January a mixed bag for NJ real estate

From NorthJersey.com:

Real estate snapshot: Did North Jersey home prices increase in January?

In January, New Jersey’s real estate market saw both positive and negative trends for potential homebuyers.

Just about half of New Jersey’s 21 counties saw an increase in new home listings compared to January 2023 — a positive sign following a long period of low housing inventory across the state. And, all 21 counties saw home prices increase in January compared to last year — a benefit to those looking to sell, but bad news for those looking to buy.

According to housing data from Realtor.com, 10 of North Jersey’s 21 counties had an increase in new home listings compared with January 2023.

In North Jersey, Bergen, Essex, Sussex and Hudson counties all experienced an increase in new listings. Hudson County had the highest increase in the region at 9.32%, with 352 new listings in January 2024. With increases of 7.43% and 5.48%, Essex and Sussex counties saw 376 and 154 new listings, respectively. In Bergen County, there was a 1.9% increase, with 536 new listings — the highest number of new listings in North Jersey and the third highest number in the state.

In contrast, Passaic and Morris Counties saw a decrease in new listings in January. While Passaic County saw a 2.17% decrease and 180 new listings, Morris County had the greatest decrease across the state at 2.16%, with 254 new listings.

Compared to last year, all 21 New Jersey counties saw increases in median home listing prices in January, and 17 of those counties saw increases of more than 10%.

Bergen and Morris counties had the highest increases in North Jersey at 15.73% and 13.32%, with median listing prices of $785,250 and $691,225, respectively. In Sussex and Hudson counties, home prices increased by 12.73% and 12.26%, with median listing prices of $399,900 and $650,000, respectively. Listing prices in Passaic County increased by 10.69% and the median listing price there is $475,000.

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38 Responses to January a mixed bag for NJ real estate

  1. Hold my beer says:


  2. Phoenix says:

    Perfect for the WFH crowd. This thing is so good it’s sensors can tell if you are dropping a deuce while on the clock, documenting and deducting that time from your billable hours.


    But unlike the crowd, I was not expecting to enjoy the experience.

    I am somewhat of a Luddite and just could not imagine needing or wanting a mixed-reality headset – much less one that costs more than my month’s rent in Brooklyn.

    However, each experience during the 20 minute demo felt shockingly intimate, vivid, and up close – I actually felt self-conscious about maybe having haphazardly stumbled my way into multiple dangerous or V.I.P. locations that I wasn’t supposed to be in.

    The flexible straps formed nicely around my head and the immersive goggles laid comfortably on my face as I was transported into the unknown – but it all felt like the calm before the storm, like the first ten minutes of a Black Mirror episode.

    The initial demo used images in a Photo app, showing me static memories of someone else’s past, which appeared incredibly vivid through Vision Pro’s lenses – I saw each blade of grass in a backyard photo of a kid’s birthday as if I were there.

  3. Fast Eddie says:

    In contrast, Passaic and Morris Counties saw a decrease in new listings in January.

    Clifton is ground zero for convenience and access, nobody anxious to up and leave. Besides, who could move away from Punk Bagel, Silk City spirits, two train stations and a Rutt’s Hut ripper with the works!

  4. Phoenix says:

    Yup. Ground Zero for this guy:

    Fast Eddie says:
    February 3, 2024 at 8:46 am

    Clifton is ground zero for convenience and access, nobody anxious to up and leave. Besides, who could move away from Punk Bagel, Silk City spirits, two train stations and a Rutt’s Hut ripper with the works!

    Longtime Passaic County Sheriff Richard Berdnik fatally shot himself inside the bathroom of a Clifton restaurant Tuesday afternoon. According to county officials, Berdnik had concluded an appearance at a ceremony in Paterson, where the owner of Toros restaurant was honored with a key to the city.Jan 24, 2024

  5. Phoenix says:

    The Americans are now more like the Chinese they complain about. They make fake looking tweets, all their new songs are just samples of old songs, they cheat and plagiarize.

    A ghost of their former selves.

    “It’s skill,” Cook told Charlie Rose in a segment that aired Sunday evening.

    Rose countered by asking whether Chinese workers were more skilled than American or German workers.

    “Let me be clear,” Cook said. “China put an enormous focus on manufacturing, in what you and I would call vocational kind of skills. The US over time began to stop having as many vocational kind of skills. I mean you could take every tool and die maker in the United States and probably put them in the room that we’re currently sitting in. In China you would have to have multiple football fields.”

    BRT says:
    February 2, 2024 at 7:33 pm
    This is just one of many examples of our government being completely broken and filled with incompetent people.

    Look at Nikki Haley’s tweet with her fake emails.


    a 4th grader could do a better job faking crap.

  6. Phoenix says:

    First they outsell Musk’s cars. Now they are going for his rockets. Hehe.

    The future: “Daddy, where was the moon when you were growing up?

    “Right there, see that little white dot covered with satellites? Yeah kid, that’s the moon. It used to be big and bright when you could see it. In fact, there was a time when we had these things called glaciers, and this cold powdered stuff called snow. It was a different time.”

    BEIJING, Feb 3 (Reuters) – A small but powerful Chinese rocket capable of sending payloads at competitive costs delivered nine satellites into orbit on Saturday, Chinese state media reported, in what is gearing up to be another busy year for Chinese commercial launches.

    The Jielong-3, or Smart Dragon-3, blasted off from a floating barge off the coast of Yangjiang in southern Guangdong province. It was the third launch of the rocket, developed by China Rocket Co, a commercial offshoot of a state-owned launch vehicle manufacturer, since December 2022.

  7. RC NJ says:

    Fast Eddie, you forgot to mention the White Castle in Clifton.

  8. 3b says:

    Interesting opinion piece in the WSJ about the Arab vote in Michigan, if what he says is true Dearborn is filled with radicalized Muslims. Hatred of Jews and Israel and of the US too.

  9. Phoenix says:

    Cops fighting cops while suspected police officer rapist escapes. Hehe. Video from local news is fantastic.


  10. 3b says:

    Hold: The judge will says it was all a misunderstanding and will quietly retire with her pension.

  11. Fast Eddie says:

    White Castle!! How could I forget!

  12. Phoenix says:

    Maybe my judge was hooking up with my ex? Or her lawyer?

    You think you get justice in a courtroom. Or your own house.

    Q. If lying to a police officer is a crime called obstruction of justice, then why is it when a police officer lies to you it’s totally legal?

    Think about that for a minute.

    Hold my beer says:
    February 3, 2024 at 9:50 am

    And justice for all


  13. Phoenix says:

    She should have just hooked up with the judge.

    Slam dunk, that father would have never known why he lost everything including his children.

    Judges are human. They have opinions. They have perceptions. They have experienced things that shape their neural connections. They might like the look of your face, or it could remind them of an ex they hate.

    It’s why you are better off with a jury trial. But at minimum you should have a tribunal.

    One freak with a robe and your life is decidedly fucced forever.

  14. Phoenix says:

    if what he says is true Dearborn is filled with radicalized Muslims.

    Well that’s what happens when you send all of the American car manufacturing to other countries. Henry Ford is turning in his grave.

    Dearborn and Detroit. Two great cities thrown in the dumpster by the corporate overlords.

  15. Phoenix says:

    Prey on the poor and undereducated who aren’t as talented as Lib. They didn’t even mention the money they make on bullstei fees.

    America’s three biggest banks raked in nearly $200 billion from higher interest rates last year – yet have failed to pass on bigger yields to savers.

    The Federal Reserve’s relentless tightening cycle has taken interest rates to a 22-year high – boosting the amount JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America (BofA) and Wells Fargo can charge on loans to customers.

    But analysis by DailyMail shows that all three have failed to raise the annual percentage yield (APY) on their basic savings accounts beyond 0.01 percent.

    By comparison, those same banks typically charge between 5 and 7 percent interest on their 30-year fixed-rate mortgages.

    The firms have been put to shame by a host of smaller providers who now offer yields as high as 5 percent on standard savings accounts.

  16. 3b says:

    Phoenix: If the article is accurate, they are not worried about jobs, it’s Islam, hatred of Jews , destruction of Israel, and death to America.

  17. Phoenix says:

    Let the banks eat it. Oh. Nah, the government, aka the taxpayer, will pay for the 459 jingle mail envelopes. Too big to fail.

    When the janitor bought a house he couldn’t afford, you blame him.
    Well then you need to blame investors when they are too greedy as well.

    San Francisco is hit by another huge blow as RESIDENTIAL property market begins to tank, with investor landlord ditching 459 homes across 12 buildings due to plunging occupancy blamed on crime
    Landlord Mosser Companies defaulted on a 2018 loan for $88 million that was underwritten by its 459 rental units across 12 buildings in San Francisco

  18. Phoenix says:

    Yeah, I believe it. Religions love to spread hate just as much as they “supposedly” want to spread love. I met some of the most lying f’s in a Catholic church. Do they really think that little white round wafer is supposed to protect them or cleans their filthy souls?

    Personally I think they are all full of bull shite, dumb azz rules, and guided by storytelling books instead of reality. Read the scriptures and you will find there is some evil immoral crap in every book from every religion.

    It allows each of them to think they are better than the other groups and eff with them.

    There is no harmony, hasn’t been for centuries, and won’t be any in the foreseeable future.

    George Bush was telling Americans that bombing Iraq was a “Godlike” mission when there weren’t any WMD’s.

    Religion is a way to make people think and look like they are “holy and justified” when they are doing immoral things. No one would suspect a priest, right??

    3b says:
    February 3, 2024 at 10:53 am
    Phoenix: If the article is accurate, they are not worried about jobs, it’s Islam, hatred of Jews , destruction of Israel, and death to America.

  19. Phoenix says:

    Hugh Hefner’s widow Crystal claims the Playboy Tycoon was ‘bad at sex’ as he was ‘odd and robotic’ – despite ‘enjoying orgies with at least five girls at a time’

    And Hugh Hefner’s ghost says Crystal was only with him for the money, was too lazy to get a real job, and used her body to get the money she wanted rather than doing something positive for society.


  20. Juice Box says:

    First 02/04/2024

  21. Fast Eddie says:

    Beautiful stretch of weather! Suggestions welcomed!

  22. Juice Box says:

    re: “Suggestions welcomed!”

    Ice Skating on the Hudson..

    Seriously when is the last time the rivers around here froze over?

    Not sure when it happened last by the Navesink used to freeze over and there would be ice boating..


  23. Chicago says:

    “We know we’re in a recession when Google has to lay off 25 members of Congress.”

    Sen John Kennedy (R-LA).

  24. Phoenix says:

    First we guard the temples, now we guard the mosques. No wonder there are no police to keep an eye on the Catholic priests.

    Michigan city is on edge as Wall Street Journal article brands it ‘America’s jihad capital’ – with cops deployed to guard mosques and locals fearing Islamophobic revenge attacks
    The mayor of the suburb has ramped up police presence in fear of hate crimes
    Steven Stalinsky, the WSJ writer, said that Dearborn’s population ought to be paid ‘close attention’ by counterterrorism agencies following October 7

  25. Phoenix says:


    Chicago says:
    February 4, 2024 at 10:16 am
    “We know we’re in a recession when Google has to lay off 25 members of Congress.”

    Sen John Kennedy (R-LA).

  26. 3b says:

    Fast: A leisurely drive through bucolic Bergen Co towns, catch a rare open house, get out and breathe the rarefied Bergen Co air.

  27. Phoenix says:

    US plans ‘more action’ after Middle East strikes in response to killing of 3 troops.

    It’s election time. Fire up the war machine.

    Us democraps are peace loving people unlike those nazty Repubs. Our bombs are made with recycled plastic bags in factories that are powered by solar cells and wind turbines. Our employees are all inclusive and have taken their required gender training courses. Hehe.

  28. Phoenix says:

    Fast Eddie says:
    February 4, 2024 at 10:06 am
    Beautiful stretch of weather! Suggestions welcomed!

    Light a fire in your fireplace, break out your boxes of Chex Mix, and count how many pieces you can afford to distribute into the yard before the school bus picks up the children.

  29. Phoenix says:

    For the Bimmer enthusiasts, bet they don’t care about the young girl in critical condition, but would have a service for the car instead.


  30. Hold my beer says:

    Been at at Apple Store in Southlake for 20 minutes so far. Only 1 person has looked at the new AR headset. Southlake is like Short hills level money in the DFW area

  31. Grim says:

    Meadow Lane in Southampton still as pretty as ever.

  32. Grim says:

    Interesting that so many of the modern homes were recently renovated into that light oak Nordic modernist style, no idea what it’s called, but it’s a softer interpretation of the see-thru style that had always been popular. Lighter colors, lighter woods, more organic, less metal and stone.

    There are ZERO new farmhouse style properties out there, tells me the trend is DOA.

    In town for a birthday party last night and stuck around to grab some breakfast and that awesome crumb cake from Tates.

  33. 1987 Condo says:

    Met Life getting World Cup Final..just announced

  34. WS says:




    Welcome to Dearborn, America’s Jihad Capital
    Imams and politicians in the Michigan city side with Hamas against Israel and Iran against the U.S.
    By Steven Stalinsky
    Feb. 2, 2024 at 3:24 pm ET

    Dearborn, Mich.

    Thousands march in support of Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran. Protesters, many with kaffiyehs covering their faces, shout “Intifada, intifada,” “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free,” and “America is a terrorist state.” Local imams give fiery antisemitic sermons. This isn’t the Middle East. It’s the Detroit suburb of Dearborn, Mich.

    Almost immediately after Oct. 7, and long before Israel began its ground offensive in Gaza, people were celebrating the horrific events of that day in pro-Hamas rallies and marches throughout Dearborn. A local headline describing an Oct. 10 event at the Ford Performing Arts Center read “Michigan rally cheers Hamas attack.” Imam Imran Salha of Dearborn’s Islamic Center of Detroit told the crowd that Israel’s past actions have put “fire in our hearts that will burn that state”—Israel— “until its demise.” In May 2023, Mr. Salha had urged his congregation to say “amen” in agreement with his prayer that Allah “eradicate from existence” the “sick, disgusting Zionist regime.” In October 2022, according to the Washington Free Beacon, his organization received $150,000 in funding from the Homeland Security Department’s nonprofit security grants program.

    At another rally, held Oct. 14 in front of the Henry Ford Centennial Library, Imam Usama Abdulghani also didn’t hide his support for Hamas’s terrorist actions. The American-born, Iranian-educated Shiite Islamic scholar called Oct. 7 “one of the days of God” and a “miracle come true.” He described the attackers as “honorable.” He said they were “lions” defending “the entire nation of Muhammad the messenger.”

    Local enthusiasm for jihad against Israel and the West extends beyond celebration of Hamas. The Islamic Center of America, a leading Dearborn mosque, held a memorial service on Dec. 30 for a Hezbollah operative killed in an Israeli airstrike. The Hadi Institute, which runs an Islamic Montessori school and bills itself as a youth community center, held a “Commemoration of the Martyrs” on Jan. 5. This event honored Quds Force Commander Qassem Soleimani and Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis, leader of the Iran-backed Popular Mobilization Forces in Iraq. Both men were on the U.S. list of designated terrorists when they were killed in a U.S. airstrike on Jan. 3, 2020. The commemoration included poetry and praise, along with claims about ISIS being operated by both the Central Intelligence Agency and the Mossad. Imam Abdulghani used his remarks to express his “warmest congratulations” to “our very special leader, Imam Khamenei”—essentially declaring allegiance to the Iranian ayatollah who regularly calls for the destruction of the U.S.

    Support for terrorism in southern Michigan has long been a concern for U.S. counterterrorism officials. A 2001 Michigan State Police assessment submitted to the Justice Department after 9/11 called Dearborn “a major financial support center” and a “recruiting area and potential support base” for international terror groups, including possible sleeper cells. The assessment noted that most of the 28 State Department-identified terror groups were represented in Michigan. Many current or onetime Dearborn residents have been convicted of terror-related crimes in recent years.

    Ahmad Musa Jibril is perhaps the most influential English-speaking jihadi sheikh. From his home in Dearborn he promotes holy war to his tens of thousands of followers on Twitter and Telegram. On Oct. 7, the day Hamas slaughtered 1,200 Israelis and took almost 200 hostage, a Twitter account bearing his name retweeted a post that said, “The hearts haven’t been overjoyed like this in so long.” This account also posted a tweet imploring Allah to “purify the land from the aggression of the apes, swines, and hypocrites.” He later recorded a video calling on Muslims in the West to start normalizing the term “jihad” by using it frequently “on your social media, and in the mosques.” He has called President Biden a “senile pharaoh.”

    Dearborn’s radical politics are complicating Mr. Biden’s path to re-election. Michigan is a must-win state for Democrats, and the president’s campaign strategists are clearly worried that virulent anti-Israel and anti-American sentiment could hurt him in November. The AP reported Jan. 26 that local leaders gave Biden campaign manager Julie Chavez Rodriguez the cold shoulder during a recent visit to the Detroit area. “Little bit of advice—if you’re planning on sending campaign officials to convince the Arab-American community on why they should vote for your candidate, don’t do it on the same day you announce selling fighter jets to the tyrants murdering our family members,” tweeted Abdullah H. Hammoud, Dearborn’s Democratic mayor.

    Open support for Hamas is spreading. Since Oct. 7, similar protests have occurred in major American cities featuring pro-jihadist imagery, chants and slogans. Rallies are now also expressing support for the Iran-backed Houthis, who are lobbing missiles at Israel and trying to sink commercial vessels in the Red Sea.

    What’s happening in Dearborn isn’t simply a political problem for Democrats. It’s potentially a national-security issue affecting all Americans. Counterterrorism agencies at all levels should pay close attention.

  35. RentL0rd says:

    We have a problem with Islamic fundamentalism growing in Dearborn, Orthodox Jewish pockets in NY with their own rules and islamo and black phobia and a raise in radical hindu nationalism. It’s a mess. What’s your point there WS?

  36. RentL0rd says:

    Not to mention White nationalism and “God’s Army” on the march

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