How low can inventory go?

From HousingWire:

U.S. housing market experiences largest inventory decline since 2018

In October, America’s home sales rose by 3.9%, marking the fourth month of the past six to post a year-over-year increase in sales, according to the RE/MAX National Housing Report.

“October continued a recent win streak for home sales, and the market is positioned much better than it was a year ago,” said RE/MAX Holdings CEO Adam Contos. “Demand is strong, due in part to low-interest rates, but buyers have limited options because inventory remains such a challenge.”

RE/MAX reports that although sales increased last month, the nation’s housing inventory posted a steep decline. According to the company, housing inventory fell 9% year-over-year across the report’s 54 housing markets, representing the largest retreat since May 2018.

Furthermore, October posted a 3.1-month supply of inventory, marking the lowest October amount in the report’s 11-year history. RE/MAX indicates homes spent 49 days on the market, which is the second-lowest figure for October in report history.

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  1. Mike says:

    Good Morning New Jersey

  2. The flipping business has been damn good under Trump and I’ve made a ton of money. I love this man and I’ve had it up to here with these damn liberals trying to impeach this man. THE STINKING LIBERALS ARE TRYING TO UNDERMINE HIM AND RUIN PEOPLE LIKE ME.

    These damn impeachment hearing are a complete damn farce and the Trump administration riddled with stinking RINO’s . This damn lying ambassador Sondland is a stinking RINO who should have never been hired. YOU CAN NEVER TRUST A MAN WHOSE DAMN CHIN AND NECK HAVE MERGED AS ONE. That’s a damn telltale sign that he’s a stinking liberal RINO

  3. ExEssex says:

    Cool story bro.

  4. Bystander says:

    Flipping has been highly profitable for a decade due to low rates. Dumpy has nothing to do with it. Just like stock market or economy. Fed is pumping away. No president has control really. They just ride out whatever banking masters want. Regulation (less or more) about only thing govt does and that is always reactive when WS has already swindled the money. Rinse and repeat

  5. PatrioticHillbilly says:

    This hunter Biden is a person of some real high character. International extortionist, crack fiend, shacking up with his deseaced bros old lady, and now trying to shirk fatherhood for a illegitimate child. Real good asset for his fathers campaign.

  6. PatrioticHillbilly says:

    Flipping looks nearly dead to me in suburban nj. Margins look pretty small, I don’t see it as much of an opportunity unless it’s your livelihood.

  7. 30 year realtor says:

    Trump supporters trying to take the moral high ground? LOL

  8. Bystander says:


    We can agree on that one. He is a pile of sh#t. Still, Trump Supporter Derangement Syndrome has overtaken your mind. When Trump’s own appointees call Ukraine a “drug deal”, a purple heart veteran is mocked and another Trump appointee confirms it was quid quo pro then don’t claim to be R and love this country. You just have Orange makeup on your lips.

  9. PatrioticHillbilly says:

    Bystander, remember accuse your opponent first of what you are guilty of and when they accuse you it lacks credibility. Objectely, evidence is building that the Oblama admin perpetrated massive corruption in the Ukraine. Biden, the state dept etc. all had a hand in it.

    Trump starts sniffing around and the blama holdovers lose their minds. The claims of impropriety due to the break from convention is just noise. I don’t trust these diplomatic hacks either.

  10. Fast Eddie says:

    …another Trump appointee confirms it was quid quo pro

    I must have missed that testimony. Or, was it just another hearsay, presumption, feeling and opinion?

  11. Bystander says:

    Ahh, all those years that R led House and Senate had to investigate yet now evidence points to Obama instead of Dumpy. Of makes perfect TSDS sense.

  12. ExEssex says:

    For the yokels, the Trumpers, and mail order brides:

  13. PatrioticHillbilly says:

    When was blama admin activity in Ukraine investigated? I must have missed it.

    Typically you need probable cause to start an investigation. You can’t rely on fabrication the way blamma did with the dnc funded dossier.

    Trump merely brought up the subject of an investigation based upon public knowledge and the democrat establishment went berserk.

  14. ExEssex says:

    9:57 you seem like you “miss” a lot.
    Trump is about to be an asterisked footnote
    in the history books. If they decide Pence is also
    part of this deception, then say hello to President Pelosi.

  15. TGIThurs says:

    Trump is a symptom of the problem. Be great to have a bright, articulate candidate from each party with intelligent, insightful discussions about how they view the nations challenges and solutions to those challenges. Or to make it interesting, put 4 capable candidates on stage with different viewpoints (and party affiliations) and let them discuss. For fun, imagine a debate between Mayor Pete and Ben Sasse (R-Nebraska); they would both have to dumb it down significantly because the masses are A$$es.

    Notice the SOP today is to take whatever your opponent says and reverse it to the extreme. If you haven’t noticed folks, we have some pretty significant challenges and they really are not being addressed. Mention that we just passed $23T in debt and D’s vilify POTUS and R’s blame Obama but no one talks about the fact that we are sitting on a big pile of debt.

    I almost think the arguing is just a copout that allows difficult decisions to be postponed or hard work to resolve the problems to be avoided. There are only so many levers to pull. It has taken us a long time as a nation to get to where we are now and if things don’t change, it won’t end well.

  16. JCer says:

    Fast Eddie it was a feeling. I’m not sure what they have on Sonland but he is probably compromised, the CIA is pulling the strings, his testimony is changing too much and it just seems off.

    Trump is an awful human being, but investigating Burisma was the right thing to do and the whole Ukraine operation from Euromaiden to the war with Russia, et al has been a CIA op. Vindman was a CIA asset inside the NSC, the whistleblower is his handler and Schiff is afraid this will come to light.

    Whether his intent was to get dirt on Biden or actually uncover the real malfeasance it was the “right thing to do” regardless. The CIA is tied in and was probably using Burisma to launder aid money to pay for mercenaries. Bystander the timing makes sense, they needed to wait for a new President in Ukraine, Obama/Biden/Clinton basically installed Poroshenko and he is totally compromised by the CIA. The CIA is running interference, they could care less about Biden its about covering up the money laundering and the secret war they basically started against the Russians. The politicians saw an opportunity to skim as the CIA would run cover so it would never see the light of day. Millions of dollars to Crackhead Biden was never legitimate.

    Trump is a dirtbag but this is an actual coop against the elected president started by the CIA, and gleefully assisted by the democrats. Not terribly different than what happened after the CIA lost Kennedy after the bay of pigs failure and decided to partner with LBJ and organized crime to bring in the Corsicans to shoot Kennedy in Dallas.

  17. Bystander says:


    Let’s flip it. What would it take for you to believe he is guilty? I know the answer already.

  18. TGIThurs says:

    What is a real challenge is how to create a lot of living wage jobs that offer some level of stability. A hollowed out middle class does not make for social stability. Unemployment rate very low, good and wages growing also good, but much of that on lower rungs in jobs that require long hours to barely get by. And for those of you who say re-tool, move and change, AI is coming for your or your friends job. Manufacturing more automated now, at least move the machines to the states so we have jobs installing, maintaining, repairing them and if / when a cyber even comes, we have critical manufacturing infrastructure in place. If / when trade issues can’t be resolved, perhaps this is next step.

  19. Fast Eddie says:

    Turner: “Is that your testimony here today, Ambassador Sondland, that you have evidence that Donald Trump tied investigations to the aid? Because I don’t think you’re saying that.”

    Sondland: “I’ve said repeatedly Congressman, I was presuming.”

    Turner: “So no one told you. Giuliani didn’t tell you. Mulvaney didn’t tell you. Nobody. Pompeo. Nobody else on this planet told you that Donald Trump was tying aid to these investigations. Is that correct?”

    Sondland: “I think I already testified.”

    Turner: “Answer the question. Is it correct? No one on this planet told you that Donald Trump was tying this aid to the investigations—because if your answer is yes, then the chairman is wrong and the headline on CNN is wrong. No one on this planet told you that president Trump was tying aid to investigation. Yes or no?”

    Sondland: “Yes”

    Turner: “So you really have no testimony here today that ties President Trump to a scheme to withhold aid from Ukraine in exchange for these investigations”

    Sondland: “Other than my own presumption”

    Turner: “Which is nothing.”

    Any questions?

  20. ExEssex says:

    Are we MAGA yet??

  21. Fast Eddie says:


    What would it take for you to believe he is guilty?

    Something like this –>–dj2-CY

  22. JCer says:

    Exactly the point you have second hand hearsay testimony of people it is reasonable to believe are compromised by the CIA. It is how they work, they have blackmail on their assets. Almost every person who has testified has been involved with the coup in Ukraine, they need to cover for the CIA as many US, Ukrainian and international laws were broken.

    To Eddie’s point our legal system presumes innocence, does it appear there is smoke… Yes but until you see the fire it doesn’t exist. Even then does requesting an investigation of your opponent constitute a crime? Bidden withheld aid under the guise of corruption. The Democrats have been investigating Trump for the flimsy Russia connection when they actually had a fake dossier written, and have engaged in all kind of entrapment, that whole investigation was political theater.

    My suspicion is trump wanted to give the democrats a taste of their own medicine, Giuliani ran point on this and Rudy is too smart and has been a prosecutor and a lawyer long enough that there is no evidence to tie any one back to what they were doing. No one was supposed to even mention Biden, they wanted to investigate Burisma, trump is just an Idiot who can’t keep his mouth shut. Burisma==Biden, they all know this. I heard in Ukraine they indicted the founder of Burisma on corruption charges.

    Trump is highly unethical and I have no doubt he would take advantage of any opportunity that will help him win. The opposition knew this as well they tried to entrap him on the whole Russia thing and this Ukraine investigation is based on innuendo and that premise not actual evidence.

    The more this goes on the more we look like the show trials the soviets had under Stalin. The whole Roger Stone trial is crazy they want to send a man away for 50 years because he’s an a$$hole, it seems extreme.

  23. ExEssex says:

    Rudy’s got too many ex-wives and too little cash.
    He’d sell his own mother for the filthy lucré.
    Stay tuned.

  24. Bystander says:

    Amazing..everyone who tells their story and it does not support Trump, they are deep state compromised even those appointed by Trump administration and Rs their whole career. The web of conspiracy, lies, and undercover agreement would outrival JFK conspiracies..or your President could simply be a uneducated giant, liar, surrounded by inexperienced fools from his warped peanut gallery of unqualified a$$kissers.

  25. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Jesus, how is there not going to be a social revolution based on this? People are going to start flipping out, they are pushing technological change way too fast.

    “The big picture: But the impact may be larger than the response thus far.

    Per a recent report from Brookings, around 40% of the tasks done by computer programmers and web developers are susceptible to automation. For information security analysts, the number is 65%. For computer network architects, it’s 52%.
    Jobs outside of tech, like radiologists, financial analysts and lawyers, are also at risk.
    “Everyone is going to have to learn new skills — even the most sophisticated technologists themselves,” says Susan Lund of the McKinsey Global Institute.”

  26. ExEssex says:

    12:56 at some point the Senate will weigh in.

  27. Libturd, the Master Beta says:

    Well said Bystander. Trump gets a pass no matter how small or large the crime. He can do no wrong. And his followers are so devoted that they perpetuate his lies so frequently and so consistently that they believe they are truths. I have no issue with anyone disagreeing with social causes, political stances, etc. But it is one thing to say that I hated Obama because he wasted tons of money on climate change, or he hurt business by overregulation. It’s another thing to say that Trump did not try to withhold financial help to Ukraine in return for investigating his political opponent. This is not made up. There is firsthand evidence reported by both Rs and Ds. Yeah, you can be pro life and anti-gay marriage. That’s cool if that’s your belief. But you can’t deny what Rudy was doing over there. Sorry. No pass on this one. Feel free to hang Biden & son because they deserve it. But you can’t dangle the bone of American tax dollars to get it. Sorry. No dice.

    And the strategy to create conspiracy theory about everything Left is getting very old. Some facts, for a change, might help the argument. It might be convincing for those who have no issue with a POTUS who makes fun of the disabled, who grabs women by their puzzies and believes he is above every president before him by not releasing his taxes (after he absolutely promised he would). The lies. They are endless. And the character assassinations of HIS OWN hires? The schoolyard nick names for his opponents. The masses truly are asses. So much so, that they elected one of their own.

  28. PatrioticHillbilly says:

    Bystander, stay tuned for the inspector general report that will drop in two weeks. Since you watch fake news exclusively you will have no knowledge of it.

    It’s going to explain how the blama folks used corrupt and likely illegal methods to obtain warrants to spy on the trump campaign.

    So again by throwing around the loaded term conspiracy you accuse some of being tinfoil hat wearers and merely suggesting their was a concerted effort to destroy trump is outlandish.

    Well stay tuned on that and then let’s see who was invlovled in spreading and legitimizing the dnc dossier before we conclude the motives for this impeachment hoax.

  29. JCer says:

    Is it a conspiracy if it is the truth……….

  30. SmallGovConservative says:

    Among the regular Trump haters on this blog, I’m trying to distinguish which are merely moderates/independents that dislike Trump’s demeanor and personal conduct, and which are actually true-blue, forever loyal Democrats. The first group, I get — most of us that support Trump’s presidency recognize his personal flaws. The second group, I don’t get at all. It’s simply astonishing to me that there are any able-bodied, self-respecting males that actually identify with the modern Dem party. It’s moved so far left and become so highly feminized that it seems obvious to me there’s simply no room for anyone even resembling a traditional male. So Libturd, Bystander, Essex, 30Year and others, I’m curious to know your deal — are you a moderate that simply hates Trumps demeanor, or are you a Dem that actually prefers being governed by the likes of Hillary, Bernie, Liz Warren and the Squad?

  31. 30 year realtor says:


    If by chance you are correct about this, what does it have to do with what Trump will be charged with?

    PatrioticHillbilly says:
    November 21, 2019 at 1:34 pm
    Bystander, stay tuned for the inspector general report that will drop in two weeks. Since you watch fake news exclusively you will have no knowledge of it.

    It’s going to explain how the blama folks used corrupt and likely illegal methods to obtain warrants to spy on the trump campaign.

    So again by throwing around the loaded term conspiracy you accuse some of being tinfoil hat wearers and merely suggesting their was a concerted effort to destroy trump is outlandish.

    Well stay tuned on that and then let’s see who was invlovled in spreading and legitimizing the dnc dossier before we conclude the motives for this impeachment hoax.

  32. 30 year realtor says:

    First, what does small government conservative have to do with Donald Trump? Second, what does gender have to do with political affiliation?

    Most of my life I was a middle of the road guy politically. My typical response to questions regarding party affiliation used to be, it is all the same except the rhetoric. This is no longer true. Trump promised to only hire the best and brightest and he has done exactly the opposite. His base is full of white supremacists and backward thinking people (faith not science, coal, manufacturing jobs, etc). Politicians are all liars to some degree but Trump is the king of lies. It insults my intelligence to listen to Trump and his goons in the house and senate. Lib described the range of Trump behaviors to hate very effectively.

  33. PatrioticHillbilly says:

    That the impeachment hoax is simply the continuation an ongoing campaign to unseat trump through undemonstrative means. Secret trials, leaks , fabricated evidence, selective prosecutions, spying, intimidation and yes conspiracy.

    I joked after the mueller flop asking what they would fabricate next. It it weren’t sad what they are doing to our democratic process it would be comical. No one they’ve interviewed have even suggested he did anything illegal or impeachable.

    The us will outlast trump so why why fix what is clearly a temporary situation by destroying the institution?

  34. Fast Eddie says:

    It’s simply astonishing to me that there are any able-bodied, self-respecting males that actually identify with the modern Dem party. It’s moved so far left and become so highly feminized that it seems obvious to me there’s simply no room for anyone even resembling a traditional male.

    I’ve said this numerous times in similar fashion.

  35. joyce says:

    I think you mean to say is it a theory if it’s the truth.

  36. Joe says:

    Manufacturing jobs are backward thinking people?

    You are such a racist liberal snob.

    “backward thinking people (faith not science, coal, manufacturing jobs, etc). “

  37. joyce says:

    ‘Conspiracy Theory’
    Actually, a more accurate phrase would be conspiracy hypothesis.

  38. Joe says:

    A deaf and blind money could get their license to become a real estate agent. It’s not that hard. 30 year racist thinks he is better than everyone else.

  39. 30 year racist liberal snob says:

    Do you know how hard it is to show a house to someone?

    I bet you failed at you main career choice and a realtor was your fallback job.

  40. 30 year realtor says:

    For the simple minded, the belief that manufacturing jobs are going to be an expanding source of employment going forward is not forward thinking.

  41. 30 year realtor says:

    Licensed at 21 years old. Have never done anything outside of real estate. It has been very good to me. There is way more to real estate than selling houses.

  42. 30 year realtor says:

    Hillbilly, I really shouldn’t respond to you at all. Going forward you should just assume that I think you are ignorant every time you make a comment.

  43. JCer says:

    30 yr your TDS is showing. Yes he is a liar and buffoon, yes he conducts himself in a manner unbecoming to the presidency, yes he says very inappropriate things. We all knew that already, and no politician hire the best and brightest…they hire political hacks and lackeys so that’s nothing new there. Yes manufacturing isn’t the future but look at a place like Germany and tell me manufacturing is not a part of a dynamic economy even if it is mostly automated, we need to bring the manufacturing back for economic and defensive reasons. China must be stopped, their lack of concern for human rights and neighboring countries makes them the Nazi Germany or Imperial Japan of the 21st century. Trump has not done enough but he has done more than any president in the last 20 years.

  44. ExEssex says:

    2:34 it seems then that to be completely inept, morally bankrupt, and generally incompetent is a “manly” characteristic aligned with the GOP.

  45. 30 year realtor says:

    Hacks and lackeys would be a major step up from the Trump appointments.

  46. Bystander says:


    “The traditional male” is that? Like Lindsay Graham? I guess you look in the mirror and see glass eating Pattons when really most are pudgy little Eric Cartmans, stroking their gun. Some of us grew up and got out of 8th grade thinking. I don’t blindly follow the Dem side. I don’t like any of the candidates really but throwing trillions at military, telling people who they marry or using invisible sky man to dictate what women should do, especially when his “creations” give bless a baby with a third eyeball on its head..yep, won’t side much with that party.

  47. 30 year realtor says:

    JCer, my comment was based strictly on the future of jobs. Nothing wrong with manufacturing here as opposed to China.

    JCer said “Yes manufacturing isn’t the future but look at a place like Germany and tell me manufacturing is not a part of a dynamic economy even if it is mostly automated, we need to bring the manufacturing back for economic and defensive reasons.”

  48. ExEssex says:

    4:16 damn Bystander comment of the week.
    Nicely done.

  49. Libturd, the Master Beta says:

    I am a Centrist. I am also a registered Republican. I am thoroughly embarrassed by my countrymen who believe the sh1t Trump is shoveling down our throats on a daily basis.

    He is and has always been a true master of propaganda. It’s about the only thing I am willing to admit that he is really good at. Well that and pretending to be among the business elite when he played one on TV. As someone who has dedicated more hours than anyone else here (I wrote the equivalency of a thesis on it to graduate Hebrew high school) on the understanding of herd mentality and the psychology behind how easily humans can be manipulated. I am not surprised that many intelligent and well-informed members of our society can’t look past their own personal bias’ to see the baloney this idiot continues to serve them. Trump’s lack of couth, many times intentional to make like he is your friend at the corner tavern, is brilliant. I hate to compare him with Goebbels as the goals were very different. But, the techniques are remarkably similar.

    I am also not denying that the Dems don’t use similar rhetoric to push their agenda. But never at this quantity and at this level of untruth. Perhaps, because of the academic nature of the many among them who would actually be willing to hold them to it.

    Trump, has people believing that HE is responsible for this supposed wonderful economy. The truth is, we are no more closer to solving our trade/tariff issues with China then when Obama was in office. Though now we are massively subsidizing the farmers who grew produce that we used to sell to China. As for manufacturing? Are the numbers really THAT MUCH larger? And it’s already slowing. Judge for yourselves. The story is the same with the job creation. Obama did a heck of a job post the great recession (which might I remind you occurred under the red team) and Trump did pretty much equally as well. After all, he did gift 1 trillion to the private sector and gave them huge tax breaks to repatriate their profits. This is a one time (hopefully) impetus. It appears to be running out of steam. When the economy turns before this term is over, mark my words, Trump will blame it on any one of the following. The impeachment. The congress. Pelosi. The media. Personally, I think this economy is complete BS and it’s going to come apart shortly.

    It truly pains me that so many people continue to buy Trump’s bullsh1t. Even more painful is knowing that I cannot change anyone’s opinion on the matter.

    Though, I am still optimistic that the country will do the right thing in 2020. Though if a DNC darling gets the nomination. We are all fukced both if he/she gets elected, or if he/she doesn’t.

  50. Flyover says:

    Libturd has TDS, so he cant be taken seriously. He’d rather the country be led by a stylish smooth-talking erudite CIA-backed DNC puppet, with every move glamorized by the Orwellian media so as not to offend his delicate sensibilities. He supports impeaching a sitting president over poor manners and crude conduct in a silent coup egged on by the propaganda arm of the DNC/CIA, the mainstream media. It’s sad, you would think a bright guy like him could see through all this nonsense. He’s a nevertrumper. As are essex and many others.
    Policy takes a backseat with these mental midgets. Very short sighted and frankly disappointing.

  51. Joe says:

    Some bigger online real estate companies are already working on making realtors obsolete. Your line of work could also be in danger in the future so don’t act like other people are beneath you. A simple minded snob like you probably can’t understand that.

    It is soooo difficult to get a realtor license. You are better than sooooo many other people. Manufacturing jobs are beneath you.

    A monkey could do your pathetic job.

  52. Joe says:

    I think Real estate agents act like parasites taking too big of a share of the sale price.

  53. Libturd, the Master Beta says:

    A Nevertrumper. I rest my case.

    Flyover. You are a moron. Buy any Franklin Mint coin sets yet?

  54. leftwing says:

    So I pop on after hopping off a month (?) ago…..

    Holy fcuk.

    Guys, whaddya doin’?!

    Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Whatever-You-May-Worship.

    I’ll check up on you guys in the New Year. Don’t kill eachother in the meantime….

    Peace and love.

  55. Flyover says:

    Great reply libturd. For you essex 30yr, open borders, pay for play corruption, homemade servers, abuse of power, affirmativ action etc are all fine as long as it comes wrapped in fancy packaging and speaks with a silver tongue.

  56. BernardQuofs says:


  57. Flyover says:

    Orange man bad, so lets destroy the office of the presidency, the Constitution, and the rule of law. Thats TDS. I expect that from brainwashed idiots.

  58. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Don’t be like me and waste your time defending your profession. People are idiots. Grass is always greener on the other side.

    Sales get paid. Why? Because it’s hard as hell to sell..

    Some people have it ingrained in their mind that all people in sales are crooked. So when you honestly try to help steer someone in the right direction, it falls on deaf ears. They think you are trying to con them. Now tell me how easy it is to sell to a Joe Public that already has their mind made up about Mr. Salesman.

    Sounds like easy stuff. Just like teaching in an Abbott district, or teaching in general, is a DREAM JOB. Summers off with a pension, YO!

    30 year racist liberal snob says:
    November 21, 2019 at 3:31 pm
    Do you know how hard it is to show a house to someone?

    I bet you failed at you main career choice and a realtor was your fallback job.

  59. 30 year realtor says:


    Please do not defend me. You are on your own.

  60. 30 year realtor says:

    At Jonestown he would have been passing out the Kool Aid after being first to drink!

    Flyover says:
    November 21, 2019 at 5:54 pm
    Orange man bad, so lets destroy the office of the presidency, the Constitution, and the rule of law. Thats TDS. I expect that from brainwashed idiots.

  61. HenryNow says:

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  62. JCer says:

    Wow things are really getting out of hand here but I view this as a microcosm of society as a whole. The last time and place divisions were this bad was Spain in the 1920’s-30’s we remember how that ended right? The inability of people to see things objectively is a big problem.

    In Spain in the 30’s you were forced to pick a side right or left, the more moderate people were forced to pick a side. Support for the republicans was greatest in the cities where poor laborers lived who also were more likely to be a-religious or atheists. The monarchists had the support of the church, the military, the countryside, and the wealthy. The situation was back and forth, each election was heavily contested and close but typically the incumbent party would lose.

    Until something happened, street violence was prevalent between rival factions. A radical right wing group killed a left wing police commander. The response from the left wing was to snatch the minority leader of parliament from his home and kill him on the spot. It escalated from here but the end result was Franco unifying the right wing factions against the republicans and the Spanish civil war.

    Rule of law is paramount, trials and investigations should be fair. Whatever you think of Trump just ask yourself objectively has a major political figure ever been treated as poorly by the media or his opposition? Obama and the DNC directed the full power of the government bureaucracy against a sitting president, that is not a theory it is fact just as Trump tried to get Ukraine to investigate the Bidens. But alas there is no real proof just hearsay and suspicious actions. Again Lib is a registered republican and I’m a registered Democrat, the party has lost me. Republicans have no heart and are for the rich, democrats have no sense and are for the poor. Ask yourself this what is the outcome if the democrats succeed in removing Trump from office? It would be civil war.

    The democrats should have just waited for the election and tried to beat him but the impeachment is not about results it is about swaying public opinion. It is a misuse of tax payer funds for political manipulation, they don’t want to impeach Trump just to hurt his chances of winning in 2020 and that is every bit as wrong as trying to withhold aid unless an investigation is announced.

  63. 3b says:

    Lib that is the problem so get rid of Trump
    And what do we have? Any better? No. More polished and sophisticated perhaps but still bought and paid for by the special interests and elites on both sides.

  64. Libturd, the Master Beta says:

    It truly is a conundrum. I’m not even sure why I get so worked up about the stupidity as I’m out of this pit soon enough anyway.

    In the short-run, I like Bernie, with all of his Democratic Soc1alism and all. Dude is as honest as the day is long. What we have now is failing miserably. I don’t want to be around when the debt becomes an issue. I’ll be picking avocados when you guys are picking up the pieces left behind from the Deep State.

    Anyone want to start a raid on Area 51?

  65. The Great Pumpkin says:


    More evidence in support of your theory that Google blows.

  66. Bystander says:

    “has a major political figure ever been treated as poorly by the media or his opposition”

    Sorry, Jcer. I have to laugh at this shit. I thought you were more reasonable. The Orange jester kicks off his campaign mocking Mexicans drug lords and rapists, runs a campaign of mockery and derision, insults women looks and brags about sexual assaulting them, wipes his nose with constitution by trying to ban Muslims specifically and calls nazis ‘very fine people’. That was the early stuff..and now poor Donald..the media does not like me, sniff, sniff. Reminder, regardless of what electoral college says, millions more voted against this guy. He does nothing to represent them and he relishes rubbing their noses in it, bc they don’t kiss his rear. He clearly has narcissistic rage disorder and red hat morons think it is just a slight ‘ character flaw’. It is amazing how far down they will sink with this man.

  67. JCer says:

    Bystander, I don’t disagree valid on all of those points. It is kind of miraculous he was able to win anything, and he is a vindictive, narcissistic little man in a lot of ways despite being quite large.

    That being said there is no shortage of things for the media to attack. But for some reason they are totally unhinged on the reporting. Just look at how you are presenting it. For example there was never a muslim ban, it was a ban on people from unstable countries with elevated levels of terrorism. Not necessarily a bad idea, granted how it was implemented might have caused undue hardship on immigrants from those countries. One cannot ignore the difference between the kid gloves which were used with Obama and how the media responds to Trump.

  68. My spouse and I stumbled over here coming from a different page and thought I should check things out. I like what I see so now i am following you. Look forward to looking over your web page repeatedly. side effects of sertraline.

  69. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Good breakdown on trump and why he will win again.

    Notice this investor from shark tank sees what the pumpkin sees in the economy. This is the greatest economy of our lifetime, and if you can’t see that, you are blind.

  70. Bystander says:


    The problem that I have with Trump supporters is that his words don’t matter. He says thing clearly and arrogantly yet somehow the non-supporters are the crazy ones for interpreting incorrectly. His intent was always to ban Muslims from entering this country. He ran on that one. How he played games to make appear not so constitutionally, well it is hollow to me. Campaign quote, one of many:

    “At a campaign rally in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, Trump announces that he has issued a statement calling for the “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what the hell is going on.”

  71. Friday PhilosphicalJCr says:

    Add 1 part boomer locust selfishness and hubris that they thought were better than “history”. They made a mess since the 60’s. The “freemarket bologna” that many espoused, they forget came directly from the Austrian/Prussian aristocracy that gave us WW1 and then gave Germany to the guy with the funny mustache, because they thought it would be better than the social liberals, as they understood their “freemarket bologna” required autocracy, they go by names like Hayek, Austrian School, Friedman. See their magnum opus post WW2 in Chile.

    Add 1 part, our perennial adversary Russia with Putin. See “Foundation of Geopolitics – The Geopolitical Future of Russia” by Aleksandr Dugin to see what Putin is up to. It does not help that what Germany wanted in the economic sphere in WW1 & 2 happened under the EU.

    Add 1 part – The Chinese Empire, reborn as the Chines Communist Party.
    Add 1 part – The Ottoman Empire reborn as Turkey (old empire), Saudi Arabia (religious back bone) and Pakistan (the dirty work and nukes)
    Add 1 part – Persian Empire reborn as Iran

    But the most important ingredient missing is the wisdom of generations. That is what the boomers are missing, because they are brats at heart.

  72. Ok snowflake says:

    I just farted

  73. Libturd says:

    Bystander. That’s Goebelsspeak right there. It plays right into the racism and xenophobia that Bannon used to manipulate the right. There are lots of issues plaguing this country. But it sure feels good to blame it all on the Mexicans and the blacks. This is exactly why Trump couldn’t denounce the Klan and their racist friends when he should have. He needed to keep the lies going to try to get his useless wall.

    How fukced of a country have we become that the POTUS is now smearing our decorated military officers on Twitter? I feel terribly for the McCain’s and Vindman. And the damage being done to future recruiting is disturbing.

    And the Rights’ excuse? He’s a closet Dem. Pass!

  74. Juice Box says:

    346 days to go folks and the onslaught of unreality continues. How many more billions will be spent this election cycle vs the last? How many more people will suffer and anguish over the orange clown or the soci*alists who want to take our rights and wealth?

    Stayed tuned folks….

  75. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Wake me up when the recession is here…

    This is healthy for a long term economic run. It needs to breathe.

    Libturd says:
    November 22, 2019 at 10:34 am

  76. Libturd says:

    Oh it’s gonna be ugly. I’m curious to get a feel from rational people as to whether or not they expect any civil unrest if either team wins?

    Personally, I am confident that there will be no real violence either way. Not sure I could handle the right wing news if Bernie got elected. Likewise, I think the main stream media would have to take a hard look at continuing to be as biased as they are since it does no one any favors

  77. Friday Ok Snowflake says:

    Enjoy the gas release, you know boomers are full of hot putrid air.

    The millenials are bigger than the boomers, so keep it up. There is nothing like a loser, arrogant, useless, ignorant, intolerant, old geezer.

    Time for the hole grandpa, tick tock, tick tock…….

  78. Ok snowflake says:

    Friday ok snowflake

    Why the anger? I thought the snowflake generation was into aromatherapy

    My generation had Dirty Harry and the man with no name for entertainment . You get woke comic book movies and other politically correct nonsense.

    I’d weep for you but real men don’t cry.

  79. Bystander says:

    Exactly, Lib…and I agree with Trump on the premise that legal and illegal immigration both need to be addressed. Of course to appeal to long hanging fruit he will take a hammer to poor derelicts trying to flee over border when we really need to address business of cheap labor and flouting around laws. No politician will do it bc Americans and small business would have a conniption if had to pay living wages. On legal front, we kowtow to blatant lies from Silicon Valley and Wall street that H1b, H4 etc actually create jobs. Burnt orange clown has done very little on these fronts yet he will strut around crowing like he solved all problems. His followers eat it before it falls out of his arse.

  80. PatrioticHillbilly says:

    If I remember that speech came after the lottery visa guy ran over o dozen or so Americans on the bike path in lower Manhattan.

    IMO light of that, banning travel from countries where extremism is prevalent and you have no way of vetting people seems prudent.

    America first, our foreign policy doesn’t exist to enrich the lives of third worlders or to expand the democrat party voting base.

    People have a right to vote in a way that they feel protects their interests and their way of life. If that offends the PC identity politics faction then so be it.

  81. Fast Eddie says:

    I’m rooting for the impeachment and fully expect the House to have the votes. Then, the Senate gets to knock down the left once again. Even those on the fence see through this charade and who knows what the FISA investigation will reveal in a few weeks.

    He’s going to get reelected and both Houses of Congress will be in Republican’s hands. The economy is rocking and that’s all people care about. Less than half tuned in to the latest democratic debate than the first one. The p.ussy hat snow angles are going to get slaughtered in November.

  82. Friday OK Snowflake says:

    Actually, I’m GenXr.

    Had to put up with your bs since the 80’s. So I really know what your generation is made of.

    You gave us the highest number of divorce (1981).
    You are the reason the Sheriff Departments have a Child Support Collection Unit.
    You had low cost public higher education, but you did not want to pay for it for the generations that follow up and you profited from that new rent seeking education debt system.
    You pus*ies refused to go to VietNam (Clinton, Trump, W Bush) but you sent everyone else to Iraq 1 & 2, Panama, etc. Best is that you cut the pay and benefits for the actual soldiers and say “Thank You for your Service”. (40% of Armed Forces personnel qualify for Food Stamp, Traditional Pension was changed for crappier 401k)

    Yep, you winnies need a big Thank you, right about the time you get shoved into the ground.

  83. joyce says:

    Agreed, Bystander. But can you see why some people who you would refer to as [mostly] normal can hold their nose and support/vote for Trump? He’s the only president/candidate who even talks about reducing H-visas. He made a few token gestures early on and then nothing, but every other candidate not only doesn’t talk about this, they support the opposite and want to expand it or go unlimited. We can wonder why some people STILL support Trump, but the ideas of tariffs, reducing visas and securing the border haven’t been brought up by any candidate since Perot. Some non-crazy, non-racist people might highly value the slight chance those things happen over the rest.

    I’ll throw out the normal disclaimers that I do not support Trump and he is a criminal… and I am a firm believer that actions are all that matters and 99.9% of politicians’ comments about what they’re going to do should be ignored.

    Bystander says:
    November 22, 2019 at 11:28 am
    Exactly, Lib…and I agree with Trump on the premise that legal and illegal immigration both need to be addressed. Of course to appeal to long hanging fruit he will take a hammer to poor derelicts trying to flee over border when we really need to address business of cheap labor and flouting around laws. No politician will do it bc Americans and small business would have a conniption if had to pay living wages. On legal front, we kowtow to blatant lies from Silicon Valley and Wall street that H1b, H4 etc actually create jobs. Burnt orange clown has done very little on these fronts yet he will strut around crowing like he solved all problems. His followers eat it before it falls out of his arse.

  84. joyce says:

    Our foreign policy exists to enrich America’s interests. Those interests do not align with Americans’s interest… at least the non-rich, non-politically connected ones.

    PatrioticHillbilly says:
    November 22, 2019 at 11:30 am

    America First, our foreign policy doesn’t exist to enrich the lives of third worlders or to expand the democrat party voting base.

  85. D-FENS says:

    I like all of these new people

  86. Ok snowflake says:

    Fast Eddie

    Neither side is worth a pinch of sh!t. Both sides just want to line their own pockets. Their disputes are strictly theater to rally support and cash and are about as genuine as reality tv and rapper twitter fights.

  87. Bystander says:

    Ed, you act like Pelosi has no idea that Senate will kill the impeachment. They had no choice bc he flaunts his corruption so openly. This is Benghazi revisited. Repeat story over and over and it will eventually get into voter psyche. I would prepape for unprecendented youth turnout in 2020. Ds were surpised by 2016 but now horrified in 2019. They see lies in the economy like I do. Also, they are not mature in retirement saving so have been buying into highs. They are not getting massive run-up that boomers and Genx are seeing.

  88. Ok snowflake says:

    Friday ok snowflake

    Ah, an example of the everyone gets a trophy generation.

    No. Champions get jackets and trophies. Everyone else gets zilch.

    I suggest you buy some thermals to warm yourself up while you look at your bare walls.

    Me. I’m looking at my closet figuring out which jacket to wear while I dust my display case.

  89. No One says:

    Maybe a few proud boy types get violent after Trump loses, but those types are sometimes violent regardless. Beyond Trump’s core, there are lots of Republicans who won’t miss him at all. I suspect a more moderate Democrat will win, but if dems take house and Senate, they will get swept left and upset Repubs with what they do. I expect my taxes to rise to over 50% total either way.

  90. Friday Ok Snowflaker says:

    Hey, I am sorry. I just saw the video of you and your contemporaries and saw the trophy award you got that you are dusting off. I was severely mistaken, I bow down to you.

    I see you look great surrounded by all your boomer great achievers,

  91. Juice Box says:

    re: “those types are sometimes violent regardless”

    The Antifa kids are just Angels…..

  92. Friday OK Snowflaker says:

    I also just caught an earlier version of another award you got. This one was more local, less prestigious than “of Universe”

  93. 3b says:

    Lib I would not be surprised to see civil unrest whichever side wins in 2020. Very similar to world war 1 and early 20s period. People are angry on both sides and both sides have valid reasons to be angry.

  94. Juice Box says:

    On topic for today Unreality….

    “All this hate and violence is being facilitated by a handful of internet companies that amount to the greatest propaganda machine in history.”

    This is great speech from Borat of all people.

  95. Ok snowflake says:

    Friday ok snowflake

    Figures you would choose cartoons and Owen Wilson. Prime example of what your generation considers entertainment. What will you post next, a clip from the woke Charlie’s angels movie no one likes or wants to see.

    Like I said earlier , I’d weep for you but real men don’t cry.

    Did you order your thermals yet?

  96. Fast Eddie says:

    Friday Ok Snowflake,

    I’d be p1ssed and angry too if my generation had no legacy.

  97. D-FENS says:

    It’s early…but this may be saying something about the impact of the impeachment inquiry

    National General Election

    Sanders 50% (+1)
    Trump 49%

    Trump 50%
    Warren 50%

    Trump 51% (+2)
    Biden 49%

    Trump 52% (+4)
    Buttigieg 48

  98. Fast Eddie says:


    Any poll that shows Trump in a dead heat or thereabout means he wins in a landslide.

  99. D-FENS says:

    Trump was trailing all of them in the Sept. and Oct. versions of the above poll.

  100. Juice Box says:

    Bloomberg just filed with FEC yesterday just means table stakes are higher. If anyone can buy an election it’s him with a net worth of 54 Billion.

    73 days until the Iowa caucus, and 81 days until new Hampshire, lets see who spends the most courting those primary voters.

  101. Friday OK Snowflake says:


    This is a video from the future with you in drag, being properly dispatch by Fast Eddie when he realizes he has to pay for your adult diapers and metamucil.

    By the way, that was a nice Dinner Jacket you were wearing for your award, is that the one you are wearing to you 5pm dinner at the nursing home dining room.

  102. Ok snowflake says:

    Friday ok snowflake

    Don’t cry into your kombucha, you’ll water down the taste.

  103. D-FENS says:

    Anyone else order their Tesla cybertruck yet? I’m adding the optional Halo gun turret on the back.

  104. Libturd says:

    I think Biden is the only Dem who would lose to Trump. It’s exactly why he is so he’ll bent on damaging him. The R’s would like to think that 2020 will be a repeat of 2016. But the real truth is, though many polls did not account for the boringness of Hillary, and the fact that most felt she had it in the bag. The hatred for Trump is going to get out the vote for every single Dem in the country. The polls are an accurate reflection of how people who answer the phone would vote. Polls can never account for the willingness of people to get off their asses and actually pull the lever come Election Day. I swear, it probably doesn’t matter who runs against Trump besides Biden. They probably have it in the bag already. Heck, you can even see some of the Centrists turning here. Heck, Trump’s lack of style points alone and continued racist, xenophobic and anti-decorated military and anti-disabled and mentally challenged rhetoric is going to cost him a to. Of votes he received last time around. I don’t think blacks and Latinos were incentivized to vote in 2016. In 2020, they fear being deported and scapegoated.

    Remember. Last time around, no one thought Trump could win. This time around, believe me, they know it!

  105. Libturd says:

    Sorry for the the typos. In a plane above the Rockies right now and impossible to proofread, yet alone type into an iPhone.

  106. D-FENS says:

    Damn liberal rag

    In all this, Mr. Trump’s opponents treat norms as if they were laws. But Mr. Trump openly campaigned in 2016 as someone who would rescind the nonlegal norms of American politics. He said he would “drain the swamp.” Washington’s traditional way of doing business, the legal but corrupt trade in money and influence, was something he was elected to attack. He has only contributed to the problem in the eyes of his critics, but for supporters the goal remains the same.

  107. No One says:

    Correct. Trump got about the same number of votes that “loser” Romney got four years earlier. The difference was that Obama got more voters to the booths, and Clinton motivated many fewer. Now it appears that fewer not more will go vote for Trump this time, and the Democratic base will be energized to vote for whomever they have opposing Trump. That’s why I think Trump has a low chance of re-election.

    However I think Sanders or some ultra-commies could lose to Trump if people were to really believe that they could hurt the economy and their paycheck. The extent to which people believe their somewhat good economic circumstances are vulnerable to change is the biggest question mark for the election, because that’s virtually the only thing Trump has going for his re-election right now. I don’t think most voters enjoy his personality, delusion, or WWE approach to presidency.
    Trump will be 90% negative, and will try his best to trash his opponent, because that’s what he does. Watch out for gerbil or Moscow honeymoon photos in someone’s cloud account.

  108. Ok snowflake says:


    How do you plan to offset your carbon footprint from this flight?

  109. 3b says:

    I hope Sanders wins! Scare the crap out of the bought and paid for special interests on both sides.

  110. ExEssex says:

    4:23 he’ll probably dump fuel from the jet right into your corn hole.

  111. Ok snowflake says:


    Don’t you have to go ask your wife for you weekly allowance right about now?

  112. Libturd says:

    If you saw how many seats they are cramming into the plane these days, My carbon footprint is not very large.

  113. CarlosPsync says:

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  114. 3b says:

    Where did all these new people come from all of a sudden?

  115. Libturd says:

    I’m sure most are decoys.

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