Changing Wildwood

From the Press of Atlantic City:

Wildwood developers look to sky

Lately, when developers size up land for new construction in the city, they risk getting cricks in their necks.

That’s because the most ambitious new projects proposed here are high-rise hotels.

The Nouveau Wave, the Oceanic, the Starlight, the Pearl and the Waypoint Beach Club have won city approvals. Several others are in the planning stages.

And on Saturday, a Princeton developer unveiled designs for a $225 million, 25-story hotel called Wildwood Beach Hotel and Resort — or simply the W.B.

This doo-wop themed hotel across from the Wildwoods Convention Center will boast 190 beachfront condos and another 150 hotel rooms. The hotel will have its own spa, restaurants, indoor shopping and an indoor water park featuring a sandy beach and wave pool.

The hotel’s facade resembles a giant drink tumbler bordered by lava lamps in a one-of-a-kind style befitting the city’s attachment to all things doo-wop.

Wildwood changed its zoning laws just 18 months ago to accommodate new high-rise hotels. Previously, the city allowed a top height of just 128 feet or 12 stories. The tallest building in the city is Sandman Towers, which stands 13 stories tall.

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18 Responses to Changing Wildwood

  1. curiousd says:

    wildwood always makes me think of that exchange between charlie sheen and daryl hannah. charlie admires a contemporary painting in a long island beach home that daryl is renovating/designing. he says ‘that’s a beatiful painting.’ she says ‘that paiting is worth $400,000.’ charlie says ‘are you kidding me? i can buy a vacation home for that price.’ daryl says, ‘yeh’ (wait for it) ‘maybe in wildwood new jersey’.

    every coastal state has at least one. want to know the future of wildwood? just drive down to ocean city maryland.


  2. curiousd says:

    by the way, was refering to movie WALL STREET…

  3. jcer says:

    Wildwood needed development, but this condo mania was not it. Also don’t knock the wildwoods they have beautiful beaches and have provided many vacations full of fun to the average family. Also it is important to note North Wildwood and the Crest have wealthy areas that have been so for 30 years and feature some very nice homes. It is a shame to see it developed so haphazardly. There already is an oversupply of condos and noone to buy them, speculation is rampant, prices are too high. I saw the 80’s down there firsthand, condos that were going for 150k(1987) were being sold at 75k(1991).

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