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From Patch:

Morris Is Most Expensive County In NJ For Household Bills, Study Finds

A new study shows that Morris County residents are forking over more for their monthly bills on average than in any other county in the state. 

The doxoINSIGHTS 2024 U.S. Household Bill Pay Report found that consumers across the country saw the amount they pay to keep up on household bills increase 4 percent since last year. 

This report, which reflects actual bill payment activity in more than 97 percent of U.S. zip codes, identifies the most and least expensive states for Americans to live in — based on average monthly spending on actual household bill payments.

The average American household spends $25,513 per year, or 34 percent of their income, on the most common bills, the study found. doxoINSIGHTS included the following bills in its calculations: Mortgage and rent, utilities, car loans, mobile phone, cable and internet, home security, and coverage for auto, home, and life insurance. 

In the Garden State, the average cost is higher – which may not come as a surprise to residents in the state with the highest property taxes in the nation. The average household in New Jersey was found to pay $2,802 per month, or $33,627 per year on bills.

The latest doxoINSIGHTS report says New Jersey residents’ bills are $8,114 higher per year than the U.S. average, which is actually a slight decrease from last year’s amount of $8,165. It still makes New Jersey the fourth-most expensive state when it comes to the average cost of bill payments, the study said. 

Morris County residents have higher bills than the state average — and pay $15,009 more per year than the average U.S. citizen, the study said.

The average household in Morris County pays $3,377 per month, or $40,521 per year on bills, the study found. Most of this money goes to housing, with mortgages and rent eating up a majority of the cost. Per the study, the average monthly mortgage bill in Morris County is $2,996 compared to $1,403 nationally; and the average monthly rent bill is $1,923 in Morris County and $1,300 nationally.

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    More expensive, higher costs. But you get bragging rights…You get old George Washington was here.

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  2. Hold my beer says:

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  3. Fast Eddie says:

    That post above was amusingly incoherent.

  4. Fast Eddie says:

    Oh, and Happy Transgender Day of Visibility.

  5. Phoenix says:

    Ex-Washington state teacher, 25, sobs as she’s spared jail for sex with schoolboy, 17, while husband was away – after victim’s mom told predator attacks had left her son traumatized
    McKenna Kindred, 25, pled guilty to having sex with a 17-year-old student
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    The student came round to her house and had sex while her husband was away.

    Best picture is the pose like this: 🤷🏻‍♀️. Guess that’s the excuse for all of them.

  6. Phoenix says:

    Boo FN Hoo. How about all of you, cops, firemen, anyone else. Keep your F’n mitts off the flag. No blue stripes, no red stripes (additional) No rainbow, no anything else.

    Just do your jobs and stfu just like everyone else does.

    You are already special, you get bennies no one else gets.

    Your dogs are more valuable than humans.

    Thousands of people get skin cancer since they cannot tint their car windows so you can feel safe. Your life is worth more than theirs. You are the “chosen ones.” We get it.

    Fury as FDNY firefighters are forced to remove Stars and Stripes honoring 9/11 heroes after Democrat lawmaker branded it a ‘fascist symbol’

  7. Phoenix says:

    Triggered by colored Easter eggs ? Hehe

    Fast Eddie says:
    March 31, 2024 at 10:04 am
    Oh, and Happy Transgender Day of Visibility.

  8. leftwing says:

    “Fury as FDNY firefighters are forced to remove Stars and Stripes honoring 9/11 heroes after Democrat lawmaker branded it a ‘fascist symbol’”

    How about, like on here, liberals stop the arrogant attribution of their thoughts upon others and then holding those others *accountable* for those phantasmal thoughts?

    Or, again, just split the country up. I say it with no anger, sadness, or other emotion. Just practicality. If something is not working you stop doing it. If a relationship is not working the earlier it ends the better for both parties.

    Funny, when I first brought up separation I thought it would be the Right posters on here in protest. “My country…” and such.

    Go back and look each time the Left on here, not the Right, oppose separation while they concurrently continue to voice their visceral dislike of the Right.

    The Left is like an abusive spouse – I despise and don’t respect you, but will never let you leave.

    Oh, and Happy Easter for those of you who celebrate.

  9. BRT says:

    For the life of me, I can’t understand the opposition to secession. They want to get the majority anyway they can. Make DC a state! Make Puerto Rico a state! Texas proposes to leave? There you go! You won! Nope! Can’t have that.

  10. OC1 says:

    “Fury as FDNY firefighters are forced to remove Stars and Stripes honoring 9/11 heroes after Democrat lawmaker branded it a ‘fascist symbol’”

    Tempest in a teapot. One guy complained, FDNY commisioner told them to take down the flag, changed her mind a few hours later, and the flag is back up.

    Why do people get OUTRAGED! over such trivial crap.

    I’ve already spent more time on this than this story is worth.

    We should discuss more impotant stuff, like this:

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