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Looks like we got a loophole

From Bloomberg: State Tax Workarounds Could Mean $154 Billion Lost to Treasury New York state lawmakers could punch a $50.6 billion hole in the federal government’s budget by revamping their state income tax. If California followed the same approach, its … Continue reading

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In foreclosure … for 10 years

From Curbed: In 2017, NYC foreclosures reached its highest level since 2009 Foreclosures have been on the rise across New York City for a while now but in 2017, the number of cases hit its highest peak in eight years. … Continue reading

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Where’s our pork?

From the NYT: On Tax Bill, It’s Trump vs. His Hometown When President Trump returned to his hometown on Saturday for a day of fund-raisers, his third and final check-collecting stop was the Park Avenue home of Stephen A. Schwarzman, … Continue reading

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Sorry about your home prices

From the NY Times: How New Yorkers Would Lose Under the Republican Tax Bill The tax bill approved by the Senate is many things, offering a huge tax cut for corporations, lower rates for the wealthy, and a big victory … Continue reading

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New life into old suburbs?

From LoHud: Study: NYC suburbs could use 250K more transit-oriented homes The solution to rising housing prices in the New York metro area could be the addition of 250,000 homes to the city’s suburbs over the next 20 years, according … Continue reading

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What does your soul get you in NJ?

From the New Yorker: What a Faustian Bargain Gets You in New York’s Real-Estate Market In the New York real-estate market, where stratospheric prices continue to climb, a pact with Satan just doesn’t get you what it once did. Sure, … Continue reading

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Hoboken as expensive as Manhattan?

From HousingWire: New York vs New Jersey — we did the math on where it’s cheapest for commuters to live New York City is the most expensive and the most populated city in America. About 3 million people work in … Continue reading

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Long Island prices jump

From Newsday: Home prices jump 9.8% in Nassau, rise 5.8% in Suffolk The median home price in Nassau County jumped nearly 10 percent last month compared to a year ago, as limited supply continued to drive prices up. The median … Continue reading

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Oops, NYC dials back pricing

From Bloomberg: In Manhattan and Brooklyn, Home Sellers Get a Reality Check If New York home sellers had big dreams when they listed their properties, now they’re adjusting to reality. In most Manhattan neighborhoods, at least 25 percent of homes … Continue reading

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Good Times on Wall Street

From Bloomberg: Hamptons Home Prices Soar to Record $1.07 Million The stock market is up. Must be time to splurge on a mansion in the Hamptons. Buyers in the Long Island resort towns opted for more-expensive properties in the second … Continue reading

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Exurb Puff Piece? Smells like a bubble

From the NY Times: Extreme Commuting In 1492, after an arduous voyage aboard Columbus’s vessel the Santa María, Rodrigo de Triana, a lookout, bellowed, “Tierra!” This is pretty much how Corey Ferrell, a commuter, sometimes feels upon docking at his … Continue reading

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Nassau hits new peak, Suffolk on the way

From Newsday: LI home prices jump; Nassau reaches record level It’s boom time again for the housing market in Nassau County, where prices have reached a new peak. The median price for a closed home sale jumped to $505,000 last … Continue reading

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Price cuts move properties

From Bloomberg: Manhattan Home Sales Surge as Cuts Bring Prices to Buyers’ Level Manhattan homebuyers found deals they couldn’t refuse in the second quarter, driving up sales of previously owned properties by the most in more than two years. Purchases … Continue reading

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King of the hill, top of the heap.

From the Star Ledger: Recent college grads are leaving N.J. in record numbers. Here’s why. The bed is on an elevated bunk. Below the bed is a desk, dressed with items from college: clothes, books and accessories. The floor is … Continue reading

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Big price jumps on Long Island – Sustainable?

From Newsday: LI home prices jump in April as inventory plummets: MLS The number of homes listed for sale on Long Island plummeted last month, driving up prices as buyers competed for scarce listings, the Multiple Listing Service of Long … Continue reading

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