students after she stopped them from hanging a Syrian flag in the classroom.

    In another example, she claimed she was pushed into a corner by students who began marching around her chanting the Koran.

    The bullying wasn’t restricted to teachers. The woman also reported an incident where children bullied other students by saying that someone had “betrayed his religion” by “not going to Muslim scripture”. In another incident, she said a “group of boys had stood around a girl and called her horrible names like dog”.

  36. grim says:

    It’s Australia, what do you expect.

    Two men enter, one man leaves.

  37. Steamy Cankles Foundation says:

    No one feared the Irish immigration except for the bartenders.

  38. Steamy Cankles Foundation says:

    Hey Anon. I would threaten to behead you, but I can’t find it!

  39. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Someone posted this on Facebook. Any truth?

    Could care less about the NEA funding, but am pretty pissed (if true) that it is costing tax payers a 183 million a year for the security of Melania and Barron. Where exactly is all this money going? Wtf? Talk about pissing money away. This is tax payer money that is completely wasted. It’s not an investment, you are basically just giving money away. You are not even paying someone to dig pointless ditches, you are just giving it away for nothing. At least the money is diverted to the NYC economy so that we get something out of it.

    “Immediately after the election Trump transition spokesman Jason Miller explained that Melania would be staying in New York because there was “obviously a sensitivity to pulling out a 10-year-old in the middle of the school year”.
    We have since learned that the cost of security for Melania and Barron to remain at Trump Tower is $183 million/year. There is also no indication that they will actually move to DC this summer. So in essence the Federal government is giving the Trump family a $183 million annual voucher so Barron can attend the elite private prep school of his choice.
    Meanwhile, we learned last night that Trump’s budget would completely eliminate funding for the National Endowment for the Arts. The NEA, with an annual budget of only $148 million, is able to provide seed money for arts programming in literally every Congressional district in the country.
    So, on the one hand you have a $183 million school voucher for a single 10-year-old at an elite private school. On the other hand you have a program that impacts arts and cultural programming throughout the entire nation.”

  40. Steamy Cankles Foundation says:

    It’s only true if you are progressive. How much does it cost to maintain Camp David? How much did it cost the American taxpayer when the Obama kids had birthday parties there. But fear not. The security issue will die down as the Trump family embraces the White House and Camp David. Dudes been in office three months and already it’s assumed everything he does will be for the next 4 years. But embrace the left-wing propaganda. It’s what is going to turn Trump into a 2-termer. Mark my words, the more left becomes unhinged, the more the right is going to dig in their heals and persuade more centrists that cutting spending (which lowers taxes) enables the economy to grow.

  41. grim says:

    I think the level of security offered to federal government politicians is far too great, this includes the president.

    Frankly, I don’t understand why anyone should be so concerned about the threat of assassination of the president.

    The history of the US is predicated on it.

    So what? Dude gets shot? Why exactly are we footing the bill for this security?

    Clearly, we’ve all lost touch with reality to accept it. Frankly, the threat of assassination should be a core check and balance on every politician. Perhaps we wouldn’t have such extreme views if a few of those nuts on both sides got shot at the podium.

  42. Fast Eddie says:

    Now that they are buying, and moving into suburbs, they are changing the way we consider what a suburb looks like.

    What does this statement mean? They’re going to have a few more Starbucks locations? By the way, it’s comical watching the young Moms in Hoboken trying to push baby carriages through snow-covered street corners. The whole town is a swarm of 20-somethings from somewhere other than the tri-state area. The town represents nothing but overpriced hype.

  43. The Great Pumpkin says:

    I’m taking the position that it is wrong to pay this much for the security of the President’s family, whether Obama or Trump. Why is the taxpayer responsible for this? 183 million is a lot of money for the security of two people. Trump decided to become President, that means picking up his family and living in the f#cking white house. His summer home should not be visited till 4 years from now. He doesn’t like it, then don’t become president. This is the definition of pissing away money, just so some rich dude can do whatever he wants. Took on the role of president, well guess what, you don’t get to do whatever you want.

  44. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Exactly! George Washington must be turning in his grave. President is looking more and more like a King. Living off the taxpayer for the rest of their life. Such BS! Never mind all the costs of their security while in office.

    Worrying about getting shot as President? Well, make sure you do right by the people and you will have nothing to worry about. And here in lies the problem. With good leadership, you don’t need security. No wonder the Presidents have been needing more and more security as the years go by, they just get worse and worse. If that’s not a sign that we need REAL leadership in this country, I don’t know what is. When was the last time a President was actually embraced by the population.

    “So what? Dude gets shot? Why exactly are we footing the bill for this security?”

  45. Grab them by the puzzy says:


    “No Irish Need Apply”

    A reminder of our history of discrimination against immigrants.

    We can do better.

    #StPatricksDay  #RefugeesWelcome

  46. Grab them by the puzzy says:


    When demagogues today say that Muslims or other minorities can’t assimilate in the US, remember the same was said of the Irish. 9/

    The Irish were targeted by the KKK and were seen as neither American nor white – underscoring how fluid those identifications are. 10/

    So on a day when the US now embraces Irish immigrant heritage as quintessentially American, let’s not forget… 11/

    …that the forebears of Bannon, Kelly, Mulvaney etc once faced the same toxic tactics that those men now aim at others. /end

  47. Fast Eddie says:


    What part are you doing to assist minorities?

  48. Fast Eddie says:

    You know what’s interesting, oppressed minorities of the past that came to America seemed to rely on their own resources. Didn’t need no welfare state… remember that line? Let them assimilate but don’t stick your hand in my pocket. I’ll donate my time and money as I see fit, not because you force me to do so.

  49. D-FENS says:

    Teddy Roosevelt actually went on to give a speech after taking a bullet to the chest…look it up…cool story.

    grim says:
    March 17, 2017 at 1:33 pm
    I think the level of security offered to federal government politicians is far too great, this includes the president.

    Frankly, I don’t understand why anyone should be so concerned about the threat of assassination of the president.

    The history of the US is predicated on it.

    So what? Dude gets shot? Why exactly are we footing the bill for this security?

    Clearly, we’ve all lost touch with reality to accept it. Frankly, the threat of assassination should be a core check and balance on every politician. Perhaps we wouldn’t have such extreme views if a few of those nuts on both sides got shot at the podium.

  50. D-FENS says:

    Democrats in the NJ state legislature demanding to see Trump’s taxes but refuse to show their own and don’t care about Phil Murphy’s…

  51. EncuncKep says:

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  52. Tywin says:

    US presidents are allowed to visit Dublin, but not Mecca.

    Food for thought (for those with the ability to think).

  53. D-FENS says:

    Suburbs meh

    You gotta move to the city….

  54. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Does anyone know what purpose county level govt in nj serves? ESP county police in north jersey, what is their purpose?

  55. D-FENS says:

    Municipal job creators

  56. Tywin says:

    A call to end St Patrick’s Day

  57. 3b says:

    Fab is Irish?? I thought he was a no good Brit. Sorry it’s St. Patrick’s day we get to hate the Brits one day a year!!

  58. Bystander says:

    From the good book of George:

    “Pride should be reserved for something you achieve or obtain on your own, not something that happens by accident of birth. Being Irish isn’t a skill… it’s a f_ing genetic accident. You wouldn’t say I’m proud to be 5’11”; I’m proud to have a pre-disposition for colon cancer.”

  59. 3b says:

    Bystander I am proud to be Irish. I am proud to be of a people that suffered through centuries of oppression and we’re almost anilihatef several times. People who than immigrated all overl the world and were dispisef wherever they went. Who worked for everything they have. Who did not cry and complain of discrimination. Who built churches schools universities hospitals and paved the way for many immigrants groups after them. So yeah for a small country we have made an ousize contribution wherever we went.

  60. No One says:

    The government should shut down NEA and PBS even if it cost nothing.
    If these are such great organizations, let donors and customers support them.
    I recently watched the show that 20 years ago was the McNeil/Lehrer newshour, and it’s become yet another place where lefties get to ejaculate their agenda. Very unlike what it was 20 years ago, but it makes perfect sense for a state-run propaganda department. If Trump put his people in charge of the PBS programming department the lefties would be begging us to shut it down, and just as rightly as the current situation, where leftists control it.

  61. chicagofinance says:

    Depeche Mode just released a new CD today…..a pissed off lot they are….check out the song titles…..FYI it’s not political in a particular way…more disappointed in the crassness of the discourse….

    1. “Going Backwards”
    2. “Where’s the Revolution”
    3. “The Worst Crime”
    4. “Scum”
    5. “You Move”
    6. “Cover Me”
    7. “Eternal”
    8. “Poison Heart”
    9. “So Much Love”
    10. “Poorman”
    11. “No More”
    12. “Fail”

  62. Tywin says:

    Mad Max reference, nice. :)

    “Two men enter, one man leaves.”

  63. Tywin says:

    Chi, the WSJ had an interview video posted this week, they sounded quite political, and horribly misinformed (Putin conspiracy ravings).

  64. Grab them by the puzzy says:

    Trump is visiting Angela Merkel for his first state visit to Germany and asks her what the secret to her prolongs success is.

    Angela tells him that she surrounds herself with intelligent people. He asks her how she can tell they’re intelligent.

    “Easy, let me show you!”
    She picks up the phone and calls Wolfgang Schäuble and asks: “I’m the son of your father, but not your brother. Who am i?”
    Schäuble answers: “Easy, it’s me.”

    Trump returns to the white house and calls in Pence, and asks him the same riddle. Pence thinks about it and tells Trump:
    “let me get back to you.”

    Pace thinks all night and can’t figure out the answer. So, the next morning he calls Barack Obama and asks him the question, figuring he’s a smart guy.
    “Easy, it’s me,” answers Barack.”

    Pence proudly heads to the oval office and tells Trump he has the answer:
    “it’s Barack Obama!” He says.

    Trump gets irate and screams at Pence:
    “No it’s not, you freaking idiot. It’s Wolfgang Schäuble.”

  65. chicagofinance says:

    That guy doesnt write the stuff……

    Tywin says:
    March 17, 2017 at 6:26 pm
    Chi, the WSJ had an interview video posted this week, they sounded quite political, and horribly misinformed (Putin conspiracy ravings).

  66. The Great Pumpkin says:

    “Bruce Springsteen sold his longtime Rumson mansion in a hush-hush deal for $3.2 million, according to sales records.

    News of the impending sale came to light in January with a notice of contract filed with the Monmouth County Clerk’s Office, but it didn’t note the sales price. Springsteen had not listed the Georgian-style home, which he bought in 1983 and where he raised his three children with wife Patti Scialfa, on the open market.

    The buyers are another Rumson couple who had purchased a home close by on Ridge Road in 2012. Property taxes on the Springsteen estate on seven acres are $44,460 a year, according to state Division of Taxation records.”

  67. Comrade Nom Deplume, The GOAT says:

    Oh, I think Gluteus is a British cuck. Calling him Irish is an insult. But then, I may have just insulted the Irish.

  68. EncuncKep says:

    This app is meant for the teenagers and the children. Brace Face – A touch of nostalgia makes this nice little app stand out. They make apps for the I-Phone, Blackberry, Android, Palm Pre, and many other devices.

  69. Fabius Maximus says:

    Puts some perspective on the issue. Add in the other european nations and you have a large chunk of the 11 Million undocumented.

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