End of the NJ HQ?

From the Star Ledger:

N.J. could force employers to pay severance to laid-off workers

Stirred by the plight of New Jersey Toys “R” Us workers who lost their jobs when the Wayne-based retailed filed for bankruptcy and shuttered stores across the country, the state Legislature on Monday passed a bill requiring larger employers in New Jersey pay severance to laid-off workers.

The bill (S3170) would require New Jersey employers with at least 100 employees provide their workers 90 days notice — up from 60 — before a large layoff or a plant closing or transfer that will put at least 50 people out of work. It would also force these businesses to pay their workers one week’s severance for every year of service. The payout increases by an additional four weeks if the employer doesn’t comply with the 90-day notification rules.

More than 30,000 workers nationwide lost their jobs, including some 2,000 in New Jersey, when the famous retail giant closed its doors. Employees were initially let go without severance. Two of the private equity funds that owned Toys R’Us, facing public pressure, have since established a $20 million severance fund and workers won a $2 million settlement.

United For Respect, a nonprofit group advocating for the bill, said that if signed by Gov. Phil Murphy, New Jersey would become the first state with such a severance mandate.

Meanwhile, the New Jersey Business and Industry Association, which represents 20,000 businesses here, has warned the bill will deter companies from locating or expanding in New Jersey.

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79 Responses to End of the NJ HQ?

  1. dentss dunnigan says:


  2. Blue Ribbon Teacher says:

    I’ll bet now employers keep track of every single.petty thing to fire someone now to avoid paying this. A bad sign for the workplace.

  3. Chicago says:

    Are they kidding?

    Sounds smart, but it is a long term job killer. Idiots

  4. Chicago says:

    finite pie mentality

  5. Blue Ribbon Teacher says:

    So not only are they trying to ban plastic bags, but they want to ban paper bags as well? Someone should inform our esteemed science believing colleagues that paper is biodegradable.

  6. 3b says:

    Paramus banned plastic bags as of January 1.

  7. Blue Ribbon Teacher says:

    What ever happened to the Green New Deal? Is that not a thing anymore?

  8. Fast Eddie says:

    Is that not a thing anymore?

    What about the crisis at the border… children in cages separated from their loving parents? Is that not a thing anymore?

  9. Mike S says:

    what’s wrong with paper bags – i send them back to the recycling
    those plasticky reuseable bags which need to eventually be thrown out are much worse

  10. ExEssex says:

    9:43 You know America has a rich tradition of white supremacy.

  11. Fast Eddie says:

    You know America has a rich tradition of white supremacy.

    And you certainly ain’t a member, that’s for sure.

  12. Bystander says:

    What happened to wall and gun control and greatest healthcare plan in world?

  13. ExEssex says:

    10:42 no but you can gobble my member Gary. You like kosher sausage…?

  14. Bystander says:

    ..or the best point, the Tea Partiers and conservatives deficit obsession. That’s how you know racism was involved with Obama. Nary a mention of Trump’s drunken spending..more than during war time.

  15. xolepa says:

    What the heck is Assexx’s problem? Who gives a you know what about supremacy? Maybe I could have told my grandfather who never did learn to speak English that he was privileged.

    Dogonn right, Assexx. He worked his butt off and bought a house after being here only two years. That white supremacy helped him all the way.

    I don’t get it. Guys/Gals/its/they/whatever…. maybe if they weren’t so miserable in their lives they wouldn’t blame others for their own shortcomings.

  16. Nomad says:

    Tobais always has interesting stuff. This one should evoke some responses.


  17. Blue Ribbon Teacher says:

    Household income by ancestry:

    Australian American (2016) : $90,930[2]
    South African American (2017) : $90,517[2]
    Taiwanese American (2016) : $90,221[3]
    Filipino American (2016) : $84,620[3]
    Austrian American (2016) : $80,717[2]
    British American (2016) : $79,872[2]
    Iranian American (2017) : $78,005[2]
    Russian American (2016): $77,841[2]
    Japanese American (2016): $77,504[3]
    Bulgarian American (2016): $76,862[2]
    Lithuanian American (2016) : $76,694[2]
    Israeli American (2016) : $76,584 [2]
    Slovene American (2016) : $75,940[2]
    Basque American (2016) : $75,864[2]
    Lebanese American (2016): $75,337[2]
    Chinese American (2016): $74,764[3]
    Croatian American (2016): $73,991[2]
    Sri Lankan American: $73,856[2]
    Scandinavian American (2016): $73,797[2]
    Belgian American (2016) : $73,443[2]
    Malaysian American (2016): $72,827[3]
    (excluding Taiwanese American)
    Swiss American (2016) : $72,823[2]
    Italian American (2016) : $72,586[2]

  18. Blue Ribbon Teacher says:

    or the best point, the Tea Partiers and conservatives deficit obsession. That’s how you know racism was involved with Obama. Nary a mention of Trump’s drunken spending..more than during war time.

    Was it racist by the left to complain about Deficits during GWB or currently under Trump? Just cuz they are white?

    I think the only reason people complained about it was because he was a democrat. Do you honestly believe they wouldn’t be complaining about it with HRC in office?

  19. Blue Ribbon Teacher says:

    what’s wrong with paper bags – i send them back to the recycling
    those plasticky reuseable bags which need to eventually be thrown out are much worse

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with them. I actually save them and use them as landscape trim to block weeds under the mulch each season. It biodegrades by the end of summer.

  20. Libturd, the Master Beta says:

    It’s all moot when compared with our obsession with personal transportation. Then there’s the 2 stroke engine which is even worse. As long as the world continues to burn coal and we all drive around in cars (mainly alone), you can pretty much each plastic bags and it won’t do nearly as much to reduce pollution.

    And then there is the biggest polluter of all of em. Factory farming.

    There is no factory farming in Costa Rica. It’s the craziest thing. Their cows are actually skinny.


  21. Bystander says:


    The birther movement was completely racist sh$t. There was clearly overlap in thought between Tea Party and birther movement. They rose up at same time..c’mon now.

  22. Libturd says:

    The racist reactions to the first lady were simply disgusting too.

  23. 3b says:

    Vince Vaughan shook Trunps hand at the LSU game and the left is hyperventilating! It just gets worse!

  24. Blue Ribbon Teacher says:

    Yeah, well, IMO, all of those issues are exclusive and entirely unrelated. I don’t care what Republican is in office, Dems will scream about the deficit. And I don’t care what Democrat is in office, Republicans will scream about the budget. At the same time, both sides will remain silent. It has nothing to do with race.

    Racism is disgusting in all its forms… I didn’t hate Obama for his skin color. I hated him for his policies and questionable actions.

  25. OK Snowflake says:

    Warren just announced on day 1 of her presidency she will cancel the student debt of 42 million borrowers. I guess her attempt to make sanders look like a misogynist failed so she came up with this.

    Just think of all the people who went to a state school or lived at home to go to school or got an associates degree before transferring to a 4 year school to cut costs will feel about this. I’m guessing they will not like it.

    People who borrowed tons of money to go to a private school or an out of state public school may like it.

  26. 3b says:

    Can I send my proof of payment in cash for my kids for their college education?

  27. OK Snowflake says:


    Sorry buddy. You’re as big a sap as all of us who went to a state school or did the associates degree first are. Or like me, drive a car over 10 years old so my kids can have 4 years tuition at a state school in their 529 account when they finish high school.

    Maybe I should vote for her so I can get an M3 like pumps.

  28. Bystander says:

    Agree BRT. Both sides play the game except one side brands themselves fiscal conservatives, has Alzheimer like memories when R in office the suddenly out with pitchforks when other side mentions paying the bills

  29. Bystander says:

    I am all for canceling debt. It is all meaningless at this point. What’s another trillion if it frees up millenials to buy my house for triple what I paid for it in about 10 years.

  30. 3b says:

    I guess I am and all the rest of us that played by the rules.

  31. Bystander says:

    Well, 3b, many of us are suckers who put 20 percent down while idiots used zero down, arms. They got bailed out by HAMP or every other program. Moral hazard kind of thing of past. Also, not a fair system where tuition can rise astronomically, banks are covered risk free and rates are 6-8 percent in cases while the world pays 3. Start by offering bk protection, adjusting max govt backed loan amounts to Fed inflation and rates are not more than 1 point above Fed funds rate. The wild west ain’t working and politicians feeding at the coral while ordering finest wh$res.

  32. Blue Ribbon Teacher says:

    I would love a balanced budget. Itsa pipe dream and there is no pathway to it anymore. It will be the end of he currency at some point or atthe very least, q major major devaluation.

  33. D-FENS says:

    This is the best Bloomberg money can buy?

    Test your political knowledge:


  34. Libturd, knows you can't spell nice without ICE says:

    A billion dollars is a lot of meatballs.

  35. Bystander says:

    29000, party like its 1999 or 1929.

  36. Fast Eddie says:

    Phase I is being signed today. Another Trump win. What a glorious time it is right now to be reaping so much personal wealth and having the world envy and admire us again.
    In other news, I understand Commie Con was a laugher last night. Does anyone really watch the dem debate show? I sense Reagan-Mondale part 2 is coming in November.

  37. ExEssex says:

    Thank you President Twump for restoring my faith in Amurica.
    It’s truly a blessing to have you lead us with your vision and moronic Rallies.
    For it only through inheritance and screwing anyone and everything that one can truly realize their potential.

    White Peeeple

  38. ExEssex says:

    Oh, and thank you Baby Jesus, the World is no longer laughing at US but they respect us because you, the Orange Imbecile, are in charge

  39. Juice Box says:

    Bystander – re: 29000 – Gross National Happiness Likes (GNHL) and Quality of Life measured in units of Harmony (QOLH) will be the new soc*ialist symbols once Bernie and AOC are running the show.

  40. ExEssex says:

    Baby Jesus, I know in your infinite wisdom you have chosen President Twump because you know his heart is pure and his mind is sharp. Unlike that colored man who only got into Harvard because of affirmative action – presidunce Twump has earned every degree and has the best words.

  41. Juice Box says:

    ROFL – Any this guy who received glowing media treatment and who the left heralded as a resistance hero and who tried to take down the president. Look how far he has fallen..

    “Avenatti was reportedly arrested during a recess of his preliminary hearing before the state bar that could see him ultimately disbarred.” His lawyer informed the judge when the hearing resumed that Avenatti would not be able to appear.

    No less than IRS agents arrested him again too.

  42. ExEssex says:

    Speaking of the IRS where are Twumps taxes?

  43. Fast Eddie says:

    Biden, Bloomberg and Sanders will all be at least 78 years old by November. How is the left going to use the old, evil, rich, white guy excuse when their only choice is going to be an old, evil, rich, white guy?

  44. Libturd (breaking the echo chamber) says:

    Well it was only a matter of time before the DNC full court press would be turned on to Bernie. Only this time, all but the wonkiest could easily see it for the smear campaign that it obviously was.

    Biden still can’t speak a coherent sentence. But name recognition and association with Obama alone are the only reason he is still leading in the polls. I think he’ll suck in the caucuses since well, he doesn’t know English.

    Warren – Completely blew it with this manufactured smear. Not only was the timing clearly conspicuous, but the fact the sources are unnamed, her need to try to differentiate herself from the person she stole all of her positions from and her recent drop in the polls once she announced she was against socialized healthcare all reek of desperation. All of the CNN women cast a blind eye, but Bradley Cooper smartly argued for what it really was. It was bad enough that the panel would even question Bernie about it after his flat out denial. Yes, CNN is a tool of the DNC much like MSNBC.

    Bernie – Needs to develop a few new talking points and get out the difference between Democratic Soc1alism and straight up Soc1alism. Because the plain truth is that public education, welfare, social security, medicaid and medicare are all examples of Democratic Soc1alism. Everyone and their mother is now going to try to paint Bernie out to be Karl Marx between now and the convention.

    Styer – Bought his way into this debate and did nothing to improve his chances.

    Kluby – Probably the most electable woman left, but too moderate for the dems. I like her because she doesn’t play the identity card.

    Mayor Buttfudge – Still the smartest one among all of them, but he sealed his doom when he chose to accept the blood money of our corporate overlords amid his denial of doing so.

    In other news, Trump took the time to make fun of Booker dropping out of the race. Certainly, he wins the award for the douchiest president ever.

  45. ExEssex says:

    But we’re Great again.

  46. Fast Eddie says:

    But we’re Great again.

    For some of us, yes. For those decoupling in their minds, unable to focus, produce nor add value, then no.

  47. Libturd, feeling the Bern says:

    This is interesting.

    If the DNC backed Bernie, he would definitely have a shot. I know these polls are popularity contests but look at these results!

    Washington Examiner:
    Who won the January Democratic presidential debate?

    Bernie Sanders 65.48%

    Pete Buttigieg 9.78%
    Elizabeth Warren 7.01%
    Amy Klobuchar 6.96%
    Joe Biden 6.86%
    Tom Steyer 3.9%

    Who Won Tonight’s Democratic Debate?

    Bernie Sanders 85.63% (8,154 votes)

    Elizabeth Warren 3.98% (379 votes)
    Pete Buttigieg 3.92% (373 votes)
    Joe Biden 2.98% (284 votes)
    Amy Klobuchar 2.02% (192 votes)
    Tom Steyer 1.47% (140 votes)

  48. ExEssex says:

    Artists have always been misunderstood.
    Trump is a con artist. Ivanka is the real brains
    of the operation. President Cheetoface sits around watching
    Fox News ruminating about his next BM. Melania is w/ her head of security while CuckieBoy bangs strippers.

  49. ExEssex says:

    I will say this Kushner is a friend to Israel.

  50. Libturd, the Master Beta says:

    Everyone is a friend to Israel. Lord knows they are by far our most important ally in the Middle East. Mossad anyone?

    Murphy doesn’t tax wall street. Bernie is gonna bring the whole charade down.

  51. Bystander says:

    Dumpy keeps bulk of tariffs in place with great deal. Typical nonsense that anything was won but a photo op.

  52. Fast Eddie says:

    More people employed than ever, more jobs than people to fill them, unemployment claims at 49-year lows, lowest unemployment rate ever, 3.9 million people off of food stamps, GM just announced 1200 workers going from temp to perm with benefits, USMCA done, FDA just approved more generic drugs than ever, Paris Climate Accord gone, U.S. is net natural gas exporter for first time in 63 years, new branch of military founded, two SC justices appointed with more to come, China deal Phase I done and two terror1st leaders whacked in the last few months. This is a start and all the dems have are gender and race discussions followed by fake scandals. LMAO!!!!

  53. Bystander says:

    Sure, Ed sure…President Sisyphus can watch the ball roll down hill, thanks to years of Fed intervention. Born on third Donald won’t have to push it up ever. No one got served a better plate..most of that sh&t is meaningless window dressing. I would have to see him in a real crisis that is not of his own making.

  54. Fast Eddie says:

    I would say perception is reality but in this case, reality is reality because my investments, raises, bonuses and promotions are all I need to know to convince me that we’re in rarefied air. If not that, then I see that all my friends and relatives are busier than ever, the train station more crowded than ever, the number of help wanted signs more plentiful than ever and the mood of a nation better than it’s been in years.

    The alternative for some of you seems to be wanting high unemployment, rocket high interest rates, canned sound bites that appeal to all and feel good distribution to the unwilling. The left has nothing to offer. They don’t like people like me so I have no use for them.

  55. Bystander says:

    ..and I had best pay of my career from 2012 to 2016 under Obama. No raise in 2017 or 2018, even with tax cut. Let go in 2018, a 5 month job search that yielded a 10 percent base cut and it could have 25 or 30 cut if I had jumped at some of those earlier jobs. I held on a long as possible. Pay is much worse in banking since Dumpy took office. Home prices crushed in the area. Believe what you want..enough people have countered that wages and NJ real estate are not better overall under Orange clown. Stocks are fed driven liquidity bubble..but deep down you know that..

  56. Fast Eddie says:

    Home prices are firm in my area. I can turn a nice profit myself. We had zero interest rates and anemic GDP under the empty suit. Domestically, he rode a wave up from zero… any one of us could have sat in that throne and watched the market rise from nothing. A trillion dollar stimulus bill went to cronies and his wife’s friends got contracts for green energy that produced nothing. The left is all about nothing… it’s all symbols, zero substance. Internationally, our so-called allies smirk because they finally need to pay up. He’s the first president since Reagan to actually do what he says and get things done. The beta sissy who talked and talked was useless. Beer summits and gender discussions are all nice and cute but we needed a f.ucking manager, not a gasbag.

  57. Bystander says:

    Your economic god, Ed.

    Trump then repeated criticisms of the Fed, complaining that U.S. interest rates and the dollar are too high while voicing fondness for negative interest rates that let countries like Germany get paid to borrow money.

    “I love this, this concept is incredible,” Trump said. “Again, you don’t know know where the hell it leads, but you borrow money and when you have to pay it back, they pay you.”

  58. JCer says:

    Bystander, banking jobs are suffering under Trump. I see it as reduced fear of regulatory action, there was so much spend and resources being pulled in all of the banks for teams doing regulatory work under president O. It strikes me that IT workers in banks benefited from this as the fear of punitive regulatory penalties made some of these project second only to revenue generators.

    As much as we may hate the Orange doofus one should acknowledge that the phase 1 of the china deal and the USMCA are good for America. Also that playing hardball with Iran is the right call, appeasement doesn’t work. One also needs to come to grips with the fact that the sky hasn’t fallen and despite loosening environmental regulations we haven’t seen any negative impacts(Yet), I also frequently remind people that he is doing it with executive powers so it isn’t permanent as likely the next president will undo all of it.

    On the other side the behavior of the dems in response has been ridiculous.

  59. ExEssex says:

    JCer always comes through with good commentary. Eddie ur a f’ing simpleton I don’t care what your job is and I suspect it’s shuffling paper in a cube somewhere.

  60. Fast Eddie says:

    Says the guy who depends on his wife for an allowance.

  61. ExEssex says:

    4:20 you got me there.

  62. Juice Box says:

    Bystander – Taking away the punch bowl just when the party is really warming up? We haven’t even seen dancing girls,jugglers and fire breathers at new housing development openings yet.

    If you ask me it’s been great for Trump hammering the Fed on this. Inflationary excesses are bound to have some onerous effects just not during his Presidency.

  63. ExEssex says:

    I know one thing. I ain’t in a cube today.

  64. Libturd (breaking the echo chamber) says:

    “you don’t know know where the hell it leads,”

    I know where it leads.


  65. Libturd, the Master Beta says:

    “you don’t know know where the hell it leads,”

    I know where it leads.


  66. joyce says:

    “new branch of military founded”

    An expensive, most likely permanent, expansion of government… this is a win?

  67. joyce says:

    Amnesty. … The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986—signed into law by President Ronald Reagan on November 6, 1986—granted amnesty to about 3 million undocumented immigrants in the United States.

  68. Bystander says:


    Revenue or regulation – Only way to get banks to invest and we get neither with Dumpy. Like you said, pass some legislation. Obama got ACA and Dodd Frank. Repealing sh$t is not leadership. Environmental pullback is unknown for years but burning coal to secure votes is pretty poor direction A real China deal would take years so this was nothing but photo op. We can’t bully them like Can and Mx.


    We have those things here in CT except you need them to sell your house plus 120k loss. My neighbor and brother can attest.

  69. Bystander says:

    Sorry, second for Juice

  70. OK Snowflake says:

    I think the timing of the impeachment trial will knock all the senators out of the nomination race except for sanders . We will be left with the four horseman of the apocalypse – Biden, the mayor, sanders, and Bloomberg.

    If I’m wrong and Warren gets the nomination I’m voting for trump. No way I’m voting for someone who wants to raise payroll tax to 20%, talks about her privilege after claiming for decades to be Native American. Not to mention her attempt to smear sanders, writing off all federal student loans.

  71. Fast Eddie says:


    Yes on the military thing and meh on the amnesty thing. So what. I hope they paid their fair share.

  72. Juice Box says:

    Bystander – re: “Obama got ACA”

    and the Trillion dollar student debt bubble that came with ACA as the Feds moved in like the mafia on student loan lending.

    Now Comrad Bernie and Warren want to erase the whole thing with a magic wand and nationalize tuition-hiking scam.

  73. Libturd, the Master Beta says:

    Seems fair. Trump is spending like a drunken sailor after completely lying about how well his tax breaks would work. Would be nice for the average guys to catch a break for a change instead of the uber wealthy.

  74. ExEssex says:

    Trump is lying daily, his cronies are in jail, and he’s generally unwell.

    The bar is really low right now.

  75. joyce says:

    “Yes on the military thing”


    “Meh on the amnesty thing. So what. I hope they paid their fare share.”

    Why are we building a wall now?

    Fast Eddie says:
    January 15, 2020 at 7:10 pm

    Yes on the military thing and meh on the amnesty thing. So what. I hope they paid their fair share.

  76. joyce says:

    …regulation – Only way to get banks to invest and we get neither with Dumpy. Like you said, pass some legislation … repealing sh$t is not leadership

    What kind of new regulation and for what purpose are you looking for?
    Repealing unnecessary and/or ineffective laws is absolutely necessary.

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