Weekly Inventory Update 11/23-11/30

Sorry the weekly inventory update was a little late, been a bit busy lately.

(Ber, Ess, Hud, Mor, Pas, Som, Sus, Uni, War)
11/23 – 12693
11/30 – 12624

11/23 – 961/670/477
11/30 – 797/517/410

(Ber, Ess, Hud, Pas)
11/23 – 5811
11/30 – 5771

Hudson MLS
11/23 – 1784
11/30 – 1804

Caveat Emptor!

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3 Responses to Weekly Inventory Update 11/23-11/30

  1. Grim Ghost says:

    Grim — have you seen the NJAR 3rd quarter report


    Lagging data and pretty much as expected, although 1 thing that caught my attention was how median family income (is that of purchasing families ? I doubt it) seemed to drop dramatically in the 3rd quarter. Probably a typo

  2. grim says:

    Thanks gg, I’ve been waiting for those numbers. I’ve even left messages for Ms. Sacco about them.

    I’ll be calling her again tomorrow to confirm those median incomes for Q3.

    If those numbers are correct, I am going to be much more concerned about a housing price collapse locally, because it means significant underqualified buyers are purchasing using very risky loans.


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