Will prices hold?

From Bloomberg:

Manhattan Home Prices Hit a Record While Sales Frenzy Winds Down

Manhattan home sales showed continued strength in the second quarter, though there are clear signs that fears of a recession are slowing down the market.

Purchases of condos and co-ops closed at a median of $1.25 million, a record high, appraiser Miller Samuel Inc. and brokerage Douglas Elliman Real Estate said in a report Wednesday.  The 3,834 transactions — a 12% increase from a year earlier — were the most for any second quarter since 2007. But deals going into contract fell throughout the period, signaling a decrease in buyer demand.

“This is a quick pivot from an overachieving market to a market that’s being challenged by an unprecedented amount of uncertainty,” said Jonathan Miller, president of Miller Samuel. While some brokers and agents are depicting the shift as a return to pre-pandemic market dynamics, Miller said that to him, “this is not a normalization.”

Manhattan’s post-lockdown buying surge is cooling down fast. The drop in new contracts began in April, and in June, deals were down 29% year over year, to 932 from from 1,318. Miller pointed to “the spike in interest rates, inflation, economic uncertainty, the war in Ukraine” as parts of the “whole smorgasbord of things the consumer has been grappling with” that are influencing residential sales.

Among closed purchases, there was strength across the market in the second quarter, with the median co-op price setting a record at $865,000, and the median for condos hitting an all-time high at just below $1.9 million, according to Miller’s analysis. Units spent 86 days on the market before finding buyers, down from 137 days in the first quarter. Even with listings moving more quickly, inventory jumped 15% from the first quarter to 7,968 active listings at the end of June.

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  1. Mugsy Baloney says:

    After years of lurking on this blog, am I really first to comment?

  2. grim says:

    No recession down in Disney.

  3. Fast Eddie says:



  4. 3b says:

    We were in Asbury on Monday, just for the day, crowded, but not packed. No traffic down or back up, each way under an hour. Restaurants were not crowded. Roads seemed pretty empty. Perhaps everyone was home before Monday, but it was surprising to see.

  5. grim says:

    Heard a few folks saying that Seaside boardwalk was really quiet this past weekend.

  6. 3b says:

    Quiet in Spring Lake too.

  7. Old realtor says:

    I was in Asbury Monday and went to the Phil Lesh show. Beach was packed! Show started at 6:00. Went to dinner early. Restaurant was packed by 5:00 PM. No traffic going down Monday morning, Didn’t see it the same way as you 3b.

  8. Libturd says:

    Driving home from AC on Sunday was incredibly quick as well. Hope Disney is/was the bomb. Did you get to ride the Avatar, Flight of Passage?

  9. 3b says:

    Old: We went down early to AP. Beach was crowded as I said , but we did not think it was packed, still plenty of room, and we were on the beach from around 10:30 to 4:30. We definitely saw the crowds for the Phil Leah show, could not miss them with all the tye dye Grateful Dead shirts. We went to dinner at around 5:30 to the big restaurant in the corner of Cookman, always forget the name, not the seafood place, the one on the other corner, across from River St Candy. Outside dining was pretty full, but inside was empty. Plenty of parking in the area, although we walked from beach parking as we thought there would be no parking on Cookman and vicinity. Cookman was pretty quiet, and it was a beautiful evening. Left a little after 7:00 and home before 8:00. All in all much quieter than we would have thought, and we are down there fairly often.

  10. BRT says:

    Lib, everyone that has been to Disney this year has told me it was insanely crowded. Best rides there are now Star Wars, Rise of the Resistance and my coworker who goes every year told me the new Guardians of the Galaxy Coaster is the best thing ever. They took it to a level beyond Avatar.

  11. BRT says:

    I was in AC/Ocean City last week. Not crowded at all. Definitely much less people than last year, and it was the same week.

  12. Libturd says:


    I do fear that the FED’s actions are starting to do what they were meant to do. How novel. We had a huge 4th of July BBQ at my place. This is the holiday we throw annually for our block. We always invite a few extra friend as well. Well family after family showed up who planned to go somewhere but cancelled for various reasons. So many were appreciative of the stupid Intex pool as well as the Barbecue of course. It was a pretty good jam too. It ran from 2pm-10pm. Probably had about 60 different people here in total, but with about 35 max at one time. The backyard pizza oven was a hit after fireworks.

  13. BRT says:

    Mugsy, already a great contribution, made my day

  14. 3b says:

    Lib: It seems that could be the case, just a whole different feel this summer. We were at a BBQ in Montclair friends of ours for years on Saturday. It was a fantastic afternoon and evening.

  15. NJCoast says:

    Asbury Park’s big night of the weekend was supposed to be Saturday. Because of weather Southside cancelled and fireworks moved to Sunday. Monday was chill.
    No real estate crash yet on Marco Island Fla. My sister put her condo up for sale because of new large assessments coming down the pike as the state passed new legislation about HOA reserves after the collapse of the Seaside condo. Listed for just shy of triple her 2018 purchase price. First day on the market, full price cash offer, no inspection, close in two weeks.
    Lots of fixed income folks will be shocked when state mandated inspections, maintenance and repairs are going to cause HOA fees to skyrocket as the old timers on condo boards won’t be able to kick the can down the road for maintenance of their buildings. New rules apply to buildings 4 floors and higher.

  16. leftwing says:

    Heard the same thing about the shore from friends. Making it back to NYC on Monday in less than two hours…

    Hard to tell, anecdotal for sure, but full service restaurants must be squeezed. I used to eat out more than cooking for myself, just can’t do it anymore…pulled back pretty significantly. I know I’m dating myself in that I remember the ‘scandal’ of a $20 hamburger at the 21 Club and that was decades ago but it’s just crazy the menu prices at these middle of the road local restaurants…Through $50 easily for a seat at the bar for a single drink, appy, burger, and tip….meh, pass.

    Also, this has become a personal pique of mine, but the Square/other cash register apps giving a tipping option on EVERYTHING? During the pandemic, yeah, I threw tips around wide and generously on the thought that these people are working face-to-face and customer volumes are down…but I was in a little retail shop recently – no service, no food, no bar – buying a product and the screen flips around after ringing up my purchase and there is the four box quadrant of ‘tips’ starting at 15%…I pass, taking the no tip option, and get an audible snort from the cashier…it’s happened more than once…WTF, am I supposed to be flipping the King’s cashier a twenty now? LOL.

  17. leftwing says:

    Lib, you still like WRK?

    I may take some positions leading into numbers this week and Fed later….feeling better on forward view. Greatly abridged and distilled -> nominal vs real.

  18. Libturd says:


    The Square tip thing irks me too. And like you, I am a very good tipper for good service. But for handing me a black cup of coffee? Come on now!

  19. Libturd says:

    I think I do still like WRK, but will confirm it later today.

    As predicted before the Summer and when everyone was in panic moe, the market looks like it will run horizontal until late August.


  20. The Great Pumpkin says:

    I was there too.

    grim says:
    July 6, 2022 at 6:52 am
    No recession down in Disney.

  21. The Great Pumpkin says:


    Tark up almost 20% yesterday and arkk up almost 10%. Watch and learn.

    The Great Pumpkin says:
    July 2, 2022 at 2:08 pm
    Watch and learn..

    “$ARKK will go from the worst asset class in the first half of 2022 to the best performing Asset Class for the next 6 months. In July of 2002, $QQQ was viewed as a “joke” like ARKK. QQQ was absolutely hated. It then became an asset class over 20 years. Here we are.”
    The Great Pumpkin says:
    July 2, 2022 at 2:12 pm
    TARK…ship it!

    “I’m sure someone will exploit that to magnify the upside. How Bullish will Americans feel when Gasoline is $3.99 a gallon? How about $2.99? We are going in that direction between now and January 2023.”

  22. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Good to see deflation is the talk on this blog today. Only a matter of time before the Fed has to come in. They know they can’t stop deflation once it takes hold. So will stop it at all costs.

  23. No One says:

    Real estate news alert! I used to like the Disney company back when Walt’s influence was still there. Now I feel it’s just a BS company. Their new real estate concept is probably the most BS of all. I guess it’s designed mostly to lure the grandkids to come visit granny.
    Welcome to Storyliving by Disney:
    For centuries, humanity has been drawn to the sands, mountains, springs, and valleys of the Palm Desert. Its unique climate, diverse flora and fauna, and boundless beauty have inspired generations of makers, from original inhabitant Cahuilla basket-weavers and storytellers, to contemporary artists and innovators. All for good reason. The many colors of this natural wonderland surprise first-time visitors with vivid greens, liquid blues and dynamic reds and yellows bringing unexpected life to the ruddy cocoa tones that frame the landscape in grandeur.

    Now, inspired by both the landscape and its history, the unique magic of the region has been combined with the imagination of Disney to make something new – Cotino™, a Storyliving by Disney™ community. This brilliant living painting is not only fueled by its own dynamic energy, but empowers all who live here, creating a vibrant atmosphere that encourages residents to keep dreaming and keep doing.

    So basically they are building a 55+ community in Rancho Mirage, CA, and instead of having a golf course and tennis courts like the other nice places around there, instead they are building a water park and a community center for painting. But it’s not your private water park, instead, any Joe Shmoe and his kids can buy a day pass to come park and piss and scream in your Storyliving lagoon.

  24. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Understand that 2% is the optimum target for the Fed for a reason. It allows for growth and low unemployment aka stability. Remember, the economy either wants to deflate or inflate. There is no in between. So the optimum target is 2%. 1% is too low, it allows no room for mistakes and it is harder to achieve growth in the economy. So stop all your Fed hate. They know what they are doing and just provided one of the best bull markets in history that would still be going had not covid taken hold of the economy.

  25. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Awesome ride.

    Guardians of the Galaxy is amazing. Space mountain on steroids…super smooth.

    Libturd says:
    July 6, 2022 at 8:23 am
    Driving home from AC on Sunday was incredibly quick as well. Hope Disney is/was the bomb. Did you get to ride the Avatar, Flight of Passage?

  26. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Someone that gets it. Conversation I had.

    “I’m starting to receive some June local real estate market data (embargoed). And the brakes were slammed hard.

    San Diego is one of the hottest markets and data is not embargoed. Sales were off 35% year-over-year in June. Other markets showing huge inventory increases.”-individual that started the conversation

    “Well they did raise rates hard and fast, what do you expect? It spooked everyone and their mother into buying. Aka great short term window to buy”-me

    “Short term window? Real estate lags no?”-idiot

    “He means prior to the rate hikes. Of course, the market was, and has been, constrained by low inventory, so not sure that’s entirely accurate.”-idiot

    “Meaning, the Fed has artificially scared away all the buyers aka your competition. The demand is still there, but because of such rapid rate hikes, it shocked the market buyers into a state of doom and gloom. Aka your short-term window to take advantage. It will not last long”-me

    “Everyone wants to treat real estate like a liquid mkt that’s a short term arb play by calling tops and bottoms of moves. Just silly. You’re 💯right. Let the knuckleheads try and call a bottom. There’s value right now for long term buy/hold” -someone that gets it.

    “Wow, someone that actually gets it. Thank you, people like you are a rarity.”-me

  27. Phoenix says:

    The purpose of tipping:

    It’s for making customers pay for employees instead of the small business owner.

    Yes that is what it is. Cheap owners. Passing the cost on to you, the consumer-and making you look bad if you don’t pay.

    Good psychological/business tactic.

    What did that Chinese guy text to Biden:

    “Now US President finally realized that capitalism is all about exploitation. He didn’t believe this before.”

  28. Phoenix says:

    So basically they are building a 55+ community

    Tax break for boomer.

    For your discount enjoy some piss water and stop complaining.

  29. Mugsy Baloney says:

    I spent the weekend in the Woodstock area, had dinner in town. Was going to get steak which was listed as market price. Asked what the market price was – $60. Cheapskate that I am, I asked for the pork chops which were half the price.

  30. Chicago says:

    Panzone’s LBI
    Pizza $20.00
    Penne Vodka $30.00
    Subtotal $50.00
    Tax $3.31
    Total $53.31

  31. Phoenix says:

    The irony of the food price comments on here is that the majority of people on here making the comments are probably in the top 5 percent on income in the Republic of NJ.

    The people who could most likely afford it.

    Yet they won’t purchase. Speaks volumes.

    Guess no one here was invited to the Sun Valley Conference with Rupert.

    Steaks were grillin’ all day over there. Not far from the airport where the private jets were parked.

  32. Phoenix says:

    My ex Old Goat father in law.

    Took my daughter to Turtle Back Zoo a few years back. She was maybe 6 at the time.

    Old Goat government worker, good pension, plenty of money.
    Old Goat ex mother in law, ex school employee, pension, plenty of money, multiple house owners.

    My daughter told me they complained about paying 4 dollars to buy her a hot dog when she was hungry.

    Cheap old Goats.

  33. No One says:

    I just spent two weeks on the island home in Florida because my daughter wanted to tan, and I needed to get some projects wrapped up. We went out to dinner every single day, and I think the bill with tip ran from $80 to $130 every day. Generally just sharing an appetizer, normally getting a seafood main, rarely desert, and a few times I’d have one Painkiller or Rum Runner. $50 per person is now the new standard for going to a sit down restaurant that’s not clearly on the budget chain side.
    Just a salad with a protein will cost $15 to $25 these days, pre-tip.
    I can afford it without concern, but I wonder about normal people. Maybe they cut back to going out just once a week? People shouldn’t run credit card balances to dine out.

  34. Fast Eddie says:

    Penne Vodka $30.00

    A box of penne is around $1.69. That is ridiculous. There’s a reason I have an inground pool, a deck and a grill. I’m going nowhere but out the backdoor. I feel for business owners but I’m not playing the game.

  35. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Speaking of tipping: I went to the hot grill yesterday for a comfort meal. Placed an online order and they suggested a tip of 15-20%. No way, no how. Goes against my principles. You did not provide a service, you did the job you were paid for that was included in the price. Tipping is getting out of control in this country. Am I going to get a tip every time i do my job and help a student? Ridiculous.

  36. Fast Eddie says:

    $50 per person is now the new standard for going to a sit down restaurant that’s not clearly on the budget chain side.

    Pass. It’s absurd… all of it. It would at least be nice if our portfolios were reaping some of the price surge on the other side for balance but we’re getting whacked from that end, too.

  37. The Great Pumpkin says:

    I was lucky to keep a lunch at Disney to 119 bucks including tip. Dinner was over 200 every night. Family of 3. Haven’t added up the cost of the trip, but prob 8-9 grand for a vacation from june 29th till july 4th (plane left after 9pm).

  38. The Great Pumpkin says:

    No desert…we don’t eat dessert ever. We are not into dessert.

  39. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Pathetic. That’s their granddaughter for god’s sake.

    “My daughter told me they complained about paying 4 dollars to buy her a hot dog when she was hungry.

    Cheap old Goats.”

  40. No One says:

    Summer visits to Disney in FL are just brutally hot, or it’s raining. And yet it’s also crowded. The tyranny of planning around school breaks.
    Maybe we will drive over for a couple of days in mid-November or early December. Weather is nice and crowds are low. The main downside is that when the parks aren’t busy they close them earlier.

  41. No One says:

    How much for the giant turkey legs in Disney now?
    Best price to protein ratio you’re likely to find there.

  42. Juice Box says:

    We threw a 3rd of July Party with family. I cooked up allot of food, and lit fireworks etc, still have loads of food and booze leftover for the rest of summer. Kids were exhausted from swimming, playing laser tag and playing with the dogs all day. Kids turned the dog automatic tennis ball launcher into a fun pool game too. Adults had a great time and a few stayed over after I made room for them to stay the night. It seemed most parties and fireworks around here were done by Sunday. There was only one 4th party nearby on Monday, rest of the neighborhood was pretty quiet, and no fireworks shows to be seen run by any nearby town.

    Next GTG is family rental in Lavallette in August, close and far enough at the same time.

  43. Libturd says:

    I fed about 60 people one of the best meals they’ve eaten for $3.29 a person:

    4 pound corned beef (turned into pastrami) = $15
    14 pound brisket (turned into brisket) = $52.50
    5 racks of spare ribs = $60
    Cost for spices and rubs = $10
    Cost for Gator to make massive tray of Mac & Cheese = $30
    32 slices of backyard pizza =$5 (the half a tank of propane probably cost more than the ingredients)

    Inflation my hairy buttocks.

  44. Libturd says:

    Right. I ended up with a huge cooler of beer and flavored adult seltzer out of it.

  45. grim says:

    Lib, everyone that has been to Disney this year has told me it was insanely crowded. Best rides there are now Star Wars, Rise of the Resistance and my coworker who goes every year told me the new Guardians of the Galaxy Coaster is the best thing ever. They took it to a level beyond Avatar.

    Disney is getting greedy. So to ride GotG – you need to pay for Genie + on top of your ticket price, which is another $15. And then you probably need to pay for the lightning lane on top of that, which was another $17 per rider.

    Can’t imagine if you were a daily ticket person ($$$) and then had to pay for parking too (+$25).

    You are easily above $400 for 2 people to even get a chance to get on that ride. That’s for 1 ride.

  46. leftwing says:

    “The people who could most likely afford it. Yet they won’t purchase. Speaks volumes.”

    Not coincidence. Cause and effect…

    Fast, I was going to make the same comment re: Penne and Vodka Sauce….$30 is just downright exploitive and insulting. At that price it better come with a lap dance.

  47. grim says:

    All that said, you can still save money if you do it right. We rented DVC – stayed in a 1 bedroom in Bay Lake Tower (Contemporary). Full kitchen and table – meaning at least you could cover breakfasts, snacks. Not only was the room a hell of a lot cheaper than staying in Contemporary, it was FAARRR nicer, larger, and convenient.

    We got it at $12 a point for those who follow that sort of thing. $11/12 is what we’ve been paying for years now.

  48. No One says:

    They were using heirloom tomatoes and Absolut Crystal for the sauce?

  49. Juice Box says:

    Tipping and donations too now nearly everywhere. No I am not rounding up to donate every time I make a purchase, and why should I tip for picking up food? Does the delivery driver share his tip with the kitchen and wait staff now too?

    There is a small pizza joint by me still charges $14 for a plain pie and no tip cup when you pick up the order. He gets my business as no shinkflation on the ingredients either.

  50. No One says:

    The reality is that when you dine out you are mostly paying for labor and to a lesser extent, rent. So the lefties should be celebrating the opportunity to contribute to “a living wage” to service workers.
    Better workers than taxes. In my case, I prefer to have more expensive restaurants to choose from than half as many cheaper restaurants, with the rest boarded up due to lack of cooks and servers.
    As Libturd has repeatedly pointed out, if you’re poor, or just want to save more, learn how to shop wisely and how to cook for yourself. And mow your own grass too.

  51. grim says:

    Used to be able to get a half tray of penne vodka in NJ for $30

  52. leftwing says:

    So slow day, hanging around for an event this evening figured instead of blowing right by certain posts I’ll glance at them.

    Help me out here…am I reading it correctly?

    The Idiot is cutting, pasting, and annotating his Twitter feed now? LOLOLOLOL.

    JFC, the tolerance for pain you people have here is astounding.

    What’s our count, 3b?

  53. grim says:

    Maybe we will drive over for a couple of days in mid-November or early December. Weather is nice and crowds are low.

    Now that my daughter is getting older, it’s more challenging to pull her out of school for a week in December. But I agree, I think that the first week of December is the best place to go anywhere, and for years we religiously picked that week. Whether it was Disney, Caribbean, Mexico, Hawaii, etc – that was always the best balance.

    Flights are reasonable, hotels are reasonable, you don’t fight with school break crowds – because nobody is off that week. On the plus side, most everywhere is already decked out for xmas, so it’s all pretty. Weather is nice everywhere.

  54. grim says:

    Pizza shop pasta sauce dirty secret.

    Take the marinara, add some cream cheese and half and half, voila!, vodka sauce – slap a premium price on that, oh, and don’t bother with the vodka, it doesn’t add anything at all. Cream cheese is what gets your that stick-to-your-ribs layer of sauce on the pasta. Heavy cream? That’s an extra trip to the supermarket, skip.

    Throw in a handful of oregano and sugar, voila!, now you have pizza sauce!

    Olives and red pepper flakes? Putanesca!

    Oh eh, eh oh. Lesson is, make your own red sauce base and freeze it, doctor it up into what you need when you prep your dish, super easy. Always be growing basil, throw some in at the end and you’ll really brighten it up.

  55. Bystander says:

    “So the lefties should be celebrating the opportunity to contribute to “a living wage” to service workers.”

    Hah, what a crock. I see the Pizza Palace truck parked outside huge new McMansion a few streets up. Another old school Italian restaurant bought their daughter a split level house near our reservoir (busy road, no thanks) then rebuilt it to make it look like Italian villa. It is so their daughter can run her business which sets up Italian countryside weddings for wealthy. It ain’t going to workers..nice try

  56. Juice Box says:

    Even the local high end Italian deli for their prepared food they freeze then sell like a small tray of chicken parm and other Italian dishes has gotten very expensive something like $26.99 to feed only four people. I never buy their stuff anyway as I can make it better myself. Their Prosciutto, Peppers and Mutz sandwiches on a hero roll are now up to $13 as well, still better that other nearby sandwich shops as well it’s really 2 lunches worth of food. I always save half as my kids will eat it when they get home from School or Camp or if I am luckily it will be around the next day..

  57. grim says:

    I need to work on my fresh pasta skills. Not that I’d save any money over store-bought dried pasta, but given we always have free eggs around here from the backyard farmer contingent, why not?

  58. Juice Box says:

    I have used an electric smoker, a Weber Charcoal for years. I did not splurge on an Ooni pizza oven or similar, it costs more than a regular grill and cannot really cook anything else in it. We did however breakdown and get a large propane grill on sale. I now use it too cook pizza all the time. Dough goes right on the grates no stone used for two minutes at 450F, then removed uncooked side covered in olive oil and toppings added and back on for another two minutes. Works great, sure it’s not 60 seconds cook time on a stone like an Ooni, but pizza was never meant to be cooked that quickly anyway.

    Here is a 1 minute video..super easy to do no stone needed, so no wasted gas heating up the stone either. Cook all your dough first then add them back with toppings for two minutes to finish.


  59. Trick says:


    Ordered a brisket from wild fork out of PA, $4lb and free shipping. They estimated it would be 15lbs, got it yesterday 19.5lb’s. Going cook half of it for the graduation party this weekend. Probably freeze the half with the point for another day.

  60. 3b says:

    Left: Our count is 95 days!! Can’t believe I did it, but I did. If I can anyone can. Congrats to us both!!

  61. grim says:

    Going to pick up a used Lynx grill today. Finally plumbed in my nat gas.

    No sense converting my old Kitchenaid grill to nat gas, it’s seen it’s best days. Hell, a tree fell on it and I needed to kick the cover back into shape.

    Figure it’s worth refurbing the Lynx, even if it needs new burners and a teardown/cleandown. Those stupid things are going for like $6000 new now, no flipping way. Even with some sweat and a few hundred in new parts, it’s better than anything in at a similar price point new.

    They are made from heavier gauge, higher quality stainless than most other grills – the frames should hold up forever, it’s really only the burners that can/do corrode. I figure a few rounds of caustic and acid cleaner from the distillery aughta do it, then just repolish the stainless with buffer. Hell, I’ll even get a new logo plate, thermo, and knobs to dress it up.

    Wildcard are the heavy brass burners – they go for $300 a piece. 2 new burners for that grill will cost as much as a whole Weber. Nice thing about the really high end grills is that it’s easy to get parts, including non-OEM aftermarket parts.

  62. The Great Pumpkin says:

    I did it to make a point, you miserable f’ing turd. Housing has deals to be had, but it is short window.

    Why don’t you bring some value instead of bitching about me you pos.

    leftwing says:
    July 6, 2022 at 12:19 pm
    So slow day, hanging around for an event this evening figured instead of blowing right by certain posts I’ll glance at them.

    Help me out here…am I reading it correctly?

    The Idiot is cutting, pasting, and annotating his Twitter feed now? LOLOLOLOL.

    JFC, the tolerance for pain you people have here is astounding.

  63. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Congrats on being a total idiot..those big rate hikes still coming into next year? Asking for a friend.

    On the other hand, I have been nothing but on point lately on this blog.

    3b says:
    July 6, 2022 at 12:53 pm
    Left: Our count is 95 days!! Can’t believe I did it, but I did. If I can anyone can. Congrats to us both!!

  64. Boomer Remover says:

    It’s what, $300 to take three people to Nickelodeon in the American Dream? Good thing parking is free.

    In Edgewater, there’s a place called Brownstone Pancake House. They promote on Instagram and have local celebrities eating there from time to time. They serve pancakes with various candies on top, cavity inducing stuff. It’s hugely popular brunch place that is banged out all the time. There’s a line of Accords and Dodges with NY plates waiting to get valet as far as the eye can see

    I feel those who can least afford it, wll continue to do so at any cost. Credit card balances don’t get rung up for necessities alone.

  65. BRT says:

    grim fresh pasta is pretty easy. Caputo semolina, fresh eggs, use the food processor and it will make it in 30 seconds. Kitchen aid pasta roller attachments and you are good to go.

    Ooni if fun but I can put out a better product with my gas oven and tiles near the broiler. I got the 24 inch blackstone griddle and built a table for it from all the leftover wood from finishing my attic. It’s like a personal hibachi grill and a lot of fun to cook on. Makes you feel like you are a street food vendor. Still have the old Weber along side it and I have a crappy smoker grill that I bought for $20 on sale. Gets the job done.

  66. BRT says:

    Speaking of tipping: I went to the hot grill yesterday for a comfort meal. Placed an online order and they suggested a tip of 15-20%. No way, no how. Goes against my principles. You did not provide a service, you did the job you were paid for that was included in the price. Tipping is getting out of control in this country. Am I going to get a tip every time i do my job and help a student? Ridiculous.

    You’re even wrong on your choice of Clifton hot dogs.

  67. No One says:

    Fun new info. Not only do dolphins emit unique combinations of sounds to serve as identifying “names”, they also swim through each others’ piss with their mouths open to identify others through piss-taste. Something to think about at your next pool party.
    “We can say with some confidence that dolphins have at least two modes of social identification: Signature whistles and urine cues”, says Bruck, lead author of the study. “Dolphins are excellent whistle mimics if they want to be, so urine might be more resistant to cetacean identity theft.” However, deception in signature whistles has not been properly studied, he adds.

  68. Libturd says:

    Trick. That’s a good price. Hope it’s floppy like a waiters towel over the forearm. That’s how you know the cow or bull was just sitting on his/her ass all day. The brisket comes from slightly above the front two legs. If the cow was a worker, it will be too lean.

    $14 a pizza juice? We have a few that got that high, but I can still find a decent Napolitano for $12 her on Friday night and $10 on Monday/Tuesday.

    Grim, you do Disney like my folks did for us the one time we went. Always a condo off resort, either breakfast included or we made eggs in our own kitchen. Places always had a shuttle to the park entrances too. Probably one fifth of Disney cost. As for all of the speed passes and special ride charges, we ran into the same thing at crappy Great Escape up in Lake George. On top of the fact that half of the rides were closed, they have really let the park go to sh1t. It’s straight up neglected in places. Needs a huge paint job and landscape. Then they do have extra charges for certain rides. We didn’t have to pay since we were there on a charitable pass for the D, but my god, the costs inside were crazy. A soda is $12. They sell a cup for $21 that gives you unlimited refills for the day for $2. Then for $41. You get unlimited $2 refills for the season.

    Needless to say, we snuck water in and shared two cups.

    I was super excited to see the Yugoslavian Bobsled from my youth in Great Adventure was moved up there and somehow running. It was always broken, but one of the coolest rides I’ve ever been on. Of course it broke right before my son and I got to ride it. A real treat was that they had the original Comet. I love those old coasters.

  69. Libturd says:

    “You’re even wrong on your choice of Clifton hot dogs.”

    Agreed. And pretty funny.

  70. Juice Box says:

    Quite a few used high end outdoor appliances for sale on craigslist etc. Strange that someone would spend all that money on building an outdoor kitchen area, then have to part ways a few years later with it for 1/3 or less than what they paid for it. I also see the parts and service can cost more than a break replacement job on a BMW? $1500 for parts to refurbish an outdoor Viking grill?

    When I ran the underground gas line for my pool heater two years ago I asked about a separate line for the grill patio area, it was just not worth the cost to me and well even then I prefer charcoal. I grill all the burgers and dogs and steaks and chicken on the charcoal. I use the propane for the sausage, peppers, onions and cooking pizza. Maybe one day I will cheat and use propane to cook burgers, but that day is not today.

  71. Juice Box says:

    Clifton hot dogs?

    Was a regular stop during my motorcycle riding days…


  72. Libturd says:

    Any of you guys see Licorice Pizza?

    Great little flick. Watched it on the plane home from Reno.

  73. leftwing says:

    “Left: Our count is 95 days!! Can’t believe I did it, but I did. If I can anyone can. Congrats to us both!!”

    Congrats, baby!

    Yeah, no responses from me to the Moron in the foreseeable future…JFC glanced at the last two threads I could engage his idiocy but…each keystroke would be to zero avail and a small piece of my life I’d never recover.

    Back to moving right over his posts and only catching them on the rebound through someone expressing their masochist tendencies engaging in a reply to him.

    Posting his Twitter feed, with annotations, I’m literally ROFLMAO….if that doesn’t tell you everything you need to know.

    “95 days Pumpkin-free”

  74. Libturd says:

    I really just skip right over them 99% of the time.

  75. leftwing says:

    Lib, legged back into some DIS via shares and option writes. Looked at this 16 ways to Sunday if someone wants to hand me shares at $80 I’ll take them…

    Also did some low effort, low risk, high reward vol trades ahead of the Fed minutes….Vol in this market has been unusually inflated for a long time, looking for a pullback starting today/tomorrow after fed minutes shortly.

  76. BRT says:

    Juice, I pick up two pints of relish and freeze them each time I go (maybe once a year at this point). It’s always a big hit at BBQs for the hot dogs. Goes awesome on a pastrami sandwich as well.

  77. grim says:

    Quite a few used high end outdoor appliances for sale on craigslist etc. Strange that someone would spend all that money on building an outdoor kitchen area, then have to part ways a few years later with it for 1/3 or less than what they paid for it. I also see the parts and service can cost more than a break replacement job on a BMW? $1500 for parts to refurbish an outdoor Viking grill?

    Almost always rarely used too, and dirty as shit because someone used them for a season or two, and never bothered to clean them. So they sit for years.

    I’ve seen people replace them just because they looked dirty.

    You can almost always save a ton on high end snowblowers and grills by waiting for Bergen County house sales. I’m sure they argued with the buyer over leaving the grill and snow blower, but couldn’t agree on $5k more, so the sellers sell them for $200 out of spite.

    That’s how I got my dad a kick ass huge Weber Summit three years ago. Divorce sale. Unloaded the house. Wife sold it to me day before the closing. F*ck the husband, f*ck the buyers. I don’t care. $3,000 grill for a couple hundred. I think I needed to replace the rubber igniter boot for $5.

  78. Fast Eddie says:

    Portable Generators:

    I need to get a portable generator before the upcoming hurricane season. My cousin is a construction manager in Manhattan and said the Briggs and Stratton 6250 should do nicely. Any suggestions from the board?

  79. Trick says:

    We haven’t had a kitchen for the last month so cooking options are minimal. For a quick lunch and not havening to fire up the grill, we started air frying Nathan’s. I was shocked at how good they came out.

  80. Phoenix says:

    Newark airport- best parking- I know someone posted it a while back, what do you guys suggest?

  81. Phoenix says:


    Inverter generator. Only type to buy.

    Do you have a well pump or city water?

  82. Fast Eddie says:


    City water.

  83. grim says:

    Parked at Haynes Parking Spot – was fairly expensive.

  84. Phoenix says:

    What are you powering it with? Gas, Nat gas, or propane?

    6250 isn’t going to be Nat gas I would think.

    Inverter is better in that it uses less fuel with less load.

    So what you need to do is figure the items you want to run. And if you need 220.

    Or hooking up to your existing wiring.

    Too bad some divorcing woman sold off her husband’s Honda inverter for pennies on the dollar a few months ago on Facebook Marketplace.

    I missed it by like 3 minutes.

    Eddie, check out this website for good deals.


  85. Libturd says:


    YES! The air fried hot dog is an absolutely amazing advancement in the evolution of the tube steak. I put it on 400 for five minutes until they are crispy on the outside. While this goes on, I toast the bun and microwave the kraut. And I agree, there is something about the Nathan’s that makes it work better than the Hebrew National. Though the Shofar’s come out well too.

  86. Libturd says:

    ABC Grim.

    Especially if you pay cash. They will waive all of that annoying Elizabeth Parking taxation. You must make a reservation before you arrive to get the coupon to get the lowest price. They van you over to the terminals. The only negative is that you sometimes have to wait about 15 to 20 minutes upon calling them after retrieving your bags for the van to come. It’s really hit or miss on the timing. Sometimes they will come immediately. It all depends on volume. Always pay cash with them. I see they are up to $16 a day. But with the cash discount, I bet it’s only $12 or $13. It depends on how much you tip and sweettalk the nice Latino ladies who work there.


  87. Fast Eddie says:


    Gasoline-powered. I would need to run a fridge (maybe a 2nd one) and maybe a TV? I have central AC so that’s out. Just a few house fans, I suppose.

  88. No One says:

    How is ABC’s FREE COFFEE?
    And how long does it take from the time you arrive at their lot until the time you get to your terminal?

  89. BRT says:

    Grim, I got the electric livestrong exercise bike from the neighbors wife putting all his stuff out on the curb when he was separated from her.

  90. Libturd says:

    I would steer clear of their free coffee, but there’s a DD within walking distance. As to the timing, you are just off the Elizabeth border with Newark on Route 1/9. Literally, a mile from the airport entrance. In most cases, the trip will only take 5 minutes. It depends on how many families are in the van with you and which airline you are flying. They don’t do pickups and dropoffs at the same time. Also, the best seat in the van is the front passenger seat.

    I’ve used them at least 50 times now. Really good people and never a dent or ding. Though car will get dusty.

  91. BRT says:

    Lib, there’s a park in PA that still has an old school bobsled coaster. Konobles. I’m going there with the kids this summer just for that.

  92. Libturd says:

    The feeling of those heavy bobsleds when they come off one bank and then reverse into the next is really unmatched in a regular coaster.

  93. 3b says:

    Left: I thought about responding for a day after the 90 days was up, and decided not to. It’s been wonderful for the blog and myself. Just scroll right by. There is absolutely no point in engaging in any manner, and I am going to continue to be comment free. It’s best all around.

  94. grim says:

    Yeah, Parking Spot is up to like $30 a day now, that’s with the pre-reg and discount.

    AND, they’ve been pushing more spots to “valet”, which adds a few more bucks to the daily rate.

  95. Phoenix says:

    Eddie, go small and efficient. You don’t need much for 110 v, two refrigerators ( which you can alternate if you don’t open them, they don’t run all of the time) a lcd TV uses nothing, and fans don’t use much.

    I have done all that with my 2k watt Honda which runs practically silent using extension cords. There are many off brands now too that work well and cost less than a Honda.

    When Sandy hit, part of the problem was fuel. People had large non-inverter generators that are good for heavy current loads, but once the well pump stops running the beast keeps sucking down fuel like a V8.

    I would use mine to make a pot of coffee and watch tv, then turn off the coffee and run the fridge. At 1.5 k the coffee pot used the most. The fridge just has a high starting current, then uses nothing.

    Smaller is better if you don’t want to lug gas cans. And quieter. You can even pair many of them up with combiner cords.

    They have all come down in price. But you don’t need much.

    Had I still been married and been in my house, I would have used this system- It was really good.


  96. Phoenix says:


    Went their once years ago. Old school

    Personally I liked it.

  97. Phoenix says:

    Went there.


  98. Fast Eddie says:


    Thanks. I’ve just been doing some sizing (2 Fridges, 1 LCD TV, a few fans, two sump pumps, etc.) and it totals around 3800 running watts. I’ll go a little higher to rest easy. I appreciate your response and advice. :)

  99. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Keep posting worthless drivel that always ends up wrong. It’s amazing no one busts your balls, yet bust mine all day when I have mostly been correct except for my ark top of the market play. Simply amazing that i’m the only one that calls you out. At least lefty throws out some value here or there when he is not being an elitist turd.

    3b says:
    July 6, 2022 at 3:29 pm
    Left: I thought about responding for a day after the 90 days was up, and decided not to. It’s been wonderful for the blog and myself. Just scroll right by. There is absolutely no point in engaging in any manner, and I am going to continue to be comment free. It’s best all around.

  100. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Hot grill all f’ing day. Sauce is boss. Love their all the way dogs. Also love their cheese dog with gravy.

    Their cheeseburger all the way is amazing. Their fries with cheese and gravy melt in your mouth. Their roast beef sandwich on a hard roll with cheese and gravy is the best in the world.

    BRT says:
    July 6, 2022 at 1:19 pm
    Speaking of tipping: I went to the hot grill yesterday for a comfort meal. Placed an online order and they suggested a tip of 15-20%. No way, no how. Goes against my principles. You did not provide a service, you did the job you were paid for that was included in the price. Tipping is getting out of control in this country. Am I going to get a tip every time i do my job and help a student? Ridiculous.

    You’re even wrong on your choice of Clifton hot dogs.

  101. The Great Pumpkin says:

    I’ve said this over and over …

    “Where’s the 2022 Housing Crash happening 1st?

    🔥Look for Orange. West / Mountain pummeled with Inventory.

    🔵But No Crash in Northeast / Midwest…yet. Inventory still down.

    Identical to what happened in 2007-08. Biggest Bubbles Crash First. Then the rest.

    Read below…”


  102. Phoenix says:

    Don’t forget starting current.

    Quiet, gas sipping is really nice. You don’t want oversize loud cheap droning beast running all day.

    Next time you go to a carnival, walk around and listen to all of the generators.

    Other thing is that inverter generators produce cleaner sine waves for sensitive electronics.

    Lastly, don’t leave fuel in them. You can buy TrueFuel but it’s expensive. Better to drain/run the last of the fuel out of them when you are done, or use a stabilizer.
    I drain, then run them dry. Then choke it to wheeze out the last bits I can. I put stabilizer in the tank before I drain it to make sure if anything is left it is stabilzed fuel before I run it dry.

    Almost guarantees a start when you need it.

  103. Juice Box says:

    Ed small generators have even smaller gas tanks. Might want to get a slightly larger one with a bigger tank, you will have spare electrical capacity if needed and the tank will be much larger so less refills. I have a mid-sized Generac with a 3.35 gallon tank. It will run all night about 10.5 hours at 50% power usage and even longer with less power drawn. I keep three five gallon gas tanks as well so I can run it for over two days at 50% power drawn. It weighs just over 100 lbs, so it has wheels but it is compact and fits into a tight spot in my garage. Knock on wood have not had to use it in a while, but when I do I simply wheel it out several feet run some cords and close the garage door to keep out the carbon monoxide.

    Also Honda generators are the best but can cost 4 X as much. May want to consider that if you go Honda for $2,000 but you can get one for $550 with similar specs. Again you aren’t using it daily or even monthly or if you are lucky not for years so run time won’t wear out a cheap generator that quickly. Get one with an hour meter use gage so you know when to change and clean oil and filters etc.

  104. Juice Box says:

    I 100% agree don’t leave fuel in really any gasoline powered home equipment, mowers, blowers, generators etc long term. Store the fuel in tanks and swap it out with your car every six months. Not hard to do really, especially if you get rid of those newer PITA gas dreaded Obama era spring loaded gas can filler necks that were mandated back in 2009.

  105. Trick says:

    We have a 5500 generator from sears, think it peaks at 7500. Ran a 30 Amp breaker from the box and have a plug outside. Runs all we need except the ac. Of course shut the main breaker off before using.

  106. 3b says:

    More tough talk from Fed minutes, 50 to 75 bp for end of July looks to be a given. They are Ok, with recession risk or slow growth. Getting back to what they are supposed to be doing.

  107. The Great Pumpkin says:


    Understand the Fed can’t tell the truth. They can’t be transparent. Why? Because they can set off a panic in either direction. People hang onto their every word and act on it. Just know that they know exactly what they are doing, but obviously no one is perfect. They have to talk tough, otherwise everyone and their mother will jump right back in and not allow inflation subside to desirable levels.

    They will lower rates again, it’s only a matter of time. Why? They are facing deflationary headwinds with lower immigration, lower birth rates, economics of massive scale, and disruptive deflationary innovation tech. They have no choice.

  108. Grim says:

    I have one of those bigger Briggs units. Storm response.

    Run it once a year for a few hours, and just let it run dry.

    While it does throttle based on load, that’s minimal, and it’s not a sipper by far.

    Most modern electronics that use switching mode power supplies don’t care about power quality, anything that is “sensitive” is just made like crap.

    Most units that have a generator that looks like a motor will generate pure sine power.

    Pure sine inverters were invented to fix issues associated with battery backup power, which historically used a crude sawtooth waveform. Gas generators always generate pure sine power.

    Where motor driven generators fall short is that they don’t always generate pure 60hz, especially when overloaded and running slow. This is where the inverter Hondas really shine – they can slow down the rpm when load is low, saving gas, without the change in frequency. Non-inverter units need to such enough gas to maintain the right rpm range, load or not.

    Properly sized generator is going to be more important.

  109. Grim says:

    The reason pure sine inverter units are really expensive, is because they are built in a way that makes them very similar to audio amplifiers. Think of the sticker price of a 2500w stereo power amp – basically what it is, except it only outputs one audio frequency, 60hz – and the ‘volume’ is always set to 240v.

    Old DC-to-AC inverters with crude waveforms used far more basic electronics. Go back old enough and you’d find units that just used a 60 cycles vibrator to output square wave power. This is the stuff that would kill motors, and where some of that mindset comes from.

  110. Trick says:

    Grim, that’s is the one I have. Got it after the Halloween snow storm at the Wayne Sears

  111. grim says:

    There is a reason that 5.5kw Honda pure sine unit costs $4,500.

    While you might find an off brand “inverter” unit around $1000, I’d question the quality of the inverter power. A cheap Briggs unit might just provide cleaner power.

    Just because it’s sold as an inverter generator does not in any way mean it’s a pure-sine inverter. Standard inverters do not provide “cleaner” power, that’s marketing. There is a reason for the price difference.

  112. Phoenix says:

    Plenty of people using those “cheap” Champion inverter generators with no problems.

    If you are worried, you can use a UPC type battery backup line conditioner if you are really afraid of the output, I have one on my computer equipment as a battery backup, not expensive at all.

    The inverter allows the engine to slow with less load- this is great as when your refrigerator turns off, or you turn something on, the engine adjusts. A regular generator is like having your foot to the floor of the car at all times- wastes fuel when the load doesn’t require it. Plus additional noise.

    Closed frame is quieter than open frame all things being equal.

    For me I would never go back to a standard generator unless it was for something as crude as a well pump, power tool, or central air system- all things that require large amounts of power. I’d even consider one like that for just those items- and an inverter for the rest. When you need the well or AC, kick on the beast, then shut the noisy creature off when you are comfortable. Use the quiet smaller one for everything else.

    The beasts are dirt cheap.

  113. Phoenix says:

    BTW got my Honda 2k inverter for around 800 a few years ago.

    Light, quiet, does 99 percent of what I need. Take it camping. Runs my inverter Miller welder. Enough power during an outage for basic stuff.

    Just don’t run everything all of the time all at once.

  114. Phoenix says:

    And for a regular guy like me, I’ll stick to Rao’s sauce.

    Gets the job done. Tastes good enough for me.

    No labor required.

    But then again, I’m no Grey Poupon type, where I work management gives me 15 minutes to eat left over pizza dumped from the anesthesia department along with the wilted salad and sandwiches they didn’t finish from lunchtime.

    And they wonder why people go travel nursing. Haha.

  115. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Just like what happened in the 90s, teachers are going to get big raises this decade at some point or they won’t have anyone going into the teaching field. Shortages in every state.

    “Florida is 9,000 teachers short for this upcoming school year. Educators are fed up with being underpaid, scrutinized and silenced.”


  116. crushednjmillenial says:

    Echoing others above . . . I recently purchased a $30 takeout pizza in North Jersey. Supreme toppings, a fancier style of crust, and such. Great reviews on yelp and hadn’t ever tried the place before. Couldn’t believe the price, but I shrugged. However, I just wouldn’t do it ever again.

  117. The Great Pumpkin says:

    I’m with no one on this. Understand why food is expensive….it’s mostly labor. This is what happens when you pay food workers more than minimum wage. Not really sure you will ever have it so cheap again. Just think of all the money you saved on min wage workers backs in your lifetime.

    In my 20s, i used to go to fast food regularly. Those workers saved me a ton of money. That dollar menu after a night of drinking and partying….4 dollars and filled up, ready to pass out.

  118. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Spent many late nights waiting on that line at the mcds on 46. That place was a gold mine for the owner.

  119. grim says:

    For me I would never go back to a standard generator unless it was for something as crude as a well pump, power tool, or central air system- all things that require large amounts of power. I’d even consider one like that for just those items- and an inverter for the rest.

    This is the irony of it all. It’s the refrigeration compressor that’s the sensitive device today, not the computer, television, mobile phones, or other “expensive” electronics devices. These are all switching mode power supplies and are happy to run on any kind of shit power you throw at them. It’s the motor that can’t pull enough full load amps to spin up that’s going to sit there idle and cooking as the power burns up the motor windings, especially if you are talking about a unit that has a few years on it, and are running 300 feet of serially connected power cords.

    These units are not sensitive to frequency drift, they are sensitive to voltage sag and an inability to pull enough amps to start the motor.

    If your goal is to run iDevices – by all means, get the cheap inverter generator, it’s the better tool for the job. Expensive refrigerator? Not going to be the best idea, but realistically, if you are talking for a day or two, it’s not going to matter either.

  120. The Great Pumpkin says:

    “Wharton professor Jeremy Siegel says there’s ‘no question’ the US is already in a recession and the Fed could shock markets with a much smaller rate hike this month if data weakens”

    “Jeremy Siegel said there was “no question” the US was in a recession, even if it hadn’t been called.

    It’s possible the Fed won’t need to hike interest rates as much as anticipated to fight inflation.

    “The Fed has to be careful not to slam on the brakes and just crash this economy,” Siegel said.”

    The US is already in a
    and there’s a possibility that the
    Federal Reserve
    won’t have to hike interest rates as much as markets have anticipated if data continues to weaken, Jeremy Siegel, a professor at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, said.

    Siegel predicted that second-quarter gross-domestic-product growth would be negative for the second straight quarter, which would meet the technical definition of a recession.

    “We are really in a recession. There’s no question,” Siegel said in an interview with CNBC on Wednesday.

    “Siegel said there were signs inflation had peaked and that the Fed may be going too far in its hawkish pivot. Certain segments like commodity and housing prices have peaked, though wages continue to rise. Money supply has grown stagnant, which is another indicator that inflation is no longer accelerating.

    “The Fed has to be careful not to slam on the brakes and just crash this economy,” Siegel said. “They have to realize most of the inflation now is behind us, even though it’s going to go through the official statistics for the next six to 12 months.””

  121. grim says:

    Easiest way to tell – if you plug it in to the generator, and it hums, and you don’t ever remember it humming before, unplug it, that’s the hum of death.

    Disregard the light on the inside, disregard the displays, that’s all irrelevant. Same goes for any AC being run on a generator, any kind of hum or buzz, that’s death. What you are hearing is not the warm buzz of a 50s 15-watt Fender Deluxe amp, thought it might have the same price tag.

  122. The Great Pumpkin says:

    So how far will the Fed overshoot on the downside?

  123. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Prob time to start building a position. Just DCA. It’s stupid cheap. Like taking candy from a baby.

    “Cathie Wood and Ark Invest $ARKK bought 241K shares of Coinbase $COIN today”

  124. Juice Box says:

    You need a 20 KW system like a Generac on natural gas to run large A/C systems especially if you have two zones, you could be pulling more than 50 Amps. A 6500 watt generator can only produce about 27 amps barely enough for one central A/C unit never mind other appliances sharing the generator. I have a portable A/C that will cool a room on a standard 15 AMP 10 gauge extension cord plugged directly into the generator and I will use that over trying to power up central A/C. As Grim says don’t mess with your central A/C it is a power hungry device, and any voltage drop only increases the AMP draw to keep it running, and later an expensive repair…

  125. Fintech says:

    I have these two Champion Generators. Both run great. N+1 redudancy.

    100307 – Dual Fuel Generator.
    100574 – Dual Fuel Open Frame Inverter Generator.

  126. Juice Box says:

    Phoenix – That sauce is more water than tomatoes.For the cost of that sauce you can make a half gallon of good home made thick Marinara sauce. A 28 oz can of whole San Marzano tomatoes cost $1.97 at Walmart. Get two of those a 1/2 cup of olive oil, some salt, garlic, fresh basil, and some red pepper flakes and in a half hour you will have a nice homemade sauce. Freeze what you don’t use in small containers for later.

    There are a billion recipes online for sauce, might be a fun project if your kid likes to cook too.

  127. Fast Eddie says:

    I need the generator to run two sump pumps (if necessary), a fridge and then maybe a TV, laptop and a fan or two. That’s it. With that, what would you all buy?

  128. Juice Box says:

    Duel fuel implies you have lots of propane tanks sitting around, I don’t think a gas grill size propane tank will last more than two hours at most. As backup I have a cheap 12 volt inverter I bought years ago during hurricane Irene for like $49 bucks, hooks up to the car battery and has 2 120v outlets and pumps out 1100 watts, in a pinch I can run that for as long as my cars have gas.

  129. Juice Box says:

    Ed – 1/2 hp sump pump can use 1000 watts (Running) 2000+ watts (Starting).

    There is free sizing here, plug in your needs and it spits out a recommendation.


  130. Fintech says:

    Inverter SPEC list 18 hours at 25% load when using a 20-pound propane tank.

  131. Fast Eddie says:


    Easy to use calculator – I’m at 3100 watts max.

    I was looking at this one –> https://www.duromaxpower.com/products/duromax-xp7500x-7-500-watt-274cc-gas-portable-generator-with-co-alert

    Anyone know if duromax gens are worthy? Are Honda the best ones?

  132. Fintech says:

    Champion makes a Tri-fuel model (100416) as well. I would personally only buy dual fuel or Tri-fuel models. Why not have the most options for fuel types. Gas is a pain to store and you have to use it before it goes bad. Yes you can put a stabilizer in but I have never had 100% success. The propane tanks I use them on the Weber throughout the summer. The propane tanks get stored under the deck. Champion also has great customer support in the USA. If you buy a Honda you can do the conversion with a Nashfuel kit to propane/natural gas.

  133. The Great Pumpkin says:

    New York City’s surrounding waters are now cleaner than at any point since the Civil War

    So clean that dolphins are an increasingly common sight, from the East River to Coney Island


  134. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Love to see our area recovering from the past abuse with no regulations. Love to see it! If you are moving from our location, which will be the most desirable in the future, you are a f’ing idiot and should def stay out of this location.

  135. No One says:

    General 20kw whole house natgas with automatic startup for blackouts here. Cost a lot to install, but it’s great peace of mind and I don’t have to go rig things up in the middle of a storm.
    The greens are trying to outlaw these things while simultaneously making power grids less reliable. Get one while you can. Good luck running home solar panels and batteries for power for 3 to 4 days after a blizzard.

  136. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Scary chit. Esp this part. WW3 is coming, it’s already here. You are blind if you don’t see it.

    “We’ve even caught people affiliated with Chinese companies out in the U.S. heartland, sneaking into fields to dig up proprietary, genetically modified seeds, which would have cost them nearly a decade and billions in research to develop themselves.”


  137. The Great Pumpkin says:

    China is a pos government hell bent on being supreme authority. Wake up. Elon musk better wake the f up.

  138. Fabius Maximus says:

    “It’s been wonderful for the blog and myself. Just scroll right by. ”

    Now if the two of you can stop constantly commenting on the fact that you are ignoring him, we will all be happy.

  139. Fabius Maximus says:


    Ended up in your place Saturday evening. Tripped off the top step of my deck and ended up with a sprained ankle on one side and a fractured Fibular on the other.

    Overall not a bad experience, but they do have some issues they need to work on, like getting the on call to respond. Their entrees must have arrived.

  140. Fast Eddie says:


    Get well, take care of yourself.

  141. Phoenix says:

    Sorry to hear Fab.

    Better the fib than the tib. U got my number- call me if you need anything. I’ll put you in touch with the right people.

    Get well soon.

  142. Phoenix says:

    And Fab,
    Not sure who the “on call” was. They do have one that is more Fab than you will ever be.

    This lady is one of the most exceptional human beings I have ever met technically.

    Completely screwed up the bell curve for everyone else in her class I would imagine.

  143. Juice Box says:

    Fab – sorry to hear about your accident. Hope it all meds quickly.

  144. Juice Box says:

    lol mends..

  145. 3b says:

    Fab: Sorry for your accident. Hope you will be mobile soon and feeling better.

  146. Hold my beer says:


    Sorry about your accident

  147. grim says:

    If you are going to do a a dual fuel generator, why not just pay a plumber to pull the nat gas line and call it a day. Don’t ever worry about gasoline or propane tanks. You can get a 25 foot natural gas hose fairly easily, meaning you can still have flexibility in positioning the portable generator.

    That thing should run damn near forever on natural gas. Clean, easy, no worries about running out of fuel, storing fuel, draining tanks, etc.

  148. Juice Box says:

    Make sure you watch your blood pressure folks.

    Owner of Tommy’s Tavern + Tap restaurant chain just died suddenly.

  149. grim says:

    Fab – that really sucks – hope you heal quickly. Push through the PT as soon as you are able to.

  150. Fast Eddie says:


    Natural gas hookup: I was thinking about it. But for overall cost and frequency of outage, I’m leaning towards just leaving it portable. I may consider a dual fuel unit, though. Either way, I’m getting one this week.

  151. grim says:

    It’s no different from the extension cord attached to it.

    The tri-fuel styles are not permanently plumbed. Plumber is going to pull a pipe to your garage that’s going to have a quick connect on it. You simply plug the hose in the quick connect, and into the generator, no different from your cord set. Open the shut-off valve inside, and you are good to go. When you are done, coil up the gas hose and put it all away like you normally would.

  152. Phoenix says:


    Seen it plenty of times. Not sure what got him but have seen so many go down quick.

    Sad he wasn’t that old either.

    Will try your recipe when I run out of the bottled stuff. Never thought about freezing it. Good idea.

    “Natural gas hookup.” Sounds kinky.

  153. Juice Box says:

    re: “It’s no different from the extension cord attached to it.”

    Yes for the mentally and physically able bodied which is not your average Joe.

    I can picture that flexible gas line scenario ending badly. Install rigid pipe with a ball valve gas line shutoff and quick connect to the inside of your garage. Then during a power outage in the dark garage attach a flexible hose filled with gas and drag that hose out of the garage between all the piles of stored crap to the driveway to attach it to the generator. What could go wrong? Perhaps the wifey runs it over as she takes out her massive new Chevrolet Tahoe to fetch some groceries and booze?

    Too much can go wrong, rigid pipe to outside the house preferably near meter and shutoff, all gas lines have a shutoff street-side valve, is normally a rectangular nub by the meter and can be turned with a regular wrench. Run a flex line outside from the “outside” quick connect to the generator preferable 10 + feet from the house to avoid carbon monoxide death.

    At that point call a Generac guy, they offer financing $99 a month, and they come out and do maintence and have wifi monitoring etc, their biggest home model is like 24kw and costs like $6,000 + Labor and maintence plans galore.. My whole neighborhood is filled with Generacs they all go off Saturday morning for a quick checkup run, and I see maintence guys come around to change oil and batteries etc. Nothing for Joe Regular to mess up and Suzy Q to run over..

  154. The Great Pumpkin says:

    I wonder how many workers start to become unmotivated in the long-term with WFH. Eventually, it has to get so redundant and extremely boring always being by yourself alone at home. Is productivity sustainable long-term as you start to lose interest from being isolated in your home all day?

    Also, in-person provides healthy motivational competition. You see your colleagues/friends get a promotion and it motivates you to beat them. You don’t get this motivational push at home as you really don’t know your colleagues as you have no relationship with them.

    Going to be interesting how this plays out. Will it make our society more depressed than it already is?

    “10. Motivational Challenges

    Having the motivation to succeed in your career goes hand in hand with self-discipline — it’s much more difficult to discipline yourself when you don’t have the motivation to. Especially for those who work remotely in the long term, it can be difficult to get up and do the same thing every day.”

  155. The Great Pumpkin says:

    I think the people on this blog don’t realize they are an anomaly. Most people today don’t even know how to put air in their car’s tires. You guys were from a different generation that is slowly dying. A generation that fixed everything on their own.

    Juice Box says:
    July 7, 2022 at 9:33 am
    re: “It’s no different from the extension cord attached to it.”

    Yes for the mentally and physically able bodied which is not your average Joe.

  156. The Great Pumpkin says:

    The Fed is going to overshoot on the downside and crash the economy. I just don’t understand why. Maybe they want to destroy this labor market and bring it back to the norm. Otherwise, I have zero clue as to why they continue to raise interest rates this high and that quickly. The economy is clearly in a recession already. Makes no sense otherwise…has to be the labor market they are trying to kill.

    “Futures are ticking higher as investors ponder another jump in interest rates in July and await an update on the labor market. I’m James Willhite, and here’s what to watch on Thursday.

    Fed fund futures show that traders assign a roughly 96% probability that the Federal Reserve will deliver a 0.75-percentage-point rate hike at its meeting later this month, according to CME Group. That is up from 84% a day ago, after minutes from the central bank’s recent meeting showed that taming inflation was the main goal.

    GameStop is up nearly 10% premarket after the retailer declared a 4-for-1 stock split. Seagen added 5% on a report it is in advanced talks to be acquired by Merck. The British pound nudged higher after government officials said Prime Minister Boris Johnson will resign, capping off a tumultuous period in U.K. politics. Read our full market wrap here.

    Meanwhile, an industrial metal is flashing recession warnings signs: Our Hardika Singh reports that copper has fallen to its lowest level since late 2020 as many investors unwind bets.”

  157. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Hiring Demand Still Elevated
    The U.S. labor market cooled only slightly in the late spring as job openings fell, fewer people quit and layoffs rose. The Labor Department on Wednesday said there were a seasonally adjusted 11.3 million job openings in May, a decline from an upwardly revised 11.7 million the prior month. While the number of openings remains historically elevated, that marked the second straight month of a decrease from a record high reached in March. The number of times workers quit their jobs fell slightly to 4.3 million from the prior month, while the number of layoffs and discharges rose to 1.4 million in May from 1.2 million the prior month. The figures add to evidence that the labor market—although still unusually tight—has started to loosen amid signs of slowing economic growth, Bryan Mena and Rina Torchinsky report.

  158. Juice Box says:

    Phoenix – Marinara tale from the Italian Deli I worked at in high school. When we made the sauce we had stir a huge commercial sauce pan that held all the ingredients, many 90 oz cans of Cento brand tomatoes went into that pot, but it as it was just too thick and heavy to stir with a large spoon while it was already on top of the stove and after it was filled it weighed over 100 lbs, so no way to move the ingredients around before it was heated up… so we just stuck in a free arm in and stirred away. Learned that one from a little old Sicilian lady, she was so short she had to stand on a step stool to stir the sauce with her arm.. Fun times and good eats.

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