“How high is too high?”

From CNBC:

Sales of newly built homes tank as affordability hits buyers

At some point the price is just too high. That may be increasingly the case for potential buyers of newly built single-family homes.

Sales of those homes in November came in well below analysts expectations, down 14% from a year ago. And October’s sales numbers were revised to the lowest level since the start of the pandemic, according to the U.S. Census Bureau count.  

Despite slowing sales and rising mortgage rates, the median price of newly built homes sold in November rose nearly 19% from November 2020. This came even as the supply of new homes rose. That rising inventory should push prices down, observers say. However, with inventory in existing homes historically low, prices in newly built homes are continuing to jump. The question for now is, how high is too high?

“A hefty correction appears to be due, but the rapid increases in existing home prices — inventory in that market is only one-third the level in the new home market, relative to sales — is putting extra upward pressure on new home prices,” wrote Ian Shepherdson, chief economist at Pantheon Macroeconomics in a note to investors. 

Prices for existing homes sold in November were up just over 13% year over year, a slight increase from the annual gain in October, according to the National Association of Realtors.

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  1. Hold my beer says:


  2. Old realtor says:

    You know when your mouth a-getting dry
    You’re plenty high

  3. The Great Pumpkin says:

    I just don’t understand how there can be a major correction when demand outstrips supply by a mile. Everyone just going to decide to abandon housing? How long have they been saying this about Canada’s market?

    What’s interesting too about America’s market is that they have quickly destroyed all markets that were once cheap. There is nothing cheap in America. When middle of nowhere Idaho is commanding SF pricing in its limited desirable locations, there is nothing left that is cheap. Nothing.

    That’s why I would stick to places that have always been desirable. Big risk in going to buy in areas that have run up 200% in the last 10 years. You guys will laugh, but north jersey is prob one of the safest locations to buy right now. We didn’t have a huge run up in pricing as compared to most of America. Why would you run and pay 500k for a starter home in Carolina when you could do the same in nj that is part of an economy that offers way more economic opportunities?

    Let’s face it. Most of the “cheap” locations went up in pricing not due to economic expansion of said area, but because boomers drove up the pricing. Texas is due to economic expansion, but these other areas, simply running off the tailwinds of boomers coming and buying new “cheap” housing that is no longer cheap. Once all these construction jobs leave, what does someone do to earn in these locations with lots of housing and no industry. Vast parts of the country offer only service based jobs and business opportunities.

    Just my opinion. Maybe I’m looking at it wrong, but this is what I see.

  4. Chi in Ann Arbor says:

    Billboards around Chicago for cannabis dispensary chain. Tag line – get baked by the lake

    Old realtor says:
    December 26, 2021 at 7:40 am
    You know when your mouth a-getting dry
    You’re plenty high

  5. Fast Eddie says:

    Got my booster yesterday and proceeded to go on a 5 mile hike through the Ramapo Mountains, returned home, but together an 84 inch high bookcase/display case and not a smidge of effect from the shot. Same goes for the 1st two. I wanna say I can’t remember the last time I even had a cold so I’ll knock wood as I type this to ward off any potential jinx.

    On a side note, I hope all you rock mavens had a Merry Christmas and to my rock maven Jewish brethren, I hope dinner at ‘Bo’ Ling Chop Suey Palace’ and the trip to the theater was spot on!

  6. Phoenix says:

    Divirgilio is a former NYPD cop

  7. crushednjmillenial says:

    Gerrymandered new congressional districts . . .

    I was hoping we would have gotten more-compact districts, but the D map was more gerrymandered than our last map and that was the map that was approved. I don’t mean to be partisan – rather, my point is that I would have thought that the D’s could have made easier districts for Gottheimer, Sherrill, and Kim while ALSO making all districts around the state more compact.

    New map:

    Article re same:


  8. crushednjmillenial says:

    Pascrell says he is going to run again in 2022
    Sires is retiring and Sen. Menendez’s son will take over that seat in 2022

    ^my complaints re the new districts:

    -unreasonable that the 9th reaches small parts of Hudson
    -that the 8th includes parts of Union
    -that the 10th includes parts of Hudson
    -that the 11th stretchs into Eastern Essex
    -that the 12th includes parts of Union

    -South NJ districts are ok, except the 3rd is a little weird this time around so I hope in 10 years they keep it more toward the western side of the state

  9. Phoenix says:

    Just move from NJ if you can. One horse tooth Governor will be replaced with the same thing, money grubbing here is never going to stop.

  10. B Bubble Burst says:


    You are such a fool. The way you continually embarrass yourself, have you no self-respect?

    In this case, your strange devotion to Cathie Woods. The way you keep saying she is the only one capable of understanding and investing in “disruptive” companies. As if she has a patent on it and everyone else has to stay away.

    How about iSHARES EXPONENTIAL TECH ETF (XT). Let’s compare it to ARKK:

    XT YTD +15.6%
    ARKK YTD -21.1%

    Without even factoring in the higher expense ratio Woods extracts, if you had invested in XT this year instead of ARKK you would have 31% more money.

    Maybe you don’t like the iSHARES portfolio manager because he/she doesn’t wear nerdy glasses, or doesn’t hire former baristas and artists as analysts? How could anyone else possibly understand new technologies?

    Based on what you reveal of your many psychological issues, I can only surmise that you fantasize about Woods leading you around on a leash and patting you on the head for investing in her funds, and saying “good boy”. I imagine this is similar to the way your alpha wife treats you.

    You really need to get professional help, and try to build back some semblance of dignity.

  11. The Great Pumpkin says:


    Come make a call on wage inflation, housing market, and overall economy 8 years out…then come talk to me.

    “How about iSHARES EXPONENTIAL TECH ETF (XT). Let’s compare it to ARKK:

    XT YTD +15.6%
    ARKK YTD -21.1%”

    If a fund’s strategy is to invest in long term disruptive tech trends (aka high growth stocks) and they made money this year, they are not really following said strategy. Why don’t you compare their performance since 2015? Why only go one year out?

  12. 3b says:

    Pumps: Just so it’s clear I am not B Bubble Burst.

  13. 3b says:

    I saw Harris on Face the Nation; she was absolutely horrible. They should have kept her hidden. She was absolutely awful!

  14. The Great Pumpkin says:


    5 year return for your fund…158%

    5 year return on arkk…368%. And that’s including the past year in the red. You do the math. Keep playing the short term game, and I will stick to the long term proven winner.

  15. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Oops…387% for arkk five year and 148% for the fund you mentioned.

  16. Fast Eddie says:

    I saw Harris on Face the Nation; she was absolutely horrible. They should have kept her hidden. She was absolutely awful!

    I think O’Biden, even in his limited capacity, probably can’t stomach her.

  17. A jealous Libturd says:

    I am not B Bubble Burst.

    But I wish I was.

  18. BidenIsTheGOAT says:

    Malinowski was sacrificed to strengthen the other competitive seats. He was caught shorting stocks before covid broke and was likely to get booted anyway.

    They’ll buy him off with a phony party title or some other grifter position.

    The gerrymandering was a given, my problem is with the overall award of the seats. Nj loses 500k people to other states over the past 10 years and back fills with illegals so they maintain the same number. Nothing like creating perverse incentives to keep flooding the place with open borders.

  19. Juice Box says:

    Had an interesting convo with a wealthy family member at our Christmas party who is a bundler and raised allot over the years for the democrats, he said Biden won’t be running for re-election for sure. This guy is as plugged in as it’s gets. He also hates Kamala, never heard him say that about any politician in 20
    Years of knowing him. He also hates far the left side of the party, and what they have done recently, and wishes the centrists take back control and silence them.

  20. Bystander says:


    He should look at far right then left looks like a minor bad hair day. Talked a party hijacked by lunatics.

  21. Ex says:

    Biden’s a fukcing Joke. So is Clowngress. What else is new? Same exact shit different day. Unfortunately it opens the door to fascists.

  22. No One says:

    It’s hilarious to see someone brag about the outperformance of a fund based entirely on the period from before they actually bought it. Any moron can chase past performance. And they do.

  23. The Great Pumpkin says:

    No one,

    I believe in investing in disruptive trends. Simple as that. This is not about chasing past returns, this is about investing in innovation.

  24. The Great Pumpkin says:

    When investing in this type of field, you have to ignore the noise. How many times did the know it alls bash crypto and Tesla? These same idiots bashed amazon and apple. They have no stomach or vision for investing in the future. They need to stick to value investing.

  25. The Great Pumpkin says:

    If only they were open minded, they could have got rich off of crypto or tesla. Spent so much useless energy bashing it, when they could have sucked it up, and own that they are wrong. Too bad, they are much too close minded.

  26. crushednjmillenial says:

    Juice at 3:04 . . .

    So, what’s he see as the primary battle for 2024 on the D side. Kamala v. Pete?

    I personally believe that if either Kamala or Pete is the candidate, the D’s will go down in Carter 1980 fashion.

    Kamala has well-noted weaknesses – volumes have been written. Just a bad politician with respect to the public. Seems to be great in back rooms with the party powerbrokers, though.

    Pete – first of all, nothing great there. Mostly, he is a generic and inauthentic politician and it feels like everything that he says is poll-tested. Well-publicized failures as Transportation Secretary out on paternity leave during ports/supply chain crisis. Frankly and ultimately, I doubt the US is ready to elect a non-hetero President in 2024. Maybe it would be possible with the right candidate in like 2036 or 2040.

  27. Juice Box says:

    Crushed – He actually likes Governor Andrew Beshear, hates Kamala and does not think much of Pete either. He was a Bloomberg backer last time, so who knows where we will be in 1000 days when the Democratic primaries end in Sept 2024.

  28. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Bloomberg was always the smart choice. Sad it didn’t happen.

  29. Chi in Canton says:

    On one tank of gas covered parts of Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Ohio.

  30. Libturd says:

    What are you driving? A Hess Truck?

  31. Lutherrer says:

    Order Microsoft Exchange Server

    [url=https://www.whatisfileextension.com/pt/mdf/] Order Microsoft Exchange Server [/url]

  32. BRT says:

    Lib, he must be driving downhill the entire time.

  33. Juice Box says:

    Worst part of that drive might be the soundtrack, at least let the kids choose a few tunes. Drive safe our Queens boy..

  34. Hold my beer says:


    To get that far on one tank must be driving a a Tesla/s

  35. grim says:

    Funny, both my wife and I had a sore throat for 2 days right before Christmas.

    We both tasted negative on a home rapid test, multiple times. We were exposed to someone who was positive the weekend prior.

  36. Phoenix says:

    Democrat Scum. Good cop hypocrite.

    Vermont Democratic Rep. Peter Welch says he and his wife will stop trading in stocks after report showed they’d sold $6,000 in ExxonMobil shares days before climate hearing

    Welch was one week late in disclosing his wife’s sale of $6,238 worth of shares of ExxonMobil in September, violating the bill he himself co-sponsored years ago
    ‘Rep. Welch has decided to no longer own individual stocks,’ the congressman’s communications director Arianna Jones said

    Welch has made such a promise before, but this time his office said the pledge applies to his wife

    Welch said he learned of his wife’s Exxon trade just before the lawmaker grilled Exxon’s CEO Darren Woods during a House Committee on Oversight and Reform

  37. BidenIsTheGOAT says:

    The left was duped. They used to defend bodily autonomy as a right. They’ve ceded the ground. For Joe Biden and the pharma companies? I don’t mind not being on that side.

  38. Phoenix says:


    Tesla’s don’t have tanks.

    Tesla’s don’t use gas.

    A hybrid perhaps, but not a Tesla.

  39. Phoenix says:

    This is how you know he is a slimy Boomer/greatest:

    “Welch has made such a promise before, but this time his office said the pledge applies to his wife”

    Haha. Skirting his own law. But don’t worry, he won’t be convicted. No penalty, no crime, right??

    America doesn’t seem to be a country where you should play by the rules, it appears you should break them, lie, deceive, use treachery to get anything and everything that you want.

    Being an honest, hard working, moral, law abiding citizen in America puts you at a severe disadvantage doesn’t it?

    Children, respect your elders. (Haha) Learn from them, watch them very carefully. Janus faced.

  40. BidenIsTheGOAT says:

    6k isn’t much. Malinowski was short millions when he was shooting stick in the early covid phase.

  41. Phoenix says:

    Did you get tested for strep? Less likely in older people, but can happen.

    Many things cause sore throats. Had ’em way before Covid.

  42. Phoenix says:

    6k isn’t much.

    Tell that to the guy who was asphyxiated over a “possible” fake twenty dollar bill.

  43. Phoenix says:

    Its only 300 miles from Bristol, Wisconsin to Toledo, Ohio.

    A Prius can do that with ease.

    “Additionally, the 2020 Toyota Prius features an 11.3-gallon fuel tank. With this tank size, the 2020 Toyota Prius is able to travel up to 655.4 miles in the city and 598.9 miles on the highway”

  44. Phoenix says:

    5 tanks to California, or roughly 150.00 to drive a Prius cross country.

    Tesla even less. It’s an option if you have free time. No freaky Raider Ex Cheerleaders punching you or spitting on you like this freak. What happens when you are used to getting everything that you want.

    Of course she will make herself look beautiful at her hearing, claim to be the victim of something, and get a minimum fine and no jail time.


  45. Adventure capitalism says:

    The problem with Ponzis


    Be careful with the Ponzi sector, Peloton down 75% may sound like a bargain, but it isnt.

    Many Ponzi sectors names have no core business. They are just blatant grifts meant to enrich insiders. The shares are the actual product. Once insiders finish dumping their shares to ARKK, they will step away, long before the bankruptcy.

  46. BRT says:

    while congress should be banned from trading individual stocks they legislate on, this is kind of a joke. $6000 in XOM? What was he going to make, a few hundred on a swing? Nancy Pelosi’s husband buys millions of dollars in call options prior to meetings.

  47. Phoenix says:

    “Welch has made such a promise before,

    In other words, he lied. Or by using his wife, he deceived.

    Either way, a hypocrite.

    And to some people, a “few hundred” guaranteed ( insider trade earned) dollars means plenty.

    Anyone who condones this is a criminal themselves, or is okay with criminal behavior.

  48. Phoenix says:

    Most Americans seem to be quite comfortable with some level of criminal behavior.

    Maybe they prefer white collar, where it’s okay for the rich, but the poor don’t get to play.

    So stealing some stock money is perfectly fine and acceptable, but walking out of Home Depot with a handful of tools worth the same amount is vile and needs to be prosecuted with the full extent of the law.

    Dollar value is the same, so why such a different perspective on the crime?

    Is it a class thing?

  49. The Great Pumpkin says:

    The ark haters are just like the antivax clowns, try to find anything to bash.

    If you understand the ark investment strategy, you will understand that it is a high risk strategy. If you think every company they invest in will be a winner, then you don’t understand the strategy. Chasing high rewards comes with high risk.

    Adventure capitalism says:
    December 28, 2021 at 9:04 am
    The problem with Ponzis


    Be careful with the Ponzi sector, Peloton down 75% may sound like a bargain, but it isnt.

    Many Ponzi sectors names have no core business. They are just blatant grifts meant to enrich insiders. The shares are the actual product. Once insiders finish dumping their shares to ARKK, they will step away, long before the bankruptcy.

  50. Old realtor says:

    More disingenuous nonsense. You don’t use any products made by big pharma?

    Who is dumb enough to make ending abortion their primary political litmus test and then adopt a slogan, “my body, my choice” about a vaccine?

    BidenIsTheGOAT says:
    December 28, 2021 at 8:36 am
    The left was duped. They used to defend bodily autonomy as a right. They’ve ceded the ground. For Joe Biden and the pharma companies? I don’t mind not being on that side.

  51. Bystander says:

    Thanks Joe..a strong and commanding leader who stares down evil and makes them blink. No blue pills for Joe. A strong American erection you could hang our flag on…the world is scared of our might. “My country tis of thee..”

    “Russia withdraws 10,000 troops from Ukrainian border ahead of planned negotiations next month”

  52. Ex says:

    Two thousand miles separate Berkeley from Ferguson, Missouri, but the two cities have a connection, nonetheless.

    Ferguson jumped into the national spotlight in August 2014, when black 18-year-old Michael Brown was shot and killed by white 28-year-old police officer Darren Wilson. In the week of protests that followed, one of the key complaints of the citizens of Ferguson — most of them are black — was how the city funded itself and its police force.

    Traffic and parking tickets, as well as court fines and fees, that often targeted the black population accounted for more than 10 percent of the city’s revenue. When a fine wasn’t paid, interest and penalties could be added. Arrests were made. Those who could least afford to pay often found themselves in a seemingly endless cycle of debt and jail.

    In California, the Senate recently passed SB 144, the Families Over Fees Act. Some of the same issues about fines and fees that plagued Ferguson also are part of California’s legal landscape. The bill, introduced by Sen. Holly Mitchell of Los Angeles, was chiefly written by the Debt Free Justice California coalition with technical support from the Policy Advocacy Clinic, both part of Berkeley Law’s East Bay Community Law Center (EBCLC).

    The bill would end assessment and collection of administrative fees imposed against people in the criminal justice system. By doing so, it would reduce the economic hardships caused by court-ordered debt.

  53. Ex says:

    Face it folks, the USA is circling the drain. Desperate for money at a local level and willing to enslave the very people who live in these towns to find their endless cycle of incompetence and greed. Welcome to Murica. Happy New Years….

  54. Ex says:


    But you get the picture.

    Just finished the first three seasons of Yellowstone. A mellow-drama western themed soap opera. Oh Kevin….tsk tsk tsk

    Good music though. Great scenes of horsemanship.

  55. BidenIsTheGOAT says:

    My point was that this covid shot was a bad issue to cede the ground the left used to claim over defending bodily autonomy. Stripping people livelihood because they refuse to have a near worthless shot(in msny or most cases) put in their bodies.

    That’s what the left has become. It gave Biden a very short bump in approval and is now turning the other way. They got played.

  56. Phoenix says:

    Gotta fund those Teacher pensions:

    ” Desperate for money at a local level and willing to enslave the very people who live in these towns to find their endless cycle of incompetence and greed.”

  57. 3b says:

    My wife rested positive for Covid, confirmed yesterday with pcr test. We have been sick since last Tuesday or Wednesday. Major unbelievable fatigue, muscle aches, migraine like headaches, congestion/ runny noses, and for me major stomach cramps and no appetite. Basically sleeping 12 hours a day. Xmas was a bust. I have an appointment for a pcr test tomorrow.

  58. Phoenix says:


    What is the American obsession with the horse? Either it’s those who gamble, but they would gamble on other things anyway, or it’s the whole elitist cult behind it.

    It’s a sport that keeps the “riff raff” out as you need money to play that game.

  59. Phoenix says:

    “Face it folks, the USA is circling the drain.”

    Let’s all go to Costa Rica!

    At least your kid won’t get shot with an assault rifle by the cops while trying on a dress.

  60. Phoenix says:

    Hope you and the family get well.

  61. 3b says:

    Phoenix: Thanks. People can have the flu too and Covid at the same time, so that’s another layer.

  62. 3b says:

    We tried watching Yellowstone, found it boring.

  63. Libturd says:

    “Worst part of that drive might be the soundtrack,”

    I wonder if Depeche Mode sounds like to their kids what Engelbart Humperdinck sounded like to me?

  64. Phoenix says:

    Yellowstone is the western equivalent of the Sopranos.

    They get away with murdering people they don’t like, get things covered up, etc.

    Those Buckle Bunnies though…

  65. Hold my beer says:


    Hope you and your wife recover quickly

    I’ve no interest in watching anything that has Costner or a Baldwin brother in it with t eh exception of reruns of Homicide life on the street.

  66. NJCoast says:

    3b I hope you and your wife get well soon.
    My 10 month old grandson just tested positive. Fever and generally uncomfortable. Hopefully he got some antibodies nursing from his vaxxed and boosted mom. His 4 yr old brother is over his symptoms. So far their parents are negative. I’m just laying low taking it easy, I have no place I have to be.

  67. The Great Pumpkin says:


    Get well. My daughter has a 103.4 fever being controlled by tylenol. Going to get tested today. My daughter is not vaccinated.

  68. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Yellowstone is a very good series that starts off slow. Saw the first 3 episodes of 1883 and so far really good.

  69. 3b says:

    Pumps: Thank you. The fatigue from this is no joke.

  70. Juice Box says:

    Planning on renting a car and driving 1200 miles home if our flight gets cancelled tomorrow, yesterday’s flight went out this morning delayed 12 hours, hoping more flights don’t get cancelled etc flying into Newark on United. Prius is all rented out, best I can find is a Chevy Malibu, no SUVs available anywhere. Amtrack thru Chicago is $800 a ticket coach and crazy amount for a sleeper cabin, never taken Amtrak and at that price don’t want too for a 33 hour train ride into NYC.

  71. Juice Box says:

    3B – sorry to hear that the Rona finally got you and your wife, feel better soon. Binge watch Cobra Kai on Netflix, season 4 starts on Dec 31st.

  72. Phoenix says:

    Hope your kid gets better soon.

  73. Juice Box says:

    PUMPs sorry to hear your daughter is not feeling well either, hope she recovers soon.

  74. Phoenix says:

    no SUVs available anywhere.

    Behind every shortage there is a Harvard educated cheapskate efficiency cretin that, in the quest for the almighty dollar, never prepared for the worst case scenario in anything.

    The calculator dweeb that ventures out into the desert with just enough gas and only 2 bottles of water.

  75. 3b says:

    Nj Coast: Thanks. This thing really knocks you. Both of us vaccinated but as shown that die not mean you won’t get it. The symptoms seem to cycle through on the days , one day major headaches, then the next stomach cramps, than back to headaches then congestion and so on. We are just taking it easy. Glad your family is Ok.

  76. Libturd says:

    “America doesn’t seem to be a country where you should play by the rules, it appears you should break them, lie, deceive, use treachery to get anything and everything that you want.

    Being an honest, hard working, moral, law abiding citizen in America puts you at a severe disadvantage doesn’t it?”

    In 2008, I learned this the hard way. As I realized that I was the only person who stupidly put down 20% on his home mortgage in 2004. I would say at least half and probably more put down 5% or less. And what did they get for it? Many, three years without having to pay for their mortgage. Some more. Everyone bailed out one way or another. Our criminal senators and congressman and much of their support staff, need not worry as they were taken care of with no cost, no interest loans. And the criminal mortgage companies who enabled it did not even get fined. Didn’t even need to put these rotting asset on their books. This is when I first realized that our country is corrupt to the bone. 99% of politicians from the president to your local town councilor is in it for only one reason. To enrich themselves. They lie with impunity and commit crimes with immunity.

    You can laugh at my choice to move to Costa Rica. I continue to research it at least ten hours per week so I do not commit any major rookie errors. But even if I fukc up. No one down there is pushing you in front of subway trains or holding you up by gunpoint. Violent crime is extremely low. Even their corrupt politicians are run up the flagpole and everyone is out to help each other (and nature) not take advantage of each other. It’s the happiest place on earth due to this.

    I remember our driver who took ExPat and me back to the airport for our sad return back to the land of the supposedly free. He was the father of the AirBNB owner who rented us their beautiful home for our last night of Pura Vida. He lived on the property as well, probably to make sure there wasn’t any funny business. The entire 20 minute drive back to the airport, he poked fun at us Americans. He was saying stuff like, America spends so much on fighting wars against non-enemies that they can’t even feed their own people. So I look it up. Costa Rica’s poverty rate is lower than in the US. I say, well what happens when Nicaragua invades you. After all, they are a country rife with a history of coups and military dictatorship. He says, why would they invade? Probably a quarter of their population lives here already. They can’t even feed their own people since they waste so much on guns and militia. What would they want with us? It’s just more mouths to feed. And even if they did? So we go on with our lives as Nicaraguans. The last thing they would want us to do would be to change what we are doing. We are the most economically successful country in Central America and we do it without destroying our environment. Unlike you stupid Americans who burn fuel to generate electricity and pollute our country doing so. He then points out that every single kilowatt of electricity in Costa Rica is generated by nature. No non-renewable resources. He said, what’s America up to? 10%? Great country you have there. You can’t feed your people, you destroy nature and you are a military killing machine like no other in the world. I asked him how he knew all this, especially considering his ripe old age (he must have been in his 70s). He said he went to college in America like many professionals in Central America. He said, that is the one thing you do right. Of course, it’s too expensive for us now, but back then, it was a bargain. ExPat and I told him why we were down there and he started laughing. He said, either you two were the most masculine fat gay couple he had ever known, or he could tell we had an interest in moving down which he said was his more likely thought since he watched us in the pool and clearly showed no signs of affection for each other. For beer, we had a love affair.

    We laughed and he told us to look him up when we retired. I said, you will be lucky to be alive. He then said, that’s another thing. Our life expectancy is much, much longer than yours and growing. I’ll be here long after you fat guys are. He was right about ExPat. I’m about to head upstairs to do another Peloton bootcamp.

    Happy New Year people. Stay the “F” inside. Can’t wait to see the number on Wednesday. Everyone thinks the spike is over due to the low numbers reported since Xmas. Ha.

  77. 3b says:

    Pumps: Hope your Daughter is feeling better soon.

  78. 3b says:

    Juice: Thanks. Could be worse, not complaining. Thanks for the heads up on Netflix, will check it out. Safe travels home.

  79. Grim says:

    Hope y’all feel better soon. Omicron wage not sparing the Njrerrport crew.

  80. Libturd says:

    Hope all the infected heal quickly and painlessly. Except for those who think like Goat. We are better off without those selfish, lie-spreading, cretins.

  81. Juice Box says:

    Do we hear before Monday that school will be remote? Governor Murphy will be back from Costa Rica Thursday.My contingency plan C is to stay put another week if it gets worse flights are cancelled and school is remote next week.

  82. Juice Box says:

    GRIM – re: sore throat

    Tweet from an ER doc..

    Every patient I’ve seen with Covid that’s had a 3rd ‘booster’ dose has had mild symptoms.

    By mild I mean mostly sore throat. Lots of sore throat. Also some fatigue, maybe some muscle pain.

    No difficulty breathing. No shortness of breath.

    All a little uncomfortable, but fine.

    Most patients I’ve seen that had 2 doses of Pfizer/Moderna still had ‘mild’ symptoms, but more than those who had received a third dose.

    More fatigued. More fever. More coughing. A little more miserable overall.

    But no shortness of breath. No difficulty breathing.

    Mostly fine.


  83. BidenIsTheGOAT says:

    Oh please. Biden said the if you get the vaccine you can’t catch or spread covid after both were long debunked. He said that it was a pandemic of the unvaccinated. That was as cynical of a thing as I’ve ever heard a politician say. Murphy said the vaccines are 99% effective and there was no pushback. The new conformity of the left is sad.

    There are people out there in their primes who dedicate themselves to healthy living. People with allergies. People with religious belief. And they are stopped to put their well-being on the hands of fauci and Biden? Selfish? Lol.

  84. BRT says:

    Fauci and CDC directory Walensky declared victory in May. A very arrogant position given the nature of seasonality and the fact that nearly every state is at baseline at that point. Moreover, the ineffectiveness of vaccines was apparent in July once Florida reported that 50% of the people needing monoclonal antibodies were vaccinated. It was partially effective against delta, and very ineffective against Omicron.

    Neighbor’s daughter has it again, 2nd time since March. I know 4 people who have been reinfected. Brother of a friend now has it a 3rd time and is on his 3rd hospitalization. I know about 50 people who were infected in the past 2 weeks that had both doses. I know a dozen people who had their 3rd shot and were infected. It’s more transmissible and mutated enough to run wild.

    Bottom line, vaccines are good for most in that it still appears to prevent most deaths and convert infection into a mild infection. However, when you test positive, it’s likely better you don’t put all your faith in that vaccine and start supplementing with Zinc, Quercitin, Vit D. Monoclonals are in very short supply.

    Moreover, if they offer you the new antiviral pills, make sure you aren’t on a blood pressure med or statin. These things have enhancers in them that increase the bioavailability of other drugs (the same effect observed with grapefruit juice) which can turn your low dose med into a lethal dose.

  85. BRT says:

    Do we hear before Monday that school will be remote? Governor Murphy will be back from Costa Rica Thursday.My contingency plan C is to stay put another week if it gets worse flights are cancelled and school is remote next week.

    This is counterproductive. We have more mental health referrals at our school in 4 months than we’ve had the past 3 years. These kids need to be out of their homes. Most of the school was absent the past week and you could see the feeling of defeat on the kids faces.

  86. BRT says:

    btw, anyone looking for supplements, a group ran a statistical analysis on every treatment. You can see the percentage differences between early treatment and just treatment in general. It’s probably worth stacking quercitin, zinc, vit A/D/C, tumeric.


  87. Libturd says:


    I have been taking A,C,D, multi and Tumeric, Soy lecithin and Vascepa (refined fish oil) for over a year. Have not a sniffle and my triglycerides have improved dramatically and I was able to get off the statin I was on (for a total of one month).

  88. 3b says:

    BRT: Do you take those together, or space them out? I take Elderberry one tea spoon everyday.

  89. BRT says:

    just don’t take zinc on an empty stomach. But you should take the quercitin with the zinc because the whole point of it is to increase the zinc bioavailability. Other stuff really wouldn’t matter.

    Lib, Fish oil would improve bioavailability of tumeric. I do the fish oil daily for my eczema and joints.

  90. 3b says:

    BRT: Got it.Thanks

  91. SmallGovConservative says:

    Libturd says:
    December 28, 2021 at 11:59 am
    “I’m about to head upstairs to do another Peloton bootcamp… Stay the “F” inside…”.

    Actually, now is a great time to get out and do your workout at the gym — if you don’t mind sharing with the mint condition 20 year old college girls who are home for winter break.

  92. BoomerRemover says:

    Peloton – I’m a road cyclist and so approached my wife’s Peloton bike with an appropriate amount of snobbery and skepticism.

    Fast forward one month, I lost three pounds while having a lot of fun. No pulling on the layers, no black ice, no packing food, or freezing toes. You can find me dropping Karens on long climbs at noon or chasing some overachieving fifty year old ex military types way out of Z4. This will be the first winter where my functional threshold power will increase with a decrease in body weight, and I was just happy not to gain the winter weight. Tons of fun. IS there a NJREREPORT hashtag? There should be.

    Capt’n cheapo: I take it you acquired your bike from someone less disciplined?

    Ah yes, gotta go take my zinc, thanks BRT. This board so relevant today.

  93. BoomerRemover says:

    re: colds

    I have been sick since late October, suffering from a bevy of preschool colds. Lately though, these last three weeks, super thick sticky phlegm in the morning, with an occasional unproductive dry cough. Just can’t shake it, though it is not enough to prevent me from working out and living my best (indoor) life this winter.

  94. BRT says:

    Also, topical treatment to reduce viral load in the nasal passage. It’s become a practice of a lot of physicians and seems to accelerate recovery. You can add a little peroxide to the neti pot and do it. You can also gargle the same solution. The doctor I saw was doing 1/5 3% peroxide, 4/5 neti saline. Personally, I’d do less, maybe 1/10. Others are using an iodine solution but I’d rather not.


  95. BRT says:

    btw, the other stuff on that site looks a little dramatic but I haven’t vetted it.

  96. BoomerRemover says:

    my father in law called from the wild wild west to tell me all about this nasal wash pushed on the Joe Rogan podcast, lmaooo. This the same thing?

  97. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Thanks, guys. She and my wife are confirmed positive. I get my results tomorrow or day after. Pretty sure i already had it.

  98. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Rip Madden

  99. BRT says:


    might be. But it’s not some junk science. They are testing nasal sprays in clinical trials as we speak. Moreover, the most effective treatment of sinusitis I’ve ever found was going netipot with peroxide. Beats the antibiotics.

    They’ve addressed it in the medical journals.


    Point being, harmless treatment worth doing. Peroxide is an amazing molecule.

  100. Libturd says:


    Before Covid got here and it was still mostly a Wuhan Flu with Twitter the soul source of info, I read a potentially unreliable report that said that smokers seemed to fare better than non-smokers and that users of nasal allergy medicines (Flonase for example) also seemed to have an advantage. I suffer from seasonal allergies that always develops into sinusitis when I don’t medicate. I have two options, Flonase year round or Sudafed the moment I feel an infection coming on. I used to get sinusitis about 6 times per year and sometimes it was so severe I required antibiotics to get rid of it, which is what caused my achilles tendon to fully rupture ten years ago (my first run-in with lying pharma). Well, for what it’s worth, I have been on Flonase for about three years now and I don’t recall getting sick even once while on them. Of course, these last three years are not terribly good for data.

  101. Libturd says:

    “Capt’n cheapo: I take it you acquired your bike from someone less disciplined?”

    I tried, but we didn’t get it until Covid kicked in almost two years ago. Not only was there no discount for used, but some people were paying over full price for used as the wait times were three months to get a new one. It’s funny too, because when my wife first wanted me to get one, I told her we should wait until after Christmas for when all of the gifted ones to people who give up too easily would be on the resale market cheap. Then Covid happened. Today was my first bootcamp. I think I like it better than just riding.

  102. Juice box says:

    Everyone here is nuts vitamin supplements and exceriseism?
    Sounds like communism to me.

    Can y’all do me a favor and pray I don’t have to drive 1200 miles this week, and if I have to drive make sure I get a Prius rental in your prayers…

  103. BoomerRemover says:

    Yeah the last three years isn’t a good sample. I also haven’t had a single cold since Covid began, then I put the kid back in genpop.

    I got a barely used Bike + for $1.8K. The bearing on the flywheel started making noise a hundred rides later. I have a replacement on order ($45 w/ship). Amazing that they can charge $3K for a bike and still build it from the cheapest components possible.

    My wife slaved away on an Amazon spin bike in a cold garage throughout covid. Such a trooper. She almost shed a tear when the shiny Bike + was brought up and into the living room.

  104. Fabius Maximus says:

    I wonder if Depeche Mode sounds like to their kids what Engelbart Humperdinck sounded like to me?

    I picture it more like the kids as they are about to stick the headphones on saying “STFU Dan and Enjoy the Silence, Your words are So Unnecessary!”

  105. Fabius Maximus says:

    Peloton – Fast forward one month,

    Usually, I’m the one driving in Bergen County screaming “Single File for Fcuks Sake” before I watch you just miss the the front wing of a car that has to swerve to avoid you.

    So you are now on the Peloton it’s a BIG WinWin for this area.

  106. Fabius Maximus says:

    ” I suffer from seasonal allergies that always develops into sinusitis when I don’t medicate.”
    My Rhinitis kicked in just after WTC in 2001. I dont put it down to that, more to the big ugly smog cloud that still sits over Hoboken to the far side of Linden to this day.

  107. Fabius Maximus says:

    33 hour train ride into NYC.

    One of my best trips ever. I was sent out to Silicon Valley for testing with Sun Microsystems that over ran. It was around Thanksgiving, so there were no flights back to NY. My boss said book a hotel in SF and enjoy the break. I had lived in SF and had already seen everyone I needed to so I was ready to go home. With no flights I went the train route with the 4 day trip from Oakland to NY. It was awesome. Aside from the fact it was 4 days unplugged from the world. ( There is no signal in the Badlands!) my Thanksgiving Dinner was a meal in the Vista car going through the Rockies with a group of people I had never met. Every meal was a new set of people and new conversations.

    Juice, if you you have to do it. Pay the price for the Sleeper Car. It is worth it ten fold, especially if you have kids with you. General Seating Sucks!

  108. gri says:

    “Single File for Fcuks Sake”

    It’s more appropriate to just scream out paceline, so then it sounds like you know what you are talking about. Work in something about Sean Kelly if the guys look older, that’ll get you street cred.

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