1 in 11 homes sold in NJ a foreclosure

From the Record:

One in 11 NJ homes sold in second quarter were in foreclosure

One in every 11 sales in New Jersey in the second quarter involved a foreclosed property, compared with almost one in every four nationally, RealtyTrac reported Thursday. The number of foreclosed sales in the state was down almost 40 percent from a year earlier.

The foreclosed properties sold for an average $213,000 in New Jersey, a 37 percent discount to market values, according to RealtyTrac, a California company that tracks the foreclosure market. Nationally, foreclosed homes sold for an average $170,000, a 32 percent discount.

Foreclosure activity stalled in New Jersey for much of last year, after questions arose about lenders’ treatment of homeowners in distress. Lenders’ representatives were accused of “robo-signing” legal documents — signing them without verifying their accuracy — in their rush to evict homeowners.

New Jersey foreclosure activity has recently begun picking up steam after a legal settlement and court decision involving robo-signing earlier this year, and more troubled homeowners are expected to lose their homes to foreclosure this year.

In New Jersey, foreclosures take more than 2 1/2 years, on average, in part because they have to go through the courts. In about two dozen other states, lenders don’t have to go to court to foreclose on a property.

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  1. grim says:

    From Bloomberg:

    Report: Foreclosure sales fell sharply in 2Q

    Sales of bank-owned homes and those already on the foreclosure path fell sharply in the second quarter, reflecting a thinner slate of properties for sale in many cities as banks take a measured approach to placing homes on the market.

    Even so, foreclosure sales’ share of all U.S. home purchases grew in the April-to-June period, foreclosure listing firm RealtyTrac Inc. said Thursday.

    The combination of fewer bank-owned homes for sale and stronger demand during the traditional spring home-buying season also pushed sale prices higher. Bank-owned homes and those in some stage of foreclosure posted the biggest annual increase in average sales price since 2006, before the housing bubble burst, the firm said.

    “It boils down to supply and demand — limited supply and pretty strong demand — especially during the second quarter, when a lot of buyers come out of the woodwork and look to buy,” said Daren Blomquist, a vice president at RealtyTrac.

    As of last month, there were 1.47 million U.S. homes in some stage of the foreclosure process or owned by banks. Of the 620,751 in lenders’ possession, only about 15 percent are listed for sale, according to RealtyTrac.

  2. Mike says:

    Good Morning New Jersey

  3. Mikewaited says:

    Why did I f**ken buy, I have more sh*t to do between lawn & all sorts of little repairs than I can think of! LOL But seriously all well happy with place now in 5 days. Hey anyone know a chimney sweep that is not a rip off?

  4. grim says:

    What, you aren’t going the Bergen county route?

    Hire a lawn service, don’t do a single damns worth of maintenance, spent the extra dollars on a new car for the driveway?

  5. Mikewaited says:

    Grim LOL still driving my 95 Chevy Astro van ! In three years my wife’s 2010 VW CC has been towed in four time due to mechanical failures my Chevy w/ over 180k zero brake downs. I will stick with my old car & do my own sh*t.

  6. Mikewaited says:

    Never buy a German car.

  7. grim says:

    One of our friends had a new beetle, second or third year out. The brake line in the engine bay let go and sprayed hydraulic fluid all over the engine, caught fire on the parkway somewhere around Union. They e-braked it into the shoulder and jumped out. She was in a bridesmaid dress, he was in a tux. They watched the damn thing melt down into a lump. Somebody else who was going to the reception saw them and stopped, they still made it to the party.

  8. grim says:

    Although I have to give credit to VW for putting together what is probably the best car commercial of all time…


  9. Mikewaited says:

    Fuel injectors, water pump twice, & ignition coil. I complained to corporate VW has sent me $750 voucher toward new car (no chance) & made 2 of my lease payments on this stinker. When it goes it rides on rails & is fast as hell, when it goes that is!

  10. Mikewaited says:

    grim I remember seeing that one, a good one for sure.

  11. Mikewaited says:

    I don’t know grim that one has to be the all time best, all you have to do is say “rich Corinthian leather” (in your best Ricardo voice) and most people know exactly what commercial it is.

  12. Mikewaited says:

    11 is to 8, 12 to 10.

  13. grim says:

    Man, what the hell happened in 1980.


    I love the part where they cut to the Chrysler “engineer” in front of the chalkboard scribbled with graphs and writing (as if to imply some kind of legitimacy or critical scientific work), but once you actually look at what is there, it’s clear that the studio guys who set it up had no idea and just scribbled some crap on the board.

  14. grim says:

    One last time, I promise. This one wins my vote for the most disturbing car commercial of all time, ever.


  15. Neanderthal Economist says:

    Haha Mikey. I love all of the projects. I’m doing multiple at once. Painting, moving back deck steps, finishing basement. I recently ripped out all the shrubs and other plants and 1 feet deep of stone walkway which killed me physically. My front yard is all dirt now. I sent a soil sample to Rutgers for nutrient analysis and can’t wait to get the results and plant the seed. grass planting tips are welcome

  16. Neanderthal Economist says:

    My three VW gtis were the funnest little cars. I replaced all the suspension and rims and exhaust and air filter and computer chip with performance parts from Germany and it was always very expensive. But the worst was having to replace batteries and water cooler and timing belts and boring parts like that because you couldn’t upgrade to performance parts and get extra horsepower. It felt like a waste of cash. Beat the hell out of those cars though. Way fun.

  17. Mikewaited says:

    Veto I should not complain all that stuff except painting deck done, finished or OK prior to purchase. As far as grass I have a black thumb couldn’t grow weeds.

  18. grim says:


    Here are my tips.

    1. Don’t deal with Home Depot or Lowes, get everything from a wholesaler like the following joint:


    You’ll save a ton of money, and they have better product. They know what they are doing.

    2. You better have a plan together really fast if you are going to DIY this, you are going to run out of time. Your window closes very, very quickly at the end September, especially if you are seeding with a blend that includes kentucky bluegrass (very slow to germinate, like 3 or 4 weeks, it’ll get too cold to put down a strong root base and will die over the winter).

    3. What is your topsoil situation like? If you are bare dirt, you may have already lost some soil. You may need to bring in some, or amend your soil to improve it. You can do it, but it’s backbreaking labor (and not cheap). I forgot the number we brought in, something like 100 cubic yards, 8 or 9 dump trucks.

    4. Spend extra on a good seed blend, stay far away from anything labeled “contractor” or “builder” blends, it contains lots of crap you’ll be fighting next year. (Stay away from single varietals/monoculture). Check the dates on the bags of seed, it expires. Crappy places will try to pawn off dead seed.

    5. Eco-friendly and green readers, turn your heads now. Your starter fertilizer needs phosphorus, it’s critical. Ignore anyone who tells you otherwise. Phos is key for strong root growth as you head into winter. It’s also hell for the environment. Watch the weather, you don’t want to do anything if a big rain is on the horizon. This will be the only time you can legally use a phosphorus containing fertilizer in NJ.

    6. Buy lots of hoses and sprinklers, lots. Set them up to be stationary, so that you can just turn up the spigot and water the lawn. You’ll need to water it every day, even twice a day if the temp gets hot. You skip a day or two, and it’ll die. Biggest mistake most people make is to start watering regularly, and then get lazy a week in, once they see a nice dusting of green on the dirt, thinking they are done. Like I said above, KBG takes 21-28 days to germinate and get going, you need to water daily, for all of those days.

    7. Watch the weather, watch the weather, watch the weather. A tropical storm making it’s way up the coast will spell disaster for you. It’s amazing how quickly seed and dirt can be washed away. Once the daytime temps stay away from the 90s, and it looks like we have a 7 day rainless period ahead, get to work.

  19. Mikewaited says:

    “The St. Louis Fed’s Jim Bullard is his usual marginally-hawkish self in a Bloomberg radio interview, but does say he would be willing to entertain the thought of negative rates on bank reserves held with the Fed. “This might be (the) time.” he says. A cut in the IOER is a holy grail for some, but FRBNY research casts doubt on whether it would force a wave of bank lending into the economy.”

    Any opinions would negative rates help spur lending?

  20. relo says:

    8: Grim,

    I heard him on Johnny Carson when I was a kid saying that the “Corinthian leather” phrase was pure marketing fabrication employed because he pronounced it so. I love when my friend’s dad, who owns a Rolls, refers to it as such.

    3B: from the other day,

    We had a C70 when we lived in FL. Stiff, boxy ride (JJ) and while engine was fine everything else broke routinely. My NJ friends commented that it was a “chick” car. I corrected that when in FL it is more aptly an “old lady” car.

  21. Mikewaited says:

    grim 20 glad my lawn ,shrubs & an assortment of things (flowering plants & bushes,etc) that I have to research to see what they are all in. The prior owners where really into gardening.

  22. Mikewaited says:

    On old Chrysler’s just bought a 1993 LeBaron GTC convertible w/70k garage kept, Sunday cruiser.It is in really good shape all work (belts, brakes ,rotors, fluids ,water pump & new tires) just done by my friend for past owner.Three hundred got title pay rest when you can $1500 total ( lady knows me), daughters first car she loves it.

  23. Mikewaited says:

    23 – are all in= all are. More coffee.

  24. 1987 Condo buyer says:

    Grim, what is a lawn sprinkler system going to run for the front yard of a “standard” house on a .25 acre? I assume just using regular sprinklers makes much more sense…

  25. grim says:

    Somewhere around 3 grand, maybe a bit higher. You’ll quickly realize that grass is an irrational waste of time and money.

  26. Essex says:

    16. Holy Shit.

  27. yo says:

    I paid $1200 for a 5 zones 100 x 100 lot in south jersey in 2006

  28. yo says:

    that covered the whole house

  29. Hughesrep says:


    Sprinkler guys are killing each other for business this year. If you are lookin at a system this is the year to do it. They have had a really lousy year. I sell to most of there distributors.

  30. Mitt says:

    So how’d I do last night?

  31. Neanderthal Economist says:

    that’s good stuff grim thanks

  32. Just McDullard says:

    Mitt… The only thing I saw from the hate fest was Eastwood’s speech.

    “we shouldn’t vote for a guy whom we really want to, even though he seems like a nice guy”, “O broke the promise of gitmo”, “how’s the 10 year war in Afghanistan going” [note ’10’], “politicians come and go every four years”, “quote-unquote stellar business man”. I sense there’s something there…

    Especially after all the cr@p spewed by Ryan blaming O for the things that Ryan himself did — I know, politics is a contact sport, but this is like bringing a football to a baseball game, running with it to the outfield, and claiming “6 runs”. It looks so bizarre, it has to be a scripted thing.

    I think the powers that be are making the GOP go over the cliff, and then point to a puppet O and tell us how we should be grateful that we have gay marriage, no stringent abortion controls, and “only small cuts” to medicare, SS, etc. They are playing a “bad cop”/”psycho cop” and make us feel like we “won” when we get the bad cop.

  33. Mikewaited says:

    Sprinklers Hmm, never had one never had a problem with lawns. Are they really necessary?

  34. grim says:

    29 – that is a crazy good price, I’ve got like 125×150 and i think I came out close to 800 or 900 in materials alone when I priced it to DIY (that included renting the ditch witch).

  35. Just McDullard says:

    killer typo: “we shouldn’t vote for a guy whom we *DON’T* really want to, even though he seems like a nice guy” [reference to GOP primaries]?

  36. NJ Toast says:


    this guy does good work and fairly priced.


  37. NJ Toast says:

    Mike, make sure you get a chimney cap – a squirrel in your house can easily do $20k in damage in a day.

  38. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    If 1 in 11 homes sold in foreclosure in Morris County, that means for the month of August there were zero homes sold.

  39. Mikewaited says:

    Toast , thanks & yes I am getting a cap that is why I am in a hurry. I read over his site I do not think he comes up my way, but I will call & ask.

  40. NJ Toast says:

    Mike, if he is not busy over the weekend, an extra $20 would likely get him to make the trip. Unlike so many contractors who try to take every penny they can from you, this guy is (or at least was) honest and not a scum bag.

  41. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    Morris County Sheriff Sale detail for August:

    14 properties went REO

    1 property in Kinnelon was bought by “Home Help NJ” for $579K.

    Home Help NJ is a some sort of shady, usurious refi outfit, right? I see them pop up quite a bit on high end foreclosures. Zillow has the home worth $769K (115 Brook Valley Rd in Kinnelon)

  42. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    I know there is mo love for Bergabe here, but the Fed says its actions helped the economy and I can’t help but wonder.

    I’m waiting for the GOP to flay Obama for taking credit for the Fed’s actions. But given their criticism, I think they boxed themselves out of that talking point.

  43. Mikewaited says:

    OK got a guy up here $270.00 clean & put on stainless steel cap on chimney, sound good?

  44. NJ Toast says:

    For your lawn Mike, this is the best fertilizer you can get – if no one has it in your area, you can mail order it. Note that the big brand fertilizer companies have different formulations for different classes of trade: big box vs independent. Greenviews old style stuff is still the best – the newer stuff lasts longer so less applications. We had crabgrass over 80% of the lawn, one application in the spring got rid of most of it.


  45. Mikewaited says:

    Toast I do not care what they say ,clean put on cap that’s it. House going to burn down yea sure my problem just do what I contracted for.

  46. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    [16] grim

    Holy crap. I’m still roflmao.

  47. NJ Toast says:

    $270 is reasonable for a sweep & stainless cap and you will never need another one. He may have to do a bit of tuck pointing so don’t be surprised if a couple of extra bucks but if he seems decent, pull trigger and be done with it.

  48. Mikewaited says:

    Toast thanks again will get on it.

  49. Mikewaited says:

    Confused 50: 3b & I among others here have been saying this for awhile here.
    “While a majority of jobs lost during the downturn were in the middle range of wages, a majority of those added during the recovery have been low paying, according to a new report from the National Employment Law Project.

    The disappearance of midwage, midskill jobs is part of a longer-term trend that some refer to as a hollowing out of the work force, though it has probably been accelerated by government layoffs.”
    Gov. layoffs the only bright spot.

  50. Fast Eddie says:

    The level of desperation by the dems began with rhetoric and inuendo and has now expanded to anger and outright blatantcy. I expect the next level to be violence in some form. Their power comes from dependency; without it, they cannot dictate their ivory tower narcissism. Independence and motivation are toxic to them. They need mediocrity and complacency; it’s oxygen to them. Some want to cut their own path, others want to be bottle-fed… we’ll see in November the mood of the country. This tat and muffin top administration is spreading their seed at an alarming rate. If that’s the new normal, then those of us with the ability to stay ahead of the curve will continue to do so as the country resumes its decline.

  51. Ben says:

    I love the part where they cut to the Chrysler “engineer” in front of the chalkboard scribbled with graphs and writing (as if to imply some kind of legitimacy or critical scientific work), but once you actually look at what is there, it’s clear that the studio guys who set it up had no idea and just scribbled some crap on the board.

    Heh, grim, I was once in a photo op for a Rutgers Engineering grant appearing in the magazine. They chose me because I looked hispanic. Rather than taking a picture of me doing work in my lab, they brought me to a lab in another building and gave me a beaker filled with water and blue food dye. They then said to me, pretend like you are explaining something to the female.

  52. Mikewaited says:

    Hey Gary how about sell the house & rent for a year or two till something you like pops up. You got one on the hook don’t lose it.

  53. Mikewaited says:

    Gary 53 “Some want to cut their own path, others want to be bottle-fed” going by that premise the GOP doesn’t have a chance.

  54. Mikewaited says:

    PS I rented for 6 years after I sold mine, got a great deal by waiting.

  55. gary says:

    “Conservatives like to pretend that, unlike liberals, they’re above the shallow charms of Hollywood. But whenever a remotely famous person identifies as conservative, the GOP swoons, whatever the star’s personal history. (Sondra Locke, who was Eastwood’s partner for more than a decade, famously claimed that he pressured her into two abortions and then a sterilization.) This is, after all, the party of Ronald Reagan. It’s the party that made Eastwood the mayor of Carmel and Arnold Schwarzenegger the governor of California. Before Hurricane Isaac shortened the convention, it was planning on giving a speaking role to reality-TV troll Donald Trump, who briefly led the primary polls. Al Franken aside, performers have much better luck as Republicans than as Democrats.”

  56. Just McDullard says:

    #53… Don’t drink the kool-aid bro. If you think electing Romney will solve the ills of the country — heck, even if it is a 10% chance of that happening, I’ll attend and support rallies even if they look at me and say “macaca, go home”. Red team isn’t the saints you think they are (and neither are the blue team).

    Who are these dems that want to be bottle-fed? People like me? I gave everything to a job, got f’ed [have enough red stained pants to show], still did the right thing, walked out with dignity [at least in my own eyes], didn’t even think of the default option of (it will take a year for them to let me go if I stop showing up to work and occasionally phoning it in), paying a big cobra bill, and the guys wiped off traces of me from their website, and some big shot offered me a deal where I’d volunteer for a couple of years and he’ll mentor me because I don’t have experience in his area…

    What is this wonderful bottle half the population in the US seems to be feeding on that I can’t seem to get a hold of? I’d even settle for sucking d!cks if that keeps a roof over my family. All the guys that waxed eloquent about what a brilliant mind I was didn’t offer a helping hand, f’k, not even their d!ck. And you think that because people like me who think going to Iraq was bad, GW screwed the economy, and sweet deals to the banks like carried interest are a bad thing for the country, and having a saudi sheik running a cable channel that keeps stirring the pot, don’t like the GOP (there’s plenty of stuff not to like from the dem side too), somehow we have it wonderful?

    I wouldn’t wish what happened to me and my family on even the guys who put me through this, but, if you think I got a sweet deal, wish it for yourself or your family, because I will not wish it for you even as a joke. Ok, f’it… you are entitled to your opinion. Turn the TV to the outrage machine channel, and keep fuming.

    The cognitive dissonance of the GOP rhetoric is interesting — one 72 year old guy (still working for an abusive company) was telling me recently why, “W’s hosting UBL’s family is fine because they are not UBL, but O is a AQ sleeper agent, UBL’s killing is entirely to W’s credit, and we should bomb the Muslim countries anyway”. Only good thing is that guy will die quicker if GOP guts medicare, and for that reason itself, I will be open to campaigning for GOP.

    Nom, I have to face the reality that I am very slow — every small thing I plan seems to take a year or more, from something like joining Stu’s club, to your offer to get me on to some fire arm lessons. It’s been one year since you made the offer, so seems like a good time to start soon. I won’t make the mistake again of assuming hat if you keep making compromises and appeal to the good in a person, they will eventually turn around and do good [seems the turn around time is probably more than a few lifetimes worth at least]. So, while I keep speaking softly, I should also start carrying a detachable big stick (JJ, sadly the one in my shorts isn’t detachable)

  57. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    [56]. Mike

    That has been my prediction. We have crossed the tipping point and takers will overwhelm makers. It will become a death spiral before we stabilize at a lower standard of living. That is why I foresee flight.

    BTW, so do the western nation policymakers. That’s why they are going after tax havens.

  58. Libtard in the City says:

    “Al Franken aside, performers have much better luck as Republicans than as Democrats.””

    Especially OLDER ones!

  59. Essex says:

    +conservative Essex really liked Mitt’s Speech+ But the liberal Essex was a little uncomfortable with the whole, let’s use tax money to send our kids to Catholic school.

    GO Figure.

  60. Fast Eddie says:

    I see the p*ssy is back using my name again.

  61. Ernest Money says:

    mikey (21)-

    Negative rates would spur the advent of the end of days.

    It will happen.

  62. Ben says:

    there’s nothing special about the number of zero. As long as real rates are negative, the same trend occurs. Malinvestments, inflation in certain markets, and of course, erosion of wages.

  63. Jill says:

    Nom #60: Please define “takers” and “makers”, especially now that people like John Sununu seem to have defined “takers” as “anyone who isn’t either a billionaire, a politician who takes money from billionaires, or a political consultant who takes money from the politicians who take money from billionaires.” In Sununu’s world, anyone who works for someone else instead of owning a business is a “taker.” Do you subscribe to that notion as well, that unless you are an entrepreneur you are a moocher who offers no value?

  64. I just could not leave your website before suggesting that I really loved the standard info an individual supply in your guests? Is gonna be again frequently in order to inspect new posts

  65. NJ Toast says:

    Comrade, #60 – sounds like what you are saying is that our leadership is not confident that they can create high quality jobs in large enough volume so that there are more makers than takers. Am I reading you correctly and do you attribute this to the current administration or do you feel that the problem is so large, it is beyond the ability of either party to effectively address it?

  66. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    Even better than the car commercials:


  67. Libtard in the City says:

    I enjoyed the SUV recommendations yesterday and I’m still researching. Thanks everyone. Fortunately, I don’t really need it until December anyway.

    I have crossed the Odyssey off of my list since two other families have one and little things just keep breaking. The electric door closing motor on one of them needed fixing three times last year alone. I think Honda makes the minivans cheaper as they know you will be in the shop paying for lots of non-powertrain related repairs. When I buy a car, the only option I’m interested in is cruise control. If they sold a car with manual locks and windows, I’d buy it in a minute. Seat warmers? Really? I don’t even take their POS stereos. When I bought my Civic, I asked for one without the radio since they listed it as an option, but didn’t sell one without. I’m talking just a straight AM/FM (no tape or CD). They wanted $200 for it. I said I’m immediately removing the stereo and throwing it in the trash. They said, but what about the antenna, we can’t just remove it as it will leave a hole. I said, “I’ll give you $50 for the antenna, otherwise I expect you to order me a car without a stereo.” Long story short, they left the POS stereo and the POS speakers and the antenna in it for $50 since they knew it would cost more than they were worth for their removal. I immediately threw the stereo and speakers out the following day and installed a Pioneer head with CD and Boston Acoustics in the rear and the doors for about $200. All are still cranking today. Over the years, I added a 300 wpc amp/cross over and two 15″ woofers behind the rear seat. Yup, I drive a ghetto blaster.

    So the cars that interest me from a used perspective are the 2009 Pilot or Highlander. On the new side, I would consider a Hyundai (still I find it hard to swallow as every time I’ve rented one, lots of little things are broken), the Mazda or potentially even the Rav 4.

    Power means nothing to me, nor does protection. I’ve never had an accident yet and I don’t plan to.

    I want no options, power means little to me, space in the 3rd row doesn’t matter, but reliability does as I plan to ride this thing till death. Better than 20MPG would be a help too.

  68. Ernest Money says:

    Piss on Sununu. He, and other fat f*^k Boomers- from both parties- is one of the biggest reasons we’re all beholden to banksters and other TBTF types.

  69. yo says:

    #36 Grim
    I was surprised too.They brought all their tools.They had a machine digger that dig and bury the pipe and put back the grass at the same time.The job was done in 2 hours.Don’t even notice where they dig the pipe on the grass.I will have to find my receipt in case some needs one done.This is in 2006.

  70. Ernest Money says:

    In any sane society, someone like Sununu couldn’t rise above the level of clerk.

  71. yo says:

    Employment is toast for a long time.I don’t care what this politicians are promising.The leading indicator is productiity.Productiity has been increasing with less workers.A decrease in productivity is an indicator companies needs more workers.That is not happening right now.

  72. NJ Toast says:

    Lib – if you get a used Pilot, make sure the tranny and differential fluid have been changed at proper intervals w proper fluid. where do you go for used Honda? One of biggest used Honda dealers is Scott in W. Chester Pa but prices I have seen are high.

  73. Mikewaited says:

    Toast 68 yes neither side has the answer, partly because of YO’s 70.

  74. ghost of JJ says:

    75 – “make sure the tranny”

    you wanna talk about trannies? one time my buddies and i…

  75. Mikewaited says:

    Yo’s 72 that is.

  76. Mikewaited says:

    Here you Krugman:
    It’s never enough for some. Paul Krugman’s summary of the Bernanke speech: 1) Things are really, really bad. 2) The damage is cumulative. 3) The Fed has the power to help. 4) The costs of QE are low, the benefits high. 5) The Fed will sit on their hands and think about it some more

  77. Mikewaited says:

    you go, sh*t I am brain dead today.

  78. Mikewaited says:

    “make sure the tranny” can we get that on a tee shirt.

  79. Mikewaited says:

    Employment: Look up an old book by Mack Reynolds-“Roll Town” everyone is on NIT, negative income tax. This was in the mid 70s as I remember, visionary.

  80. Mikewaited says:

    JJ took the day off it is Friday before holiday weekend & JJ is a big wheel.

  81. Libtard in the City says:

    I have never bought a used car. I often go with friends to buy new car as they don’t know how to Jew down those goy salesmen. I can say that because I’m a Hebe. I definitely have a lot to learn when it comes to buying a used car which is why I’m considering buying new. I’m definitely willing to pay a little more if the person selling has all of the maintenance documentation like I keep at home. Not sure why I still have the receipt for a tuneup in 1996, but I do.

    It’s a tough mental game that my mind is playing on me. I know that the premium for a new car is not really worth it, but used cars are hotter in the current economy so they are not as great a deal as they used to be. Then there’s the whole, am I getting screwed by someone who abused their car or it has a hard to detect problem and is saving $10,000 worth wasting $20,000. Maybe I’ll reach out to god for some advice. That’s what Romney told me to do when he broke from living with his rich father.

  82. yo says:

    Another indicator is average weekly hours,that has been stock at the 36.something when company profit is at an all time high.They don’t need to hire more workers.

  83. freedy says:

    Dobie Gillis is dead .

  84. Libtard in the City says:

    Sadly, had to google it Freedy.

  85. Richard says:

    truecar.com is a great place to look to see what you can get a new car for, no negotiation. Often its lower than you’d think.

  86. Mikewaited says:

    Stu used car? Maybe I can help, shoot me an e-mail.

  87. Crypter says:

    I think this is one of the so much vital information for me. And i am glad studying your article. But want to observation on some basic issues, The web site style is perfect, the articles is in point of fact nice : D. Excellent process, cheers

  88. Richard says:

    Eish, prices in Silicon Valley. And you thought some POS capes were expensive finance.yahoo.com/news/2-million-buys-silicon-valley-152126460.html

  89. grim says:

    Thinking about the ’12 pathfinder, despite the fact that I had issues with my 03.

    Last year they’ll be making a true frame pathy.

    Looks like the prices are near blowout, dealers have tons of stock, nobody wants the old body style as their new car is immediately outdated, I don’t care.

    I’m with stu, the reason I like the base pathfinder, no frills, no bells, only one whistle and it’s cheap to fix.

  90. Libtard in the City says:

    Mike…Will do.

  91. grim says:

    Dumped it due to constant frustrations with the idiot-designed exhaust/catalytic system that cost a fortune to fix properly, and even the “proper” fix was a bandaid as the design of the cats were so poor, they’d need replacement every 3-4 years anyway. Should have been a recall. Oh wait, they did, it was a tube of high temperature epoxy and two steel band clamps. Instructions? Glue the two halves of the cats together and put the bands on, good luck, god speed, see you in 5k miles when the epoxy burns through. You could only use the epoxy trick once, after that you needed to replace the cats. Problem is, they never issued a new part, so the new part would inevitably fail in the exact same way, require the epoxy patch, and then complete replacement again.

    Once I hit close to 90k I had issues with cold starting that were impossible to diagnose, and it had stalled while driving twice.

    I don’t mind buying new or used, but once I lose confidence in the reliability of a car, I dump it, I don’t care. If I can’t trust it, it’s gone, I’ll take the hit to the wallet.

    I broke down once in my life, in the Bronx, in a really shitty section of the Bronx, at 2 in the morning, before there were cell phones. Never again.

  92. Libtard in the City says:

    We were not disappointed in our X. Only major problem was the 4 cats which were fixed under warranty.

  93. chicagofinance says:

    Just McDullard says:
    August 31, 2012 at 11:02 am
    So, while I keep speaking softly, I should also start carrying a detachable big stick (JJ, sadly the one in my shorts isn’t detachable)

    Mickey D: just standing in for JJ since he is on vacation……

  94. Painhrtz - I am a meat popsicle says:

    Grim new pathys have an issue with the trans cooler it is located in the radiator decays pollutes the trans fluid with antifreeze killing the trans. Don’t know if they fixed it on the later models of that body style but it was the major issue why we did
    Lib find out what the service intervals were and familiarize yourself with any tsb bulletins. Ask for complete fluid change as part of deal, brakes, etc. Tell them you want all tsb fixed also. Go to Edmunds and get true pricing. Negotiate price then throw the ringers at them. It is pretty difficult for used car because of economy but those are the rules of thumb I go by. Also check if there are nhsta complaints that are logged. Some are tolerable others not so much.

  95. Jill says:

    Grim, 30-year, others? A colleague of mine, 30-ish, single, is looking to buy a house within a short commuting distance of Whippany/E. Hanover/Parsippany area. He doesn’t have a lot to spend, no experience being handy but is willing to learn. I think he’s nuts, but he seems determined. I’d like to hook him up with an agent who will take good care of him and get the uber-inspector to look at anything he decides to buy. Anyone want to volunteer?

  96. Real Resorts says:

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  97. chicagofinance says:

    Stu: someone trailed you on Route 3 with a camera….sorry….

  98. chicagofinance says:

    Too late….prices just rose 15% overnight…..highest placing in NJ….

    Jill says:
    August 31, 2012 at 2:36 pm
    Grim, 30-year, others? A colleague of mine, 30-ish, single, is looking to buy a house within a short commuting distance of Whippany/E. Hanover/Parsippany area. He doesn’t have a lot to spend, no experience being handy but is willing to learn. I think he’s nuts, but he seems determined. I’d like to hook him up with an agent who will take good care of him and get the uber-inspector to look at anything he decides to buy. Anyone want to volunteer?

  99. Painhrtz - I am a meat popsicle says:

    Stupid phone why we did not get one.

  100. Mikewaited says:

    Stu 101 Looking much younger than last time I saw you. LOL Funny Chi Fi.

  101. 3b Buying says:

    #79 QE 3 is on the way, as I knew it would. As far as low paying jobs, as you note you and I among others have been saying this for quite some time. In addtion to the yahoo article. I saw a blurb on one of those Captivate screens in the elevator the other day, stating most Gen Y are employed in low wage retail sector. These are supposed to be the next buyers for the housing market.

  102. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    [68] toast.

    What yo said.

  103. Jill says:

    3b: Did you put in an offer on Jackson? Nu?

  104. Anon E. Moose says:


    True believers like your and your faculty lounge buddies aren’t the target audience. Neither am I.

    The tide is turning in the battleground states. Obama couldn’t lower the real seas, he can’t push back this sea change either. He’s already losing Michigan, Ohio, Virgina, Florida — slipping through his fingers. People who don’t follow politics daily are coming to realize that things are bad enough to overcome the public’s innate interia against throwing out a one-term president. Your side can scream “racist” all they want, but no longer a trump card — it’s now worn down to an SNL punchline.

    The only reason for the viciousness of the attacks on Ryan are because of how much he scares the left.

  105. Anon E. Moose says:


    I’ve been pissed for quite some time about the call for bailouts of deadbeats, specifically principal reductions. So as a current debtor, I’m looking for the pony.

    If I owe on a note a under 3%, and the rate environment turns up, say 6%, 9%(?!?), the market price of my note is going to get hammered. Wouldn’t there be some value to the note holder to let me pay off the the note at less than par, so they could re-deploy the capital at the higher prevailing rates? Any chance of doing this with an agency mortgage? Easier to just go get the higher yield myself and make payments from what I earn?

  106. yo says:

    #110 Moose,

    If you are talking about mortgage notes,the standard thinking in banking is home mortgages life span is just a little 5 years.After 5 years homes are sold and that start over again. So you’re 3% note will be resold when you sell, to the prevailing rates.Unless you are an exception and stays in the home for the life of the mortgage.

    This is how bankers gets us.When rates are going down,we are told to refinance to a lower rate and most of the time during the bubble,the masses where taking 30 year mortgages again to lower payments after paying in many years in the previous mortgage.So in turn the note holder got paid many years on that 30 year note.Remember,the first five years of the monthly payments on a 30 year note mostly covers interest,very little in interest.When you sell or refinance after 5 years the holder of the note will be getting large interest payments again.The note holder looses if you hold the note for a long time,because principal balance gets less and interest payment gets less.It is in his best interest you sell or refinance after 5 years.

  107. yo says:

    Very little in principal

  108. grim says:

    Gangnam style hits NPR, nice.

  109. I simply couldn’t depart your website prior to suggesting that I actually enjoyed the standard information an individual provide on your guests? Is gonna be back ceaselessly to check out new posts

  110. Juice Box says:

    Lots of people on the beach tonight in Belmar. Who swims in the ocean with their kids when there are no lifeguards around at hight tide? Answer day tripping immigrants.

  111. Essex says:

    114. I’d do it, but then I was a lifeguard for about 4 years….could still do a pretty good job with it….love the water….

  112. Libtard at home says:

    Gangnam style! Nice ChiFi.

  113. AG says:


    Am I supposed to feel remorse when I read in the Patch tomorrow that they drowned?

    F_ckin Bennies.

  114. AG says:



    I wonder what Wells Fargo was thinking when they refi’d my mortgage last month. Does the risk of principal prepayment factor into their decisions? If I were a direct lender I would consider that risk.

    I’m within pistol whip range of paying my mortgage off in full. I’m conflicted by the fact that we may be facing an inflationary blowout. I think the satisfaction of denying some c_cksucker his hubris might be worth the risk.

  115. AG says:

    By the way Benny stands for…

    New York

    Keep your black T shirts and jewelry at home. You may think its cool but down here you look like complete D-bags. I guess I understand now why Europeans despise American tourists. Loud, fat, and obnoxious.

    Humility is popular.

    If I see one more J_w canoe with NY license plates I may kill myself.

  116. grim says:

    Your rage has inspired me to crack open a new bottle of Bourbon (Rowan’s Creek).

  117. Ernest Money says:

    Rage and whiskey- perfect together.

  118. Mikewaited says:

    Way ahead of you guys, off to bed.

  119. chicagofinance says:

    clot: for you this political season….

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