The new New Jersey

From NJ1015:


Close to 1 million New Jerseyans a day worked from home in 2021, according to Census Bureau estimates from its American Community Survey that underscore the massive changes brought on by the pandemic.

Working from home had become gradually more popular in the state throughout the 2010s, growing from around 145,000 workers in 2010 to 175,000 in 2015 to 217,000 in 2019, when it accounted for nearly one in every 20 workers in New Jersey.

There is no data for 2020, COVID’s disruptive first year. But the estimates for 2021 show that around 977,500 people worked from home, which is 22% of all the residents employed – more than one in five. That’s a 350% increase between 2019 and 2021.

The data from the American Community Survey is an estimate, as not every household receives the questionnaire. Like a poll, then, it has a margin of error. The number of people working from home is listed as 977,514, plus or minus 14,144 – so, statisticians are confident the number was between 962,370 and 992,658.

The work-from-home crowd got younger as it expanded in popularity. The median age had been approximately 48 to 49 years old over the prior decade, but that dropped to 44.3 years in 2021.

The number of New Jerseyans working out of state fell from around 647,000 to around 407,000.

The number of people driving to work dropped by 15%. The number taking public transportation was down 49%, no surprise given that NJ Transit’s weekday traffic still lags while it has rebounded on the weekends.

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  1. leftwing says:

    First, dentts

  2. Very Stable Genius says:

    A former Miami pool boy has recalled of the first time he met and had sex with the wife of then-Liberty University president Jerry Falwell Jr., while he watched.

    Giancarlo Granda, then 20, was working as a pool boy at the iconic Fontainebleau hotel when he met an attractive woman posed poolside in a bikini, who started making moves on him.
    It wasn’t long before he’d been invited up to her room for an after-work rendezvous, the catch being that her husband wanted to watch.

    In the book, Off the Deep End: Jerry and Becki Falwell and the Collapse of an Evangelical Dynasty, Granda writes with co-author Mark Ebner that he was encouraged by his colleagues to embark upon what would become a years-long entanglement with the Falwells – arguably the most powerful couple in the Evangelical Christian community.

  3. Hold my beer says:


    Didn’t JJ tell a story like that?

  4. Very Stable Genius says:

    Watching his wife with her boyfriend?

    Hold my beer says:
    October 16, 2022 at 7:33 am

    Didn’t JJ tell a story like that?

  5. Hughesrep says:

    What a cuck.

    Every accusation is a confession with these guys.

  6. leftwing says:

    As I’ve often said, what you do with your junk is your business…jam in whomever/whatever you want how you want, cut it off…no business of mine…just don’t put your views on my kids, while they’re kids…

  7. leftwing says:

    “The real amazement I see is the fine line between outright fraud and legalized fairy tails. Elizabeth Holmes should have just kept making claims about trying to reach goals instead of lying about achieving them.”

    Well done series, at least the first few seasons, and frighteningly close to reality.

    I literally have given a client that advice…in a 40th floor conference room, wearing a suit, with no facial hair, and with a much more measured delivery…but still. LOL. Ironically enough in the genomics space, a couple decades ago.

  8. Fast Eddie says:

    WFH means less commute which means less pollution and more savings. I do find myself in an 11 hour window with work since you can roll out of bed, pour coffee and log on. There’s 2 more hours dedicate to the firm. We’ve had this discussion many times since covid. Is anyone being forced to come in to work by their company?

  9. leftwing says:

    3b….69 baby!


  10. leftwing says:

    And haha, as I’m going through yesterday’s posts just hit NoOne’s… you brother. Takes all types to make the world go round. Like some weirdly orchestrated, unpracticed ballet that somehow ends up working in the end.

    How you doing down there…my buddy biking distance to you had no real damage…the screen/enclosure over his pool got damaged but that was all.

  11. leftwing says:

    And before I sign off to go out to a day even more beautiful than yesterday, this must be filed under the category of you just can’t make this shit up…..

    “But I still appreciate having a window into the soul of a hapless retail investor fool like Pumps.”

    “Diversification strategy for the poor investors is a losing strategy…That’s why 401k is a scam.”

    “The most pathetic stupidity ever posted to these threads.”

    At least the Fool actually explicitly agreed with you….

    Back to full time ignore…you guys can waste your keyboard time reading and replying to this Idiot’s drivel, for me that time would be better spent doing literally anything else….

    He’s trolling you. Wake up.

  12. Phoenix says:

    There are cops, and those who pretend to be:
    On Sunday, October 10, 2022, just after midnight, the Alpine Police Department was notified of a serious motor vehicle crash in the area of US Highway 9W and Montammy Drive. As a result of the crash, five juvenile victims were transported to area hospitals for treatment of serious bodily injuries.

    The Alpine Police Department then contacted the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office Fatal Accident Investigation Unit for assistance. Their investigation revealed that a 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee operated by LUKE STEIN intentionally struck the rear of the victim’s vehicle twice as they traveled along US Highway 9W, and then pursued the victim’s vehicle at a high rate of speed before leaving the scene. At one point during the incident, while STEIN drove behind the victim, he briefly activated special blue-and-white emergency warning lights that were affixed to his vehicle because he is a volunteer firefighter.

  13. Fast Eddie says:

    30 year fixed mortgage rates are around 7.20% today. Thank G0d we’re prestigious here in the NJ/NY/CT area. Now, go and visit some open houses and remember to bring your HAZMAT suits.

  14. Fast Eddie says:

    This one went from list @ 949K in June to 799K today. I’m curious to know if the inground pool is an asset or obstacle. Rates are hoovering around 7% and probably will hit 8% and stay there for a while. It’ll be interesting to see where the sell price is:–2484289819

  15. Fast Eddie says:

    990K to 929K drop in the last few months. You’ll be able to smell their cooking weeks later. Ugly architecture with a Brady Bunch feel and no yard:–2006764321

  16. Phoenix says:

    You should start your own YouTube channel walking into open houses and insulting the places.

    I’d subscribe.

  17. Fast Eddie says:

    I can’t imagine signing for a 30 yr. fixed with a 7.x interest rate. Forget about buying at these prices, are you even going to qualify?

    A 650K purchase with 20% with a 3% rate will give you a monthly mortgage payment of $2,192. At a rate of 7.2%, the payment goes to $ 3,530.


  18. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Put this into perspective. Passive investing no longer works. It worked for 4 decades because of monster growth combined with an environment of rates and inflation in a downward trajectory. So many people are now going to get destroyed.

    As for diversification, why not do your hw and put your money into a few winners instead of diversifying into a bunch of losers who bring your returns down. F that. I understand diversification for homer simpson types, but not for people who understand the market and put their time into it. Diversification is more about keeping your money because you already have money. Diversification is not really about making money, it’s about not losing it.

    Maybe I am crazy, and totally looking at it the wrong way. This is just how i see it. If I am wrong, I am wrong. I am happy I didn’t passively invest with 401k and pulled it out. Saved a lot of money. I am happy that I put the 401k from 2015-2021 in a fund based on faang instead of diversifying into everything else. Maybe I am wrong, and just got lucky, but I sure feel good right now that I didn’t follow the passive approach and didn’t diversify into bonds and value stocks from 2015-2021.

    Chicago says:
    October 15, 2022 at 10:23 pm
    The most pathetic stupidity ever posted to these threads.

  19. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Look at what this guy points out. Similar to my point.

    “The Vanguard Target Date 2030 Fund. If you have done everything right in your career using a trusted approach to retiring in 7+ years, you have just seen your nest egg go back to 2014 levels. If Jay Powell says he’s battling inflation he’s really just moving the carrot.

    This is getting dangerously close to eliminating 15 years of going to the office day in and day out, continuing to add to your retirement that’s close to 2007 levels. Jay Powell, Biden, whoever supports higher rates, is just keeping people in the workforce longer than they want.

    I only bring this up because just in the past month or so, the most conservative people in investing have been dunking on the riskiest investments. Now they realize, THEY are the ones losing the most in the market when you zoom out. Now they are pissed off. Lower Rates is a start.

    Human Nature kicks in: “I’ve gotta make up so much lost ground.” When a bottom is in, people often choose a Rocket Ship to regain losses instead of a slow barge (Target Date Funds) and I have no idea when that happens but when it does, Risk On recovers in the sharpest trajectory.

    The reality is that Target Date Funds might not recover while one is still working. If you think rates go sideways for years, they don’t have a chance. The safest path has been absolutely clobbered. Maybe increasing Supply is a more prudent path than “attempting” to crush demand.”

  20. Fast Eddie says:


    I would be doing God’s work! Can you see the camera guy following me from room to room as I supply the dialog?

    You would get a ‘b1tch slap’ rating for every egregious observation.

    “This house has a rating of 22 b1tch slaps!”

  21. Phoenix says:


    Biden has it all under control. Remember, freedom isn’t free. It’s time to pay.

    Messing with Russia, China and Europe all at the same time.

    Seems America had a spare dotard laying around.

  22. BRT says:

    You should start your own YouTube channel walking into open houses and insulting the places.

    I’d subscribe.

    This is actually a brilliant idea. From 2006 to 2010, I was in approximately 400 open houses. Some of my best stories come from that.

  23. Phoenix says:

    All you need is an Iphone and TikTok.

    With your humor and it’s algorithm you should be generating revenue in no time.
    One hit on there and you are loaded with followers who will swipe all day.

    You then move up to mocking the realtors, their cars, their clothing-and best of all, their sales pitches.

  24. Phoenix says:

    Trump tells American Jews to ‘get their act together and appreciate what they have.’
    Donald Trump lashed out at the American Jewish population on Sunday morning for not being ‘more appreciative’ of his administration’s work with Israel. The ex-president claimed he was so popular there that he could be the country’s next prime minister.

  25. joyce says:

    Premium increases for public worker health benefits in New Jersey are coming in more than two times higher than inflation and, in some cases, three times higher than increases seen in other states.

    The last paragraph of the article, what I pasted above, doesn’t do it justice … government is this state continues to be a shit show.

  26. Phoenix says:

    Someone never told her that she would have been better off playing the victim card and acting sweet and kind.
    Nope, she opted for arrogant and nasty.

    She doesn’t like cameras. And polite but firm flight attendants.

  27. Phoenix says:

    Cadillac benefits come with Cadillac prices. What other state allows their teachers to routinely visit a chiropractor for free back massages other than NJ?

    Try that on a working man’s healthcare plan. Free back massages and summers off.

  28. Phoenix says:

    Cadillac benefits come with Cadillac prices. What other state allows their teachers to routinely visit a chiropractor for free back massages other than NJ?

    “Premium increases for public worker health benefits in New Jersey are coming in more than two times higher than inflation and, in some cases, three times higher than increases seen in other states.”

  29. Fast Eddie says:

    From Joyce’s link above:

    In the end, New Jersey taxpayers will shoulder the lion’s share of the rise in costs, but exactly how much remains a mystery. The Murphy administration hasn’t provided an exact amount and did not answer questions from legislative officials during budget negotiations.

    If taxes are your problem, New Jersey is not your state. Vote democrat.

  30. SmallGovConservative says:

    Very Stable Genius says:
    October 16, 2022 at 7:30 am
    “A former Miami pool boy has recalled of the first time he met and had sex with the wife of then-Liberty University president…”

    Did you see where SlowJoe put his hands on another 12-year old girl’s shoulders and whispered dating advice to her? Interesting that tranny lovers like yourself have an interest in the private sex lives of some consenting adults , but no regret about having voted for a a serial groper of pre-teen girls.

  31. Phoenix says:

    Making a tranny. Now that is one thing I have not yet done in my career.

    I’d need a good Kardex for that one.

  32. 3b says:

    Fast: We are Bergen Co, we are the specialist of the special people. People will gladly pay 1500 to 2000 more a month to live here. Just telling people you have a Bergen Co address, causes instantaneous orgasms. We are the wealthiest, the brightest, the sexiest people you will find anywhere in the world. We are oozing money here, and all the Millenials are loaded, and will have no problem paying , and in fact will be proud to pay more for the privilege of living here.

  33. 3b says:

    Left: We did it, that time went fast. It was a good decision on our part.

  34. 3b says:

    Over one million NJ residents qualify for Biden’s stud loan forgiveness program.

  35. Ex says:

    11:09 you are welcome to it! Come to think of it you can have the whole damn state.

  36. Chicago says:

    Phx: from your link

    The Germans on the (thieving) Poles:

    When is it Christmas in Poland? Two days after Christmas in Germany.

  37. Ex says:

    10:38 rebuilt ones never run as well as the original.

  38. Fast Eddie says:


    We are oozing money here….

    I had one house tour guide tell me Bergen County buyers/sellers are bleeding wealth, especially the ones with the ‘love is love/BLM/we believe in science’ lawn signs.

  39. No One says:

    Will have to replace my pool cage and repair some roof tiles, but that’s not structural damage. Cage was on last legs anyway. No leaking, just another $50k probably.

  40. RC NJ says:

    Filed for my Anchor rebate and since part of the beta my student loan relief while watching the Giants. Not often I make $11,500 in a day. Thank you all for your contribution. Should be good for a couple of dinners at Lu Nello.

  41. The Great Pumpkin says:

    “If you are feeling highly emotional now, then accept you have an inappropriate asset allocation. You should either lower your exposure to risk assets by selling or saving and investing more in lower-risk or risk-free assets or both.

    I dislike selling risk assets after they’ve collapsed. Instead, I’d rather reduce my percentage of risk assets to overall net worth by saving more cash or buying more risk-free or lower-risk investments. I do this because eventually, risk assets tend to recover.”

  42. The Great Pumpkin says:

    I didn’t get any stimulus and don’t qualify for anchor. No student loan debt, so didn’t get that either. I guess i am rich. Nah, just an upper middle class professional household…aka the people that carry the weight of this country.

  43. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Let’s go, Jets! Unbelievable, they hit on every draft pick this year. Team has a future.

    Wow @ giants. Wonder what the odds are of them being 5-1. They seriously have no business being 5-1 with that team. Hats off to the coaching staff.

  44. The Great Pumpkin says:

    That’s the problem with this country….upper middle class professionals carry almost all the weight while a lot of the rich and poor live off the govt.

  45. 3b says:

    Fed s Bullard says a 75 bp hike in December is a possibility.

  46. The Great Pumpkin says:


    Of course it is….they are okay with 4-6% inflation to eat away at debt like juice always points out. They wanted this inflation for so f’ing long. Saved their asses.

  47. The Great Pumpkin says:

    I started my first brokerage account at 18.

    I hit my first goal of $1M ten years later at 28.

    If I had to start over now & build wealth over the next 10 years, here are 24 investing lessons I’d want to know:

    1/ The Pareto Principle.

    20% of your stocks will produce 80% of your gains.

    2/3 of stocks underperform.

    Your mega winners will pay the bill for all losers.

    “Only one or two out of every 10 stocks you buy will be truly outstanding and capable of doubling or tripling in value”

  48. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Truth right here. Market is not rational.

    3/ The markets are governed by behavioral science, not physical science.

    This means investing can be more often about the gut & the stomach than the mind.

    Most need to experience losses firsthand to learn from them.

    Look at it as the tuition to play this lucrative game.

  49. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Said it on here before, but nhmd was worth every dollar. Pancakes taught me priceless lessons about the market. Ark taught me the priceless lesson of the bond market and fed rates. Both losses worth every dollar. Will never make those mistakes ever again. Priceless lessons.

  50. The Great Pumpkin says:

    What am I describing?

    They are used to stabilize the stock market to a point. Guaranteed passive flows to the market. People lured by tax savings into a position they can’t liquidate without a penalty.

    That’s right….401ks. Social security, 401ks, pensions, etc. All scams one way or another. Call me crazy, or wake the f up. Your choice.

    Prove me wrong.

  51. Bystander says:

    -Blumpy hear Fed say rates zero / print trilions/ buy all MBS, Blumpy buy stock
    -Blumpy hear Fed raise rates/stop printing trillions/sell MBS, Blumpy sell stock

    Conclusion: Blumpy is s genius. When Fed print more trillions?

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