Snowmageddon Open Discussion

This is the time and place to post observations about your local areas, comments on news stories or the New Jersey housing market, open house reports, etc. If you have any questions you wanted to ask earlier in the week but never posted them up, let’s have them. Also a good place to post suggestions, requests for information, criticism, and praise.

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129 Responses to Snowmageddon Open Discussion

  1. Essex says:

    Yessir got us some snow out dere. Looks to be abooot 8 inches. At least dats wat she said.

  2. dan says:

    Nice quiet night. Drove wifey into the city to stay with cousin for her early shift. Too bad they cancelled the football game later. Oh well, there’s FIU and Toledo in the International Bowl.

  3. Libtard in Cancun says:

    Looks like we have about 2 foot waves today under partly cloudy skies. The Margarita glasses are salted and the shovels have been going all day building sand castles. Gator and Junior swam with the dolphins today. I drank. Merry blizzard ya’all.

  4. Punch My Ticket says:

    That will put a crimp in post-Xmas shopping. Except for bread and milk, which are as usual flying off the shelves.

  5. Confused In NJ says:

    3.Libtard in Cancun says:
    December 26, 2010 at 6:16 pm
    Looks like we have about 2 foot waves today under partly cloudy skies. The Margarita glasses are salted and the shovels have been going all day building sand castles. Gator and Junior swam with the dolphins today. I drank. Merry blizzard ya’all.

    End of January 2005 their was a big snow storm in NJ, as our cruise ship out of NYC (Norweigian Dawn) docked in St Thomas for a ten day Southern Carribean Cruise. Felt like a kid playing hookey that day hearing the weather reports back home. Enjoy.

  6. Libtard in Cancun says:

    Like a fool, I’m tracking this storm like an 8th grader who decided not to study for his upcoming chemistry mid-term.

  7. Stu (7)-

    I hope you get bitten by a crab.

  8. Fcukin’ Magpies pissed it away today, too.

  9. NJGator says:

    Aww Clot. You’re so sweet!

  10. Dissident HEHEHE says:

    Giants win?

  11. Fast Eddie says:

    Giants look stellar.

    I think Coughlin is done.

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  13. joyce says:

    17. No Claim of Credit for Taxes: Borrower shall not make deduction from or claim credit on the principal or interest secured by this Security Instrument by reason of any governmental taxes, assessments, or charges. Borrower shall not claim any deduction from the taxable value of the Property by reason of this Security Instrument.

    Can someone explain this to me? Clearly I’m not a lawyer (and proud of that fact), but this sounds like you can’t deduct mortgage interest to me?

  14. chicagofinance says:

    Lamar Asperger says:
    December 26, 2010 at 7:31 pm
    Stu (7)- I hope you get bitten by a crab.

    clot: last time I was in Cancun the Ritz Carlton posted for all patrons “Please do not swim in the ocean. You may come in contact with Sea Lice”. No clue WTF that meant, but it was all scotch and cigars at the pool for the remainder…..

  15. chicagofinance says:

    close but no “cigar” you perverse bastards!

  16. Libtard in Cancun says:

    Tis not Coughlin’s fault, although the old man always looks like he’s a few seconds away from crying. It’s the result of his opportunistic D. Sometimes you’ll look great, but when you run into a QB who can take advantage of a blitz on every down, then you be in big trouble. I’m still not sure how they won last Super Bowl. Somehow the D strung a few games together. Then again, that super cold game against Green Bay was the first of a never ending string of terrible games for Old Brett Farve.

  17. Joel says:

    Should I purchase a home in middlesex county before feb 2011 or wait? Im so confused with all the data i read on this website that i don’t know which direction to go….

  18. Graydon M. Ellery, III says:

    dear joel:
    Now is good time to buy. A realtor and the Government told me that.

  19. dan says:

    Dear Joel,

    The teachers union thinks it’s a great time to buy. In their district, of course.

  20. grim says:

    I’m going to take my skis up onto my garage roof and see if I can jump off the peak into the 6 foot snow drift in my back yard.

  21. I have a 4 ft. drift piled against my door. Should I shoot through it with my Mossberg 500?

    I think this is a good idea.

  22. Nomad says:

    When cities and states can no longer pay for their pension’s, does the federal gov’t bail them out? Is it even legal for the city or state to flat out tell pension recipients that their benefits are getting cut and that recipients only option or would the pension recipients have grounds for legal action. What about me as joe taxpayer, if they try to raise my taxes, what leverage do I have in telling them to pound salt.

    I am starting to think that pensions need to go along with Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid and that government needs to perform basic duties and leave a lot of this other stuff to it’s citizenry to do on their own.

    This WSJ article about made me smash my computer on the floor. No one ever gave me a pension – I made my own by aggressive savings and prudent investing.

  23. Mickey Jones says:

    Dear Joel (#17),

    – Buy now or FOREVER be priced out of the market.
    – Interest rates are on the rise & will never be this low again.
    – Your house will double or even triple in price in the next five years
    – A large home equity loan awaits you the moment you close!
    – Its the American Dream, everyone has done it!

    What are you waiting for?

  24. NJCoast says:

    Where is my car? Lots of drifting here at the shore.

  25. nomad (23)-

    Don’t worry. The civil war we’re about to have is going to solve a lot of these problems.

    Hopefully, the bulk of the war will be fought between gubmint pensioners (who get removed from the teat) fighting the gubmint itself.

  26. NJCoast says:

    Your flame thrower might be more effective.

    #21-I have a 4 ft. drift piled against my door. Should I shoot through it with my Mossberg 500?

  27. freedy says:

    american are to lazy and stupid to have a civil war. Retail sales are up .

  28. Mike says:

    Lamar 21 That would be alot easier on the back

  29. Essex says:


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    Cities across the nation are raising property taxes, largely citing rising pension and health-care costs for their employees and retirees.

    In Pennsylvania, the township of Upper Moreland is bumping up property taxes for residents by 13.6% in 2011. Next door the city of Philadelphia this year increased the tax 9.9%. In New York, Saratoga Springs will collect 4.4% more in property taxes in 2011; Troy will increase taxes by 1.9%.

    View Full Image
    Scott Lewis for The Wall Street Journal

    John Crawford is director of finance in Upper Moreland, Pa., which is raising taxes 13.6%.

    Property-tax increases aren’t unusual, in part because the taxes are among the main sources of local revenue. But officials say more and larger increases are taking hold. “This year we have seen a dramatic increase in our cities and towns having to increase property taxes” for pensions and other expenses, said Jack Garner, executive director of the Pennsylvania League of Cities and Municipalities.

    Local officials and government workers say a confluence of factors is driving the increases, including the need to make up for staggering investment losses from the financial crisis and rising costs as more workers retire. In addition, benefit increases promised in flush times are coming due as revenue flounders, and some cities have skipped payments to their pension funds over the years.

    In Illinois, towns have been raising property taxes to keep up with pension and health-care costs for several years, but the scale and scope of the increases this year are unprecedented, said Joe McCoy, a lobbyist with the Illinois Municipal League.

    Representatives of government workers, including for unions, don’t deny that pension costs are rising. But they blame local officials for failing to fund pensions adequately in better times.

    “The main driver is the irresponsibility of local public officials who for years and years have not been funding their pensions,” said Henry Bayer, executive director of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Council 31 union, which represents 72,000 employees in Illinois.

    Many local officials say they have been trying to right their pension funds without raising taxes. They have borrowed money from reserves, trimmed services and cut back on staff.

    Some cities have also pushed unions to reopen contracts in an attempt to pare benefits or raise workers’ contributions for pensions and health care. They have faced stiff resistance from some unions that argue it’s unfair to penalize workers for a financial crisis that isn’t their fault. Others have agreed to some cutbacks.

    State aid to many local governments and other revenue remain below precrisis levels. Nearly half of states reduced aid to local governments in 2010, and 20 states have proposed additional cuts in 2011, according to a December report by the Congressional Budget Office.

    “Unless governments really want to squeeze essential services…there are likely to be a lot more property tax increases” across the country, said Don Boyd, a senior fellow at the nonpartisan Nelson A. Rockefeller Institute of Government at the State University of New York.

    Tax increases and budget cuts are raising pressure on state politicians to tame growing pension costs, and the topic has become a significant issue in elections.

    Many states have already increased the retirement age and required years of service for new hires, bumped up the amount new workers pay toward their benefits and reduced annual cost-of-living increases. This month, for example, Illinois lawmakers approved legislation requiring newly hired police and firefighters to retire at age 55 instead of 50 to receive full benefits, among other changes. The governor is reviewing the bill.

    The tax increases are coming to light now because many local governments plan their budgets at the end of the previous year.

    In Upper Moreland, a township of about 26,000 near Philadelphia, the Board of Commissioners voted this month to raise its 2011 property tax for residents by 13.6%, the first such rise in five years. That means a $67 annual tax bump on a $135,000 home, the average value there.

  30. Juice Box says:

    Glad I parked car in the garage at Newark Airport so I don’t have to dig it out with my bare hands. My flight home back today may not takeoff anyway..

  31. Morpheus says:

    happy holidays to all. Morp in vermont. too windy to ski today. Been trying for 3 days to get my little one to go out and ski. He has no desire to do so.

    have an problem for you. Have an old metzendorf trailer (12-13′ long, 6′ high, 6′ wide). Want to build a leanto room to attach to trailer door. Want to use a yukon M1950 stove to heat the trailer and room. Can produce 60,000 BTU. I figure since this stove is used for arctic tents, it should be more than sufficient to heat the trailer. Advice would be appreciated.

  32. Graydon M. Ellery, III says:

    23 nomad. The era of state and union bailouts was ended on Nov 2. You can blame the tea party movement for that. Next action in congress should be to change the law and allow states to go bankcrupt. Then union pensions can be voided.

  33. Can’t wait for Chelsea-Arsenal this afternoon. Wenger the Wanker will bite it again.

  34. I am glad I am in the southwest for a meeting… Looks brutal back home.

  35. Fabius Maximus says:

    Got bitter?

    Bookies have us as favorite.

  36. gluteus (37)-

    Too bad the Blues have Drogba, a fresh Lampard and over a week of rest. 2-0 Chelsea; Drogba and Fat Frank get the goals.

    “Bookies have us as favorite.”

  37. Koscielny and Squillacci??? I might be shy in predicting just two for Chelski.

    Doesn’t help that The Goners will field four in midfield, only two of whom can actually do anything. Song is a hack, and Rosicky is washed up.

  38. Schrodinger's Cat says:


    as a rough rule of thumb. You will probably need about 300 btu per sqft

    78 sqft x 300 btu/sqft = 23,400 btu needed.

    As a quick rough calc 60,000 btu should be adequate

  39. Libtard in Cancun says:


    Do the math and don’t simply trust the claims of a major union representative. Calculate what your wife (and you) pays in to the pension and then calculate what she (you) get out of it. Then come back here and tell all of us what rate of return would be necessary for these pensions to actually pay what is promised. Also, provide us with what you would have invested in had you been able to personally manage the retirement account. Until then, take a chill on blaming the politicians for underfunding the account when you can’t even put any solid numbers behind the accusations. In the private sector, we have to pay attention to minor things like metrics, budgets, etc. It’s a shame that those powerful unions never did sh1t in the good times when the Whitman’s and others decided not to pay into the funds. So how much are those union dues? I bet more than you’ve contributed to your medical!

  40. Libtard in Cancun says:

    Juice (32):

    I park at ABC in Lizbit (that’s what the locals call it). It won’t be ME shoveling!!! I suggest you try them next time. Wondering how delayed we’ll be tomorrow. Our flight is supposed to arrive around 9:30pm from Atlanta (too cheap to fly direct to Cancun over Christmas).

  41. Shore Guy says:

    On the boardwalk
    We can build a Snowman
    And we can pretend
    He lives in town
    Then we can add is land
    to the tax rolls
    And tax him till he melts into the ground

  42. stan says:

    Jj- real men get to the office today. None of this work life balance crap!!!

  43. Shore Guy says:

    ” 2 foot waves ”

    so does the Parkway, only the frozen type.

  44. Fabius Maximus says:

    #38 Bitter Barcode

    Fat Frank is not match fit and will not make it through the whole game.
    2-1 Arsenal Fabregas and Van Persie

  45. Juice Box says:

    re#42 – my flight was canceled today, I am re-booked for Wednesday night late. I have half a mind to fly down to Miami for the rest week….

  46. Juice Box says:

    re #44 – LIRR down today, unless JJ can hitch a ride on someones Copter he isn’t getting in before noon, if he is gonna drive.

  47. Libtard on the iPod in Cancun says:

    Juice: maybe I will see you in Newark?

  48. Juice Box says:

    Maybe I will be in Terminal A around 10 PM.

  49. New in FL says:

    It’s supposed to warm up in a couple of days, but today the high in Miami will be 57 and tomorrow 66. I suppose that’s relatively tropical for somebody from NJ (wife and I moved here from NJ just a month ago), but the locals are suffering. It’s supposed to be down to 35 overnight.

    We’re tracking for the coldest December on record in Miami.

  50. cobbler says:

    The moneys that were supposed to be the pension benefits of govt employees became bonuses of money managers, that’s fairly simple. Historically (before 1985-90 or so) the bulk of the pension funds had been invested in guaranteed insurance contracts and Treasuries, making returns quite reliable. Market manias of 1990s caused the sheeple being indoctrinated about stocks getting better returns than other investments long-term, and shift of the pension funds investments. Underfunding resulted (as totally unrealistic growth assumptions reigned). Private sector saw this early and simply dumped the responsibility on employees via 401Ks – which to me was one of the nails in the coffin of our system, as you add the anxiety about the retirement to all other anxieties already there. Govt never did, whether because of the unions, or general inertia.

  51. Al Mossberg says:

    “I have a 4 ft. drift piled against my door. Should I shoot through it with my Mossberg 500?”


  52. Schrodinger's Cat says:


    if the insulation on the trailer is only so-so to poor, you may need to assume 1000btu per sqft. In that case the 60,000 btu heater will work but it may not be “toasty”.

  53. Schrodinger's Cat says:


    “I have a 4 ft. drift piled against my door. Should I shoot through it with my Mossberg 500?”

    I would recommend some thermite boosted napalm. You probably gave all the components you need around the house

  54. Schrodinger's Cat says:


    note, once ignited you can’t extinguish thermite. And it burns at a few thousand degrees. No water won’t extinguish it. It will burn under water or an oxygen free environment

  55. grim says:

    Hope things are back to normal at Newark by Wednesday. Going to be ticked if I can’t get down to New Orleans for New Years. Flying out early Wednesday morning.

  56. Juice Box says:

    Grim try and bring a toner cartridge in your carry on, they will fly you for free over New Orleans on the way to Gitmo.

  57. Libtard in Cancun says:


    Wednesday morning could be tough, but I would bet you will be able to get out after some major delays. Figure you’ll land in the Evening. I’ve been there too many times. Hopefully you are not flying Continental, for any airline hubbed in the Northeast is gonna suffer the biggest problems. We are on Delta, so I expect to be OK, at least into Atlanta. Have some minor concerns about the second leg though.

  58. Confused In NJ says:

    58.grim says:
    December 27, 2010 at 2:10 pm
    Hope things are back to normal at Newark by Wednesday. Going to be ticked if I can’t get down to New Orleans for New Years. Flying out early Wednesday morning.

    Leave tuesday via the Train.

  59. grim says:

    US Airways via Charlotte

  60. Libtard in Cancun says:

    Charlotte Phoenix and Philly are their hubs. You should be OK, depending on when Newark get their act in order. Pray that no one leaves a computer monitor at the check-in counter.

  61. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    First post from my new thinkpad. And no, it wasn’t an Xmas present. Had it for nearly a month but just now getting around to opening the package.

  62. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    And a tad sore from shoveling. Guess I will finally wuss out and get a snowblower. Thankfully, the neighbor happened by with his snow blower and saved me another 90 min. of work. Guess the bottle of wine I gave him for Xmas was a good investment.

  63. Mitchell says:

    So deep in NC its almost over my sneakers this morning. ;)

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  65. d2b says:

    It’s very easy for an actuary to figure out how much the pension system is underfunded due to missed government payments. They could take into account missing payments and the plan’s historical rate of return. Once there is a number it should be paid and then the state should walk away. Wondering how the present workers would feel about funding the ponzi scheme without a government backstop. If you are a 25 year old cop, would you want to pay into a system that fails to provide a guarantee?
    I don’t care what the payments are if I’m not on the hook for the excess.

  66. Libtard in Cancun says:

    d2b…I would support that. Can we also get rid of free top notch health care for spouse for life while we are at it? It would be one thing if these folks were underpaid, but every time I look at the public employee databases, it turns my stomach to see so many of them making as much as me with twice the number of holidays and benefits that would make the Pope blush. Oh yeah…Most get to retire comfortably at 55. I can’t f’in stand their bellyaching.

  67. gluteus (46)-

    Glad I did not wager. Ancelotti is going to get sacked. A whole week off, and Chelsea doesn’t look any better.

  68. chicagofinance says:

    We have snow up here…I guess you are referring to your hopeless bullshit?

    Mitchell says:
    December 27, 2010 at 3:10 pm
    So deep in NC its almost over my sneakers this morning. ;)

  69. Mitchell (65)-

    We’ve been talking about snow, not cow dung.

    “So deep in NC its almost over my sneakers this morning.”

  70. Glad to see that hatred of Mitchell can be rekindled with just one post.

  71. Libtard in Cancun says:

    I can’t even check-in online for my flight tomorrow. I could only imagine what’s it like at the airports right now.

  72. Outofstater says:

    73 – Lib – Just checked the Atlanta airport website. The good news is that the security wait time is less than ten minutes. The bad news is that most flights to Newark today and tonight are cancelled. : (

  73. dink says:

    Amtrak station at penn was mobbed. Bailed on penn just in time as all njt trains out of ny were just temporarily suspended.

  74. jj is sleeping on his desk tonight. Staying home because of a little snow is for losers.

  75. Mitchell says:

    “Glad to see that hatred of Mitchell can be rekindled with just one post.”

    Living in NJ does that i’ve been there myself. Im not sure anyone in NJ is actually happy at least not for long. Its the reason so many reality shows can come from the state its constantly fighting and screwing itself. You really dont understand how bad NJ has become until you dont live there any more. Its like NJ is one bad experiment on human nature.

  76. relo says:

    64: Nom,

    I highly recommend the purchase. Can’t imagine how sore I’d be without the snowblower. Drifts, compounded by the sadistic plow guys, were nuts here. After last year, made damn sure Santa got the hint. In a related note, I can no longer kid myself that I am in any semblance of shape.

  77. NJCoast says:

    My street has not been plowed yet. Why bother with the driveway? Got enough booze to hold me over.

  78. Shore Guy says:

    Grey Goose for everyone!

  79. Mitchell (77)-

    Have you made shift supervisor at Waffle House yet?

  80. Shore Guy says:

    32 inches in Rahway?

  81. Libtard in Cancun says:

    I’m not sure why everyone is in such a rush to get out of their driveways anyway? Unless you have to go to work, why the rush? The plows will just snow in your driveway anyway.

  82. Mitchell says:

    Lamar Asperger (81)
    LOL they probably rake in millions down here but everything from the north is available in the south even good bagels and taylor ham.

    I equate things to a guy I saw on TV promoting his book on why there were more thieves in Miami compared to Chicago. He said you can be a car thief in Chicago or a car thief in Miami. Same job one has a better climate. Were would you prefer to live?

    The same can be said about where you live the job you do is available everywhere except some places have a better climate. It makes me reflect why I didnt move sooner. Cant use the excuse of you make more in NJ because I make more in NC now.

    N.J. loses $70B in wealth during five years as residents depart

  83. Fast Eddie says:

    Shore [82],

    Sounds like either a potential JJ story or a Carnac the Magnificent answer. :)

  84. Libtard in Cancun says:

    Bagels…no way no how. Pork…absolutely.

  85. Shore Guy says:

    Traditional pork bagels.

  86. Mitchell says:

    “Traditional pork bagels.”

    Dont forget to wrap them in bacon and deep fry them with a twinkie on top. Yum.

  87. Shore Guy says:

    Wash it down with an RC

  88. Graydon M. Ellery, III says:

    68, letarded in Cancun.

    I assume you were one of those people who voted for said policies, so you deserve all the sh*t. Besides, somebody vacationing in Cancun and complaining about spending cannot be taken too seriously.

  89. Mitchell says:

    Sweet Tea – Havent seen RC Cola but I cant say Ive looked for it.

  90. cobbler says:

    Graydon [90]
    Besides, somebody vacationing in Cancun and complaining about spending cannot be taken too seriously
    Where would you think Sen. Rand Paul vacations?

  91. cobbler says:

    Mitchell should make an effort to remove the outdated auction listings from his site rather than make silly posts here offending the pride of the Garden State.

  92. Libtard in Cancun says:

    Don’t fret Graydon. I’ll shed at least as many tears for the unemployed public sector workers as I did for the former autoworkers.

  93. Mitchell says:

    cobbler (93)
    Beginning of the year Im turning on the expiration system.

  94. Mitchell (95)-

    Since you’re in Charlotte, be sure to put BAC on your expiration watchlist. There won’t be enough Waffle House jobs for all the people jettisoned when the Goldman Sack and JP Morgue buzzard those bones.

    Hard to imagine there were guys at BAC dumber than Ken Lewis, but they actually found one to succeed him.

    “Beginning of the year Im turning on the expiration system.”

  95. Everybody forgive Mitchell; he’s ripped on Cheerwine.

  96. Mitchell wants me to ask everyone here to check out his p0rn store/truckstop/peep show in a converted Stuckey’s on I-77, just north of Charlotte.

    It’s real purty.

  97. 1987 Condo Buyer says:

    See excerpt:

    Michael Vanatta, 61, of Vero Beach, Fla., is paying the price for being a boomer who enjoyed life without saving for the future. He put a daughter through college, but he also spent plenty of money on indulgences like dining out and the latest electronic gadgets.

    Vanatta was laid off last January from his $100,000-a-year job as a sales executive for a turf company. And with savings of just $5,000, he’s on a budget for the first time. In April, he will start taking Social Security at age 62.

    “If I’d been smarter and planned and had the bucks, I’d wait until 70,” says Vanatta, who is divorced and rents an apartment. “It’s my fault. For years I was making plenty of money and spending plenty of money.”

    Vanatta is in the majority. Some 51 percent of early boomer households, headed by those ages 55 to 64, face a retirement with lower living standards, according to a 2009 study by the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College.

  98. Juice says:

    ROFL – Newark Airport still not open, from the Continental Twitter….Newark Airport is closed for arrivals the rest of today. Limited departures may operate after 6 p.m

  99. Outofstater says:

    #98 “p0rn store/truckstop/peep show in a converted Stuckey’s on I-77, just north of Charlotte.” Oh God, that is so true – there’s one on I-75 too, somewhere in Tennesee, I think. I try to block things like that from my memory. Oh, and sweet tea sucks. Might as well mainline Karo Syrup.

  100. A damn stinking buyer was supposed to come by and see my damn house today, but claimed they “couldn’t make it” because of the damn snow. I’m getting sick of this damn crap. These damn people need to make up their damn minds whether or not they want to buy my damn house and stop wasting my damn time. I’m not going to have it on the market forever.

    These people are beginning to push me too damn far and it better stop unless they want to see me snapping on their asses. Believe me, that ain’t a pretty sight cause someone might get hurt.

  101. stater (102)-

    Instead of bre@st-feeding me, my mom fed me a formula of Karo-sweetened condensed milk up until the time I could eat solid food.

    That, and the fact that she chain-smoked and drank whiskey until my (premature) birth, is my excuse for not having a 155 IQ and not having an Ivy PhD.

  102. OTOH, virtually every child raised in the South from WWII until about 1980 was fed exactly the same thing.

  103. You know what I’m thinking about organizing to exact some damn payback? A seller’s strike. I think every damn seller of real estate needs to take his damn property off the damn market and dry up the entire damn supply. With enough mucking scarcity, the damn prices would recover in a hurry and move back to equilibrium. That to me means that the stinking buyers are bidding on my damn house rather than shopping around.

    Yeah, that’s the damn ticket. A seller’s strike against the stinking buyers and don’t sell them a damn thing until they know who’s the damn boss.

  104. Outofstater says:

    #104 I think that “formula” was actually a Dr. Spock recipe.

  105. Good to see that there’s one growth industry left in the US:

    SAN FRANCISCO—Animation website Xtranormal — whose cartoon-making tools have spawned viral videos of cuddly puppies debating such topics as quantitative easing and the iPhone in stilted monotones — is no longer offering free, unlimited use of its tools.

    The change reflects the higher costs of running Xtranormal as the site’s popularly grew.

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  106. stater (106)-

    That idiot should’ve been given a one-way trip into outer space, strapped to a Saturn-1.

  107. cobbler says:

    FWIW, full schedule is expected out of EWR starting at 830 am tomorrow. Probably will take longer for the arrivals.

  108. Confused In NJ says:

    I actually shoveled my place by hand, but the neighbors wife was stuck, as her husband works at a NYC Hotel, so I did their property with my Ariens Snow Blower. Don’t have the juice any more for two property’s by hand. Mine is cleaner though, down to blacktop with hand shovel and ice breaker.

  109. chicagofinance says:

    I am a city boy, and I shoveled for 5 1/2 hours across two shifts. The worst part was the last couple dozen feet that were plowed over. At least the snow was only packed, but not frozen. Based on my experience today, I would guess that this storm was somewhat worse than any of the three big ones from last year…my limited frame of reference. The winds today mean that I might need to redo some of today’s work. The people across the street who moved in from San Antonio were pretty hardy under the circumstances…….

  110. Texans are usually hardier than the rest of us, as their state gubmint hasn’t rolled them and stolen every penny they have.

  111. Want to get America feeling better fast? Follow the Texas formula:

    – HELOC illegal
    – lower taxes
    – concealed carry OK
    – plenty of executions
    – decent soccer

  112. still_looking says:

    I drove home in that blizzard. It was surreal. Passing stranded cars, plowing through the drifts on the on ramp to the GSParkway, following the faint tracks on the road because the wind blowing the snow limited visibility to about 5 feet.

    56 miles = 2.5 hrs. Coup de grace was the driveway plowed in by the town earlier. Gunned it and went through/over the pile of snow (only damage was the plastic guard piece under the front that came loose on the driver side.)

    It was really a wild ride.


  113. still_looking says:

    We had our first snow shoveling death on Sunday.

    60 yr old guy, shoveled then died.

    Please folks. I know you are all in outstanding shape *cough, cough* but please. Invest in a snow blower, call a landscape company to plow you out, hire a teen to shovel but please, for god’s sake, leave the week-end warrior urges to other endeavors.

    It was heart wrenching to watch that guy’s family.


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