Going where the cheaper homes are

From Insider:

Locals are being priced out of Texas and Florida. Here’s where they’re looking for affordable homes instead. 

As people across the US relocate to Florida and Texas, locals are feeling squeezed — and searching elsewhere for affordable homes.

The typical cost of a home in Texas has spiked 30% since 2019, according to Realtor.com, and 42% in Florida during the same time period.

These residents are increasingly searching on Realtor.com for homes outside of their state, suggesting they’re willing to chase affordability across the country.

For Texans, “the Midwest has emerged as popular recently because it is just by and large the most affordable region,” Hannah Jones, Realtor.com’s economic research analyst, told Insider. “We’re seeing this trend of buyers looking for affordability really explode.”

Texas has long been the go-to migration spot for Americans seeking reasonably priced housing and a low cost of living. But as 884,000 people moved to the state between April 2020 and July 2022, according to Census data, the cost of housing soared.

Many of these newcomers were out-of-staters who could afford to pay more for houses, pushing up prices for everyone, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Using the number of listings viewed within-state versus in other states, Realtor.com found that Texans are looking at properties for sale within their own state less than this time last year.

Wisconsin and Minnesota experienced the largest uptick in search volume from Texas year-over-year last quarter, Realtor.com data shows. Tennessee, Colorado, and Missouri followed.

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  1. ExLax says:

    I’m just Pete.

  2. Hold my beer says:

    First first

  3. Fast Eddie says:

    Wisconsin and Minnesota experienced the largest uptick in search volume from Texas year-over-year last quarter, Realtor.com data shows. Tennessee, Colorado, and Missouri followed.

    It gets mighty cold in the 1st two states mentioned above. Tennessee has been on my radar the last few years, preferably Nashville metro. I like mountain ranges so eastern Tennessee might be an area to explore. Is Knoxville worth considering? Or, am I eventually doomed to retire one day in the ‘luxurious and exclusive enclaves’ of numerous Holiday Cities in the greater Toms River area? Ugh.

  4. Phoenix says:


    By this time next year you can get some new construction waterfront on the Gaza Strip.

  5. Phoenix says:

    Wasn’t it Ronnie Reagan that provided tons of money and weapons to the Iranians?

    Iran Contra wasn’t it?

    Were the Repubs meddling again over there?

    Now we got dementia Joe giving money to them as well.

    It’s all soooooo confusing? Who exactly are the bad guys?

  6. HighCostIsThePrice OfHumanitysProgress says:


    I hope so. Mediterranean condos coming soon.

    I have no beef in the middle east, I’m heathen athiest. But that overbearing religiousness that cover that part of the world needs to be dampen, neutered or whatever you want to call it before it takes the rest of the world with it because a religion with a octogenerian cleric behind it says so.

    I understand why Musk wants to colonize Mars and be an interplanetary civilization, which I believe is our limit. Interstellar and Intergalactic can’t happen in our biological bodies unless we master Space & Time travel.

    When you start with the Modified Drake Equation, add Fermi’s Paradox and then analyze it through the Great Filter Theory, which I don’t think we have gone thru. You realize that is just us around. The distances in Space Time are so great that no 2 civilizations that are capable of meeting are likely to meet.

    Is easy to see that a large chunk of humanity is Stupid. Stupid as defined by Carlo Cipolla – Laws of Stupidity. I think Musk’s blindspot is he thinks those very bright people that will settle Mars will be Stupid proof and I think there will be a couple of seriously Stupid enough to do real damage.

    I think Israel should just kick ass and expand. A bit nihislitic, but the iranian proxies are going to do their thing regardless. If some big brouhaha with nukes is going to happen, let it happen now than later when everyone will have more capacity to do damage. In short the septagenerians and octogenerians clerics and ideologue have to be discredited within their society to be able to move on.

    It took 2/3 of Europe dying off with the Bubonic Plague to discredit the Catholic Church and diminish enough their power for the Renaissance and Reformation to take hold and move Europe forward. This might be the start of multiyears of wars that eventually allows humanity to progress.

  7. HighCostIsThePrice OfHumanitysProgress says:


    If you want to go into the wormhole with Iran Contra look up “Red Privada” is in spanish in Netflix.

    Is about a Mexican reporter that was killed right around the time that DEA agent Kiki Camarena got killed in the early 80’s and how the Mexican FBI equivalent sat on everything.

    Because it turns out that was the birth of the CIA’s importation of cocaine to the USA in coordination with a well known Mexican drug lord. Camarena found out about the large scale operation, he did not know that it was an illegal CIA operation.

    Money earned from there was used to buy Iranian weapons given to the Nicaraguan contras. All overseen by Ollie North that later testified with Reagan saying “I don’t recall” a hundred times.

  8. ExLax says:

    Or when hezzzhollah blew up our marine barracks and Ronnie ran like the little bitch that he was.

  9. ExLax says:

    Early on a Sunday morning, October 23, 1983, two truck bombs struck buildings in Beirut, Lebanon, housing American and French service members of the Multinational Force in Lebanon (MNF), a military peacekeeping operation during the Lebanese Civil War. The attack killed 307 people: 241 U.S. and 58 French military personnel, six civilians, and two attackers.

    The first suicide bomber detonated a truck bomb at the building serving as a barracks for the 1st Battalion 8th Marines (Battalion Landing Team – BLT 1/8) of the 2nd Marine Division, killing 220 marines, 18 sailors and three soldiers, making this incident the deadliest single-day death toll for the United States Marine Corps since the Battle of Iwo Jima in World War II and the deadliest single-day death toll for the United States Armed Forces since the first day of the Tet Offensive in the Vietnam War.[1][2] Another 128 Americans were wounded in the blast; 13 later died of their injuries, and they are counted among the number who died.[3] An elderly Lebanese man, a custodian/vendor who was known to work and sleep in his concession stand next to the building, was also killed in the first blast.[4][1][5] The explosives used were later estimated to be equivalent to as much as 12,000 pounds (5,400 kg) of TNT.[6][7][8]

    Minutes later, a second suicide bomber struck the nine-story Drakkar building, a few kilometers away, where the French contingent was stationed; 55 paratroopers from the 1st Parachute Chasseur Regiment and three paratroopers of the 9th Parachute Chasseur Regiment were killed and 15 injured. It was the single worst French military loss since the end of the Algerian War.[9] The wife and four children of a Lebanese janitor at the French building were also killed, and more than twenty other Lebanese civilians were injured.[10]

    A group called Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for the bombings and said that the aim was to force the MNF out of Lebanon.[11] According to Caspar Weinberger, then United States Secretary of Defense, there is no knowledge of who did the bombing.[12] Some analysis highlights the role of Hezbollah and Iran, calling it “an Iranian operation from top to bottom”.[13] There is no consensus on whether Hezbollah existed at the time of bombing.[14] The attacks eventually led to the withdrawal of the international peacekeeping force from Lebanon, where they had been stationed following the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) withdrawal in the aftermath of Israel’s 1982 invasion of Lebanon.

  10. SmallGovConservative says:

    ExLax says:
    October 15, 2023 at 12:25 pm
    “Or when hezzzhollah blew up our marine barracks…”

    You guys truly are stooges; referencing a ‘yeah but…’ event from 40 years ago in order to deflect from the utter disaster that is the Biden presidency. I have no doubt that when Dems do election planning they explicitly factor in imbeciles like Ex that will vote for Joe no matter how many wars he enables. Face it Ex, no matter how much you try to deflect and excuse, you and the other stooges are responsible for what happened in Israel — and what’s about to happen now.

  11. ExLax says:

    Ya think??? Hahahahahahah Hahahahahahah Hahahahahahah
    Hahahahahahah Hahahahahahah Hahahahahahah!!!
    Hahahahahahah Hahahahahahah Hahahahahahah
    Hahahahahahah Hahahahahahah Hahahahahahah!!!!

  12. Fast Eddie says:

    Whenever there’s overgrown vegetation around the house, you can be guaranteed they’ll be the stench of wet dog and stale farts inside the house. The pictures are as grainy as the décor… a perfect representation. 825K for a house that needs to be scoured at the very least. They previously had a 950K price tag on it. No doubt the kids are looking to move Mom in with someone and milk this one for as much as possible:


  13. Very Stable Genius says:

    Would you buy a Chrysler sedan? All goods and services suck when the only thing that matters is profit maximization.
    I wish I could buy a house built by a Japanese construction company.
    Think of Ed as the average worker. It’s Fox induced grievances all day.

    Boomer Remover says:
    October 14, 2023 at 5:03 pm
    My wife must’ve hit her head hard when she was younger because she has the libido of a 21-year-old male, almost twenty years later. We want to enjoy ourselves without the neighbors knowing, the house shaking, travel mementos falling off shelves or my kid waking up. So tired of all this shoddy tired construction everywhere, and I’ve lived in… one, two..three….four places in Hudson/Bergen.

    Why must everything in the “wealthiest nation in the world” be built to the lowest [——-] possible standards? Am I the only one annoyed by this?

  14. ExLax says:

    1:40 listen to me and listen goooood. If you don’t know the history and in detail on this particular region of the World, then spare us the “Blame” you **** load.

    Thanks in advance. Every Juden you know.

  15. grim says:

    Nashville is going to crater like no other.

  16. 1987 Condo says:

    Titans already have.

  17. 1987 Condo says:

    Cresskill house, what is the deal with the photos? is that to drive down the price of the house? the toilet seat is up? and we post that?

  18. 3b says:

    Lindsey Graham warms Iran if you escalate the war we are coming for you.

  19. Hughesrep says:

    Blanche has an army?

  20. Fast Eddie says:

    Nashville is going to crater like no other.

    You’ve been saying this and I don’t doubt it. But why there? Why wouldn’t the NY/NJ/CT area be just as bad?

  21. Fast Eddie says:

    Is that MSNBC or CNN on the TV in that Cresskill house?

  22. 3b says:

    Fast: You know better! We won’t crater because we are special!

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