NJ adds 4,600 jobs in Feb

From the NJ Department of Labor and Workforce Development:

NJ’s Strong Labor Market Continues in February

New Jersey continued to experience a strong labor market, preliminary estimates produced by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics show, with 4,600 nonfarm jobs added in February to a seasonally adjusted level of 4,321,400.

According to the estimates, the state’s private sector added 3,600 jobs, and the unemployment rate increased by 0.1 percentage point to 3.5 percent.

New Jersey has added 105,400 jobs over the past year.

January employment estimates were revised downward by 4,800 to a total gain of 19,400 jobs. The January unemployment rate was unchanged at 3.4 percent.

In February, four out of nine major private industry sectors experienced job growth. Sectors that recorded employment increases were education and health services (+3,500), professional and business services (+2,600), manufacturing (+600), and financial activities (+100). Sectors that recorded a loss were leisure and hospitality (-1,600), other services (-900), trade, transportation, and utilities (-500), and information (-100). Construction had no change. Month-over-month, the state’s public sector increased by 1,000 jobs.

Between February 2022 and February 2023, preliminary estimates show that job growth in New Jersey was broad based, with all nine major private industry sectors recording job gains. In descending order, these industries are education and health services (+47,700), leisure and hospitality (+22,800), trade, transportation, and utilities (+8,400), manufacturing (+6,600), other services (+5,500), professional and business services (+4,100), information (+2,700), financial activities (+2,400), and construction (+1,200). Year-over-year, the state’s public sector added 4,000 jobs.

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  1. dentssdunnigan says:


  2. grim says:

    NJ labor force hitting all time highs, nearly 4.8 million, unemployment still sitting near historic lows.


  3. grim says:

    Welcome to the age of zero certainty.

    Deepfake everything.

    We’re so fucked.

    Those AI generated Trump deepfakes are brilliant, hilarious, perfect, almost indistinguishable from reality. They were shared by more than 4 million people almost instantaneously.

  4. Fast Eddie says:

    Do any of you guys use Patreon either as a creator or consumer?

  5. grim says:

    My sister-in-law does, and I’ve subscribed to a few podcasts that have moved over there.

  6. Fast Eddie says:

    It’s a wealth of content, practically anything you want. A 10 minute video done correctly can erase years of confusion. Specifically, I’m talking about musical instruction but it applies to anything under the sun. It’s truly amazing to find the person who explains concepts so easily.

  7. grim says:

    Yeah, my sister in law is an artist, her content is all about art technique.

  8. Very Stable Genius says:

    Twice impeached, one-term former president Trump on Florida:

    *For COVID Death Rates Per State, Ron, as Governor of Florida, did worse than New York.
    *In Education, Florida ranks among the worst in the Country and on crime statistics, Florida ranked Third Worst in Murder, Third Worst in Rape, and Third Worst in Aggravated Assault.
    *For 2022, Jacksonville was ranked as one of the Top 25 Major Crime Cities in the Country, with Tampa and Orlando not doing much better.
    *On Education, Florida ranks #39 in Health & Safety in the Country, #50 in Affordability, and #30 in Education & Childcare, HARDLY GREATNESS THERE!
    *The fact is, Ron is an average Governor, but the best by far in the Country in one category, Public Relations, where he easily ranks Number One—But it is all a Mirage, just look at the facts and figures, they don’t lie—And we don’t want Ron as our President!

  9. grim says:

    Didn’t Trump himself just call Florida a backwater crime-ridden dump?

  10. grim says:


    Utah’s new social media regulation will have the unintended consequence of forcing social media networks to need to monitor location data of kids to ensure they are not violating Utah law, not just in Utah, but for all Americans.

    Now, Zuckerberg will be able to track your kids, and with a straight face he’ll tell you he’s doing it to protect them, in compliance with Utah law.

    Thanks Utah! Expect nothing less from our best and brightest.

  11. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Lmao…most honest thing he ever said.

    grim says:
    March 24, 2023 at 7:36 am
    Didn’t Trump himself just call Florida a backwater crime-ridden dump?

  12. Grim says:

    Sad to say, but I think I trust TikTok more than Meta or Twitter this morning.

    TikTok will be sold, through a reverse acquisition where they purchase a major American company and make TikTok a subsidiary of that.

    Maybe Snap, Pinterest, big entertainment or media conglomerate.

  13. trick says:

    Grim, I was saying the same thing to my wife last night while watching the news

    Sad to say, but I think I trust TikTok more than Meta or Twitter this morning.

  14. BananaJoe says:

    How can someone be do obsessed with one person. Something is lacking in their life is my only conclusion.

  15. Bystander says:

    Anyone watch that Gonzaga – UCLA game? Geez, what a finish. Two threes in 15 secs decide the game. Drew Timme is one of best players to watch. Old school footwork, pump fakes and body control over athleticism.

    Sadly, I will have to listen to U..CONN up here. They look really good.

  16. BRT says:

    For COVID Death Rates Per State, Ron, as Governor of Florida, did worse than New York.


  17. Juice Box says:

    Credit Default Swaps for Deutsche Bank way up today.

  18. Hold my beer says:

    Spotify now has an AI DJ. Tried it yesterday. Was interesting.

  19. Fast Eddie says:


    How can someone be do obsessed with one person. Something is lacking in their life is my only conclusion.

    And, posting as an alter ego in the middle of the night. I’ll take mental health issues for $1,000, Alex.

  20. Fast Eddie says:


    Anyone watch that Gonzaga – UCLA game?

    I didn’t because you’ll either be watching another game that’s lackluster or forget about a matchup like the one above. Princeton is playing Creighton tonight at 9 PM.

  21. Hughesrep says:

    “ How can someone be do obsessed with one person. Something is lacking in their life is my only conclusion.”

    Username checks out.

  22. Libturd says:

    “For COVID Death Rates Per State, Ron, as Governor of Florida, did worse than New York.”

    You calling Trump a liar?

  23. Libturd says:


    Of course both populists intentionally deceive the morons who are so dumb, they would consider backing both of them. Only a moron wouldn’t realize the median age of a Floridian is 3 years older than a New Yorker. Worse yet, the number of people over 65 and more likely to die of Covid as a percentage of the state’s overall population is significantly higher in Florida.

    I look forward to watching these two bullshitters continue to one up each other in their lies to impress the population of morons that still believes Trump won the election in 2020.

  24. Phoenix says:

    Sad to say, but I think I trust TikTok more than Meta or Twitter this morning.

    I have been saying this all along. I was never worried about China collecting my child’s data. It’s those closer to me that I tend to fear more and with good reason.

    Just don’t like that the app is so additive. This is why America wants it. They want the algorithm as they know it’s good, they know it makes money, and will use it to manipulate.
    China owns it, it is a silly time waster with some good talent. America owns it watch out.

  25. grim says:

    Love the hypocrisy of fearing the addictive quality of social media, while at the same time having no issues scaling casino gambling and sports betting, which is not only equally addicting, but far more detrimental to people and families. Casinos track your every location, your preferences, your geolocation, etc etc.

    Why is everyone not horrified?

  26. grim says:

    There is no difference between the algorithms that make slot machines exciting and addictive and the algorithms that make TikTok exciting and addictive.

    Give people what they want, sprinkle in some conditioning, there you go.

    In the case of a slot machine, it’s the dopamine blast you get when you win. In the case of TikTok, it’s the dopamine blast you get when something appeals to you, funny, exciting, or otherwise. There are lots of reasons people really just like this kind of mindless, easy to consume entertainment.

    What’s the difference between swiping through TikTok today, and clicking through channels on the TV 15 years ago? You’d click the buttons until you saw something interesting, you’d stop for a second to watch, if you liked it you’d stay. Advertisers who were looking to target personas that had affinities to that content advertised there. Content that got more eyeballs got more play (or got copycats) – this was the foundation by which TV Ratings and Nielsen were based.

    TikTok is nothing new, it’s a creative recycling of a behavior that was commonplace in nearly every single American household already.

  27. Libturd says:


    Couldn’t agree more. The lobbies in the country are incredibly powerful, especially when the poison they are hawking brings in massive tax revenue.

    Related to this, the demand for the treatment of gambling addiction is going to explode. If I were in my early 40s, I would start setting up clinics across the country. It’s a no-brainer as I’m sure you could obtain massive government subsidies as well as some subsidies from the gaming companies themselves to assist in the rollout. Health insurance covers it, so you need not worry about the patients lack of ability to pay for these treatments.

  28. ExEx says:

    The newness and genius of TikTok is the user generated content that first drove the eyeballs. The other piece is the repetition of songs & earworms that stick with users.

  29. leftwing says:

    “Deepfake everything. We’re so fucked.”

    Ironically, it may all work. When everything is deemed not credible, people actually have to work things out on their own, ie think.

    “There are lots of reasons people really just like this kind of mindless, easy to consume entertainment.”

    Young twenty somethings performing essentially soft porn.

    “Worse yet, the number of people over 65 and more likely to die of Covid as a percentage…”

    Buddy of mine, a bit older but not by much, just got back from a cruise. At four ports of call there were ambulances waiting, death on board. Newsflash…old people are vulnerable to dying…

    “Twice impeached, one-term former president Trump on Florida.”

    Dude, let him go…we all know breaking up is oh so hard to do but it’s healthy…there’s an Artifact channel of obsessed divorced people openly dealing with their issues and helping one another, can send there if you would to self-help.

  30. leftwing says:

    Wrote some VNO puts (making me essentially long). Premium too attractive, distance OTM comfortable, nearer term expiry.

    May do AAP later this afternoon.

  31. grim says:

    Overnight, Shou Chew has become a global celebrity.

    The Energy and Commerce Committee has become the laughing stock of the world.

    Politicians, of both parties, should be very worried in the next election cycle. Everyone under 30 is laughing at you. I cannot stress this enough. Congress looks like a bunch of idiots.

  32. Juice Box says:

    re: ” death on board.”

    Our ship turned around and went back to Sicily to drop off the deceased. They said it was difficult to unload them in Greece for some reason. Island too small etc.

  33. Phoenix says:

    What happened to all that “burial at sea” ritual?

    Off you go.

  34. Juice Box says:

    Lib that is like a bad Prodigy ripoff.

  35. Phoenix says:

    grim says:
    March 24, 2023 at 12:34 pm

    Politicians, of both parties, should be very worried in the next election cycle. Everyone under 30 is laughing at you.


    These old goats are tenured until their last Kussmal intake.

    Good ol’ Ruthie just couldn’t leave. Ol’ saggy face Mitchy McConnell isn’t going anywhere. Ol’ ex saggy face (yeah, I spot facelift work sweetheart) Nancy Pelosi will stay until her ice cold heart gives out and warms to room temperature upon her death.

  36. Libturd says:

    I’ve been on about 20 cruises. I get them for free from the casinos. About 1 in 2,000 people will die on the average cruise. On the cruise lines and itineraries that trend older (think Alaska/Cunard), the death number is closer to 1 in 1,000. Why? Well when you take 65-80 year olds, plow them with fattening food and booze all day and make them walk a mile round trip to go from their room to bingo to the dining hall and then back to the room. It’s a recipe for a heart attack and they occur often. Worse than watching them offload the bodies is seeing their partner on the end of the pier with two suitcases and no clue what to do. Some of the new ships carry 7,000 passengers, I shit you not. Fortunately they are all Royal Caribbean, which skew younger. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be unusual to be cruising with 7 frozen passengers in the ship’s morgue.

    The cruise industry is really kind of fucked up. The staff are grossly underpaid, overworked, share tiny cabins with up to 3 others with no windows and come from the poorest countries in the world. In most cases, they are parents and their children are being raised by grandparents while the parents work the cruises to send the money home. Most workers work 4 days on 1 day off. If the off day is at sea, so be it. If docked, they get lucky. Gator and I tip over and above the required tipping amount and due to lack of trust, tend to tip in cash and in person whenever we receive any service.

    Then there’s the environmental disasters these ships represent.

    It’s really a pretty disgusting industry.

  37. Libturd says:

    “Lib that is like a bad Prodigy ripoff.”

    It is, but Aphex Twin came first. But yes, that song in particular sounds a lot like firestarter. I shared it because I found it to be an amazingly scary video.

  38. ExEx says:

    11:04 ooooooo

  39. Libturd says:

    In other Captain Cheapo news,

    I have been buying my car batteries at Walmart. I just took off the snow tires (a nearly complete waste for the 2nd year in a row) and my battery tested dead, though it seemed to be working fine. I removed the old battery and it was the exact same one I just bought. It was still working fine after 6 years of service. The CX-9 is a pretty large and powerful SUV too. The battery runs for about $115. When I bought the last one 6 years ago (in person) it was $79. This is no fluke. The Walmart battery in my 6 also worked for 6 years. When I went to replace it, it was during the supply shortages so I ended up putting in an AGM versioned Diehard platinum for around $220. It will be interesting to see which one lasts longer.

    Batteries are labeled Everstart Maxx.

    Will never buy a different brand. Oh, they ship free. But to get your $15 back, you must bring back the old battery for the Core recycle.

  40. Libturd says:

    Chi, the new Depeche album is surprisingly good and it does sound a lot like their stuff from the early 90s. I just haven’t found anything with a great hook on it yet. Nonetheless, it’s still listenable for a few runthroughs.

  41. Fast Eddie says:

    A cruise, never been on one. No desire I guess. Is the point just to have a change of scenery or just to tell everyone you were on a cruise? To each, his own.

  42. Fast Eddie says:


    That video is disturbing.

    Now I know what liberals go through suffering from TDS. Or maybe it’s a ‘progressive’ form of an STD resulting in TDS? Either way, I now know what a liberal’s vitriol feels like.

  43. Fast Eddie says:

    Depeche was/is okay. I think I liked Tears for Fears, Simple Minds, Talk Talk, Modern English, Talking Heads, The Cars a bit more. I mean, for that genre. I was always into the more hard core stuff anyway… metal, underground, some punk of course.

  44. ExEx says:

    Pfffft. Trump is a walking canker sore.

  45. Libturd says:

    The attraction of a cruise to me is pure relaxation.

    You need not lift a finger for a week or two and you get incredibly pampered. The newer ships are so huge that there is little you can do on land that you also can’t do on the ship. They have movie theaters, bowling alleys, tennis courts, basketball, soccer, mini-golf, ice skating, bowling, rock-climbing, go-karting, arcades, casinos, live shows, bingo, lots of contests (trivia, sexy man/women, belly flop, etc.) restaurants of all flavors, shopping, massages, gyms, pools, hot tubs, waterslides, billiards, darts, ping pong, bridge, library, computer lab, cooking class, wine tasting, go dancing, visit a sports bar, get hibachi or a hair cut, etc. Or you can just lay out on deck and have someone bring you drinks all day and night.

    You get to see various port cities and of course sightsee, tour or beach there.

    For what it costs to fly round trip to Bar Harbour, you can see Boston, Halifax, Peggy’s Cove and Portland too. Plus all your food is included.

    If you are like Captain Cheapo, you can go virtually for free. Even without the casino freebies, one can often find last minute cruises for about $40 to $50 a day. Good luck visiting 4 resort cities in 4 different countries for $300-$350 all-inclusive.

    If you cruise out of New York, you can literally uber from your home to Manhattan or Bayonne and be on the boat in an hour and dock in Bermuda 36 hours later. Spend three days there all-inclusive and another 30 hours or so coming back for 1/2 the cost of a round trip plane ticket.

    Gary, it’s on of those things that until you try it, you shouldn’t knock it.

  46. 3b says:

    Lib: We did that cruise, Bar Harbour in my opinion was one of the most scenic areas in the US, our cruise also included Halifax in Nova Scotia and St. John’s. We would have liked to have spent more shore time 2 hours or so each port, was not enough.

  47. Libturd says:

    Yeah, those Canadian cruises are pretty. But you are correct, that there is not enough time to explore.

    I recommend Hawaii, Alaska and Bermuda as great places to cruise to as there is enough time for those ports and it’s too expensive to city or island hop any other way.

    The Panama Canal was pretty cool too. Not so much for the canal and lock operations, but all of the other ships.

    I loved cruising out of New Orleans too as the trip down the delta is pretty interesting.

    I can’t stand the Caribbean ports and Mexico is Mexico. Most of the other Central American ports are for shipping commerce, not entertainment, in the Gulf.

  48. 3b says:

    Lib: I know quite a few people who have done the Alaska cruise and said it was wonderful. We have done the Bahamas once, it was Ok, but no desire to go back. I understand the Viking River Cruises are excellent as well, less people and more leisurely, but expensive.

  49. NJCoast says:

    Bar Harbour cruise. Seaborne had a four day cruise out of NY. I was on the boat with a glass of champagne in my hand waiting to depart and my cellphone rings. “Get off the boat now” says my husband from the trading floor. He had a problem trade that had to be resolved and couldn’t leave. No refund or credit. Most expensive drink I ever had.

  50. grim says:

    30yr – dropped you an email

  51. trick says:

    We did our honeymoon in Alaska, figured it would be the only time we could afford it. Rented a car and travel the state for 2 weeks, stayed in no town more than 2 nights. Fished with a guide the 1st day for salmon, took a flight around mt McKinley, you know its not safe when the pilot goes over the 4 seat plane and shows you where the fishing line is if you happen to crash and need to survive, and finished with 3 day cruise on a small ship that got a little to close to the glaciers. The day light hours are crazy in the summer, 11pm felt like 6.

  52. No One says:

    Did an Alaska cruise about 15 years ago, liked it, liked the excursions. I think it was late August or early Sep. However I heard we were lucky with avoiding rain, and the cruise might have sucked if it had been constantly raining.

    Did a Mediterranean cruise, Venice down to Greece. Interesting. Athens is hot in the summer. Nice museums and ruins to see.

    Did a Baltic cruise, Copenhagen, E. Germany, Estonia, 2 days in Russia, Helsinki, Stockholm. Nice in the late summer. The tours in St. Petersburg were the highlight, but that’s not going to happen again for a while.

    Cruises make sense when you have both kids and grandparents all together. You can browse interesting places to see if you want to come back and go deeper some day.
    I once did a non-cruise vacation to Italy, just wife and I. It was a lot more work setting up flights, trains, hotels, and tour guides, but it was a much deeper immersion. Did Venice and Florence with day-excursions to surrounding areas.

    My next vacations – probably a trip to Singapore/Thailand at some beach resorts next year with wife and daughter to celebrate the latter’s college graduation.
    In the future, want to do more culture, France, Germany, Austria, just with my wife. I think there it makes sense to do everything myself again.

  53. Fast Eddie says:

    Okay. I guess Eddie needs to consider a cruise.

  54. 3b says:

    Fast: I would start with the New England/ Canada cruise. Waters are calm sailing north, so sea sickness should not be a concern.

  55. Bystander says:

    The last thing I want is to be stuck on vessel with bl0ated American walruses, being served like baby bird. hopping from port to port blabbering that I “saw” Greece in a few hours. Vacation = Freedom. Hop in a car, drive on wrong side of road, interact with the locals, eat their unique foods, drink with them and ultimately get away from as many Americans as possible. The best adventure/stories come from those trips. I never hear great stories from a cruise. I think Bill Burr said that cruise people are the first he would wipe from the planet, via a torpedo. Funny bit. No offense to anyone.

  56. 3b says:

    Bystander: That is our preference as well. And we have gotten, should say my spouse has gotten some great deals!

  57. The Great Pumpkin says:

    As artificial intelligence increasingly chooses the content we see, the music we hear and the answers we find, computer algorithms may be changing our world and behavior in ways we don’t fully understand, says psychologist and behavioral scientist Gerd Gigerenzer, the director of the Harding Center for Risk Literacy at the University of Potsdam in Germany.

    In his latest book, “How to Stay Smart in a Smart World,” Dr. Gigerenzer looks at how algorithms are shaping our future—and why it’s important to remember they aren’t human. In a conversation with the WSJ, he discusses the importance of transparency, the dangers of autocratic surveillance and the risk of too much convenience.

  58. leftwing says:

    chi, Big Ten, wow…mentioned how strong they were but aside from having four of the 16 teams in the tournament (out of only seven total in the conference) they have just been wrecking opponents…MN 9-2 over Canisius, fine, weak opponent but Harvard getting blown out 8-1 to underdog OSU (7th nationally v 9th)?…Or Penn St over Michigan Tech 8-0 (8th v 10th)?

    Michigan up next against a weak opponent…they close you’re guaranteed of at least one Big Ten in the Frozen Four and possibly three…

    Still can’t believe Red toppled Denver, especially after watching the Harvard game today.

  59. leftwing says:

    ByS, you and I have never been more on the same page…personality dependent, but to me cruises sound like the Eighth Circle of Hell…a bunch of lower end consumers intentionally forced into a small space with all their faded tattoos, undisciplined kids, and drunken wives flitting around for ‘free’ garbage and pedestrian events…I picture a PA bus from Staten Island increased in volume and population 500x…I avoid these people like the plague here, why would I voluntarily lock myself away at sea with them for a week…plus as a traveler who really immerses in places I visit when these hordes disembark in an historical port it is like a corral gate opening…they descend in groups running around not knowing and barely caring where they are but just in a mad rush to ‘touch’ as many points of interest so they can say they’ve been there and done that…totally disruptive…but then, I also think the SHM is the Fourth Circle, and in my nearly 20 years in NJ have been there maybe a dozen times, all reluctantly.

    I have seen advertised some smaller vessels, like real small maybe 200 or so passengers…that I would look into further and possibly do.

  60. 3b says:

    Left: The smaller vessel cruises( Viking) I have heard only good things about, certainly not the packed Royal Caribbean cruises. We have been on two once yeas ago to the Caribbean, and the New England/ Canada cruise. The New England one was pretty quiet, and relaxing. The Caribbean one was as described. Not a fan of cruises , prefer to travel and explore on our own schedule.

  61. Bystander says:

    Hey Greg Gumbel..Madonna called. She wants her massive 70s bush back. Can you take it off your head?

  62. The Great Pumpkin says:

    $DNA Many of the regulars on here who have read my posts may classify me as a one-trick pony always harping on the SHORTs. While it is true that I think they control the daily trading and ultimately the recent MPs, I am a big believer in the Company, its business focus, its incredibly intelligent Founders, and the overall potential marketplace. But to the point of the SHORTs being in control … the March 15th SHORT number was just released … it is up from 146-M shares at Feb 28th to 173-M shares in about 10 trading days. It’s hard to deny that reality.

  63. ExEx says:

    No pumps, you got a couple of tricks….

  64. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Haunted by memories of World War II, Japan and Germany have long avoided building up their militaries. Now rising threats from Russia and China, and doubts about U.S. leadership, are opening a new debate over rearming.


  65. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Work-From-Home Era Ends for Millions of Americans

    Share of businesses with workers on-site most of the time neared prepandemic levels in 2022, Labor Department finds


  66. The Great Pumpkin says:

    “There’s a sense that in­no­va­tion, cre­ativ­ity and col­lab­o­ra­tion can suf­fer when teams are apart,” said Mike Steinitz, se­nior ex­ec­u­tive di­rec­tor at Robert Half. A sur­vey by the global re­cruit­ment firm found that 92% of man­agers pre­fer their teams to work on-site.

  67. The Great Pumpkin says:

    “They be­lieve em­ploy­ees are sim­ply more pro­duc­tive in the of­fice,” he said. “They also feel that it’s im­por­tant for men­tor­ing and train­ing both new and ex­ist­ing em­ploy­ees.”

  68. Old realtor says:

    Don’t currently have access to that email address. Used a different one here. Please resend.

  69. leftwing says:

    3b, agree.

    Pumps, as previously, the short measures are elevated relative to averages but not alarmingly so. Yet again, the problems in this stock are the company fundamentals, its corporate management, its corporate structure, and its relationship with Wall Street. Shorting is the symptom, not the disease. Companies whose above attributes are fine don’t have to worry about shorts. The problem is the company.

    And, in related news, fingernails on the chalkboard…I don’t know how anyone who has spent any time with any level of corporate management could take this person seriously…”Uhm, I wasn’t blindsided…”. LOL. Uhm, you were. In most portfolio companies.

    Priceless she’s rolling out Laffer and marketing it as some ‘private’ unrehearsed conversation…Apparently he advises her funds, they really ought to disclose his compensation and if he was separately compensated for this interview…

    This is an entire amateur hail mary scramble to frame the Wells notice to COIN. My biggest takeaway…she’s scared enough to do this? Short the living fuck out of COIN.

    Add this one to her gallery of ‘winners’. It’s what happens when you proactively hire ‘storytellers’ in analyst roles rather than actual analysts capable of performing actual due diligence….


  70. 3b says:

    Now many in the market are back to the the Fed is going to ease chatter, as much as a full point by year end. Misplaced belief in my view. The Fed would be foolish ( again) in following that path. Their focus should remain on fighting inflation, they are making yet another big mistake if they don’t. Inflation has not gone away.

  71. The Great Pumpkin says:

    I believe deflation is coming…aka a crash. The dotted lines are lining up…biggest tell…banking crisis. Said this two weeks ago when SVB price first dropped….banking crisis always lead to a deflationary bust. It never fails.

    3b says:
    March 25, 2023 at 9:40 am
    Now many in the market are back to the the Fed is going to ease chatter, as much as a full point by year end. Misplaced belief in my view. The Fed would be foolish ( again) in following that path. Their focus should remain on fighting inflation, they are making yet another big mistake if they don’t. Inflation has not gone away.

  72. leftwing says:

    It’s crazy…the two year has moved, what, 125bps over a couple of weeks or so?

    As offsides as some marginal institutions were on the rapid rise in rates this whipsawing is going to blow up someone major…these bond guys use incredible amounts of leverage to amplify small, anticipated moves. Make the moves pronounced *and* unpredictable, ouch.

    We’ve entered an era of real uncertainty…only reason, not irrational, I can think of for the futes showing such a loosening is that the market fundamentally believes shit is spinning out of control with such increasing velocity that something serious will break very badly before year end, basically we hit a tree at 80 mph no seatbelts, in which case inflation moves to about eighth on the list of rate concerns and the Bernanke fleet of Chinooks will go operational again….

  73. PhdSaturday ToDullPumpkinPain says:

    In this boring Saturday. I recommend this video for history buffs. Is dense, is a Phd to PhD crowd.

    You will learn the problem of Russia. Why Xi’s just announced move of Asian es-soviet countries conference is the signal that China believes a centralized Russia is a goner because of Putin’s folly.

    18mins – ethnicity, 25mins Stalin


  74. leftwing says:

    ByS, this is up by you?

    Fun group, one of the guitars is Steve Liesman, the Sr Economist on CNBC lol.

  75. 3b says:

    Left: Perhaps as you say they see something coming on the horizon, market spinning out of control, or perhaps “blackmailing” the Fed into dropping rates. We shall see, but if it all spins out of control, then who knows what happens. This Fed in my view will do down as perhaps the worst in history. Add to that the foolishness of market participants who believed rates would stay low forever, and risk was engineered out of the market. There were voices in the wilderness warning about this folly, but they were dismissed. Now, it’s the BS how could we know.

  76. BRT says:


    This is what I was talking about on the exchanges. Following every massive pump, they freeze you in while somebody obviously dumps.

  77. Chicago says:

    Stu: belated congratulations on your son’s college acceptance

  78. Phoenix says:

    Old realtor says:
    March 25, 2023 at 9:51 am
    Love this article…https://www.nydailynews.com/snyde/ny-afroman-sued-by-police-home-raid-footage-20230324-3k4dloo6crhqxgswqtismwcigi-story.html

    I take it you never had them barge into your place have you?

  79. Phoenix says:

    Corruption- game is rigged.

    BRT says:
    March 25, 2023 at 10:36 am

    This is what I was talking about on the exchanges. Following every massive pump, they freeze you in while somebody obviously dumps.

  80. Phoenix says:

    Imagine if it hit Bergen county:


  81. Bystander says:


    Yep, I have seen them but several years ago at Garcia’s in Port Chester. Good band. Park City is nice little venue. Sh&tload of Dead cover bands around here.

  82. Chicago says:

    Left: Fuck that’s going to be it

  83. Chicago says:

    Can’t complain, but still sux

  84. Fast Eddie says:


    That video is just difficult to watch. No other words.

  85. The Great Pumpkin says:


    “NPR laid off 10% of its staff this week and announced that it would stop production of four popular podcasts to make up for a $30 million gap in its budget.”

  86. Fabius Maximus says:

    Imagine if it hit Bergen county:

    Northern Bergen County (north of Rt 80, around the reservoirs) gets hit with a microburst every few years.

  87. Fabius Maximus says:


    Can we have have a button for the wheel of distraction on the home page. It will save small and Banana so much thinking time.


    We also need a special version for Juice that lands on Hunters laptop every other spin.

  88. D-FENS says:

    The danger is the heat button, available to the Chinese government that amplifies any topic they want in any country they want. They can effectively use it to persuade the minds of users.

    grim says:
    March 24, 2023 at 10:14 am
    Love the hypocrisy of fearing the addictive quality of social media, while at the same time having no issues scaling casino gambling and sports betting, which is not only equally addicting, but far more detrimental to people and families. Casinos track your every location, your preferences, your geolocation, etc etc.

    Why is everyone not horrified?

  89. Phoenix says:

    D-FENS says:
    March 25, 2023 at 11:50 pm
    The danger is the heat button.

    Who coined that term, Zuckerberg, Musk, or Bernays?

  90. joyce says:

    Only we can do that to our pledges.

  91. Juice Box says:

    Dirty Landlords beware.

    ST. PAUL, MN — A bill making its way through the Democratically-controlled Minnesota Legislature would ban corporations from buying single-family homes for the purpose of renting them out.

    The ban, authored by Rep. Esther Agbaje, would also apply to real estate developers and residential building contractors.

    The proposal comes as Minnesota families struggle to find affordable housing in the Twin Cities metro and across the state.


  92. Phoenix says:


    It’s a good start.
    Next they should force the ones that exist to divest.
    And limit anyone from owning two residences.

    Don’t tell me it’s un American. Plenty of things I am not legally allowed to own in America.

    My own kid had the opportunity to ask a police officer for her clothing this weekend. Her mommy refused to drop it off as per our agreement.
    My child got a taste of American law, when an officer told her to seek an attorney as he cannot do anything to get what is rightfully hers. She got the lesson her lazy teachers never taught her.

    Same guy that can shoot you for jaywalking.

    A child learns. Wave the flag, America.

  93. leftwing says:

    Dude, what happened with your daughter?

    Are you doing police supervised handoffs?

  94. Phoenix says:

    If we ever meet, I will show you. Plenty of paperwork and recordings.

    Not run of the mill by any imagination.

  95. The Great Pumpkin says:

    An interview from 1999:

    “How do you view that phenomenon that Amazon is worth more than Sears?”


  96. The Great Pumpkin says:

    That 60 min interview says a lot. It’s exactly why I am invested in DNA. Destructive innovation is how we move forward. DNA is going to be a major tool for that coming disruptive innovation over the next 20 years.

  97. Fabius Maximus says:

    Its rare when it happens but sometime Chuck Todd actually finds the back of the net.

    Aaron Rupar @atrupar
    CHUCK TODD: You keep saying it was personal funds. That was not what Michael Cohen pleaded guilty to. These were funds repaid by the Trump Org

    TACOPINA: That’s personal

    TODD: So everything w/ the Trump Org is Trump’s personal funds? You realize the door you’re opening there?

  98. joyce says:

    Always amazes me when they selectively can and can’t do things.

    Phoenix says:
    March 26, 2023 at 10:26 am

    …when an officer told her to seek an attorney as he cannot do anything…

  99. leftwing says:

    chi, yeah, but we were outplayed start to finish. Our guys looked liked they were bothered to be there, I mean there wasn’t even any motion on our PP, kids just standing around…Seems as if they played tight to avoid any misstep…suspect it goes back to Shafer’s defense first strategy…the one he didn’t use against DU, at least until he was ahead, lol. No matter, they made it further than I thought for sure. Something to build on with recruiting…couple of good games later. That Michigan PennSt looks to be a barn burner, and it will be interesting to see if the best of the ECAC can hang with a very good but not top Big Ten team…

  100. Phoenix says:

    joyce says:
    March 26, 2023 at 12:47 pm
    Always amazes me when they selectively can and can’t do things.

    Yup. Exactly how it works.
    People say you get justice in a courtroom, I say it’s already been decided long before you get there. What is written on a police report is considered gospel. The latitude given to one person vs the other at the time is critical as well.

    A winner and loser have been chosen immediately. You may overcome some of that bias later on, but by that time, for the most part, the outcome has been determined.

  101. Bruiser says:

    Cruises are for rubes who think breezing through all of a single Caribbean nation’s tourist traps in a single afternoon counts as “touring and exploring” that nation. Strap on your finest Walmart sunglasses, hawaiian shirt, jorts, and crocs. We’re riding a bus around San Juan for a couple hours so we can tell everyone we saw it. Ugly Americans On Tour.

  102. leftwing says:

    phoenix, feel free to tell me to butt out and stfu, but remember…end of day it will not matter to your child which parent is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’…in those moments of sheer embarrassment when they just wish the Earth would open up and swallow them it really doesn’t matter who is ‘right’.

    Advice I wish I had, earlier…as it relates to a divorced child’s shorter and longer term well being and your relationship with them now and, more importantly, well into the future…be that safe zone for them. Be that normalcy for them.

    I get it…you know those expandable brown legal binders, 11×18 by about six inches wide? I have easily a dozen…not just documents but a bunch ‘show-and-tell’ as well…discovery of a quantity and quality that would make a top NY law firm proud. I pull even just four of them and sit with my kids for 45 minutes? They don’t speak to her ever again…she’ll never see her grandkids…

    So what?

    Seriously, game out that scenario…you’re not hitting your kid with your ‘case’ now, she neither wants to hear it nor does she care, and by ‘picking the scab’ you cause her distress, and act directly contrary to even your own long term interests with her by making her feel uncomfortable….present your case when she’s older, in her late teens or 20s? It’s where I am now. My kids have finally moved to some degree of normalcy, comfortably independent, and more well rounded and normal than I had any right to expect given the circus they went through. Why would I rock their world now? To what end, getting ‘revenge’ on my ex-? And use destroying one lane of their normalcy to ‘get her’? And risk sending them back down that same black hole they were able to climb out of? They’ve suffered enough.

    Your child wants safety and normalcy now. You want her to have that, and you want a long term healthy relationship with her over the upcoming *decades* of her adulthood. Focus all your energy there…clothes aren’t arriving from mom? Take the small jab, sure, but only one – honey she shouldn’t be doing that, I’m sorry. Then make an outing of taking her shopping and get her a few outfits that she really wants that stay at your house with the explicit message of I love you, I am always here for you, and I always have your back no matter what. Safety. Normalcy. Trust. Play the long game.

    I understand…everything is different…income, assets, lifestyle…it’s not easy post-divorce especially when you layer on the emotional side with your kid(s) and a malicious ex-.

    But distilling that advice down to the TLDR…Make your emotional relationship with your child bi-lateral, excluding and totally independent of whatever craziness is going on around (or even intentionally generated by) your ex-. If you can focus on just you and her, and your mutual happiness, you will give her those most needed gifts of security and normalcy now and you will be building the experiences and trust that take you two well into the future. You being that parent is much stronger than the ‘discovery box’ in every regard.

    I wasted three/four years, and set my relationship back with my kids that amount, taking and responding to the bait and hook of the ex’s craziness and malice around my kids…don’t be me…tune everything else out…bilateral, you and your daughter. Because in the end that’s all that really matters.

  103. Juice Box says:

    When I was in my 20s a cheap cruise was the way to go. Caribbean with no kids just me and a girlfriend partying hard for a few days, come home sunburned an exhausted.

    I think everyone should do a old world cruise to see how other people live.

    I did an eastern med cruise, visited lots of places you cannot drive to, and probably would have never flown too either, there were not the types of places you would spend a week on vacation immersing yourself in the culture. BTW many western women should go and visit places like Egypt or Turkey, to really see what sexism is like. If a local woman wears pants in Egypt or god forbid shorts there is a great chance of a communal beating, they also still practice genetically mutilation there too. Turkey’s culture of rape is real and many men there treat women like the exist only for cooking, cleaning and sex.

    Go visit the old world and learn about the drawings and sculptures amongst the ruins left behind by civilizations that spanned thousands of years. Step foot in the land of Jesus too to see how the warring tribes living there now still want to kill each other after a thousand years.

    Head over to Italy when you get off the ship spend a few days in Sicily and Naples ride the local buses, take the trains, eat the food drink the wine and learn how to swear Italian.

    You haven’t lived until you visit the old world, heck maybe we should take up a collection and send Pumpkin. He sure could use some cultural immersion. I hear Paris is nice these days.

    Lol..enjoying a nice glass of wine at an outdoor cafe in Paris these days.


  104. Juice Box says:

    Phoenix calling the Police for every single infraction of the coparenting agreement? You building a case to get her charged with contempt fined and even jailed I gather. How did you pick that one to mate with anyway? Was the fog of love too much for you too see thru?

    I hope your daughter is getting therapy, divorce almost destroyed my niece. Luckily with lots of therapy working with horses she has turned out to be a wonderful young woman.

  105. 3b says:

    As for the ugly American/ ignorant American stereotype, there is a lot of truth to it. We have witnessed it many times in our multiple travels in Europe, in multiple European countries. I have witnessed it with English tourists as well. I don’t understand why people travel to different countries and then complain that its not like home.

    We do like Juice advised, take the buses, take the trains, find out the cafes and pubs etc, where the locals go. The trains in Italy really do run on time! The Europeans ain’t perfect of course, but the history and culture is amazing, and how old it all is. There is a whole world out there outside the Anglo/ American sphere, we could learn from them, as they could learn from us.

  106. 3b says:

    Left: Good advice, and one that took my brother some time to accept, but he finally did, and, it worked out well all things considered.

  107. FinTech says:

    Any recomendations on a good inground pool builder for Central NJ?

  108. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Truflation shows the “real-time CPI” is now under 4%, down from 12%+ last year.

    There is a lag in housing numbers for the official CPI, which is not in Truflation’s estimates. That’s why inflation was so much higher last year and lower now.


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