What would you trade?

From the Record:

What would you sacrifice to afford a home? A report shows the differences between generations

Generations often have differing perspectives on politics, work culture and family dynamics, so it might not come as a surprise that the real estate experiences of different generations vary, too.

While purchasing a home with a domestic partner or spouse is still the most common way (59%) that individuals across all generations are buying a home, millennials — who make up the majority of today’s homebuyers — are more likely than older generations to purchase a home in other ways, whether it be by themselves or with a friend or relative, according to Bankrate’s recent Homebuying Trends Survey.

“Our findings show a shift in how generations have purchased their homes. More millennials have opted for solo home purchases or co-buying with friends or family compared to their older counterparts,” said Alex Gailey, lead data reporter at Bankrate. “That’s likely due to a shift in generational norms. Younger Americans are partnering or marrying later today than in prior generations, but many still want to become homeowners.”

In the survey, 42% of millennials (ages 28-43) said they have purchased a home alone. This is compared to the 34% of Generation Xers (ages 44-59) and 22% of baby boomers (ages 60-78) who said they purchased a home alone.

When it comes to purchasing a home with friends, 10% of millennials said they’ve bought a house this way compared to just 3% of Gen Xers and 1% of baby boomers. And, 10% of millennials also said they have purchased a home with relatives, while only 5% of Gen Xers and 2% of baby boomers said they have done so.

In order to find more affordable housing, millennials are also willing to sacrifice more than their older counterparts, according to the survey. While 49% of Gen Xers and 62% of baby boomers are most willing to downsize their living space compared to other factors like moving out of state or buying a fixer upper, millennials are equally as likely (33%) to take any of these steps to find affordable housing.

Millennials are also more likely to consider moving farther from friends and family (29%), moving to a less desirable area (27%), taking on roommates or living with family members (24%) and moving farther from work (19%) than older generations are.

“Younger generations’ willingness to make more sacrifices amid ongoing affordability issues is a result of being at a point in their lives where they are ready to make the jump from renting to owning,” the report says. “On the other hand, older homebuyers are more likely to be repeat homebuyers who are driven by different motivations.”

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48 Responses to What would you trade?

  1. LAX says:

    ( )( )===D — F i r s t —

  2. grim says:

    Good news, when China attacks Taiwan we won’t need to send in the cruise missiles to destroy the TSMC plant:


    A published report says sophisticated ASML microchip making equipment being used by Taiwan Semiconductor could be remotely disabled in the event that China attacks Taiwan to regain control of what it says is part of its country.

    The report, from Bloomberg News, cites two anonymous sources that said ASML ASML reassured the Dutch government of its ability to do so. ASML, Taiwan Semiconductor TSM and the Dutch trade ministry declined to comment on the report.

  3. Fast Eddie says:

    Bill Maher on Gutfeld last night… oh the humanity! Would Gutfeld be allowed on a CNN show? Liberals would rather self-emolliate than ponder that thought.

    And what’s the deal with President vegetable telling black males at a commencement speech that America hates you, democracy doesn’t apply to you and you’re basically worthless. This, after they just earned a degree. So uplifting.

  4. TraitorJoe says:

    That was we of the most despicable things I can recall any politician doing. The equivalent of taking a dump right on the stage. It was a graduation for crissakes.

  5. TraitorJoe says:

    He’s angry and the left needs soldiers of chaos so nothing is sacred.

  6. leftwing says:

    “VIX is stupid cheap @ $12. I think this time I’m going to buy instead of just commenting.”

    Grabbed some futes on the back of your post. May look at more closely and come in again.

  7. Juice Box says:

    The TSMC GigaFabs in Taiwan account for 12 million 12-inch wafers last year, and they opened a new Fab so it will reach about 16 million wafers per year sizes ranging all the way down to five nano meters. The wafers hold anyway from 500 large chips to thousands of smaller ones.

    The new TSMC Fab the US Taxpayer is footing the bill for in Arizona will produce only about 20,000 wafers per month.

    What is interesting is the history, and how they won the race. They produced chips at a loss until their competition went out of business or got out of the chip making business all together, and well they are happy to act as contract manufacturers to others who need those cheaper chips, eventually to make a profit on the mass volume being produced on tight margins.

  8. leftwing says:

    “In other news about how the rich don’t hide money in foreign bank accounts. Exhibit A: Trump’s former campaign Chairman…You are all being duped!”

    You have literally turned into Pumpkin…posting a broad generality on a topic where you have no experience or expertise then when called out doubling down with a random *six year old* clipping that proves the counterpoint, not yours, while concurrently trying to move the goalposts…

    Your original statement was that the ‘rich’ are using Swiss bank accounts to evade taxes…

    Yet again, I can assure you that is not the case as ANY American citizen pumping funds overseas with the intent to evade taxes is a fucking idiot and will be caught.

    As the guy in your article was….

    Don’t believe me, we have accountants and RIAs on here…ask them. Or better yet, try it yourself. LOL.

    /facepalm /smh

  9. leftwing says:

    “Good news…A published report says sophisticated ASML microchip making equipment being used by Taiwan Semiconductor could be remotely disabled in the event that China attacks Taiwan…”

    Everything’s good until your Subaru won’t start because you forgot to pay the parking ticket you received last month at the train station…

    Careful of the neatest new toys. Good news – justice – is in the eye of the beholder which is usually the one who has appropriated the power to administer it…

  10. BRT says:

    The EU banks don’t even want to entertain the idea of allowing a US citizen to open up an account anymore. They legally could, but the US has made it a nightmare to the banks for doing so ever since they broke the Swiss system. So if you go in and ask, they just laugh you out the door. I know this from someone who lives in the EU. The key is to marry an EU citizen.

  11. Juice Box says:

    BRT – Dear old mom has been hiding some money there for decades…They won’t find it, unless well they follow her to an ATM where she will pull cash from time to time. It’s quite comical actually, they opened an account for a small pension my father had and now a survivors pension. On trips there she would visit the local bank branch and withdraw some cash for spending. These days there is just an ATM card. It isn’t much pension money, maybe $100 a week or so.

  12. leftwing says:

    “They legally could, but the US has made it a nightmare to the banks for doing so ever since they broke the Swiss system.”

    You know that, I know that, maybe Lib will at least try to avail himself of Google…

    “Dear old mom has been hiding some money there for decades…It isn’t much pension money, maybe $100 a week or so.”

    While Mom’s ‘wealth’ hardly qualifies for the shrill liberals’ fantasies I would note for your family that even if there is no reportable income the mere omission of declaring a foreign account is a crime…and not theoretical as people are prosecuted under FBAR.

    Simply not worth it.

    If you are truly wealthy – the cohort Lib’s comment was addressing – it is not worth the marginal risk for what you possess and there are enough other legal avenues to minimize your taxes.

    If aren’t UNHW and you’re putting your first, say, $10m at risk you’re just a fucking idiot and deserve a quick stay at Club Fed plus civil forfeiture….back to some quarter acre high end suburb and bragging about ‘blue ribbon’ public schools around Gary’s weekly off-vintage Napa Cab special for you…

  13. Libturd says:


    Point taken. Though, you hear about this myth an awful lot.

    Did you listen to the latest Prof G? I know you have estranged relations now that he has shown his liberal side. His latest screed is chock full of problems with the tax code and how so few of the ultrawealthy pay their expected share. I knew most of the methods, but I learned a few new ones that I am simply to poor to take advantage of.

  14. Libturd says:

    Also, I told you about BRO, what, five months ago?

    Libturd says:
    January 23, 2024 at 9:45 am
    Brown and Brown had fantastic earnings Lefty. Another beautiful safe pick and still quite undervalued IMO.

    Since then, it’s doubled the Nasty.

    Grandma’s happy. It’s where I put about 10% of her retirement money. The other 90% is in fixed income, mostly corporate and munis.

  15. Juice Box says:

    Left – re: “mere omission of declaring a foreign account is a crime”

    Yes I bet there is lots of willful blindness out there by not checking the box on 7a of Schedule B on Form 1040.

    Bank confidentiality comes into play here, they won’t divulge accounts to just any body. IRS isn’t getting feeds of data from foreign banks of accounts they can sift through looking for US residents.

    They would need a warrant and find evidence of the account, then comes the rest of it an IRS investigation with a criminal referral for prosecution.

  16. Juice Box says:

    Shocked they don’t want to spend 4.5 million to put artificial turf on two soccer fields.


  17. 1987 Condo says:


    you still recommend Claridge Limo/airport car service?

  18. Juice Box says:

    I am shocked Trump did not take this opportunity to speak.

    Defense rests in Trump’s hush money trial, jury was sent home until May 28.

  19. SmallGovConservative says:

    This sham trial in NYC is truly one of the low points in the history of this country. The desperate attempts by the prosecution and the judge to secure a conviction, no doubt under tremendous pressure from Dem power brokers, is simply breathtaking — and is the exclamation point that clearly marks the Dem/leftist-led end of the rule of law. If by some chance they don’t get a conviction, it wouldn’t shock me if the Dems find a reason to declare a state of emergency before Nov and either cancel/postpone the election or once again force the mass mailing of ballots everywhere.

  20. Libturd says:

    Condo, they are still great. Let me know how it goes.

  21. TraitorJoe says:

    The whole point is to tie him up in court and deplete his legal resources so why play into it. On to the next hoax and attack on democracy.

  22. leftwing says:

    “His latest screed is chock full of problems with the tax code and how so few of the ultrawealthy pay their expected share.”

    I’ll plug into Prof G for that one…yeah, his leaning wasn’t offensive, just tedious. Plenty of places to go, which I generally avoid, to listen to people with a preformed opinion reiterate their opinion while trying to present it as analytical rigor.

    On the above quote though…I see he’s moved from ‘fair’ share to ‘expected’ share….

    Nice try but same question though…expected by whom?

    No one expects and very few actually pay the published tax rates.

    So those items that reduce taxes for taxpayers aren’t ‘loopholes’ or preventing fair or expected share….they are there by design.

    Function, not flaw.

    Should carried interest be taxed as regular income? IDK, but the current code allows it to be a capital gain producing a more favorable rate. Not a loophole, intentional.

    Should mortgage interest be deductible for homeowners with no break for renters? IDK, but the current code allows it to be deducted and reduce taxes. Not a loophole, intentional.

    Etc, etc.

    Make the argument on intellect and analysis, instead of wrapping it in obfuscation and [one’s own] moral code.

  23. Libturd says:

    These loopholes exist because the government is in bed with our rich corporation owners. And as Prof G. alluded to, our politicians really are cheap whores.

  24. The Great Pumpkin says:

    When it comes to wealth, extreme forms of it are a superpower among men. It can be used for good or bad, based on the individual with said power. I would imagine the only reason for amassing said wealth is to influence society…what other reason do you need a billion dollars for?

    When you allow a selfish individual intent on chasing power to possess it, it always ends badly….these are people like Putin or Xi Jinping. You need people like Musk to possess it…people focused on improving society instead of being consumed with being the most powerful individual on the planet.

  25. leftwing says:

    “These loopholes exist because the government is in bed with our rich corporation owners.”

    You’re missing my point…they are not ‘loopholes’.

    They are intentional.

    Just like SALT. Just like tax breaks for EVs. Accelerated depreciation for ‘work’ trucks. Etc, etc.

    The Left seem to see the part of the tax code they agree with as ‘just’ while parts they don’t agree with are ‘exploitations’ and ‘loopholes’.

    Doesn’t work that way, at least if you are a sentient adult…the code is simply that, regulation and law. Neither inherently good nor inherently bad…it just is.

    Don’t like it, work to change it rather than bitch on emotion like some 16 year old girl not getting asked to prom.

  26. Libturd says:

    You can’t fix it. Not without paying for it.

  27. leftwing says:

    “You can’t fix it. Not without paying for it.”

    Disagree…payment is relative, interest groups form all the time and the price at which a vote is ‘bought’ is not expensive if that’s where you’re going.

    More importantly, like that populist movement you so despise, just run them out of town…a la Liz Cheney…

    I know your liberal sensitivities find that abhorrent but it was a big deal…3rd highest Republican in the Nation, an incumbent in a bright red State, with highest level family history in politics…gonzo because she got sideways with the voters.

    Ditto for the Speakership…

    You somehow want things to change outside of money but fear the unknown (or personally unpalatable) change…

    Can’t have it both ways, wanting change but only the change you want… again, you’re not a 16 year old girl.

  28. BRT says:


    Many US Citizens living in the UK and EU are being denied banking facilities thanks to US legislation which causes banks to consider US citizens customers as an unacceptable risk, irrespective of their financial probity.

    Consultant John Havard said: For some years, many US citizens living in the UK and EU have suffered the same fate as that recently chronicled by Nigel Farage – that is, the summary withdrawal of existing banking facilities.

    A piece of US legislation called (FATCA),Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act causes many British and European banks to consider US citizens customers as an unacceptable risk, irrespective of their financial probity. FATCA requires non-US banks to report information to the US on accounts held by US citizens. This applies even if a US citizen lives outside the US and has, at best, only limited financial links to the US. Failure to comply with this requirement can result in the non-US bank being barred from doing any business in the US.

    Moreover, many people affected by this draconian penalty can be so-called ‘Accidental Americans’ – that is, someone who acquired US citizenship at birth, because their non-US parents happened to be temporarily living in the US at that time (e.g., Boris Johnson, prior to his reported renunciation of US citizenship).“Consequently, some banks in the UK and Europe have opted for the ‘simple life’ of not offering banking facilities to any US citizens.

    In the Netherlands, one affected individual took the local bank to court in 2022 for the withdrawal of his banking facility. The Dutch court ruled that forcible closure of the account was in breach of local law. No similar cases have been reported in other countries.

    It now appears that UK and EU banks complying with FATCA and providing the US authorities with information about their US citizen customers may be in breach of local GDPR (data protection) requirements. In this regard:

    A Belgian Court has recently held this to be the case under GPDR as incorporated in Belgian Law.
    A similar case is listed in the French Courts.
    In the UK, a US citizen is apparently attempting to ‘crowd fund’ a similar action.

    These GDPR developments threaten banks that still have US citizen customers in a Catch-22 situation: breach FATCA by not reporting or breach GDPR by reporting.

    Unless there is a relaxation of the US penalties regime, UK and EU banks that still have US citizen customers may come to view this GPDR associated-risk as a decisive factor in withdrawing banking facilities from all US citizens.

    The US even went after some bitcoin dude who renounced his citizenship way back in 2014 claiming he evaded taxes…years before they ever put forth any legislation on crypto.

  29. Very Stable Genius says:

    Corporate tax rate not been this low since 1939. Historically they used to be 2.5% of gdp. They are currently 1%

    Top 25 wealthiest pay single digit tax rate

  30. leftwing says:

    “Top 25 wealthiest pay single digit tax rate”

    Flat out bullshit lie.

  31. Very Stable Genius says:

    Alito hanging the flag upside down further erosions Supreme Court brand

  32. Very Stable Genius says:

    Nope. Prof G is on the record.

    leftwing says:
    May 21, 2024 at 3:10 pm
    “Top 25 wealthiest pay single digit tax rate”

    Flat out bullshit lie.

  33. leftwing says:

    Don’t worry, NYT in all its wisdom and foresight is like a dog with a bone on articles and analysis on the illegitimacy of the Court…their perfectly transparent goal is to try to have Alito and Thomas recuse themselves from DJT cases…without of course any regard or consideration whatsoever to downstream ramifications in future cases…

  34. leftwing says:

    “Nope. Prof G is on the record.”

    Whoops I’m corrected. Because an internet Liberal with an agenda would never lie. LOLOL

  35. Jim says:

    Biden to release 1 million gallon barrels of oil from OUR national reserves which is already 40% lower because of previous drawdowns he already did. This will buy him more votes, what a scammer. Biden knows he cannot be impeached because the Democratic party controls the government and all the people. Biden wins worst president ever award, not concerned about anyone except himself.


  36. Libturd says:

    Trump Media Reports Big Loss, Scant Revenue; DJT Stock Falls

  37. Libturd says:


    Trump, a serial bullshitter, who wanted to hang his veep for not cheating and lying by not confirming the election results is not the replacement I’m looking for. Dumb, brazen assholes are hardly an improvement.

  38. leftwing says:

    Never suggested DJT was your flavor. You’re deflecting.

    The Repubs rearranged the chairs on their deck. FFS, SALT limitations upended one of the most powerful lobby out there, no?

    The point is not that he is your choice, but that you seem to think the two choices are him and do nothing but bitch about the ‘moderates’ you seem so fond of who ‘compromise’ to get things done…

    And btw TY on the good LOL of the radical left talking point that “Trump wanted to hang his VP”…and you shout on here that WE are the ones being duped…/smh

  39. Very Stable Genius says:

    $700k in revenue vs $350 million in losses?

    Maga is consisten in its approach to biz

    Libturd says:
    May 21, 2024 at 4:08 pm
    Trump Media Reports Big Loss, Scant Revenue; DJT Stock Falls

  40. Libturd says:

    He literally said he agreed with hanging Pence on an interview.

    Listen. If I had to choose between a corrupt asshole or just someone who is corrupt. It’s a no brainer. The only thing good that Trump did was show that change is possible. Then he enriched himself and was just as corrupt as everyone else. His move with the DJT stock is absolutely deplorable. His personality is absolutely atrocious. You truly have to be an asshole and just a little lower in the IQ department to respect someone who calls dead soldiers losers and suckers. Again. You’re power to ignore the assholery that the Republican party has become under MAGA is simply mindboggling. I am not for a minute defending the Left. There is plenty to complain about there. I wish the entire system was rebuilt from the bottom up. But, not in the vision of truly the biggest asshole of a politician the world has ever witnessed.

  41. leftwing says:

    “He literally said he agreed with hanging Pence on an interview.”

    Link? Not coming up in my algo…

    Lots of transitive theory stuff originating with Hutchinson being in a doorway and hearing Trump asking what did they say, hang?

  42. Hughesrep says:

    “ truly the biggest asshole of a politician the world has ever witnessed.”

    Ted Cruz still exists.

  43. leftwing says:

    Lib, anyone else….recommendations on Vegas rooming deals….no rating, haven’t gamed since pre-covid. TYIA

  44. OC1 says:

    “Link? Not coming up in my algo…”

    First link in my search:


    Go to 6:17 and watch till the end.

  45. LAX says:

    I feel exactly like Lib. Biden is a fucking fossil. He did what he did, but how nice it would be to have some choice. I would like to see a contested convention if only to get a better ticket going into the Election.

  46. LAX says:

    6:45 the Bellagio is pretty decent. Some places had a bed bug infestation – you can find that list online.

  47. Comrade Nom Deplume, posting from Amtrak says:

    I see the tax discussions are still as uninformed as ever.

  48. Libturd says:


    What are you looking for and do you need to be on strip?

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