Nassau hits new peak, Suffolk on the way

From Newsday:

LI home prices jump; Nassau reaches record level

It’s boom time again for the housing market in Nassau County, where prices have reached a new peak.

The median price for a closed home sale jumped to $505,000 last month in Nassau, 5.7 percent higher than a year earlier, the Multiple Listing Service of Long Island reported Thursday. The county’s previous record high of $502,500 came in 2007, at the height of the housing boom.

In Suffolk County, home prices still lagged behind their pre-recession highs. The median price for a closed home sale in Suffolk was $365,000 in June, a 7.4 percent annual gain but still below the 2007 high point of $420,000, listing service figures show.

Soaring prices in New York City are pushing more buyers to Long Island, where they get into bidding wars for a scant supply of homes, said Gary Baumann, an associate broker with Douglas Elliman in Dix Hills and Port Washington.

“The demand from the city and the boroughs is just working its way out,” Baumann said.

Demand is strongest for homes asking up to about $500,000 in Suffolk and $750,000 in Nassau, Baumann said. The market for homes listed for more than $1 million is “a little bit softer,” he said.

The number of closed transactions fell by 3.5 percent in Suffolk and 3.3 percent in Nassau last month, compared with the same period a year ago. At that pace of sales, it would take 4.9 months in Suffolk and 4.3 months in Nassau to sell all homes listed for sale. A balanced real estate market has a six- to eight-month supply of homes, real estate brokers say.

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44 Responses to Nassau hits new peak, Suffolk on the way

  1. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Like this article points out in these paragraphs, old way, no one would have ever found out about this, but now with mueller digging and digging, kushners lawyers had no choice but to release the emails before mueller got to them.

    They knew about these emails for this long and never said anything till they felt threatened that mueller would find them? It doesn’t look good that trump claimed he was not colluding with Russians against Hilary, and now emails of his son working with Russians to get dirt on Hillary to take her down.

    No doubt in my mind that someone will be getting arrested from this investigation. Mueller would not be investigating for this long with nothing, he is building his case as we speak.

  2. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Sorry, couldn’t post the paragraphs, kept being sent to moderation.

  3. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Ahh, right on que. It’s happening right before our eyes. NYC and all affluent areas have hit peak for the time being, now it’s time to watch the spillover carry into the areas that are nice, but didn’t see the appreciation that the top tier towns already did. They have now become a “value” in comparison to the areas that have seen huge appreciation. It’s only natural for the market participants to seek out areas that now look like a value in comparison to the areas that have been driven up. Some of these areas are separated by 5-10 miles.

    Now apply this “value” mindset on a national level, with these so called “cheap areas” doubling or tripling the price of their real estate, it’s only a matter of time before Jersey looks like a great value. You can get a nice home in commutable distance to NYC for 500,000 now, why would you go to these other areas and pay almost the same amount for a similar home? These other places are catching up fast in price and taxes in comparison to nj. And remember, to support large dense populations, you have no choice but to become like jersey. You become a high cost area with all the people and the services needed to keep it going.

    Remember, if nj’s prices stagnated for the past couple years, and these other areas went up 10% a year, in 3 years nj has added 30% in value in comparison to these areas. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand this.

    “Soaring prices in New York City are pushing more buyers to Long Island, where they get into bidding wars for a scant supply of homes, said Gary Baumann, an associate broker with Douglas Elliman in Dix Hills and Port Washington.

    “The demand from the city and the boroughs is just working its way out,” Baumann said.”

  4. The Great Pumpkin says:

    And doesn’t look good for team trump. Should have said they were talking to Russians from the beginning, not after being investigated. Just doesn’t look good.

  5. Fabius Maximus says:

    Home Buyer,
    “Outside governments interference in our democracy is simply inevitable.”
    But is that acceptable? If there was interference I want an administration to take diplomatic version of a Godfellas response. I don’t care that we do it, no one should dare do it to us.
    “The position of “nothing happened” isn’t the other hypothetical. It is reality.” Is it?, prove it. You want proof of Russian involvement, I want proof there wasn’t. I understand that is an unfair comparison. But I want someone to explain all the smoke I’m seeing, because at some point I expect the flames to become visible. At some point I expect to see the FBI and a Grand Jury getting together. If there is nothing here then explain what I’m seeing because all I’m getting is denials that are later proved to have happened.
    “working backward to justify it ” N,o what we are finding out is that stuff such as this meeting ( that was denied) happened and now its a case of “Who, What, Where” lets fill in the blanks.
    You want a view of what was said in the meeting. Here is an interesting take.
    This is not the first time we have had an investigation like this and it won’t be the last. We have had Iran Contra, Monica, Air National Guard records, Birth Certificates, Swift Boats and email servers. Some were true and some were not on both sides of the aisle. All deserve scrutiny.
    In the end we will get the truth with the investigation and most likely we will get a Martha Stewart result. Its will not be the initial allegation that’s the issue, its the response and any cover up that will be in scope.
    As to money, I wonder what the personal Legal bill for the administration is? Everyone has lawyered up.

  6. nwnj3 says:

    Idiot you are a great case study in the susceptibility of low IQ folks to fake news. An opinion from a clinton hack is accepted as fact. Notice how he substituted “russian officials” for what is essentially ethnic russians. Without that mistruth the whole ordeal is non news.

  7. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Only fact I know is that a non-political faction of our govt has been investigating this for how long? Don’t say the FBI is out to get trump either, that’s clearly not the case.

  8. A Home Buyer says:


    Why do I have to prove that the current administration didn’t cooperate with Russia in order for it to be reality? Want some snarky proof this is reality? They aren’t in jail.

    Screw why, honestly how could I ever prove that? I couldn’t prove to you I didn’t have a ham sandwich yesterday, none the less that a meeting over a year ago with people I don’t know wasn’t collision.

    You tell me… What evidence would I have to produce for you to believe team trump in its entirety is innocent of collision on all accounts and clear this issue?

    Listen, I’m all for an investigation, I did not vote for trump, he’s passed nothing so far that helps me. But team blue needs to give it a rest until we actually know something.

  9. Blue Ribbon Teacher says:

    Only fact I know is that a non-political faction of our govt has been investigating this for how long? Don’t say the FBI is out to get trump either, that’s clearly not the case.

    The FBI may or may not be out to get him. Most of the media clearly is to the point where they have tried to turn every little thing into some grand conspiracy.

  10. The Great Pumpkin says:

    So people still don’t see a problem with the following: taking the original position that you were not in contact at all with Russians to now coming out as having meetings with Russians to gain access to dirt on Hillary. If you see nothing wrong with this, you have to question your allegiance to Trump or the Republicans. They were WILLING TO WORK WITH A FOREIGNER TO INVESTIGATE THE SECRETARY OF STATE IN THE HOPES OF TAKING HER DOWN. All because they were going against her in the election. Pretty f’ed up to be willing to work with a foreign enemy in order to gain power and win an election. This is not cool at all. Willing to give our enemy a reduction in sanctions when in power in exchange for obtaining that power with information that could help win the election.

    Pretty messed up, but if you can’t see it, why even waste time trying to show you.

  11. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Yup, and this is only the beginning to the coming epic boom period. I called this years ago.

    “‘The canary in the coal mine is earnings and the canary is singing a very sweet song’”

    “Apart from the corporate sector, the economic environment remains generally ideal for stocks without apparent signs of an immediate recession or overheating, what many economists would deem a “Goldilocks” economy.

    The only possible headwind for equities at this time is political uncertainty as President Donald Trump struggles to introduce meaningful policy change amid mounting challenges, including a probe into whether his campaign actively colluded with Russia to interfere in the U.S. election.”

    Stock market poised to ride stellar earnings to new heights – MarketWatch

  12. Blue Ribbon Teacher says:

    Pretty f’ed up to be willing to work with a foreign enemy in order to gain power and win an election.

    They aren’t our enemy.

  13. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Yes they are. China and Russia are our only competition in this world. They are not our friends.

    Blue Ribbon Teacher says:
    July 15, 2017 at 11:37 am
    Pretty f’ed up to be willing to work with a foreign enemy in order to gain power and win an election.

    They aren’t our enemy.

  14. Phoenix says:

    Competition. We all spy on each other so not exactly friends either.

  15. Chi says:

    Russia? Are you fuking kidding? Why do you think Putin acts like such a maniac? They are totally screwed. Look at North Korea it’s obviously not the same but it’s the same style of behavior

  16. Chi says:

    Follow the price of oil The further it goes down the more likely Putin is going to do something wacky. Russia is like Derek Jeter in his last season. Yes it’s Derek Jeter but it’s acompletely diminished version of him. But it still has the name recognition and I trust the same fear and ingrained reaction from people

  17. Grab them by the puzzy says:


    I never met any Russians.
    The meeting was about adoptions.
    Okay, about Clinton oppo.
    It was just one Russian.
    Well, two.
    Hillary did it.

  18. A Home Buyer says:


    And yet, you don’t seem to care that Russia HAD something on Hillary in the first place.

    Why isn’t it concerning that a potential world leader had damaging or blackmail material in the hands of foreign governments?

    That Clinton possibly did something illegal or at least questionable and Russia knows about it gets a pass… but Team Trump possibly negotiating for that damaging information (about a candidate running for the most powerful position on the planet) to release to the public is the problem.

    Isn’t Team blue the ones with mottos like “Democracy dies in Darkness”?

  19. Blue Ribbon Teacher says:

    If Russia was in fact behind the wikileaks document dumps, they’ve provided more transparency to the U.S. government than anyone before, and for that I thank them. I also would love for them to hack all the republicans and expose all their crap as well.

  20. Blue Ribbon Teacher says:

    Yes they are. China and Russia are our only competition in this world. They are not our friends.

    Well in that case, let’s charge Clinton, Bush, and Obama with crimes of increasing trade with these nations who are our enemies.

  21. 30 year realtor says:

    Do we have economic sanctions against our friends and allies? What does having nukes pointed at each other indicate?

  22. The Great Pumpkin says:

    The hardcore conservatives have built an anti Clinton propaganda machine for over 20 years. They were right, taking down the Clinton machine was the only chance they had, and somehow the stupid Americans ate up the bs. They actually believe that the Clinton’s have had numerous people murdered (killary). Really can’t make this bs up, yet troves of ignorant conservatives eat this up as talking points in their attack on democrats.

    They talk about uranium and Russians as if it was a real story, not a piece of propaganda to rile up conservatives. Yes, Hillary secretly was giving uranium to the Russians. That sure doesn’t qualify as treason and she somehow was not investigated for it? Guess why she was never investigated, because it’s all made up and passed off as fact by conservatives. Only people that believe that bs are die hard conservatives.

    Pt of all this, the republicans were trying for two decades to destroy the Clinton machine, they finally got their wish, not with incriminating evidence, but with total lies that have been told so many times in conservative circles that they are now passed off as fact amongst republicans.

    Trump ran on lies to get elected. “Lock her up” was nothing more than bs that he knew republicans wanted to hear. If there was even an ounce of truth to it, she would have been investigated and tried for an actual crime, but nope, they have nothing on her but lies.

    People need to open up their eyes. The lies are getting crazy. It makes me sick they were able to get a good portion of the population to believe global warming is a hoax invented by Al Gore to get rich on. Pure nonsense and society is worse off for this propaganda being spread.

  23. grim says:

    Putin sent warships to sit over the Russian gas pipelines in the baltic.

    He said if any oil company attempted to build a pipeline that crossed over nord stream pipeline, they would sink their ships. The nord stream essentially forms a barrier between continental europe and the nordics, meaning Poland and Germany can’t buy Norwegian gas. Any pipeline between the nordics and continental europe would need to cross over nord stream.

    In retaliation, Poland began trading natural gas with US.

    Putin is not happy.

    Poland would be glad to shut the russian pipelines down, they ship shit fuel to europe anyway.

  24. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Exactly, it drives me crazy to hear these hardcore conservatives talk about Russia as a non-enemy. Are they kidding me?

    30 year realtor says:
    July 15, 2017 at 4:15 pm
    Do we have economic sanctions against our friends and allies? What does having nukes pointed at each other indicate?

  25. The Great Pumpkin says:

    When you get smart individuals buying into the idea that we have no impact on the eco system of this planet, you know the propaganda has to be strong to get intelligent people to believe this.

  26. Donald R says:

    This kind of story makes my p*nis hard… fellas?

  27. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    Another Pumpkin spooge Saturday. Shocker!

  28. Fabius Maximus says:

    They aren’t in jail. Yet, gotta love that Due Process!

    “I couldn’t prove to you I didn’t have a ham sandwich yesterday,” If you stand up and say “I never broke Kosher and had a ham sandwich yesterday”, but it turns out you had a bacon sandwich?

    ” for you to believe team trump in its entirety is innocent of collision on all accounts and clear this issue”
    That will be when the FBI finish up. But honestly, I wish that T would show up as the Smokey Yunick of political campaigns, pushing the boundaries. But he is more like “ÆTHELRED THE UNREADY”
    I am not “Team Blue”, but I will take them over “Team Red”. For me the biggest scandal of the last administration was Manning, Snowdon and the Cables. That got lost in the the Bengazzi noise.

  29. Fabius Maximus says:

    Drove past the Montclair Biergarten earlier. Unfortunately I had 5 kids in the car so I could not stop in. Hope it all went well.
    I put one of my first batch bottles into a charity auction for one of my kids schools. I could not make the event, but I suspect that one of the organizers of tonight’s activities picked it up. I have to confirm that.

  30. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    I had a feeling that McCain would be the one vote to bury healthcare, but he also has bad optics in the Steele dossier. The old f.uck found a new way to puzzy out like a captured coward:

  31. 3b says:

    The left loved the Soviet Union when they really were a threat. Now the left hates Russia and says they are an enemy. The left and the right both sold us out to China. They both suck.

  32. 3b says:

    The city is bombing. The city is pushing out to Nassau and Suffolk ad per the article the Gold Coast is booming. It’s all appears to be great! You must be in your glory pumps!!

  33. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    Just like the say “Those who can, do…”:

    Those who can live in the city, do.
    Those who can’t, buy a crapshack on a 50mph street in Wayne.

  34. Yo! says:

    177 acres in Warren County sells for price of 2 bedroom Hoboken condo.

  35. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    I had a small apartment for during the week in Huntington Village (it’s just East of Oyster Bay on the North Shore) sometime late last century. It’s a happening place. Since I was single and making a ton of money I used to eat dinner at a restaurant every single night, Monday-Thursday. In Huntington Village you could eat at 30 different restaurants with any style of food you could imagine and never walk more than 2 blocks.

    If these are the 25 things you don’t understand about Long Island unless you live there, number 26 should be that the North Shore’s Huntington Village (which is only an hour east of Penn Station on the LIRR) is a mini-metropolis with a wholly under-appreciated food scene. Some places have been around for decades while others compete for permanence, but the 16 pizza slingers and small plate agents below are 100% worth the trip no matter what end of the island you live on.

  36. The Great Pumpkin says:

    So with single payer, I would be paying less than I currently do for health insurance coverage, and some Americans are fighting this? Once again, can’t really make this stuff up. Mine as well shoot yourself in the foot.

  37. The Great Pumpkin says:

    “The revelation that Donald Trump’s son, son-in-law and campaign manager met with a Kremlin-connected Russian lawyer promising information that would “incriminate” Hillary Clinton was a true bombshell in an era when we have become almost inured to them. Here was proof that members of Mr. Trump’s presidential campaign had, at the very least, been eager to collude with Russia to influence the 2016 election.

    No one could gainsay the facts: Mr. Trump’s own son published them on Twitter.

    As recently as five or 10 years ago, every major news outlet would have treated this set of facts as front-page news and a dire threat to Mr. Trump’s presidency. The conservative press and Republican voters might disagree on certain particulars or points of emphasis. But their view of reality — of what happened and its significance — would have largely comported with that of the mainstream. You’d have had to travel to the political fringe of right-wing talk radio, the Drudge Report and dissident publications like Breitbart News to find an alternative viewpoint that rejected this basic story line.

    Not anymore. Look to the right now and you’re apt to find an alternative reality in which the same set of facts is rearranged to compose an entirely different narrative. On Fox News, host Lou Dobbs offered a representative example on Thursday night, when he described the Donald Trump Jr. email story, with wild-eyed fervor, like this: “This is about a full-on assault by the left, the Democratic Party, to absolutely carry out a coup d’état against President Trump aided by the left-wing media.”

    Mr. Dobbs isn’t some wacky outlier, but rather an example of how over the last several years the conservative underworld has swallowed up and subsumed more established right-leaning outlets such as Fox News. The Breitbart mind-set — pugnacious, besieged, paranoid and determined to impose its own framework on current events regardless of facts — has moved from the right-wing fringe to the center of Republican politics.”

  38. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Come on in, Trump fans. Whimper about how other liars also lie. Deflect with accusations that other corrupt politicians are also corrupt.

    And don’t forget to blame the media.

  39. nwnj3 says:

    I can get the media’s goal in pushing the Russia nothingburger non stop. It drives up clicks and ratings on cable news.

    The Democratic party however is being taken for a ride. This won’t end in impeachment which I think some of them are hoping for. They still have no message and can expect to be routed again for what will be the 4-5th consecutive election cycle. They have no viable platform.

  40. Grab them by the puzzy says:


    Trump’s tweets this morning attacking the media suggest he knows more information is going to come out about the meeting.
    Or meetings.

  41. JJ says:

    Finally a Long Island article. Guess what the dopes are buying again. From Oceanside to Long Beach a new set of suckers undeterred by flooding, the financial crisis, the Summer of Hell on LIRR and sky high property taxes. A sucker is born every minute and low mortgage rates and tulip mania are rushing the folks priced out of Brooklyn and Queens out to Nassau County.

    As I sit on my Acela sipping some really good dig fish Island IPA I feel every good horror show deserves a sequel just surprised we got housing bubble two so quick.

    Now if only Acela first class had crush valor seats I would be set.

  42. Yo! says:

    LIRR > NJT. 4 East River LIRR tunnels going to 6 better than 2 Hudson River NJT tunnels going to 1.

    NJ, CT, IL: Perfect together.

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