From the LA Times:

Forget California exodus. New Jersey residents lead an influx back into the Golden State 

After a half decade of Californians moving to places like Texas and Florida, an unlikely state has been supplying California with new residents.

New Jersey, a similarly expensive and densely populated state, saw more residents move to California than the other way around in 2022 — a rarity amid the state’s population exodus. It was one of only eight states to be part of a reverse exodus phenomenon, and the state with the largest net number of transplants to California.

In recent years, California has experienced a net exodus to most other states, with experts attributing the population shift primarily to California’s high housing costs. But a handful of states have bucked that trend, sending transplants into the Golden State at a time when more people are moving out. New Jersey, one of the nation’s most densely populated states, has recently recorded the biggest net exodus of residents moving to California. 

In 2022, the so-called California exodus resulted in 818,000 Californians leaving for other states, while 476,000 moved in, resulting in a total domestic loss of 342,000 in the Golden State. 

The exodus was highlighted by the droves who left for Texas. The five states that saw the most net arrivals from California — Texas, Arizona, Nevada, Florida and Idaho — each had between 20,000 and 60,000 more people arrive than leave for the Golden State.

By contrast, the eight states that were net contributors to California’s population added to a net contribution under 15,000 people. In other words, the size of the net exodus to each state has been much larger than the number of transplants moving into California.

More than 13,000 New Jerseyans moved to California in 2022, and fewer than 7,000 Californians moved to New Jersey. The net migration into California — nearly 7,000 people — was the highest of any state. Illinois was second, with net in-migration to California of around 4,000 people.

Nebraska, with 2,000 more leaving for California than arriving, was the third highest. 

In total, 41 of 49 states saw more Californian arrivals than departures for the Golden State.

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  1. Juice Box says:


  2. Fast Eddie says:

    Speaking of California, hat tip to “Chicago” for his post last night. I’m reposting below. California is beautiful state, sullied and destroyed by the same team that has destroyed nearly every city in the nation. Gavin Newsom is a fucking snake. You could smell his lying bullshit from here.


    WSJ Editorial excerpt

    California is living up to its reputation as the entertainment capital of the world. Witness the political circus unfolding in Sacramento over a doughnut hole that Democrats baked into the state’s $20 fast-food minimum wage for Panera Bread franchise owner Greg Flynn, a donor to Gov. Gavin Newsom.

    Democrats last autumn enacted a bill that raised the state minimum wage for fast-food workers to $20 an hour from the current $16 for all workers. But what do you know? The legislation carves out an odd exemption for restaurants that produce and sell bread, which appears to cover only Panera and a couple of bakery chains.

    Bloomberg News reported this week that Mr. Newsom pushed for an exemption for Panera as a favor for Mr. Flynn. The franchise king donated $100,000 to Mr. Newsom’s 2021 campaign to fend off a recall and $64,800 to support his re-election. The Governor no doubt would appreciate similar backing when he runs for President.


    When government is all-powerful, as it is in California, this is how politics works. Politicians pass a punishing law for a special interest, then offer exemptions to donors who can pay the going protection rate. The business model was invented in Sicily.

  3. Phoenix says:

    No matter how much money has, it has become an urban jungle.

    In 15 years it will be like the projects.

    All of those “luxury” apartments will be outdated, leaking, cracking, sinking.

    Old looking and stale.

  4. Phoenix says:

    NJ that is.

  5. Phoenix says:

    Just pave over that farmland and build some condos there, jack up the rent.

    Humans make better cattle than cattle.

    “It’ll end ranching for some,” said Tate Rosenbusch, who met Mr. Homen in middle school when the two would show livestock together and who worked for a time at an agriculture-focused bank. “There’s some that will not be able to get back into it — either they’re just emotionally or financially drained.”

    And starting over will not be easy. Cattle prices have shot up amid dry conditions in recent years, meaning the idea of replacing the dead cows is a nonstarter for many ranchers.

    Interest rates are also high, making loans less appealing, and many ranchers are facing a stack of bills this time of year as they prepare for spring planting, plowing fields, buying fertilizer and seeds and shelling out for gas for their equipment.

    “It’s never a good time, but right now is a really, really bad time,” said Mr. Rosenbusch, 41, who owns a farm and also helps run a trucking and towing company.

  6. Phoenix says:

    The “black site BLUE” in Poland. Interesting country.

    The express aim of Mitchell and Jessen – to
    profoundly disrupt the senses and personality of detainees by inducing learned helplessness – was evident in a cable they sent to CIA headquarters in August 2002 after interrogating Abu Zubaydah:
    Our goal was to reach the stage where we
    have broken any will or ability of subject to
    resist or deny providing U.S. information…
    (SSCI S46).
    In December 2002 the Thailand black site was
    closed and the black site BLUE was opened in Poland. Mitchell and Jessen then continued their work
    in Poland. The details of what happened to Abu
    Zubaydah there are not known.
    Throughout, the available record makes it
    clear that the operational goal of Mitchell and
    Jessen was to destroy Abu Zubaydah using methods
    and practices long recognized as torture. In doing
    this, as will be discussed below, Mitchell and Jessen
    flagrantly broke U.S. and international law, while
    grossly violating the ethical duties of mental health

  7. BRT says:

    This is the franchise wars that Demolition Man talked about. Although, it appears in California, Panera will now win the franchise wars. Now all restaurants in California will be Panera.

  8. Phoenix says:

    Panera sucks.
    Took my kid there once for some mac and cheese.

    Two small orders nearly 20 bucks.

    And that is in NJ, no workers making 20 bucks an hour or getting health insurance.

    Bunch of weird “work ethic” instructions on the wall inside of the drive thru booth to motivate the slaves that work there.

    Not me. Never again.

  9. Phoenix says:

    So white owls at the wedding, Black ravens at the courthouse for the divorce.

    A large, white barn owl suddenly swooped in, soaring down the aisle with a tiny pouch attached to one of its legs.

    The owl, named Juno, landed on the gloved hand of the best man, who gently untied the pouch and retrieved the wedding rings before the bird flew back to its handler.

    Groom Derek Derby said guests probably took more photos of Juno the owl than of him and his bride at their Jan. 27 wedding in Chester, England.

  10. leftwing says:

    Hey Derek, since most assuredly that raptor idea was not yours, some absolutely invaluable advice…

    Run hard. Run fast. Just GTFO of there anyway, anyhow you can and never look back.

  11. LAX says:

    California is like no other place on earth. I dig it.

  12. Libturd says:

    The Panera thing is so common. It’s almost not worth mentioning.

  13. Chicago says:

    Huh? It’s incredible. Ultimately it doesn’t matter because Panera probably has to pay up anyway to get the incremental worker. That said, the brazen public display is impressive.

    Libturd says:
    March 3, 2024 at 5:14 pm
    The Panera thing is so common. It’s almost not worth mentioning.

  14. Libturd says:

    Anything goes today. If you follow the money, donations seem to pay off at $1,000s to the dollar on average. Mr. Murphy has been a hell of a fundraiser. The patronage mill he has built is really impressive.

  15. Boomer Remover says:

    Panera is trash. I paid $18 for two slices of white bread, a single slice of protein hidden between a pound of lettuce, and I guess some mayo? Also, the tables are always greasy.

  16. Hughesrep says:

    I got married at the gazebo bayside at Lavallette. Instead of the traditional rice, we released a bunch of butterflies, why yes it was my wife’s idea. The seagulls swarmed that little pack of butterflies, just like I told my wife they would. It was our first “I told you so” as a married couple. Should have known then.

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