C19 Open Discussion Week 16c

From Bloomberg:

Manhattan Home Sales Fall Most on Record in Locked-Down Quarter

Manhattan home sales plunged the most on record in the second quarter, while New York was shut down to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Purchases of co-ops and condos in the borough tumbled 54% from a year earlier to 1,357, according to a report Thursday by appraiser Miller Samuel Inc. and brokerage Douglas Elliman Real Estate. It was the biggest annual decline since the firms started keeping the data in 1990.

Most buyers in the quarter went into contract before mid-March’s shelter-in-place orders banned in-person showings. The median price of completed deals fell 18% from a year earlier, the biggest drop since the second quarter of 2009.

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  1. Mike says:

    Good Morning New Jersey

  2. The Great Pumpkin says:

    The line for the dmv was past Sushi Lounge this morning. (Rt 46)

    I was tempted to joke around, act like I’m cutting in front of someone, but people are too tense these days…I might get shot.

  3. homeboken says:

    DMV – The inspection sticker system is a worthless money grab. Should be abolished instantly. There is no reason for it to exist except as a method of taxing residents.

    Modern cars, even super inexpensive cars, are light-years safer than they were when the “inspection” regs were adopted.

    Defund the DMV!!!

  4. 1987 Condo says:

    They do not inspect for safety anymore, it is just emissions.

    Also, why are there lines, hasn’t all dates been extended at least through July 31 if not August?

  5. grim says:

    Why didn’t they just give everyone a pass for 2 years?

  6. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Guys, stop trying to use logic here, it need not apply to the DMV or the idiots standing in that line.

    Such an underrated song.

  7. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Pres­i­dent Trump’s most prom­inent Sil­i­con Val­ley sup­porter, bil­lion­aire Pe­ter Thiel, has told friends and as­sociates that he plans to sit out this year’s pres­i­den­tial cam­paign be­cause he thinks re-elec­tion is in­creas­ingly a long shot, peo­ple fa­mil­iar with the mat­ter say.

  8. Bystander says:

    “They stomp on our neck, and then they tell us, ‘Just chill, O.K., just relax.’ Well, look, we are mad, and we’ve been had. They need to get used to it.”

    Anyone recall this quote? Seems so perfect now yet the context of this one relates to two lying mushroom brains.

  9. Juice Box says:

    New local my town FB group is up in arms over the “survey” to re-open schools part time with staggered weeks, about half the parents in my kids school have joined already since we have perhaps the highest percentage of busy bodies in town, and by next week I would expect allot more as the robocalls went out this morning to complete the survey, which BTW is not anonymous.

    Seems the bureaucracy of the Federal gov, State gov, and home rule local school boards will make it impossible to have a full-time school year and parents will not be going back to the office full-time anytime soon.

    There is a school board meeting at the end of the month, the cops will probably get a chance to try out their new tasers.

  10. Juice Box says:

    Slow boat from China is the new normal.

    I ordered a lightweight fabric 70 inch retractable Dog Safety Gate on May 3oth from China on Wish. It weighs less than 1/2 pound and was supposed to ship by Air I guess. Well it has been sitting at the Shanghai International Mail Exchange Station for a month now. It only cost $6.99 with $5.00 for shipping so I will wait and wait because this is the new normal for international freight.

  11. Fast Eddie says:

    New local my town FB group is up in arms over the “survey” to re-open schools part time with staggered weeks

    Somebody needs to remind all schools from K through 12 that there’s 7 days in a week and 365 days in a year. If all 7 days and all 12 months need to be utilized, then so be it. Education, like work, is vital. If you don’t get your summer off, too bad. If you need to go to school in July and August, tough, just do it. Just like I would work 7 days per week if I had to and have done in the past.

  12. Juice Box says:

    Just found out school board meeting is online only, so no tasers…oh well

  13. I SmellAFake One says:

    So Mike, if you are in the trade, 3 Questions? Otherwise you are full of it.

    -On airvo, override alarms over .95?
    -Why is the “I” vent is used as last resort on Virus patients?
    -Tube compression, why?

    Mike in waiting says:
    July 2, 2020 at 10:27 pm
    You guys better get ready for another spike in the tri-state area. I do this for a living Respiratory Therapist. You may remember me…………..

  14. Young Buck says:

    Has anyone actually shopped around for their title work rather than just using whoever the lender selects?

    I refi’d a few months ago, and the way things are going it may make sense to refi again in the near future. I just really don’t want to pay another $3k for title “work.” You would think if you re-use the same title company from a few months ago there would be some sort of reduced rate.

  15. Against The Grain says:

    Buck the way title insurance is regulated in NJ, every service that’s part of the title search and the insurance premium itself are pretty much set in stone. No title company can legally charge a higher or lower price for the various searches, services and the insurance premium itself than what’s required by the Department of Banking and Insurance, so shopping around is a waste of time. It’s a service business because everyone has the same price.

    You may, however, be able to get a lower reissue premium from the title company that did your last refi. Ask them.

  16. More Grain says:

    The Title insurance is one of the biggest rackets in NJ. Of course it helps that present Hudson County congressman and past NJ Assembly Speaker Albio Sires opened a title insurance agency.

    Is rigged, as Forever tolls on the Turnpike.

  17. SomeOne says:

    Eddie, are you suggesting that the teachers do 365 days continuous work?

  18. Libturd says:

    Title is the biggest crock on a refi. But my answer is no.

  19. Hold my beer says:

    Dallas county reported 1,085 cases today. Due to backlog these tests were done a week to 10 days ago. Also Denton county announced it won’t be enforcing the face mask order and Collin county has given blanket approval to all outdoor gatherings of 10 or more people.

    Denton and Collin are 3rd and 4th in population in north Texas and many people commute to or from Dallas county to those 2 counties. I suspect the 4 major counties in north Texas will combined break nyc daily corona records towards the end of July.


  20. Juice Box says:

    Have not been up and down the Turnpike and Parkway recently, well today was quite a challenge.

    I am convinced people forgot how to drive during lock-down or now think traffic turn signals or reasonably safe driving is optional. I was cut off and had to swerve onto the shoulder, some dweeb who just merged onto the Turnpike did not want to be behind a truck longer than two seconds and did not bother to look or signal decided to occupy my 3 dimensional space in the universe the same time as me, and two other jack rabbit drivers doing a 90-100+ threading the needle in their beater mobiles because well 80mph bumper to bumper in the fast lane ain’t fast enough these days. Both caused me to nearly lock up and swerve to avoid collision. All NY plates all probably headed down the shore. Yeah yeah I get it you are excited to be out of Queens or some other NYC hell hole because you were locked down for four months…I will be reading the news to view the details of your fiery crash.

  21. ExEssex says:

    Large crowds are expected at the shore for the holiday weekend: New Jersey’s casinos have reopened, along with amusement rides and water parks. Beaches are open, though at reduced occupancy levels. Restaurants can offer limited outdoor dining, and stores and shopping malls have reopened.

    But not everyone is following rules designed to prevent the spread of the virus, including wearing masks and keeping 6 feet (2 meters) apart. In late June, large crowds swarmed D’Jais, a popular oceanfront nightclub in Belmar in scenes reminiscent of pre-pandemic days. Few patrons wore face coverings, and fewer still kept their distance from others on a packed dance floor.

    Gov. Phil Murphy saw videos of the packed club and warned the state will not hesitate to reimpose harsher restrictions if people don’t behave.

    “We cannot let up on our social distancing or our responsibility just because the sun is out,” the governor said. “We can’t be lulled into complacency and think it’s OK to crowd around a bar. That is how flare-ups happen.”

    Skyler Walker, a woman from Scotch Plains in her early 20s, was on the Belmar beach last week on a sunny day with temperatures brushing 90 degrees.

    “I definitely think people people are starting to care less about” the virus, she said. But the face mask she wore on the boardwalk while waiting in line to buy beach badges indicated she does not share that view. “They act like it’s over now.”

    She was at the beach with a friend who is a nurse in a Jersey Shore hospital filled with coronavirus patients. The friend, who would not give her name, was adamant that the virus is not over, based on what she sees at work every day. She is scheduled to work at the hospital on July Fourth.

  22. Fast Eddie says:

    Eddie, are you suggesting that the teachers do 365 days continuous work?

    Not 365 days but closer to 300 instead of the approximate 200 days they now work. It’ll have to be this way for the next year at least. It’ll be a combination of Zoom sessions and in person classroom instruction. If they don’t accept this, they can resign and get another job. To quote their own position and pledge: “It’s for the children.” So, they need to step up when called to duty.

  23. ExEssex says:

    5:34 wow you seem really knowledgeable.
    The line of people that want to teach are newbies.
    Recent grads with zero experience. You will pay for experienced teachers.
    But then you probably don’t really care or understand the difference between a veteran teacher who is experienced and someone with zero to offer.

  24. Phoenix says:

    Murphy hammered the benefits of newbies. They will get crap health insurance while the boomer teachers collect the honey.

    Just tear it all down and start over already.

  25. Phoenix says:

    Have a friend who’s daughter is going to Quinnipiac University.

    What a ripoff-kid’s going to be in debt for 10 years trying to pay that loan. Hope she does not plan to live in NJ, buy a house, and pay grandma teachers pension into her 90’s…

  26. Mike in waiting says:

    I smell a fakeone, Grim knows me as does libtard/Stew and others been to many GTGs. Are you new…………….

    As far as your questions we use Servo I , Puritan Bennett’s vents then LTVs 1200 `1000’s if you have to. Now the Airvo (which we do not have by me) is high flow nasal cannula and recently used in conjunction w/ a rebreather mask at 100% to ward of tubing the patient which has been shown to have bad out comes. As I never ran one can not answer your .95 question. Tube compression well on a servo I which we use we compensate for the tube during set up so vent accounts for the tube delivering what we set it for. I wold like to do a Vulcan mind meld w/ you so you can see all the death I have seen helpless to save my patients on vents. Meds Ha! we have nothing so far that does much of anything once your in the soup.

  27. ExEssex says:

    Mr. Trump has consistently played down the concerns over spikes in new cases, even as many cities and states have had to slow or reverse their reopenings, claiming that young people “get better much easier and faster,” that the death rate is declining and that the virus will “just disappear.”

    On Thursday, he lauded his administration’s response, referred to the surge in new cases as “temporary hot spots” and focused instead on what he said was evidence of the economy bouncing back.

    “A lot of people would have wilted,” Mr. Trump said at a news conference where he praised the latest job numbers. “We didn’t wilt. Our country didn’t wilt.”

    Despite his rosy outlook, the coronavirus on Friday for the first time infiltrated Mr. Trump’s family circle. The president’s elder son, Donald Trump Jr., and his girlfriend, Kimberly Guilfoyle, had traveled to South Dakota separately with plans to meet up with the president. But they left before Mr. Trump’s arrival once Ms. Guilfoyle tested positive for the virus and said they planned to cancel all coming events.

  28. COVID Help says:

    Mike in waiting, would assume some hospitals have better outcomes than others as it pertains to COVID. Would you mind saying which ones in Essex and Morris Counties you would personally use if you contracted it?

  29. 3b says:

    Phoenix I don’t know why these parents let their kids take on this kind of debt. The parents pay $5.00 for the car window sticker for bragging rights, and the kid is stuck with 6 figure loans.

  30. Bystander says:

    Morning all. Happy 4th. Tip to the germaphobes. Don’t book a bed and breakfast where you knowing you will be around 20 people in close proximities. Not everyone is going to where a mask particularly a 3 year old. One of them just chastised my wife that she had to come in within two feet of us to get intonhallway. People are nuts. Stay home

  31. Bystander says:


    Living in CT, QU is practically Yale lite to some. You should see their faces light up when they say my kid is going there. The only one worse is Wesleyan. Don’t ask any further questions or they will get nasal-ier start rattling off alumni.

  32. Blue Ribbon Teacher says:

    Phoenix I don’t know why these parents let their kids take on this kind of debt. The parents pay $5.00 for the car window sticker for bragging rights, and the kid is stuck with 6 figure loans.

    Bragging rights for Quinnipiac? When I was applying, my parents pushed me to go to Stevens, which was $30k back in 1998. I opted for Rutgers and they were upset. I managed to payoff my students loan entirely 1 year out of college working 3 crappy jobs that had nothing to do with my degree.

    I’ve had a handful of students opt to go to school in Europe. Apparently, they save a lot of money doing so. I haven’t investigated enough.

  33. Saturday Albuterol says:

    Ok, Mike you are legit,

    -Servo I’s frequent exhalation filter exposes Virus to air. So is avoided..
    -The PB aka Medtronic Covidien P980, jokingly called the 980MAX (as Boeing 737Max) turn off by itself without warning. The LTV are the FEMA vents.
    -Airvo tend to be better than F&P, but need to override 95% alarm in Set Up Mode.
    -Tube compression, that is an old one. Pneumatic vents needed to be calculated, so 500cc + compression factor meant you dialed 540cc VT, which of course someone that does not know would come by and dial back to 500cc and under ventilate.

  34. Saturday Albuterol says:

    Servo-I frequent exhalation filter changes due to rapid humidity build up which affects sensor cassettes, causing failure and need to change machine.

    Yep – everyone is kaput once on the vent.

  35. Democratnomore says:

    My kid has zero student debt and is now a junior and we hope to keep it that way. Many kids apply to many schools and attend the one that gives them the most money. Merit Scholarships offered by schools can be substantial. We made up the difference but it is nothing compared to sticker price.

  36. Saturday Albuterol says:


    I asked, because we are a rare breed. Is like see in a leopard in the wild.

  37. Hold my beer says:

    Testing for corona is already booked more than a week in advance in Tarrant county


  38. Andre L Pitanga says:

    David Brooks’ 4th of July op-ed finds him worried “less about populism or radical wokeness than about a pervasive loss of national faith.”

    But will this July 4th be a time to find “our shared ferocious love for our common country and a vision for the role America could play as the great pluralist beacon of the 21st century” as he hopes?


    Safe and healthy, and hopefully at least somewhat hopeful Independence Day, NJ

  39. 3b says:

    Democrat: when the sticker price says 60k and you get 20k in merit that’s still 40k a year, plus all the incidentals. The deal for my kids was state school B or better we pay entire bill. If you want private or out of NJ state school you pay the difference. All took the deal, and all graduated in 4 years,deans list every semester, and all
    thankfully doing well.

  40. 3b says:

    Blue I had someone tell me Marist is all most Ivy League!

  41. ExEssex says:

    Poughkeepsie is almost Ithaca.

  42. AP says:

    Colleges should be free, like high schools are. More serious, career-track vocational options are needed as well.

  43. Andre ISgoingTObeAllright says:


    I have great faith in the future of the country.

    But first we got to survive the next few years of the boomers last gasp for continued existence. That is our problem. A crappy generation in full moral and intellectual bankruptcy and degeneracy beyond anything expected even in hell that won’t let go.

    My personal hope right now is COVID 19 & Senator Duckworth. They can make a hell of a difference in allowing us to go a post boomer world. I’m a realist, so the future will always have adark tinge, as we are human.

    Look at Elon Musk, we are doing great with electric cars, self-returning 1st stage rockets and solar. The chinese commies can’t steal and copy us fast enough.

    However, you do need a Louisville slugger to bash in Creepy Zuckenberg’s sell out, rein in Bezos world domination, and other out of control billionaires that think they are superman above all humanity.

  44. Democratnomore says:

    Merit aid beyond those numbers is available. Miami U in Ohio ending up costing us approximately $17 thousand a year out of state. If you add all of the incidentals then you end up at $20 thousand. Not cheap but manageable.

    There was a great deal of straight talk beforehand about getting too attached to one school on the list. Also, we targeted schools that had merit aid not attached to financial need. So schools like NYU never made it on the list. With SAT looking like it will be a victim of Covid and the ever increasing criticism of standardized test, this may be harder to achieve for my second.

  45. AP says:

    Unreal new short story about growing up Punk ….in East Germany. Chilling, difficult, but very interesting and even important.


  46. 3b says:

    Andre: I am a Boomer and I have had no problem with criticizing them and have multiple times as well as Generation X who are similar in many respects. That being said, the current generation, millennials too have their issues and they cannot blame them all on their parents. As an example many appear to have a huge entitlement complex, and don’t appear to be particularly knowledgeable on many topics with no inclination to learn. So if they want to tear it all down, go ahead, just be sure what they replace it with is better, as it was not all bad. I
    Suspect many are looking for perfection and it does not exist as humans are flawed. One day the next generation may be pointing the finger at your generation.

  47. Blue Ribbon Teacher says:

    Blue I had someone tell me Marist is all most Ivy League!

    You don’t have to tell me. The professors at TCNJ all claim their school is a “public ivy”. That being said, I quickly discovered that Ivy League institutions weren’t anything other than a foot in the door once I started going to Scientific Conferences and quickly realizing the lack gaps and holes in the subject knowledge from the Ivy Leaguers during poster sessions. You could learn more than they did in school just by actually reading the textbooks in each subject area.

  48. Andre says:

    3b, I’m with you. No beef with boomers, although I’m mid-GenX. Plenty knuckleheads of all ages

    This 4th I’m feeling somewhere between A Touch of Grey and Get Lucky : )

    Hope everyone is chilling with family and friends or having a great time solo which is cool too.

  49. Walking says:

    3b how much should I expect to pay for college? I have 4 kids and was planning on a it costing a million. So around $45k a kid starting in 2022 through 2036. I have a co worker paying 60k for fordham, no merit because of his savings. . Rutgers would be great for my kid but she has 4.3 gpa with 1300 sat. I’m told she has no chance except maybe rutgers newark. Tcnj is reach they say. I don’t think I would have been accepted to Bergen community back in the 80s with how tough it is now.

  50. Phoenix says:

    “I don’t think I would have been accepted to Bergen community back in the 80s with how tough it is now.”


  51. chicagofinance says:

    College can be free only if there are strict standards for candidacy. Vocational preparation is the most important thing needed.

    AP says:
    July 4, 2020 at 11:43 am
    Colleges should be free, like high schools are. More serious, career-track vocational options are needed as well.

  52. AP says:

    Agreed, Chi. Re: vocational training, surprised neither party has sorted this out yet. Not a very controversial topic and would be popular with voters so what gives?

    Leave a 3 or 4 year vocational program with a social distinction of some kind (e.g. master carpenter) with a guaranteed job if someone can prove their skills with a final master project. Even line up a type of “graduate school” for vocational training, if folks want to get deeper into their craft.

    We need to close the gap between white and blue collar jobs. There’s dignity in both.

  53. Walking NeedsOut ofJerzy says:

    Walking, get out of NJ.

    What does she want to do? Try New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM.
    Have a top golf program, big in agricultural sciences, space research – near White Sands.
    Have a for-profit medical school that shares the campus. First year must live on campus, after that cheap off-campus housing. Fly into El Paso & 45 mins drive and great weather.

  54. Mike in waiting says:

    Covid Help go to Morristown IMHO.

    Saturday Albuterol, hello fellow RT! Yes our filters got gummed up also hate to break the circuit expose the room more but gotta be done. All quiet by me now no COVID but I see storm clouds on the horizon the rest of my team are in agreement , waiting to get hit again this fall. Hopefully not sooner with the south and west spreading it up here again sooner.
    Damn Rate of transmission is below 1 in NJ now Murphy opening up to many things increasing gatherings to the hundreds, putz. Oh yea send all the kids back to college and grade school that will be the end the critical less than one transmission rate. My daughters school has 2-3 thousand kids packed in dorms I have been in contact w/ their head heath guy putting guidelines etc in place to protect them, he was nice enough to supply. I could rip them apart on a bad day I offered to come down to give impute on sterile techniques they need to put in place, dead air. By November they will send them home when it starts hitting the fan all over the state to infect the vulnerable, so pissed.

    PS live in NJ but work in a NY hospital.

  55. Mike in waiting says:

    By the way Trump’s handling of this is appalling, put on a damn mask and set an example for Pete’s sake. I could go on but pointless he is screwing up by the numbers on this.

  56. Walking NeedsOut ofJerzy says:


    The reason I say big in agriculture is that the big thing is how to be a “P0t farmer”.
    Is one of the most sought out areas of study. They all cover it up with different names but it leads to the same skill set.

    30 years from now, when your kids visit you for the holidays -they’ll bring the best stuff they got for the season.

  57. Walking says:

    Out of jersey

    I’ll check it out, ag is something she is into but I could see here getting a minor in it.

    Phoenix, I never thought rutgers would require 1500 to get in an d be competitive.

  58. Walking says:

    Out of jersey
    Just read your p@t statement. We are both anti p@t so not really interested in it.

  59. No One says:

    1300 is right around average for Rutgers. And the GPA seems better than average for the school. With good recommendations and extracurriculars, she should have a decent chance. Be proactive and have her reach out to admissions people to demonstrate high interest. Do early action to this and other schools.

  60. Mike in waiting says:

    Guys your worried about SAT scores, I gotta laugh out load. It means sh*t we have a much bigger problem to deal with. On this note close all schools this year nobody gets a gain on the others. Get back to prior lock down maybe not as ex stream but tighter then now, masks wear one or else hefty fine and enforce it. Saturday Albuterol and I can tell you horror stories you have no idea. Caveat: I am very right wing almost libertarian in my views but this needs to be done.

  61. Blue Ribbon Teacher says:

    3b how much should I expect to pay for college? I have 4 kids and was planning on a it costing a million. So around $45k a kid starting in 2022 through 2036. I have a co worker paying 60k for fordham, no merit because of his savings. . Rutgers would be great for my kid but she has 4.3 gpa with 1300 sat. I’m told she has no chance except maybe rutgers newark. Tcnj is reach they say. I don’t think I would have been accepted to Bergen community back in the 80s with how tough it is now.

    That’s enough for Rutgers New Brunswick. Although, I can’t imagine paying the tuition there these days. Don’t bother with TCNJ. My wife did both, Rutgers is superior. The only reason TCNJ harder to get into is because the school is so small. I’ve looked at a number of the science programs there and Rutgers is far more rigorous. There’s also a lot more paid working opportunities at Rutgers within the University. I was able to secure 30 hour a week positions in the University as a student pretty easily.

  62. Blue Ribbon Teacher says:

    Rutgers has a great agriculture and master gardening program. They are on the forefront of plant breeding. I’ve seen many cases of kids going through the program, leasing some unused land and making a great business for themselves. There’s a girl that runs a small farm around here right now that came out of that program. She leased land, built a nice greenhouse system on her own, and is able to grow lettuce here in the winter. She found a niche market that no one else is doing and the local restaurants buy a ton from her.

  63. Riddle me this says:

    Happy 4th of July!

    Question of the day. Who is more dangerous, Fast Eddie types or AOC types?

    What’s the worst that Fast Eddie types bring to the table? Hard work while complaining about taxes?

    What’s the worst that AOC types bring to the table? Think long and hard about that.

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