Is New Jersey ready for the Big One?

From the Associated Press:

Forecasts: Northeast Due for Big Hurricane

New England could be in for a big one. Meteorologists say conditions — including warmer temperatures in the Atlantic Basin and cooler temperatures in the Pacific Ocean — are ripe for the Northeast coast to be hit by a whopper of a hurricane this season.

Ken Reeves, a senior meteorologist at the AccuWeather Center in State College, Pa., said that when the Pacific is cooler, it “essentially drives the storm track further to the east in the Atlantic Ocean basin.”

He predicts the East Coast north of the Mid-Atlantic states could see a Category 3 hurricane, a storm that could resemble the devastating systems that hit New England between the 1930s and 1950s.

John Jensenius, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Gray, Maine, said his group has been concerned for years that a strong hurricane could strike New England’s coast.

Hurricane activity tends to be cyclical, he said. Every 50 years, a pattern develops that increases the potential for a major storm. But that doesn’t mean a storm is imminent.

“The chances of one happening this year is no greater than it was last year,” Jensenius said.

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33 Responses to Is New Jersey ready for the Big One?

  1. Anonymous says:

    the article speaks to New England but what does this mean for the midatlantic states like NJ?

    The only thing protecting Jersey is the outerbanks. They usually take the brunt before the coriolis spins the storm out to sea. But this year might be our turn.

    All I have to say is don’t buy beachfront property. In some locales it is nearly impossible to insure (reasonably priced).


  2. Anonymous says:

    Where’s all the crap about this being a result of global warming?

  3. Look at a map.

    Long Island and Mass stick out, just like the Outerbanks.

    It’s like they have a big sign on them saying “Hit Me”.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I own a house in Brevard County, FL – known for being protected from hurricanes for years – that’s why the space station is there. I think that theory blew out my window :) in the past 2 years. The weather channel has become a horror flick for me.

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