Ultramegasuperstorm of the Century Open Discussion

Armageddon Approacheth – Discuss

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  1. Fast Eddie says:

    In the aftermath of the storm, I’m sure realtors will claim Manhattan is closer to North Jersey. Thus, justification for the still ridiculous prices on a lot of these homes.

  2. grim says:

    From the Star Ledger:

    Hurricane Sandy prompts N.J. to reduce water levels in 4 reservoirs, 2 lakes

    Four reservoirs and two lakes in northern New Jersey will be drawn down several feet to mitigate the potentially severe flooding expected next week.

    The drawdowns of the drinking water reservoirs will begin this evening and should last between 20 and 30 hours, officials said.

    In a conference call with local officials tonight, the head of the state Department of Environmental Protection explained the state’s actions.

    “New Jersey’s reservoirs are designed to provide water, not for flood control,” Commissioner Bob Martin said. “But given the situation, we decided we needed to get as much water out of the reservoir systems as possible, creating void space for runoff from the storm.”

    The affected reservoirs include the Woodcliffe Lake-Lake Tappan-Oradell Reservoir system operated by United Water in Bergen County, the Charlottesburg Reservoir run by the city of Newark in West Milford, the Wanaque Reservoir and the Boonton Reservoir, which is run by Jersey City.

    Water from Pompton Lake and Lake Hopatcong in Sussex County will be released on Saturday, the statement said.

    “A great deal of rainfall is expected which could cause major flooding, so we are taking every step we can to try to mitigate the potential flooding that could occur and provide relief to some of our communities who are often hardest hit by severe weather and flooding,” Gov. Chris Christie said in a statement tonight.

    The drawn downs will be halted in time for the released water to pass through the downstream rivers.

    Pompton Lake will be drawn down by five feet, the statement said. It was not specified by how much the other bodies of water will be drawn down.

  3. Ernest Money says:

    Rum? Check.

    Ale? Check.

    Chainsaw? Check.

  4. grim says:


  5. grim says:

    From the Star Ledger:

    Hurricane Sandy could be among worst storms to ever hit N.J., experts warn

    There’s no sugar-coating it — New Jersey should be bracing for potentially one of the worst storms in its history.

    Forecasters and computer models continued to fine-tune the forecast for Hurricane Sandy late last night, narrowing the window of possible landfalls from western Long Island to Cape May sometime late Monday night or early Tuesday. With Sandy expected to come ashore with the strength equivalent of a Category 1 hurricane, forecasters are now warning of unprecedented coastal flooding, major river and flash flooding and up to 48 hours of tropical storm-force winds or greater.

    “This is a once-in-a-lifetime storm if these (conditions) materialize,” said Tom Kines, a senior meteorologist at Accuweather. “Even if it doesn’t come ashore as a hurricane, I don’t think people should let their guard down. The damage is going to be just as bad.”

  6. Comrade Nom Deplume in leafy PA says:

    [4] grim,


    Ammo? Check.

  7. freedy says:

    Christie, who was campaigning in North Carolina Friday for Gov. Mitt Romney, was scheduled to give several public briefings today on the storm in Cape May and Monmouth counties. Friday evening, he announced water levels at four northern New Jersey reservoirs would be lowered and flood gates would be opened at Lake Hopatcong and Pompton Lake in an effort to mitigate flooding.

    How could this guy be out of the State at this time ?

  8. NJCoast says:

    For anybody in Monmouth county, Stumpy’s ( motorcycle and jetski place near Kelly’s and belmar bridge) in Neptune got a shipment t of Yamaha generators last night. They have about 30 left today.

  9. Fabius Maximus says:

    Reposted from last thread

    Gary, something lively to wake you up this morning.
    I said after the first debate that if the needle didn’t move for Mitt in OH, O’s performance didn’t matter. When you look at this race overall, O was easy game, but the GOP just put up a bunch of Elmer Fuuds against him. Looks like we have the second election cycle that they threw away thier chance at taking control of the senate.
    Come Nov 7th, grab the popcorn, the right will run the bus over Mitt and then the party goes further right.

    My call for the election, O for the blow out 309-229. This is 96 all over again.

  10. Fabius Maximus says:

    #7 Freedy

    At least he’s not in Disney for this one.

  11. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    This Loop that Lib introduced yesterday is my new favorite:


    It looks like the aftermath of the storm surge will make the pendulum swing way the other way; After a massive storm surge at 3AM(5 feet, 10 feet?), tides several feet below normal all along the Jersey shore late Tuesday.

  12. Brian says:

    I figured the chainsaw was for the zombies.

    Comrade Nom Deplume in leafy PA says:
    October 27, 2012 at 8:23 am
    [4] grim,


    Ammo? Check.

  13. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    Rainfall total doesn’t look too bad for Northern NJ:


  14. grim says:

    The 11am has it moving even further south

  15. Fabius Maximus says:

    CC dials in State of Emergency.


  16. Essex says:

    Sleepin bags… Check
    Canned Tuna….Check

  17. NJGator says:

    So is this the weekend we find out if God really hates NJ?

    Off to buy some marshmallows for Lil Gator to toast in the fireplace during the coming blackout. And hoping Sandy doesn’t send Future Gator to the NICU this week…on the bright side, if that happens we will have found our S middle name.

  18. chicagofinance says:

    -Battery powered TV/DVD
    -Hobo With A Shotgun

    Ernest Money says:
    October 27, 2012 at 8:10 am
    Rum? Check.

    Ale? Check.

    Chainsaw? Check.

  19. Fast Eddie says:

    chloroform – check
    duct tape – check
    bow saw -check
    rope – check
    garbage bags – check

  20. joyce says:

    The total expected rain fall keeps dropping… but what about the wind? Perhaps, the wind is more important along the coasts with the accompanying storm surges.

  21. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    [16] Essex – You made me go to the kitchen and grab a few Rold Gold rods.

    Sleepin bags… Check
    Canned Tuna….Check

  22. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    [19] gary – these tactics may get you a signed contract, but I still think it will fall apart in attorney review.

    chloroform – check
    duct tape – check
    bow saw -check
    rope – check
    garbage bags – check

  23. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    I was hoping to come to NY next week to watch the Yankees victory parade, like we did in ’09. Now I might just show up to watch the storm surge. It’s looking the worst now for NJ shore to LI that it has looked since the models came out.

  24. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    About two weeks ago I was thinking about how much I’d like to own this nice little 1930’s beach house we rented a couple years ago in Sea Bright. It’s right on the beach, but because of the high dune it only has ocean views from the 2nd floor. Nice, comfy, little house with 4 BR’s upstairs and a real nice open feel downstairs, the taxes are only about $5K. Right now, I’m glad I don’t own it, and I suspect I’ll be more glad I don’t come Wednesday. 14 E New St in Sea Bright:


  25. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    [25] Sea Bright house – check that, the taxes are less than $3800. I knew they were low enough that I really liked it. Rents for $2500-$3000/week in season. I got it for $4K for two weeks and was quite pleased:


  26. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    The predictions of coastal collision, overwash, and inundation are from yesterday from the USGS. To my mind and recent data, they seem a tad optimistic:


  27. Juice Box says:

    Storm Surge in 1938 wall of water….

    “In ’38, on Long Island, people on the beach were looking at a weird, greenish fog bank coming in and only when it got closer did they realize it was a 30-foot-high wall of water. They, of course, realized this too late.

    In Misquamicut, a man saw the water approaching, herded his family into the car and began driving away from the ocean. Looking into his rear view mirror he saw his vehicle being chased by a 20-foot wave. At 50 the water was still gaining, at 60 it was lapping at his bumper. Only when he hit an uphill stretch did his pursuer lose its momentum.”


  28. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    [28] Juice – What did you do? you left out two powerful lines between the two paragraphs you cited. The article reads like this:

    “In ’38, on Long Island, people on the beach were looking at a weird, greenish fog bank coming in and only when it got closer did they realize it was a 30-foot-high wall of water. They, of course, realized this too late.

    The hurricane slammed into land with such force that it registered on a seismograph in Alaska and its spray whitewashed windows in Vermont.

    In Misquamicut, a man saw the water approaching, herded his family into the car and began driving away from the ocean. Looking into his rear view mirror he saw his vehicle being chased by a 20-foot wave. At 50 the water was still gaining, at 60 it was lapping at his bumper. Only when he hit an uphill stretch did his pursuer lose its momentum.”

  29. Essex says:

    22, You kill me. A petzel is that little headlamp thingee. But yeah now that you mention it the rods sound good.

  30. Le Pétomane says:

    950 millibars, 4-8 ft storm surge off the NJ Coast 8 PM Monday landfall, high tide 7:52 PM. I am going to be home burning allot of holes into the couch.

  31. Essex says:

    WFDU is paying some awesome Americana Music right about now. Fun stuff.

    “Field Report” was a cool new band they featured.

  32. Marilyn says:

    Essex, I used to listen to some really cool stuff years ago. Its was like all over the place type music. Good your diverse. No hard feeling I hope between us.

  33. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    [30] Essex – LOL – I misread it, and having just cracked a beer I got hungry for one. BTW, I own Petzels, but I prefer Mammuts. BTW, this is an excellent value, I’ve used one of these for years as helmet mounted lighting when biking at night. The long beam casts a distinct rectangular beam 100’s of feet, no bigger than a small window:


    22, You kill me. A petzel is that little headlamp thingee. But yeah now that you mention it the rods sound good.

  34. grim says:

    I read it as pretzel as well, I’d have gone for the Pennsylvania Dutch honey mustard l

  35. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    [35] grim – if you’re a cyclist, as I’ve recently read, buy one of those Mammuts on closeout if you ever ride at night. It doesn’t take much engineering to attach it to a helmet and the batteries in the back completely balance the light in front. I use on-bike headlights (10W low, 10W + 35W High), but the Mammut on my helmet is great for freezing a stopped driver at an intersection who is thinking about pulling out in front of you. Plus, with the 3 flashing red LEDs on the back battery pack plus the floods and spot on the front, you can just grab your helmet and you have “pretty good” night lighting for any bike. I actually have two identical helmets. One with the Mammut attached (used for commuting and night rides), and one unencumbered, for group rides and off-road.

  36. NJGator says:

    Jim Cantore is in NYC. It’s all over folks.

  37. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    [31] Le Pétomane – Is this a fart joke?

    950 millibars, 4-8 ft storm surge off the NJ Coast 8 PM Monday landfall, high tide 7:52 PM. I am going to be home burning allot of holes into the couch.

  38. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    The retreat of the storm surge looks like it’s going to be so dramatic that, with a little spring in your step, you may be able to jog from Cape May to Lewes, Delaware. Wear trail running shoes, though. You’re going to have to serpentine between a lot of recently displaced shore houses on the newly exposed Delaware basin.

  39. chicagofinance says:

    Ever since NBC/Universal took over TWC, it is of dubious value. I’ll stick with local sources, TWC is salivating at the ad revenue…..pricks…..someone is going to get an unexpected outsized bonus for 2012, because this circle of wind took a left turn…..(sounds like a politician).

    NJGator says:
    October 27, 2012 at 5:37 pm
    Jim Cantore is in NYC. It’s all over folks.

  40. joyce says:

    Looks like the rain forecast increased a bit.

  41. njescapee says:

    Surprisingly it’s still pretty windy down here with flood warnings posted for tonight.

  42. Ernest Money says:

    We’re all going to die.

  43. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    Clot – I only pull this comeback out about twice a decade, so take it as the little bestowed honor that it is:


    We’re all going to die.

  44. Fast Eddie says:

    Is this a precursor for the 12.21.2012 event? I’ll be on two vodka martinis and 150 mg of x.anax for that event!

  45. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    [45] gary – I’d be lying if I said it hadn’t crossed my mind. But being budget-minded I’m standing pat with Foster’s Premium (I hate that the British sued them out calling it “Bitters”) and Rold Gold pretzels. Oh yeah, and some LED lights you can perch on your head.

    Is this a precursor for the 12.21.2012 event? I’ll be on two vodka martinis and 150 mg of x.anax for that event!

  46. Essex says:

    33. No worries. I am used to a little give and take here on the blog.

    Georgia looks to upset here — hmmmm

  47. Brian says:

    There’s a run on generators at lowes. Lowes employee told me 100 are coming on a truck tonight. All are spoken for.

  48. Juice Box says:

    Just back from Target in Jersey City, food section looks like a tornado went thru already.

  49. Juice Box says:

    re # 48 – Brian there should have been a run on chain saws. The storm of 1938 knocked down an estimated Billion trees in the Northeast.

    From NOAA.


  50. Juice Box says:

    Silly brother of mine, has generator but no brains. He was planning on running his generator with only a few gallons of gas from the lawnmower gas can. I did the calculation for him running 1/2 power it will use 1/2 gallon an hour. I told him to fill both cars and go to the auto parts store and buy a siphon so he has at least 3o gallons of gas available.

  51. Libtard at home says:

    Latest expectations. 6-8 storm surge in NY Harbor. 4-6 inches of rain in our neck of the woods. I added a second pump to our french drain pit and deftly tied it in to the terracotta pipe to the street connected to our left front down spout. I can now pump 1.5 HP of water at a time from the basement permanently. It was painful breaking a window pane to make it happen, but it was worth it to avoid bringing everything up from the basement every major storm. I have one more gutter repair to make tomorrow and I’ll setup all of my extension cords too. Rain should start tomorrow evening. Heavy stuff at dusk tomorrow. I anticipate most of North Jersey to lose power for at least 3 days since the storm is such a slow mover and the utility company won’t climb polls until Wednesday morning at the earliest due to the winds.

    Good luck everyone and I hope you prepared adequately.

  52. Libtard at home says:

    heavy stuff at dusk Monday I meant. Sorry.

  53. Juice Box says:

    Tard – Storm Surge worse than 1938. I have been perusing the pictures, anyone in a flood zone needs to go by tomorrow night, it will be flooding high tide Monday. I am not far from the Hudson River. I may bug out too since there will be no leaving Hoboken once the flooding starts. My old Hummer could make it through 3 ft of water, this time around I will be lucky if my Traverse can do 1 ft of water.


  54. Fabius Maximus says:

    So the Fabius household prep is going well. Just back from my local Lowes and it was reasonable. It is just over the border in NY and is more rural than suburban, so it was busy but not panicy, selling lots of tarps and plywood. I had run out of fuel stabilizer which was a suprise for me. I usually use Polaris brand, but will have to run with Stabil for a few loads.

    Some pieces of advice from my prep:
    As I was in Lowes, I picked up a small indoor propane heater. It runs off the small camping fuel bottles that I always have around, I can hook to a big bottle. I grew up on Butane heaters so I know how to use them safely. Don’t really need it, but I’ll throw it in the basement as you never know.
    Monday morning, I’ll pick up dry ice from a local place. If you throw a $15 block in your freezer, it will keep it cold if you lose power for a few days. I always use it on camping trips and it keeps my food coolers cold for about 5 days without the hassle of ice melting.
    http://www.dryicedirectory.com It seems you can even buy it in the Peoples Republic of Montclair.
    Applegate Farm Ice Cream Inc, 616 Grove Street, Montclair, NJ, (973) 744-5900

    Finally, if you get stuck in a house with no drinking water. Remember you have about 50 gallons in the hot water heater that you can use.

  55. Firestormik says:

    Instead of using a lot of extension cords just make 2 “suicide” cords – google it. I have a 1.5Kw inverter which is enough to run my sump pump, fridge, freezer and a couple of light as long as I have gas in my 2 cars. I disconnect utility power using main circuit breakers and use 2 cords connected to outlets downstairs and upstairs to have power at every place in the house.

  56. Libtard at home says:

    Will look into the suicide cords thing, but I’m prepared for the alternative anyhow.

  57. Firestormik says:

    An extension cord + $3 recepticle at lowes. 2 cords will cover the whole house. Of course at your own risk!

  58. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    [55] Lib – Yeah, JJ will not be happy with this one. LI sound has gone from bad, to royally screwed, to abysmal as the models develop. I used to live about halfway down from Greenlawn, halfway up from Northport on a high piece of property, which will probably hold up fine, but it’s going to be nasty for most of the island.

    JJ…7-9 foot surge on the sound.


  59. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    Hey, you think JJ will be making cash “as is” offers to owners of beachfront property on Thursday?

  60. NJCoast says:

    Watching Bela Fleck and Eric Weissburg playing Dueling Banjos tonight at the Count Basie Theatre gave me an uneasy feeling about what’s about to happen down here at the shore in the next few days.

  61. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    A little bit more elegant than a suicide cable, but accomplishes the same ends:


  62. 4th of July says:

    Sandy, that waitress I was seeing lost her desire for me
    I spoke with her last night, she said she won’t set herself on fire for me anymore
    She worked that joint under the boardwalk, she was always the girl you saw boppin’ down the beach with the radio
    The kids say last night she was dressed like a star in one of them cheap little seaside bars, and I saw her parked with lover boy out on the Kokomo
    Did you hear the cops finally busted Madame Marie for tellin’ fortunes better than they do
    For me this boardwalk life is through, babe
    You ought to quit this scene too

  63. Mikewaited says:

    “Jim Cantore is in NYC. It’s all over folks.” LOL Gator!

  64. Mikewaited says:

    Chi fi 40 I hear they are seeding clouds for bigger and better storms/ ratings.

  65. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    “In New York, authorities were considering closing down the city’s buses, subways, commuter railroads, bridges and tunnels as early as 7 p.m. on Sunday, when the last commuter trains would depart, with the entire system to be closed down by 3 a.m. Monday, officials said.”


  66. grim says:

    Track moved back upwards again, direct hit on NJ.

  67. grim says:

    Folks, might be wise to pick up a bike lock today.

    Not for your bike, but for your generator.

    Gouging like crazy out on craigslist.

  68. Mikewaited says:

    By the way Hi all been really busy at hospital miss the place.
    Now a report from the hillbilly section of Jersey:
    The lake in my backyard has been drained almost empty in prep.
    Gas stations started running out of gas late yesterday afternoon. (think how bad it will be if a clot scenario goes down, in one day we are immobile!)
    Food store fully stocked (water also available) as of yesterday will be checking out this morn want a few things went on sale today.
    Now to the home front generator started on first pull (been sitting a year) changing oil today. Filled with gas/stabilizer before storage. Topped off & 20 gal in cans filled all cars (4 tanks full about 80 more) can run that baby for a week off/on. Sum-pump operational, manual no float that is how the place was set up as flooding is rare if ever. Have to change that set up. Camping stove ready to go (electric stove/oven) not a good idea over load gen., can run my slow cooker so bought food for it, a lot of pot roast & soup this week!
    Off to shop-rite before the crowds, report later food & fuel sit. I observe.

  69. Mikewaited says:

    Grim does loading my gun count as gen security.

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  71. grim says:

    Replacing your main lighting bulbs with LEDs will lower your fuel consumption, I’m sure HD and Lowes still have plenty of those.

  72. Comrade Nom Deplume in leafy PA says:

    Just another rainy day here in ChesCo. So far.

    Stay safe and dry y’all.

  73. Mikewaited says:

    My plan is to pull it in while I sleep Frig will hold as I sleep only 6 hours a night ever. While awake we will hear it stop my sons & I will take care of any robbers. Also can block driveway. Water on two sides, house wall on front other side you are not getting that thing up & over without 4 guys. Maybe by boat……. must concertina wire shoreline all out of claymores.

  74. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    Watches, Warnings or Advisories for New Jersey


  75. The Original NJ ExPat says:




  76. Juice Box says:

    Sea Bright Ocean Ave is already flooded.

  77. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    Areas affected:Eastern Bergen; Eastern Essex; Eastern Passaic; Eastern Union; Hudson; Western Bergen; Western Essex; Western Passaic; Western Union










  78. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    [79]Juice – That’s not good.

    Sea Bright Ocean Ave is already flooded.

  79. Juice Box says:

    Tide prediction at Sandy Hook, 8.5 ft tonight and almost 11 ft Monday night, I bet a lot of people won’t leave today and will be trapped on the barrier islands. How many are going to die? Hundreds at least if the storm of 1938 is any kind of benchmark.


  80. nwnj says:

    Yep, everyone should be changing their home defense posture — the primal instincts are kicking in.

    Just got back from a gas can and fuel run, some jerkoff at Walmart took 10 gas cans straight of the pallet that weren’t even taken out of shrink wrap. I’m glad I got two small ones.

    grim says:
    October 28, 2012 at 7:42 am

    Folks, might be wise to pick up a bike lock today.

    Not for your bike, but for your generator.

    Gouging like crazy out on craigslist.

  81. NJCoast says:

    Walking down to Allenhurst beach to say goodbye to our cabana. Everything is locked inside including the new fridge I bought last summer.

  82. NJGator says:

    I don’t get Mike Bloomberg…..soda and baby formula will kill you, but here’s what he said about the storm yesterday:

    … “What our expectation is for during the day tomorrow that there would be – it would be windy, maybe a little bit of rain, but not much during the day. Then the storm would start getting worse on Sunday evening, tomorrow into Monday. And we want to make sure, then I’ll go over what we’re going to do with parks and the beaches and that sort of thing. But don’t get lulled tomorrow when there’s not a lot of rain and not a lot of wind. This is a dangerous storm, and I think we’re going to be okay, but if it were to strengthen unexpectedly or change its expected path it could do a lot of damage, and you could be at risk.

    “So if things are the way it’s planned and if everybody does what they’re supposed to do, we will get through this very nicely and look back on it and say maybe we can offer some help to other parts of the area upstate or below us, south of us, which might get hit a lot harder…

    …“Although we’re expecting a large surge of water, it is not expected to be a tropical storm or hurricane-type surge. With this storm, we’ll likely see a slow pileup of water rather than a sudden surge, which is what you would expect with a hurricane, and which we saw with Irene 14 months ago…

    … “We have not made a decision yet as to whether schools will be open on Monday. We will make that decision and announce it tomorrow, probably late in the day.

    “As of now, all City offices will be open and all City employees are expected to be at work on Monday. Monday will be a regular work day. …


  83. Grim says:

    Pompton flood gates left open, good news for the Passaic basin at wayne.

  84. Juice Box says:

    Sea Bright Ocean rescue sufer live on ABC

  85. morpheus says:

    I really do not expect to lose water service in this storm nor do I expect to lose gas service. Got a day’s supply of water, aqua shock and a water filter. I have mapped the local sources of water (river, streams, ponds, ect). I have enough propane to cook and heat hot water if necessary. Set the deep freezer to -10 deg F, so if I lose power, that food will slowly defrost.

    I am so far behind in reading this blog. Eventually, will catch up on it.

  86. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    I’m trying to think how we survived growing up. I don’t think I even knew a family that owned a generator.

  87. The Original NJ ExPat says:


    It is not Irene. It is not the Ash Wednesday Storm of 1962. It is not the Long Island Express hurricane of 1938.

    These are some of the worst storms in state history, and forecasters say Sandy could beat them all.

    “The message we’re trying to get out to people is, no matter how old they are, they’ve never seen this before,” said Gary Szatkowski, meteorologist in charge at the National Weather Service. “If they’re relying on past experiences, it is not going to serve them well. We want you to be out of harm’s way.”

  88. chicagofinance says:

    Edward Klein on his amateur governance

    It’s hard to remember now, but only a month ago most political pundits were predicting that Barack Obama was going to win the presidential election in a cakewalk.

    On the eve of the first debate in early October, Democrats were euphoric, Republicans were demoralized and depressed, and the political world was dismissing Romney as an amateur who was out of his league.

    But then, as we all know, the campaign took a dramatic U-turn. Romney kayoed Obama in that first debate, and the same carping critics who had declared Romney’s candidacy dead in the water anointed the Republican challenger as the momentum candidate.

    Suddenly, it was Barack Obama who looked like the amateur.

    As president, Obama has shown himself to be inept in the arts of management and governance. He has failed to learn from his mistakes and therefore repeats policies, both at home and abroad, that don’t work. He invariably blames his problems on those he disagrees with and is so thin-skinned that he constantly complains about what people say and write about him. He is a strange kind of politician who derives no joy from the cut and thrust of politics, but who clings to the narcissistic life of the presidency.

    The qualities that define him — his arrogance, his sense of superiority, and his air of haughtiness — have been on full display as Obama has sought a second term. In the debates and during the final weeks of the campaign, Obama has been prickly and defensive. His cheap shots at Romney (for instance, he mocked Romney for using the phrase “binders full of women”) and his use of the derisive word “Romnesia” have made Obama appear unpresidential, small and unserious.

    Obama has always had scorn for anyone who disagrees with him. That was particularly obvious in the first debate.

    “In debates, I watch body language more than content,” Stuart Spencer, the famous political consultant who ran Ronald Reagan’s presidential campaigns, told me. “That’s where it’s at in debates. And Obama came across as arrogant and preachy. He has a personality that hates to be questioned. He has to be right and have answers all the time. Even in his facial expressions, he was looking at Romney as ‘you fool.’ That was not a winning debate strategy.”

    By all accounts, Obama doesn’t find joy in being president. Like Richard Nixon and Jimmy Carter, he is an introvert who prefers his own company to that of others.

    I interviewed a former State Department official who told me: “While I was in the room, he’d get phone calls from heads of state, and more than once I heard him say, ‘I can’t believe that I’ve got to meet with all these congressmen from Podunk city to get my bills passed.’ ”

    I heard the same complaint from people who raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for Obama during the last election. I interviewed a major Jewish-American fund-raiser who praised Obama to the sky while I had my reporter’s book open and I was taking notes. But as soon as I closed my book and put away my pen, he confided in me:

    “My friends in the Jewish community who raised tons of money for Obama complain to me that they never hear from him. He never answers their phone calls. He’s not like Bill Clinton, who used to call them and ask about their wives and grandchildren and businesses. And you know what? I don’t hear from him either.”

    What does all of this say about a president who hates the day-to-day, give-and-take of politics? Who doesn’t have respect for members of Congress? Who doesn’t show loyalty to those who supported him with their money, time and organizational skills?

    What does this say about a president who doesn’t show any gratitude? Who has frozen Oprah Winfrey and Caroline Kennedy out of the White House after those two famous women helped make him president?

    What does this say about a president who has ignored his African-American base to the point where every single African-American leader and businessman I interviewed for my book told me that they were disappointed and disillusioned with this country’s first black president?

    I think it speaks volumes about his character, his inflated self-image, and his lack of qualifications for another four years in the White House.

    Edward Klein is the author of the bestseller “The Amateur” (Regnery Publishing).

  89. chicagofinance says:

    To be clear…..I am no Republican…..I just want this guy kicked to the curb…..

  90. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    Maybe the Ultramegasuperstorm of Five centuries?

    “We should prepare for the worst-case scenario,” said Phillip Orton, a research scientist at Steven[sic] Institute of technology who studies storm surge. “At that end, we’re looking at a 100- to 500-year flood. So, really, really bad.”


  91. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    Massive Hurricane Sandy building a huge and destructive storm surge


    By Dr. Jeff Masters
    Published: 2:34 PM GMT on October 28, 2012
    Massive and dangerous Hurricane Sandy has grown to record size as it barrels northeastwards along the North Carolina coast at 10 mph. At 8 am EDT, Sandy’s tropical storm-force winds extended northeastwards 520 miles from the center, and twelve-foot high seas covered a diameter of ocean 1,030 miles across. Since records of storm size began in 1988, no tropical storm or hurricane has been larger (though Hurricane Olga of 2001 had a larger 690 mile radius of tropical storm-force winds when it was a subtropical storm near Bermuda.) Sandy has put an colossal volume of ocean water in motion with its widespread and powerful winds, and the hurricane’s massive storm surge is already impacting the coast. A 2′ storm surge has been recorded at numerous locations this morning from Virginia to Connecticut, including a 3′ surge at Virginia’s Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel and Sewells Point at 9 am EDT. Huge, 10 – 15 foot-high battering waves on top of the storm surge have washed over Highway 12 connecting North Carolina’s Outer Banks to the mainland at South Nags Head this morning. The highway is now impassable, and has been closed. The coast guard station on Cape Hatteras, NC, recorded sustained winds of 50 mph, gusting to 61 mph, at 5:53 am EDT this morning. In Delaware, the coastal highway Route 1 between Dewey Beach and Bethany Beach has been closed due to high water. Even though Sandy is a minimal Category 1 hurricane, its storm surge is extremely dangerous, and if you are in a low-lying area that is asked to evacuate, I strongly recommend that you leave.

  92. Comrade Nom Deplume in leafy PA says:

    [12] Brian,

    Chain saw for when they get close or ammo runs out. I figure start with .223 at distance, then buckshot, then pistols. Can take down several hundred before I have to introduce them to my friend Husqvarna.

    That reminds me, have to tighten chain and refill bar oil.

  93. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    [97] I like the black guy on The Walking Dead. His weapon of choice in the opening episode was an old school fireplace poker. The other guys have guns and a crossbow and he’s charging into the undead fray with a fireplace poker. Classic. (the “new” classic?)

    [12] Brian,

    Chain saw for when they get close or ammo runs out. I figure start with .223 at distance, then buckshot, then pistols. Can take down several hundred before I have to introduce them to my friend Husqvarna.

    That reminds me, have to tighten chain and refill bar oil.

  94. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    I guess with the fireplace poker you go in and out real quick through the orbital socket and the little hooky thingy, is that a petzel?, pulls out a little diseased brain for good measure on exit. I’m pretty sure that’s how joyce would greet a JJ zombie. Or maybe just regular JJ.

  95. Comrade Nom Deplume in leafy PA says:

    [98] expat,

    I prefer my hatchet. Been using one since scouts and can perform surgery with it.

  96. Fast Eddie says:

    I read this morning that Obomma was in New Hampshire to “make sure they’re prepared for the storm.” LOL! Right. And I’m switching my career to become a realtor. Let’s be honest, Oblamma wouldn’t flinch if it meant a bunch of Romney supporter’s got swept away by flood waters. In fact, I’m sure the Chicago war room is trying to figure out how to use the storm to their advantage.

  97. Fast Eddie says:

    Jets. BWAHAA!

  98. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    Just got the call. No school for Boston Public tomorrow. Like I said a couple days ago, it’s not the conditions, it’s the bus drivers. Bad weather, they won’t show.

  99. The Original NJ ExPat says:


    Significant storm surge will impact New York City and surrounding areas during the landfall of Hurricane Sandy. The projected landfall will place NYC in an onshore wind flow through several tide cycles. Given the geometry of the New York/New Jersey coast, water will be funneled into New York Harbor. Our chief meteorologist at WeatherBELL, Joe Bastardi, has been warning the public that the highly perpendicular angle at which Sandy is approaching will allow for a far more significant surge event than Hurricane Irene.

  100. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    Two funnies from Mayor Bloomberg,

    The city will shut down the elevators in all 26 of the public housing developments in these low-lying areas, beginning at 7 p.m. Sunday. Housing officials have begun knocking on every door to alert residents to the evacuation, the mayor said.

    Meaning: If you don’t get out, you’re hiking the stairs.

    But the mayor urged the public to re-locate to friends or family before going to a public shelter.

    “I’m sure your friends and families outside of Zone A would just love to have you for dinner tonight and to stay over, and if you have to stay on a couch, it might not be the most convenient thing in the world, or even if you have to sleep with a blanket on the floor, but it’s a lot better than running risks of having people get hurt or worse,” the mayor said.

    Meaning: Yeah, you can hole up in one of our hastily set up shelters, but if I were you, I wouldn’t.


  101. Essex says:

    Pumpkin seeds cooking, Bourbon and cider are flowing,
    If Sandy comes here, I’m sure she’ll be blowing.

  102. Libtard at home says:

    3 pumps in the backyard and 2 in the basement. Not much more I can do. Bring it!

  103. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    [112] NJG – WTF? Did someone sit on the pot too long? What’s the upside of leaving the floodgates closed?

    Grim –

    Mayor of Greenwood Lake, N.Y. blasts Jersey officials for refusing to open floodgates

  104. Painhrtz - 42 says:

    Gutters clean down spouts draining away from hous last of major leaves cleaned out of the back yard chainsaw ready generator ready beer fridge full. I hate the name sandy bring it b!tch

  105. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    [107] Essex – A co-worker brought in a *ton* of peppers from his garden last week. We have pod coffee machines all around our office and anyone who has stuff to give away just plops it down at the coffee station nearest his group (good reason to cruise the coffee stations – Capt. Cheapo tip). Well he mercifully divided the peppers into bell and hot. I took a couple, and the bells went quick, but days later there were still a half dozen bells and tons of hots (still are), so I grabbed the last few bells and a few more hots. Just finished making sausage and peppers for dinner and the samples are so good from the stove I think I might walk down the block to buy some Italian rolls (usually we have S & P sans rolls). Later on I might be hungry for some petzels;-)

    Pumpkin seeds cooking, Bourbon and cider are flowing,
    If Sandy comes here, I’m sure she’ll be blowing.

  106. grim says:

    Darn I think I moderated Gator’s post about Greenwood lake

  107. grim says:

    108 – Reservoir operators do not believe they are part of any kind of flood control program.

    Sure, that might be true, but when the reservoir dams are threatened and being over-topped, they sure have no problems dumping water downstream, adding to the problem.

  108. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    I’m guessing a lightning or mod strike just happened at NJRERe? NJGator’s post disappeared and my post refs are way off? Anyway, here’s the article Gator pointed us to: http://www.nj.com/morris/index.ssf/2012/10/mayor_of_greenwood_lake_ny_bla.html

  109. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    [111] LOL

  110. Anon E. Moose says:

    Juice [79];

    Sea Bright Ocean Ave is already flooded.

    I saw a picture from Ocean Beach (NY) on Fire Island already flooding this morning due to storm surge.


  111. Modyswono says:

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  112. Juice Box says:

    Should be an interesting day tomorrow for the markets. It is work from home day for Wall St.

    I wonder if there is enough bandwidth?

  113. Mikewaited says:

    Test run on generator power- marked breakers to be left on (shut everything down), shut main, powered up , good to go.

  114. grim says:

    Mandatory evac of all ground floor apartments in Hoboken tonight ?

  115. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    [120] grim – Is that news, or are you attempting to start a bitchin’ block party? Aren’t you on pampers duty, old man? Honor your post;-)

    Mandatory evac of all ground floor apartments in Hoboken tonight ?

  116. Juice Box says:

    Yup, all ground floor and basement units should evac in Hoboken. My cousin in Manhattan was also told to evac she lives in a high rise on the east river. I am about 150 yards from the river, my car is in the first floor garage. I will try and move it to higher ground tomorrow, the parking garages are full so I may just park it illegally on Stevens Campus.

  117. relo says:


    Any good open houses today?

  118. Punch My Ticket says:

    Best of luck, all.

  119. grim says:

    I haven’t slept in 3 days, delerium is setting in, bring it on.

  120. Painhrtz - 42 says:

    I’ve got beer and scotch and live on top of a mountain Other than falling trees. F*ck Sandy. Good luck to the rest of you. Juice just get the hell out of there. The amount of water this thing is pushing up the Coast some of those 2nd floor apartments might be screwed come the 5PM high tide.

  121. Painhrtz - 42 says:

    Grim it gets better. I’m almost tempted to go and look back at some of my posts from march to see if I was even more non sensical than usual.

  122. Juice Box says:

    Pain – no worries I can simply walk up another flight or two and crash with neighbors, we already have a plan to do so. The biggest problem besides flooding will be a long power outage. I am betting we will fare better than the burbs. My extended family mostly in Bergen County was was without power for a week or better for Irene and Snowtober.

  123. Happy Renter says:

    Topped off fuel supply on Friday evening. Hit up Wal-Mart in Watchung for extra oil and a few odds and ends; at 11 o’clock at night it was mobbed, with no water left etc.

    Spent yesterday Halloween’in it up with family and friends at a Halloween party at a neighbor’s house.

    Cleaned up the yard this morning and spent the rest of the day organizing.

    We’re prepared for everything, whether we bug-in (hopefully) or have to bug-out (unlikely). All 3 kids sleeping downstairs in the living room now . . . the only thing I can’t control is whether a tree decides to fall on the house. And we’re surrounded by ’em . . .

    Stay safe, everyone.

  124. Comrade Nom Deplume in leafy PA says:

    [101]. Eddie,

    Seriously? The Chosen One was lecturing people on preparedness in 1 of the few states that knows well how to prepare?

    I guess that I overestimated the intelligence of granite Staters. Perhaps they also don’t know that we these things called aircraft carriers, and planes land on them.

  125. Comrade Nom Deplume in leafy PA says:

    [126] grim

    Remember your military training. You eat, sleep, and s*** whenever you can because you don’t know when you will be able to again. And do not try to multitask or respond quickly; you need to focus and not make mistakes. Rushing just because she cries is dangerous—-mistakes happen that way.

    No baby ever died from crying. Put your own mask on first before helping others.

  126. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    OH NO!

    Bergen Community College has cancelled all classes and activities for Monday. It is tentatively scheduled to reopen and resume classes on Tuesday at 7 a.m.

  127. Juice Box says:

    Grim – Sleep when the baby sleeps. It may be tough to break routine but it is necessary, since you will lose your mind more than once.

  128. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    I just want SF to win so I can watch my DVR’d Walking Dead in Peace. Grim – Don’t you have a wife to do the heavy lifting? When I was in your spot it didn’t make sense for me to get out of bed. I didn’t have the keys to the pantry, so to speak.

  129. chicagofinance says:

    Is this the biggest storm Kylie has seen?

  130. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    I’m invoking Rold Gold power. Hang on to your Petzels.

  131. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    Miguel Cabrera is the new A-rod.

  132. Brian says:

    Don’t forget to help your neighbors if they are in trouble.

  133. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    LOCATION…36.8N 71.1W

  134. zieba says:

    Power out in northern Edgewater around 5AM Monday. Just came back on minutes ago. I’m using this opportunity to run the dishwasher and beef up water potable water.

  135. zieba says:

    I woke this morning to much tempered NOAA forecasts. We’re now in a much lower total rainfall band. It also appears that the radius of harm has also decreased and is now due south of us.

  136. Juice Box says:

    Check out Atlantic City this morning.


  137. Painhrtz - 42 says:

    NBC had Big Al standing on the dunes in Pt Pleasent. Nearly spit my coffee. When i saw the water moving behind him. thought to myself I have been down there during Nor eastes when the prominent high did not look that bad. Al better get out of there or he is going to lose the weight permmanently.

  138. grim says:

    Chegg on LBI under water, shots on the Severe Jersey Weather FB page.

  139. Hughesrep says:


    My wife was at Joe Leones yesterday in PP. She said an NBC truck was loading up on subs. Maybe Al was loading up to anchor him down.

    Has to be gusting to 50+ already down here. Forrest Gump rain.

  140. Ernest Money says:

    This whole thing is a voter suppression tactic.

  141. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    How many offers do you think they will be getting in the near future at their $3.4 Million asking price? Coincidentally, the purchase price was about the same in Sept 2006.


    A Lifestyle Like No Other! Upon Entering This Custom 4900 Square Ft Oceanfront Beauty You Will Fall In Love With The Feeling Of Elegance And Comfort That Welcomes You

  142. Fast Eddie says:

    I just saw peaks of sun. Does this mean it’s over already? Did I die and not realize it?

  143. Ernest Money says:

    Got a case of Founders Breakfast Stout, Stone Ruination and some Westmalle Tripel fot the landfall. If we go all zombie apocalypse, I can tap the Bordeaux while fighting off the undead.

  144. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    I wonder what kind of photo ops will be presented from the eye when it make landfall.

  145. Ernest Money says:

    Ain’t dyin’ with good sh*t left to drink in the basement.

  146. grim says:

    Just got an email from bottle king letting me know stores are stayin open until 2

  147. grim says:

    The wisdom of deferred maintenance will be tested today.

  148. The Original NJ ExPat says:


    – Det dybe lavtryk er jo i 945 millibar, så det er faktisk historisk. Der har ikke været et så dybt lavtryk i det område før, så ingen levende mennesker har oplevet det, som kommer til at ske de kommende døgn.

  149. zieba says:

    Uh….I retract my comment from earlier this morning. The marina behind the crib is already under water. A bunch of guys are lined up watching their docked boats bop about in the angry Hudson.

    Clot, we have a colony of wild parrots on the premises. They are clearly sensing the severity of this voter suppression tactic as they’ve been going nuts with chatter.

  150. grim says:

    Expect plenty of water and wind damaged REO.

  151. Painhrtz - 42 says:

    Grim wasted for Armageddon. I’m in the office cause it is only 5 miles ways from home. Only one here, guess when I got the Closure notice 9:15 this morning, email was sent 6:40 last night. I hate our IT I could be home having a bloody mary right now

  152. Painhrtz - 42 says:

    zieba obviously Haliburton and Bush the lesser have a hurricane Machine. Or possibly Romney is using his magic pajamas

  153. Mikewaited says:

    Wind up a bit in upper Sussex county, all else OK. They did some job on the lake I live on bone dry in anticipation. Time to go out for breakfast & buy more scotch for inevitable power outage(will watch DVDs & drink!) generator ready to go figure satellite will be blocked.

  154. Ernest Money says:

    Looks like time to tap a Breakfast Stout and watch Boca-River Plate on the tivo.

  155. NJCoast says:

    At Allenhurst beach this morning, the water is as high as the height of Irene. No beach left but the man-made berms are holding back this mornings high tide.
    We have our first leak, dripping through a light fixture in the middle of the room on the first floor- where’s that coming from?

  156. Libtard working from home says:

    Tonight’s high tide will be the doozy. Everything people are witnessing today is just a teaser. That dune Al was standing on might not be there tomorrow. I thought it was illegal to walk on the dunes anyway.

  157. nwnj says:

    Looks like this is the coup de grâce for Atlantic City. Has the state got its money back from the Revel thing ye?

  158. grim says:

    LBI washed over at Brant Beach and Beach Haven

  159. chicagofinance says:

    I officially declare JJ a NANCY BOY! Whose at work today? I am sitting maybe 20 miles from where the eye will make landfall.


  160. chicagofinance says:

    If you buy perishable food on the AmEx with buyer protection, and then the power goes out and the food spoils…….can you make a claim?

  161. grim says:

    Are you home or in red bank?

  162. Libtard working from home says:

    I’m at work…well sort of.

  163. Comrade Nom Deplume in the eye of the storm says:

    Looks like we are in the crosshairs. When it calmed this morning, I thought we were in the eye. So far, heavy rain, winds heavy but not bad. Roads in Delaware all closed. Get caught out 2x, go to jail. Work and schools closed so the Deplumes hunkered down. Plenty of booze, gas, water and ammo. Just hope the power stays on.

  164. Painhrtz - 42 says:

    Fab heard that on the news this morning thought what a bunch of morons. when ever you here about someone on a boat trying to outsail a storm to save the boat it never ends well.

  165. zieba says:

    I heart you cheapo.

  166. freedy says:

    Will it end well in Atlantic City? Building codes enforced at the Revel

  167. Painhrtz - 42 says:

    freedy the only way it ends well is if that hole washes into the ocean and they can start over.

  168. Mikewaited says:

    NJ herald just asked permission to go on property to take pictures of my emptied lake.
    Hopeful pics in paper tomorrow, maybe a before after thing.

  169. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    Hmmm. NOAA released their 11 AM advisory a few minutes early.


    LOCATION…37.5N 71.5W

  170. grim says:

    Intensified slightly since the last report.

  171. grim says:

    If you folks aren’t watching these two facebook pages, get over there..

    Severe NJ Weather
    Jersey Shore Hurricane News

    Better on-the-ground reporting than Jim Cantore.

  172. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    Besides my hard shell jacket, I brought my Gore-Tex pants to work. Really just to walk out to my car later.

  173. nwnj says:

    How did the earthquake work out for port au prince?

    Will it end well in Atlantic City?

  174. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    Officials in Ocean City, NJ “the ocean has met the bay, we have never seen anything like this”

  175. Fast Eddie says:

    Lieutenant Dan would say, “you call this a storm?”

  176. NJGator says:

    First official storm related “emergency” reported in GR….

    “To not know that Starbucks was closed: ok

    To stare at the interior of the store as in hopes of movement of employees to manage your coffee fix: ehhhh….ok?

    To call police wanting a response because you are concerned as to why Starbucks is not open, and pretend that you are concerned for the welfare of the employees that ” MUST ” be inside: OH COME ON PEOPLE!!”

  177. freedy says:

    NBC News ‏@NBCNews
    MT @mikeseidel: Atlantic City, NJ public safety director says most of city under water, looks like worse damage than 1962.
    Collapse Reply Ret

  178. wickedorange says:

    add this one to the list as well.


  179. chicagofinance says:

    Here is Chris Christie’s at the emergency press conference….

  180. Fabius Maximus says:

    FEMA declares State of Emergency for NJ.

    I hope all the small gvmt conservatives are sticking to their principals and not watching these NOAA and NWS web sites. They should be relying on state sources and for profit enterprises such as the The Weather Channel for updates…. :*)

  181. chicagofinance says:

    Small government doesn’t mean no govt…..

  182. Fabius Maximus says:

    Cranford issues mandatory evacuation order.

  183. Mikewaited says:

    Chifi 192 classic scene.

  184. Fabius Maximus says:

    #194 Chi

    When you call for the elimination of the Departments of Education, Commerce, and Energy, its “No News for You!”

  185. Mikewaited says:

    Lib need bigger, do not go under 5000 IMHO.

  186. Mikewaited says:

    Fab 198 the void will be filled where needed by profit motivation.

  187. Libtard working from home says:

    Bigger is great, but we do fine with 3,000. Mainly it’s for the fridge, heat and pumps. Everything else is more of a luxury.

  188. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    [196] Anybody ever been to a Cabela’s, like their super-sized store right outside of Hartford, CT? We were on our way to NJ the day after Christmas one year and we stopped there once. It was a madhouse and my family of 4 stood out like a sore thumb. We were the only ones not wearing camo.

  189. Comrade Nom Deplume in the eye of the storm says:

    [196] libtard,

    Good advice. Can put it on my cabelas card. Only wish I could avoid the $23 in sales tax.

    Can’t do what I used to do at skadden and ship to the wife’s office–her location is so secure, they do random car searches and she needs executive permission to take laptop home. They would freak out if I had a generator shipped there.

  190. Mikewaited says:

    Lib electric stoves up here no nat gas, need the extra juice.

  191. Fabius Maximus says:

    Not much profit in running buoys.The only serious part associated with a for profit enterprise would be Google Earth and I assume that is running at a loss. All the The Weather Channel channel computers are just for graphical modeling with supplied date to make it look purdy.

  192. Comrade Nom Deplume in the eye of the storm says:

    [193] fabius,

    If you are going to force me to pay for it, I’m going to use it. Even if I can do just fine without it. As a donor, I would prefer to pay less and nix services I don’t want it need or think that gov shouldn’t provide. But until that day comes, I want as much of my forced donation spent on me as I can get.

  193. Fabius Maximus says:

    Coolest images yet.
    Libertarian disclaimer: The following comes from federal funded sources. Do not view as it will only increase the site traffic and help them justify funding.

  194. nwnj says:

    And I thought this was an onion, story. Thanks FEMA.

    193.Fabius Maximus says:
    October 29, 2012 at 11:52 am
    FEMA declares State of Emergency for NJ.

  195. Happy Renter says:

    This little Yamaha EF2000iS has served us well:


    Stable output safe for your electronics, quiet, fuel efficient, portable. They sell larger models if you feel you must have more output, but we use ours for the basics and it’s enough.

    You can buy one pre-converted for tri-fuel (gas/natural gas/propane) but that requires some lead time.


    If I had to do it over again, I’d buy one of these from the start. As it is, I’ll probably have mine converted at some point.

  196. Libtard working from home says:

    Mike…I was thinking that was the major case. We can run our water heater and stove without electric.

    Gator just told me that the hurricane tracker plane says storm is intensifying with gusts to 100 now. People who don’t evacuate are morons. I will offer little sympathy for them as they wash out in to the Atlantic.

  197. chicagofinance says:

    Mikewaited says:
    October 29, 2012 at 12:02 pm
    Fab 198 the void will be filled where needed by profit motivation.

    This subject is going to be raging in a few days, so I will beat FabMax to the punch….
    Opposition to laws against price gouging

    Neoliberal economists Thomas Sowell and Walter E. Williams, among others, argue against laws that interfere with large price changes. According to this view, high prices can be viewed as information for use in determining the best allocation of scarce resources for which there are multiple uses. Many laissez-faire economists oppose price gouging legislation and argue that it prevents goods from going to individuals who value them the most. For example, after a storm has felled numerous trees in a locality, a rise in the price of chain saws will discourage their purchase by people with only a minor need for them, making them more available for those with the strongest need. Problems during the Siege of Paris (1870–1871), which critics attribute to price restrictions, are often held up as another example. With price gouging laws in place, producers are only able to charge a set price, then they have little additional incentive to increase supply to adversely impacted area; if producers are able to make extra profit then they will increase supply. These laws lead to after-market operations as consumers with the lowest opportunity costs buy up desired resources and attempt to resell them to public at higher prices.

    In terms of fairness, anti-price gouging laws require producers to sell goods below their market-clearing price : the market clearing price is the amount at which quantity supplied is equal to quantity demanded. If goods are priced above their market-clearing price then there will be a surplus of goods and the converse leads to a shortage of goods. Under anti-price gouging laws, consumers are unable to buy the necessary goods which they desire in a time of need.

    According to the neoliberal approach, anti-price gouging laws prevent allocative efficiency. Allocative efficiency refers to when prices function properly, markets tend to allocate resources to their most valued uses. In turn those who value the good the most will be willing to pay a higher price than those who do not value the good as much.[5] According to Friedrich Hayek in The Use of Knowledge in Society, prices can act to coordinate the separate actions of different people as they seek to satisfy their desires.[6] Prices fluctuate with changing desires and convey information to buyers and sellers about supply and demand of goods.

    Many economists argue that laws against price increases serve only to restrict supplies of a good or service by reducing the incentive suppliers have to undertake any additional costs, hazards or inconvenience that may be required. They argue further saying that these price increases force consumers to ration goods thus increasing the longevity of certain resources in an emergency.

  198. Juice Box says:

    I know of one moron who would not leave Brigantine. I can no longer reach him on text messaging.

  199. Fast Eddie says:

    Sections of Seaside Heights boardwalk are reportedly gone. Anyone have a link?

  200. Painhrtz - 42 says:

    Juice having lived there. No way in hell could you get me to stay there in a nor easter let alone what is a borderline cat 2. With the predicted surge I would not be surprised if it is sent back to its natural state by Tuesday morning. Ocean is going to meet absecon tonight.

  201. Anon E. Moose says:

    Hey Lib, I wonder if they’ll be running $2 Blackjack in AC after the storm passes.

  202. grim says:

    Moving really quick now, landfall between 3 and 5. Good news is that it will hit before high tide.

  203. Painhrtz - 42 says:

    Transformer fire in Wayne grim you can keep the little one warm in your chest hair

  204. Juice Box says:

    Lots and lots of rescues in LBI.

  205. Ernest Money says:

    chi (194)-

    Allow gluteus his straw men.

  206. Ernest Money says:

    Watch the pols clamor to rebuild AC with our money.

    Get everyone out, ring-fence that sh*thole, and let it rot.

  207. Ernest Money says:

    I’m only for rebuilding AC if they allow sports gambling and somebody opens a good soccer betting parlor.

  208. NJCoast says:

    Just got back from friends’s oceanfront home. Ocean raging but cabanas still there behind the berm. They still have power but I’m out a half mile inland due to trees. Waiting till dusk to fire up the generator. It’s going to be a long night.

  209. Comrade Nom Deplume in the eye of the storm says:

    Strangely, we did not lose power but did lose water pressure. We are on well and the only thing I can think of is that we used so much so quickly that pressure tank ran down and pump could not keep up. I know nothing of well systems so I cannot tell if that makes sense or not.

    Shut everything down to prevent pressure loss and will see if it comes back. In the meantime, very glad I set up rainbarrels to catch nonpotable water.

  210. Libtard working from home says:

    Our lights flickered and we lost Fios briefly, but otherwise it’s been nothing more than gusty so far.

  211. Painhrtz - 42 says:

    Was outside checking down spouts and low gutters just windy had a break with no rain
    Looking at branches going f*ck should have taken that one down oh well jcp&l reportedly going to leave substations open as long as there is no flooding. Only plant that would be in real jeopardy is the plant on the hacensack in secaucus

  212. Mikewaited says:

    Nom 228 had well for many years, strange usually you get brown water then you know STOP using give some time for aquifer to refill. Think maybe your well pump out , hope not never know could be a fluke. Shut down give it some time see what happens is the right move.

  213. Mikewaited says:

    Was out in car (Sushi lunch w/daughter) winds kicking up got in maybe40 min ago, starting to push car around.

  214. Mikewaited says:

    lib 229 one brief flicker here also but so far so good, you got mail.

  215. Libtard at home says:

    Powers out around the corner. Fios should be gone shortly as it keep resetting. My 1/2 cord stack of firewood has amazingly blown over. That’s gonna be fun to restack tomorrow. Otherwise, still fine.

    This is pretty funny. A weather geek I know had an anemometer on his roof although he had to evacuate. Looks like his power is either down or the meter blew off his roof.


  216. Juice Box says:

    Landfall could occur by 4 p.m. today; storm moving northwest at 28 mph with winds of 90 mph

  217. Ghost of Kettle says:


    So you bailed on Westfield, where are you now?

  218. grim says:

    Flickering up here in wayne, keeps coming back!

  219. Ghost of Kettle says:


    How is life with the twins?

  220. Ghost of Kettle says:

    Someone feel free to correct me but aren’t the predicted Wave heights on top of storm surge? So those 12 ft waves are on top of an 8 ft storm surge .

  221. chicagofinance says:

    beat me to it

  222. Libtard at home says:

    Surge usually includes the regular tide heights, not the overage. Reason it’s not usually note is because the tides on the gulf (where most hurricanes hit) are so small compared to up here in the Northeast.

  223. Libtard at home says:

    Hat tip to Mike, Chifi

  224. Essex says:

    Every once in a while the shore could use a good flush.

  225. Mikewaited says:

    240 thanks Stu, love that pic.

  226. Mikewaited says:

    Hey Ket how is it going.

  227. Ernest Money says:

    I like drinking in the afternoon.

  228. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    Ket – welcome back. The winds and downed branches even up here are pretty impressive. Driving home from work around 2:30PM I encountered many large tree branches down and right near us the upper 1/3 of a 60 foot tree fell down as I was walking within 30 feet of it, luckily it didn’t land on anything important, like me. It sounded like thunder, the cracking of the trunk prior to the fall. We abut DCR property on Chestnut Hill Reservoir where there is a nice grove of these 60 ft trees, nicely spaced, it serves as the back yard on the water for our Condo association, and we’re able to keep a picnic table and grill on the shaded lawn (quid pro quo?). Somehow we get a permit from DCR and maintain or remove the trees (on our own dime), but it’s a lot of red tape for each pruning or takedown. There was a 60 foot dead one we took down within the last 18 months. Money well spent. Also we maintain a crushed gravel path to resident parking through the DCR property but we can’t have it shoveled or maintained in the winter as we would be liable somehow?

  229. xolepa says:

    So can we officially declare JJ a girly man?

  230. Painhrtz - 42 says:

    Wow look what the storm blew in good they sleep through the night so I don’t complain. Just busy but you know what that is like. Could even find tome to collect a sixer from nom before he skipped the state.

  231. homeboken says:

    Water is about a foot below the North Hoboken waterfront walkway. We are going to get water throughout the streets, just a matter of how high. The homebokers are sitting tight 60 feet up. Doesn’t look good here.

  232. Painhrtz - 42 says:

    Lib bored folks an Photoshop make me smile

  233. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    Ket – BTW, Nom moved to a rental Nompound with no hard perimeter, but clear sight lines to the soft perimeter in SE Pennsyltucky. Supposedly he lives among fully toothed and educated neighbors, but I’m skeptical.

  234. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    Apparently the accelerating speed of Sandy will hurt NYC and LI. Landfall may closely correspond with NY high tides at ~8PM.

  235. Mikewaited says:

    Just had to go cut vines off of trellis before it went over.

  236. Mikewaited says:

    Yes where is our superman JJ?

  237. grim says:

    Did I read the 5pm forecast discussion correctly? Sandy intensified yet again?

  238. Mikewaited says:

    247 “I like drinking in the afternoon.”
    Waiting until I switch over to generator which at this rate will inevitable, don’t want to do it in the bag. Lights now flickering almost constantly.

  239. Mikewaited says:

    grim 260 going to h*ll in a handbasket as we speak.

  240. Pat says:

    umm..just want to say belated congrats to you and J-


    They just wanna have fun. Make it fun. Challenge yourself. Every smile is a win.
    Pat says:
    October 29, 2012 at 4:39 pm

    And by the way, please let Jayne know that I’ve lived by her food allergy advice over the last few years and our old boy George is still kicking. Has all of his hair, too. Almost 14..or maybe 15 now. Vet put him on thyroid meds after dropping down to 16 pounds – he’s back up to 20 and again looks like a small, but stately mountain lion. Still rolls over on his fat back to beg for treats at exactly 10 pm each night.

  241. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    [259] MikeW – JJ is off work today. JJ never posts on his own time, only company time. Also his wife doesn’t allow him to use the internet at home.

    Yes where is our superman JJ?

  242. Ghost of kettle1 says:


    It only takes a cat 2 to drag me back for a cameo

  243. Painhrtz - 42 says:

    Lights flickering for me too have stop drinking just took dog for a walk nothing like walking a spooked 120 lb German shepherd in hurricane winds.

    Ket when hunting season is over I’ll drop you an email we can meet on holy ground for a brew and swap twins horror stories. That is if I survive this crap

  244. zieba says:

    lights flickering in Edgewater and starting to seriously howl now.

  245. Ernest Money says:

    The POS abandoned house next door to me not faring real well right now. Wish I could put a match to it.

  246. Ernest Money says:

    jj getting a forced saltwater enem@ right now.

  247. Happy Renter says:

    “The POS abandoned house next door to me not faring real well right now. Wish I could put a match to it.”

    As the saying goes: when life hands you lemons, make lemonade.

  248. Ghost of kettle says:

    Clot an electrical fire in an abandoned house during a hurricane wouldn’t be an overly suspicious event

  249. gryffindor says:

    Time for hurricane happy hour in Manhattan! Bars, bodegas, and pizza places were open earlier this afternoon. People were buying essential supplies like Cup-o-Noodles and Fiji water.

  250. Ernest Money says:

    Whoops, there goes his picket fence.

  251. Juice Box says:

    Just back from the Hoboken Marina, the wind is blowing south along the Hudson. No Storm surge yet nothing spilling over the banks..

    NY Harbor Buoy showing 29 ft wave heights.


    I will be back out there in an hour.

  252. Juice Box says:

    Buoy Data off of Stevens (Click on the castle point link on the map)


  253. Comrade Nom Deplume in the eye of the storm says:

    Eye of the storm. Wind has trailed off but is picking up again.

  254. relo says:

    Lights out in Ramsey. Hi Ket.

  255. chicagofinance says:

    Nom…aren’t you glad you moved?
    ……I think you picked the exact inland trajectory…good work….go buy some lottery tickets dude……..you have the touch…

  256. grim says:

    Power gone for good tonight, tree down across the lines a half block away.

    Incredibly, two crews are out working on it

  257. Comrade Nom Deplume in the eye of the storm says:

    Ket, welcome back dude. Pain, I am.not often in NJ but the debt is still owed. No one has called for a GTG in some time. Naturally, I will lobby for one in whatever is left of south jersey.

  258. Libtard at home says:

    I can’t believe my power is still on. I just took the dog out back to do his duty and the winds are just scary. Lights keep flickering, but they are still on.

  259. grim says:

    Ah shit, they just left

  260. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    How much do you want to bet that Sam Champion is wearing waders under his khakis while standing in knee deep in the water? I’ll parlay that with a second bet that he has a separate pair of dockers for every segment.

  261. Mikewaited says:

    Lights still on here also , out through most of area reported by friends but my little corner of the world hanging on.

  262. Libtard at home says:

    Facebook is pretty funny right now. One by one, my friends are losing power.

  263. NJCoast says:

    70′ oak down in my front yard. Didn’t hit the house or any others or power lines. Our little Yamaha 2000is is humming away. Had to throw a pump in one of the basement window wells but not too much rain just lots of wind. Plenty of video coming in of our cabana crashing into smithereens against the rocks at the beach. By tomorrow there will be nothing left of them. Water is up the steps and in the beach club swimming pool. CBS is reporting from the beach club restaurant that cantilevers over the beach.

  264. Juice Box says:

    Just back from Hoboken Marina, water has not lapped the piers yet. Some storm drains are backing up however.

  265. Juice Box says:

    RutRoh, lots of flickering…..

  266. Libtard at home says:

    Casino pier at Seaside collapsed. I read that the Battery surge is approaching 12 feet. Lower East Side is flooded and the NYFD can no longer respond to calls. Anyone want to question the death count from this storm?

  267. grim says:

    Night sky lighting up like fireworks

  268. Libtard at home says:

    Con Ed cutting power to portions of lower Manhattan.

  269. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    [291] grim – pole transformer explosions or lighting?

  270. Libtard at home says:

    All transformers. The only lightning would be around the eye.

  271. Fast Eddie says:

    Waiting for the break of day
    Searching for something to say
    Flashing lights against the sky
    Giving up I close my eyes
    Sitting cross-legged on the floor
    Twenty-five or six to four

  272. Fast Eddie says:

    Did Casino Pier in Seaside really collapse? Omg…

  273. Firestormik says:

    Lost power for about 5 seconds. When it came back the surge broke a filter cover on one of my fish tanks filters. Glad it happend when I was nearby. Waking up in the morning and founding 120 gallon of water on the floor would be “nice”.

  274. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    Waiting for the break of day
    Searching for something to say
    Flashing lights against the sky
    Giving up I close my eyes
    Sitting cross-legged on the floor
    Twenty-five or six to four


  275. Painhrtz - 42 says:

    Still on lord knows how long. Casino pier going into the ocean, state should pay Sandy for area improvement. Winds are just sick, just came in from outside grim is right it is a transformer fireworks show.

  276. Fast Eddie says:

    I’m seeing those flashing lights in the distance. Every now and then a flash catches my eye through the window.

  277. Fast Eddie says:

    Every 100 years mother nature needs to make a statement. I can’t imagine what the pictures are going to reveal in the coming days.

  278. Painhrtz - 42 says:

    Lower Manhattan under water Jersey city also bunch of building collapses. Man o man

  279. Fast Eddie says:

    Ex Pat,

    One of the greatest guitar leads ever. And they created the first mainstream horn sections in rock music. They were great when the called themselves “Chicago Transit Authority.”

  280. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    [304] gary – Look what I just found! Less than 650 views, must be a recent find (uploaded in August). Unbelievable Terry Kath solo:


  281. Juice Box says:

    Back from the Hoboken Marina, the water has now crossed the walkway and Sinatra Drive and is flowing down 14th st. Sewer are backing up.

  282. Comrade Nom Deplume in the eye of the storm says:

    Lot of flickering here. Winds worst of storm. Eye went rght over us. Getting water in some upstairs windows. Think it is being blown up soffit vent, which runs length of siffit. Glad I’m renting.

  283. Mikewaited says:

    Nom water issue?

  284. Mikewaited says:

    Gary I gather you have power in Clifton.

  285. Fast Eddie says:

    I still have power but wondering how many more roof tiles I’m gonna lose. In fact, I hope I still have some roof left.

  286. firestormik says:

    Lost power too. Running inverter off my car

  287. NJGator says:

    REPORT: House Strikes Mantoloking Bridge; Bridge May Be Out

    Police say they can’t confirm or deny that a house struck the Mantoloking Bridge, possibly taking the bridge with it.


  288. Libtard at home says:

    Path Station in Hoboken filling with water.


  289. AG says:

    Destruction and doom a plenty in ocean cty tonight. I’m watching a transformer explode across the street while branches smash into my windows. Power has been out. I have .25 left on my cell figures I would use it up here. Reports that a house hit the mantoloking bridge and it’s out of action.

  290. Mikewaited says:

    Lib you & I still holding on to power , amazing.

  291. Libtard at home says:

    Barely though. Our lights just went off for 5 seconds, but miraculously came back on.

  292. AG says:

    You guys in Pennsylvania watch out. These winds are wicked right now. Coming your way. My house sounds like it being hit by shrapnel. Coming your way

  293. Mikewaited says:

    Lib same here about 5 sec out & then back.

  294. pete says:

    Stu, same thing happened here..twice. Cablevision went out hours ago though.

  295. Painhrtz - 42 says:

    We are officially out good night and good luck everyone

  296. Comrade Nom Deplume in the eye of the storm says:

    [319] AG

    Yeah, it’s bad here. I was out in it a little while ago and it was sideways stinging rain.

  297. Libtard at home says:

    A carousel in Brooklyn.


  298. Comrade Nom Deplume in the eye of the storm says:

    [310] mike

    Pressure came back after awhile. I think that with 5 people, four of whom took showers or baths, and with bottles being filled, toilets being flushed, and laundry being done before the power is lost, we bled off all the pressure. Back now.

    I put out some barrels for nonpotable water. They were filled by midday. Used them to flush toilets a few times. So no worries there if we lose power.

  299. Comrade Nom Deplume in the eye of the storm says:

    [310] mike

    Did not know which water issue you meant. Getting weird dripping out of top of window frames. Don’t know reason. But at least it isn’t my problem to fix.

  300. AG says:

    Update on mantoloking bridge. A house has struck the bridge but bridge looks undamaged. Police can’t investigate because the ocean has breached to the bay.

  301. Juice Box says:

    Power out north 11th on Hoboken for about 1/2 hr, flood waters receding

  302. wanaka06 says:

    The initial explosion at the Con Ed Plant, E14th and FDR.

  303. gryffindor says:

    Can’t remote into the work server at Little Falls anymore. Did Sandy take out my power and my backup battery?

  304. NJGator says:

    Finally lost power at 10:20. 5 minutes later the last big tree left in our yard came down on the neighbor’s driveway.

  305. Mikewaited says:

    Nom the well issue , glad all ok.
    Lost power 935 gave it some time to come back now on generator.

  306. grim says:

    I think the loss estimates of 1-2 billion are way too low.

  307. Happy Renter says:

    Last estimate I heard on the radio (can’t remember if it was NPR or BBC) put the loss estimate at 20 billion.

    Wind gusts seem to be less frequent around here now, not out of the woods yet but if we can get through the next few hours without a tree falling on the house I will be happy.

  308. 30 year realtor says:

    lights and fios still on in my little corner of Waldwick

  309. Mikewaited says:

    Should dissipate slowly now.

  310. Fabius Maximus says:

    Crazy night. I think my sister in law is aiming for a Darwin Award. She is currently holed up in an attic with water in her living room, Surge is receeding so she should make it to the two storey house across the street.
    Rewired my network as I fried a router. All work locations in the tristate area are on diesel. Just about to power down my Jenny for a few hours and batten down for the night.

    Best call heard on the radio.

    Dispatch “did you take the complaint and report from the lady on 2nd st”
    Officer “Yes, she said the guy lives on 3rd st, but be careful as he has a very big Machete collection!”

    Stay safe peeps!

  311. Essex says:

    No power since nine o’clock. Nice little roof leak — Ahhhh fun!

  312. Mikewaited says:

    Just topped off generator hitting the sack, stay safe all.

  313. Theo says:

    Power out at 5:31pm in Hillsdale. Roof ripped off family room over garage at about 8pm.

  314. AG says:

    Unconfirmed reports of multiple houses and boats floating in the bay. Daylight shortly. The damage is going to be way more than 10 billion. This off grid solar I put in a couple years ago is paying off big today. I heard they evacuated NYU medical center?

  315. Ghost of kettle says:

    2 trees fell on garage but roof held, damage but didn’t collapse. Tree fell into / over inground pool. Lost power at about 9:30

  316. Brian says:

    Power out everywhere around….thankfully no damage to the homestead. Cell service weak and spotty…..

    Hope everybody is ok.

  317. Mikewaited says:

    Kettle good to be renting today.

  318. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    How many insurers will go BK (or AWOL) before the market reopens?

  319. Mikewaited says:

    My home owners company e-mailed, called, & sent letter out (rec. Friday) to give me a number for calling during storm for claims, pretty good.

  320. Fast Eddie says:

    Number of roof tiles laying outside around the house. I can’t see the top of my roof, so I’m not sure about the damage but I do have some leaks.

  321. Fast Eddie says:

    Devastating. These poor people. My boss is also a volunteer fire captain in his town. He said two kids got killed by a fallen tree on the house. It puts things in perspective, doesn’t it?

  322. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    Remember the Mayonnaise Jar
    A professor stood before his philosophy class with some items in front of him. When the class began, wordlessly, he picked up a very large and empty mayonnaise jar and proceeded to fill it with golf balls. He then asked the students if the jar was full. They agreed that it was.

    The professor then picked up a box of pebbles and poured them into the jar. He shook the jar lightly and the pebbles rolled into the open areas between the golf balls. He asked the students again if the jar was full. They agreed that it was.

    Next, the professor picked up a box of sand and poured it into the jar. Of course, the sand filled up everything else. He asked once more if the jar was full. The students responded with a unanimous “Yes!”

    The professor then produced two cans of beer from under the table and poured the entire contents into the jar, effectively filling the empty space between the sand. The students laughed. “Now,” said the professor as the laughter subsided, “I want you to recognize that this jar represents your life. The golf balls are the important things: your family, your children, your health, your friends, your favorite passions—things that if everything else was lost and only they remained, your life would still be full.

    “The pebbles are the other things that matter: your job, your house, your car. The sand is everything else—the small stuff. If you put the sand into the jar first,” he continued, “there is no room for the pebbles or the golf balls. The same goes for life. If you spend all your time and energy on the small stuff, you will never have room for the things that are important to you. Pay attention to the things that are critical to your happiness. Play with your children. Take time to get medical checkups. Take your partner out to dinner. Play another 18. There will always be time to clean the house and fix the disposal. Take care of the golf balls first, the things that really matter. Set your priorities. The rest is just sand.”

    One of the students raised her hand and inquired what the beer represented. The professor smiled and said, “I’m glad you asked. It just goes to show you that no matter how full your life may seem, there’s always room for a couple of beers.”

  323. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    [352] that last line should read, “there’s always room for a couple of beers with a friend”, which is how I first read the story. I think somebody added the medical checkups part and changed spouse to partner, too.

  324. NJCoast says:

    Wow. Just wow. The devastation at the beach is unbelievable. Saw one beach front house in Deal just collapsed in a heap. All the Allenhurst beachfront homes fared well as they are 15 feet above the beach. Saw lots of homes inland with trees on top of them. We have lots of big branches down in our yard, one ripped the conduit right off the house.

  325. Libtard at home says:

    No electricity, but FIOS is working. Internet is up, fridges are running, heat is on and cable is next to test. All praise the $300 generator and some minor preparation. In other news, our giant 100-year oak collapsed on top of our neighbors detached garage. The insurance claim is in. Hope everyone fared well. Can’t say I didn’t warn you all. :P

  326. Painhrtz - 42 says:

    Nobody likes a know it all lib fridges on generator lost a couple.of tree limbs all else is well

  327. Libtard at home says:


  328. Juice Box says:

    Bugged out of Hoboken. Still 4 ft of standing water around the substation PSE&G won’t go near it until the water is gone. Packed up all the food in the cooler and off to Bergen County for a nice relaxing stay at my mom’s.

  329. Ernest Money says:

    All good in my little corner of Foodstamp County. I have power; no one around me does.

    Either God or Satan is looking out for me and mine. Either way, that will end badly when the bill comes due.

  330. Ernest Money says:

    Drove into JC this AM. Looks like a neutron bomb went off. Flood stopped a block from the store, so it’s dry and OK. Think it’s gonna be a few days before things even begin coming back to normal.

  331. Jill says:

    Good morning everyone….sorry for those who had trees fall and other damage. Here in beautiful (?) WT (wannabe Haughtyville), there is no power and it is not expected back till 11/5. But in our Low Rent District of wannabe Haughtyville, no great damage. Have not inspected roof or siding, but other than the power out we seem to have emerged unscathed and the generator is working like a charm. (Yes, we got new gasoline.) Hope everyone else is well.

  332. Jill says:

    grim, please un-mod #362. Thanks.

  333. All Hype says:

    Here is a storm surge tidbit:

    My best friend dry docked his boat in Sea Bright 8 feet off the ground. He was told this morning that his boat is now sitting across the Navasink river in a tree.

  334. Fast Eddie says:

    Casino Pier, gone; Midway Steaks, gone; the old carousel in the Seaside Park end, gone; JRs and the Saw Mill and Lucky Leos and Ski Ball and Kohrs and Marucca’s tomato pies gone. All those memories of bar hopping and hanging on the boardwalk, gone. Simply devastating. All the Jersey Shore memories we have forever changed. It took me until now to realize it. Very emotional, very painful for us that have those memories.

  335. Fabius Maximus says:

    There is looting in the Rockaways and now I suspect Jersey city.

    From the JC mayors office.

    In order to maintain the safety and security of the residents of the City of Jersey City, Mayor Jerramiah T. Healy in consultation with the Chief of Police and Director of Emergency Management & Homeland Security has ordered that the operation of motor vehicles on all streets and highways of Jersey City is hereby banned until further notice by the Mayor or Chief of Police in addition, all retail businesses operating within the confines of Jersey City that have no electric power must close at 7:00 pm and remain closed until 07:00 am. These matters will be strictly enforced.

  336. joyce says:


    Fast Eddie

    Have you seen pictures on the news or online of those places gone?

  337. joyce says:

    Glad to know that if you’re in JC, you’re now trapped amongst the looters.

  338. Fast Eddie says:


    Yes. I did a search on seaside heights and hurricane Sandy and came up with pictures. Truly heartbreaking. I also listened to Christie’s very emotional speech recalling memories of Seaside as well. I’m going to bed, I’m exhausted. Between logging into work for 12 hours and listening to the steady sights and sounds of destruction, I’m done.

  339. Juice Box says:

    No power in most of haughty BC yet. I just did the tour of closed downtowns in a hunt for an open liquior store, everything closed except one place for hooch. Already lawless and no courtesy at traffic lights, commute tommorow should be a hoot.. The only liquor store open was Total Wine in the land of the unicorns by Rt 4, every strip mall for miles blacked out. Some kid in the parking lot asked me to buy for him. I told him to head over to the Orange Lantern and get laid, heck I even chip in but would not buy.

  340. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    [364] gary – we can still reminisce about ridiculous asking prices and sky-high taxes. Sandy couldn’t take that away from us . sniff.

    Seriously, I felt really disconnected today. The Seaside and other NJ shore pictures really made me feel like I was in a another country as nobody up here except my wife knows those places. Work today was just about who does and doesn’t have power in MA. I really missed NJ today.

    Casino Pier, gone; Midway Steaks, gone; the old carousel in the Seaside Park end, gone; JRs and the Saw Mill and Lucky Leos and Ski Ball and Kohrs and Marucca’s tomato pies gone. All those memories of bar hopping and hanging on the boardwalk, gone. Simply devastating. All the Jersey Shore memories we have forever changed. It took me until now to realize it. Very emotional, very painful for us that have those memories.

  341. joyce says:

    I heard about Casino Pier, the old carousel, and Sawmill.

    Didn’t hear about Midway, Marucca’s, JR’s, or Lucky Leos… looking for pictures of those.

  342. chi in westchester says:

    I bugged out of town. It was really bad down by me. We lost power at 8PM, which is great considering most of the grid in my area was taken down at 2PM. I drove to Red Bank back through Eatontown back home. No power anywhere. My neighbor went west most of the way through Freehold….nothing. On the way north, we saw some lights in Woodbridge, Carderet, Newark, but really nothing until Washington Heights…….they said JCP&L lost 85% of customers and nothing will be back for 7-10 days.

  343. Juice Box says:

    re: “nothing will be back for 7-10 days.”

    looting and price gouging will be back in fashion.

  344. NJGator says:

    80% of Montklair without power. PSE&G told the Mayor today to not expect the first trucks in town to restore service until Friday at the earliest. Will take at least 5-7 days from there to get service restored in town.

    Halloween postponed to Saturday 12-5 in Montklair. GR postponed Halloween to Friday. So the silver lining for the kids is double the opportunity to score candy later this week.

  345. reinvestor101 says:

    Dammit. This stinking storm is a damn liberal creation and an attempt to turn the damn election to Obama. Why in the hell am I saying that? Well, the damn Pillsbury doughboy is praising him for his help during the storm and then has the damn nerve to say that he won’t appear with Romney. These stinking damn RINO’s are the bane of this party’s existence and I tell you what, I’m going to personally see to it that his ass is purged from the damn party. He reminds me of that stinking dirtbag Luger who was always reaching across the damn aisle. Lardass should have seen how he got cut off, but yet he wants to run his damn mouth on Fox trying to help Obama. Nothing gets my damn dandruff up than these damn RINO’s crossing the damn aisle for ANY REASON. I don’t give a damn if fire and damn brimstone was falling, YOU DON’T PRAISE OBAMA FOR A DAMN THING. He should have found some socialism in all of this to criticize Obama with.

  346. Anon E. Moose says:

    Last month: It was reported that Obama knew the UE numbers at the time of the first debate. That was a Tuesday night but a Friday release. The numbers were marginally better, but Jack Welsh joined the chorus calling the numbers… ummm, well I guess its OK since the President himself used this word… bullsh!t,

    Now, with the president going down hard in the polls, The Obama Daily Fishwrap (aka, NY Times) is reporting that because of the weekend storm, Dept of Labor wants to delay the release until after the election (http://www.nytimes.com/2012/10/30/business/no-decision-on-timing-of-jobs-report.html).

    Last month, they came up with a number that was for the first time in Obama’s presidency below 8% — they had it four days in advance. This month, a hurricane five days before the release forces a five day delay. How conveeeee-nient.

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