Where now?

From Forbes:

Home price growth decelerates again—forecast models say the peak rate is behind us

Where do we go from here? Every leading real estate forecast modelreviewed by Fortune predicts this home price growth deceleration—which started in September—will continue in 2022. The most bullish outlook comes from Zillow, which predicts home prices will jump 11% this year. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac say home prices will jump 8.4% and 6%, respectively, in 2022. While that’s lower than the 18.8% we’ve seen over the most recent 12-month period, it’s still above the average rate of appreciation (4.6%) home prices have gone up annually since 1980. 

But not all forecasters are calling for strong appreciation levels this year. For the coming 12 months, Redfin says home prices will climb 3%. That’s pretty close to the forecast price growth rates by Realtor.com (2.9%) and CoreLogic (2.8%). Meanwhile, the Mortgage Bankers Association has the lowest 2022 price growth forecast—predicting median existing home prices will rise just 2.3% this year.

Even if the rate of price growth continues to decelerate, it doesn’t mean home shoppers will get any relief on the cost front. The underlying reason these forecast models predict price growth will slow in 2022 isn’t just because they’re predicting the housing market will cool down a bit. It can also be attributed to the expectation that mortgage rates will shoot up this year as the Federal Reserve works to tame inflation. As mortgage rates rise, so do monthly mortgage payments and the ability for homebuyers to bid up prices. Essentially, it’s a wash: The savings from reduced home price growth gets canceled out by the increased mortgage payments.

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  1. Clown World says:

    People still talking about Rogan v Young I see. Can I attempt to distill this down a bit? The below is a direct pull from a Twitter account, not mine, but I like the message

    “All of these artists have a right to remove content in protest. But make no mistake, their intent is to force Spotify to censor Joe Rogan so that the rest of the populace can no longer choose for ourselves whether we listen or tune out. These artists are on the wrong side of history. Truth persuades. It does not coerce.”

    Clown adds:
    If you aren’t able to persuade the populace to your side of a particular argument and instead must use force or coercion – Then there are only 2 possible reasons, as far as I can tell:
    1. Your position is wrong and you don’t realize it yet.
    2. You are not skilled or intelligent enough to articulate your position in a way that convinces anyone.

    In both case 1 and 2 above – You do not deserve to be taken seriously.

    Now, where did I leave my red nose and big floppy shoes…

  2. The Great Pumpkin says:


    Then why do you try to censor the CRT movement? Not for freedom of speech? You want to censor it because you don’t like the message? Just playing devil’s advocate…

    So let’s not make this about censorship. Let’s make this about stopping the avg american from being dumbed down by either side. I feel like the population is getting dumbed down by these influencers. People are bashing college education these days as worthless. We are going backwards in terms of intelligence. Not good. When an uneducated man like Rogan is treated as the smartest guy in the room, we are f’ked!

  3. The Great Pumpkin says:

    I think people just don’t want to pay up for the prices that are offered to them as willingly as before. For example, I am not gonna pay 10% more for a phone or 25% more for a used car. I am going to wait because I can’t afford it. If many do that this causes a recession.

  4. The Great Pumpkin says:

    So this year could swing either direction. It’s really difficult to see what side wins out in the short term. Long-term…economy should be strong, just might need a quick recession to knock out this inflation factor.

  5. grim says:

    Wow, pumpkin with the zinger.

  6. Clown World says:

    Dude? Who says I want to censor CRT? Censorship is wrong, in pretty much every case. CRT advocates and DRT detractors should talk it out, agreed?

    I don’t know anything about CRT and I never once said it should be censored.

    I do sense that real conversations around CRT are not happening though. I see people trying to criticize it and being met with “CRT isn’t real” or something.

    Either way, I’ve got no stake in the CRT argument. In my Clown world, we all put on a thick white base of make-up. Race is not an issue.

  7. grim says:

    2-3 inches here in Wayne, going to be crappy sledding.

  8. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Check out this chart…

    “Housing is Econ 101”


  9. The Great Pumpkin says:


    Was just trying to make a point in the discussion, not attacking you personally. Just think people need to take a step back and look at the big picture. This is all nonsense because at the end of the day, this is simply about people trying to make money off selling bs packaged in the truth.

  10. Clown World says:

    You say “Clown, Was just trying to make a point in the discussion, not attacking you personally”

    And you also say:

    “Then why do you try to censor the CRT movement? Not for freedom of speech?”

    Try to be a bit more precise with your speech if you want me to take your points seriously. Or don’t, I’m a clown and my general aim in life is about being the exact opposite of serious.

  11. Phoenix says:

    Happy Saturday.

    This seemed appropriate for the conversation


  12. Phoenix says:

    Don’t know the answer to your question here:

    “Now, where did I leave my red nose”

    But Pumpy is swinging this morning and might give you one if you get too close :)

  13. The Great Pumpkin says:

    “This week I heard $HOOD is the poster child for this downturn in the market. What I find interesting is they have $2.8 Billion in CASH for a $10.9 Billion Market Cap Company. This is a Fortress Balance sheet in comparison to most of the S&P 500. $ARKK $ARKW.”

  14. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Anyone think Apple will buy out Peleton? It only makes sense at these price levels for them. Would make their fitness network subscription service almost unstoppable.

  15. BidenIsTheGOAT says:

    No one wants to censor crt. People don’t want political propaganda masquerading as history and being force fed to impressionable kids by card carrying union members. Clearly there is a difference

    The crt people themselves hide behind the school board and administration. “Equity” panels. They censor the school board meaning when their indefensible positions are exposed.

    When the censorship tactic backfired Biden tried to use the fbi to intimidate parents into self censoring. That of course backfired spectacularly in VA. Most people are on to the hustlers.

  16. leftwing says:

    Grim, Clown….CRT in schools is different on two counts.

    It involves children, and it is State sponsored.

    Someone wants to get online somewhere and spout crazy, radical idiocy about any topic on any one of the Section 230 platforms go for it. Knock yourself out. I don’t care.

    Some adult wants to inculcate my kid with ideas I don’t agree with – CRT, transgender theory – that’s an issue. Whether that person is their barber, aunt, or the babysitter. We are going to have at the very least a very unpleasant conversation.

    Now take that premise and extend it to a government entity where the child is forced to be? Much bigger issue.

  17. Phoenix says:

    Today’s white women aren’t having many kids anyway. Going to be diluted until they are in a minority anyway, the process is fully underway. I hear many of the young white women where I work that now want mixed race babies saying that they are “cuter” than all white babies.

    It’s all good.

    CRT will even itself out naturally. Jordan Peterson is right, you can’t legislate nature.

  18. NJCoast says:

    Buried here on the coast. Snowing sideways. Lots of drifting.

  19. Phoenix haha edition says:

    Things have sure changed in elementary school since I went there. It’s time we start collecting data on the amount of hormones found in tap water. Guess we should be glad it wasn’t a teacher this time.

    Kid’s college to be payed for by the taxpayers. Woohoo!

    A former Morris County elementary school student’s parents have filed a lawsuit against the district with claims that administrators failed to follow anti-bullying policies while their son was severely harassed — and even solicited for oral sex by another student, NJHerald reports.

  20. Phoenix says:

    Buried here on the coast. Snowing sideways. Lots of drifting.

    Boomer says:

    Well, when I was a kid I walked through 20 feet of snow to get to school with no shoes and no coat. Stop whining. When we were kids we went door to door and shoveled 30 feet of snow for our elderly neighbor for free. Now do mine or else.

  21. Phoenix says:

    White House doctor really needs to do a house call on this dude. Cognitive and testosterone checks required stat:

    “Biden warns he will deploy troops WITHOUT NATO’s backing: President issues limp declaration that he will move ‘not too many’ troops to Eastern Europe ‘in the near term’ but not as part of NATO force as members fail to agree on action”

  22. Phoenix says:

    If America gets a punch in the nose just remember one thing.

    Boomer elected this.

  23. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Problem is, these influencers are the source of education for millions of their followers. Any coincidence that conspiracy theory has gone mainstream and now is accepted in many circles? It’s no coincidence that people passionately believe the election was rigged. There is no talking sense to these people once the seed has been planted in their minds.

    For me this is the problem. I never cared what joe rogan said till I started getting bombed with clips of his interviews being used as evidence for conspiracy surrounding the vaccine and covid for profit in hospitals. Now these people are convinced it’s all a scam to profit off and control them. It’s f’ed. Now what happens when we run into a pandemic with a virus that is a pure killer…we are f’ed!

    “Someone wants to get online somewhere and spout crazy, radical idiocy about any topic on any one of the Section 230 platforms go for it. Knock yourself out. I don’t care.”

  24. Phoenix haha edition says:

    Haha. Cop helmet bags for hiding money. Hahahahaha. Almost spit up my coffee!

    New York pediatric nurse ‘sold fake COVID vaccine cards and raked in $1.5million in just three months’: Cops found $900,000 in CASH at her home and her cop husband now ‘faces internal probe’
    Julie DeVuono, 49, of Amityville, Long Island, has been charged with forgery and offering a false instrument for filing fake vaccination cards
    She and her practical nurse Marissa Urraro, 44, alleged were stealing fake vaccination cards at Wild Child Pediatrics Healthcare
    When cops searched DeVuono’s home, they found $900,000 in cash stashed inside NYPD-issued helmet bags – causing an internal probe on her cop husband
    They also found a ledger that appears to show that the nurse made $1.5million in the last three months selling the fraudulent vaccine cards

  25. Phoenix haha edition says:

    Well, got to look at the bright side:

    Since they are women, they will only get half, or less, of the jail time a man would get for the same crime.

    And with the nursing shortage, they will still get a job somewhere. Hahaha.

  26. Juice Box says:

    re: “They also found a ledger”

    I am shocked it did not disappear…

    re: “Wild Child Pediatrics”

    She is a monster, the worst kind too. Ran a whole antivaccination business out of her house for children then switched to covid, She actually ran workshops for getting vaccine exemptions for children, and describes her clinic as a Pediatrician Alternative & holistic health service.


  27. Phoenix says:

    You won’t find a criminal when you refuse to look for one if you are biased:

    The women-are-wonderful effect is the phenomenon found in psychological and sociological research which suggests that people associate more positive attributes with women compared to men. This bias reflects an emotional bias toward women as a general case. The phrase was coined by Alice Eagly and Antonio Mladinic in 1994 after finding that both male and female participants tend to assign positive traits to women, with female participants showing a far more pronounced bias. Positive traits were assigned to men by participants of both genders, but to a far lesser degree.

    The authors supposed that the positive general evaluation of women might derive from the association between women and nurturing characteristics.

  28. Phoenix says:

    No different with trusting the clergy with your children.

    At least now we know better;

  29. Juice Box says:

    Phoenix – maybe it seems to be the Local Suffolk county DA. This is a joke state charges? “one count of forgery”

    This is a Federal Crime the FBI should come in an investigate. They were charging $22o for the card, around 6,800 fake cards sold, you can bet there were allot of public employees with vaccine mandates that bought them.


  30. Phoenix says:

    DA+ Bias.

    DA’s need cops, cops need DA’s.

    They are in bed together. DA’s convict too many cops, their career goes down the tube.

    There is an incentive to do the wrong things, and no incentive to do the right things.

    It’s not their fault, it’s baked right into the DNA of the system. Not an easy fix.

    Rarely do they want to make an example of this. When they do its like that gasp of air when you catch a breath right before you go under for the last time.

    Bet you he is going to claim he knew nothing about this.

  31. Bystander says:


    “On the Sunny Side of the Street” is currently on my car’s flash drive. Willie gets alot of play. We did not listen to radio. Kids get healthy dose of Taj Mahal,Willie, Django, LeadBelly, Acoustic Dead ,Coltrane and sprinkles of classic rock. They can decide later what they like later but they will have foundational understanding of music. I even put music of John Williams to get orchestral sound which is easier now that have seen most of Star Wars movies minus ROTS (too dark for 7yo) and new garbage ones

  32. Ex says:

    8:24 “Clown’s” red nose is up Trump’s fat fucking ass.
    Check there.

  33. Ex says:

    Spotify got slaughtered in market trading.
    Guess the choice between broadcasting music vs podcasts
    simply won’t pay off. Clapton will still let them play his tired shit.

  34. Phoenix says:

    Some comments from the DM

    Illegal law? Agree or not with vaccines but “illegal law?”

    If she was anti vax and doing the “moral” thing, why the 1.5M?

    Sorry, but this is no less criminal than emptying out a Rite Aid.

    If you want to claim to be “law abiding,” you can’t pick and choose the laws you like. Either decide the whole system is a joke, or not. But don’t act like you are on the side of the law for certain things and not others.

    “How can that possibly be illegal when the mandates are illegal?? Using an “illegal” means to get around an illegal law. Only the left would pull this crap.”

    “She was stupid for having the money she collected in the house…should stash it off the premises.”

    “She is a capitalist. Hats off to her! This is how America was made…brave souls taking chances.”

    “These women are my new heroes!”

  35. Phoenix says:

    Another one jumps ship. Their choice.
    It’s all good.

    Joni Mitchell joins Neil Young in REMOVING her music from Spotify in protest at the streaming giant hosting Joe Rogan’s vaccine-sceptic views.

  36. Juice Box says:

    Phoenix Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty. Many Europeans feel they cannot do ANYTHING unless directly affects allied NATO territory, but even then Germany will veto anything proposed anyway. All the individual governments can do is offer some military capacity defensive weapons, but even now Germany won’t give any defensive weapons and is even holding up the transfer of some weapons from other NATO countries to Ukraine.

    Remember it was Catherine the Great, the last empress of Russia who made Crimea part of Russia. She was a German, they are tied with thousands of years of history and do not have a vast ocean and their own oil and gas to prevent repercussions to their own civilians. They do believe that Putin is not an inexorable person. It was Merkle who convinced Putin to stop what he was doing in the Ukraine last time, she may still be their best hope. Sleepy Joe should take a page from her book.

  37. Juice Box says:

    You can get music from anywhere.. Spotify is pivoting to supplant Apple as the go to for the subscription podcast business. They are offering better terms and a wider audience, it is still pain to get an Apple Podcast onto an Android Phone etc.

  38. Phoenix says:

    It’s easy for America to promote a war on someone else’s doorstep. Also Europe needs the natural gas that Russia provides.

    America uses economic sanctions against everyone, including it’s own citizens-in order to control them.

    These things have limits, and if not adjusted properly, they just might be breached.

    Once the shooting starts-you don’t know where it is going.

    Joe is no Merkle. I’m not convinced if I had him for a patient that he could legally give consent for it.

    But, America voted him in, our Boomers, who are afraid of anyone younger than them taking the helm, chose a geriatric President cause he looked like Grandpa.

    Suck it up. He is in now. And now a quote from Trailer Park Boys

    “That’s the way she goes. Sometimes she goes, sometimes it doesn’t. It didn’t go. Way she goes.”

  39. grim says:

    We use Soundtrack Your Brand at the distillery for streaming that complies with ASCAP/BMI.

    It’s fantastic. These are the guys that got streaming right for small businesses who give a shit about music.

    I got the chance to talk with their product designers about how to make it better, I literally spent an hour with them, they were more genuinely interested in how we used the product than probably any other company I’ve ever dealt with before. Everyone that sees gets their mind blown with how right they got it.

    They are partially owned by Spotify I believe. Pandora has a competing product that’s trash.

  40. Juice Box says:

    BTW – Biden is now floating the idea again of cutting off Russian from the global payment system SWIFT. Same thing was prosed in 2014 when they invaded Ukraine las time and SWIFT refused to block Russian banks. They only successful banks blocked were Iranian and in reality that was short lived only about four years.

    Funny thing about SWIFT was it was setup in the first place back in the 1970s out of fear of what might happen if America controlled global financial flows. After 9/11 we demanded access to the data, and were denied by the Belgians, after a decade of back and fort with Europe there is still no agreement that grants us unfettered access directly so in theory we don’t see where the money is flowing on SWIFT. The Europeans are still keeping our power in check, not to say that the NSA/CIA aren’t getting it anyway via the SWIFT data center in Virginia with cable taps. Snowden reported that we were reading the perhaps unencrypted printer traffic for example.

    Should be interesting to see how far Sleepy Joe thinks he can go, it’s awfully cold in Europe right now shutting off a few gas pipelines is checkmate for Europe.

  41. 3b says:

    Juice: Putin is a brute, but he does have some valid points speaking from a Russian perspective. You note Catherine the Great added Crimea to Russia, and then Kruschev a Ukrainian gave it to Ukraine symbolically as a gift when both were part of the old Soviet Union. None of this is ever discussed as background in American media. Putin went and took it back not nice of course, but it was not like Ukraine was going to give it back. Whether or not the inhabitants of Crimea wanted to go back to Russia is debatable. Russia and Ukraine have a long and complicated history. Western Ukraine is the historic Ukrainian lands ruled by the Austrians and Polish over the centuries. Eastern Ukraine is more complicated. The US and NATO countries bear responsibility for antagonizing Putin over the years with the expansion of NATO. And American media criticizes Putin the brutal dictator and how democracy does not exist in Russia. Meanwhile, we deal with the Chinese and their brutal
    dictatorship, ethnic cleansing, concentration camps and use of child labor. And for the most part American media stays silent. As well, the Chinese government is threatening to invade Taiwan, which by the way was never ethically Han Chinese.

    The US should have chosen Putin and Russia over China, distasteful
    as that might be. Now we have the two of them against us , and our President does not have a clue.

  42. Phoenix says:

    One day Boomers might get credit for singlehandedly making America the most hated country in the entire world.

    Greed is good.

  43. Phoenix says:

    American Corporations are in bed with China just like GM, Ford, and IBM were with Germany in WW2.

    How are you supposed to be against China when everything you need your corporations moved there for cheap labor?

    I wouldn’t be surprised to find that the guidance system for a Russian, Chinese, or North Korean ICBM is the processor from an Apple Iphone.

  44. Juice Box says:

    3B – As strange as it sounds Putin is their version of Kennedy via his macho assertiveness. He is considered at home a manly man standing up to the aggression of the West. We say he is an aggressive bully but his actions against Ukraine increased his popularity at home in 2014 and he is replaying that again.

    We don’t speak Russian…and rarely get a good translation of what he says to his own people at home..

    Here is a decent translation around the time of the Ukraine invasion in 2014.

    “You said that Russia, to a certain extent, contributed to the tension that we are now seeing in the world. Russia did contribute but only insofar as it is more and more firmly protecting its national interests [emphasis mine]. … Now, US bases are scattered around the globe e and you’re telling me Russia is behaving aggressively? Do you have any common sense at all? What are US armed forces doing in Europe, also with tactical nuclear weapons? What are they doing there?… Are we moving our forces to the borders of the United States or other countries? Who is moving NATO bases
    and other military infrastructure towards us? We aren’t. … Is anyone engaging in some dialogue with us about it? No.… All we hear is “that’s none of your business. Every country has the right to choose its way to ensure its own security.” All right, but we have the right to do so too. … Finally, the ABM system…. Who was it that withdrew unilaterally from the ABM Treaty, one of the cornerstones of the global security system? Was it Russia? No, it wasn’t. The United States did this, unilaterally. They are creating threats for us, they are deploying their strategic missile defense components not just in Alaska, but in Europe as well e in Romania and Poland, very close to us. And you’re telling me we are pursuing an aggressive policy?”

  45. leftwing says:

    “Another one jumps ship. Their choice. It’s all good. Joni Mitchell..”

    Agree. Good for all parties involved. Minor inconvenience for me I guess, seems I lose 16 songs of the 2,949 on my Spotify….

    “We use Soundtrack Your Brand…It’s fantastic.”

    Lots of interesting niches. Subscriber to and watching nugs right now. Eventually these will all get rolled up.

    “Spotify is pivoting to supplant Apple…it is still pain to get an Apple Podcast onto an Android.”

    My guess is Apple/MS-Android (and their dedicated derivatives) will always have the OS chasm…just like the Marcia/Jan and Ginger/MaryAnn quandaries….differences with strong preferences never to be commonly resolved…

  46. BRT says:

    I dated a girl from the Ukraine 20 years ago. She always considered herself Russian and spoke Russian. I knew another girl from the Ukraine at the time, spoke Ukranian and considered herself Ukranian.

  47. No One says:

    I use Amazon music HD, not spotify. I listen to albums not songs. Classical music and prog rock 90% of the time.
    These musicians like Neil Young may as well be Neil Sedaka to me. Their musical brand is social commentary so not surprising they drop from a service they probably don’t make much money on anyway. The publicity might boost their publicity, get them invited to a PBS or MSNBC music show for old hippies to watch.

  48. Phoenix says:

    I’m still waiting for these remakes.

    Brady Bunch 2022.

    Leave it to Beaver 2022.

    Go woke in your mind and run with these sequels. A comedian could have a ball with those.

  49. Fast Eddie says:


    I was just outside shoveling snow and chatting with my boomer neighbor. As boomers, we agreed that in our youth, we’d be going house to house making money shoveling snow. At 12/13/14 years old, I’d be out for hours and come home with $100 in my pocket ($200 today). Todays Gen whatever? Firmly in the house on their phones and XYZ boxes. There’s not a kid to be found in a neighborhood that’s chock full of kids.

  50. chicagofinance says:

    Tom Brady Kaputznik

  51. Phoenix says:

    Not the first cop I’ve seen afraid of a needle or surgery.

    A Washington State trooper who retired early because he didn’t want to get the vaccine and signed off his final shift by telling Governor Jay Inslee to ‘kiss my a**’ has died of Covid. Robert LaMay, 51, (left and center) who quit in October after serving 22 years with the State Patrol, died on Friday.

  52. chicagofinance says:


    Check out the menu and price….

  53. Phoenix says:

    Let’s go, Brandon.

    Putin splits NATO and cuts out Biden: Russian president agrees to hold talks with Germany, France and Ukraine as NATO countries fail to decide joint troop deployment and General Milley warns Russian attack on Ukraine ‘would be horrific’

  54. Phoenix says:

    This is what happens when you produce:

    “Goldman Sachs doubled CEO David Solomon’s pay in 2021 to $35 million after the investment back reported record profits last year.

    Solomon, 59, received a $35 million pay package for 2021, up from the $17.5 million he earned in 2020 after the Wall Street firm posted significant profits last year.”

  55. No One says:

    Sounds a bit like the now closed Relais de Venise which only served one steak fries meal with salad. But I think they served a slightly different cut “entrecote” and served it with a secret green sauce rather than Bernanke.
    I’m glad I went there at least once .

  56. Ex says:

    Brady to embark on a new adventure.
    Being rich .

  57. Phoenix says:

    Well, this is gonna be expensive:

  58. joyce says:

    Check the contract of carriage, it was weather related. FU pay me. :)

  59. Fabius Maximus says:

    So this week, we have TN banning Maus

    And a Mayor threatening to withhold library funding until they remove all the LBGTQ books. https://people.com/politics/mississippi-mayor-withholds-library-funding-over-homosexual-materials/

    The Rights hypocrisy on this is stunning. “In my capacity as mayor, I simply believe the books are inappropriate for children. There is a minimum, sexual connotations are not appropriate for children when they enter the library.” What a complete Crock of Sh1t

  60. chicagofinance says:

    left: are you watching?

  61. Fabius Maximus says:


    The newer Zone valves got rid of the latch and moved to a pure relay set up. At this point the Percussive reset on the relay is holding. Will rewire a bypass if I need to.

  62. The Great Pumpkin says:

    The best part about 2022? Bond futures trade like growth stocks.

  63. Fabius Maximus says:


    Neil verses Joe is not a Censorship issue in any way. It is a good old Capitalistic Branding issue.

    Spotify are like BP with the Deepwater Horizon Well in the Gulf. Doing the right thing would be for them to not engage in such a risky venture and risk polluting the Gulf. The actuaries run the numbers and balance the risk of a Spill, against the profits the venture can make. So if spilling the oil and the cleanup is worth the risk, their Fiduciary Responsibility is to stock up on Dawn and protect Shareholder Value.

    That is the issue here is that Spotify are into Joe for 100Mil. They have to run the numbers and balance what they will make from Joe and Neil in the long run. Fiduciary Responsibility tells them that If they make more from Joe, they have to hold onto him. But they have an out. If Joe is toxic to the brand they can dump him and take the loss.

    Add in now, you have Dave Grohl, pulling Foo Fighters and a big bunch of others, the pressure is on Spotify to dump Joe to stop the bleeding. My feeling is that they will.

    Again, this is not censorship, this is pure market economics at work.

  64. Clown World says:

    I don’t really listen to Rogan, I checked him out when all this Malone news got big. For me, Rogan is a bit out there. But, regardless of how I feel about him, he is far and away the most dominant individual in media today. His numbers do not lie, we all know them. 11million viewers per episode, 100+ episodes per year. That’s 1 billion views.

    My point is this – Spotify dumps Rogan, and you get a warm feeling of accomplishment, fighting misinformation.
    The very next day, Rogan puts a pod cast on the internet and it instantly becomes the biggest single show he ever did. Rogan without Spotify is still a gigantic draw, probably the biggest draw in media today.

    Spotify can do what they want of course. But they won’t. The deal the got on Rogan, for $100mm is an absolute bargain.

  65. The Great Pumpkin says:

    A priest and a rabbi are at a wedding. Priest notices a young boy bend over to tie his shoes. Priest says to the rabbi, man id love to screw him. Rabbi reply screw him out of what?

  66. Juice Box says:

    brady denies he is retiring..

    Not a single kid came by to shovel..Not that I need it but plenty do..I would have made $$$. Parents are to blame. Perhaps tomorrow.

  67. The Great Pumpkin says:


    “To give you an idea of the crap we are dealing with in Florida right now. Just this week:

    – DeSantis pushing bad medicine
    – ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill
    – ‘White Discomfort’ Bill
    – 15 Week Abortion Ban
    – Insane Surgeon General
    – Corruption at Dept. of Ed

    We have to win.”


  68. Boomer Remover says:

    My firm did some work for Joni and we found her a whole bunch of money. We waited days for her to send a smoke signal from that house on a hill. She said she didn’t want to make waves or litigate and just left it all on the table.

  69. Juice Box says:

    HaHaHaHaha best in a long time laugh – $15 million of Brady’s $20 million signing bonus was deferred to Feb. 4, 2022. If Brady retires before Friday, he will give up the bonus money.

  70. Fabius Maximus says:


    Dolly bailing, McCartney is on deck, If Swift shows up its game over.

    If Rogan gets dumped where is he going. Donnies new platform? Corporate platforms wont touch him.

    I would bet a bottle of Grims Finest that Rogan is gone, but people have a habit of not paying up.

  71. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Sort of like not acknowledging epic calls.

    “I would bet a bottle of Grims Finest that Rogan is gone, but people have a habit of not paying up.”

  72. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Whispers….WFH they said.

    “The pandemic did a number on us.

    “For the first time in polling history, Americans are more likely to say they’re not happy than to say they’re very happy.”


    via @_cingraham”


  73. Juice Box says:

    Fab – re:. Donnies new platform?

    There is plenty of money willing to capitalize on Spotify or really any other music or “cast” service for the masses. It was NEVER about politics..

  74. BRT says:

    Edward Snowden

    Jan 28
    Nobody has stronger opinions about Joe Rogan than people who have never listened to Joe Rogan.

  75. Juice Box says:

    My Brother’s daughter has Covid now, she is 13. I got a triumphant text that they are not going to quarantine and “it’s ok we need to get back to regular life”. My response was reasonable, it was did you speak to your doctor? Crickets…

  76. Juice Box says:

    BRT -Rogan has people. He might be a fool but he did he move to Texas to make sure his base keeps on keeping him paid. I challenge anyone to prove he cares otherwise.

    I find it sad the hospitals are full, and well nobody cares anymore. That is the power of media.

  77. BRT says:

    chi, judging by the photos, I suggest that is the less flavorful inside skirt steak. The outside skirt steak is the cut with the intense flavor. Inside is larger, slightly thicker, looks very similar, but the flavor is a lot milder. I could be wrong or maybe they do both.

    Friggin hipsters ruined it when they discovered skirt steak, it’s up to $24 a pound. I remember when it was $5 and no one knew about it. Fun fact, Japan like 20 years ago completely removed their tariffs on US beef for outside skirt and imported it en-masse because people on the US weren’t eating it.

  78. BRT says:

    green sauce rather than Bernanke.

    Thank god, I don’t need helicopter Ben jizzing on my steak

  79. Libturd says:

    “Nobody has stronger opinions about Joe Rogan than people who have never listened to Joe Rogan.”

    Same with Stern.

  80. leftwing says:

    3b, juice, phoenix..

    Interesting take on a regional view following on your discussions yesterday

    BBC News – Why Germany isn’t sending weapons to Ukraine

  81. leftwing says:

    “Rogan is a bit out there. But, regardless of how I feel about him, he is far and away the most dominant individual in media today. His numbers do not lie, we all know them. 11million viewers per episode…”

    “Add in now, you have Dave Grohl, pulling Foo Fighters and a big bunch of others, the pressure is on Spotify to dump Joe to stop the bleeding. My feeling is that they will.”

    Please do.

    February of an election year. Movement driven by antiques from the 60s…

    What do you think the demographics of Rogan’s base looks like and where do you think they are located?

    My perspective?

    On principle, banning adults on any of these 230 platforms is ridiculous because little should be banned on these platforms from either side.

    On politics? Hard ban. Shut the m’fcker down. The higher profile and uglier the fight the better.

    Keep pulling dumb shit like this while concurrently flying some Americans in silver boxes back from the East and not only will the Senate and House flip, but with strong majorities.

    Because, also, where do you think our soldiers come from…Summit, NJ? Or Summit, OH?

    But what does it matter….for the Left not only are the opinions of the other side irrelevant, so are their lives.

  82. Ex says:

    Trump promises pardons to the antifa who raided the Capitol.

  83. Ex says:

    10:30 you should go back to eating tube steak.
    You know, like you did in college…

  84. The Great Pumpkin says:

    What has happened to the right? Their heroes have become men like Trump, Snowden, and Joe Rogan. Crying any chance they get about how unfairly treated these men are.

    Will a real Republican please stand up and take back your f’ing party before it dissolves into nothing.

  85. Fast Eddie says:

    I find it sad the hospitals are full, and well nobody cares anymore. That is the power of media.

    Gotta protect slo joe at all costs.

  86. The Great Pumpkin says:

    I remember when Republicans were all about hard work, individual responsibility, and good values. Can we go back before it’s too late…

  87. Ex says:

    Awwww “Slo Joe” still beats Criminal Retawd Donnie is polling.

    iT mUst bE thE mEdiA

  88. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Trump really messed this party up. Went from Romney to this clown and he absolutely destroyed it. Invited all the crazies to the front row of the party.

  89. Fast Eddie says:

    O’Biden readying his toadies regarding the shellacking they’ll get in November. Amazing… the left is now crying foul on elections. You know, doubting the will of the people. You know… saying the other side cheated. I wonder what level of burning, looting and murder there will be after November 8th.

    Biden doubled down. “I’m not going to say it’s going to be legit,” he declared. “The increase and the prospect of being illegitimate is in direct proportion to us not being able to get these reforms passed.” There was no ambiguity in the president’s remarks. Until and unless Congress passes Biden’s preferred electoral reforms into law, the legitimacy of this year’s elections will be in doubt. And since Biden’s preferred electoral reforms are unlikely to become law, the Democratic Party’s most faithful will have all the license they need to reject the legitimacy of an electoral outcome that does not favor their party’s candidates.

  90. The Great Pumpkin says:

    China’s New 5-Year Plan is a Blueprint for the Future of Meat
    China’s new 5-year plan includes meat grown from stem cells, no slaughter required


  91. BRT says:

    You know… saying the other side cheated. I wonder what level of burning, looting and murder there will be after November 8th.

    The funding won’t be there. All the BLM leaders are busy buying multimillion dollar mansions in gated neighborhoods with that money.

  92. BRT says:

    What has happened to the right? Their heroes have become men like Trump, Snowden, and Joe Rogan. Crying any chance they get about how unfairly treated these men are.

    lol, you hate Eric Snowden?

  93. Phoenix says:

    All this talk about Rogan, now I want to listen to this guy just to hear what he talks about.

    Don’t want another subscription, however. Well, maybe for a month I could do it.

    The problem with this is that it’s the money controlling the narrative. Spotify cancelling him cause others leaving hurts them is financial censorship. It’s strange.

    I agree there may be backlash. Every time you banish someone “socially” in any sort of way you create an anti-social person- which means your so-called “solution” is worse than the condition you began with. Just look at all of the school shootings that happened because some chose to exclude or “eliminate” some socially instead of trying to be more inclusive.

    Censure at your own risk.

    Trial and error. Gonna find out soon. I say Hahahaha. Cause what else are you going to do other than laugh at this.

    We are a nation completely off our rocker at this point. 3 cars, 4 businesses robbed in my area in the last 2 weeks. I predicted this would happen. It’s inevitable now.

    As Carlin would say, sit back and enjoy the show. Well, I can’t, cause I have to put the players back together so they can get out on the field and keep the game going. At least I have a job…..

  94. BRT says:

    Musk lowballed the kid who wrote a program that tracks his private jet and tweets it’s location/destination. $5k…kid said, how about $50k. Musk should just call up Pelosi because she got the Nancy Pelosi Portfolio Tracker twitter account banned easily.

  95. Fast Eddie says:

    The funding won’t be there. All the BLM leaders are busy buying multimillion dollar mansions in gated neighborhoods with that money.

    Are you telling me you can’t feed a single mother of four kids with symbolic gestures?
    At least Marie Antoinette suggested “cake” as a solution.

  96. Phoenix says:

    All depends on what Boomers are going to be chosen at election time.

    Butt Gueig is a funny one, pushing speed camera’s over police. That targets the middle class, unless he were to suggest that the amount of the fine be decided based on an individuals net worth. Now that would be an entertaining concept to say the least.

    Is he right about cameras being non racist. Sure. Except you still might go in front of a judge so there is that. Cameras are non-sexist, ladies are going to get more tickets as well. Are you going to eliminate some police while putting up the cameras? How is that going to work- I guess some could go looking for missing children, etc.

    How exactly does America find the biggest morons to run the country? It’s like they hold a talent contest, then pick the winner from a group of dolts.

  97. Phoenix says:

    This should be the same for anyone in public office, including judges- too old to fly a plane, then you are surely too old to run a country.

    “Airline pilots are forced to retire at 65 years old. This is in line with FAR Part 121 (Federal Aviation Regulations). This also means that a pilot will not be able to renew their airline transport license once they reach 65 years old”

  98. BRT says:

    Phoenix, Rogan’s podcast is available for free

  99. Phoenix says:

    This time it will be the wealthy asking for their welfare, please build me a new house out in the ocean, my wife likes living here.

    Next will be the older generation, who are supposed to be honest, lying and claiming it’s their primary residence. (how many of these “poor seniors” lied and claimed this in Hurricane Sandy. (hint: A Lot)

    “Parts of Nantucket were seen to be underwater on Saturday as a winter storm lashed the region. Winds gusted as high as 70mph on Nantucket and over 60mph elsewhere in eastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island. “

  100. Phoenix says:

    Never looked for it. Thx. Will listen on the way to work next week.

    Everybody said Spotify, I don’t use it, I’m a YouTube Red person for many reasons.

    For some reason I thought Spotify is a paid platform.

  101. Phoenix says:

    was, not is. Coffee time.

    This is daddy weekend. Love having my daughter here. She was on Tik-Tok, I heard this clip so looked up the whole vid. Interesting take on a relationship featuring Vanessa Hudgens. Kids are having a ball with this on Tik Tok. Trump tried to make a big deal about this platform being “Chinese” when all it was about was money. Played with it myself back when it was Musically, it’s some really slick software.

    And Lib, not surprised you like Doja Cat. You aren’t as old a goat as you think you are..

  102. 3b says:

    Left: Excellent article by the BBC on the Ukraine issue. Their articles on international affairs are always well written and provide excellent background as well. They along with other foreign outlets are well versed in international matters / countries around the world. The NY Times used to have a very good international section , but not anymore. The WSJ s is ok in some areas but still lacking.

  103. Libturd says:

    Good read.


    Will listen to Rogan this week. I’m guessing he caters to a different crowd than me (Jerry Springer fans) ?

  104. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Rogan is fine to listen to for entertainment, but he should not be used as the voice of authority on any subject.

  105. BRT says:

    Rogan’s crowd is a mixture of traditional liberals and libertarians. I would suggest you find a guest of his that you are interested in and watch that. A lot of the podcasts, I have no interest in the guest and they bore me. I watch mma/boxing so I like watching the guests there.

  106. BRT says:

    Joe Rogan never claimed to be an authority on anything. This all started when he took Ivermectin/Monoclonals and got better in under a day and the liberal media threw a hissy fit.

  107. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Never claimed, but sure as hell is acting like one.

    Right wing and liberal media…two peas in pod. Neither side is worth your time. Too bad both sides enjoy listening to the echo chamber of bs feeding off them for profit. I honestly don’t know how people listen to or read these one sided positions all f’ing day.

  108. BRT says:

    Rogan should be your best buddy, he supported Bernie Sanders for president

  109. BRT says:

    lol, so now people are diggin up Neil Young’s commentary from the 80s.

    “You go to a supermarket and you see a f****t behind the f*ck1n’ cash register, you don’t want him to handle your potatoes.”

    Ironically, the whole idea of transmitting HIV from contact was being peddled by none other than Anthony Fauci at the time.

  110. Juice Box says:

    Pot Smoking, DMT and other experimental drugs makes Rogan a darling of the Right?

  111. leftwing says:

    Lol, BRT, is that on video somewhere….what a pisser.

  112. The Great Pumpkin says:


    It’s weird times. Politics is changing right before our eyes and I don’t like where either side is going. Both sides are all over the place.

    Romney was the last good Republican. Meaning, if you liked the Republican party of the 80’s value wise, he was the last of it. Just like Clinton was the last of the good democrats if you valued that type of moderate democrat and their values.

    Time to acknowledge that the political parties and their beliefs have changed. Prob never going back.

  113. The Great Pumpkin says:

    New politics is all about attacks. It’s ugly. Waste all this energy on attacking but waste no energy on coming up with actual plans to help America. It’s disgusting. Circus. It’s 2022, I would have thought we would be a highly intellectual society by now, but went backwards somehow. I don’t get it.

  114. BidenIsTheGOAT says:

    OMG. Stop the verbal diarrhea. You’re only about 5 years behind. Go back to studying your CRT manuals.

  115. BRT says:

    left, I’m not sure. But what I find funny is that people are trying to focus on his use of a gay slur as opposed to the fact that he was basically of the mindset that all gay people have HIV. I mean, it shows two things…1 he was a bigot, but 2, he was completely illogical and judgemental. I’m sorry, but he wasn’t even a punk kid in his 20s back then. He was in his 40s. This is a point at which you are supposed to be an adult with wisdom. And moreover, I’ve seen the transition with my parents, my in laws, and all my friends parents. They were all born maybe 5 to 10 years after young, but have all gone off the deep end with their reasoning abilities.

  116. Phoenix says:

    Ironically, the whole idea of transmitting HIV from contact was being peddled by none other than Anthony Fauci at the time.

    Well, you do get HIV through contact.

    Close contact. Never heard anyone who got it by potatoes, french fries, scalloped, baked, or mashed..

  117. Phoenix says:

    Sounds like LW is writing for the Washington Post. I swear I read this exact thing a few days ago:

    “Fed’s dilemma: Raising rates without hurting the economy
    If the Fed misjudges the situation, the consequences could be dire. Raise rates too much, too fast and the central bank could drive the economy into another recession.”

  118. Phoenixs says:

    Just totally inappropriate. I wouldn’t be surprised if software like this isn’t being used by traders to get inside information in the stock market.


  119. grim says:

    Omicron done in NJ

  120. BRT says:

    according to a guy online who monitors the NJ system, he said all of those new cases were data dumps from the previous weeks. I can tell you this. We went from nonstop hundreds of infections to virtually everyone tested to I only had 1 single positive student this month. It’s gone from our building.

  121. Libturd says:

    Number is probably a little higher now that everyone is self testing and no one is self-reporting. Nonetheless, I agree, Om is pretty much over. I’m guessing schools will go maskless in a week or two.

  122. BRT says:

    I doubt we go maskless that soon. Murphy refused to lower it when nobody had it in May/June. This is a guy who was brining the roads at 40 degrees C just in case. He also kept indoor restaurants completely shuttered an entire summer while all the neighboring states opened up. He’ll say we need a few more months. The instant the CDC finally admitted cloth masks don’t work, we should have ended it. Instead, we are going to continue to play pretend.

  123. Phoenix says:

    I don’t remember this. Murphy was brining the road at 104F?

    He must have timed that one pretty good.

    40 degrees C

  124. Phoenix says:

    I’m still under Executive order to get a booster by the end of next month. Thanks HorseFace.

  125. Phoenix says:

    Cloth masks did plenty of good.

    We have those who sneeze without covering their mouths. Sure some virus got out but at least it caught the pieces of flying lung meat that would have been launched into the air.

  126. Phoenix says:

    So a good aerosol swapping or g y has done the trick.


    What’s next on the agenda.

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