From Thomas Franklin at the Bergen Record:

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  1. Fast Eddie says:

    Air Force Lt. Heather Penney:

    Penney hopes that now, 20 years after the 9/11 attacks, the nation can come together in the same way it did then.

    “We have to make a commitment to stability. We have to make a commitment to engaging in that kind of dialogue and remembering that there are things that connect us… What it means to be an American is so much more than the differences that we [have] between us,” she said. “We need to recommit to understanding before judging… that those connections are more important than our differences, and to overcome or move past our fear and into the ability to serve. Move beyond ourselves.”


  2. RentL0rd says:

    For once I am with you FatEddie

  3. The Great Pumpkin says:

    9/11….let’s use this anniversary of this tragedy to remember we are all americans. I’ll never forget how 9/11 brought Americans together. Let’s not wait for another tragedy to realize we are all on the same damn team. Let’s get rid of the politicians that try to divide us for their selfish drive for power and control.

    America!! Anyone trying to convince you that your fellow americans are the problem….they are the problem.

  4. The Great Pumpkin says:

    You are one chill dude. You seriously have a knack for seeing society for what it is and understanding the big picture.

    Ex says:
    September 10, 2021 at 8:04 pm
    All teachers are taken for granted.
    It’s a calling and of course a job.
    I’m sure you’ve had a positive impact
    on someone – You’ve probably touched
    a lot of children.

  5. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Amen. Well said.

    Juice Box says:
    September 10, 2021 at 10:18 pm
    Point is like some of the older posters mention time moves quick, and I will say we are all a success in our families.

    The theme here for most is we have succeeded besides the odds, bad parents, bad luck etc and we all FUC*KI*NG know this……

    Celebrate folks time is short…

  6. Grim says:

    That’s why I like this photo.

  7. The Great Pumpkin says:

    It’s different this time. I truly believe this. People making all types of excuses like blaming govt benefits or covid for the current labor shortage. It’s demographics. The boomers created an era of surplus labor, and that era is coming to an end as the boomers leave the labor pool forever.

    “A few years from now, companies will be less likely to face “a decision” to pursue new talent pools. It will be a necessity for employers that want to be fully staffed.

    As we’ve noted, the labor shortage businesses are experiencing now will likely get worse due to shifting demographics. Since the pandemic started, baby boomers are exiting the workforce at a faster pace. Baby boomer retirements increased by 3.2 million in 2020 — the largest increase in at least nine years, according to data from the Pew Research Center.

    Those workers aren’t being replaced at the same speed by successor generations, and that’s a big problem.

    Recruiters say many employers are calling in a panic, hoping the supply-demand dynamics will soon shift back to more familiar territory.”

  8. The Great Pumpkin says:

    We need to import immigrants willing to do the low skilled jobs till the robots can eventually replace them. We also need high skilled immigrants because we don’t have enough high skilled citizens. Anti immigration is death by a thousand cuts

  9. Phoenix says:

    Whatever she is smoking will she please pass the blunt, cause you have to be high on something to think this will ever happen:

    “We have to make a commitment to engaging in that kind of dialogue and remembering that there are things that connect us… What it means to be an American is so much more than the differences that we [have] between us,” she said. “We need to recommit to understanding before judging… that those connections are more important than our differences, and to overcome or move past our fear and into the ability to serve. Move beyond ourselves.”

  10. Phoenix says:

    Wonder if the Taliban can re-create this photo like they did with the Iwo Jima one.

  11. Phoenix says:

    “All teachers are taken for granted.
    It’s a calling and of course a job.
    I’m sure you’ve had a positive impact
    on someone – You’ve probably touched
    a lot of children.”

    Absolutes. Gotta love them. And yup, she touched a few:


  12. Phoenix says:

    2021 and we can’t even make a chip to build a car.

    Haha. At the mercy of a rinky dink island half the size of Virginia, and yet it holds the commerce of America hostage.

    What a joke.

  13. Phoenix says:

    Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, all have taken away your liberty and privacy. How far forward have you become.

    There is no institution in America that can even safeguard your data anymore. Your personal information, financial, health, all in a large sieve that is so porous that a boulder could slip through it.

    Americans can’t even agree on if they should or should not take a vaccine. Karen is out hard at work still spitting on people.

    Time to watch a WW2 movie to remind me of when America was great.

    Here is another good way to bring us all together:

    “Ida brought soaking rains and even caused a tree to fall just over a week ago on Jefferson Avenue in Plainfield, but only half of the street is considered a federal disaster area.
    Homes on the Plainfield side are not eligible for federal relief because they are in Union County, but the homes on the Dunellen side are eligible because they are in Middlesex County.”

  14. Juice Box says:

    They expanded the counties eligible, so lighten up Francis.

    “Residents and businesses in another four New Jersey counties ravaged by the remnants of Hurricane Ida now will be eligible for federal disaster relief, the White House announced Friday.

    The counties are Essex, Hudson, Mercer and Union. President Joe Biden initially issued a disaster declaration for Bergen, Gloucester, Hunterdon, Middlesex, Passaic and Somerset counties.”

  15. Juice Box says:

    20 years on. I remember it like yesterday…The one thing I wish I could forget is the smell. Nothing else like it, I walked through the dust of dead people for about another year and a half before I gave up Manhattan for good.

  16. Phoenix says:

    “Let’s not wait for another tragedy to realize we are all on the same damn team.”

    Pumpy, thanks for the morning humor. That line made me spit my iced, Ristretto, 10 shot, venti, with breve, 5 pump vanilla, 7 pump caramel, 4 Splenda, [and] poured, not shaken coffee all over my 4k curved Samsung monitor.

    Thanks, buddy!

  17. Phoenix says:

    Love that reference. Great movie. Haha.

  18. Phoenix says:

    Pile that disaster relief on the National debt pile. Soon enough it will be higher than Mount Pinatubo, if not already.

  19. Phoenix says:

    Biden just launched a missile and killed a bunch of children. I’m no math major but I’d say he just created a few thousand people that now are chanting “Death to America.”

    Gotta love those “righteous” missiles. Are they Catholic?

  20. Phoenix says:

    Here is the cheap immigrant labor you want to profit from. Can they live with you in Wayne? Plenty of housing there and great schools. Maybe take over that flood watered behemoth known as Willowbrook Mall.


  21. Phoenix says:

    Thanks to Christie Whitman, the one woman Wrecking Ball, plenty have smelled the smell you have. Great job Miss RePubliCan, you are no better than Mr BRaiNDeaD Biden. First you bankrupt the NJ pension system, then tell everyone it’s healthy to inhale dead human particles, lead dust, glass shards, burning PVC, asbestos fibers, chemical vapors…..

    “The one thing I wish I could forget is the smell. Nothing else like it, I walked through the dust of dead people for about another year and a half before I gave up Manhattan for good.”

  22. Phoenix says:

    We ‘”couldn’t” protect Jeffrey Epstein in a police station in order to see him tried. Accident?
    Sackler family gets a walk. Obama sets the bankers free. No weapons of mass destruction.

    Juice, now those are some real smells right there. You don’t even have to take a sniff for them. Those permeate right through all 3 layers of skin.

  23. 3b says:

    20 years it’s amazing how fast the years ago. And of course we will have all the comments about unity and we are all Americans, but it will be transitory. Maybe I am getting old but that’s how I see it.

    I took a look at FB this morning and some of my most liberal friends are posting heartfelt thoughts about coming together and we need to be like we were 20 years ago. Yet they were some of the biggest antagonists and angriest people during the Trump years , name calling labeling people as racists, ignorant and all the rest. Where was the civility then? Where was the attempt to understand rather than judge? Now we have Biden, and if they were honest , they would admit Biden is less than effective and appears not to be capable of the job. Criticism for their side I guess would be deemed as support for the other side. Why do people feel they can’t criticize their party? If we love this country whatever our political parties and our elected leaders when they screw up. I know it’s probably the same with Republican, it’s just I have not seen it in my circle. So forgive me if I am not buying the unity, togetherness, love message today that some fe the need to post on FB. It’s a one day thing.

  24. The Great Pumpkin says:


    Glad to see you back. I was getting worried, was going to write a post to ask someone with your contact to check if you were okay.

    Glad I made you laugh…Welcome back.

  25. The Great Pumpkin says:


    Trump maybe had some good policies, maybe even good intentions, but at the end of the day, he was very bad for our country’s mental health. He never shut the f up, and found joy in triggering people all day long on social media. Fake news!! That phrase makes me nauseous now. Trump was indeed our darkest hour, we are rising from his ashes into a better tomorrow.

    Trump-never thought we would have a president that trolled people all day/night looking for attention. Wild. Shows you, some Presidents do absolutely zero work while in office.

  26. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Good thing he gave up that salary, because he did zero work!

  27. JamesSop says:

    HK [url=https://www.datanumen.com/word-repair/] China 4 [/url]

  28. crushednjmillenial says:

    Pretty good write-up on the mistakes made in response to the tragedy we all suffered twenty years ago linked below . . .

    To sum it up from the article and my own outlook on this topic, (1) we became paranoid as a society so we have inconvenienced ourselves needlessly and dispensed with core American civil liberties in a way unimaginable in the pre-9/11 world; (2) we aimed wrong in response to the attacks by fighting an amorphous “global war” rather than bringing the specific group responsible to justice, (3) we killed a million people in wrongheaded endless wars, alienating vast swaths of the whole 1B+ global muslims and possibly more fairminded people and reducing the standing of the US in people’s minds around the world, and (4) we may have squandered the spoils of winning the Cold War even though for a long time we sat alone as the sole global superpower.


  29. crushednjmillenial says:

    Emma Radacanu . . . photogenic, young and arguably #1 in her global sport. The kicker is she has a nice British accent that was basically made to sell sneakers or car rentals or whatever. $20 million net worth for her within two years? The endorsement money is about to fly.

  30. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Tesla is as much a car manufacturer as Apple is a phone company.

  31. The Great Pumpkin says:

    So when you throw out fundamentals based on the car business to justify share price, and claim it’s overvalued, you simply don’t get it.

  32. The Great Pumpkin says:

    I wouldn’t doubt if space x buys out tesla, or tesla buys out space ex. Either way, these companies are just piggy banks for the capital needed to push elon’s vision of the future.

  33. The Great Pumpkin says:

    This local taco joint (chanos) ran the following.



    I was 200 over, and lost. Second place. Calculated it almost to the tee. Why don’t i own my own business?! Wasting my precious time on inner city students, really hope i change some of their lives, otherwise waste of precious time

  34. JCer says:

    Dude Apple vs. Tesla are totally different animals. Apple is a platform company with a great revenue generating business. Tesla is a great technology company with a revenue growth problem. They are doing well with electric cars but cars are not really a technology product, they are largely style over substance, it remains to be seen what happens as the traditional automakers go electric.

    The right comparison is apple in the 1990’s, they had lots of great technology(they were behind the development of the ARM platform everyone is using in phones today, portable computing, hand writing recognitions, etc lots of VERY cutting edge technology for the early 90’s) but no compelling products outside their shrinking computer business and as a result they nearly went under.

    Technology is wonderful but as a business they need to know how they will monetize it. The big opportunity for Tesla might be in licensing the technology, unfortunately they need working self driving tech to do so just being ahead is not enough. Don’t mistake this for me thinking Tesla is bad, it will continue to be a successful company but where does the growth come from to support the valuation? At some point they need to deliver revenue.

  35. Out of the Ashes says:

    Well, it’s the day after 9/11.

    We can now go back to being the Divided States of America.


  36. grim says:

    Trying to get my dad to buy a Tesla. 6 month wait on a 3? Nuts.

  37. grim says:

    By the way, the house around the corner that was listed for more than $100k than it was purchased for less than a year ago, absurdly, is now under contract.

  38. Fast Eddie says:

    Out of the Ashes,

    Take a knee for social justice, dedicate 10% of your salary to leftist causes and then go jerk off with MSNBC bleating in the background.

  39. The Great Pumpkin says:


    Maybe you don’t realize it, but your post shows how similar Tesla and Apple are. Tesla almost went under couple years ago. Remember when everyone thought they were finished, that they were out of money (when cathie went nuts buying this dip)? Tesla made it past that stage.

    And I’m glad you finally realize Tesla is a tech company and not a car company. Apple changed the world we live in with their vision of a cell phone. I guarantee Musk will change the world we live in with multiple products. What are they? Who knows. Just know the guy is a visionary, is obsessed with fixing problems in society, and is unstoppable when it comes to bringing it to market.

    Said it before…never bet against musk.

  40. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Think of this angle also. Tesla and Space X are simply platforms to generate money for musk so that he can change the world. What do you think he did with paypal. He used every dollar earned from that business to flip into making electric cars a reality, and to make space travel cheaper and more efficient with space x. The guy is simply out to change the world. That’s all he cares about.

  41. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Wayne was such a good value couple years ago, still is. This winter might be a great time to make a move if one is intent on buying. You might be able to get below asking price if you can find someone desperate to sell. If you wait till next spring, you very likely will be dealing with increased competition as a bunch of new millennials enter the buyer’s market.

    Of course, no one knows for sure, and I can be dead wrong. Though, I do believe I’m correct based on simple supply/demand fundamentals.

    grim says:
    September 12, 2021 at 7:04 am
    By the way, the house around the corner that was listed for more than $100k than it was purchased for less than a year ago, absurdly, is now under contract.

  42. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Meanwhile the producers who supply these products see none of the increased profit action. All does not go up. The bottom rung of the supply chain gets screwed. Perhaps some bad links in the chain need attention. Human nature is a bitch.


  43. Out of the Ashes says:

    Bin Laden

    With roughly a million dollar budget and the knowledge of the American Psyche will soon succeed in making America implode.
    Talk about bang for your buck.

  44. Juice Box says:

    Biden complaining about the F Biden signs all over the road during his visit to 9/11 site in Shanksville in his birth state Pennsylvania? Lol what a narcissist he is…..

    Top 10 trending tweet this morning until they pulled the plug.


  45. Out of the Ashes says:

    First it was F Trump, now it’s F Biden.

    America sounds pretty divided to me.

    Smoke ’em if you got ’em.

  46. Out of the Ashes says:

    Tesla 4 is going to need to be bulletproof. Waiting list just went up to 3 years.

  47. Out of the Ashes says:

    Our friends.
    Bwahahahahaha. Trump loves these guys doesn’t he? They gave him a solid gold ana! washer at the last visit. Make America great again with Chinese parts.
    And America votes in BrAin DEad BiDen. Is the plan to actually wreck this place?

    “FBI releases first secret 9/11 file: Saudi embassy official let two hijackers stay at his apartment and helped them in LA before the attack, was ‘facilitator’ for Al-Qaeda and distributed extremist Muslim literature”

  48. 3b says:

    Grim: 100k more in a year and you think it’s a bubble? No. It’s perfectly fine.

  49. Fabius Maximus says:

    “Where was the civility then? Where was the attempt to understand rather than judge?”

    Where they wrong? Were they calling out the racist dogwhistles and everything else coming out of that administration. Every time you thought they couldn’t sink any lower, Donnie and his administration where like “Hold my beer”

    Even yesterday we have Obamas, Clintons and Bidens at the memorial in New York, Bush in PA. Where was Donnie? Giving a paid speech and preparing for his boxing commentary.

    How was the fight Gary, was it greatness?

  50. grim says:

    $130k and 10 months.

  51. Out of the Ashes says:

    “Raducanu told reporters how she wished her parents could have been at the final to witness her historic win. So why weren’t Ian and Renee there?

    Sadly, they were not able to get to New York due to Covid restrictions. Entry into America requires a special exemption visa – a process that is both difficult and nebulous.”

    Class act. They know how to respect rules, even going as far as missing this spectacular performance. Now could you imagine an American doing the same thing? Never. They would find some way to bully, manipulate, bribe or threaten someone to get their way.

    Congrats to this young woman and also her family. Class act all around.

  52. Out of the Ashes says:


    ‘Drunk’ Giuliani imitates Queen Elizabeth, denies hanging out with Prince Andrew and ‘young girls’, and calls top US general an ‘idiot’ and ‘a*****e’ in unhinged rant during 9/11 commemoration dinner

  53. 3b says:

    Fab: My post went right over your head, I said the posts and comments were on FB from my friends and family on the left. As for those on the right , or Republicans there was little to nothing . Was it fear of saying they supported Trump, or thought in moments of lucidity he had some valid points; which by the way he did. So these people were on FB ranting , hyperventilating, and calling people arse holes and racists and proudly saying how they would have nothing to do with any friend or family members who supported Trump, and yesterday they are calling for love, peace, unity , and civility. That is hypocritical as far as I am concerned. Now we have Biden, and any independent minded honest person would acknowledge his ability and performance are questionable to say the least , and from my circle of friends and family it’s crickets, not a word. If you live your country as a patriot and not a nationalist one should criticize their side when they are failing, instead it’s crickets or torturous explanations on how Biden really is succeeding and it’s all Trumps fault. How weak. And make no mistake proud leftists can be just as racist as the ignorant people on the right. They can hide it better. I have witnessed it myself.

  54. 3b says:

    Grim : 130k and 10. Just scary.

  55. 3b says:

    Grim A house just came on in my town. A 4 bedroom cape, two baths, looks like a quick flip new kitchen and bath. The upstairs is not dormered and they are calling that 2 bedrooms, and they did not even finish the basement. It can be had for the asking price of 598k!!

  56. Juice Box says:

    3b – Look if you cannot afford to live you move.

    6/11/2020 Sold $230,000
    7/2/2021 Listed for sale $1,050,000
    8/7/2021 Listed for sale $999,000


  57. Out of the Ashes says:

    There aren’t many of us that can’t accept both sides are worthless.

    America has turned into a giant turd that just keeps resting on it’s laurels, and it’s fixation on it’s history as if that alone guarantees a win.

  58. Fast Eddie says:


    Why are you still talking about Trump?

  59. joyce says:

    Because you’re still talking about Obama.

  60. 3b says:

    Juice: I assume that house in Bergenfield is on the Teaneck border, and will be purchased by Orthodox Jews who need walking access to temple.

  61. 3b says:

    Out: I agree. It certainly appears that way. There are a few in my circle, but most are one side or the other. Some respect it, some think we are suspect as in either secretly left or right. No such thing as a centrist in their minds.

  62. JamesIcody says:

    The excellent message gallantly)))

  63. 3b says:

    Sobering article in Bloomberg detailing the BLS job forecast for the balance of the decade. It’s titled more cooks less pediatricians.

  64. Fast Eddie says:

    Because you’re still talking about Obama.

    Every post? Every day? I mention Obammy when he deserves a nod for his failures. Trump is CONSTANTLY the crux of every failed, flawed, f.ucked-up diatribe by the lunatic left. Still!!

  65. Ex says:

    2:01 cause his suck-age, his complete failure as a human being, a negotiator, and a leader is so terrible it is no wonder his serial failures are adding genocide to the list.

  66. Juice Box says:

    3B it’s a block from the High School in Bergenfield.. I would say it’s not inside the evru wire.

    It was a total knockdown basement and all, but a million bucks to live in Bergenfield….BLECH

  67. joyce says:

    Thank you

    Fast Eddie says:
    September 12, 2021 at 4:33 pm
    Because you’re still talking about Obama.

    Every post? Every day? I mention Obammy when he deserves a nod for his failures. Trump is CONSTANTLY the crux of every failed, flawed, f.ucked-up diatribe by the lunatic left. Still!!

  68. Out of the Ashes says:

    If it’s any consolation I hate both of them equally.

  69. 3b says:

    Ex: I don’t disagree with your Trump analysis. Now let’s take a looks at Biden and his 50 years in DC. Nothing of note to show, and an empty suit. He lied about his academic performance in undergrad and law school. And has pretty much just coasted through DC, and if the stories are to be believed Obama and other White House insiders considers him an intellectual light weight. We got rid of Trump, but this is all we could replace him with?? Says a lot about where we are and where we are going as a country in my mind.

  70. 3b says:

    Juice: That is amazing. My friend sold his Moms house in Bergenfield near Teaneck border , and he got full price for it, purchased by Orthodox Jews. Other than that I can’t see how anyone would pay a million bucks in Bergenfield. Last time I was there Washington Ave and the town in general just looked so sad, shabby, and rundown.

  71. leftwing says:

    “JCer says: Dude Apple vs. Tesla are totally different animals.”

    You are debating someone who said it may be a ‘waste of his precious time’ that he is not running his own business because….he almost guessed the number of taco shells used by a local joint….

    Read that twice and let that sink in…..

  72. Ex says:

    6:33 yeah Biden had proven to be either to decrepit or just plain detached to be effective in his leadership role.

  73. leftwing says:

    “We can now go back to being the Divided States of America.”


    Tired of the Left abusing most things of import to middle America then rolling out the flag and faux patriotism to count on them for support anyway.

    Flyover country is getting smart to them….fcuk your crocodile tears and your cameos at coffins arriving from overseas….we’re not buying your BS anymore.

  74. BRT says:


    my grandmother’s old house in Bergenfield just got flipped, 1 block from New Bridge. 647k. This was a zombie for 10 years and my uncle squatted in it and trashed the place. Some guy likely bought it for 200k and put 100k in it. If you look at the zillow pic, you can still see my Uncles crappy corvette that was broken down since 1989 in the driveway. Apparently, some family from North Bergen bought it.

  75. 3b says:

    BRT: 647k is a huge number for Bergenfield, assuming not bordering Teaneck. This is one ugly bubble. Going to be ugly, ugly when it bursts.

  76. Fast Eddie says:

    The O’Biden administration:


  77. A Home Buyer says:

    Just reporting in from a non-NJ market that exploded (This region is currently sitting at #1 according to certain websites.)

    Houses were getting multiple offers the same day as initial listing and going under contract by nightfall. Offers were 40-50K over ask.

    There is massive softening of the market in the past 2-3 weeks. Now, we have houses sitting for weeks before going under contract (price unknown so far). We are also seeing price reductions. It may just be a cool off from the 30% appreciation we have seen in the past year… but it may be something more.

  78. Fabius Maximus says:


    What I see on my FB are a lot of people like Gary posting anything against Biden. There are also the ones that don’t say anything, but would have been quite happy, if Donnie had one and continued on as he had been. They still want to see him back in 2024. There are people constantly gaslighting of the last 5 years. Its like they are standing in Rome after the fire, going Nero had some great ideas and he solved the traffic problem. Sorry “No Harm, No foul, lets move on” doesn’t cut it here. Jan 6th wasn’t some tourists out for a stroll.
    The response to to Covid from the last Admin has left us with so many more dead than should have been and drove a wedge into the country with people refusing vaccines and masks.

    So yes, people are ending Ffriendships, spouses, jobs, because they don’t want to deal with the crazy.

  79. Fabius Maximus says:

    Salesforce offers to help employees leave in wake of Texas’ restrictive ab0rtion law


    Salesforce told thousands of employees in a Slack message on Friday that if they and their families are concerned about the ability to access repr0ductive care in the wake of Texas’ restrictive new ab0rtion law, the company will help them relocate.

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