C19 Open Discussion Week 2b

Who knew we were still popular?

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  1. njtownhomer says:


  2. njtownhomer says:

    Thanks Grim for opening the new thread.

    With $2T fizzling out, what is going to take the stock market keep high? In one week, we will see worse news/numbers from LA, MI, IL, OH, PA, FL. Are the market watchers ready?

  3. Juice Box says:

    A little lol

    Dr. Anthony Fauci unveils a mask that could save millions of lives


  4. No One says:

    Grim, you were talking about failures.
    Yes, I’m thinking the same. Restaurant franchises appear to be highly levered.
    Retailers go broke pretty often even in good times.
    Then you get to the levered property businesses counting on these broke companies to pay them.
    Then you have the private equity businesses that on the surface seem ok but have been levered up for cash outs and cannot withstand even a normal recession.
    Then you have the banks or whatever they are that lent to all of the above.
    When companies go broke, it doesn’t just stop there.
    Does anyone have insight into the opaque world of private equity type businesses, or others I mentioned above? Grim?
    I really only keep track of public companies with fairly strong balance sheets, so that’s not my field of expertise.

  5. Hold my beer says:

    Anybody else started ordering groceries to be delivered from amazon fresh or a local grocery?

    I started two weeks ago. I actually like it and will keep doing at least some grocery shopping from it in the future or ordering for pickup.

    Today I got almost everything I ordered so my fridge and freezer are full. First 3 orders were during the panic buying and i got skunked on fresh meats and eggs. Today I ordered 3 different eggs, 4 types of chicken, and 3 different ground beefs. Based on previous 2 weeks I was hoping to get 1 of each. Got 1 of the eggs, all the chicken and beef and 1 of the 3 sausage.

  6. Juice Box says:

    Looks pretty bad even with the bailout for restaurants and retail.

    Maybe the Fed will start ordering takeout to nowhere.

    “Even the massive stimulus bill working its way through Congress, which will provide direct payments to households and loans to small and large businesses, won’t do much to help these struggling companies.”

    “This is unlikely to soften the blow to retail and restaurants, at least in the short term,” the analysis said.”


  7. D-FENS says:

    Brewers not allowed to deliver anymore by order of the Governor

  8. Visit the site couple of times a week. Disappointed recently. But glad its active again.

  9. chicagofinance says:

    Went Monday AM to Marlboro Costco. Store was practically devoid of people and brimming with stuff. Just no paper products. Other than limiting quantities of certain items, it was business as usual. Gas was $1.95. Same thing at the Whole Foods across the highway. That area is very good to shop.

    Other major retailers north and south are too close to dense or problematic areas such as Edison/Woodbridge, Lakewood/Toms River, or any closer in town that has many NYC commuters.

    Hold my beer says:
    March 25, 2020 at 5:32 pm
    Anybody else started ordering groceries to be delivered from amazon fresh or a local grocery?

    I started two weeks ago. I actually like it and will keep doing at least some grocery shopping from it in the future or ordering for pickup.

    Today I got almost everything I ordered so my fridge and freezer are full. First 3 orders were during the panic buying and i got skunked on fresh meats and eggs. Today I ordered 3 different eggs, 4 types of chicken, and 3 different ground beefs. Based on previous 2 weeks I was hoping to get 1 of each. Got 1 of the eggs, all the chicken and beef and 1 of the 3 sausage.

  10. chicagofinance says:

    Also noticed Fresh Direct in Colts Neck. It was rolled out about 2 years ago, but no one bothered using it. I think with Peapod and Amazon Prime sporting up to 1 week waits for grocers with incomplete fulfillment, FD has made some headway.

  11. Juice Box says:

    beer – Unicorn startup Instacart on Monday said it plans to sign on 300,000 new gig workers to shop for and deliver groceries. $1.9B series F startup looking to capitalize.

    Series F they will need to capitalize soon..


  12. Juoice Box says:

    Fresh Direct is soooo 2003. Used to get them in Hoboken before I moved to the hinterlands.

  13. Dink says:

    Instacart canceled an order on me an hour before it was to be delivered and I had placed the order 5 days prior. They offered no rescheduling either. Tough spot as I had tested positive for coronavirus that morning and my wife as well. We’re quarantined for a while. Luckily neighbors stepped up for us and brought over stuff we need but I wouldn’t trust any order from instacart again.

  14. Hold my beer says:

    Juice and Chicago

    Amazon fresh has prices as low as walmart on lots of items. Problem is I would have to put my stuff in the cart and then place the order right after midnight to get a delivery slot 2 days later. Meanwhile the fresh meats and eggs in the cart were sold out while I was waiting for a slot to open.

    I’ve done two orders with Kroger using Instacart so far. Not as cheap as amazon but both times I got it within a few hours.

  15. Juice Box says:

    Dink – How are you doing? Other than not having to do 5 hours of homework per kid? I may ask you to infect me soon so I can escape….

    I wish you and yours all the best.

  16. D-FENS says:

    Are you taking the cocktail? If not. Demand it. I guarantee doctors have that malaria drug ready to go for their loved ones.

  17. D-FENS says:

    Above was for DINK

  18. D-FENS says:

    My post went into the abyss feck it

  19. Juice Intoxicated says:

    Wife’s B-day is soon. Would announcing on Facebook that I gave her a case of Corona go over well?

    She does not even drink beer..

  20. Dink says:

    I’m doing fine now, 4 days symptom free. For me I only had mild fever, body aches and chills but it persisted for 12 days. No cough which was why I stubbornly believed I did not have it. Wife has a cough, lost sense of smell, but feels ok otherwise

    Father, mother and brother in law all got it as well. Its frustrating because I was being extra cautious early on but still somehow got it.

  21. Juice Box says:

    Dink – as soon as it is possible please donate a pint, the antibodies you now posses may save a whole lot of people.

  22. Libturd says:

    Dink. Wow. Glad you got through. The old lady on our block died. We held a candlelight vigil at 7pm tonight for her. Woman across the street may have it now too. Six dead in Montclair now.

    HMB, I just put in my first order through Instacart. Saturday pickup from Fairway was best I could do. Wouldn’t be surprised if it got cancelled or if half the sh1t I ordered isn’t in stock. Most of order is veggies and a little bread. We can survive without, but it’s just too many carbs when we are sedentary.

    Phoenix is a real good guy. Just letting you all know.

    Real question for you all. It appears there is a correlation with the proximity to New York and the positive rate vs. number of tests issued. New York is close to 1 in 3. New Jersey almost 1 in 3. Yet nearly every other state is at like 1 in 20. Though Michigan is 1 in 2. Now do you guys think it’s the self separation at work, or do you think it’s just the fact that the tri-state is ahead in timing so it spread before the testing really became available? If it’s the latter, do you think the numbers are going to fly up in the rest of the country in the next week or so?

    Just curious of opinions on the matter?

    To see the rates by state:


  23. BoomerRemover says:

    I had a 101F fever come and go a few times, had my nodes flare up, some aches. That was a few days ago. Since then, I have only two symptoms; a sore throat and this unmistakable persistent burn in my airways every time I inhale and exhale. There’s only one other time my airways felt like this and it was when I messed with an industrial strength ozone generator a few years back.

    I called my PCP during business hours, nobody home.

    I called the Hudson testing center – just for shyts – four disconnects in a row I and finally got into queue, only to be hung up on an hour later with the sorry due to a high volume of calls message. Click.

    I’ve a mask, clean hands and generally keep to myself sleep/work in the extra room. A test would be fantastic, I suppose eventually I’ll find out with the antibody test.

  24. Libturd says:


    The allergy season is especially rough too this year. I had a soar throat for three days and some headaches, but I get this every year when the hedges bloom yellow.

    Flonase is the shiznit by the way. I would always get a sinus infection in the past as a result of early seasonal allergies.

  25. BoomerRemover says:

    My wife is in the high risk category, hence the upping of precautions. I hope it is strep or bronchitis.

  26. Libturd says:

    Watch for the allergies. They are really tough this year.


  27. Mike S says:

    Order your meat online or get it at the farmers market. Trying to get a delivery window around Montclair from whole foods is a bitch. Gotta refresh the browser every 5 min and hope for a window to appear. Bulk order rice and beans online. Don’t go inside a grocery store.

  28. Dink says:

    Lib, I think the numbers are going to fly up everywhere. The steepness of states respective curves will be dependent upon how soon schools closed and shelter in place orders were set. I expect Florida to really shoot up due to spring break crowds, nyc tourists, reluctance to close public places and this data regarding spiking of influenza like illnesses. Couple that with elderly population and watch out.


  29. Libturd says:

    Wow. Look at FL.

    It’s about to explode with dead old people.

  30. Hold my beer says:


    I think watching what is happening in nyc woke up flyover country, but only 1/3 of the country’s population is under some sort of lockdown. NYC is way ahead of the rest of the country, yet still hasn’t done a lockdown. Lots of counties in Texas closed non essential businesses and schools before nyc did and this week have gone into lockdown.

    Nyc is also a global tourist destination and is very densely populated. Two big factors impacting the spread. Dallas and Des Moines are not international tourist spots so they were spared from getting it from plane loads of tourists.

    New Yorkers fleeing to their summer houses at the shore and Pennsylvania will bring the virus with them as they empty the local grocery stores and then swamp the local medical system.

    I think social distancing and closing non essential businesses and schools will keep the rest of the country from being as bad as nyc area.

    I think Louisiana will be worse than New Jersey. 1.4 million went to Mardi Gras this year. Louisiana is now the fastest growing infection rate in the world and has about 1 in 6 tests coming back positive. Now has 1,800 cases and is roughly at nj level in cases per thousand. Plus it’s red with lots of people thinking it was a hoax or cold until a few days ago.

    I suspect there will be a second wave in the fall. China and other Asian countries think so too and are preparing.

  31. JCer says:

    BoomerRemover, it could be although I think a sore throat isn’t the most prominent symptom. A fever yes but also extreme fatigue, headache, aches, chills. I too would like an antibody test and as a positive if you’ve had it and gotten through it you likely can re-enter society with a lot less fear. It’s only been 2 weeks and the isolation is already getting to me, my only interactions outside the immediate family have been saying hello to my neighbors while putting garbage out.

  32. JCer says:

    I went to the shop rite in Millburn on Saturday afternoon, it was actually pretty empty. People were looking super paranoid lots of masks and rubber gloves a big change from a few weeks ago. They had almost everything except flour and eggs, I then tried to go to trader joes which was a joke, people were lined up in the parking lot to get in.

  33. JCer says:

    New Yorkers/Tri-State people are the vector of transmission. My suspicion is we will find much like I suspect in Northern Italy, there were a significant amount of infected people a month before we even reported a single case. The situation looks dire because of lack of testing.

  34. BoomerRemover says:

    TJ’s has people stand 6′ apart, only let in a certain amount of people. You are offered a bleach towelette and a spritz of sanitizer for those hands that are going to be touching their produce in a few seconds.

    Once something this comes down from corporate, I imagine it’s put into place in all locations.

    I just learned they closed down the one in union square due to staff member testing positive.

  35. Fast Eddie says:

    Watch for the allergies. They are really tough this year.

    I’ll 2nd that. I usually get cold-like symptoms this time of year due to the bloom. I had the chills all day yesterday, left ear and sinuses are a little clogged and I even thought I had a slight temperature. But, I worked out last night, felt really strong. A lot of us are probably psychosomatic.

  36. grim says:

    New Yorkers fleeing to their summer houses at the shore and Pennsylvania will bring the virus with them as they empty the local grocery stores and then swamp the local medical system.

    Spring break kids are the transmission vector. Just wait and see now that they are all back home. A friend of mine is a pilot, you should see the pictures she posted of her overnights down in Mexico, Dominican, Florida over the past three weeks.

  37. grim says:

    Zero surprise that all the under 25yo cases reported in Wayne (the first few reports) were William Paterson.

    Kids going back out to schools to pack out and come home probably a major second vector. You know all those kids partied with their friends one last time before they went home.

  38. grim says:

    My allergies wicked right now too.

    My wife asked if I had a fever last night.

  39. Chicago says:

    3.3M. Ouch

  40. FakeNewsHoaxes says:

    One glaring flaw in The Atlantic article is the statement that covid is more deadly than the common flu. Unproven. In Germany where there is wider testing in place the fatality is tracking the flu.

    It’s going to need to be socialized eventually and we need to start planning for that. Even warren Wilhelm has admitted that.

  41. FakeNewsHoaxes says:

    Denying breweries the ability to deliver during the state of emergency is asinine. It’s what everyone hates about government. It’s keeping 100% local people employed in a low risk way. No doubt an enforcement a result of some lobbyist group.

  42. Fast Eddie says:

    3.3 million. Yes, I cringed when as I watched the number come in. Futures are down but so far not crushing. I know it means nothing as volatility has no logic. In a flash, it rises and drops a thousand. All in all, I think this administration is doing a fantastic job.

  43. Juice Box says:

    We have a dozen confirmed cases in our company, we have locations, offices everywhere including overseas. One from our campus here in NJ. The gave the building and floor location of where that person’s desk was and last day at work was two weeks ago this Friday, but that is all. Really now? We cannot stop spreading it to our families if we don’t know who currently has the virus. People should be told so they can isolate away from family as well as there is no way the health depts have the ability to track down all contacts and tell them to isolate.

  44. deadconomy says:

    Trump needs to wake up. He really really messed up by not taking this serious a month ago. That’s on him.

    He also needs to stop making wild claims of opening up the country in two weeks. Is he really that dumb?

  45. Bystander says:

    MAGA..you know, after Orange buffoon is done destroying this version. Also, Dow futures were down 360 and now moving up with 3.3 added to unemployment. What planet are we on..

  46. Bystander says:

    Shocking you believe it,Ed. He walks on water afterall bc he has R next to his name.

  47. Fast Eddie says:

    And, Page 781 of the bill provides $25 million to the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives to cover “salary and expenses.”

    Also in the final bill text, $25 million would still be allocated for the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.

    This is a few of Pelosi’s ideas on how to fight the virus. Aside from that, has anyone seen O’Biden’s interview cuts from MSDNC? He was pausing, shaking, putting his head in his hands, looking so lost that it was really, really sad to see.

  48. grim says:

    3.3 million is an understatement.

    I have better visibility into the US labor market than anyone here.

    Far worse.

  49. Fast Eddie says:


    We’re going to get through this and the economy will bounce back as quickly as it took a stomach punch. Trump’s a b.astard and a blowhard, that I get. But, you know what? He keeps getting up off the mat. He doesn’t know the word quit. He’s running to day light on his reelection.

  50. Bystander says:

    Wow, what an issue when closet queen Lindsay Graham and his GOP beards tried to hijack bill bc unemployment was too generous..snicker. Which party is supporting the American people?

  51. Bystander says:

    He is a dope Ed. Never liked Biden but unemployment will be double digits this fall. Good luck with that. Is he to blame for virus, no but when has that mattered in politics? He sends people back in two weeks and you will see major crisis from which he won’t recover politically. Rhetoric is non-sense

  52. Juice Box says:

    We can however predict, based on the industry sector published by the BLS.


    I am guesstimating fallout will be about 30 million jobs over the next few weeks
    with *Retail trade 15,833.10 jobs and *Leisure and hospitality 16,348.50 jobs
    taking the biggest hits.

    The latest 2020 Porklus Bill protects allot of Government jobs just as the 2008 recovery act did there are 22,000,000 in that sector.

  53. Juice Box says:

    There is means testing for the helicoptered money. It’s fair to say none of us are getting a check.

    Anyone not take the Feds offer to pay your mortgage servicer for a year? I could invest that cash and come out on top.

  54. grim says:

    NJ number is higher.

    There are a ton of people that are on temporary furlough, vacation, family leave, or have simply not filed yet. Also are a mountain of hourly people that have had hours cut substantially.

    N.J. unemployment claims surge 1,500% in 1 week as 156K seek help in slammed state economy

    Nearly 156,000 New Jersey workers filed unemployment claims last week as the economic fallout from the coronavirus begins to take hold, according to new data from the state Department of Labor and Workforce Development.

    The 155,815 claims, a staggering 1,546% increase over the same week in 2019, are likely only the start of what analysts predict will be massive surge in layoffs brought about by mandated closures in retail, personal care, entertainment and hospitality.

  55. Juice Box says:

    And who wants to sell their house now? Realtors will be back to cutting hair again? Oh wait cannot do that either. The may be doing personal shopping via Instacart then.

  56. Hold my beer says:

    Louisiana has the 3rd highest per capita infection rate in the country. It’s infection rate is Cases went up over 40% yesterday.

    I suspect we will be under lockdown till at least the end of April. My area is projecting without a lockdown we would need 15 times the number of hospital beds than Dallas and tarrant counties have combined. (Tarrant has Fort Worth and Arlington) Already with limited testing some towns in tarrant and Dallas county as a whole have 1 per 1,000 Testing positive. Even with lockdowns probably 1% minimum already have it. If 20% of them get seriously sick over the next two weeks that would be more corona patients needing hospitalization than there are hospital beds in the area.

  57. grim says:

    That grocery delivery company may or may not be a client of mine.

  58. A Home Buyer says:

    Juice box,

    Speak for yourself you rich bast@rd! :)

    I’ll be getting a check.

  59. Juice Box says:

    From the legislation, if you dare you can pull $100k from your retirement fund and repay it without penalty.

    Special rules for use of retirement funds.
    Waives the 10-percent early withdrawal for distributions up to $100,000 for coronavirus purposes. In addition, income attributable to such distributions would be subject to tax over three years and taxpayer may recontribute to an eligible retirement plan within three years without regard to the annual cap.

    Mean’s test.

    1.Who is diagnosed with COVID-19
    2.Whose spouse or dependent is diagnosed with COVID-19
    3. Who experiences adverse financial consequences as a result of being quarantined, furloughed, laid off, having work hours reduced, being unable to work due to lack of child care, closing or reducing hours of a business owned or operated by the individual due to COVID-19, or other factors as determined by the Treasury Secretary (Section 2202)

  60. Bystander says:

    Dow up 700 points. Complete pump and dump by end of day. Last hour of trading is all that matter now.

  61. deadconomy says:

    Market is up 15% over three days based on negative economic data….scratching my head.

  62. Juice Box says:

    Multifamily borrowers with 5 or more units get a 90 forbearance on payments, on Fannie, Freddie, HUD loans.

  63. Grim says:

    Special rules for use of retirement funds.
    Waives the 10-percent early withdrawal for distributions up to $100,000 for coronavirus purposes.

    Most 401k programs are still waiting on treasury guidance from the last set of changes made last year.

    That $5000 penalty free withdrawal for new baby – sorry – not in place yet.

    401k plan providers will do everything possible to prevent withdrawal.

  64. Grim says:

    I’m talking about the SECURE act changes.

  65. Libturd says:


    Mardi Gras was huge this year.

    On the market. Don’t fall for this FED-induced headfake. You know it’s bad when Powell has to go on the Today Show.

    On the market, we are still in a downward trend. Though, if the DJIA closes much above 22.5K, the trend will officially be at an end and I will begrudgingly begin scaling in. Never let your personal bias get the best of you. If you got out before March 12th, you are still doing better than the vast majority.

    Finally, ever wonder why one ball hangs lower than the other?

  66. Fast Eddie says:

    Finally, ever wonder why one ball hangs lower than the other?

    Are you righty or lefty?

  67. FakeNewsHoaxes says:

    Much of the downward move had to do with the threat of the buyback ban. Wall Street won again.

  68. Bystander says:

    I hear you Lib but yesterday, it was up 1200 then sold off 700 last hour. There was no difference is news. I sold off last year completely so waiting for entry. Just don’t feel this is solid ground. WS flush with cash while consumer reeling on ground (or in ground) does not seem like legit future economy.

  69. Bystander says:

    I will also take Grim’s knowledge over anything from mouth’s of the Oz Powell and Fishface Mncuchin who basically say ignore the jobless numbers. Again, when has this stuff ever been said previously? I do hiring for IT organization which has absolutely struggled to get people in door due to rules, red tape, resource time to interview. If companies let millions go then it will take months upon months to refill positions, not overnight like Fishface wants you to believe. We are into 2021 before unemployment starts to come down, IMHO.

  70. ExEssex says:

    8:54 He really is that dumb. He may be the biggest imbecile ever to breathe.

  71. D-FENS says:

    Waiting 5 days for a positive test result is just stupid. Tests cost $1000. Full treatment of the Trump cocktail is $20.

    If somebody has a fever and the symptoms, just give them the Trump cocktail. Doctors on the front lines should be able to make this decision not the FDA. These drugs have been around for decades. No waiting for studies…this is war. Give the doctors every weapon they need. Keep people off respirators in the first place.

    We shouldn’t be making more respirators….we should be making more of the anti Malaria stuff.

    India just banned exports of it….

  72. FakeNewsHoaxes says:

    My favorite complaint right now is when avowed members of the resistance, many of whom are part of the government complain that the government is responding quickly enough. This are the same people who spent the past three years sabotaging the government and orchestrating never ending hoaxes.

  73. Juice Box says:

    “it was up 1200 then sold off 700 last hour”

    Right because wall st needs yield to keep it’s door open folks. Every fund out there is re-positioning for volatility.

    How do you NOW make money after phoning it for 11 years during the Bull Market? Leverage had to move somewhere and it has already.

    Case in point the humanist Bill Ackerman, and his call “hell is coming,” on March 18th that tanked the market? Guess what, he turned a $27 million position he took on March 3rd into $2.6 billion which he exited a few days ago.

    “Dear Pershing Square Investor,

    On March 3, 2020, we disclosed that we had acquired large notional hedges which have asymmetric payoff characteristics; that is, the risk of loss from these hedges was limited, while their potential upside was many multiples of our capital at risk. ”

    Yeah folks….

  74. Juice Box says:

    I am going with Bernake on this one, “short recession”.

    He knows as he wrote the book on it, the FED will vacuum up the garbage and dispense cash for it until the cows come home or we are all dead.

    At least this time around you won’t get evicted right? Guess what you will.

  75. Libturd, the Master Beta says:

    By, I hear you and my gut tells me differently. As a matter of fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if we test new lows in the coming week. But there is now way to know if the market overshot on the way down. It was the fastest drop ever. In the end, fundamentals, not technical analysis come into play. What kind of a long-term hit are we talking about. The market is forward-looking. Nonetheless, as an investor, (and as an advantage player in the casin0) discipline, discipline, discipline is key. You MUST put a line in the sand. Adjustments are okay based on fundamental changes (current events), but when they should make things go down and they go up instead. Suck it up and take the hit. The market can be irrational and you can be wrong.

  76. Nomad says:

    70% of our economy is consumer driven. Even if a “quick” recovery, some people will never recover from this and many will likely be earning less. Combine these two and there is less money for the consumer economy and by default, less revenue and earnings potential. No idea the magnitude of the hit to consumers but it has to have some impact. What am I missing?

    Won’t Corporate America try to lean out there headcount from this or accelerate their AI initiatives?

  77. EsEssex says:

    It’s amazing to watch how quickly this thing completely took over.

  78. ExEssex says:


  79. Nomad says:

    Apparently Duke is proficient not only at basketball but innovation as well. Hydrogen Peroxide gas to decontaminate N95 masks without harming the respirator.


  80. Bystander says:


    Of course they will. Any distraction or catastrophe usually leads to healthy businesses piling on just because they can. As Lib said, I guess we have to go with flow. It makes absolutely zero sense. We now can’t even get a bear for a couple weeks before people think bull is back. Sky high Unemployment, virus deaths (13 in NYC in one day), corp closures, earnings..throw it out window. Fed will buy it all. I jus don’t get the end game here. If we could have printed this much money with no regard for future then should have done it a long time ago.

  81. D-FENS says:

    Circa 2013


    Want your blood to boil? Plenty of blame to go around….

  82. Hold my beer says:

    Waffle House has 418 closed restaurants, approximately 20% of its restaurants. Waffle House so rarely closes a Waffle House Index showing where the closed restaurants are is used by FEMA during natural disasters as a way to focus their relief efforts.


    There hash brown bowls are fantastic by the way.

  83. Juice Box says:

    blood boiling.

    In NYC it has always been a tale of two cities.

    I used to live by the now closed St Vincent’s Hospital in the fictional Friends neighborhood the village, it was the primary admitting hospital for those injured on Sept 11. Later on that decade the Catholic hospitals in NY were all going bankrupt and many either closed or restructured including St Vincent’s.

    Back then the he State Department of Health said there is no need for an acute care hospital in Greenwich Village and it should close. Truth was Medicaid patients and the indigent continued to come to St. Vincent’s while those with coverage went to the private hospitals in NYC which there are plenty of. Everyone else must go to NYC Health + Hospitals which covers about one third of emergency department visits today.

    It will be a tale of two cities over the next few weeks on who gets the ventilator and who gets the curb.

  84. Libturd, the Master Beta says:

    Did you see they have already brought in refrigerated trucks into some NY hospitals since the morgues are full.

    Body bags soon.

    If India succeeds where we didn’t, it’ll be a real shame.

  85. joyce says:

    “No pharmacist shall dispense hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine except when written as prescribed for an FDA-approved indication; or as part of a state approved clinical trial related to COVID-19 for a patient who has tested positive for COVID-19, with such test result documented as part of the prescription. No other experimental or prophylactic use shall be permitted, and any permitted prescription is limited to one fourteen day prescription with no refills.”

    So, no off label usage allowed?

  86. joyce says:

    Cuomo executive order no off label usage for hydroxychloroqu!ne or chloroqu!ne .

  87. Bystander says:

    Now, we have Mengele added to the administration. Dumpy’s staff is now complete,

  88. Libturd says:

    I trust that Hasid 100%. Sure I do.

  89. Juice Box says:

    re: Doc from KIRYAS JOEL

    Their whole community is up on arms over his claims. Medicare fraud dept and needs to take a look at how much he is billing for his treatment hundreds of untested people he did not even diagnose.

  90. Juice Box says:

    True story from the bread lines today.

    While I was at Whole Foods waiting outside in line an elderly couple shows up, husband looks mid-80s and is dressed like Thurston Howell III with boating hat and all, they get in line behind me after some prompting from the Whole Foods staff. His perhaps 3rd wife looks maybe 20 yrs younger an older Melaina type perhaps based upon accent from some Balkan country. She blurts out with a smile to everyone else in line claims they recovered from the Corona Virus and are finally out shopping. Rest of line all faces turn white, even the brown ones. I quickly offer to let them cut the line as I am next…What I should have done is asked if they were my blood type and can I buy a pint… After they left I did mention to the rest of the line it was tough to get a test two or three weeks ago and it may not be true. Little comfort that it was.. I did my best to avoid them in the store.

    Social distancing to the extreme this week in the store, everyone walking and looking around like they were going to get pick pocketed.

    Fun Times.

  91. deadconomy says:

    This last hour might be interesting. Will they hold or sell the gains?

    It’s like penny land out here. Carnival doubled in one day? Weird times…

  92. Bystander says:


    Let’s say virus starts to go down, which is months away…who knows..when are you jumping on airplace, cruise ship, going to arena or stadium? You sending kids to summer camp this year? 2020 is toast. Market is completely divorced from reality, looking a year out or more instead of quarter.

  93. Bystander says:

    Action is not even last hour, it is final 15m battle royale to either jump out or jump in..

  94. deadconomy says:

    Took the words right out of my mouth…

    Bystander says:
    March 26, 2020 at 3:26 pm

    Let’s say virus starts to go down, which is months away…who knows..when are you jumping on airplace, cruise ship, going to arena or stadium? You sending kids to summer camp this year? 2020 is toast. Market is completely divorced from reality, looking a year out or more instead of quarter.

  95. Libturd says:

    I think Grim should rename the blog, Endofdays dot com.

  96. Bystander says:

    Buyers jumping in with both feet at end. There is your 22500, Lib. 500 point swing in last 5m

  97. deadconomy says:

    This is the Twilight Zone…

    I give up trying to make sense of it….20% in 3 days

  98. Libturd, the Master Beta says:

    I’ll be in at the open tomorrow for about 1/3rd. Barring horrific futures.

  99. deadconomy says:

    Am I dreaming..we are in a bull run now?

    Someone please make sense of this for me. I need clarification. I’m lost in the woods.

  100. Hold my beer says:

    Wonder what will happen in two weeks when almost all of the traders will have a friend, coworker, neighbor, or relative who died or is on a ventilator.

  101. BoomerRemover says:

    Lib will you have any capital left after the vol whipsaw is over?

    BA $180 now.

  102. Bystander says:

    Wonder if Dems would try to throw monkey wrench into stimulus bill. The Fed is basically backing Trump’s relection campaign with kitchen sink bailout which will create blowout risk off stock bubble. Some delay language tomorrow and Dow will most likely tank.

  103. Bystander says:


    We are all in the woods now. Fed brought rates to 0 and will buy anything under the sun. Congress will bailout entire industries. How do you pull it back once you start down this path? They could not do it for a decade without convulsions. Dems better be smart here. You give this corp stimulus then stock market will blast off and Trump will be riding into re-election. He will be back to tweeting his ‘amazing stock market’ in no time and red hat dolts will eat his steaming pile.

  104. WuhanCororna bettertastingthan the MexicanOne says:

    Why is different?

    The Democrats are not truly democrats, they have been Republican lite since the Clintons’ sell out.

    Example, The Pelosi’s – don’t you think this bailout will not also “bail them out”.

    the Pelosis own large stakes in companies like Facebook, Apple, Comcast, Shutterfly and the Walt Disney Co. Paul Pelosi also owns a few office buildings in San Francisco and commercial properties around California. In 2009 Paul spent $10 million to buy the Oakland Invaders United Football League team. The team, which was soon relocated and renamed the Sacramento Mountain Lions, was eventually shut down. They have five children and eight grandchildren. When in San Francisco, the Pelosis reside in the Pacific Heights neighborhood of San Francisco.

  105. Bystander says:

    Agree Wu but even more money to be made when you can control entire legislative agenda yourselves.

  106. AG says:

    Armstrong says expect volatility week of April 6. Might be a good idea to take some profits

  107. Not Wu says:


    Partisan politics is for suckers. Neither side is serious until the lobbying, super pacs, pacs, citizens united are all banned. Term limits too.

    I don’t believe this market can hold. Throwing the kitchen sink and the company that makes the kitchen sink at this situation will have ramifications. Give it a week or two. At some point, everything reverts to the mean.

    Cheap money and share buybacks is what CEOs do when they can’t fundamentally build value as an operating entity.

  108. Juice Box says:

    My company wasted many billions on buybacks. CEO had not a choice here, other than resign but money is powerful. Board makes the decisions folks under penalty of well a purge.

    Might be time to point the finger in a different direction about rainy days and governance.

    I doubt it will happen, capture well is capture just look at the housing crisis. There will be more than 5 million foreclosures this time, hope you have more than a spare bedroom.

  109. Not Wu says:

    Dividend vs buybacks.

    Food for thought all:

    Check out Lisa Abramowicz from Bloomberg on Twitter.

  110. Fabius Maximus says:

    “Trump’s a b.astard and a blowhard”

    No Gary he’s your b.astard and a blowhard. You own him and all the incompetence that comes with him.

    Are we great yet?

  111. Fabuis Maximus says:


    Sorry I forgot. Dems cant be capitalists?

  112. Fabius Maximus says:


    The main blame for the buy backs goes to Trump. He was told. Even I said it in here. The Tax cut would not trickle down, but end up with Stock Buybacks, dividends and Exec Comp. So yes your CEO had to roll with it, but now has to pay. At some point the comp claw backs will come around.

    Gary got his great stock market, up to the point he didnt.

  113. chicagofinance says:

    Where is clot?

    Libturd says:
    March 26, 2020 at 3:44 pm
    I think Grim should rename the blog, Endofdays dot com.

  114. Fabius Maximus says:

    Great place here.

    https://greensdogood.com/ they are based in Hackensack.

    Their restaurant orders are down so they are trying to make it up with with Home Deliveries. Reach out on Facebook if you are in Bergen County and want to order.

  115. chicagofinance says:

    I’m not this kind of investor, but this is a bear market, and you should sell the rips….. this isn’t my forte…… we have maybe 5% upside between now and the end of the month….. if we go beyond that and it sticks, then that would be significant…… this just looks like a massive short getting squeezed out, but it a bunch of fcuking code anyway….. it’s not people…..

    deadconomy says:
    March 26, 2020 at 4:09 pm
    Am I dreaming..we are in a bull run now?

    Someone please make sense of this for me. I need clarification. I’m lost in the woods.

  116. Juice Box says:

    The main blame ? You forget Fab, google Blarney Frank and Warren. Ancient History and your kids will never understand.

    I mean all the best for everyone here, stay healthy, stay strong and stay away!

  117. D-FENS says:

    Whoops. My bad

    Cuomo admits his decision to quarantine everyone at once was ‘not the best strategy’ and that he is ‘working on’ release of coronavirus antibody test that will allow people to go back to work


  118. Libturd says:


    I really am so conflicted here. I may give it that last 5%. The numbers are exploding and by Monday, they’ll be spreading as more tests become available. In NJ, you can’t get tested even if you want to. If I wasn’t so far ahead already, I would be scaling back in already, but I think Chi may be on to something. I honestly think (believe it or not) PT Barnum’s lies, (over by Easter) are soothing the market. But when they prove wrong, I would think we’ll be heading back down. How the hell can those unemployment numbers just as this thing is starting, not spook the market? I hate investing. :P

  119. Libturd, the Master Beta says:

    D – he said in certain cases and only if there was a test everyone could take.

    Keep deceiving.

  120. D-FENS says:

    Where you sit is where you stand bruh

  121. njtownhomer says:

    I would be happy if we clean this up and open up by next Easter (4/2021)

    Tsunami is coming in a few weeks here and a little later to MI, FL, LA, OH, PA. I think this Easter the churches will be quite busy in streaming.

  122. BoomerRemover says:

    Pence was in front of the podium on today’s conference, he’s holding that 15 days to slow the spread laminated page, somebody asked him about the timeline of implementing guidelines and he holds that page up – deadpan face – and says something to the effect of, “well you know, this says 15 days to slow the spread… and we’re nearing the end of those 15 days”.

    Back on 9/11 C.T.Whitman said it was fine to go back to work, to school to get on with life and my family is still dealing with the fallout of that.

    I get it, fear is an emotion and emotions are temporary. Still, I am unclear as to how this will plays out.

  123. Bystander says:

    Thanks, Lib and Chi. It is dilemma. Sitting and waiting is tough. I truly believe how you play this at my age (47) is pretty critical to retiring earlier rather than later. I still point back to Grim’s post at 9:02 AM yesterday. Looking for a site that is trying to track this sh$t. I just can’t believe that market priced in 6m unemployed by next week. I think it is being completely underestimated. This is denial phase.


  124. Fast Eddie says:


    Get out of my country. I’m serious. F.ucking leave. Just leave.

  125. Nomad says:


    Jim Grant was on CNBC a bit ago. The video should post to their site later today. Interesting perspectives. Talked about Fed propping everything up, credit & risk not properly priced. Stuff you know. I can’t see how the markets don’t drop at least 15% from here if not significantly more. A big chunk of consumers are about to get downgraded from middle class and it has to impact things.

    Take a look at what Paul Tudor Jones said yesterday at CNBC.

  126. deadconomy says:


    Thank you for your insight. Appreciate it.

    Wild times…

  127. grim says:

    I’m taking the contrarian position.

    I think this plays out far faster than we think.

    Herd Immunity, Social Distancing, Work at Home, Sunlight and Fresh Air, Antibody transfer, longer term travel restrictions, etc etc.

    Sorry, but why should I believe one word out of anyone’s mouth that completely missed this, as to how long it’s going to take?

    Given all of these new factors in place, what’s the level of population infection rate needed to hit burnout?

    The first through the peak are the first to recover.

    This isn’t hopium talk.

  128. FakeNewsHoaxes says:


    Fair point about the tax plan. There was a lot to dislike about it. I’m sure the buybacks frenzy was anticipated by economists.

    So why then conduct three years of hoaxes and sabotage instead of opposing the administration in a democratic way?

    You would have positioned yourself much better for today had you done that.

  129. Libturd says:


    On the market. My concern is not so much the duration of this mess as the ease of the recovery. I really do see this issue as mostly temporary. New restaurants will replace the old. Lot’s of inheritance money will help the economy come back as well. Nothing fundamentally changes. Whatever there was a need for before, the need will still exist whether it be June, September or next June.

    But on the contrary, the cost of the country shutdown, which I agree we should be doing to save lives of both the elderly and not to overload the healthcare system so those with typical ailments can also get healthcare without risking their lives, will be enormous. Each time we expand our debt, we make our country that much less safe for the rest of the world to invest in. Quite frankly, I think the initial lowering of our interest rates (not the recent emergency cut) was what caused this market correction to be way more intense than the impact of the virus itself. And now seeing that we are NOT going to atempt a national lockdown, we are going to at least appear as the worst off country in the world as a result of the virus. It does indeed look like every major city is going to be New York and this too should scare away international investment. So the big question still remains. Are we trying to save lives by flattening the curve and risk longer damage to the economy? Or are we trying to save the economy (which isn’t even proven will occur) by infecting the majority of the country and getting this over with quickly. Or is the second option the only one left as we are long past being able to use option one because the feds simply blew it?

    Personally, I feel we will be doing a combo of the two which is probably the best we can do at this point, but allows Trump to hide some of the blood that is on his hands. But will the investing market get spooked by the horrific ratio of infected versus the population which will be unmatched in the rest of the world, who all took option 1. I would think so. Hence I think the market is going down from here. It also helps that we are still trading within a downward trend (there’s a clear channel in the charts).

  130. grim says:

    It already seems like there is a trend underway to leverage antibody testing to certify individuals as being “Safe from Coronavirus”.

    Suspect these people may be in high demand in the short term.

  131. grim says:

    In the past day, hiring velocity for short-term temp work has nearly collapsed.

    Everyone appears more than willing to take the Fed vacation package.

    The 2000 people laid off from the major hotel chain, very few are interested in work.

  132. homeboken says:

    I was told by many in the media that COVID-19 would bring a 3-4% death rate. Based on some of those predictions, we should have tens of thousands of deaths already.

    As of Friday 3/27 morning – 86,000 confirmed cases, which is probably way to low considering how many have/are positive and not tested yet for confirmation.

    Total US Deaths – 1,301 OR 1.51% of all confirmed cases.

    I wish the death count was ZERO. But the data is becoming more clear – the original predictions were massively overestimating the death toll.

  133. Juice Box says:

    Plenty of blame to go around, tax cuts and buybacks sure lets blame Agent Orange he is an easy target after all.

    Buybacks continue to proceed without any meaningful oversight from the SEC there was plenty of complaints about it but Congress never passed any meaningful legislation last time around they overhauled the law, which was the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. Who signed that one into law? Why aren’t those provisions enforced by the SEC a decade later? Why did they not make sure that law had teeth?

    Nothing changes folks heads I win tails you loose is the Washington and Wall St way of doing business.

  134. Hold my beer says:

    What do you during a shelter in place order? If you are my neighbor you have your roof replaced and go outside and talk to the crew. The next day you then have an unlicensed contractor show up in a mid 90s minivan and while wearing no protective gear power wash the house after talking to him. The guy was wearing shorts, a tank top and converse. Not even socks or goggles while he was power washing. And finally today you go talk to the landscapers on the lawn on the other side of me.

  135. Fast Eddie says:

    “I’m encouraging New Yorkers to go on with your lives + get out on the town despite Coronavirus.”

    Bill De Blasio, March 2nd.

    Blood on Trump’s hands, right?

  136. joyce says:

    Dr. Deborah Birx talks about the models that have been used to predict coronavirus spread and how new data is changing how they use the models. “The predictions of the models don’t match the reality on the ground,” she says.


  137. Blue Ribbon Teacher says:

    The data was pretty clear from the cruise ship we isolated. That was a controlled environment where everyone got tested. This is an evolving statistic but people wanted to cling to the 3 to 4% number because it sounded worse. As more numbers come in of who has it and as we figure out what therapies are best to deal with it, this number will evolve. We’ve had decades to produce accurate numbers on the flu. This one…the data is all over the place and incomplete.

  138. Blue Ribbon Teacher says:

    Models are fairly useless and can only be used to spit out numbers based on inputs and outputs. They love to report “worst case scenario” which is the number that the model spits out if we do absolutely nothing.

  139. Juice Box says:

    3-4% death rate if for those showing symptoms and testing positive, not the general population. Most of us will get this and it will pass. Thank your genes for that.

  140. Bystander says:

    Boris Johnson has Corona..

  141. Blue Ribbon Teacher says:

    The virus took everyone and every country by surprise short of Singapore and Taiwan. It was floating around well before we knew it because we needed 1 person to get hospitalized with major symptoms before we even confirmed it was here. And once it got into the airports…it hit all 50 states very quickly.

  142. Juice Box says:

    Spe*aking of sca*red many of us could probably file for full dis*ability over fear of leaving our hovels and getting the Wuha*n Wheeze. I may have to look into that one as I have the extra disabi*lity insu*rance to cover my extra abilities.

  143. Blue Ribbon Teacher says:

    As for DeBlasio, he refused to acknowledge the problem at hand’s severity even when it was obvious. It was like 12 days ago that the teachers had to threaten to call out en masse because he didn’t want to cancel school.

  144. Hold my beer says:

    I’ve been trying to mow my lawn all week. Between a demolition crew knocking down a burnt house across the street , my neighbor replacing his roof, and the power wash guy I have been unable to social distance. Finally started this morning at 8:08. I did the curb and sidewalk area first to avoid people walking dogs and then did the sides of the lawn to avoid neighbors. 8:22 landscapers show up on the house on my left. 8:23 neighbor on the right comes over to talk to them . 9 landscapers finish house on left and start house on right. Am waiting for landscapers to leave before going back out to finish.

    Bright side the landscaper used their leaf blower to clear my sidewalk and curb. Winning?

  145. FakeNewsHoaxes says:

    Lol. No that’s fearmongering. NYC is not representative of the rest of the country. Of course it’s not politically correct to say it, so you won’t hear it from fake news.

    There are many reason why nyc is different. It’s overcrowded. They have ethnic communities who don’t abide by public health policies.

    Hell we have those in nj. No wonder we have such large numbers of positives. They fought and defeated the mandatory vaccination law here just a few months ago.

    As far as blood on their hands, I would start first with this politicians who encouraged policies that have turned certain neighborhoods into dumpsters. I would also start with the politically correct who got thousands killed in Italy and who knows how many here

  146. Hold my beer says:

    Fast Eddie

    Diblasio is a weak dimwit progressive woke pseudo intellectual beta male. Bloomberg and Giuliani were far superior.

  147. Fast Eddie says:


    Something we agree on! ;)

  148. Chicago says:

    Oh the humanity.

    A Dec. 31 statement from the Wuhan Municipal Health Commission revealed that Wei was among the first 27 patients to test positive for COVID-19, and one of 24 cases with direct links to the seafood market.

    Wei, who has since recovered and left the hospital in January, said she thinks she contracted the infection from a market toilet in the market she shared with meat sellers and others, according to the Journal.

  149. Blue Ribbon Teacher says:

    To be fair, the white yuppies near me don’t have the respect for the policies either. My neighbors who are supposed to be under 14 day quarantine for international travel on Friday have been all over town and walking around the block talking to everyone. If they have it, the whole neighborhood will have it now.

  150. FakeNewsHoaxes says:

    Cleanliness, distancing and general health are better in the country. The news won’t tell you that. But they will call you racist for avoiding hard hit areas.

  151. Chicago says:

    WSJ article. If you access from your phone, usually lets one or two articles through the paywall

    ast-trading investors are reaping big profits with help from computer algorithms and strategies that sell the rips and buy the dips https://www.wsj.com/articles/high-frequency-traders-feast-on-volatile-market-11585310401?emailToken=9463a11c3581d5ee92bbc4032cd7e9d43/ErhTAC/P1Tbv/O95N47F5RGmIeE5XzE4iPU0nK5X5poSpNBN2bc531sLf2dLo6XHHPgMVCOlBVfhzmOAOir0zcUFSjNBpEtzsnvP7vgTM%3D&reflink=article_imessage_share

  152. Juice Box says:

    Chi – that is wong, lost in translation. It’s not a seafood market it’s a see it’s food market.

  153. grim says:

    Between a demolition crew knocking down a burnt house across the street , my neighbor replacing his roof, and the power wash guy I have been unable to social distance. Finally started this morning at 8:08. I did the curb and sidewalk area first to avoid people walking dogs and then did the sides of the lawn to avoid neighbors.

    I don’t follow – how is any of this a real issue? A neighbor walking by as you mow the lawn presents ZERO risk, even less than 6 feet.

  154. Juice Box says:

    Blue – AG Gubir is just looking to make an example. Why not drop a dime? We know you want too…these days just send a tweet.


  155. D-FENS says:

    People are getting so weird over this. Was out today and saw people driving around with masks and gloves on in their cars by themselves? What’s that supposed to do?

  156. D-FENS says:

    State and local governments are going to pay. The lawyers are lining up already.


    less taxpayers + lawsuit payouts

  157. Hold my beer says:


    It kept attracting people standing in front of my house to watch. Every single dog walker or person out for a walk stopped to watch the house get torn down on Monday and then watched the bulldozer filling the truck the rest of the week with debris.

    Plus my kid gets pneumonia very easily and has been hospitalized by it a few times so I am being extra cautious/paranoid about it.

  158. Hold my beer says:

    Fast Eddie

    Other than those flaws I’m sure he’s a swell guy. Lol

    Was not a fan of O or shrub but I wouldn’t have minded someone like them as a neighbor or parents of one of my kids friends. Can’t say the same for dibozo

  159. ExEssex says:

    11:15 ooof. You know one this one, Corona, I’m wondering if we are in fact witnessing a great unraveling. It’s normalized people who were otherwise away all day long to now being home. It’s tossed us back to some earlier version of ourselves. Sure the kids have all the infotainment gear, but they’re now forced to hang out with their … family.

  160. grim says:

    People walking around outside is a good thing.

  161. Libturd, the Master Beta says:

    Wow. So much good fodder today.

    Homeboken – Death rate might be low due to two things. First, it’s very early and we haven’t run out of hospital rooms yet and many are on their death beds and haven’t died. Second, just wait for Florida.

    HMB – Why are you mowing your lawn already? I haven’t even put the crabgrass killer down yet. I know the landscapers are all out infecting each other, but that’s because they want to get paid. It’s absolutely unnecessary to mow this early in the season.

    On separation. Did you guys watch the news last night? People are still not separating. Though the parks are closed, they are loaded with people playing team sports, hanging around together. I am still seeing it in our town. Parents just don’t have the ability to say NO to their kids. All it takes is one to carry it and your kid brings it back and spreads it to the entire family. And the incessant need to shop! People are still going out every day to shop. What gives?

    D-Fens. There is absolutely no reason anyone besides medical workers should wear masks. If you are in range of someone sneezing, then you are not socially separating.

    BRT – You are correct about models. And they are useless if you want to base it on what we’ve seen up to now in the US.

    Finally, I really, really believe America’s numbers are going to be many times worse than Italy. It’s just getting started here. If you look at the chart of cases in the US, it is clearly spreading from NYC outward. This is compounding at work. This has NOTHING TO DO with population density, immigrants who don’t listen (dumbest thing I’ve read here in a while) or how dumpy your neighborhood is. Keep on shopping and it’s going to keep on spreading. This is happening all across the land. Playdates too.

    Check this out braniacs. The rest of the country will look like New York very shortly.


  162. Hold my beer says:


    It’s Texas . You mow from around March 1st till thanksgiving

  163. Libturd, the Master Beta says:

    519 deaths in New York yesterday. That death toll number is about to increase. And things are spreading rapidly in Florida. And wait till you see the death tolls once our hospitals are at full capacity?

    Body bags beyotches.

  164. Libturd, the Master Beta says:

    Forgot HMB. My apologies.

  165. Libturd says:

    4 Confirmed cases in GR now. 9 deaths in Montclair.

  166. Juice Box says:

    Neighbor had their organic fertilizer laid down yesterday on their lawn, the crews were out mulching their commercial accounts as well, strip mall parking lots etc.

    I just walked my lawn since it’s such a nice spring day, seems those little bastard chipmunks made quite a mess of my lawn.

    I may need to go all out Caddyshack on them.


  167. Juice Box says:

    Where the hell is everyone going still?


  168. Juice Box says:

    Who wants to be on the New Jersey’s death panel?

    “N.J. to create bioethics team to help make ‘difficult’ choice of which coronavirus patients get a ventilator in case of shortage”


  169. Bystander says:

    So, was thinking of a friend who has been out of work since June. He made decent money, probably $150k in 2018. Should be file now for 2019 to show less income and qualify for stimulus check? Or too late?

    Looks like Massie is going forward..did we say bill vote today??

    Massie wrote on Twitter. “In a few moments I will request a vote on the CARES Act which means members of Congress will vote on it by pushing ‘yes’ or ‘no’ or ‘present.’
    (1/11)I swore an oath to uphold the constitution, and I take that oath seriously.

    In a few moments I will request a vote on the CARES Act which means members of Congress will vote on it by pushing “yes” or “no” or “present.”

    — Thomas Massie (@RepThomasMassie) March 27, 2020

  170. Libturd, the Master Beta says:

    The planes are empty Juice. I still have two flights I haven’t cancelled yet. I looked at the seating charts. Planes are at 10% capacity and the times keep changing. The best are my American flights from EWR to Toronto. I know connect through Philly!

    Airlines don’t want people to cancel until 3 days before.

  171. FakeNewsHoaxes says:

    Turd. You’re panicking, take a Xanax.

    FL doesn’t resemble Italy or NYC. The greatest risk to the old in FL is in the senior living. They need tighter protocols to test the staff.

    People living in sf homes can wait it out and rely on deliveries to avoid exposure for the foreseeable furrier.

    If Murphy had balls he would have blown the bridges to nyc and could have reduced the outbreak here.

  172. 30 year realtor says:

    This morning I was going through activity on NJMLS for Bergen County. Surprising number of new listings and properties going under attorney review. The vast majority of properties in attorney review were under $500,000.

  173. Libturd, the Master Beta says:

    Just looked again today. Flight home from Vegas was a 787. Know it’s a 737 about 1/4 full. Flight out is stil an A319. It’s about 1/5 full. One first class seat taken out of 16.

  174. Libturd says:

    Now. Damn phone.

  175. Hold my beer says:

    Yesterday infection rate slowed in Dallas and tarrant counties. Number of new cases was lower than previous day and percentage increase of infections was much lower.

    Wednesday tarrant had 19 new cases to go from 71 to 90. Thursday only 10 new cases to go up to 100

    Dallas county on Wednesday went from 174 to 247 an increase of 73. Thursday went up to 303 an increase of 56. Hopefully this shows closing all schools over 2 weeks ago and last week closing all non essential business and then doing shelter in place this week is working and yesterday was not a statistical aberration.

    Dallas county has 2 drive thru testing sites tarrant has none. Asked for them and was turned down.

    Meanwhile Collin county which borders Dallas county went from 66 to 88 cases yesterday. Their county judge (Texas version of county commissioner) has determined people can decide for themselves what is essential. I expect that county to become the hot zone in DFW area. Some towns in Collin county have ordered all non essential businesses shut down but most have not. Collin county is the only county in the 10 county north Texas area to not have a strict shelter in place and their judge was also the only judge out of the 10 counties to participate in a conference call for planning a regional response.

  176. Blue Ribbon Teacher says:

    Neighbor had their organic fertilizer laid down yesterday on their lawn, the crews were out mulching their commercial accounts as well, strip mall parking lots etc.

    I just walked my lawn since it’s such a nice spring day, seems those little bastard chipmunks made quite a mess of my lawn.

    I may need to go all out Caddyshack on them.

    If you want to trap them, it’s easy. You just take a long pvc pipe capped at one end. They run in it if you get close to them and you just cap the other end. A friend of mine does this all the time.

  177. Hold my beer says:

    Collin judge did not participate in the regional conference call.

    I bet that judge will be sayin in three weeks something like who knew it could get so bad here.

  178. Fabius Maximus says:


    Sounds like the MAGA greatness has you washing hands and sleeping like Lady Macbeth.

    Using Deblasio as a Whataboutism is weak even for you. Donnie is giving himself a 10/10, you should be cheering him from the rooftops.

  179. Juice Box says:

    I have never tried chipmunk does it taste like chicken?

  180. Fabius Maximus says:

    Juice the point about the buybacks is not the mechanics of it. It is that they were fueled by the tax cuts and the repatriation holiday on overseas deferrals. Thats all on Donnie and the GOP. They had control of the WH, Senate and House for two years and that was the only real piece of legislation that passed.

    On the death rate, the numbers dont show true infection rates because of lack of testing and late testing. The Hospital numbers are what to look for. How does the number spike when the hospitals are at saturation.

    I look at these reports that the peak will be Apr 17th. That’s three weeks away for a virus that has an incubation period of 14 days. Its going to get very ugly very soon.

  181. Fast Eddie says:


    Seriously, you come out of your hole to pile on when sh1t hits the fan, regardless of politics. F.ucking leave. I’m dead serious. Go to your soc1alist utopia. Just leave my country.

  182. Fabius Maximus says:

    Juice, goes well with Friskies.

  183. Juice Box says:

    Who needs campaign stops.

    Agent Orange’s ratings are hit you know more people watching his daily 90 minute briefings on TV than the season finale of the bachelor, and based on how Nielsen ratings are measured only reliable numbers are available only for cable news, but the streaming is though the roof way higher than many you tube stars.

    And when Rachel Maddow says to cut him off well he will get even more viewers.

    Sleepy Joe can’t even get any likes, are they really going to trot him out again or what? Can he actually do any events outside of his basement bunker that will get any coverage?

  184. Fabius Maximus says:

    No Gary thats now how this country works.

    I will ride you like Seabiscuit on this. I’ve listened to your Donnie Rah Rah for the past 4 years. You where the one that said you didn’t give a sh1t about anyone else as long as that Stock Market was roaring and your dividends were rolling in.

    I’ll keep asking you “Are we great yet?” because before we got this buffoon we were.

    Own it!

  185. Fast Eddie says:

    We’re the greatest country in the world made greater in the last three years. We didn’t hold beer summits, didn’t bow to world leaders, didn’t talk and talk… we showed the world how great we are! This will end, he will get reelected and you will seethe even more because you hate the U.S. F.uck you! Get out of my country. F.ucking leave and go where everyone is your equal. Get… the…. f.uck… out. F.ucking leave!!!!

  186. JCer says:

    Just wait until the s*xual assault allegations and the hunter biden show is out on display. 2020 race is truly a clown show and I’m with Juice the American public is totally enamored by President P.T Barnum, our first reality TV president.

  187. Fabius Maximus says:


    He only cares about ratings. It will be interesting if Cuomos pressers start overtaking his.

    Biden doesn’t need to show, he can just hit Donnie with ads like this.


  188. Phoenix says:

    Keep getting these stupid census papers in the mail.
    Maybe they should wait until after the crisis has ended.
    The numbers will be more accurate.

  189. Juice Box says:

    Fab – you need to be writing Joe’s tweets.

    This just is really really bad….disclosure I did what the MSM has been doing with Trump’s tweets.

    Joe Biden
    “The coronavirus is not Donald Trump’s fault”

  190. Juice Box says:

    Jcer – I did not know Joe likes to Grab em by the P****Y too.


  191. Fabius Maxiums says:


    GM building them for $12.5-15K a unit for a device that usually costs around $25K, what am I missing here?

    These ads are short, to the point and hit hard.

  192. Fabius Maximus says:

    Everyone should watch this. How to sanitize stuff coming into your house.


  193. Libturd says:

    Phoenix – brilliant!

    HMB…on Texas. We had anomalies like these in our early counts. They end up being caused by testing labs forgetting to report and other stupid reasons like, we didn’t include yesterday’s numbers to make life easier. I kid you not. BCC numbers were skipped until yesterday when we popped dramatically. Not making excuses. It’s really that bad. Just heard dropkick Murphy. We went up half as much cases as yesterday. Which was 4 times the number from the day earlier. Hmmmm. Must be over. NOT!

    On Trump’s popularity, find me a single politician that did not improve his standing through a tragedy. We’ll see his numbers after Easter when everyone’s been locked in for 3 weeks across the country and the rest of us will have been in for 5 or 6 weeks.

    Don’t count your chickens.

  194. joyce says:

    what am I missing here?

    everything, per usual

  195. Libturd says:

    Juice, she sounds credible.

    “Biden pressed her up against a wall and digitally penetrated her without her consent.”

    How the fcuk do you digitally penetrate someone? Stick your cell phone in her slot?

  196. Digital Penetration says:

    There. I changed my handle. Happy now Libturd?

  197. Libturd, exhibiting downward pressure, like with a plunger says:

    Juice, what’s your position on Brett Kavanaugh’s alleged sexual assault?

  198. Libturd, the Master Beta says:

    Serenity now!

  199. Digital Penetration says:

    Missionary. He’s definitely a missionary guy.

  200. Blue Ribbon Teacher says:

    Jcer – I did not know Joe likes to Grab em by the P****Y too.


    lol, already scrubbed?

  201. joyce says:

    What data or trend would signify things not getting worse? and then improving?

    Libturd says:
    March 27, 2020 at 2:13 pm

    HMB…on Texas. We had anomalies like these in our early counts. They end up being caused by testing labs forgetting to report and other stupid reasons like, we didn’t include yesterday’s numbers to make life easier. I kid you not. BCC numbers were skipped until yesterday when we popped dramatically. Not making excuses. It’s really that bad. Just heard dropkick Murphy. We went up half as much cases as yesterday. Which was 4 times the number from the day earlier. Hmmmm. Must be over. NOT!

  202. Grim says:

    By the end of May there will be riots of people demanding to be let back to work, regardless of the situation.

  203. Hold my beer says:

    I see a divorce boom and a baby boom

    I thought unemployment plus an additional $600 a week for the unemployed was designed to keep the working class calm. The bread part of our bread and circus.

  204. MayRiotNotLikely ApathyMorelikely says:


    You might be right, but not for the reasons you think.

    It really is an elderly/sickly remover. Recommend everyone read the NY Times piece on Italy.

    We really don’t have a social bond in the country, simply because the generation in power (boomer locust) has always been about themselves first and only. You have to go back to the Carter presidency for concern about your fellow countrymen.

    Add to it that the young ones feel that the system is rigged against them by those elderly now being removed. There really is no empathy by the young ones, as they never felt it growing up by the old ones.

    So yeah, is going to get ugly. If you are 2o+, have a McJob, can’t even afford a car and no one either from family or society gave you an empathic touch, then don’t expect anything from him. The boomers are reaping what they sowed.

  205. Libturd says:


    Obviously, nothing is perfect. But we can’t through out statistics, like it’s the gospel, when the sample size is so small and the number of uncontrolled variables are so large. Kind of like Trump telling everyone it will be over by Easter when China is just getting it under control after nearly 4 months of a bullet-proof lock-down with state led food distribution and mandatory imprisonment for quarantine violations. They also allowed no travel in and out of Wuhan province.

    So Joyce, what model do you want to use? The one where I just took D for a bike ride around the block and witnessed no less than six separation violations and I can guarantee you at least 1/3rd of my friends will be ordering in dinner tonight since they didn’t get to run out to ShopRite to get fresh meat.

    I’m sure you know, but I’m not trying to argue here.

  206. Libturd, the Master Beta says:

    I also need to figure out why I can’t use the proper homonyms anymore. :P

    Let me add, unlike the many knuckleheads here, I at least try to quantify my many opinions AS opinion and nothing more.

  207. Juice Box says:

    Lib – He totally did it, and so did Clarence Thomas, and Bill Clinton etc, etc. Biden is no exception as all people are guilty some are just more rapey than others.

  208. Juice Box says:

    I am ready to riot now.

  209. Juice Box says:

    Glad I adjusted my evening drink to the early afternoon.

    Got a 5 PM conference call with friends our for our “Corona Virus Social” may be too loaded to ZOOM by then….

    Wife does too with her co-workers.

  210. Libturd, the Master Beta says:

    I agree Juice. Now can we get Bernie in? I doubt that dude ever even touched himself. :P

  211. Libturd, knows you can't spell nice without ICE says:

    End of day climb in the market appears a foregone conclusion. Crazy before a weekend during a crisis, but I think Chi called it with the High Frequency Trading.

  212. Juice Box says:

    Blue, Yahoo (Verizon) scrubbed it and it still shows up in their own search engine index linking back to their own page and a dozen copies on the way back machine too.


  213. Juice Box says:

    Bernie? Cumon dude…It’s gotta be Cuomo, He is the only man alive with enough built up bile to get it done.

  214. Libturd, knows you can't spell nice without ICE says:

    Cuomo is the flavor of the month. Even he doesn’t have the balls to speak the truth with a vindictive POTUS that punishes states for having governors that don’t kiss his ring.

  215. Juice Box says:

    Fab – Rookie mistake on GMs part, they wanted like 300 million upfront, you don’t muscle in like that, you play the long game and underbid and when nobody is looking bill the government three times for each unit delivered.

  216. Libturd, the Master Beta says:

    Digital penetration means the use of fingers to penetrate the vagina or the anus.

    Back in the 80s, I guess I was digital pioneer. No anus, you sickos.

  217. Libturd, the Master Beta says:

    Digital penetration means the use of fingers to penetrate the vag1na or the anus.

    Back in the 80s, I guess I was digital pioneer. No anus, you sickos.

  218. Juice Box says:

    Turd – 2016 Bernie did not have it in him to bury Hillary. He did not have the stones, we are dealing with a guy who had Juanita Broaddrick, Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey and Kathy Shelton sitting in the audience during the debates.

  219. Swallowyourlungback gettoworkboomer says:
  220. Fast Eddie says:

    From the politico link above:

    “Forget “15 days to slow the spread.” A growing chorus of conservatives have started arguing that older adults should voluntarily return to work to save the country from financial ruin.”

    We’ve all greed now. I’m ready to go back, do the commute, dive into a webex or zoom session. I hate doing work from home, despite having my own office here. When did the boomer crowd ever back down from work? It’s the reason this country can toss around 2 trillion dollars. This ain’t no weak, social1st, snowflake, fee fee state.

  221. Juice Box says:

    elderly/sickly remover? I don’t call it the Wuhan Flu it’s the Wuhan Wheeze. A doctor friend told me that in medical school they taught that pneumonia was an elderly persons best friend.This is not the case with Covid19.

    This virus causes massive lung scarring aka pulmonary fibrosis even if you live you will be crippled. 30% reduced lung capacity for life? Hope you like walking around with an O2 tank in tow even though you never smoked a Marlboro Red in your life.

  222. Libturd, the Master Beta says:

    Juice. Bernie is the nicest guy in the world. But he does make very intelligent decisions, IMO.

  223. ExEssex says:

    3:54 wuuuuut ….

  224. Fast Eddie says:

    You may make the argument that conservatives view making money as being more important than people’s health but if that’s the case, who’s going to take care of the weak, liberal masses if we don’t step up?

  225. Juice Box says:

    Here are some CT Scans from China. Yeah you might live but how will you be able to climb those stairs?


  226. Juice Box says:

    Turd – so was Gandhi and he made a real difference in our world. Even now Gandhi would lose to Trump.

  227. joyce says:

    Of course, not arguing either. Being on the side of the debate that what we’re doing is overkill and doubling-down would be insanity is impossible to win. After this is over, if the numbers aren’t as bad as initially predicted… most will say the quasi-lockdown worked. It can’t be proven that it would have been similar regardless… or that the ‘cure’ was worse than the disease.

    As you mentioned, when the sample size is so small and the number of uncontrolled variables are so large… than why did we quickly (relatively speaking) implement these unprecedented restrictions flying blind?

    Libturd says:
    March 27, 2020 at 3:04 pm

    Obviously, nothing is perfect. But we can’t through out statistics, like it’s the gospel, when the sample size is so small and the number of uncontrolled variables are so large. Kind of like Trump telling everyone it will be over by Easter when China is just getting it under control after nearly 4 months of a bullet-proof lock-down with state led food distribution and mandatory imprisonment for quarantine violations. They also allowed no travel in and out of Wuhan province.

    So Joyce, what model do you want to use? The one where I just took D for a bike ride around the block and witnessed no less than six separation violations and I can guarantee you at least 1/3rd of my friends will be ordering in dinner tonight since they didn’t get to run out to ShopRite to get fresh meat.

    I’m sure you know, but I’m not trying to argue here.

  228. Eddie Walker says:

    We are a bottom scrolling ticker of “treatment found” away from a major reversal. Just think how different our outlook will be: immediately. This will be April/May/June. This is a “Black Swan” event with a resolution equally unexpected, but it will come. This “Fast Eddie” character is a riot – singularly embodies all that is amiss with this country. Nature has a way of seeking balance with a trend to the middle and Eddie’s future looks problematic and it will go wrong: there is no doubt. His fragile, desperate bravado already indicates this.

  229. Juice Box says:

    To everyone here that might listen.

    Enzootic infections are not the same or even similar to the flu.

    We have all have survived the flu and pneumonia in our lifetimes and went on without a care in the world to live full lives.

    This is not the same, lung damage for suvivors and a host of other complications.

    Back to work now. You first OK! I will be in my coal mine…..

  230. njtownhomer says:

    This virus is an alien for humans and we had to take precautions accordingly. Listen to Bill Gates as he was predicting this as the most possible true global crisis. Close the borders/towns, shut down, shelter some time and defend your health till it goes away. Instead we printed 6T$, politicians bullshitted everyday at 5pm, first called them hoax and now they don’t listen to the field experts. They promise to open the country for work, bail out non-US registered (ALIEN) companies like cruises, antique airlines etc. For what, let them fail if they weren’t prepared.

    What are we going to do if a meteor comes to us, or under an alien invasion? Are we going to print 60T$ to avoid the market crash. Are we going to bail out everybody again?

  231. Perth Amboy knows says:

    Fast Eddie’ s days in the not so distant future will be fraught with unanticipated problems, and he has as yet no inkling of this, but it will happen. All those “workouts” to convince oneself of power will be revealed to be empty/powerless gestures to the inevitable, as there is (obviously) no there there. His wife will be relieved.

  232. Juice Box says:

    njtownhomer – You have now reminded me of a now classic.


  233. Fast Eddie says:

    Eddie Walker and Perth Amboy:

    One in the same. Oh, and your whimsical attempt at captivating prose is utterly charming! By the way, which shade of lipstick do you prefer? I’ll snap a picture of the ring around my c0ck and be sure to send you a framed edition!

  234. Libturd, the Master Beta says:

    “why did we quickly (relatively speaking) implement these unprecedented restrictions flying blind?”

    Because it seems to have worked in China, Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, India, etc.

  235. Hold my beer says:

    64 new cases in Dallas county and 14 new ones in tarrant. Higher than yesterday lower than the day before

    Also 36% of patients hospitalized with corona in Dallas county are in icu.

  236. Perth Amboy Obituaries says:

    Poor, poor “FS” – it will all fall apart and there will be no opportunity for self-reflection. The wife wants this – she want out.

  237. grim says:

    Yeah, I’m going to double down on social unrest driven by people not permitted to work. I suspect you’ll start to see rogue workers, rogue companies, saying f&ck you to Murphy.

  238. grim says:

    All y’all rich folk being permitted to still draw 6 figure salaries while the other 90% are basically told, f*ck you, stay home, we don’t need you infecting the rich fat white people.

  239. grim says:

    Florida is going to make Italy look like training wheels.

  240. Hold my beer says:

    Fast Eddie

    I appreciate your dedication to subsidizing my lifestyle.

    By the way, did you see the article on nj.com Monday or Tuesday that a hospital in ridge wood was already on the verge of being out of ventilators and so was a catholic hospital in the area.

  241. Eddie Amboy says:

    Buy the market now – unemployment numbers mean nadda once treatment is announced. BTW – anyone who searches for a home for years and winds up with a split level is a tell – wife is beyond contemplating and now choosing exit strategy. No amount of feel good “workouts” can fix that.

  242. Fast Eddie says:

    Split level? LMAO! Try again.

  243. Perth Walker says:

    Trish Regan/Fast Eddie

  244. Juice Box says:

    Grim – double down

    Cleaning crew same ones for the last 8 years came by today to do the job I won’t do. Awesome ladies barely hanging on as it is in good times. All have broken families.

    I ain’t gonna say it..

  245. deadconomy says:

    Great job to the people who called for a drop yesterday. I was lost in the woods, but you obviously are not.

  246. Juice Box says:

    re: rogue companies

    Yeah black market plasma, 40k a pint anyone? I know someone and will tell you where to send the bitcoin.

    To the FBI…This is not real, it is an imaginary place where we share ideas. If you need too, please contact Grim he got the goods on me for sure.

  247. D-FENS says:

    Register your medical supplies now by order of the Governor.


  248. BoomerRemover says:

    Another update, I mean incoherent chaotic ramblings of an old man. UFB. No filter.

  249. joyce says:

    Obviously, I’m inclined to cherry pick but I swear I just searched for “[Country] coronavirus timeline/response” and selected one of the top results.

    How South Korea (and Singapore) Reined In The Outbreak Without Shutting Everything Down

    We’re not doing what Taiwan did; it sounds similar to the above.

    India? They did nothing up until 3 days ago.

    Libturd, the Master Beta says:
    March 27, 2020 at 5:13 pm
    “why did we quickly (relatively speaking) implement these unprecedented restrictions flying blind?”

    Because it seems to have worked in China, Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, India, etc.

  250. joyce says:

    If possible, please release my comment from moderation.

  251. joyce says:

    okay 3rd try, no links, just headlines…?

    – How South Korea Reined In The Outbreak Without Shutting Everything Down
    – How Taiwan fended off the coronavirus
    – The Callousness of India’s Response

  252. joyce says:

    I’ve never meant to suggest the country/states do nothing in response. More targeted and tactical efforts like some of those mentioned would be a better approach than shutting down a lot of things in my opinion.

  253. Phoenix says:

    Targeted/Tactical is long past.
    You have a runaway train now. It’s too late.
    Those who get the severe form of this are going to wish they were exposed much earlier.

  254. Libturd, the Master Beta says:


    You are familiar with the differences of how South Korea did it then how Wuhan did it.

    First, they tested the sh1t out of everyone. Second, they quarantined you police state wise even before you were tested if there was supposed contact. Third, they were prepared for it. They also used surveillance that wouldn’t float in this country.

    Here it is simply too late for any of it. There was zero preparedness. Forced quarantine? We can’t even keep people infected off planes.

    There is absolutely no political will to do any of it.

    Worst of all, there is not even a plan!!!

  255. joyce says:

    I’m just pointing out that since we’re not doing what they’re doing, we shouldn’t use the defense that it seemed to have worked in those countries…

    What do you mean by exposed earlier? Were the early confirmed cases less severe on average?

  256. Blue Ribbon Teacher says:

    At some point, it would be more efficient to mass produce the medical masks that prevent infection and allow people to go back to work using them no?

  257. Libturd, the Master Beta says:

    Wish it was that simple BRT. The masks are far from an end all be all.

  258. Dink says:

    BRT, I’m on board with that line of thinking. Masks do work. The problem is there are not enough for even healthcare workers right now let alone rest of populace. Ramp up production and that coupled with tons of available rapid tests would allow us to tactically control the spread. Testing like this is hopeful.


  259. Blue Ribbon Teacher says:

    It doesn’t have to be a be all end all. Just something that severely slows transmission. Testing is going to be key for us. We aren’t South Korea and our populace doesn’t have the discipline to stay away from each other. NJ numbers are staggering and there are hundred of people walking at the county park by me way too close to each other.

  260. Libturd, the Master Beta says:

    The medical-device maker plans to supply 50,000 tests a day starting April 1st.

    Yeah, that will barely help.

  261. njtownhomer says:

    For the record regular masks are still useful.

    This is a strong demand for each country and we also need to be address in a coordinated manner. Amazon has a huge advantage here for the distribution.

    For the record, my company’s Chinese offices (not close to Wuhan but were closed 2 weeks even with few cases) were opened late March and we were able to see the office pictures. It looked funny they all had masks on. I bet they still have them on.

    Look at the pictures from Spanish flu and see the masks there too. It will enter to our lifestyle at least for a year or two.

  262. BoomerRemover says:

    I think he meant first victims will get a bed a vent and care. Those infected later on are not guaranteed the same.

    Rolling the dice was my initial impulse as well. Go lick some toilet seats, FIFO at Presbyterian and sell some plasma on the way out.

  263. homeboken says:

    I know nothing about medicine or medical law, so hoping someone can enlighten me today.

    What is the logic of banning the prescription of Chloriquine/Zpack in some states (Nevada) and threatening doctors that write such scripts (Michigan).

    There are Governors that are taking an active stance in the prescription of medicine.

    1. Is that legal? This isn’t some newly invented and untested medicine. It’s been around for 60 years. And Z-Pack? So common.

    2. If it is legal, what is the point? Are there awful downside risks here that I don’t know about? If it works, isn’t that what we all want?

  264. homeboken says:

    Further to the above – If it is attempting to control fraud by doctors stock-piling pills, I understand that concept. But that will be VERY easy to track, they already monitor opiod scripts, same concept.

  265. homeboken says:

    First post went into mod –

    The questions was – What authority do Governor’s/states have to ban the prescription of legal and approved medicines?

    Nevada and Michigan are setting some dangerous precedents with the HC/Z-pack treatments

  266. Chicago says:

    We need clot to consult here. Oh the humanity.

    The coronavirus pandemic is driving up the price of heroin, methamphetamine and fentanyl as Mexican cartels scramble to get their hands on Chinese-manufactured chemicals now in short supply.

    “The cartels are having a lot of difficulty producing drugs right now, and when the supply is low the price always goes up,” a US federal law enforcement source told The Post. “China has pretty much stopped production on the chemicals they need to do business.”

    The pandemic has led to a shortage of workers at labs in China which produces more than 80 percent of precursor chemicals such as benzylfentanyl, norfentanyl and 4-anilinopiperidine used by the cartels to manufacture synthetic opioids such as black market heroin made in clandestine labs and fentanyl.

    The bulk of the meth and synthetic opioids clandestinely produced in Mexico is controlled by the Sinaloa Cartel and its rival, the Jalisco New Generation Cartel, according to the Drug Enforcement Administration’s latest National Drug Threat Assessment.

  267. Bystander says:

    Playing the numbers with tax stimulus. Married with 2 kids and $150k or less income then big winner, $3400. Biggest losers appear to be middle class single parent households with $112k plus. You will get $1200- $500 . Not sure how that is fair. I guess they assume another parent on other side? What if widowed? I know several people who lost spouse and raising kids alone. What a screw job for them.

  268. Juice Box says:

    President Trump said Saturday he may announce later in the day a federally-mandated quarantine on the New York metro region, placing “enforceable” travel restrictions on people planning to leave the New York tri-state area because of the coronavirus outbreak.

  269. FakeNewsHoaxes says:

    It’s past time to blow the bridges. Anyone without an nj is should be blocked.

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