Prognostication Season

From HousingWire:

Will the housing market continue its hot streak in 2022?

1. Demand will continue to be strong into 2022.

The first signal we look at to forecast the strength of the housing market is days on market – how fast are homes moving? Right now, we’re seeing a median of 49 days on market and climbing, as it normally does this time of year. A typical December would see market time at 85-100 days, so you can see from the chart that demand is staying elevated later in the year, which is a bullish sign for next year.

Due to the strong seasonal patterns, I predict days on market will hit a low of 21 days in April, tying the record-fast market times from earlier this year.

2. Low inventory will continue to be a major issue.

Unfortunately for all these eager homebuyers, inventory continues to be at record low levels. We are currently at just over 350,000 single-family homes on the market. You can see from this chart that inventory has been on a downward trajectory for years, and recent strong demand has only accelerated this trend. You can also see that it’s normal for inventory to drop at this time of year, but it’s actually declining faster than I expected even a few weeks ago, which indicates that we’ll start 2022 with record- low levels of available inventory, even less than in 2021.

At this point, it looks like we’re going to end the year at just under 300,000 single-family homes for sale. If we’re lucky, we’ll start getting greater inventory in the housing market in February, then it’ll start climbing and be at a more normal curve next year, but we’re still miles away from a normal level, with no indication that we’ll return to our usual million homes anytime soon.

3. Home prices will remain high into 2022.

With demand showing no signs of cooling and record-low inventory, I expect home prices to remain high into next year. The median home price for single family homes this week is $375,000, which is about 10% higher than last year and where we are likely to end the year.

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81 Responses to Prognostication Season

  1. No One says:

    Seem like fairly safe predictions.

  2. Phoenix says:

    The 3 most important things about throwing punches are location, location, location.

    The following happened at an NJ Real Estate Convention in Atlantic City…

  3. Chicago says:

    Anyone have a guess how to pronounce this one? I have no shot.

    T’Qarontarion “TQ” Harrison was stabbed in Minden, KTBS-TV reported.

  4. Fast Eddie says:

    For you F1 fans, a wild finish!

  5. Phoenix says:


    Wasn’t that the name of the second generation picture tube from Sony?

  6. Phoenix says:

    For those Trump supporters, this one is for you. Have to say I’m impressed on his ability to get through to people.
    NSFW, or just about anywhere else.

  7. Hold my beer says:


    That hurt my eyes and ears

  8. Ex says:

    Gorgeous day today, what you might call Perfect.
    Days like this are why people live here. Until mother
    Nature decides to rattle the shit out of us with higher than 8.0
    It’ll remain the destination. Sorry about W KY and the other fatalities
    That cleanup will take a decade.

  9. The Great Pumpkin says:

    “Jobs have never been so secure. Bosses have stopped firing people”

    “If you have a job today, chances have never been better that you can keep it as long as you want.

    There’s been a lot of attention to the “Great Resignation,” the record number of people quitting their jobs amid the pandemic’s upheavals. More than four million workers quit their jobs every month from July through October, according to the latest available data from the US Labor Department. The number of employees voluntarily walking out the door has never topped that mark before.

    But what isn’t getting as much attention is the other end of that spectrum: firings and layoffs have essentially ground to a halt.”

  10. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Cali is a special place. Enjoy, EX.

  11. Fabius Maximus says:

    “Fab. My parents divorced and my mom was a secretary.”
    I have no desire to compare childhoods to see who’s was worse (Spoiler, it was more likely mine). But a few things I did take out of it were:

    You don’t kick the ladder out from those behind you (FU Clarence Thomas)
    There are some that will need help even finding the first rung.
    There are some that will need help climbing, so never stop advocating for them.

  12. Chicago says:

    In the comments “Mariah Karen”

    Phoenix says:
    December 12, 2021 at 10:24 am
    For those Trump supporters, this one is for you. Have to say I’m impressed on his ability to get through to people.
    NSFW, or just about anywhere else.

  13. dentss dunnigan says:

    Foist ….of the day

  14. Juice Box says:

    Bah Humbug!! Fed’s transitory blabber to continue at the FOMC meeting this week. Taper, and raise rates? Hahahahahahahhahahaha!

    Since 2007 US debt has increased from $9 trillion to now $29 trillion. This means in the country’s entire history 70% of its National debt load was added in just the past 14 years.

    All held together by fine faith and credit and artificially low rates….

  15. Juice Box says:

    Do we have another Jimmy Carter on our hands? Biden skipped the presidential tradition of personally attending they Army Navy game in NJ over the weekend due to fear of let’s go Brandon chants….

  16. Old Realtor says:

    Juice, How many presidents and what percentage of total games does it take to qualify as a “presidential tradition”?
    There have been 131 Army Navy games attended by 10 sitting presidents. Total games attended by sitting presidents is 21.

  17. Juice Box says:

    Realtor he had no plans other than to sit in his rocking chair in Delaware, there was no reason to skip other than the off chance his troops would make fun of him. You don’t improve a 43.0% approval rating by hiding from criticism like Jimmy Carter.

  18. Juice Box says:

    Biden < Carter

    Kamala < Dan Quale

    That is where we are today in the approval polls.

  19. BidenIsTheGOAT says:

    Bidens best chance to save his presidency would be to pivot totally on covid.

    Fire and investigate Fauci. Cancel the mandates. Push for total reopening. Back therapeutics.

    Then move on to targeting gas and food prices. He won’t do either.

  20. Old realtor says:

    What isn’t open due to federal mandate?

  21. Fast Eddie says:

    You don’t improve a 43.0% approval rating by hiding from criticism like Jimmy Carter.

    Actually, it’s down to 41% but when you’re one level up from dead, does it really matter?

  22. Juice Box says:

    Speaking of a PR campaign for the President because he is polling so bad..this is a hot topic on this board, how government employees interact with the pubic (usually callously).

    Today President Biden signs an executive order commanding the Federal Government agencies and employees, IRS, TSA, Social Security Agency, FEMA, etc to give a 4 star customer experience……and track it. (My assumption is like Facebook and Youtube there will be no dislikes).

    Official Schedule 1:15 PM

    “The President signs an executive order on delivering the Government services and experience the American people expect and deserve”

  23. Juice Box says:

    Looks like we have some competition on the Crypto front.

    Kazakhstan plans to build nuclear power plant to mine cryptocurrencies and become the #1 mining country again after the USA took first place. They have run out of spare power after many Chinese miners moved there.. They have not had a functional nuclear power plant in over 20 years…what could go wrong?

    Read this in a Borat accent in English..

    “The President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev commented on the prospects for the development of nuclear power in our country, including the construction of an NPP, Trend reports via Kazinform.

    The President of Kazakhstan held a meeting with the representatives of the financial sector in Almaty.

    “The first signs of electricity shortage in Kazakhstan are already being felt. Of course, there is no total deficit. The balance is roughly zero,” the President said.

    “Therefore, as we look into the future, we will have to make an unpopular decision about building a nuclear power plant,” he added.”

  24. Juice Box says:

    Hahaha the took the pics for the Time cover with his new zoomer haircut he claims he gave himself.

  25. Juice Box says:

    Bring on the DOOM…

    “LONDON — U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirmed Monday that at least one patient infected with the new omicron variant of Covid-19 has died in the country.

    “Sadly yes, omicron is producing hospitalizations and sadly at least one patient has been confirmed to have died with omicron,” Johnson told reporters on a visit to a vaccination clinic near Paddington, London, according to Sky News.

    “So I think the idea that this is somehow a milder version of the virus, I think that’s something we need to set on one side and just recognize the sheer pace at which it accelerates through the population. So the best thing we can do is all get our boosters.” he said.

    Earlier on Monday, U.K. Health Secretary Sajid Javid told the BBC that 10 people were currently in hospital after being infected with the omicron variant. Javid said omicron was spreading at a “phenomenal rate” and cases were doubling every few days.”

  26. Fast Eddie says:

    I was chatting with an old friend over the weekend, a solid democrat supporter for years. She said she’s done with the party, thinks their agenda and message is from another planet, totally off the rails and ruining the country. It was her words, not mine.

  27. Grim says:

    One death makes the news?

    Makes me think it’s really not so bad at all.

  28. Juice Box says:

    Headline NEWS…..

    Big NEWS….

    Scary NEWS…

    Get your booster or die NEWS…..

    Thousands dead before Christmas NEWS….

  29. Bystander says:

    Damn, Ed is she thinks they’re crazy, she should see other side – parents giving guns to children and dropping them off to kill people. I’ll take some paid leave and gender equity laws, thanks.

  30. BRT says:

    I’d rather associate with neither of these options.

  31. Phoenix says:

    Elon Musk Time Magazine man of the year.

    Great businessman who America should vote in for President. /s

  32. Phoenix says:

    This her? And by the way, she is actually correct. Both sides have run off the rail, one off to the left sides of the track, the other off the right.

    There is no “normal” or “medial” or “midline” or “center” or “mentally sane” party in America anymore. It’s why you need a third, forth, or fifth until you get a party of “common sense.”

    But it’s not going to happen. So pour a drink of your favorite alcohol, recline on your favorite chair, and watch the show, the one the adults of America created by planting the seeds of greed.

  33. 3b says:

    BRT/Phoenix: Agree on both. The problem with many loyal Dem/Repub supporters is they refuse to acknowledge the madness in both parties today so say your side is worse than mine or I will take this instead of that. Until these people call BS on their parties the rest of us can just sit back and watch. Both parties are awful. Period.

  34. BidenIsTheGOAT says:

    When government starts a program there is no mechanism to end it. how many people were hired by the state to run the covid programs? Hundreds? They aren’t going away willingly.

    Neither are the bureaucrats or pools going to relinquish their emergency powers willingly.

    It’s interesting to observe what a difference there is between states and the effect of judiciary. In Pa they just got down the school mask mandate.

    In nj its upheld. People in nj love the nanny state stuff.

  35. No One says:

    Elon Musk recently said the government should cancel the whole Biden infrastructure and build back better bills. He said the government is spending money like crazy and said the government in general should get out of as many activities as possible, and get better at its real job as impartial referee. That the government shouldn’t subsidize EVs and it shouldn’t subsidize EV charging stations.
    That’s a platform I would vote for.

  36. grim says:

    Dad finally tested negative, was cleared. He’s feeling much better.

    He was double Moderna, no booster, tested positive 6 months to the day from his second shot. Antibodies and steroids. Felt miserable/sick for a solid 3 weeks.

  37. Juice Box says:

    No One – Elon is talking his own book here. The up to $12,500 tax break on buying a union made electric cars that have + 40kwh batty packs made in the USA puts GM’s and Ford’s and Stellantis new electric cars in play. There is also a rule it must be cheaper than $55,000 to qualify..

    Elon also panned the billions for charging stations as he has build his own network already that will only charge TESLA cars and no other brand.

    Senate has yet to vote on Build Back Better Act, but you can bet if it passes GM, Ford etc will have a leg up. In the next three years there will be at least 50 new electric car models from those big three automakers, as they are all building US based battery plants and retooling existing assembly plants and union labor.

  38. Fast Eddie says:

    Regarding these electric vehicles: I thought the democrats wanted to save the planet? Do a little homework on the process to make these batteries, then discarding them and let me know what you find. Shall we toss in the human rights violations as well?

  39. Phoenix says:

    Demand for electricity will go up with all of these cars. Any ramping up of production of such electricity? Still coming from fossil fuels?

    Who gets a cut of the profits at the charging stations? Gas car owners the only ones paying the “road tax” for the repairs?

  40. Phoenix says:

    A couple of rounds placed correctly into the battery and watch those cars go up in flames.
    Won’t be long before someone figures that out.

  41. grim says:

    The wires hanging from the poles across Northern NJ are not sufficient to support a future where there is an electric car in every driveway, a chicken in every electric powered pot, and nothing but forced air heat pumps working off electricity (no gas and oil heat).

    200 amp service is barely adequate, and there are wide swaths of the country where the service infrastructure simply can’t support that kind of draw.

    Doesn’t matter if you can generate it, you can’t deliver it.

  42. Fast Eddie says:


    California loves rolling blackouts. Wait until they have a few million cars thirsty for a charge. And you know terr0rists are going to have a ball plotting this one out. No trains and trucks? What supply line issues? Oh wait, we have backup generators which run on diesel and gasoline. Lol! But.. but, how are we going to generate that electricity in the first place? You can play with these scenarios all day.

  43. grim says:

    Just for reference.

    My 150,000 btu heating boiler – that’s 43,000 watts, that’s 179 amps (of a 200 amp 240v service)

    My on demand hot water heater, 199,000 btu, that’s 58,000 watts, that’s 242 amps (of a 200 amp 240v service)

    My old electric charger was on a 50 amp line, so that’s an additional 50 more.

    Electric clothes dryer another 25 amps.

    I’m at 500 amps, which is 100 amps larger than the largest residential service offered by PSEG (400 amps), which is usually for huge McMansions.

    Haven’t even considered lighting, running the electric cooktop or oven.

    How the *uck do people think the current grid infrastructure is going to support this? Two electric cars? There are tons of houses in North Jersey on a 100 amp line, and we’re talking damn near 800 amps here. The aluminum service line to your house is going to be as thick as your wrist.

    Impossible. What next? Run 3 phase to everyone’s house? If you thought getting rid of lead service lines was an issue, how the *uck is this going to work?

    You are going to have to run high tension lines around every neighborhood, kid flying a kite is at the danger of dying of electrocution. You are talking about running tall poles through every neighborhood, and a huge transformer for every house.

  44. Fabius Maximus says:

    Musk is against EV subsidies, simply because he doesn’t want the government giving his competitors the same support they gave him.

    I was talking to a Tesla Tech over the weekend and he said a few things that raised my eyebrows. The first was that they were shifting a lot of cars out the door, to the point where he is just driving cars around the lot. If the anything goes wrong, even a flat tire is a roadside call out to put on a loaner wheel. Another is that he is regularly shipped out to other dealerships to help with servicing and warranty backlogs.

    I get the feeling that they are growing a little too fast at this point. They need a lot more techs and a lot better Quality Control. I have heard that QC issues from others as well.

  45. Bystander says:

    See slavery, gender repression, anti-gay laws really happened..the bible and Atlas shrugged never happened yet one side has based entire political and economic approach on fictional stories. Hard to inject reason into conversation when their starting view is that we all came from magic/man/rib/woman/snake.

  46. Phoenix says:

    Most appliances are not all on at the same time. If the draw becomes to high, you cycle items just like when you use a small home generator.

  47. grim says:

    Sure, but you are talking about completely rearchitecting how we use electricity.

    Today, none of these systems talk to each other.

    Nor are we talking about the kinds of wattages you would easily support switching on a generator.

  48. Bystander says:

    Speaking of Tesla, I was in my brothers car the other day and he pulled around to take parking space. Car zoomed forward as we pulled in and he jammed on brakes. I thought he was f-in with me. He said that was weird, never happened before. Hmm..think I will wait technology out a bit.

  49. Juice Box says:

    Charging at home is not really the plan, nor is upgrading the power lines to your home, the home chargers today are trickle 120 volts Level 1 systems it takes days to full charge or if you can swing it a 240 volt system Level 2 system.

    The Federal money is to create a huge charging network and change behaviors when headed out on short drives to shopping malls, strip malls and work. When you pull into a spot you plug in while you shop or work pretty much all the time. These will be mostly Level 2 240 volt charging (40amps)perhaps up to 40 miles topped off per hour charged.

    Highway and “gas station” charging will be level 3 Fast DC charging…Not that it’s all that fast 100 amps except for TESLA charging @ 480 volts. They are ahead of the game in this aspect with battery cooling etc.

  50. No One says:

    As Musk said, the government didn’t need to subsidize gas stations, why would they need to subsidize recharging stations.

    Yes, it’s all convenient for him, now that the subsidies are going to his competitors more than him. But he has been in theory an economic libertarian for years, and has seen how bureaucratic and progress-stopping government can be.

  51. Juice Box says:

    Musk is the most rewarded man in modern history, the free markets gave him incredible wealth and then the government gave him many billions to get his car company, space launch and exploration company and satellite internet broadband company off the ground. Now he is man of the year according to Time anyway. He will also be the highest paying taxpayer soon too, but really this is the last guy that should be complaining about government programs, he could not have gotten none of this going in the EU or anywhere else really but the USA.

  52. grim says:

    Owned an electric car.

    Can think of no reason why I would need to charge when not at home. In fact, every single typical use case for me assumed I would start the day on a full charge.

    Any US residential owner is going to have a L2 (240v 40-50a) charger in their house. Never met a single electric car owner that depended on outside charging, nor have I ever met anyone that charged on 110v. I used my 110v charger once, I brought an extension cord with me and charged my car down the shore when I stayed overnight.

    THIS IS THE MAIN BENEFIT. This is why my wife and I argued over who got to drive the electric car, because you always had a full tank, and never needed to stop for gas.

    You are saying I need to go to the shopping mall to charge my car? Why? That’s absurd. Nor do I spend enough time anywhere to actually materially charge while there.

    I commonly parked in the Charger spots at the parking deck at Newark Airport near terminal C.

    Why? Because I’d get the best spots. Plug it in, let it charge for 6 hours, and then my car sits in that parking spot for the rest of the week doing nothing.

    Every charger has a different app requirement, needs to be signed up, paid a different way. F*ck having to figure out what charger exists. I go to the mall, now I need to spend 20 minutes downloading an app, registering, adding credit cards, all before I could even plug my car in. Right.

  53. grim says:

    Public charging stations are the exception case. I see no real scenario that provides cost justification for the millions of dollars of infrastructure necessary to install these in even a single parking lot.

  54. Juice Box says:

    Booohooo no convenience for you…look we are saving the world here, level 2 cost what $3,000 to install one and now you want two at home? MOST mouth breathers in the US will barely be able to afford the electric car even with an 84 month financing plan, they will be happy to charge at Walmart for free…rich costal liberals can just pay someone to drive to a supercharger car for them, there will be an App for that, heck Elon will probably have his cars drive themselves to a supercharger for a monthly subscription fee.

  55. Mike S says:

    friend with 2 vax + booster atleast 2 weeks ago tested positive… i sat next to him for 2+ hours indoors on friday… will get a test on wed to confirm… breakthroughs are real…

  56. BidenIsTheGOAT says:

    Philly decided to go full blown retard. No effective vaccine but they are implementing mandates Left and right, including for public worker and restaurants. That and crime wave through the roof should speed up a lot more people to leave.

  57. Juice Box says:

    NJ taxpayers are already getting milked for charging stations, they just installed chargers in the parking lot by my gym at the strip mall. They got $200,000 from NJ a grant to install a quick charger.

    Here is what NJ is paying companies now to install the equipment, note single family and multifamily are not eligible to apply.

    $4,000 per Level 2 charging port;
    $200,000 per DC Fast Charger location (2 port minimum)

    Here is their application..

    (BTW they lied too Shoprite was moving across the highway at the time as is now gone from the strip mall).

    Biden wanted 15 Billon he only got 7.5 billion you can bet these Level 2 charging stations will be popping up everywhere.

  58. Juice Box says:

    Grim – It’s an easy $3,000 in NJ perhaps more. Don’t you live in a one story bungalow, that would make it a straight run in your basement from the breaker box for the line. I bet you did not run 240 v yourself….You have to be real manly to do that…

    Can the average NJ homeowner find an electrician to pull conduit with no more than two 90 degree bends and then install a new breaker box in the garage with the 240 volt lines to the his and hers chargers in the garage for under $2,500? Then hire a handyman to patch and fix and paint all the holes they cut to do it for under an additional $1000?

    It will be pricey for that POS cape with the detached garage or some Joisey palace with electrical service on the other side of the house.

  59. Juice Box says:

    JPM says EVgo stock will pop.. 3.2 Billion valuation another SPAC with thin revenues.

  60. grim says:

    Oh, I posted that because I liked the company name.

    Agree, installation is not always easy, nor is it cheap.

    Me? I added a NEMA 14-50 NEMA outlet directly next to my panel, and my L2 charger plugs right into the panel. Easy because the panel is right next to the car.

    It was 15 minutes work. That said, Honda America paid for it. I can thank Stu for that.

  61. grim says:

    Plenty of POS capes and ranches in Bergen County that still have 100 amp service.

    Tack on another $5000-7500 to upgrade the service and panel before you even get started on thinking about an L2 charger.

    Hell, with inflation now, it’s probably up to $10k.

  62. Hold my beer says:

    Just get a Tesla roof and you’re all set.

  63. joyce says:

    Absolutely, I agree. If he was opposed to subsidies in his ideology, he would have said something years ago.

    Fabius Maximus says:
    December 13, 2021 at 11:46 am
    Musk is against EV subsidies, simply because he doesn’t want the government giving his competitors the same support they gave him.

  64. chicagofinance says:

    Sounds like the revenge of jj…..

    grim says:
    December 13, 2021 at 11:39 am
    Doesn’t matter if you can generate it, you can’t deliver it.

  65. JCer says:

    Musk is against “these” subsidies because they only go to the big 3 us automakers which puts him at a disadvantage and his charging network is a strategic advantage for his company. Basically the BBB plan gives funding and help to his competitors to the detriment of his company. That being said all of his competitors had the same opportunity to take advantage of the existing subsidies but no one else was willing to take the risk. Basically the government is punishing the success it pushed for with the first set of subsidies. It’s a pipe dream there will not be 2 electric cars in every driveway between the cost and required infrastructure maybe people will buy one.

    The electrification of home heating is just dumb, I have 400k btu it simply wouldn’t be possible to provide that kind of power via electric, on a cold day all of the large old houses around me would draw so much power unless we had some nukes we would overwhelm the grid even if there were sufficient distribution capacity.

  66. Libturd says:

    Just back from Vegas.

    My comments on a few things.

    “Mariah Karen” – friggin hilarious.

    Elon Musk – complete clown. When I went to Willowbrook last week there were non-electric cars parked in the spots reserved for electric cars. Tesla’s might be more unreliable than Range Rover. That’s quite an accomplishment. Consumer Reports doesn’t test them, but word on the street is pretty horrific. Musk is the king of subsidies. He’s the king of the subsidy and for marketing EVs to the world. Meanwhile, how is the electricity generated for your home? If you live in NJ, the vast majority of your electricity is non-renewable. Then there’s the dirty mining for the heavy metals needed for the batteries. There is still no sane disposal method. The cars cost a bloody fortune and IMO, they are butt ugly. Plus there is constant range anxiety. I just don’t understand the demand? Though I look forward to how cheap gasoline will become when everyone decides to pollute the environment in their electric cars. I laugh at the rich guys reading their smart phones for 45 minutes at charging stations.

    Vegas – Holy mask compliancy. Not sure why, but most people are sold on them. Even though their seasonal peak has barely even started. As usual, Jet Blue was friggin great going out. United is an oversized piece of garbage flying back. I didn’t have to pay for the ticket (casin0 picked it up), but return was $300 (including upgrade to emergency row). WIFI on plane was broken. Seat base was incredibly tiny and was as soft as a church pew. My ass was killing me. Even the charger between seats was broken. Every single seat sold on a 6:00am departure. Bathrooms in terminal C are disgusting. But laughed as I walked by a dumpling bar. I had to wait ten minutes for a Lyft. So many people were stopped waiting for passengers that weren’t there that it was taking 15 minutes for cars just to pull into the pick up area. I’m so glad my taxes are paying for so many cops who are doing nothing but writing speeding tickets.

    BRT – On preventing virus spread through vaccination use, my sources constantly differ from your view. Today in Katelyn Jetelina, Your Local Epidemiologist’s blog,

    Vaccine Effectiveness

    We now have 8 lab studies all largely saying the same thing: Omicron significantly reduces the number of neutralizing antibodies from a 2-dose mRNA series compared to previous variants.

    Importantly, a “reduction in neutralizing antibodies” is not the same thing as “reduction in vaccine effectiveness”. This is because immune systems are adaptive and diverse thanks to other types of antibodies, B-cells (antibody factories), and T-cells (secondary line of defense). So it’s important to look at other data too.

    In the UK, we got our first glimpse of “real world” vaccine effectiveness against Omicron. On Friday, the UK Health Security Agency released a comprehensive report in which they compared 56,439 cases of Delta to 581 cases of Omicron from Nov 27 to Dec 6, 2021. Vaccine effectiveness against Omicron infection was 30-40% after two shots of Pfizer. After a booster, effectiveness increased to 70-80%. This is nothing short of phenomenal. ***This also probably means that boosters continue to reduce viral transmission.***

  67. The Great Pumpkin says:

    “There is no region in the country that benefits more from the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act than North Jersey. Completing the Gateway Tunnel Project will fuel New Jersey’s economy into the future.”

  68. The Great Pumpkin says:

    “This is probably the most bifurcated market I have ever seen in my 38-years trading. You have a long list of stocks that are down anywhere between 40-80% but the S&P 500 is less than 1% from an all-time high. As participation narrows it’s more and more of a stock pickers market.”

  69. BoomerRemover says:

    “Why? Because I’d get the best spots. Plug it in, let it charge for 6 hours, and then my car sits in that parking spot for the rest of the week doing nothing.”

    This is a pretty d1ck thing to do. No?

    Though as a fellow EV owner, I agree that each day pretty much starts with a full charge and so I can’t think who would actually need that spot.

  70. BoomerRemover says:

    “Charging at home is not really the plan, nor is upgrading the power lines to your home, the home chargers today are trickle 120 volts Level 1 systems it takes days to full charge or if you can swing it a 240 volt system Level 2 system.”

    I don’t know of anyone who runs a trickle charger at home. I sold my old Bosch charger to a guy who planned on running extension cords out of a basement window and to the curb.

    In Edgewater, I regularly see Teslas belonging to condo dwellers plugged into the L2 chargers at Veterans Field Park.

    L1 trickle chargers are provided with cars but when the government picked up 2/3rds of your cost to purchase and install, why wouldn’t you go L2?

  71. Juice Box says:

    If you have 200 amp or 400 amp service in or near the garage, then sure install level 2 charger(s). A Tesla will draw max 40 amps charging if you are using Level 2 on a 50 amp circuit breaker, and get you a recharge rate of about 25 miles per hour charged. As Grim mentioned it requires an upgrade for many old homes in NJ from 100 AMP service, which can be expensive especially if you have to dig or run new conduit from one side of the home to another to out to a detached garage. Imagine two cars charging at home with his and hers chargers, you are now drawing 80 AMPs not much left for anything else. Whole point is, it’s expensive to rewire old homes. Newly built homes could require a new standard 400 AMP or higher standard from the utilities especially if your children will be getting electric cars too, imagine drawing 200 AMPS a night just for charging? And the local grid itself? Well they spent lots of Sandy money beefing it up, so it’s somewhat better, but NIMBY we shot down the proposed high voltage transmission lines running down the NJ Train tracks by us as part of PJM interconnect regional transmission. Going to need allot of additional high voltage lines as well as local substation upgrades and local power line upgrades to support 2,3 or even 4 electric cars charging in every driveway. No worries they can spin up dozens on new GE natural gas turbine generators in NJ. They are all over the Turnpike from Exit 11 to Exit 14. Sewaren plant in Woodbridge, Linden Co Gen. NJ even has a bunch of Peaker plants 15 gas and oil fired ones around the state. YES OIL! Will need a few more, well at least until the offshore wind is complete…

    Estimates are in the hundreds of billions for the USA grid and power generation upgrades… No problemo we can just tack it on the the build back better part deux bill.

  72. Grim says:

    Am I supposed to fly back just to move my car out of the spot? It’s airport parking!

    The real dick move was the 6 spots they installed for all of terminal c.

    No, scratch that, it was the 3 plug in hybrids that were always parked there.

  73. Ex says:

    $375,ooo median price? Double that and you can buy a starter home in SoCal

  74. Fabius Maximus says:


    Make them Valet use only or Standing Only/ No Parking. If you need a charge, you sit there. Otherwise pay Valet to have it fully charged on your return.

    I think the problem with your Honda and why I passed on buying one is that it had a very limited range. If your commute is only 10 miles, its fine even in the Winter. Beyond that you are looking to charge somewhere to get home.

    Lots of places are now fining you if you are in the spot and not charging. It will get to a point where they will overcharge you float charge, to get you off the spot. Up in this area most of the small malls have 2-4 chargers. I cant see to get onto most of them as there are a lot of Porsche Taycans taking the spots.

  75. Fabius Maximus a says:

    Public School funding is turning into Squid Games.

  76. BRT says:

    Lib, I think it’s too early to say how effective things are against Omicron variant. We need more data to draw conclusions. Here’s some anecdotal data. I work in a town where 97% of the population, including the high school, is vaccinated. We jumped from a high of 4 cases over a 2 week period this year to 24 this past 2 weeks. All of these kids are vaccinated and getting it. Most of them were vaccinated in May/June. 3rd boosters haven’t been around long enough for data collection. What I can tell you is that I’ve definitely breathed it in last week, on multiple occasions. And I actually do have a mild sore throat right now. However, I think that was another sickness that my daughter gave me. Both she and I still are testing negative.

  77. BRT says:

    Am I supposed to fly back just to move my car out of the spot? It’s airport parking!

    Don’t worry, it will autonomously do this for you by next year.

  78. Phoenix says:

    Better than PPV. At least it’s real.

  79. Hold my beer says:

    Phoenix. I feel so thin after watching that video.

    Had to take one of my kids to the pediatrician yesterday. We were standing in the hallway outside the office waiting for a room to be cleaned and wearing kf94 masks. A woman walked past carrying a 8 month old baby and we could smell baby sh!t through a kf94 mask. We then got stuck in the room for 90 minutes. I always feel grimy after a pediatrician visit, but since Covid I get the urge to go home and burn my clothes. Nasty. I did throw out that mask.

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