Paying for Unemployment

From the APP:

NJ unemployment fund: Short of cash

Christopher Nagy, a carpenter from Bradley Beach, was called into his employer’s office on Christmas Eve 2009 and told that not only would he not receive a bonus this year, but also he would lose his job.

For Nagy, a single father with a 7-year-old son, it meant life on the unemployment rolls. No cable television and Internet. No movies. No trips to the mall.

“Every single penny, before it comes, is already spoken for,” said Nagy, 37.

Nagy is one of thousands of New Jersey workers who lost their jobs in the Great Recession and are surviving on unemployment benefits. Too many for the state’s trust fund to support.

It has put employers on the hook for a tax hike worth $1 billion and locked Republican Gov. Chris Christie and the Democratic-controlled Legislature in a standoff over how to fix it. No matter the outcome, observers said, the unemployment system could take a decade to recover.

“It’s impossible for many states to recover to positive balances in one, two or even three years,” said Douglas Holmes, president of UWC Strategic Services, a Washington, D.C., group that lobbies for businesses. “This is going to be something that will be addressed at least through 2020.”

New Jersey is one of them. Workers in the state who lose their jobs this year are eligible for 60 percent of their average weekly pay, up to $600. The benefits last for 26 weeks. Once they expire, workers can collect unemployment benefits that can last another 73 weeks from the federal government.

The state-funded benefits come from an unemployment trust fund that is financed by both a tax on employers and a tax on workers. The amount employers pay depends on how often their workers file claims.

The fund, however, crumbled. The state’s unemployment rate skyrocketed from 4.5 percent when the U.S. recession began in December 2007 to close to 10 percent, a 33-year high. Some 490,000 workers in the Garden State are receiving state-funded benefits, according to the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development.

The result: The state last year paid $3.7 billion in benefits and collected $1.9 billion in revenue, forcing it to borrow the balance from the federal government. New Jersey owes the federal government $1.5 billion as of March 29, Holmes said.

The debt isn’t the only problem. State law calls for employers to stabilize the unemployment trust fund by paying a higher tax. On its current course, employers would see their unemployment taxes increase by anywhere from 32 percent to 225 percent.

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  1. safeashouses says:


  2. safeashouses says:

    US “office vacancy rate hits 16 year high”

  3. yo'me says:

    April 5 (Bloomberg) — U.S. companies are sitting on a record pile of cash after spending the lowest proportion of their profits on stock buybacks since 2003, a sign that repurchases may propel the equities rally as earnings recover.

    Buybacks by companies in the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index totaled $137.6 billion last year, or 28 percent of operating profit, according to S&P. The last time the ratio dropped to that level, the S&P 500 subsequently climbed for four years. U.S. firms will almost double their spending on stock repurchases to $235 billion in 2010 as earnings surge, according to Mizuho Financial Group Inc.

    S&P 500 companies, excluding financials, that bought their own stock in fiscal 2009 have rallied an average of 7 percentage points more than the index since the start of last year as the purchases reduced the supply available to investors, according to Bloomberg data. More than U.S. 200 companies from PepsiCo Inc. to United Technologies Corp. have announced buyback plans this year, data from Birinyi Associates Inc. show, as the S&P 500 extended its one-year surge to 74 percent.

  4. grim says:

    From the WSJ:

    Commercial Bankruptcies Increase

    The total number of companies filing for bankruptcy in the U.S. jumped by more than 20% in March over the previous month, as business failures in the first quarter outpaced last year’s total.

    The total number of commercial bankruptcy filings hit 8,208 in March, a sharp rise from February’s total of 6,655, according to new data from Automated Access to Court Electronic Records.

    March’s total brings the total number of commercial bankruptcies to 21,453 so far this year, almost 1,000 more than the total for the first quarter of 2009, a breakout year for business filings.

    Jack Williams, a bankruptcy law professor at Georgia State University, said he expects the rising trend to continue through the second quarter despite signs of an improving economy.

    “There’s no indication whatsoever that the trend is slowing,” Mr. Williams said. “The pace is picking up…and that was off of what was a major filing year in 2009.”

  5. Dissident HEHEHE says:

    I love stock buybacks because they get cancelled as soon as the economy tanks:)

  6. Final Doom says:

    HE (5)-

    Haven’t you heard? We’re in the middle of a strong recovery.

    Please press your lips to this cylinder and inhale deeply.

    Thank you for participating.

  7. Final Doom says:

    “…why is it manipulation for China to peg its currency where it wants, yet it is not manipulation when the Fed pegs short-term interest rates where it wants, and openly monetizes treasuries and agencies on top up it?”

  8. Yikes says:

    speaking of the gang talk that was had yesterday … Easter night in NYC is known as “gang initiation night”


  9. Essex says:

    I know, let’s lay off some more teachers! Paid vacations all around.

  10. bullrun says:

    “It’s a big positive when the companies buy it back because it indicates they have the cash and they’re using it,” said Hugh Johnson, who oversees more than $1.7 billion as chairman of Albany, New York-based Johnson Illington. “It’s exactly what happens in a bull market.”

  11. Essex says:

    Bull market for the employed.

  12. Dissident HEHEHE says:


    They REALLY wanted everyone to have a Happy Easter. I’ve never seen so many rosy headlines on one day as I did last Friday. “nothing to see here, move along, all is well!”

  13. safeashouses says:

    I just saw yenta road rage. I thought they were about to start b1tch slapping the b0t0x out of each other.

  14. Libtard Bot says:

    7: ““…why is it manipulation for China to peg its currency where it wants, yet it is not manipulation when the Fed pegs short-term interest rates where it wants, and openly monetizes treasuries and agencies on top up it?””

    I was always wondering the same thing. Nice to see someone else actually say it for a change.

  15. Libtard Bot says:

    bullrun (10):

    Never trust a quote from a man named ‘Hugh Johnson’!

  16. njescapee says:

    15, LT LOL

  17. Al "The Thermostat" Gore says:

    The most audacious monetary experiment in modern history ended on April Fools’ Day. America must walk without crutches, on gangrenous legs.

    “Work by Berkeley Professor Barry Eichengreen shows that global trade, industrial output, and stock markets all crashed at a faster rate over the six terrifying months after the Lehman crisis than during the early 1930s. How quickly we forget, and how easily we are seduced by a 76pc stock rally into thinking it was a storm in a teacup. Just wait until the day fiscal retribution comes.”

  18. Mr Hyde says:


    Thats some freaky stuff that girl is into! no wonder she might be reconsidering if he really has that on tape.

    but the strippers he messed around with, really? They all look like ugly cross dressers.

    And yes, i read my wifes US magazine this weekend.

  19. Al "The Thermostat" Gore says:

    Im surprised the Andrew Maguire CFTC revelations are not getting discussed more here. Mainstream media actively supressed the story but it sure was enlightening.

    Heres a link to the interview.

  20. Painhrtz says:

    Hyde blackmailing your own wife, nah I would never put that above a biker who flies a freak flag. Odd side note my mom actually knows Jesse. she used work in the marketing department for one of the biker rags. Her words not mine, real D0uche bag misogynist, who believes his own press.

  21. Mr Hyde says:

    Come on AL,

    we need to focus on the important stuff like jesse james and his third reich shenanigans

  22. Mr Hyde says:


    hey…. Could Jesse be part of the WASP illuminati? i bet he could build them some kick ass theme bikes to ride into DC on!

  23. Juice Box says:

    Al – remove the tinfoil already.

    Also FYI, the manipulation was on the downside, and if the investigations prove true the CTFC will issue position limit rules to prevent the big players from dominating the markets.

    back the truck up?

  24. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    [cover story]

    Remember when we discussed how the Feds will bail out states, and how they must be careful about how they do it?

    Look for a new round of bailout money for states to use toward unemployment. But there will be a string or two attached, such as a requirement to hike the UI tax rate, or impose a formula on state income taxes.

    In other words, Obama will tell the Fat Man, you get this money only if you do something you already promised you wouldn’t do.

    Mark the moment. If we see something like this, you will know where you heard it first.

  25. Final Doom says:

    HE (12)-

    Evidently, you missed the Fed’s disclosure of the Maiden Lane “assets” on Friday at 4:30 PM.

    Reads like a horror novel, especially the part that reveals the Fed’s active hedging of the positions.

    “I’ve never seen so many rosy headlines on one day as I did last Friday.”

  26. Final Doom says:

    lib (15)-

    Or Dick Long.

  27. Al "The Thermostat" Gore says:

    Survey Shows Record Number of Americans Ready to Leave the U.S.

    “BALTIMORE, March 31 /PRNewswire/ — In a survey of readers on March 22, 2010, found that nearly 96% of respondents said they are more likely to move out of the United States than they were last year.

    More than 500,000 readers of the company’s free Daily E-letter were asked a single question: Are you more open to moving outside the United States than you were 12 months ago?

    A stunning 95.6% of those who responded said they were now more willing to make the move and leave the U.S.

    “We suspected from record attendance at our global conferences this year that something big was happening to attitudes in the U.S.,” said Jackie Flynn, publisher of”

  28. Final Doom says:

    al (22)-

    I posted some CFTC stuff here that I read at ZH, but chifi says that ZH is a disreputable source.

    Yeah. I guess a blog whose content is driven by Wall St insiders and whose posters and contributors are mostly financial types can’t be trusted when it comes to getting the lowdown on money, finance and the economy.

  29. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    [29] doom

    I actually know a state asst. atty general named Richard Head.

    A shame really because anyone who knows him or meets him would never call him, well, you know.

  30. Mr Hyde says:


    I work with a guy by the name of D1ck Smack. His name is NOT Ricahrd. His parents actually named him d1ck smack….

    must have been an unwanted pregnancy.

  31. Final Doom says:

    Who’s afraid of Biggus Dickus?

  32. Final Doom says:

    hyde (33)-

    I guess it’s better than getting named Donkey Punch.

  33. Al "The Thermostat" Gore says:



    The interesting thing about the Andrew Maguire interview was he gave evidence of the manipulation in real time. JP Morgan Chase sending out signals to traders prior to driving down the price.

    The camera that videotaped the interview had technical problems when he spoke but was fixed right afterwords.

    In addition the guy and his wife get run over by a hit and run driver as he left resulting in a police chase.

  34. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    [30] al

    An interesting factoid, but consider two things:

    First, those who read International Living are already interested in leaving the US.

    Second, living abroad doesn’t necessarily mean taxpatriation (though it does occur). Did the survey ask how many of these people would renounce US citizenship?

  35. SimoneNY says:

    Contracts for existing home sales surge 8.2% in February, Realtors say, surprising economists who expected a decline.

  36. Libtard Bot says:

    Al (30):

    That’s like asking Playboy readers if they want more pictures next year?

    I question the reliability of the source, although I don’t disagree with the premise. So what is the readership of I’m thinking about 12.

  37. Anon E. Moose says:

    Continuing the Rand theme, I drove accross 57th on my way out of Manhattan recently, and passed this monstrosity:

    The Hearst Tower. If that isn’t a monstrosity right out of The Fountainhead, I don’t know what is.

  38. Libtard Bot says:

    Comment from the deflation article:

    “To think the Fed would successfully engineer its way through the crisis is too much. The Fed must withdraw its stimulus in the right amount at the right time to avoid either inflation or deflation. The same Fed that in the past 10 years caused 2 bubbles and 2 crashes….that Fed”

  39. Al "The Thermostat" Gore says:



    Why renounce citizenship when they can just carry dual and decide later.

  40. Juice Box says:

    Check out the NAR’s “seasonal” adjustments for the Northeast. I would assume they are counting “virtual sales contracts” that would occurred if it did not snow and was sunny and 70 Degrees out in January.

    The scale is 1-100 so tell me how we deserve a 20% adjustment in the Northeast for Jan?

    Nov 52.9
    Dec 42.4
    Jan 52.5
    Feb 68.8

    Nov 77.4
    Dec 78.1
    Jan 71.3
    Feb 77.7

  41. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    [42] Al

    That makes sense. Even if you think you are going to get killed by Obamanomics later, it makes sense to get out now, move the assets, and start engaging in aggressive planning.

    Still, many of these folks either know they will renounce (the truly rich), or think they will only if it gets bad enough (and it likely won’t as they will essentially plan or earn their way out of the Obama crosshairs). So you won’t see many people holding onto that card and eventually using it.

  42. Bystander says:


    #8 – I had the unfortunate timing of being at the Port Authority after escorting my Mom to her bus. Chaos is an understatement. I was seriously fearful of our lives. There were groups of 50 people running up and down the PA smacking signs, knocking people around and hollering. I’ve never see anything like it in my life.

  43. Comrade Nom Deplume says:


    A new niche for all those laid off WS types?

    “NEW YORK – With about half of all U.S. marriages ending in divorce, there is plenty of need for advisers who can help with the sensitive issue of splitting the family assets.

    And with divorces no longer limited to contentious legal battles, financial advisers say they play a critical role in out-of-court settlements such as collaborative and mediated divorces.

    “It’s one of the most stressful transitions that a financial planner is needed for,” says Laura Hyman, a New York City-based adviser with RBC Wealth Management, a division of Royal Bank of Canada. “You have to look at them as the couple they were and as the individuals they are going to be. The usual financial planning structure doesn’t work.”

  44. NJdroppingtheball says:

    D1ck Smack, thats great.

    friend had a father, his name was Richard Simakowicz, obviously D1ck Smack came out a few times after some beers.

  45. Final Doom says:

    plume (44)-

    Sorry if this is an infantile question, but is it possible to renounce your citizenship and become a man without a country? When you renounce US citizenship, do you have to declare citizenship somewhere else?

  46. Final Doom says:

    I want to become a man without a country. That would be best of all.

  47. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    I love this. Your tax dollars at work.

    CNN lists some questions that census taker candidates must answer on a test. This question is for logic and reading comprehension:

    ” Census takers who visit homes to collect census information are called enumerators. They are told to use any person who owns or rents the housing unit as the “reference person” and to list the relationship of every household member to the “reference person.” When an enumerator interviews at 1105 Low Street, he talks to Mr. Sanchez. Mr. Sanchez says that both Mr. and Mrs. Morales own the house and all three are household members. Who should the census taker list as the reference person? ”


    A. Either Mr. Morales or Ms. Morales
    B. Mr. Morales
    C. Ms. Morales
    D. Mr. Sanchez

    Remember, this is for reading comprehension primarily, and logic.

    Correct answer is A. But look back at the fact patter. There is no Ms. Morales, only Mrs. Morales.

    So, logically, the correct answer should be B because Ms. Morales doesn’t appear anywhere in the fact pattern.

  48. Juice Box says:

    The end is nigh!

    A would-be saboteur arrested today at the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland made the bizarre claim that he was from the future. Eloi Cole, a strangely dressed young man, said that he had travelled back in time to prevent the LHC from destroying the world.,39029552,49305387,00.htm

  49. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    [48] Doom

    The US will not recognize a renunciation if it would make the person “stateless.” So they would continue to consider you a US person.

    Also, did you know that you can’t renounce your citizenship while you are physically in the US?

  50. Mr Hyde says:


    if he traveled back in time then what prevented the LHC from destroying the world in the original timeline? If it was a time traveler, then what prevented the LHC from destroying the world in the primary root timeline?

  51. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    [51] juice box

    “Eloi Cole, a strangely dressed young man . . .”

    It’s Europe. Everyone is strangely dressed.

    Also, the phrase “the end is nigh” is closely associated with the poster chicagofinance, and any use of this phrase without the express written permission of chicagofinance may be prohibited.

  52. jcer says:

    I think we should classify gang members as enemy combatants and take them for some gitmo treatment. I think we could stop this behavior real quick, some torture and then let a few go and tell the others what happened.

  53. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    [39] libtard

    Actually, I think that the source is quite reliable (and easily verified), but it is the premise itself that is faulty.

    I don’t find it stunning at all that 95% of the people that subscribe to a magazine on expatriate living are more likely to expatriate.

    As for readership of 12, I agree wholeheartedly. And be sure to tell your friends that the prospect of expatriation by people disenchanted with the US is a right wing, fantasyland, urban myth.

  54. Juice Box says:

    Hyde – Schrodinger’s cat paradox comes to mind he could be from another universe, however the more likely scenario is this is just an April fool.

  55. Shore Guy says:

    From the LA Times:

    South Korea warship pursuing oil tanker hijacked by pirates off Somali coast
    Mon 05 Apr 2010
    By Jeffrey Fleishman
    Full Article View
    Reporting from Cairo– South Korea sent a warship to the Indian Ocean on Monday to pursue Somali pirates who hijacked a U.S.-bound oil tanker in another brazen assault in shipping lanes hundreds of miles off the Horn of Africa


  56. Final Doom says:

    hyde (53)-

    They need to reach out to McFly to answer these questions.

  57. Shore Guy says:

    The issue of Indian Ocean piracy can be solved quickly if we use 5″ guns from Destroyers to put pirate vessels on the bottom of the sea rather than our current catch and release lunacy.

  58. Final Doom says:

    jcer (55)-

    I think most gangbangers would look at Gitmo as three hots and a cot. Lots of street cred accrues if you do time there.

  59. Mr Hyde says:

    Juice 57

    i did happen to notice the date on the article as well as the descriptions…

  60. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    OT Alert:

    My BIL turned me on to a book this weekend about espionage during WWII, and how the US and british handled it.

    One thing he found quite interesting was a passage about some german infiltrators who landed on long island, essentially chickened out, and turned themselves in.

    Roosevelt wanted to make examples out of them, especially the expatriate americans. His AG said that, at most, he could only convict for conspiracy because they turned themselves in before doing anything. Roosevelt was not happy to hear this, and he instead ordered that they NOT be given civilian trials, but military tribunals, and further, he took the unusual step (one of many) of having his AG prosecute the cases (civilians don’t typically prosecute in tribunals). And he got the death sentences he wanted.

    I will try to get the book and post the relevant page info sometime, but I was struck by the fact that Roosevelt, who is deified by the Left, not only urged military tribunals, but took steps to insure that the outcome was how he wanted it.

    Had W done half of what Roosevelt did, the liberals would be calling for impeachment (in fact, he did do half–military tribunals–and the left did call for his head).

    So this leaves your average liberal with some unappealing choices:

    A. Toss FDR under the bus;
    B. Argue that we were in a war then, but aren’t now;
    C. Argue that the New Deal offset any foibles FDR may have had otherwise; or
    D. Attack the author as a VRWC type who was shilling for the administration.

  61. Final Doom says:

    shore (60)-

    I seem to remember keelhauling and walking the plank as excellent deterrents to crime under admiralty law.

  62. jcer says:

    Doom, thats why 99% will not get out alive. Think along the lines of the disappeared in Chile. Another idea is if you are in a gang we can automatically conscript you and then we drop them in Basra or Kabul. I don’t think they’ll last long and if they are caught by the extremist the end won’t be pretty.

  63. Cindy says:

    Yesterday Clot@ 229 – Chicago @ 231

    I just finished reading “The Big Short” and it was as though no one listened to Eisman (You couldn’t take him anywhere) or Michael Burry.

    Dr. Michael Burry finally figured out he had Asperger’s when his son was diagnosed.

    pg. 183 – “Only someone who has Asperger’s would read a subprime mortgage bond prospectus.”

    What seemed to get to him is that he never heard a peep from his investors. Not a “thank you.”

    pg. 223 “Even when it was clear it was a big year and I was proven right, there was no triumph in it, he said. “Making money was nothing like I thought it would be. To his founding investor, Gotham Capital, he shot off an unsolicited e-mail that said only, “You’re Welcome.” He’d already decided to kick them out of the fund, and insist that they sell their stake in his business. When they asked him to suggest a price, he replied, “How about you keep the tens of millions you nearly prevented me from earning for you last year and we call it even?”

    He could have just as easily chosen to be obsessed with model trains – he chose instead subprime mortgage bonds.

    Michael Lewis tells the story through characters who are eccentric and out of the main stream. I found the book riveting.

    This is nice on pg. 157:

    “To judge from their behavior, all the rating agencies worried about was maximizing the number of deals they rated for Wall Street investment banks, and the fees they collected for them.”

  64. Final Doom says:

    jcer (65)-

    Great idea. Hell, Fidel has emptied his jails into the US on more than one occasion.

  65. Final Doom says:

    Cindy (66)-

    Didja see Lewis last night on C-SPAN?

  66. Final Doom says:

    I want to start a hedge fund like Burry’s, but all I can do is tell people I’m an a-hole.

    My wife has told me, however, that after three Knob Creeks I begin to act like I have Asperger’s.

  67. Final Doom says:

    Index of fools ramping to 11K. CNBC switches to the emergency-style graphics on the tick crawl.

  68. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    [51] juice box

    I was fixated on the name Eloi, and it suddenly dawned on me. Jules Verne’s Time Traveler story.

    The race of future earthlings were the Eloi, who were little more than farm animals for the Morlocks.

  69. Mr Hyde says:

    Jcer Doom,

    there was a piece not too long ago about gang bangers coming back from iraq and teaching other gang members some basic squad tactics and causing additional problems.

  70. Cindy says:

    66 – Clot

    Just returned from the Pacific NW. I watch zippo TV these days. Sorry I missed Lewis though. Loved the book.

  71. All "H-Train" Hype says:

    Markets up 0.48%. Oil up 2.09%. Go figure.

  72. Shore Guy says:

    For anyone in the neighborhood tonight:


    (between Bleecker and Laguardia Streets)

    $10 AT THE DOOR

  73. Al "The Thermostat" Gore says:

    Wikileaks Releases Video Depicting US Military Slaying Of Dozen Iraqis Including Two Reuters Employees

  74. yo'me says:

    Oil ^ $86.73 and still going up due to speculation.Still questioning inflation?Everything we need for our daily lives uses oil.This is a worldwide inflation.
    Let the speculators buy shiny.It can go up to $3,000,my pocket won’t hurt.

  75. Jim says:

    42. Al “The Thermostat” Gore says:
    April 5, 2010 at 10:21 am


    Why renounce citizenship when they can just carry dual and decide later.
    The key would be residency permit in a country rather than citizenship. With a residency permit you can then get a work permit. Of course if you had enough money I’m sure none of that is a problem. In Western Europe you just can’t show up and say that you are going to live there.

  76. Mocha says:

    I worked with a crosseyed ob/gyn named Dr. Dicker.

  77. Al "The Thermostat" Gore says:



    which brings back the debate of where the heck to go. I think its still a good idea to take an educated guess and then like you said set up the residency permit.

  78. veto that - Lawrence Yun says:

    amazing to think this market will possibly be pumped up to Dow 18K.

    i’m hoping to ride it all the way up and then make the move into physical metals and canned food products exactly one minute before it all comes crashing down.

  79. jcer says:

    Hyde, I never said anything about giving them guns!

  80. Jim says:

    In some countries, like the UK for example, you can get a special Work Visa if you have some special skill that they have a shortage in. That is good for a lot of people because then there is no lauguage problem. Or you could marry a National of a country and then you as the spouse can get a residency permit.

  81. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    [81] veto

    I don’t plan on waiting. I am slowly accumulating what I need now, mostly nonperishable items though, and some canned/jarred/dried foods.

    After this weekend’s shopping trip, I also figure I have enough armament to deter any concerted mob effort, with over 1,600 rounds .22lr and another 1,500 rounds of various other calibers.
    Since I am concerned about shelf life, I don’t plan on accumulating more; simply replenishing stock from time to time is sufficient for me. I don’t need to outfit an army.

    And here is a suggestion: One thing I am doing is accumulating glass for future homebrewing and canning. I save nonthreaded beer bottles (have about 5 cases worth), and started saving mason jars that sauces and salsas come in. Nothing better than free supplies if I ever need to start homebrewing and canning again.

    To get the mason jar count up, I may visit the recycling center, or ask my BIL to save them for me (he finances his trips to his Nompound in Maine by collecting water bottles in Mass (no deposit so they end up in recycling bins). Because the “asians” go around emptying out the recyling bins for deposit bottles (soda and beer), he follows them and collects the water bottles left behind. He bags them, tosses the bags in the back of his little pickup truck, tosses the net over them, drives to Maine, and drops them at the recycle center near his nompound. 1,000 bottles = $50. That about covers his gas round trip.

    Apparently Maine got wise to this (he wasn’t the first), so recycling centers near the border won’t take bags of bottles from out of staters.

  82. yo'me says:

    Most countries will let you take residency as long as you are opening a business and hiring locals and prove you will not be a burden to the state.Like health care.In the US requires $100,000 capital.I am sure it will be alot less in other countries.

  83. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    [82] jcer

    “I never said anything about giving them guns!”

    I don’t think getting guns is a problem for them.

  84. Mr Hyde says:


    perhaps it’s just me, but it seems that gangs get way less press then the occasional traditional militia raid/bust.

    Gangs are a much bigger threat. They have the have the organization/ proven will to be violent/ well armed as well as being active in various black markets.

    In any sort of social breakdown scenario, i would think they would be a much bigger threat then some 50 person Missouri militia who does not have a history of violence and is not actively involved in running black markets.

  85. veto that - Lawrence Yun says:

    “Gangs are a much bigger threat.”

    Hyde, you dont think the militia’s rather sophisticated plan to attack the local police HQ sends up more red flags than homeless street thugs killing eachother over dime bags and hookers?

  86. Painhrtz says:

    Gangs with military tactics and access to illegal high capacity, high rate of fire guns. I can’t see why that would be a problem.

    Just legalize everything, if you can’t rehabilitate the criminals, take away the crime.

  87. Mr Hyde says:

    Are we going to 7% mortgages in the next 1-2 years?

    Denniger thinks so!.html

    To follow his example through, if someone can currently afford to carry a 200K mortgage at 5% then they can only afford a 161K mortgage @ 7%. That’s a 19% drop in home prices right there if that follows through.

    That would put the NY metro CS index at about -39% from peak with we assume no further drop except for interest rate effects.

  88. Painhrtz says:

    Hyde and Nom always wanted to do this with a couple of used rugers

  89. yo'me says:

    Export is up Thanks to Asia

    The bulk of the economy is beginning to match the step of the manufacturing sector as the ISM’s non-manufacturing index, at 55.4, shows solid month-to-month acceleration in March and the third month of growth in a row. New orders lead the report with a really hot 62.3 reading for the sharpest month-to-month acceleration in five years. Export orders are especially strong, jumping more than 10 points to 57.5 and offering further evidence that demand strength out of Asia is pulling the global economy forward. Backlog orders are also rising, at 55.5 for a 9-1/2 point gain in the month.

    The business activity index, akin to an output index, is very strong, at 60.0 for the best reading since 2006. Employment, in line with the output needs of business activity, is recovering, nearly at a break-even 49.8 for this sample’s best showing since December 2007

  90. Mr Hyde says:


    the recent arrests that you are referring to are indeed an issue. But to the best of my knowledge (which is not that broad as i dont really follow the militia issue)we dont have militias regularly running black market drug or gun rings across international boarders.

    the characterization “homeless street thugs killing each other over dime bags and hookers?” is a gross simplification/understatement of the organization and sophistication of various gang operations.

    Scale alone relegates “problem” militias as a secondary concern compared to the size and prevalence of gangs/gang activity across the nation.

    A group of individuals planning to storm a police office and kill people is very bad, but cannot be readily compared to gang organizations spread across multiple states running drugs and guns across the border and who are more then happy to perpetrate violent crimes along the way. In some the cases the gangs require members to do so.

  91. Mr Hyde says:


    Like you wouldnt jump all over that either…

  92. yo'me says:

    From 1993 and 2000 rate of 8% and homes at $325,000 to $400,000 seems like it was affordable

  93. veto that - Lawrence Yun says:

    hyde, the entire comparison was agross oversimplification from the start.

    It also assumes that the militias that were raided were an isolated group and there are not thousands of paranoid ‘Al Gores’ out there ready to do similar.

  94. Mr Hyde says:

    Veto 97

    you could be correct for all i know….

  95. veto that - Lawrence Yun says:

    hyde, i’m rarely correct about anything but still almost always have an opinion. lol.

  96. Mr Hyde says:


    I’ll drink to that!

  97. Libtard Bot says:

    U.S. 10-Year Yield Hits 4 Percent for First Time Since June

    Ruh roh.

    “Treasury 10-year notes rose to 4 percent for the first time since June as reports on the service industries and pending home sales added to signs the U.S. economic recovery is gaining traction.”

  98. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    [87] hyde


    perhaps it’s just me, but it seems that gangs get way less press then the occasional traditional militia raid/bust.

    Gangs are a much bigger threat. They have the have the organization/ proven will to be violent/ well armed as well as being active in various black markets.”

    Agreed. One need only look at Mexico.

    In fact, gang presence and type figure prominently in my Nompound search. 90% of the problem is eliminated simply because a nompound is rural, and most gangs are not, but in the event of TSHTF, I expect gangs to pop up everywhere.

    Thus far, the only solution I can think of is to either (a) co-opt whatever will be the local gang, or (b) form your own, bigger gang.

  99. Essex says:

    23. Sandra was always MEH as far as I am concerned. Always preferred Aryan Blondes myself.

  100. Mr Hyde says:


    I am a little disappointed i couldnt get more then 1 or 2 comments out of that bit :(

  101. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    [96] veto

    “It also assumes that the militias that were raided were an isolated group and there are not thousands of paranoid ‘Al Gores’ out there ready to do similar.”

    Facts show that the raided group was quite small. But that doesn’t mean that they are alone. I have no doubt that there are other small fringe groups.

    From my perspective though, I would fear gangs over militias. Militias are focused in their threat, not gangs. Further, militias are woefully underdeveloped—most of it is a glorified version of games we played as kids. Gangs are quite well-developed.

    Still, if I were nompounding in an area with a militia, I would most likely befriend it, provided they were not total fringe like these Hutaree guys. I want them on my side in case TSHTF; that way, the community with the nompound has a ready source of civil defense.

  102. Mr Hyde says:


    if i wasnt at work i would do a google image search for ar_yan blond just to see what comes up…

  103. Shore Guy says:

    In a Mad Max collapse situation, I can see places like Baltimore turning into Mogadishu. As folks with some means would flee, it may well be that gangs rule the streets and do battle with police/national guard but, in the final analysis, the poor folks who have no means, no power, and nowhere to flee would be stuck in the middle of hell. Not unlike many neighborhoods now, only turned up to 11, or even 15.

    I don’t see the urban gangs as being effective in “invading” the countryside, which would be a real problem for them as food supplies run low. It is out in the burbs and the country that one would see self-help militias spring up to repel incursions from the burning, shot-up, city centers. State governments would have their hands tied by the Lord-of-the-Flies situations in the urban areas that they would welcome these militias (not unlike Tony Imperiale’s “associates” were welcomed by the Newark police during the Newark riots, as they allowed the police to deploy forcers in the heart of the trouble).

    Many poor people would find themselves subject to atrocities of unspeakable depravity, I trust, as gangs run amock, first looting, burning, and kiling just for sport, then doing so in a desperate quest for survival.

    We forget how fragile civil society is and how much things depend on folks doing the right thing.

  104. Mr Hyde says:

    Shore, Nom

    Have you bought your local militia a beer lately?


  105. Shore Guy says:


    Some of us will would rely upon relationships with the local established militias, I suspect, others would band together with friends and neighbors to form neighborhood or area protection councils, others will rely upon family or “Family” groups to ensure safety. Some “Families” have proved themselves quite capable of providing protection to their members and others for a good hundred years.

  106. Painhrtz says:

    Shore you forgot R*pe. think superdome and Katrina.

    For the record I have a ghilies suit, can hit a watermelon at 400 yds with a strong left to right wind, and I’m really patient.

    Not too worried about gangs approaching my in-laws cabibn in upstate NY. I have just been wondering if I leave the bodies on the ice in the winter as a grim reminder during a SHTF event

  107. Mr Hyde says:


    I am just being a smart ass.

    If things get really ugly i agree with your sentiment of people going “tribal”. That is groups of individuals/ families with aligned interest banding together for common security, regardless of the name that any such group might be given.

  108. Mr Hyde says:

    pain 110

    you set them up in a relevant pose before they freeze in order to leave a clear warning

  109. Juice Box says:

    Covered Bonds undwerwritten here by US banks may be coming soon. Scott Garret (R-NJ) introduced the legislation this session. Will they replace the CDO’s and securitizations of the past with more stable on balance sheet bonds?

    While we are at it let’s get rid of non-recourse loans and develop a system of finance based on covered bonds with added layers of trust in a legal framework beyond just a rating.

    Fox example if the bank goes bankrupt, the holder of the covered bond has a direct claim against the homeowner, who cannot escape payment by simply returning his house key. And if the homeowner goes bankrupt, the home can be sold to service the debt.

    Scott Garrett (R – NJ) introduced H.R 4884 to create the legal regulatory framework for it. Let’s see if it get’s any traction in Congress.

  110. veto that - Lawrence Yun says:

    You would have the same monthly mortgage if you bought a home for 400k at 5% as you would if you bought the same home for 315k at 8%.

    Both scenarios assume that you put down $80k.

  111. Mr Hyde says:


    thats about a 20% decrease in home price that the hypothetical buyer can afford. Add property tax increases and the drop increases.

  112. Mr Hyde says:


    Dont forget another 20K+ in the bank for incidentals that go with owning a home.

  113. Shore Guy says:


    I did not forget it, I just included it in “atrocities of unspeakable depravity.”

  114. Painhrtz says:

    Shore gotcha.

    Hyde – so I should leave them dead and frozen in a Bullock/James position? The only thing that blows about it is you have to pull them off the lake before the spring thaw. Not enough coyotes up there

  115. Mr Hyde says:



  116. Mr Hyde says:


    depends,is it worth leaving a shotgun behind? Unless you have an old nonfunctional one you dont mind using to send to message ;)

  117. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    [106] shore

    That discovery channel special on societal breakdown, which relied on experts in many different areas of study, essentially said that it would shake out that way, re: countryside.

    [109] pain,

    Strongly suggest moving bodies to main roads into area, with signs on them that say “looter.” Presence near your house of these bodies signals that there are arms, and that implies supplies. Then you are subject to a state of siege if group is large enough.

    That is, of course, where the common defense aspect comes in. While urban hoods lay siege to your place, mutual aid neighbors start picking off the siegers.

  118. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    [106] shore

    Just remember to get across the Delaware or Housatonic Rivers before the folks in PA and NE blow the bridges.

  119. Mr Hyde says:

    Nom, 121

    urban looters venturing into rural areas to raid homes is potentially suicidal if the locals have banded together at all.

  120. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    [107] ket

    Yeah, I have. You’ve been to the house.

  121. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    [123] hyde

    That’s the point.

  122. Shore Guy says:

    “That discovery channel special on societal breakdown”

    I never saw it, but it sounds like an interesting topic. I was just relying on my own analysis, but it is reassuring (??) that others have come to the same conclusions.

  123. Painhrtz says:

    hyde and those rural communities do band together for protection. the government will go to those areas first to restore order. Recruit on the god and country band wagon. Use the rural gun nuts to suppress the urban gangs.

    Wash rinse repeat.

  124. Jim says:

    121. Comrade Nom Deplume says:
    April 5, 2010 at 2:33 pm
    [106] shore

    Just remember to get across the Delaware or Housatonic Rivers before the folks in PA and NE blow the bridges.
    All they have to do is wait one season without any maintenance being done on it and the Betsy Ross bridge will fall into the water by itself.

  125. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    [127] pain

    If it is the feds recruiting quasi-militia in the hinterland, I doubt they would get a very warm reception.

  126. Comrade Nom Deplume says:


    You’ve got mail.

  127. Anon E. Moose says:

    Honest as a Realtor:

    …he refused to include the number of days on the market on listings because “it’s so inaccurate.”

    Possible Explainations:

    1) Math is hard, especially for used house salesmen. Hint: Todays date – Date first listed by current owner == days on market. Excel or any other spreadsheet will even handle the converting days/weeks/moths to a single number for you. They can’t handle this math but they seem to manage 6% without fail.

    2) Newspeak – one of the few objective and verifiable facts about a listing “is so innacurate”. Hint: its as accurate as the used house sales flack chooses to make it – which means its deliberately falsified (much like SF, or school district, or other pertinante characteristics about a listed property).

  128. bergenRenter says:

    I am thinking about making an offer on a townhouse in “prestigious” bergen county town. Asking price is 7% over the early 2004 builder sale price.

    Any suggestions on what would be a right offer?


  129. Libtard Bot says:

    Will the tolls on the bridges still be operating after the bridges are destroyed?

  130. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    [128] jim

    BR doesn’t count. It goes into Philly, which is more Jersey than pennsyltucky.

    I would expect that the overpasses on the Northeast Extension would be vulnerable. Blow a couple of those and close the major N-S route out of the Philly area.

    However, before that happens, I predict you would also see locals blocking bridges and exits on the interstates, with trucks and armed “sentries” to screen out the nonlocals, just like the Gretna bridge after katrina.

  131. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    [133] libtard bot

    Yes, they would.

    In that big storm a couple of weeks ago, they closed the turnpike while my wife and kids were on it. She was stuck there for 4 hours, held up by a complete police closure.

    and yes, they charged her the toll.

  132. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    [133] libtard

    Besides, why do you care? You are an urban guy, right?

    Gotta do the right thing and stay in the city, and not give in to that right wing hysteria, dude.

  133. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    [126] shore

    Forget the name, but it was premised on a pandemic causing such a loss of life that things just start breaking down.

    Very bad acting, but very well done. Not preachy like the other discovery channel special where global warming and a pandemic caused societal disorder.

    The “After Armageddon” one with the former Navy Seal (or ranger) was forgettable. A few good urban survival tips but that was it.

  134. Libtard Bot says:

    Obviously, the Nompound will need a school bus with a large gas tank hidden inside and fuel truck filled with sand to use as a decoy.

    Can I be Captain Walker?

  135. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    My last comment on the subject.

    Note the part about St. Bernard’s Parish. I had not heard that before.

  136. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    [138] Libtard,

    “Can I be Captain Walker?”

    If memory serves, you are mixing up your mad max movies, but yes, you can drive the decoy truck.

  137. Libtard says:

    Oh sure…I get to drive the truck, while Nom gets to drive the bus. Maybe I will just stay in the city.

  138. Al "The Thermostat" Gore says:


    Lib better load up on potassium iodide. Id rather invest in Irvington bonds than bank my future on only 20 kilotons.

  139. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    [141] libtard

    Well yes, I get to drive the bus. I did that for a living, so I know how.

    [142] al

    radiation sickness? Whaddimiss?

  140. Al "The Thermostat" Gore says:

    Whats the prevailing wind in NYC during winter?

    Im showing SW.

  141. Libtard says:

    “Well yes, I get to drive the bus. I did that for a living, so I know how.”

    Was it the short bus?

  142. Pat says:

    Does anybody have any good links to comprehensive, but easy-to-read, articles for the soon-to-be unemployed?

    It’s for a relative who won’t take my financial advice and I simply end up verbally shovel smacking her.

    Low home equity (under $100k), no savings, high monthly car payments, and college tuition for two more years.


  143. Mr Hyde says:

    Nom 124

    i thought that was why i brought the wine ;)

  144. NJGator says:

    Excuse me, but where do I find the real estate blog?

    Completely OT, but a 3 BR 1 1/2 BA colonial in Glen Ridge on .15 acres with an underground oil tank and a great view of Mountainside Hospital is about to go under contract with multiple offers tomorrow night. LP is $540k.

    I think I am going to just drink martinis until Summer time. Or maybe I would be better off bumming some Knob Creek from Clot.

  145. NJGator says:

    Oh and SF on the above is a palatial 1677SF.

  146. Pat says:

    Real Estate is SO last Friday.

  147. Doyle says:

    Gator, the one at $539k? Saw that yesterday, pics look nice and clean, but that isn’t much house at $540k.

  148. SimoneNY says:

    #147 NJGator says:
    April 5, 2010 at 4:14 pm
    Excuse me, but where do I find the real estate blog?

    I was wondering the same ….

  149. Lynn says:

    I just read this article about what the jobs report means for the housing market. Its amazing how deeply interrelated all the financial markets are.

  150. NJGator says:

    Doyle 150 – Yes. We looked at it over the weekend. The downstairs is actually quite lovely, but yes, too much money for too little house.

    But apparently there are at least 2 people who disagree with us on that front.

  151. Mr Hyde says:


    Hyde jr would like you to know he fully approved of all available snacks and would be more then happy to lend a hand in the future so long as a few snacks might be available ;)

    he would comment on the beer but was unsuccessful at poaching any unattended adult beverages.

  152. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    Grim, 156 in mod. No idea why.

  153. Anon E. Moose says:


    Wait ’til the government cheese expires on May 1. Then there’ll REALLY be nothing to talk about in real estate.

  154. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    I’d be curious for more analysis on the seemingly growing supply of CRE here in NJ. NJ is overmalled and over strip-malled as it is. I think that towns heretofore reliant on CRE for tax revenue must be thinking “oh sh1t”

  155. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    [148] gator,

    The pool opens early june, the grill is cleaned, and I just stocked the bar with lots of scotch, rum, another case of wine, and two cases of beer from tax free (and cheaper) New Hampshire.

  156. song lyric says:

    Nice story, hey I came across this post while searching the web for free downloads. Thanks for sharing I’ll post a comment about this on my blog about this too.

  157. Essex says:

    The word of the day is flaccid.

  158. NJGator says:

    Nom – And prior to June the Gazebo if open for breakfast and The People’s Republic of Montclair is open to non-residents for comrade reprogramming.

    Email me offline.

  159. safeashouses says:

    Anyone have an opinion on Cedar Grove? Good, bad, indifferent? Is it Livingston or Montclair light?

  160. RayC says:

    I may just have to buy this house, sure its in Plainfield, but a Tiger Woods mural. Damn…

  161. Al "The Thermostat" Gore says:

    10 year treasuries 4.01.

    No announcement from the closed door Fed meeting?

  162. Essex says:

    Seems like a nice town to drive through. Why not stop and kibbitz a bit.

  163. Yikes says:

    Bystander says:
    April 5, 2010 at 10:28 am


    #8 – I had the unfortunate timing of being at the Port Authority after escorting my Mom to her bus. Chaos is an understatement. I was seriously fearful of our lives. There were groups of 50 people running up and down the PA smacking signs, knocking people around and hollering. I’ve never see anything like it in my life.

    doesnt sound pleasant. glad you got out ok. to bad cops didnt teach these punks lesson.

  164. Shore Guy says:

    With the limited number of houses that come up for sale any given year, and the large population in the NY Metro area, all it takes is a small percentage of the population to ignore reality and to overpay in order to skew the market.

    Anyone who already has a place that more or less works for them and has no pressing need to buy, why should they do so for anything other than a realistic price; and, if they can’t get one, they are crazy to buy into the insanity.

  165. Shore Guy says:

    “There were groups of 50 people running up and down the PA smacking signs, knocking people around and hollering.”

    AARP rally?

  166. Barbara says:

    I’m lowering my expectations and am now looking in Highland park. I can’t stomach the prices in Montclair and Glen Ridge. I give up.

  167. Shore Guy says:

    Somethin’s happening here
    Wht it is aint exactly clear
    There’s a man selling a house over there
    Telling me that I’d better beware
    And, buy now. Don’t you wait
    Real estate prices are really great.

  168. Shore Guy says:

    “I’m lowering my expectations”

    Which brings to mind the Kin-ks’ song “Low Budget.”

  169. njescapee says:

    Dismembered bodies man, woman are found in six trash bags on Linden street

  170. still_looking says:


    Pros, cons of Kinnelon?


  171. yo'me says:

    The consumption response to income changes

  172. NJGator says:

    Barbara – Stu today started asking me if I can commute to NY from Convent Station…sigh. Maybe we can move someplace cheap enough where I can just be a drunk.

  173. safeashouses says:


    Why not move to Verona or one of the Caldwells?

  174. NJGator says:

    Safe 177 – Stu is back on one of his get out of Essex County kicks.

  175. safeashouses says:

    #178 Gator,

    Oh. Tell him only 2 towns in union county have all day kindergarten. The traffic in Middlesex is a nightmare. Somerset or Hunterdon county commute to NYC is horrendous. Or you could do what my wife does in a similar situation and just sigh and mutter “why did I marry you”

  176. Stu says:

    “Or you could do what my wife does in a similar situation and just sigh and mutter “why did I marry you”

    She used that card on our honeymoon.

  177. grim says:

    Pros, cons of Kinnelon?

    Ranks high on my list.

  178. Barbara says:

    “Maybe we can move someplace cheap enough where I can just be a drunk.”

    Easton PA is perfect for this! We could team up and git us some land and raise alpacas while drunk, for meat of course! The kids can help.

  179. Stu says:

    cons of Kinnelon?

    More people mispronounce it than they do Manalapan.

  180. Barbara says:

    Gator, why not turn your two fam into a one fam and call it a day. If out two family were in a better town, this is what we would do.

  181. Stu says:


    We have considered it, but Montclair? Not with our town council history of spend and tax.

  182. NJGator says:

    Barbara 182 – Easton might be tough. We had friends who moved out there so she could stay at home. When a bunch of us drove out there for a girls night, she took us out on the town in Philipsburg!

    She lasted about a year and then made the husband agree to sell the place. They moved to Readington.

  183. NJGator says:

    Barbara 184 – Plus Stu would then have to admit what a cr*p job his hockey teammate did on our bathroom renovations and we’d have to rip about 25k of his work out.

  184. Barbara says:

    if you’re going to own it anyway….? Unless its way more monthly than you bargined for.

  185. Barbara says:

    Gator, to move away from Easton and go to Reading says a lot about Easton.

  186. NJGator says:

    Barbara 188 – We’ve litigated the taxes down extensively on the premise that this is a POS multi. All that goes out the window when we file a permit to convert it.

    We have friends the put on a small extension to make an eat-in-kitchen and add a powder room. Their assessment went up 80k just for that.

  187. Barbara says:

    oh wait, my bad…confused Readington with Reading PA

  188. Barbara says:

    80k….wow, another reality check.

  189. NJGator says:

    Barbara – Have you looked at 2745142 – 52 Ardsley? Taxes will be totally appealable on this one. I bet it will go for under ask. Our friends are neighbors who recently moved to the block. Owner has decamped for London leaving her 2 teenagers behind. He ex-husband lives down the block in Glen Ridge. They have basically held onto this house so their kids can remain in Montclair HS until graduation.

    Apparently it’s not selling well because the kids are unsupervised and constantly throwing parties and making a mess – so it doesn’t show well. Realtor is about ready to wash her hands of the place (she’s asked Dad to change the locks to keep the kids out).

    Neighbors would LOVE you if you restore sanity to the block.

    It’s a lovely block near us, near the train and all the cool amenities in the Walnut St area (I refuse to call it WOHO).

  190. Barbara says:

    WoHo, I thought that was what they called the West Orange/Montclair area. Yeah, I don’t do the “ho” thing with the realestate jargon either. A meme whose time has past. I’ll check out that addy on zillow.

  191. NJGator says:

    WoHo is the trendy Walnut Street area in Montclair. They put up some overpriced loft condos and thought they made us just like SoHo.

    I really do prefer the NoBlo and SoBlo monikers for our fair town much better.

  192. stan says:

    Please tell me those are made up Gator.

  193. NJGator says:

    Yes Stan. Made em up myself. Can’t understand why they won’t catch on.

  194. Final Doom says:

    al (164)-

    They’re playing a big money game of Omaha. CNN reporting they’ve sent out for whiskey and cigars.

    “No announcement from the closed door Fed meeting?”

  195. Final Doom says:

    Barb (169)-

    Planning to become Hasidic…or Chinese?

    “I’m lowering my expectations and am now looking in Highland park.”

  196. Final Doom says:

    Gator (176)-

    Call me. That’s my specialty.

    “Maybe we can move someplace cheap enough where I can just be a drunk.”

  197. Final Doom says:

    Gator (176)-

    I always thought Gainesville was the world capital for this.

    “Maybe we can move someplace cheap enough where I can just be a drunk.”

  198. Final Doom says:

    I got a million more where that came from, folks.

  199. Final Doom says:

    safe (179)-

    Handcuffing 5 y/o’s and jamming sedatives down their throats is not “all day kindergarten”.

  200. stan says:

    The sad thing is, I can’t tell made up names from what passes for trendy these days.

    Kinnelon- a positive is you can refer to yourself as a Kinnelonian. Not bad.

  201. NJGator says:

    Clot 201 – They do excel at that. I just didn’t want to live too close to the Kappa Alpha Klansmen.

  202. Final Doom says:

    Barb (182)-

    Alpaca meat is tough and dark. Virtually inedible.

    Trust me on this one.

  203. Barbara says:

    hmmm, well we will have to just keep them for their pricey fleece.

  204. NJGator says:

    Doom 206 – Phew. Now I can rest assured that my parents neighbors really are keeping theirs for a tax scam.

    “Alpaca meat is tough and dark. Virtually inedible.”

  205. Final Doom says:

    Only people getting fleeced around alpacas are the ones who buy those oversized rats.

  206. NJGator says:

    Barbara – Just $500 worth and you’ve got yourself a nice farmland assessment!

  207. Barbara says:

    alpaca coats are spendy, but beautiful. I got one this winter.

  208. Barbara says:

    gator, alpaca farm in montclair? I kid.

  209. Final Doom says:

    barb (211)-

    Yeah, that Peruvian sustenance farmer look never goes out of style.

  210. Barbara says:

    crack open a high end fashion mag from this decade, I got mine at Nordstroms, not the Trading Post.

  211. Shore Guy says:

    “Peruvian sustenance”

    Peruvian connection has nice things, and the customer service is good also.

  212. Al "The Thermostat" Gore says:

    Former Deputy Defense Minister Says Israel May Be Compelled To Attack Iran’s Nuclear Facilities By November

    “Obama has about 6 months before the defense/war complex sounds the victory horn (and the president gets to experience first hand just how much better unemployment in this country really is getting) in the shadow of the mushroom cloud.”

  213. Final Doom says:

    Shore (216)-

    My college roommate had a Peruvian connection once.

  214. Final Doom says:

    al (217)-

    And all this time, I thought only vicious pit bulls were compelled to attack.

    “Former Deputy Defense Minister Says Israel May Be Compelled To Attack Iran’s Nuclear Facilities By November”

  215. Final Doom says:

    Chifi just called. He said to tell everybody ZH only prints lies.

  216. Shore Guy says:


    If one reads the CSIS report, it becomes pretty clear that the only real choice is an IRBM attack, not aircraft. The number of planes necessary, 80-90 attack aircraft (leaving Israel open to attack from Syria), plus every refueling tanker, and the prospects of 30% losses do not bode well for an air-to-ground attack.

  217. Shore Guy says:

    I know several people at CSIS and have spoken with Cordesman. Allowing for the fact that they are limited to citing open-source data in order to preserve security clearances, and this data is not 100% accurate (for a number of reasons), the report is well done and strikes me as useful as a pressure tactic on Iran. It lays out all the ways they can be hurt if they do not agree to international supervision of their nuclear activities.

  218. Ronny Pickel says:

    Startling Populace Dwindling Seen In FL Prior To Census 2010

  219. Sunshine State Sees Populace Trends In The Census 2010

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