From CNBC:

Soaring home prices shattered another record in June, S&P Case-Shiller says

Home prices rose 18.6% annually in June, up from the 16.8% increase in May, according to the S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller national home price index.

That is the largest annual gain in the history of the index dating back to 1987. Prices nationally are now 41% higher than their last peak during the housing boom in 2006.

Unlike other median price surveys, which can be skewed by the type of homes selling, this measures repeat sales of similar homes over time.

The 10-City composite rose 18.5%, up from 16.6% in the previous month. The 20-City composite was up 19.1%, up from 17.1% in the previous month.

Phoenix, San Diego, and Seattle reported the strongest price increases of the 20 cities. Prices in Phoenix increased 29.3% year-over-year. In San Diego they rose 27.1%, and in Seattle they were up 25.0%. All 20 cities reported higher price increases in the year ending June 2021 versus the year ending May 2021.

“The last several months have been extraordinary not only in the level of price gains, but in the consistency of gains across the country,” said Craig Lazzara, managing director and global head of index investment strategy at S&P DJI. “In June, all 20 cities rose, and all 20 gained more in the 12 months ended in June than they had gained in the 12 months ended in May.”

Prices in just about every city in the 20-city index, except for Chicago, are at all-time highs, he said, as are the national composition and the 10- and 20-city indices.

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  1. grim says:

    Really interesting to put the NY Metro SFH Index next to the Condo Index.

    Keep in mind, there are some geographic implications of the comparison. Think of a donut, the condo index is the hole, centered on NYC geographically, the SFH index is the donut itself.

    Take a took – Condo was outperforming for years, but has stagnated for the last 3 or so. SFH has rocketed back up to start close the gap through covid.


    Monday morning quarterbacking this, we were talking about how nobody called the substantial home price rise. From an data point perspective, this divergence of SFH vs Condo would have been probably the single biggest indicator that one or the other would eventually snap, either condos were hugely overvalued, or SFH were wildly undervalued. Again though, considering geography, you could have easily rationalized this gap.

  2. grim says:

    Question now, is if this is the blow off top?

    Blow off top = Sales Flat or Falling, Inventory Rising, Prices Rising.

    This is the worst possible situation.

  3. Juice Box says:

    re”Prices in Phoenix increased 29.3% year-over-year.”

    Time to watch this movie again about Arizona Realtors…..


  4. leftwing says:

    Good chart. Packed full of confirmation bias for everyone here….

    Me, I see the impact of government intervention…the lines were coincident until we started social engineering through the debt markets….

    For everyone else, you can likely find nearly any pet socioeconomic or demographic hot button issue you own…..

    I really don’t like that hard upturn, and even less so that the sharp move that put SFH above 2006 bubble values for the first time…..

  5. leftwing says:

    Most have probably seen these resignations….guess political pressure on independent, gold standard agencies is acceptable for one side of the aisle but not the other….the silence from the same quarters screaming from the rooftops a year ago is deafening…..


  6. Juice Box says:

    re: Worst possible situation

    Sounds about right, sales are falling, inventory has been rising for a year now, prices rising etc.

    Fed has signaled that the taper will being shortly, but ZIRP will remain, s’o the affordability calculation will not be adjusted much do to interest rate changes.

    BTW rents continue to rise as well as if there was no pandemic at all.


  7. BidenIsTheGOAT says:

    Place the blame where you want, and much of it should be Blamed on neocons and their building farce, but the Afghan collapse was a historical debacle. The earths axis shifted a bit.

    On the good news, the goat herder industry should have the labor shortage solved with all the third worlders that Biden is bringing in.

  8. Juice Box says:

    Left – BINGO….I remember all of the Biden/Harris statements in the interviews and the debates about how Trump Administration was influencing the CDC and FDA to rush the vaccines. Harris even said she would not take the vaccine!!! Who resigned from the FDA back then??

    From Pravda..

    “One reason is that Dr. Gruber and Dr. Krause were upset about the Biden administration’s recent announcement that adults should get a coronavirus booster vaccination eight months after they received their second shot, according to people familiar with their thinking.”

  9. Juice Box says:

    BTW – Zuckerberg continues to spread lots of fake information about the vaccines. Perhaps he should get off the beach already…


  10. The Great Pumpkin says:

    3b used to call me an idiot for saying suburbs would come back strong. I was saying this for years on this blog.

    “Take a took – Condo was outperforming for years, but has stagnated for the last 3 or so. SFH has rocketed back up to start close the gap through covid.


    Monday morning quarterbacking this, we were talking about how nobody called the substantial home price rise. From an data point perspective, this divergence of SFH vs Condo would have been probably the single biggest indicator that one or the other would eventually snap, either condos were hugely overvalued, or SFH were wildly undervalued. Again though, considering geography, you could have easily rationalized this gap.”

  11. Juice Box says:

    Left – Some real barn burner stories about Trump politicizing science and the FDA were written before the election too.

    But most telling was many in scientific and medical communities ALSO tweeted and posted on social media like crazy that those in the FDA should resign ASAP due to political influence on the vaccine approval schedule and that those at the FDA were not impartial scientists anymore.

    To me at the time I thought for those doctors and scientists (outside the FDA) to be taking the time to tweet madly that the FDA leadership should resign, well I thought those FOLKS thought Trump would turn a COVID-19 vaccine into an October surprise and literally the thought of him continuing on for four more years was just too much to bear, way too much TDS it drove them mad.

  12. The Great Pumpkin says:

    I just don’t see it. This is still the early part of the game.

    grim says:
    September 1, 2021 at 7:39 am
    Question now, is if this is the blow off top?

    Blow off top = Sales Flat or Falling, Inventory Rising, Prices Rising.

    This is the worst possible situation.

  13. leftwing says:

    “3b used to call me an idiot for saying suburbs would come back strong. I was saying this for years on this blog.”

    Michael, we’ll give you today’s all important “I was right” star for mommy’s refrigerator you so desperately crave…now go take your seat with the rest of your ‘special’ friends and we’ll call you when it’s time for lunch! Look, there’s a chair right next to financial samurai, your super special friend.

    WTF did your parents do to you while growing up to give you such a deeply embedded complex? Seriously.

  14. BidenIsTheGOAT says:

    NEWSFLASH. Fauci is a total fraud. He likely contributed to the pandemic by finding dangerous experiments at Wuhan and has been lying about nearly everything since then.

    Strip away the phony and opportunistic political narrative and has an all time world villain. It’s astonishing.

  15. Juice Box says:

    I am starting a real estate investment business.

    First purchase will be this NJ property a 9.7-acre property listed for $849,000.

    Business plan is to turn it into 500 income-producing housing units mixed use ground floor with a place of worship for relocated refugees. We can get a large grant and near zero interest forgivable loan from Biden Administration and well as a large grant from Governor Murphy as unlimited housing vouchers for all of the refugees.


    Qualified investors only minimum buy in $100k.

  16. Libturd says:

    5″ of rain and a lot of flooded basements coming. Not a peep here about it, which is surprising.

    Looking at Grim’s chart and peering out the windows as I drive around north Jersey, I am astounded by the amount of condos and condos over retail being built. I always asked myself, who the heck wants to live that way? No garden, no privacy, noise, no Intex pool, not enough room to entertain or have relatives sleep over. I lived in college dorms for seven years of my life and hated every minute of it. For a few short months I lived in pre-furnished luxury condos in Hollywood and in crappy condos in Wayne (built in the flood plain where 23/46/80 combine). I think the worst part was how everyone hated their neighbors for one reason or another. For example, the Indian family stunk up the hallway with their cooking. The hick family always parked their beater in one of the few guest parking spots. The list was endless. Rarely did any of the 500 people living in those 2 acres even say hello to each other. Everyone just stays in their apartments and watches bad television all day. No lawn to mow, or maintenance to be performed. I just don’t get it.

    Who lives in these places?

    My only guess would be that two or three people making minimum wage can only afford these crapshack condos. This is the end of the spectrum where all of the job growth has been. I spoke with one of my sisters yesterday and she said that half of her daughter’s friends from college graduated and are happily working for $20/hr at Amazon. Two kids share an apartment or marry and you could afford one of those places plus two cars. You won’t be saving much extra, but, they remember their parents having been burned back in 2007 with their mortgages.

    It’s a wild world we are living in. I don’t need to believe conspiracies to make this so.

  17. Juice Box says:

    WoW – Now Zuckerberg is peddling fake vaccination cards on his platform too, and all the vaccination databases around the country may be tainted with fake records for cash..

    “Twist here is the a person at a NY vaccine clinic was also selling for $250 to enter you in as vaccinated into the NY database. You have to wonder how many records are fake now. Where there is one person making $250 for entering in a vaccination record into the computer there has to be many many more around the country.

    A New Jersey woman – who went by “AntiVaxMomma” online – was accused Tuesday of selling about 250 fake COVID-19 vaccination cards using Instagram while healthcare workers who bought the bogus cards were also charged, New York prosecutors said.

    Jasmine Clifford, of Lyndhurst, peddled the fake cards using her self-described anti-vaccine social media account for about $200, according to the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office. A co-conspirator employed at a New York clinic, Nadayza Barkley, would add the buyers to New York’s immunization database for an added $250 fee, prosecutors said.

    The state system keeps records of who received the COVID-19 vaccine and feeds data for New York’s Excelsior Pass, an app that provides proof of vaccination for a host of businesses and venues.

    Thirteen people who bought the fake Centers for Disease Control and Prevention cards work in “frontline and essential-employee settings, including hospitals and nursing homes,” according to the district attorney’s office.

    Those buyers face charges of criminal possession of a forged instrument, officials said. In all, prosecutors alleged Barkley entered 10 people in the vaccine database.

    Clifford, 31, was charged with offenses, including criminal possession of a forged instrument, offering a false instrument for filing and conspiracy, according to prosecutors. Barkley, 27, of Bellport, New York, was charged with offering a false instrument for filing and conspiracy.

    In announcing the charges, Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance, Jr. called on Facebook, which owns Instagram, to fight fraud on its service.”

  18. 3b says:

    Left: Well said. It is hard to fathom he is an adult.

  19. Libturd says:

    On this storm, especially in northern Jersey and flood prone areas. Fill your cars with gas and your gas cans if you have a cheap generator. Someone in north Jersey is going to get close to 10″ of rain and that will cause catastrophic flooding. Tornados possible across southern and central Jersey where the heat from the ocean meets the front edge of the storm. Tom’s River is already getting crushed as is the Middletown area. Don’t let this calm day fool you. The longer it doesn’t rain and the atmosphere heats up, the more convection and heavier rain we will have this evening. Five inches of rain in 6 hours is no joke. Eight inches in 6 hours will absolutely flood basements that have never flooded before. I pay $500 a year to insure mine. But if the pumps I put in keep the basement dry through this storm, then I’m not paying it anymore.

  20. Juice Box says:

    Lib – re: ” no Intex pool”

    Had to laugh at that one. My brother up in haughty town in Bergen County on his 50 x 100 lot had one last season. He did not put it up this year because well his wife said it killed the grass. Sure it did, but did it kill their egos too? I bet one of their haughty friends driving an expensive SUV probably made a snide comment about it being above ground and all. The permit police probably came by too as their neighbor the postman carries a grudge since they put up a wall privacy trees along the fence line.

    I am so glad I don’t live up there and most of my neighbors I never hear see unless I am walking the dog.

  21. Libturd says:


    I fear for the youth of Wayne. Grim, please tell me your daughter is going to attend private school.

  22. 3b says:

    Lib: Massive apartment construction in Hackensack some are rentals other’s condos. The whole city is being transformed, one development lies hard on a county road. Don’t know where all the people are going to come from to fill them. Other developments in various stages of completion across Bergen Co.

    As for millennials and buying SFH s I know quite a few that are waiting and won’t pay these prices same with their friends. They are not as stupid as some think.

  23. Juice Box says:

    As far as rain. I have three gas cans of fresh gas, and two extra portable pumps in addition to the sump. The only time I had water in my basement in nine years was when the backyard drain was clogged with roots. I will drain my inground pool down a bit to keep it from topping over to my patio and drains.

  24. Libturd says:


    My Intex pool (praise Gator whose idea it was) has been my Covid savior. You should see how modded mine is to eliminate maintenance. With the addition of the Hayward skimmer, sand filter and pump, $250 ladder, solar cover, remote controlled timer/switch and automatic vacuum (Baby Shark), it’s nearly maintenance free. For the most part, I just test the chemistry everyday. I’m old school too. I just use bleach from Walmart and CYA from Amazon (meant for industrial use). A little baking soda too if the acid rain screws up the alkalinity. I probably spend about $10 a Summer on chemistry. Next year will probably be our last Summer using it, so I’ll put the whole thing up for sale then and I guarantee you I get half my money back due to the mods.

  25. Libturd says:


    I just let my intex flood over the sides. During a storm, it looks like a public fountain. On the bright side, it does a nice job cleaning the outside.

  26. 3b says:

    Juice; We bleed wealth in Bergen Co!! Although actually if you drive around Bergen Co, there are a lot of run down dumpy areas too, no different than parts of south Jersey or southern states in general. Then go up to the Ringwood area and there are parts of it that look like deliverance country.

  27. Juice Box says:

    We have one large development of multi going up. It’s on the highway by the Target.

    From $500k and up, for a 2600 sq ft 3br it’s $600k.


    You can get plenty of old single family homes nearby for those prices….Sure Pall Malls, moth balls and cat smells but hey no noisy neighbors.

  28. Libturd says:

    The only people I know who live in the condos in Montclair constantly travel. This makes sense. They own it too, which also makes sense. Plus it’s an older building (probably the 50s), which also makes a lot of sense. That’s it. I don’t know a single other.

  29. Libturd says:

    Juice, besides the frame and liner, Intex is clueless when it comes to mechanics. It’s all cheap Chinese junk. You can probably buy that unit unbranded on AliXpress for <$100 unbranded.

  30. Fast Eddie says:

    The earths axis shifted a bit.

    We wobbled a bit when Obammy was president as he hacked away at our classical roots. He did just enough to sully our image and anger the masses into endless protests and fake justice. To take it a step further, the disaster of the O’Biden administration in less than a year goes beyond just our political infighting and is even worse than I imagined. This Afghanistan debacle marks the definitive moment of a country in a decline.

  31. 3b says:

    Lib: I know a few people that live in condos they seem to like it. One couple sold their house in Northvale, big piece of property and moved to a condo development in Rockland Co, they are close to town and can walk to stores and restaurants and like being around other people. They also have a condo in Florida for winter use.

  32. Libturd says:

    “This Afghanistan debacle marks the definitive moment of a country in a decline.”

    Actually, I truly believe it was when we elected the star of “The Apprentice.”

    His attempt to have the certification of the election delayed (insurrection of conspiracists) marked the pinnacle of the stupidity of our election of this clown.

    Though I will agree with you that Biden too in way over his mental acuity. Thank the lord we have Pelosi and Schumer backing him up. Trump didn’t trust anyone except perhaps, Mr. Pillow, for assistance.

  33. Libturd says:

    3B, I could only see it when I no longer want to deal with maintenance. The funny thing is, after you own a house for about seven years or so, everything that is going to break will have broken. Even my multi has been relatively maintenance free.

  34. Juice Box says:

    Time to short Moderna and Pfizer?

    An experimental Chinese mRNA Covid-19 vaccine has been approved for late-stage clinical trials in Mexico after months of delay, as well as in Indonesia.
    The ARCoV vaccine – developed by Yunnan Walvax Biotechnology, Suzhou Abogen Biosciences and the Academy of Military Science – was cleared for the phase 3 trials by drug regulators in Mexico on August 19 and in Indonesia on August 27, Walvax said on Tuesday.

  35. 3b says:

    Lib: Pros and cons on both sides condo vs house. As for maintenance, quite a few of the McMansions in my town are starting to look like crap. No or delayed maintenance.

  36. Libturd says:

    Yeah. McMansions need more maintenance than old colonials and tudors. Cheaper materials in use.

  37. 3b says:

    Lib: I believe the decline started with young Bush. Trump was many things but not a politician.

  38. 3b says:

    Juice : I would not take a vaccine developed by the Chinese.

  39. Fast Eddie says:

    Actually, I truly believe it was when we elected the star of “The Apprentice.”

    The words “ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Taliban” were never uttered under Trump. In fact, agreements were being made between neighboring Arab countries and Israel. Meanwhile he was cementing the southern border, making us energy independent, overcoming the covid crisis by going from an unknown to a vaccine and allowing business to operate and hire. I got really nice raises and bonuses under the Trump administration because of the robust business my company was generating. His successes were many.

    On another note, please tell me that we’ll only get close to five inches of rain max and not ten.

  40. Ex says:

    My pops thinks Eisenhower was the last good President

  41. 3b says:

    In other weather news , Farmers Almanac says this winter will be one of the coldest in years, as well as a lot of snow.

  42. 3b says:

    Ex: I have heard others say that as well. A lot of truth in that statement.

  43. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Clot and others gave me hell for years on this blog for my calls. Sorry that I throw it in your face every chance I get.

    leftwing says:
    September 1, 2021 at 9:24 am
    “3b used to call me an idiot for saying suburbs would come back strong. I was saying this for years on this blog.”

    Michael, we’ll give you today’s all important “I was right” star for mommy’s refrigerator you so desperately crave…now go take your seat with the rest of your ‘special’ friends and we’ll call you when it’s time for lunch! Look, there’s a chair right next to financial samurai, your super special friend.

    WTF did your parents do to you while growing up to give you such a deeply embedded complex? Seriously.

  44. The Great Pumpkin says:

    How often does pricing come down? They might eat it for waiting.

    “As for millennials and buying SFH s I know quite a few that are waiting and won’t pay these prices same with their friends. They are not as stupid as some think.”

  45. Libturd says:

    First home, bought in bubbly times in 2004 (about 15% away from top of cycle) for $485K put in $75K in improvements. Today, worth $700K tops.
    Second home, bought in late 2011 (at bottom of cycle) for $417K, put in 75K in improvements. Today worth $800K easy.

    First house, short walking distance to NYC train.

    Who will be eating what?

  46. Juice Box says:

    Left – re:”WTF did your parents do to you while growing up to give you such a deeply embedded complex? Seriously.”

    He was dropped off at an orphanage at the tender age of six for his inability to trade options.

  47. chicagofinance says:

    If you appreciate Scorcese, Bill Burr & baseball in one small bite:

  48. Bystander says:

    Truly f-ed up labor market..we now have rec dept begging for someone to take role as soccer field director, 3 days before 300 5-8 year old kids play all over my town. You have to work Sat and Sunday 9-5, coordinate schedules for all the fields (15+) ,esnure referees are staffed/assigned for all games, visit each field during day to discuss game day issues with coaches/parents..etc, etc. Pay? $20/hr..no benefits, but the person sending it has a great pension plan and benefits. This country is scr$wed. Everyone needs manual labor but they don’t want to pay for it.

  49. grim says:

    All the Home Depot’s in NJ are out of drainage supply, downspout piping, pvc/plastic drainage piping, fittings, etc.

    Everyone that got walloped went out to try to fix their drainage issues.

    My brother did yesterday, had to go to three stores to find enough parts to extend his gutter leaders down the hill. He got laughed at everywhere. He said the HD in Fairfield had no more sump pumps.

    Glad we put the huge gutters and piping when we did the roof a few months ago, as well as cutting down some of the big trees that fill the gutters with crap. 10 years of drainage work now complete. Big 4″ PVC pipes to the sewers/street, as well as the sump.

    Interestingly, my sump is not active during the storm, usually the day after, or two days after. Poorly percolating soil up here to blame, it’s more a factor of rising groundwater levels than it is surface water draining down. Nice thing about that is, I never worry about the sump during the storm, but need to keep an eye on it the sunny day after.

  50. grim says:

    I bet one of their haughty friends driving an expensive SUV probably made a snide comment about it being above ground and all.

    Would it be well received to put up a LED display of your net worth on the front of your house? Like the opposite of the debt clock at Bryant Park? Or is that gauche?

  51. Libturd says:

    Nice problem to have Grim.

    Our backyard turns into a lake deep enough to paddle a boat across. I put in two $400 pumps in our one pit which the french drains drain too. We now have 1.5 HP of water pumping capacity from the basement which illegally taps into the two terracotta pipes to the street which our roof also drains too. Then in the back, our gutters drain either into our driveway which I slanted downwards towards the lake or directly to the lake. In a milk crate where the lake forms in all storms over 2″ in under 4 hours, I have three sump pumps with three separate hoses which drain to the street. Pumps are 3/4, 1/2 and 2/3 HP for nearly 2HP of pumping power outside.

    I have no battery backup, but my little yellow Champion generator handily powers all of these pumps.

    Yeah, I’m cheap. But really, I want to keep my taxes lower by maintaining the temporary flooding. A lake in the backyard, once every three years or so is easily worth the many thousands in property tax that I am saving for not fixing it.

  52. Libturd says:

    Grim, (Or is that gauche?)

    I love flaunting my Intex and portable generator.

    My retirement account loves it too. Probably way more than theirs.

  53. grim says:

    Was going to dig a kind of trench drain/swale along my back property line to keep my neighbor’s lake in check. I have pretty good pitch along my back property line to sink a pipe and have it daylight down near the sidewalk. I’m actually at the higher elevation and my property slopes to the neighbor. If anything, it might help fix their lake.

    The neighbor on the opposite side of the lake did the same thing, probably overkill, but since they were lower, I imagine they had a lake of their own to deal with.

    They built what looks like a gully of river rocks that goes the whole length of the back and side of their property. They’ve got drainage pipe embedded in the gravel under the nicer looking stones.

    Town made them sink a massive drywell though, I think more than one. Easily a $10-20k project, maybe even more. Their lawn is beautiful though.

  54. grim says:

    On the NJ Vax front – first doses are now trending down in NJ. So while the overall vax dosage numbers are still increasing, it has more to do with shot #2 than new vax.

    Very interesting. Still to early to tell the impact of the vax mandates and approvals in NJ, but the first week in, week and a half, it looks like we’re seeing fewer shots.

  55. Libturd says:

    Just saw a 1.8 on a ten year mortgage. Looks like I’m about to save some money again. Woe is the bank.

  56. Libturd says:

    Anyone ever use Garden State Home Loan?

  57. BRT says:

    Yeah, I’m sure the suburbs will do great after all the people that dropped 750k in a bidding war don’t have any disposable cash to fix everything that breaks.

  58. njtownhomer says:

    SFH has potential room to improve in NJ, especially with transit to NYC.

    Condos are stable investments/malinvestments. Easier to maintain, but needs good associations. My rental’s association left over a million dollars expense fighting neighboring developments, even went to state supreme court for nothing. They spent money like crazy. Also so many developments going on at the same time. Thanks to affordable housing and Trump’s building incentives for large builders. Like the ones in Park Ridge, it is gonna kill the condo prices for a long time.

  59. 3b says:

    BRT: Yeah I have seen some of them in my town. And they ain’t no spring chickens.

  60. 3b says:

    Njtown: Transit into NYC will not be that important anymore with WFH so common.

  61. Trick says:

    Lib, I put a water pressure backup sump in. Our pump will run every 20 minutes for several days after a good storm. I have a generator but was always worried about losing power when we are out. Sump drains into the street and the backup out the back of the house just incase one clogs.

  62. SomeOne says:

    Lib, where do you see 1.8 on 10 year? What impact do closing costs have? Want to know if it makes sense to trade a 15 y, 300k mortgage at 3%.

  63. Libturd says:


    I read about those water pressure pumps. I have a water sensor in my basement. Can always call a neighbor if it goes off and I am away and the power’s out.

  64. Juice Box says:

    BTW a cheap inverter you can hook up to a car battery directly is not a bad idea to have around incase of generator failure and you need to power a sump pump or something else for a while. Car alternators today produce quite a bit of power in addition to what is stored in the battery.

    390 amp alternator @ 14.4 volts = 5,616 watts

    Anecdotal in 2011 during Hurricane Irene and Sandy in 2012 I did just that, used an inverter to power electronics and other things like the fridge for a day. Idling uses up to ½ gallon an hour or so but in a pinch it’s better than a flooded home

  65. leftwing says:

    “Clot and others gave me hell for years on this blog for my calls. Sorry that I throw it in your face every chance I get.”

    Literally an infinite number of responses possible and you choose exactly the one that proves my point, LOL.

    Here’s a lollipop and your binky is over there. What a pretty picture, you almost stayed inside all the lines! Very good Michael!

  66. Libturd says:


    The rule of thumb is a drop of 1% with minimal closing costs will always make sense. I got my quote through Bankrate.com which lead me to Garden State. I ended up with a 1.92 due to the fact that I’m wrapping the remainder of my multi (currently at 3.75 due to the risk of rental loss) in with a heloc and our primary mortgage. Will be nice to have it all in one place.

    Don’t forget, mortgage interest is deductible so factor that in since that is mostly what you will be paying at the start of the loan.

    We are actually a little cash poor currently due to the cost of the D’s ABA center. I wish there was a way to tap some retirement money without the penalties. Would be so much easier and we actually have way more than we’ll need. None the less. Who cares if I’m borrowing at 1.9% when I’m turning 30% a year in my retirement accounts.

    Oh yeah, it’s September. Will be looking to employ my strategy some time soon. Remember what happened the last time tapering was announced? I expect this jobs report on Friday to be great, though. So will let it ride a bit longer. Watch the ten year next week.

  67. Libturd says:

    Yes, always forget about an invertor. They were super popular in the late 70s, early 80s. A lot of my friends had home stereos running in their beaters. Many learned the hard way about ohms (blown out car speakers) and the impact of thin speaker wire.

  68. Juice Box says:

    Lib – you can buy one with a clean sine wave. Idea here is mostly for emergency pumping of water not blasting Lynyrd Skynyrd from your parent’s Sears LXI stereo you put in the trunk of your 1979 Pontiac LeMans.

  69. 3b says:

    Lib : Adp job numbers came in way lower than expected for August 374k vs 600k expected. Of course it’s often times been way off vs BLS numbers.

  70. Libturd says:

    I’m not sure how the market can take any of these numbers seriously. Not only are they frequently wrong. But the revisions are sometimes downright stupid.

  71. 3b says:

    Lib: Adp has been notoriously wrong over the years , market glances at it, but as you know far more concerned with BLS numbers.

  72. Libturd says:

    BLS was revised by nearly a million during their benchmark revision in 2009. That’s a pretty big miss for 12 previously adjusted numbers.

  73. 3b says:

    Lib: The BLS revisions are expected, and the market will react accordingly as the adp numbers don’t impact markets more of a sign post for BLS numbers

  74. Hold my beer says:

    More new tech in Texas. Electric vehicle company opening a factory in Arlington by June 2022. Fort Worth is trying to land another electric car company to open a factory with 7,500 jobs.


  75. Juice Box says:

    What to make of this?

    Today’s winner started trading today on NASDAQ, with a capital raise of $10 million. It promptly ran up from $5.70 this morning to high of $24.48 and is still up +300 percent for the day.


    Billion dollar valuation on a company that does a bit over 400 thousands a year in sales at a loss.

    This is DOT COM 1.0 kind of frothy. Oh wait it’s disruptive technologies in the IOT space out of Canada run by Chinese nationals out of Canada..

    I wonder if Kathy bought it….

  76. Hold my beer says:


    Here’s what what I make of it


  77. 3b says:

    Hold: Not in NJ??!! For shame!!

  78. Juice Box says:

    Beer- They make EV home chargers not cars, perhaps they are looking to capitalize on the subsidies I gather being passed by congress now.

    Wait until Tesla, Ford, and GM etc put chips in cars and their charging cables like Apple does, also a massively crowed space already besides OEM.


  79. Libturd says:

    Summary of Closing Cost

    Origination Fee – $0.00

    Credit Report Fee – $31.00

    Flood Certificate Fee – $8.00

    Appraisal Fee – $485.00 *will seek appraisal waiver

    Warehouse Fee – $75.00

    Tax Service Fee – $85.00

    Title/Settlement Charges – $2,400.00 <—remember, it's two properties

    Recording Fee – $200.00

    These all look kosher?

  80. grim says:

    Reminds me I need to buy a new inverter.

  81. SomeOne says:

    Lib, thanks for the info. Looks kosher.

  82. The Great Pumpkin says:

    leftwing says:
    September 1, 2021 at 1:30 pm
    Hey, if people were nice to me, I wouldn’t be doing this. Being called an idiot over and over will make you not respond in a kind way when you end up being correct 7 years later. Respect is a two way street. Treat me with respect and I will do the same.

    “Clot and others gave me hell for years on this blog for my calls. Sorry that I throw it in your face every chance I get.”

    Literally an infinite number of responses possible and you choose exactly the one that proves my point, LOL.

    Here’s a lollipop and your binky is over there. What a pretty picture, you almost stayed inside all the lines! Very good Michael!

  83. The Great Pumpkin says:


  84. The Great Pumpkin says:

    I have PD tomorrow all day. All the sections are on zoom. Guess what, I still have to be present in the building. Again, no one is going to pay you a high salary to WFH unless you are an employee that makes the company so much money, you tell them what to do. Then again, if you make the company that much money, you most likely aren’t doing it WFH.

    The owners why you in the building if they are paying you.

    3b says:
    September 1, 2021 at 1:00 pm
    Njtown: Transit into NYC will not be that important anymore with WFH so common.

  85. The Great Pumpkin says:

    We just ran how many meetings on zoom the past year? They don’t care, they want you in the building if they are paying you a salary.

  86. The Great Pumpkin says:

    I haven’t had time to read up about this, but stock market investment mindset and approach has def changed. I don’t know if it’s a good thing or bad thing, all I know is that it is changing dramatically.

    Juice Box says:
    September 1, 2021 at 2:51 pm
    What to make of this?

    Today’s winner started trading today on NASDAQ, with a capital raise of $10 million. It promptly ran up from $5.70 this morning to high of $24.48 and is still up +300 percent for the day.


  87. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Timing matters. You bought almost peak bubble in 2004. But you collect rent, so it’s all good. The renters paid for that house, not you, but you get to collect the appreciation when you sell.

    Btw, awesome job with the second home. Killed it. Pretty much got paid to live there.

    Libturd says:
    September 1, 2021 at 10:55 am
    First home, bought in bubbly times in 2004 (about 15% away from top of cycle) for $485K put in $75K in improvements. Today, worth $700K tops.
    Second home, bought in late 2011 (at bottom of cycle) for $417K, put in 75K in improvements. Today worth $800K easy.

    First house, short walking distance to NYC train.

    Who will be eating what?

  88. Libturd says:


    I’m doing an application with them tonight. I’ll let you know how it goes tomorrow.

  89. 3b says:

    Pumps: Here we go again with our resident expert teacher on WFH. It just never ends with you. In the famous words of BRT shut up Michael the adults are talking.

  90. BRT says:

    I did my PD day from a beach chair in Asbury Park on the sand. Maybe your bosses just suck.

  91. Grim says:

    1.8 on a 10y ain’t bad, just did 2.25 on a 15y.

    There wasn’t a 1 handle on the 10y, or I’d have considered that.

  92. Libturd says:

    Yeah…you never see 10y listed. It’s kind of a specialty item I suppose.

  93. The Great Pumpkin says:

    This guy is killing it. Didn’t even know he became President of the NJEA. Politics…


  94. leftwing says:

    “Today’s winner started trading today on NASDAQ…it’s disruptive technologies in the IOT…”

    They should strike a marketing deal with the $100 million South Jersey deli and drop an LED sign in their parking lot. They then claim they are omnichannel providers and valuation will double.


  95. leftwing says:

    “Treat me with respect and I will do the same…Sorry that I throw it in your face every chance I get.”

    You seem to mistakenly believe you have something to ‘throw in people’s face’…(bizarre view, again, who damaged you as a child?)….you are a fool and and as ignorant as any individual on this side of the ground can be…there is nothing to ‘throw in anyone’s face’ lol.


    ^^^I’ve found a flair!

  96. leftwing says:

    Damn formatting….newfound flair…

    “shut up Michael the adults are talking”

  97. The Great Pumpkin says:


    You play it how you want to.

  98. Libturd says:

    “This guy is killing it.”

    Sean is indeed. I think he is working on his 4th NJ pension now. So yes, when it comes to your retirement, he absolutely IS killing it.

  99. 3b says:

    Lib: He is a hard working public servant he deserves his 4 pensions !

  100. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Guy makes me sick, but that’s politics for you. Hard to stop people like this.

    Libturd says:
    September 1, 2021 at 7:12 pm
    “This guy is killing it.”

    Sean is indeed. I think he is working on his 4th NJ pension now. So yes, when it comes to your retirement, he absolutely IS killing it.

  101. The Great Pumpkin says:

    And all the people rave that he was a great teacher. The mayor of Wayne, and the board members who’s kids had him as a teacher. F’ing guy is just loved by everyone. Political boss right now.

  102. Libturd says:

    He is loved by the establishment. Not by the people.

    Trust me.

  103. Libturd says:

    Anyones house floating away yet? This is definitely the heaviest rain I’ve ever seen. Had to drive big brother to hockey practice. Sewers are already over capacity. Water is coming out of the manholes in upper Montclair. I’ll know in about 5 minutes what the rate per hour was for the last hour. Most I’ve ever witnessed was 1.25 during Irene.

    Meh. .76 in Caldwell last hour.

    Radar shows some really big stuff about to pass over us shortly.

  104. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Glad my home sits on a slight hill. Water just flows past into the creek behind my home.

  105. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Makes me sick seeing how much money he makes. But I guess who am I to judge, that’s not easy to pull off at his age. I can’t find any dirt on this f’k. That’s why he is so powerful.

    Libturd says:
    September 1, 2021 at 7:53 pm
    He is loved by the establishment. Not by the people.

    Trust me.

  106. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Rain is wild

  107. BRT says:

    Tornado passed through town.

  108. The Great Pumpkin says:

    God bless you if you live in a flood zone.

  109. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Sewers all bubbling, can’t keep up.

  110. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Fairfield going under. My friend lives there. Cone in street already underwater.

  111. Grim says:

    Rt down to 1.08

    Possible we get to sub 1 next week, though Labor Day weekend is a wildcard.

  112. Grim says:

    Passaic river flooding at pine brook (Fairfield) predicted at 22.8 ft – that’s pretty ugly.

  113. The Great Pumpkin says:

    This storm is serious.

  114. The Great Pumpkin says:


    Your neighborhood doing okay?

  115. Libturd says:

    3.24″ in one hour. My basement is flooding. How about yours?

  116. Libturd says:

    BRT is scuba diving. In his attic.

  117. Trick says:

    Sump running every 5 seconds, some water is coming through the opposite side of the basement. Lowered the backup in the pit to help.

  118. Libturd says:


    Sometimes nature wins. I can’t tell you how many cars are abandoned and wrecked all over Montclair and Glen Ridge. Now tomorrow, Wayne, Little Falls, Lincoln Park all get buried.

  119. JCer says:

    My basement is flooding ~.5in water covering half of it, I live at the top of a hill, the end of my yard is the ridgeline. Drains backed up, backyard is a pool 2-3in of water. I had to go out and move my generator, I keep it against the back of my house but there is 3 inches of water we will see if my china freight generator will start tommorow. Makes me glad I haven’t finished my basement yet(it has never gotten wet in the 5 years I’ve lived here) and makes me wish I bought some pumps. I’ll probably need to install a sump pump if I decide to finish it. I really wish I cleaned up my basement before this storm too much stuff on the floor that now needs to dry out.

  120. Trick says:

    Agreed, funny thing it we are in Western Morris county 1000 ft above sea level and still have a high water level.

  121. Grim says:

    Don’t get on the road, it’s a shit show out here.

  122. Grim says:

    Watched cars go under water on 23 and police swim out to rescue.

    Thought I could make it down to Clifton on 80. No dice.

  123. JCer says:

    I’ve heard 280 is flooded, I’ve never seen that happen before.

  124. Juice Box says:

    No water in house however power is out, big orange loud explosion a mile a way then the power flickered for about 10 minutes before it went out. Substation or just transformers not really sure. JC&PL says it will be back in a few hours.

    Generator is purring now, internet, tv and fridges,with just one inside extension cord, everything else wired in garage for now running essentials everything else can wait….

    I may invest in a transfer switch to make it easier…

  125. Libturd says:

    There’s a different switch that works better. Interlock. Research it first. You can install it yourself very easily. Costs next to nothing.

  126. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Van Houten ave by city hall…clifton….under water

  127. The Great Pumpkin says:


  128. The Great Pumpkin says:

    In the big storm last week the all-time record for most rain ever recorded in a single hour was set in Central Park: 1.94″

    In the past hour tonight 3.10″ of rain fell in Central Park.


  129. JCer says:

    The interlock is the way to go, buy some 6 gauge wire an outdoor plug and a 50 amp 220v breaker, install it as the left/right depending on the interlock for your panel. Basically the interlock forces you to shut the main breaker to turn on the generator outlet. Easy peasy, pick what circuits you want to run, shut the main and then you can power your generator breaker. It is something you can install in an afternoon, it’s what I have and it really is good china generator runs the whole house minus central ac.

  130. Fast Eddie says:

    I have an inground pool, drained it down 8 inches earlier today… it’s overflowing. Lost the battle. I have a small pump, garden hose diameter running in it… futile. The pool is currently the color of mud.

  131. grim says:

    Shit show, so much for trying to drop a sump off for someone. That was 2 hours wasted.

    Roads are a mess. 80 was flooded both directions. I hear 46 is closed in multiple spots, 3 in multiple spots, 21 multiple spots, parkway, etc etc. All the overflow is causing massive gridlock.

    You aren’t going anywhere in North Jersey.

  132. Juice Box says:

    Eddie that is allot of water did you turn on the pool pump to waste instead of filter? As long as you have power to the pool pump it will drain quickly.

  133. grim says:

    Passaic River flood plain in Fairfield is going to be epic flooding, going to beat that last big storm 12 years ago.

  134. Juice Box says:

    NYC subways now require scuba gear.

  135. grim says:

    Well, here you go, 12 years ago? Nah – 100 year flood.

    …The Flood Warning is now in effect until further notice…

    The Flood Warning continues for
    the Passaic River At Pine Brook.
    * From this evening until further notice.
    * At 10:15 PM EDT Wednesday the stage was 18.4 feet.
    * Flood stage is 19.0 feet.
    * Major flooding is forecast. This approaches the flood of record.
    * Forecast…The river is expected to rise above flood stage late
    this evening and continue rising to a crest of 23.2 feet Friday
    * Impact…At 19.0 feet, Street flooding begins in Fairfield
    including Camp Lane Road. Two Bridges Road is closed going into
    Lincoln Park and Wayne.
    * Impact…At 19.5 feet, Horseneck Road in Fairfield is subject to
    flooding and closures.
    * Impact…At 20.0 feet, Eagle Rock Avenue in Roseland is subject to
    flooding. Camp Lane Road, River Edge Drive and Broadway Lane in
    Fairfield are flooded. Stewart Place is closed.
    * Impact…At 20.5 feet, Bloomfield Avenue in West Caldwell floods.
    Matt Drive, Brook Street and Oak Road in Fairfield are flooded and
    subject to closures.
    * Impact…At 21.0 feet, Widespread flooding in Fairfield, including
    Bloomfield Avenue. Residences between Route 80 and Route 46 flood.
    Route 46 East in Wayne is shut down. Commercial properties on
    Bloomfield Avenue in West Caldwell are flooded.
    * Impact…At 22.0 feet, Flooding stretches up to the southern
    portions on Montville. Lower Hook Mountain Road is subject to
    * Flood History…This crest compares to a previous crest of 23.2
    feet on 10/10/1903.

  136. Juice Box says:

    Check that MTA, NJ transit trains all shut down now. How many train cars were parked
    below sea level or in a flood plain?

  137. Juice Box says:

    4.2 inches on rain in Long Island in the last hour…2 inches more expected here. BTW wind is now expected to show up.

  138. Fast Eddie says:


    I thought lowering it 8 inches would do the trick. By the time I wanted to redirect the backwash hose, there was lightening all around. I had the small pump off for a while. When that 3 inch. hour stuff was coming down, I started the pump again. I thought I had it all buttoned up. Oh well.

  139. Juice Box says:

    Yeah I was out there when the lighting was crazy, went back in after switching the pool pump to waste. Power is off now, and I cannot run it on the generator either 220v. Pool looks ok for now and we should make it.

    Nice cool breeze coming in the house now from outside and minimal rain, worse is over except for people downriver.

  140. Chicago says:

    Juice: I’m just 5 miles southwest of you. No issues.

  141. Juice Box says:

    Chi – big explosion up by Whole Foods, no idea what or why they say 12:30.

    Map shows most are ok down here.


  142. JCer says:

    My flood waters finally receded, drains are flowing again I cannot imaging what it was like down in the valley. My house sits so high off the street the idea that my sewer would back up from rainwater is insane, I never even considered the possibility. I don’t know that I’ve ever witnessed rain like this in NJ.

  143. Juice Box says:

    Last time rain was this bad was Hurricane Irene in 2011 from my recollection….anyway..

  144. Juice Box says:

    Power still out rain picking up again. Just check the basement sump time to run a power line nothing else running but the fridges tv and internet….All the essentials I say…

    JCP&L website did say hours ago onsite 12:30 AM restoration and now says 2:30 AM dispatched..might be a bigger problem than one crew can handle..

  145. grim says:

    The flash flood videos posted last night from across NJ were incredible and terrifying.

  146. grim says:

    Irene, that’s the one I was thinking of, thought it was earlier.

  147. Njescapee says:

    Stay safe. Irene decimated the Keys We just sold the key west property in 3 hours and our condo in less than 2 days both over asking. Now back in a single family on a large lot with an in-ground pool with no mortgage or HOA. Great neighborhood lot of longtime residents with NY /NJ roots.

  148. Fabius Maximus says:

    Lots of Crazy video from last night.

    Tornado on the Turnpike. Sounds like a Bruce song.

  149. NJCoast says:

    Dodged a bullet here at the shore, minimal rain and wind.

  150. grim says:

    Positive print on jobless claims this morning, when we get over this delta hump it’s going to be good times again.

  151. 3b says:

    Good times here again after delta? Young retail investors leading the way, telling the old folks they don’t understand. It’s like 2000 all over again.

  152. 3b says:

    Train service is out, not that it really matters as the trains are empty. Police monitoring the mighty Hackensack concern it will overflow it’s banks. No water in basement. A friend of mine got 5 inches first time ever getting water.

  153. grim says:

    Tons of basements flooded, tons of cars flooded.

    Irene was bad, but if I remember correctly, it was far more of a gradual flood, with persistent (back to back to back) rains over a week. Not this kind of one-shot.

    Not to mention, up here, the bad decision to not open the pompton floodgates until the last minute, adding insult to injury.

  154. grim says:

    First time in 30 years my dad’s basement started getting water. He built that house on a massive crushed stone base with French drains and big pumps. He said pumps ran non stop through the night. Would have been OK, except this time, came up through the basement shower and toilet.

    He averted disaster at the last minute by pulling off the shower drain, and stuffing T-shirts into the piping on the shower and toilet. Ended up with just some minor damage in the bathroom. Good thing he decided to take a shower at 10pm.

    Sump pumps discharging to the sanitary sewer system created a disaster in LOTS of places.

    Bet you money that towns are going to adopt a new CO policy to verify sump pump discharge and start fining people.

    Places with combined sewerage systems, like Paterson, are looking at a billion dollar fix.

  155. Grim says:

    Well, 2 people I know ended up abandoning their cars yesterday and let them flood in place. One of them had to be escorted out by fire dept because the water flow was too fast for her.

  156. BidenIsTheGOAT says:

    Irene was worse for western Morris, at least so far. Retention basins are holding around 80 unlike that time. Denville got completely crushed and was under water for a few days. Apparently the heaviest totals will be south this time.

    As regulated as nj is, the loose enforcement of storm water management has always surprised me. Discharging your sump into the sewage is just dumb all around unless you want to backflow sewage into your house.

    I guess you could use a check valve. Might help a little bit but you’ll still flood in a big storm. Get ready for the smoke test of towns want to start enforcing that.

    Even discharging storm water to the street is a no no in a lot of places. It causes the storm sewers and streets to flood. They require them to be discharged n into a dry well. Most everyone around here has the curb cut with the pipe sticking out which is illegal.

  157. BRT says:

    Spent 3.5 hours trying to get to work before I gave up. Abandoned cars at every single tiny bridge. Somerville/Manville was totally engulfed by the river. No way across the state. Worst part was, all the people that were lost were driving open roads at 10 mph like idiots.

  158. grim says:

    Discharging your sump into the sewage is just dumb all around unless you want to backflow sewage into your house.

    Hearing from my old Clifton crew, this appears to have been the problems across large swaths of Clifton. Came up through the toilet in the basement is all over the Clifton FB groups.

  159. BidenIsTheGOAT says:

    The new left and their absolutism is a joke. You can get a vaccine, say that you don’t think it makes sense for everyone, and that makes you “anti vax.”

    And sorry, some nitwit posting on a real estate blog calling out a self made multi millionaire with a contact list full of heavy hitters across the cultural spectrum that would rival anyone on the the planet for being “stupid” sounds a bit comical to me. I’m sure your life is so sophisticated.

  160. Hold my beer says:


    Both sides suck. The left is opposed to showing id to vote, but you have to show a vaccine card to go into a restaurant. The left with their eviction moratoriums are devastating mom and pop landlords. What idiot requires a deadbeat tenant to help a landlord apply for fed money for relief? The right claims they are pro life, but have a long history of hostility towards affordable health care and insurance and are against masks. You can get kf94 masks for $1 each in bulk, but the right is praising a covid fragment that costs 2k a person. And they claim to be fiscally responsible.

  161. Hold my beer says:

    Fragment = treatment. Autocorrect is almost as annoying as a tv talking head

  162. 3b says:

    Hold : Yep they both suck, but they have convinced their respective supporters otherwise, and do nothing will change.

  163. Fabius Maximus says:

    Rain Totals are in.


    …Bergen County…
    Waldwick 8.59 in 0600 AM 09/02 CWOP
    Hasbrouck Heights 8.01 in 0609 AM 09/02 CWOP
    New Milford 7.28 in 0615 AM 09/02 AWS
    Tenafly 7.26 in 0556 AM 09/02 CWOP
    New Milford 7.23 in 0605 AM 09/02 AWS
    Tenafly 7.22 in 0556 AM 09/02 CWOP
    Teterboro 7.14 in 0635 AM 09/02 ASOS
    Lodi 6.92 in 0600 AM 09/02 Unknown
    Paramus 6.72 in 0615 AM 09/02 AWS
    Paramus 6.68 in 0610 AM 09/02 AWS
    Little Ferry 5.69 in 0615 AM 09/02 AWS
    River Vale 4.36 in 0615 AM 09/02 AWS
    Bogota 4.18 in 0619 AM 09/02 AWS
    Mahwah 3.88 in 0615 AM 09/02 AWS

    …Essex County…
    Newark 8.44 in 0624 AM 09/02 ASOS
    Maplewood 8.16 in 0600 AM 09/02 Unknown
    Essex Fells 7.08 in 0600 AM 09/02 Unknown
    0.6 SW Caldwell 6.64 in 0545 AM 09/02 IFLOWS
    West Caldwell 6.57 in 0605 AM 09/02 CWOP
    West Orange 6.54 in 0605 AM 09/02 CWOP
    Caldwell 6.20 in 0553 AM 09/02 ASOS
    West Orange 6.02 in 0650 AM 09/02 URBANET
    Glen Ridge 5.70 in 0614 AM 09/02 AWS

    …Hudson County…
    Harrison 8.61 in 0601 AM 09/02 CWOP
    Harrison 6.77 in 0614 AM 09/02 URBANET
    Kearny 6.70 in 0607 AM 09/02 CWOP
    Jersey City 6.57 in 0615 AM 09/02 AWS
    1 ENE Jersey City 5.68 in 0620 AM 09/02 AWS
    Hoboken 4.92 in 0607 AM 09/02 CWOP

    …Passaic County…
    Passaic 8.43 in 0603 AM 09/02 CWOP
    Clifton 6.87 in 0615 AM 09/02 AWS
    West Milford 3.48 in 0545 AM 09/02 IFLOWS

    …Union County…
    Linden 6.72 in 0600 AM 09/02 AWOS

  164. Fabius Maximus says:

    Rain Totals are in. Some interesting variances.


    …Bergen County…
    Waldwick 8.59 in 0600 AM 09/02 CWOP
    Mahwah 3.88 in 0615 AM 09/02 AWS

    …Passaic County…
    Passaic 8.43 in 0603 AM 09/02 CWOP
    Clifton 6.87 in 0615 AM 09/02 AWS
    West Milford 3.48 in 0545 AM 09/02 IFLOWS

  165. Fabius Maximus says:
  166. Juice Box says:

    Some crazy scene in Manville, police helicopter are now pulling people out of their homes.

  167. Juice Box says:

    Divers are looking for a young woman in Passaic, car and all swept away..in 6 ft flood waters…apparently she was sending video too last night.

    4 dead in Elizabeth in first floor apartments, water rose quickly to five feet, possibly many more missing.

  168. 3b says:

    Cops concerned mighty Hack will over flow banks. Water still rising, took a walk and the river is raging! A lot of houses flooded out. Shades of Sandy again.

  169. Libturd says:

    My little yellow Champion saved us again!

    Best $300 we ever spent. We have flood insurance, and claim is in. Took in about a foot of water.

    Got power back about two hours ago. Happy to not have lost all of our food too. Hope everyone came out okay.

  170. Juice Box says:

    Water has not crested yet, RT 18 is flooded over in New Brunswick, right where they built lots of new townhomes, they say it will rise perhaps to 10 ft still.

  171. grim says:

    And walk outside, and it’s gorgeous. Deep blue sky, sun shining.

    It was like this the day after Irene too, wasn’t it? Remember helping to clean out a basement and was thankful is was a cool beautiful day.

  172. grim says:

    Passaic River in Fairfield not expected to crest until Saturday. Water rising in many places. No way we’re in the clear.


  173. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Hell of a storm. Wild.

  174. Trick says:

    Glad I no longer work in Fairfield, the floods would cause all kinds on commuting issues.
    My sump is still running every 10-15 seconds. Last night the French drain couldn’t move the water fast enough to the sump so we got a little water on the opposite side.

  175. Libturd says:

    Once again, all of us weather geeks knew a 6-8″ storm was coming before Ida even made landfall. The lack of preparations in the public sector is astounding. Can’t wait to get the F outta dodge. Just two years to go.

    Now to work on the refinance docs since the insurance claim has been started.

    Hell of a day.

  176. BRT says:

    Apparently you have to be a weather geek to know not to drive through a flooding stream over a bridge. I passed at least 50 abandoned cars on my trip.

  177. Juice Box says:

    Downtown Millburn last night. There is a “stream” that snakes through downtown that is the Rahway River right next to the train station. This area was wiped out 10 years ago during Hurricane Irene.


  178. Juice Box says:

    Did anyone get those emergency alerts on your phone? I did not.

  179. Ex says:

    Holy Cow you guys, what are trying to do overtake Califunia as the disaster capital??

    GodSpeed fellas. Careful

  180. Libturd says:

    Didn’t someone here claim that what makes NJ so great is the lack of natural disasters?

  181. BRT says:

    Juice my phone continuously screamed at us during tornado time

  182. Juice Box says:

    They teach that one at the NJ realtor license course, it’s on the test along with the train is only a short ride into Manhattan.

  183. Libturd says:

    Mine had so many warnings I had to put it on silence.

  184. 3b says:

    I thought NJ was great because you can collect 4 pensions!!

  185. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Stand by it. Northeast has access to water. Relatively safe from massive natural disasters.

    You plan on going to Vegas…water is going to be a serious problem.

    Libturd says:
    September 2, 2021 at 2:04 pm
    Didn’t someone here claim that what makes NJ so great is the lack of natural disasters?

  186. Ex says:

    South Lake Tahoe is burning. “Heavenly” ski resort has their snowmakers on in hopes that the water will ease the fire.

  187. Ex says:

    2:04 In Jersey I always considered “unnatural” disasters to be the most onerous. Like those pesky Super Fund Sites. Careful kids, don’t chew that colorful rock you just found.

  188. Juice Box says:

    Huge amount of cars and trucks abandoned on I 87 the major degas expressway in the Bronx, it’s still flooded huge mess for sure, it is going to take many days to tow them all out once the flooding recedes.

    Philly along the Delaware looks really bad right now too, lots of rescues by boat pulling people from homes.

    There were 50 car rescues last night in Montclair alone..

  189. 3b says:

    Juice Friend of mine spent 5 hours on the Degan to go one exit; she was on her way to the airport for vacation. Turned around and came back. Trip canceled but got full credit, so will reschedule.

  190. Juice Box says:

    Home Depot and Lowes are all out of pumps…If someone needs a small pump to drain water though a garden hose Leslie’s Pools stores stocks pool cover pumps that will drain the water down to about 1 inch.


  191. Juice Box says:

    3B Deegan looks really bad, CNN just did a live segment by 233rd st.

    I did not see anything on the news about rescues but there had to be many.


  192. 3b says:

    It’s really bad, that’s where she was coming from on the way to airport. Bklyn Queens expressway bad too.

  193. BidenIsTheGOAT says:

    HD and Lowe’s sell garbage. If you are in a pinch it’s one thing but buyer beware.

    Just like every other product they sell they cheapen the pumps. You can see the equivalent zoeller pump is 50% plastic there compared to cast iron elsewhere.

    And you’d be out of your mind to trust one of their brands to keep your home dry.

  194. 3b says:

    The mighty Hackensack River is expected to rise another 5 feet!!

  195. Juice Box says:

    Several people drowned all across the state, many were driving in the storm.


  196. Fast Eddie says:

    Still going from last night. Pool is a sewage swamp. I have two sumps, niether pump effective, scurried all day for help and to save the boiler. The stream came up, bit me in the @ss. Yard and pool is a disaster. I’m beyond exhausted. Still, counting my blessings.

  197. Libturd says:

    Fukcin’ Biden!

    Good luck Gary.

  198. Juice Box says:

    Eddie drain it, no amount of filtering will remove the metals if you got lots of soil and muck in the pool. You can also damage your filter system too….That is more expensive than replacing 20,000 gallons of water which will set you back about $200.

  199. Juice Box says:

    Joe Biden had 50 years to fix global warming and he didn’t. It’s all his fault…

  200. Libturd says:

    In that case, we should probably blame Carter.

  201. chicagofinance says:

    Stu lights his fart after eating a ton of BBQ and drinking several beers:

  202. grim says:

    Didn’t Carter want to put solar cells on the White House? That makes him cooler than Elon Musk.

  203. grim says:

    Rt down to 1.07, put a fork in delta in NJ.

  204. chicagofinance says:

    grim: what about school starting?

  205. leftwing says:

    Sucks all this rain hit right before the holiday weekend….Lord only knows what sh1t from NYC and Newark is going to hit the shore in the next few days…probably changing my plans, couldn’t pay me to hop in the ocean after one of these storms…..

  206. leftwing says:

    “Rt down to 1.07, put a fork in delta in NJ.”

    Five deaths all pandemic for U18s….

    When are we finally strapping these little disease mongering fcukers down and injecting them?

    Jab, baby, jab!!

  207. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Latest Pictures Of China’s Third Aircraft Carrier Display Its ‘Staggering Success’ To Challenge US Naval Might


  208. BRT says:

    I was near 6 abandoned cars when the cops swarmed them on the Hillsborough border while I was heading back home at 9 am. I think they pulled someone out of one of them. We all zig zagged through them around 7 am not even thinking anyone was in them.

  209. Fabius Maximus says:

    “Didn’t Carter want to put solar cells on the White House?”

    And Saint Ronnie rippped them off, so blame him.

    So I can assume you are all getting behind AOC now?
    “One piece of data I’m seeing: the subway stations + other infrastructure rebuilt post-Hurricane Sandy for climate resilience *worked.*

    It was areas that *didn’t* get investment that suffered.

    We shouldn’t wait for climate disaster to rebuild & prepare- that’s what GND is about.”

  210. Grim says:

    Christ she makes my brain hurt.

  211. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Based on our calculations, the average Robinhood user has outperformed the market (S&P 500) in four out of the past five quarters.

    For example, in Q2 2021, Robinhood users earned ~13% in net returns on their deposits. The SPX total return in the same quarter was ~8%.


  212. The Great Pumpkin says:

    This is profound because it will piss off traditional “older” investors. The scoreboard has no feelings for how points are scored. Keep doing your thing $HOOD $ARKW $ARKF $ARKK. I remember when $QQQ investors were laughed at too. Youth knows where the puck is going.

  213. Fabius Maximus says:

    Sorry Grim, I forgot that you were more on the Louis Gohmert side of the discussion.


  214. Chicago says:

    I had a nightmare. I was stuck in this song and I couldn’t run no matter how hard I tried.

  215. Fast Eddie says:


    I cannot drain the pool, it will surely pop out of the ground. The filter is an older filter that I was planning to replace sooner than not. I’m just going to have to backwash, add DE, backwash until I can see bottom. The filter now is just a cleansing device. It’s going to take a week or more before I can have a pool place use a robust machine to vacuum it. The funny thing is, I have a contract with an industrial painter to reapply the epoxy coating. We were going to do it in May/June but decided to wait until September. The easiest thing would be to drain the pool now but with the water table where it is, my pool would pop out of the ground. Fun times.

  216. Fast Eddie says:

    By the way, you guys want the best sump pump(s) for your house? I have two new ECO-FLO cast iron pumps in each pit. It has no float, just two diodes that react when water hits them.

    5100 GPH Max
    26 foot lift
    1/2 HP

    Put a two inch fire house on it and you could fight a house fire.

  217. Fast Eddie says:

    Correction, that was the pump I was going to get and went one up!! Here’s the two pumps:

    Tsurumi Pump
    1 HP
    60 max head
    73 GPM

    It’s a monster! The above is worthy as well but this one is a muscle car!

  218. Juice Box says:

    Eddie- Water is muddy right? Go get some flocculent, add it to the pool let it mix in and the dirt suspended in the water will settle to the bottom. Vacuum the bottom to waste valve once it all settles, don’t sent it through the filter.

    Example of what it flocculent does.


    As far a s DE you can buy new filter grids for about $200 is you wreck them. I would backwash for 2 minutes at a time and not bother adding new DE until the water is somewhat clear.

    Flocculent is the way to go..

  219. Juice Box says:


    Are you running those pumps to 1-1/2″ or 2″ in schedule 40 PVC?

    1-1/2″ 2,100 Gallons per Hour
    2″ 3,300 Gallons per Hour
    3″ 8,400 Gallons per Hour

  220. 3b says:

    Fab: Billions have been spent on the subways over the years and the money gets pissed away. While they spend millions restoring subway stations , the track switching system in place dates to the 1930’s!!

  221. Juice Box says:

    3b – re: MTA. A parent one of the kids on our soccer team works for a contractor who does all kinds of stuff down in the train tunnels. Hard work all done by contractors and they are paid well for it. Secret is allot of money for infrasture is coming from the Feds. Grants from U.S. Department of Transportation etc.

    The fare money collected pays mostly for the employees payroll. When the toll money dried up during Covid the MTA sold “$2.9 billion of payroll mobility tax bond-anticipation notes” directly to the Federal Reserve. The MTA has been great at issuing debt that is for sure. They are a tick just under $50 Billion in debt as we speak.. as of July’s report it,$49,406,000,000.00

    When Covid hit they warned of thousands of layoffs and reduction of service by 50% if they did not get the Fed money as well as billion more in bailouts. Well they got money and lots of it but the ridership has NOT returned, it ​is still down 50% and so are the fare receipts.


    The new Governor and next mayor are going to have to cut service…the Paradigm has shifted with WFHv een if it is only temporary ,t still will be TWO years in another six months…….

    Anedcotal my uncle drove an MTA bus up and down Broadway for 20 years and retired at the tender age of 48 in 1981. He then moved his whole family back to Ireland and and lived of the MTA pension he was getting. My aunt still collects that pension, and US Social Security too. She is doing well….I just heard from my cousin over this morning, he called see how we are doing with the flooding and to say things are back to normal over there, their grammar school kids will not be wearing masks in school this year. The EU is not forcing kids to wear masks like the Governor of NJ is. I think they are coming to terms that Covid is endemic and life goes on.

  222. Libturd says:

    For us, it was the 3.25″ we received in one hour that did us in. Ain’t seen nothing like it ever. I had to pick JR. up at the rink at Montclair State and cars were flooding out in the arena parking lot.

    Driving to Union today after dropping D off in Warren, the number of abandoned cars sitting in the shoulders on 78 was outrageous. The exit ramp heading to Morris Avenue going eastbound had five cars still there. Two were BMWs. Clearly the water was over the roofs of the cars. Mud everywhere and lots of ripped up roads where streams used to cross under roads.

    Still no claims adjuster and our water heater is shot (since it has an electric igniter). Shame, since it was such a good one. It flooded out 36 hours ago and there was still hot water for my shower this morning. Four other people showered before me.

    Our fridge and chest freezer are still running. Haven’t tried the washer or dryer. Our furnace is clearly shot as electronics were underwater. I can’t wait to argue with FEMA. They better replace all of it. I’ve paid $5,000 in flood insurance over the past ten years. Nice to finally win a bet.

  223. 3b says:

    Juice: MTA is a mess always has been. They had offices on Madison Ave! Then they moved to 2 Bway, and that was a disaster, got ripped off big time , but the big boys running the MTA did not care, not their money. We used to underwrite millions of bonds for the MTA, they are serial borrowers. I know a lot of old Irish guys that were bus drivers back in the day, my wife’s two uncles are retired bus drivers.

    Things over there getting back to normal, family checking in to see how we made out with the flooding. Planning another trip over next year, my wife’s cousins daughter.

  224. 3b says:

    Juice And yes, WFH is definitely going to hurt the MTA people who were taking bus train every day will now be doing it a couple of days a week or not at all.

  225. RentL0rd says:

    Got away with no damage here in the Princeton area. A little water seeped into the basement in the unfinished section – I’ve had many floods over the years and keep that section un-finished. The sump pump and french drains worked as expected. I invested in a good battery backup for the sump a couple of years ago but didn’t have to use it since we didn’t lose power.

    The backyard has a dip about 150 feet away from the street where water always pools. But a couple of years ago I dug a hole, dropped a drum and dropped a 1/2 pump. I also ran some drains to the little well. I run an extension cord all the way back and have wifi controlled switch (Yea, it’s not 100% per code, but it has no power unless I turn it on). I flipped the (virtual) switch from the phone and let it run all night, and in the morning the yard had no water collection. This was the best DIY project ever – cost me about $500. Contractor wanted 15 grand!

    Overall, feeling lucky and my nervousness from prior flooding paid off.

  226. RentL0rd says:

    Oh, I hate pools – too much maintenance. If I want to use the pool, I visit my gym. I also don’t believe in crazy home extensions because you never know how that’s going to change the overall drainage situation.

  227. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Whether it’s fruit pickers, truckers or waiters, the world’s food ecosystem is buckling.


  228. Juice Box says:

    New flood record for the Raritan river, was previously set by hurricane Floyd in 1999 and Hurricane Irene in 2011.

    Flood is receding now, gage is right on main street in Manville on the river.


  229. Bystander says:

    While the area floods, Rome is burning. Job market is turning dire. It is structural at organizations. They don’t want to pay higher wages, will continue to push roles, expand in India/globe and generally no push accomplish much as they sit fat on cash and have zero fear of regulatory landscape. Legislation is only way out.

    Mohamed El-Erian

    The monthly US employment report is out.

    New jobs came in only at 235,000, well below the median expectation (725,000) and the lowest analyst estimate (400,000).

    While revisions were favorable, it’s a big surprise and very disappointing

    Some will point to the impact of the delta variant and view it as temporary.

    Others will add the structural malfunctioning of the labor market in matching workers to jobs.

    Look for more talk of stagflationary winds.

  230. Fast Eddie says:


    Two inch PVC hard-piped, both pumps going out to a single pipe, all hard-piped 2″ PVC. The basement was minimal in a sense that the sump pits were just filling up in a minute and I had two inoperable pumps. All I had was a 1/4 manual pump I threw in one pit with a garden hose fitting and was enough for me to use bucket walking up and down stairs for 10 hours straight and tossing out my front door. I was NOT going to lose the boiler.

    The new pumps are still chirping away and the outflow outside is like a jet when they kick in. The pool is my worst damage, thankfully really. I’m just adding DE, letting it run for an hour, backwashing and repeat. It’s a sewerage swamp as the stream washed over it and receded just as fast. F.uck the pool, it’ll get back in order one way or another. Rent Lord said it above, pools are a pain in the @ss when shit like this happens. It’s not my first pool either.

  231. Fast Eddie says:

    Just to add, I never had more than a 1/2 inch of water in the basement and that was just in lower lying spots, never the whole concrete floor. If I didn’t dip a bucket into the pit, filled pails and bailed the water out, it would have been a different story.

  232. Libturd says:

    Which is why I love my Intex. So easy.

  233. Juice Box says:

    Joys of home ownership while inspecting for damage yesterday I found a new massive paper wasp nest in a small tree in my side yard. I sprayed it last night and clipped to branch off this morning. It’s now waiting for the garbage pickup this morning….most wasps are dead just a few still buzzing around now homeless.

    Pool is in good shape, mostly leaves. I will shock it once the robot finishes it’s work and put a phosphates treatment in and then raise the alkalinity.

  234. Bystander says:

    Sorry Ed. When I lived in Westfield, my 100 year old foundation flooded constantly. It was terrorizing and stressful, particuarlty with type A b&tch ex. When I looked my new home, it was slab foundation with huge walk up attic. Some would turn their nose up at no basement but I learned hard lessons and not interest water issues. Not saying I did not have water ssues from Ida but I ran two portable pumps on each side of house out to driveway and down to road. Pool took on some dirt. As Juice said, shock, phospate remover, maybe some alum later – running pump and robot. Might be blue by time to close next week. Really Ed, best of luck. As Lib mentioned, a f-in real genius told us luck to live in area with no natural disasters.

  235. Fast Eddie says:


    Thank you. The pool is the color of coffee, without the cream. Who knows what’s swimming in there as the stream ran over it. It’s the sediment that needs to be removed as step one so I’m not sure if any chemical can help at this point. I can’t drain the pool as the water table will pop it like a cork but maybe drain half, fill it with clean water, drain again and fill again. This might be an option. It’s O’Biden’s fault!! ;) Thanks again for the well-wishes and yes, basements s.uck when monsoons hit.

  236. Libturd says:


    Why don’t you just open a crocodile exhibit? Get a fanboat and give tours.

  237. Libturd says:


    Jobs report was an indication of our economy without it’s free crack samples. You give people free money, they spend the free money. The child credit advance is not working as most people who get it know they are just going to have to pay it back next April. And now they are talking tapering?

    Start taking some profits folks. Just in case.

  238. 3b says:

    New York extends the eviction moratorium until January 2022.

  239. Libturd says:

    I should have a lock on my ten year at 1.9 even. Best available is 1.86 today!

    Still tough with rental income factoring in.

  240. Fast Eddie says:


    I wonder if I’ll get a bite if I throw a fishing pole in the soup. Dinner, anyone?

  241. Bystander says:

    Tough Ed. Only two options – let it settle and vaccum to waste until clean..or call pool water delivery to suck it out and replace clean, balanced water. That is pricey option and not sure they will even do vaccum part.


    I live in the chaos of trying to keep staff for my technology group in this global bank. Never wanted this and it was supposed to be small part of my job. I can tell you that hiring right now is mostly structural. Management is 100% refusing to adapt to market..refusing. They will not change salary bands in India, Poland which have increased 60% for talent. 28K INR is “our” top and people consistently get other offers at 34K. We will not counter. People resign and we simply pretend that someone else will cover. There are many, many new entrants into cheap war for talent along with legacy corps who still think they control labor market. They don’t. The lack of jobs is due to game of chicken. They will do anything to avoid having a role in US. My manager has given up. He nows sees that we can’t compete in these locations and trying to rebuild US team which has been gone for a decade. Problem is exec board will not allow high cost location hires, not incremental hire. We can only rehire in low coast. I keep telling him that rules have not changed despite the chaos we are facing.

  242. Libturd says:

    Good luck the rest of the way. Sounds similar to the nightmare I faced at my first REAL job. It was so unnecessary stressful. The day I left, it felt like anvil was lifted off of my back.

  243. Libturd says:

    Best part of WFH. . . Bloody Marys at lunch.

  244. 3b says:

    Lib: Nice! Nothing like WFH on a Friday with a long weekend. And an early close and no crappy commute home!

  245. Libturd says:

    Sadly, I have to run back into the plant in Union at 9pm tonight to teach some computer illiterate coworkers how to map network drives and create shortcuts/aliases. Though I documented what needs to be done and asked IT if it can be scripted, they emphatically said, “no!” It appears the only Windows based automation allowed will have to be purchased through consultants. I will not be changing my clothes from my WFH garb.

  246. JCer says:

    Bystander that’s some stupidity but 34k INR per day is $485. That is why the india strategy is terrible, the quality is not great, the time zone is difficult, and being dependent on people in third world country is not without it’s challenges. You can nearshore to places in the Midwest or Canada for not too much more and get a candidate who’s english language skills are better and likely will have a better education outside the elite universities the schools in India are not good.

    Your employer is undoubtedly REALLY dumb they allow their top people to walk out the door for pennies and then wonder why every system you have is sh*t. Meanwhile they’ll pay IBM tons for some shiny bobble and will employ management consultants for 1k an hour! I kid you not, if you knew what they spend on Accenture and McKinsey vs what they spend where the rubber meets the road you’d be sick. My employer does the same but not quite as bad, you want a real technical expert not a chance we will pay for it(anything more than 1200 per day requires an act of congress, under that amount we can get without going all the way up the chain) but management consultant sure.

    Experienced market seems tight still, lots of older folks hanging up their cleats, lots of turnover. Employers need to tread carefully or they’ll end up with no capabilities.

    The only way to survive in the place Bystander is in, is to not give a fcuk and be sufficiently high up the chain to avoid direct involvement and outsource as much as possible.

  247. Juice Box says:

    Lib – I would fly into a rage if support told me that. Automation? Lol….

    Do you want a file to copy shared drives from one computer to another?

  248. Ex says:

    Those big consultancies are incestuous.
    It’s really hard to tell the difference sometimes between who is who.
    The money though that flows through with little or no ROI is astonishing.

  249. 3b says:

    Lib: Too bad, hopefully you won’t have to be there too long.

  250. Chicago says:

    I didn’t know Jews could be white trash.

    Libturd says:
    September 3, 2021 at 10:53 am
    Which is why I love my Intex. So easy.

  251. Bystander says:


    So true. As example, we are now Agile hell or highwater. Hired exec 1.5 years ago who was working on tranforming our Agile journey. He wanted to create training for staff, external cert programs and scrum coaches all over globe. He had plan to hire 14 coaches, two in every work location essentially. Let me be clear – this had absolutely zero buy-in from business to align with us. It became a tech only alignment with no product owners at all. Thing made no sense from start. He presents cost and they balked on hiring even a single coach. He leaves in tirade 5 months ago. We now have no scrum masters, overwhelmed staff, still no product owners and now no Agile coaches but..get ready *new mandate*, all your development to be set-up, tracked and fed via JIRA which gets sent to fancy new management system that tracks velocity / progress. Come to find out that they are paying gobs to McKinsey to figure out how to run more Agile..unreal. We are not allowed to hire any PMs or BAs anymore as a developer has to be assigned scrum master and handle all duties. Funny, I don’t know any developers that want to do that role on top of day job.

  252. JCer says:

    Scrum masters tend to be failed coders, they know enough about development but can focus their attention on jira. The “Agile” done these large corporations are not agile, it’s waterfall development using Agile tools. If you are forecasting and planning your backlog for the next year you officially have abandoned Agile methodologies.

    Agile is a funny thing, it works when you go light on process and rely more on a skilled team. The quality of the team is paramount and the weight of the administrative portion should be light enough that development can spend no more than 5-10% of their time on administration and maybe the scrum master does 25% admin and 75% development. You cannot maintain “the process” your firm demands with this kind of model and the vast majority of your developers are incapable of working in this model, you cannot trust them everything needs to be process driven. My firm is awful and agile is producing even bigger garbage than what we produced before.

    I’ve done agile before and it works best when literally the tools just document the process lightly and quite literally development just builds the product with the analysts and users giving input. If your team is good it works nicely. In a good agile team the tech and product owners are aligned, BA’s are part of the agile team. Agile also works best when you are trying to do product development and have a resource spend in mind rather than strict schedules. I’m not in favor of using agile for regulatory projects, these will always run waterfall no matter what process you use. At the end of an Agile project you are left with gooblygook for documentation as well as the requirements get spread across thousands of stories.

  253. Libturd says:


    Thanks for the offer. But I must politely decline. I am not in IT and over the years I have written so many proprietary scripts that they won’t even make me admin on my own Windows or Mac box, let alone on a server. Our scripts are awesome. They just get mad that they are not aware of them and don’t manage their use. Believe me, I could write a script to do what I am training them to do manually. I am the MandoMoron. It is the way!

  254. The Great Pumpkin says:

    “The buyers just keep marching into the jaws of destruction,” Redfin’s Glenn Kelman said in an interview on “Closing Bell.”
    Wildfire season in the American West is becoming longer and more intense as a result of human-induced climate change, fueled by warmer temperatures and drier conditions. Similarly, scientists say, hurricanes and floods are increasing in ferocity due to the warming planet and rising sea levels.
    Homebuyers in vulnerable parts of the country are not deterred by those realities, Kelman said. “The buyers themselves are driven by affordability, and the most affordable places in America are the places that are at the most risk of being affected by climate change,” he said. “They’re going to be flooded by hurricanes. They’re going to be affected by wildfires.”
    “If you look at where people are moving, it’s to Florida and the Southeast, which is especially flood prone and also has just incredible heat risk as temperatures rise. And they’re also moving to places like Phoenix, Las Vegas and Utah,” Kelman said.
    Phoenix is now the fifth-largest city in the U.S., eclipsing Philadelphia, according to recently released 2020 census data, after the Arizona capital grew faster than any other major American city in the past decade. Located in the Sonoran Desert, Phoenix has long been known for its heat, but experts say it’s likely to become more extreme as a result of climate change.
    Utah’s population grew more than 18% between 2010 and 2020, making it the fastest-growing U.S. state in that time period, according to the Census Bureau. Kelman pointed to a recent Redfin analysis that found more than one-third of homes in Utah face what the company classifies as “high fire risk.”
    “I think this idea that climate change is going to be factored into how people think about housing, it hasn’t happened yet. The only people who have figured out are the [actuaries], the people who have to calculate the cost of insuring these properties,” said Kelman, who has led Redfin for about 15 years.
    “Increasingly, it’s going to be harder to get insurance, it’s going to be harder to get a loan for these properties because the lenders are going to see the writing on the wall, that this collateral is at risk,” he added.


  255. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Exactly what I have been saying. Buy in the northeast. You have to be absolutely crazy to buy in the places that people are buying. Wild.

  256. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Have to question why our fastest growing city is located in a desert. Have to question why so many people move to Florida when it’s a peninsula barely above sea level and directly on hurricane highway. Do we like wasting resources?

  257. PumpkinFace says:

    You have to be absolutely crazy to buy in the places that people are buying.

  258. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Im ahead of the game over and over. If you think florida or some desert city will be worth more than the northeast, good luck. I think you are wrong long term. Climate is changing fast…almost as fast as the labor market…the machines are coming fast. Workers have the advantage for now, but that s’t is quickly coming to an end. Stagflation…because disruptive tech is rapidly replacing human labor at a more efficient means. It’s coming.

    I will be a part of the owner class because I’m investing rapidly in this disruptive tech. Esp arkg.

  259. The Great Pumpkin says:


    Cry all you want, but WFH will make me rich. I’m investing hard over the next 10
    Years in disruptive tech trends. So if it goes to the norm, f u, pay me.

  260. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Diversify. No matter what, grow with that economy.

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