$8m Middle Sedge Mansion Torn Down

From NBC:

Jersey Shore mansion on private island now demolished after abandoned for years

It was an unusual house that turned heads for decades along the Jersey Shore. Now, it is no more.

The home and adjacent guest house on a remote Ocean County island came down about a month after crews started the demolition work in early June — the end of the line for a landmark that never recovered from Superstorm Sandy.

The secluded mansion was built on a private island in Barnegat Bay, and had long been a source of fascination. The abandoned mansion was only accessible only by boat, but has now left the landscape.

“It was always unique. It was always a conversation,” said Pat Hallock, a realtor in Chadwick Beach.

A crew had been bringing down the home piece by piece on Middle Sedge, situated just over a half-mile from the Chadwick Beach section of Toms River. The mansion dated back to 1991.

“Back in the day it was a beautiful house,” said Chadwick Beach resident Phil Liantonio. “Then the storm just kind of messed everything up and they never repaired it.”

Superstorm Sandy left the home in ruins. The condition of the property only got worse after the devastating 2012 storm and had become a hazard, with people trespassing on there.

“A lot of the island itself was washed away, the bulkhead was destroyed,” said Hallock. “There’ll be environmental issues, there’ll be issues we’ll have to discuss with the government.”

The owner of the mansion previously told NBC New York that the future of the island is still undecided. The job of clearing away the rubble will likely take a couple weeks, as the familiar and curious sight finally disappears years after nature’s wrath led to its downfall.

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  1. LAX says:


  2. Fast Eddie says:

    The entire barrier island strip will eventually be gone. The earth will take it back. What will we do without Jenkinson’s and Leggetts? Where will all the goombaas go without Belmar?

  3. Fast Eddie says:

    Open House, the People’s Republic of Montclair, Trumpers need not apply. I think we should have a field trip. Forced hot air, yuck. Taxes are only 12K:


  4. Fast Eddie says:

    Taxes are only $33,000 with a kitchen that looks a bit awkward but hey, you have a Montclair address and that’s all that matters:


  5. Fast Eddie says:

    $1.2 mil and 23K in taxes. Elites only, no deplorables welcome. Doing the good for the common man makes one feel better when retreating back to the confines of ultra comfort and prestige among the ivory tower crowd. Be sure to fix your Biden/Harris lawn sign next to the pride sign, not behind it:


  6. BRT says:

    Buy property on 71. It will be oceanfront in about 1,000 years.

  7. Fast Eddie says:

    Gates of Olymus? Is this a new movie set somewhere in 480 B.C.?

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