Everyone Hates Murphy

From the Observer:

NJ Politics Digest: Legislature Reportedly Prepared to Override Murphy’s Veto

The state legislature could deal Gov. Phil Murphy an embarrassing rebuke, overriding his veto of a bill to force dark money groups—like the one supporting his progressive agenda—to disclose their donors.

The New Jersey Globe news website reports that Senate President Steve Sweeney and Assembly Speaker Craig Coughlin have agreed to hold a vote on an override on Monday, though the website notes that the possibility of a deal with the governor still exists.

While Murphy has said he supports requiring so-called dark money groups to disclose donors, he conditionally vetoed the measure and continues to appear in ads for New Direction New Jersey that support his call for increasing taxes on the state’s top earners. New Direction refuses to disclose its donors, but independent groups have learned that the New Jersey Education Association, the state’s powerful teachers’ union, has contributed millions to New Directions’ efforts.

The NJEA strongly opposes Sweeney’s plans to address the state’s fiscal crisis and notorious property tax burden by reining in public employee benefits.

If Murphy doesn’t strike a deal with Sweeney and Coughlin, it appears the veto override is a certainty, according to the Globe report. The effort has the backing of state Republicans, who will give the two Democratic legislative leaders enough votes in the state Senate and Assembly to deal the governor a stinging rebuke.

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33 Responses to Everyone Hates Murphy

  1. The Great Pumpkin says:

    After reading this opening article, I’m left with this conclusion. The NJEA is coming. Sweeney won the battle, but he is going to lose this war. Mark my words, the Sweeney attacks their benefits, and every single one of those politicians that signed the bill are gone. They will be replaced with politicians that will reverse every measure put in place by Sweeney and his team.

    This is how I see this playing out. NJEA is like a bee hive, you were shaking the hive back in 2011, but didn’t knock it down. You pass this legislation and you just knocked down the bee hive. Lots of pissed off angry bees ready to attack.

  2. The Great Pumpkin says:


    Agree with you. Affordable housing has good intentions, but it’s based on insanity. One extreme to the other…

    It’s like a horror movie for every nice neighborhood …the apartments are coming!

  3. Yo! says:

    On apartment construction in NJ – my view is municipalities should not have the power to ban apartment construction in their communities. If the new owner of Geoffrey Way wants to demolish the office building and build an apartment building or ten, Wayne shouldn’t stop him.

  4. The Great Pumpkin says:


    Ahh, sounds great in theory. Good luck letting developers build whatever they want. Those greedy sob’s will leave a massive path of destruction if left unchecked.

  5. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Look at what those developers did in LA….La La land. Overbuilt Mega mansions chasing that money. Now you just wasted a ton of capital and resources on a product the economy doesn’t need. Talk about pissing away efficiency in the economy. Capitalism has its waste if its not contained.

  6. The Great Pumpkin says:

    My co-worker is selling his home in Maywood. Said that market is on fire. His home was sold before it was even listed. Two houses sold in the last two weeks in his neighborhood, one with 11 offers on it. The demand for single family housing looks strong.

  7. The Great Pumpkin says:

    *Bergen county

    FYI, he is moving to a 55 and older community in somerset county.

  8. grim says:

    Rumor has it TRU is going to be a high end luxury gated home community and one of the major selling points will be the heliport for Manhattan/Teterboro/Morristown access. Door to private jet in 20 minutes. Door to Manhattan in 20 minutes.

  9. The Great Pumpkin says:

    It’s only fitting if that rumor is true. That land is top notch, only fitting that it goes to highest bidder. Throwing apartment buildings for affordable housing would be a spit in the face of every hard working individual out there not given the same access.

    Let’s face it…inside rt 287, no more nice large tracts of land. It’s all gone.

  10. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Market going to rage on Monday with all this Mexico news.

  11. 3b says:

    Maywood nice little town one of the few Bergen towns with a little downtown area. It has always been one of the cheapest towns too as it shares a high school with Hackensack so plan on private school for high school. Also a lot of busy streets wedged in between Paramus and Hackensack.

  12. Bystander says:

    Rage on what dufus? Now the market jumps when Orange clown makes a threat then backs down. Truly this is an irrational bubble that is going to pop.

  13. chicagofinance says:

    What about the large tracts of land in between your ears YOU FCUKING MORON!

    The Great Pumpkin says:
    June 8, 2019 at 8:33 am
    Let’s face it…inside rt 287, no more nice large tracts of land. It’s all gone.

  14. chicagofinance says:

    I wish I could violently hit you on the head with this 50X

  15. Ping pong Colfax road says:

    Screw the NJEA and screw crappy ping pong highway houses.

  16. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Keep me out of your wild fetishes.

    chicagofinance says:
    June 8, 2019 at 1:24 pm
    I wish I could violently hit you on the head with this 50X

  17. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Okay, screw the NJEA….but ping pong houses? You are missing out…

  18. Libturd, can't say I didn't warn you. says:

    Who is going to buy a luxury condo next to a project?

  19. Libturd, providing your daily dose of fukced up NJ regulations says:


    “However, it seems the towns have been able to settle with the fair share housing alliance for much fewer units than their “obligation”.

    This is what Glen Ridge did with the construction of our first Project. Though still falling way, way, way short of our required COAH requirements (465 units), we get an 8 year (I think that’s the length) reprieve from another greedy developer taking advantage of NJ’s complete bullsh1t builders remedy law which allows them to knock down any buildings they want (as long as they purchase them) and rebuild with a few low income units. They bought out 5 typical Glen Ridge homes to build this 2.3 acre monstrosity. The 15% PILOT will be nice (for 30 years), but not the eyesore,

    15 of 98 (originally 125) units will be low income.
    Hopefully, your neighbor doesn’t take the next package in 2026. Or else, you too can have a project (or a ping pong palace) for your neighbor, 100% regardless of zoning or historic designation.
    I love this state!

    Builders Remedy:
    What is a builder’s remedy lawsuit and how does it function?

    A builder’s remedy lawsuit is a process created under the Mt. Laurel Doctrine which allows a developer to file a lawsuit when it believes a community is practicing exclusionary zoning or has not provided its fair share of affordable housing. The developer then proposes to construct housing at a higher density than is otherwise permitted on its property, which development must include a “substantial” affordable housing component. If the court determines that the community’s zoning is exclusionary or that the town has failed to meet its obligations, the court can order the town to permit the developer’s “solution”. The “builder’s remedy” granted by the court in response to the town’s failure to meet its constitutional obligations is to permit the developer to construct higher density housing on its property. This court-imposed “remedy” could be completely inconsistent with the surrounding zoning and land uses. This could result in a high-density apartment complex, of 20 to 30 units per acre, located in the middle of a low-density residential zone or wedged between two functioning office buildings. Essentially, the municipality loses local control over its own zoning ordinances. It is in the Borough’s best interests to avoid even the possibility of this scenario.

  20. The Great Pumpkin says:


    I feel for you, that is the definition of insanity. Are you kidding me? Let’s build a high rise project in the middle of a nice neighborhood? Are they trying to destroy jersey on purpose? I don’t get it.

    Why can’t affordable housing be built in affordable locations? Why does it have to be smack dead in the middle of wealthy desirable areas? Why would you want to do this to poor people? Why? They are going to be hated and tortured if they live in this building. I just don’t get it…

  21. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Hey, I have a great idea to help with inequality. Let’s put affordable housing in wealthy areas…rather brilliant, sir, I must say! This will definitely help with inequality.

  22. Pumps is a social studies teacher? says:

    Now we now why he complains about pensions.

  23. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    Pancake in a can is made in Mexico?

    Market going to rage on Monday with all this Mexico news.

  24. leftwing says:

    “we get an 8 year (I think that’s the length) reprieve from another greedy developer taking advantage of NJ’s complete bullsh1t builders remedy law”

    Lib, builders remedy has zero to do with ‘greedy’ builders and everything to do with l1beral social engineering.

    On passage of this law – forced economic integration, straight out of the Left’s playbook from the 70s – the Left realized they would not have the resources to enforce the law. Not to mention that your rational, ie red, towns would just simply flat out ignore enforcement in their jurisdictions.

    So they wrote they incentive to grant third parties – developers – standing to sue for enforcement.

    It’s truly brilliant chess…the vast majority of l1berals are idiots using the flat hammer side of an axe in an attempt to chop wood. Whoever dreamed this solution is a l1beral to be feared, he’s sentient and intelligent.

    But, back on point, COAH actually has nothing to do with greedy developers. They are just the right tool in the box. It has everything to do with your freak show progressive State.

  25. leftwing says:

    “Rumor has it TRU is going to be a high end luxury gated home community and one of the major selling points will be the heliport…”

    Love ya grim but I will take the other side of this trade all day long.

    If this is the development plan it will become the residential version of American Nightmare…

    Definite sign of a toppy market if this goes forward as above.

  26. 3b says:

    I love and want only the best for the poor and low income people. I just don’t want to live with them. Yep! The definition of a so
    called liberal.

  27. 1987 condo says:

    Left wing is exactly correct, the builders are used as leverage, for “fair share housing”.

  28. The Great Pumpkin says:

    “The South’s low-tax, low-wage policies worked for a century, but not anymore. The region is falling behind again in an economy now built on globalization and tech knowledge.”


  29. The Great Pumpkin says:

    The left-wing president of Mexico pledged to work with Trump to “strengthen our border”

    “A large group of public-sector union workers gathered along Tijuana’s Constitución Avenue waving white flags and unveiling a large banner that read, ‘Mexico First'”


  30. grim says:

    Love ya grim but I will take the other side of this trade all day long.

    What, I don’t get to troll the pumpkin?

  31. Leftwing says:

    Lol, went over my head. Good one

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