Long Island prices gain through summer

From LI Patch:

Long Island Home Prices Continue to Soar

Long Island’s housing market continues to grow, as a report released today by the Multiple Listing Service of Long Island showed that housing prices are up and more homes are going up for sale across the Island.

The median home price on Long Island rose 9 percent from August 2017 to August 2018, going from $445,000 to $485,000. There were also nearly 1,000 more homes on the market over last year.

According to Michael Mendicino, the 2018 president of the MLSLI, there is still low inventory in the Long Island market, which leads to higher home prices. “It’s a seller’s market,” he said.

Suffolk County saw the bigger increase, with the median price for home sales there raising 9.2 percent, from $371,000 to $405,000. However, the number of home sales in August decreased year-over-year, dropping 7 percent from 1,885 to 1,751.

Nassau County saw its median price increase, but much more modestly, from $520,000 to $540,000. The number of homes sold in Nassau also dropped, but also much less than in Suffolk. Sales dropped half a percent, from 1,251 to 1,245.

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  1. lyn1000 says:

    Lyndhurst NJ school deficit at 5MM… Arrests of board members imminent ??


  2. Yo! says:

    LI outperforming North Jersey suburbs. Bergen County +2.6% year to date. What is causing the diverging home value trends between similar New York City suburbs? Could it be NJ Transit failures or NJ state fiscal situation?

  3. Yo! says:

    Amtrak talking buses to replace trains that don’t comply with positive train control safety measures. Will NJ Transit Northeast Corridor trains be shut down and relaxed by buses? It could happen.

  4. Yo! says:

    Replaced, not relaxed

  5. Libturd...look me up in Costa Rica says:

    There are quite a few dark skinned (Indians) among us. Though no blacks that I recall. Wonder why that is?

    When this whole megaprosperous period reverses around tax season next April, I will not feel the need to say I told you so. For you will hardly find a veteran who flaunts their military decorations. And if you do find one, they will certainly be on the simpleton spectrum.

  6. Juice Box says:

    PTC is going to make the train commute longer!

    “”It is a big change,” said Jeff Knueppel, the general manager of the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority. “It’s kind of like a video game. You have to stay under the speed.”

    While veteran locomotive engineers may have perfected their technique of using the throttle and brake to stop at the same spot every time at the station platform, positive train control takes that ability away.

    The system strictly enforces speed limits, and trains will have longer braking distances. An engineer won’t have much time to reduce the train’s speed before the train brakes automatically and comes to a stop.

    “That’s not the sort of thing you want to happen,” Knueppel said.”


  7. Juice Box says:

    turd wtf are you taking about Willis?

  8. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Lib, like I said, I took it personal. I’m sorry. I took a lot of heat over the years that caused me to take an emotional position where I’m continuously out to prove I belong.

    Libturd…look me up in Costa Rica says:
    September 14, 2018 at 8:48 am
    There are quite a few dark skinned (Indians) among us. Though no blacks that I recall. Wonder why that is?

    When this whole megaprosperous period reverses around tax season next April, I will not feel the need to say I told you so. For you will hardly find a veteran who flaunts their military decorations. And if you do find one, they will certainly be on the simpleton spectrum.

  9. Libturd...look me up in Costa Rica says:

    This is a pretty important piece. Shame the author had to try to make it partisan where it actually isn’t, but that’s the New York Times these days. Still, once you get past the racist Trump comment and conservative trend in Europe, you will find a meaty read on what is wrong with America and it’s truly a non-partisan issue.


    Juice – What are you confused about? My lack of faith in the Trump economy or my anti-pumps lack of humility comparison?

  10. D-FENS says:

    No one knows WTF you are saying

  11. Libturd...look me up in Costa Rica says:

    Thanks D!

  12. D-FENS says:

    I’m here to help

  13. Libturd...look me up in Costa Rica says:

    Ahhh. Was referring to a comment from last night. Probably should have referred to it.

  14. leftwing says:

    Question….need advice on security software

    In a hurry yesterday I tapped on a malware link in an email in my junk folder. Got the “don’t shut down or we’ll take over your machine” screen with “call this number to unfreeze”. Screen frozen, shut it down via task manager. Rebooted. Machine moving sluggish this morning, received a Windows Defender notification that a file tried to make a change to memory and was blocked. Obviously have something running around my machine.

    McAfee was pre-installed for a trial period, since expired.

    Recommendations on security software/next steps especially with the understanding that something is definitely running around in my machine?

    Thanks in advance……

  15. D-FENS says:

    Best course of action is to revert it to factory defaults, re-apply all the patches and start fresh. If that’s not possible then:


  16. Libturd...look me up in Costa Rica says:

    Left. Haven’t paid for a security product yet. Plenty of good freebies out there, though it is a pain to remove malware once you are infected, though it can be done. Easiest way is to backup the stuff you need. Reformat your drive and start from scratch with a new copy of Windows. There are directions for doing this in your Windows Control Panel. Search for maintenance/recovery. If you want to go the geeky, I can fix this myself route instead. Use Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. This is the best tool I’ve found to uninfect infected drives.

    I use Panda currently and Windows Defender (built-in). I also have used adaware successfully. All of them offer free versions. Just be careful when installing them as they will all try to fool you into installing their paid versions.

    And I evaluate crap from torrents, notorious for infection, with regularity.

    BTW, I reformat and start over on my computers about once per year. It feels like you have a new computer each time and it helps you get rid of tons of stuff you don’t need slowing things down. I store all my data on the cloud anyway.

  17. Libturd...look me up in Costa Rica says:

    Well, there’s consensus.

  18. 1987 Condo says:

    I saw video…pretty explicit

  19. Bystander says:


    Good read. I think we mostly have agreed (except Blumpkin) that economic models and stats are much less meaninful than in the past. I have two close family members whose male spouses have not worked consistently for a decade. Mostly their fault but also they can’t just quickly adapt to new job model. One sold mortgages and just could not switch successfully. The other had premiere education pedigree but experience was shaky as alot of small startups in past. They would not count as unemployed but I doubt either clear 50k a year. Divorce on horizon for both. People are just nuts with political angles. Trump supporters now believe stats that we’re garbage under Obama. It is silly. Author says to look around with your own eyes. How are people doing? I would say same mostly. A simple person like Blumpkin believes economic expansion can continue forever but it will hit and people already riding fringe from last recession will be pushed overboard. While people are foolish, 50% of people don’t own stocks. They want wages, home appreciation and benefits. Companies have been killing them for years. I can’t even get a recruiter to offer $80 hr without benefits. $100 was easy even 15 years ago. These are skilled roles too. One wanted a change management lead to complete a plan to reorganzie company, get exec buy-in and execute/communicate. That is a very difficult challenge. How much? $70/hr. It is still a joke out there.

  20. chicagofinance says:


  21. chicagofinance says:

    We are clearly in the final innings of something? That doesn’t mean imminent collapse. However, New Jersey’s rebound is a combo of demographics, and also the search for less expensive alternatives. The places with caveats and compromise are always the last ones to rebound, and as soon as there is any slowing New Jersey is going to get slapped down harder……. BOOK IT!

    In short, some of the benefit is demographic, but a lot of it is “rising tide lifts all boats”.

    Bystander says:
    September 14, 2018 at 12:49 pm
    Author says to look around with your own eyes. How are people doing? I would say same mostly. A simple person like Blumpkin believes economic expansion can continue forever but it will hit and people already riding fringe from last recession will be pushed overboard.

  22. Newbie says:

    Economy is a mirage build on artificial sweetener. When it goes this time, going to make 08 look like a picnic.


    As of June 30, nearly one in 10 American homes with mortgages were “seriously” underwater, according to Irvine, California-based ATTOM Data Solutions, meaning that their market values were at least 25 percent lower than the balance remaining on their mortgages.

  23. Libturd...look me up in Costa Rica says:


    I think people tend to weigh their personal situations too much when it comes to forming opinions. These biases are clear as can see with Blumpkin. I know tons of people who think America is #1. These same people have never stepped on non-native soil let alone have traveled much out of state. Same can be seen with Trumpmania. There were lots of red states during the Bush 1 and 2 years that loved their Republican leadership at the time. But I’ve seen so many homages to Trump that it’s mind blowing how few people around these parts realize it. He’s up there with Washington and Lincoln for many people.

    My view is less based on anecdotal evidence nor is it based on eternal pessimism. That Time’s article on the minor impact the great economy has had on all but the rich is very, very telling. This problem has always existed, but since the 90s. It’s gotten completely out of control. The same issue exists in Europe, but it is much less pronounced, probably due to their higher taxation levels on the rich. This income gap has always been my biggest issue with this country. It will be it’s undoing. And places like NJ, where the government masquerades as being progressive, while rapidly approaching the day of reckoning due to budget deficits, also continues to enable the rich to get richer. Only in NJ, the burden REALLY falls on the middle class.

    I know and see how my peers are doing. It’s no gravy train for most of them. So many have been in and out of jobs that’s it’s hard to believe. We are at the tail end of the longest prosperous period of all time and so many of us have gotten little more than a few crumbs. And it’s not just Bystander and me. It’s my siblings, my neighbors and my college friends. We are all doing just fine. As the rich bleed this economy dry. And when the recession comes, this one is really gonna hurt. Especially in NJ where we are truly broke. Heck, we can’t even afford to fix our own infrastructure during the good times nor pay down our unfunded liabilities. What’s going to happen during the bad times?

    Keep on smiling and believing Pumps. You are simply too young to understand how it really works.

  24. Bystander says:


    Completely agree. Blumpkin does not see gramny’s gift equity, his cold wife’s career driven attitude or income nor his souless decision to have only child as reasons for his home run. (No offense to anyone else).


    That one was big insurer in Bloomfield CT. A trick I see it calling it a speciallist while expecting Sr manager type skills. That way it keeps rate expectations down.

  25. Juice Box says:

    chi google, here is the story about the assault in Hoboken.


  26. Juice Box says:

    Chi- Kirill Bichutsky

    His life’s “work” can be found here.

    Warning NSFW


  27. leftwing says:

    Guys, thanks on the computer recs. The malware didn’t find the file, it’s now pinging every hour on the :55 trying to access my memory, blocked by Defender. Oh well, dump and reload on horizon……fcuking stupid ass move by me, wasn’t paying attention.

    Chi, twitter, ‘hoboken video’. Some staten island girl’s feed (named errrrry?) has the videos embedded. Pretty graphic. Dude was going to break a knuckle if he didn’t slow down.

  28. 1987 Condo says:

    As we slide into oblivion..anyone check out the new MOVIE seats!!??
    Was at Willowbrook, full reclining and heated loungers!!!

  29. 1987 Condo says:

    Hoboken Video



    …… While “#MeToo” gains momentum, so does the b-word as acceptable in routine conversation. Thank you, rappers. And the c-word is gaining similar ground. Comedian Samantha Bee used it on Ivanka Trump, and she still has a job. This is the world we live in. And too many men and women seem to accept it.

    The women’s exhibitionism in the Hoboken videos show suggests sex is the only language they know. It shows they think their bodies are the only thing that will attract men.
    The men, well, they’re being raised by men with no moral barometers. I say that confidently. These boys have no respect for women, and their fathers didn’t teach it, let alone enforce it. Both parents should be ashamed. …..

  30. leftwing says:

    Another quote from the article above:

    “The party was arranged by a social media phenom named Kirill Bichutsky. Yes, he actually calls himself “The S1ut Whisperer.” I’m ashamed to say he’s a Jersey guy, from Morris Plains.”


    Remember, a liberal democrat once sounded the alarm, with his ‘defining dev1ancy down’ speech. The destination of the path was foreseen.

  31. leftwing says:

    Separately, I’m sure the woman and guy will be identified.

    Think she’ll be charged with anything?

    Because if I were pantless on a bar with my arse in the air and some chick were munching it, and then I rolled over and got a handj0b on the bar as dozens of people cheered on I’m pretty sure I’d be busted for something.

  32. Juice Box says:

    Leftwing – He has over a million instagram followers. As club promoters go that is pretty impressive. Guy is probably pulling close to a seven figure a year on the club action.

    I would not be surprised if the people in the video were paid.


  33. Juice Box says:

    And the award goes to the best actor in a reality tv fake news show!


  34. grim says:

    Some random post on NJ.com says he is a waiter at some Outback in Morris County.

    Internet fame doesn’t always translate into wealth.

    Twitter banned him for life, so much for the ‘influence’ of 1m followers. Suspect Instagram/FB are soon to follow. The value of a ‘promoter’ is their reach, and now he has none.

    G’day mate.

  35. The Great Pumpkin says:

    When you think about it, that new iPhone is a very good value for what you get. You get a top of the line camera, along with many other functions used everyday. If you keep it for two years, comes out to around 10 dollars a week. Not even two dollars a day for all these functions. Plus, if you keep it in great condition, you can sell it for prob 200-300 after 2 years. Recovering 20-30% of the cost.

    Also, new Apple Watch is priceless. Heart data that will save your life, and even a function that calls 911 if you take a hard fall and don’t get up. How can you put a price on that. Buy Apple stock, not a company that can touch them. Safest solid investment out there.

  36. ExEssex says:

    The camera in an iPhone is shit. Let’s start there …

  37. Grim says:

    Something to be said for pushing hard into digitizing healthcare / biometrics.

    Samsung would sh!t all over themselves even thinking about it.

  38. Phoenix says:

    “Also, new Apple Watch is priceless. Heart data that will save your life, and even a function that calls 911 if you take a hard fall and don’t get up. How can you put a price on that. ”
    I guess if you agree, then HIPPA is not being violated. It won’t be long before DNA, etc will be used to decide if you get/how much you pay for health insurance, etc-unless you make it to Medicare age, where all are taken no matter what.

  39. ExEssex says:

    The wearable market is huuuuuge for big pharma and the information can be helpful for research and compliance. But, yeah they’ll sell your data like a cheap whore on 9th ave.

  40. Grim says:

    I’m pretty familiar with HIPPA, on account of all the healthcare jobs I send to Asia.

    What exactly do you think the issue is?

  41. Grim says:

    Spend 15 minutes with any healthcare company who touts improving patient outcomes and reducing costs and you’ll see it’s all a bullshit story, they just want to collect rent.

  42. Grim says:

    I take that back, they are most interested in getting legislation passed that ensures they get paid rent.

  43. ExEssex says:

    12:06 in one sense, in another though if those little armbands can remind old folks to take their meds. It’ll be a boon to the industry and the patient.

  44. Grim says:

    They are easy to find too, when you read the About Us on the website, but can’t make heads or tails of it, 3/4 of the employees have no idea what they do, and the board is stuffed with ex-politicians.

  45. ExEssex says:

    10:19 I rewound that one several times. I saw the original Doc on the TV (PBS) when they played it. Knew one woman, a gorgeous Columbia grad who perished — went to work in the towers on an upper floor. Personally spent a little time up there and talking to a fellow at an Insurance company one day, I will never ever forget that or the conversation. How high everyone was, the fact that he and I watched a plan come up the Hudson and he told me about the building and its tolerances against plains. All the while standard cubes and folks tapping away at their computers surrounded by their glass walls and the building gently swaying. I happen to be terrified of heights so I was uncomfortable for the whole time I was there. They were an RS600 shop and I was there to chat about their servers. I think each of us lived that day in the shoes of folks like that. Regular people just going to work. I still blame the airlines for their lax security but that human nature, look for a reason. The real problem we know is/was Saudi Arabia.

  46. ExEssex says:


  47. Phoenix says:


    I’m also familiar with HIPPA- No real issue here. Point I was trying to make is if you give permission to Apple or anyone else, like Ancestry.com, etc, you gave permission- corporations have not been known (Facebook recently) to safeguard your data or personal information. If later in life you apply for health insurance or life insurance and you are denied, how will you ever be able to prove that the DNA sample you sent of yourself or your child predicted a future issue and that was used against you? Laws are one thing, courts are another. Mark my words this will be a much bigger problem in the future when, sooner or later, more of this data will be hacked, leaked, or sold. It’s only a matter of time. Some other interesting reading for you if you are not aware of it already, you can start with NJ.

  48. Not Joycer says:

    Joyce, this is for you.

    A wonderful story about your average mobbed up cops in a NJ town. By the way, if you ever go to Time Warner/Spectrum Cable’s office in Palisades Park – across from Shopr Rite, look up the placard on side of building that say “Bonano Real Estate Group Property”


  49. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Can you explain more? I’m a newbie when it comes to cameras, so know nothing about it.

    ExEssex says:
    September 15, 2018 at 11:00 am
    The camera in an iPhone is shit. Let’s start there …

  50. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Income inequality keeps getting better and better.

    It’s like using high property taxes to keep out unwanted people in nj towns. You can come, only if you can afford it.

    “If you want a $23 plate of gluten-free spaghetti von­gole at Bal­le­rina—the restau­rant at Mi­a­mi’s Oceana Bal Har­bour—you must first spend sev­eral mil­lion dol­lars on a con­do­minium. Ta­bles in the sun-washed Piero Lis­soni-de­signed es­tab­lish­ment are ex­clu­sively for res­i­dents of the tower, where units range from $3.9 mil­lion to $19.85 mil­lion.”


  51. The Great Pumpkin says:

    “In Mi­ami, de­vel­op­ers are bet­ting that $22 truf­fle pasta purses and lamb osso buco can give them an edge in a glut­ted lux­ury-condo mar­ket. Both are on the menu at Fuel, the pri­vate restau­rant at the Porsche De­sign Tower, a 60-story sky­scraper that opened last year. Avail­able con­do­mini­ums are listed from $6.3 mil­lion to $32.5 mil­lion. At Palazzo Del Sol on Mi­a­mi’s pri­vate Fisher Is­land—where prices start at $7.3 mil­lion for a 3,800 square-foot apart­ment—res­i­dents are served drinks and snacks through­out the day at an ocean­front aper­i­tivo bar, Café Sol. The home­made bis­cotti, tea sand­wiches and ap­erol spritzes are all in­cluded in res­i­dents’ monthly main­te­nance fees, which are as­sessed at $1.11 per square foot.”

  52. NJDepartment says:

    South Bergen inventory steady increasing for the past few weeks.. Haven’t seen like this since long time…

    RE agents calling me up for followups every 3 days with new listings.. See a bit of desperation on their side..

    Pumps, this is going to be fun..

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