C19 Open Discussion Week 8

Quarantine Fatigue in NJ

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  1. Hold my beer says:


  2. Walking says:

    Good morning, time to hit the road? Traffic was getting heavier yesterday in and around pascack valley. Gone are the days of being able to walk are ride through the streets with your kids and not worry about being hit. My teenage daughter and I are up to 20 mile rides after starting at just 1/2 mile rides 6 weeks ago.

  3. grim says:

    Imagine yesterday we were less than 20% off the baseline.

    Compare this to mid-April when we were down 60%.

  4. pumps says:

    I’m going to miss quarantine..


    Less crowds everywhere..
    More time with family.
    House prices coming down
    Most 3.5% down payment guys out of market.
    Clean air
    Less traffic
    Less noise
    More time to keep in shape/workout
    Less spend on unnecessary stuff
    Cheap gas

    Why not for another 2 months??. Open up little by little..

  5. Blue Ribbon Teacher says:

    Wayne schools screwed out of $615 per student on a planned DC trip.


    Here is the contract language.

    “If the School or Organization cancels the entire trip for ALL trip registrants, or, if the performance of the proposed trip is hindered or prevented…by Acts of God, war, hostilities, civil unrest, blockage, labor conflicts, strike, fire, flood, explosion, earthquake, or other natural forces, disease or medical epidemics, pandemics or outbreaks, or any other cause whatsoever, CTA may cancel the proposed trip without liability to refund, money or fees paid in advance,”

  6. Fat Fast Eddie says:

    Went to Stew Leonard’s this morning. They had everything, well-stocked, nothing missing, no empty shelves, light foot traffic… they even had stacks of toilet paper, hand sanitizer, surgical masks and gloves. It’s time to get back to real life and open things up.

  7. Juice Box says:

    We are dooomed, the next increase in deaths are coming, going to be a big setback. Large Marge with the BMI over 30 was out in force yesterday at the stores to socialize with the rest of the sausages. Whale pod sightings on benches outside closed stores chatting away no mask no way no how as it’s already a chore to breath with a mask and light up a Marlboro red at the same time.

    go long coffin futures at the open.

  8. Libturd says:

    Yup. I am torn over the upcoming wave of infected. I know four front line workers who barely made it through the first wave here in NJ. It was incredibly tough on them and they all lost a good number of fellow medical practitioners these past couple of months. I would feel a lot better if the rest of the hospitals in the country had the necessary PPE to fight the wave without risking their own lives. Though selfishly, if people want to go out and get infected (knowingly). More power to them. I am pretty libertarian in most thought and it would benefit the rest of society and your’s truly for more of the population to get through it and develop antibodies.

    So when the Garys and the Leftwings and the Juicys urge us to run out and get back to work, I sympathize for those impacted by the dying economy, but I am still not sure the people are properly educated to leave their homes. I also fear the politicizing of this event is causing way more damage than it should. I see idiots at the beach with N95 masks and then I see that nearly all of the protesters in support of opening up the country have been protesting without masks. I mean, isn’t the goal to save lives as well as the economy? Have we become so obstinately grounded in our own political leanings that lives and the economy mean less than saving lives and the economy?

    Heck, I blew the whistle at our print plant. The political divide was no more obvious than there. The blue collar management were not practicing any sensible separation (and quite frankly were not working from home when they could have been as their roles don’t require them to be present every day). Most chose not to wear masks and I was actually taunted for wearing both a mask and gloves. Four of them ate lunch together at the same table in a tiny conference room, when there were enough vacant offices for them all to be able to eat in separation. This is three days after the plant had to be steam cleaned due to a vendor carrying the virus into the plant. And as freedom loving that the right wing management was, the all minority hourly workers and temps were the polar opposite in that they all were practicing very thorough defensive techniques. They even spread their lunch breaks apart so they would not all be in the lunch room simultaneously.

    We really need to stop this game of letting politics determine outcomes and not common sense.

    Finally, the situation in our nursing homes are getting worse and worse. There is no one at Gator’s mom’s home to get her out of bed. Much of the staff has stopped being present. This is a true tragedy and MUST be fixed. This same issue will spread across the country.

  9. grim says:

    59% of Bergen County Covid deaths associated with long term care facilities.

  10. RentL0rd says:

    Libturd, I could not have said it better. Went to Gaskos farm in Monroe to pick up a few plants. Absolutely packed parking. Decided to turn back and not shop. What a mess… every garden store, every Walmart, any store that is open is packed. As if we never have/had the pandemic.

    The first wave is not even over, for God’s sake.

  11. juice box says:

    Stores are packed with Comorbid Karens, drove to Lowes And did not bother getting out the car it was 90% full parking lot and there was four cop cars must’ve been some trouble.

  12. joyce says:

    Isn’t a little funny that some of us are complaining about others out shopping while out shopping?

  13. Fat Fast Eddie says:

    Went to Lowe’s yesterday… it was crowded and everyone was wearing a mask. Again, this is a delicate balance; shelter indefinitely or do what comes naturally in May, on a clear 67 degree day with 14 hours of sunlight. It goes against the grain. You all did the same thing; went out to shop, to enjoy the weather. Some of you turned away, took a calculated and somewhat pessimistic view and decided not to deal with the chubby co-morbs. And, we’re all going on what the media is shoving down our throats 24/7 so we’re programmed to be on edge. A little more than 1% of the state of NJ has contracted this virus. Of those, 98% have recovered. What’s the alternative? At what point is it considered fixed and what’s the quickest way to get there?

  14. Fat Fast Eddie says:


    You beat me to it.

  15. juice box says:

    Funny? I am in the middle of laying waste to a bunch of trees, where else can I get a replacement chain saw blade at the last minute? FU Cormorbid Karen And Cholesterol Ken as you lazily shop for tulips and daffodils. Go the F home and take your pills, I am not waiting in line with you.

  16. Libturd says:

    I think I’ve seen every Property Brothers episode now.

    My favorite part of the flipping shows are how they virtually rebuild and redecorate an entire house for $45,000. Then somehow the are able to sell the house for $300,000 more than they paid like it’s automatic.

    There’s one show, Bargain Mansions, where the hosts actually do the work on the home. Actually, grandpa even helps out. The numbers are much more realistic and it’s really awesome to see them repurpose tons of old sh1t in the house rather than just replace it with Vietnamese and Chinese crap.

  17. Hold my beer says:

    Dallas county set a new one day record for new cases today breaking the record set yesterday. Supposedly Dallas county is around it’s peak and Dallas is requiring everyone to wear a mask when out in public.


  18. Hold my beer says:

    Friday we tried to get take out from chik-fil-a and also whataburger using the drive thru. Both places had employees using tablets standing inches away from the driver to take their orders. We wound up going to a different take out place still using traditional ordering through intercom.

    Are places in jersey doing the tablet thing too? Doesn’t make sense to have someone who has been in contact with dozens if not hundreds of people a day stand a foot from you and talk while leaning forward.

  19. Bystander says:

    Joyce, spot on. Reminds me of classic Onion headline “Report: 98 Percent Of U.S. Commuters Favor Public Transportation For Others”

  20. Libturd says:


    The short answer is no. I am not exaggerating when I say about 10% get it and the rest are doing less than nothing to stop the spread. And this is in Blue Jersey. The economy will win this battle at the expense of the old and the health practitioners.

    I will be the first to admit that Cuomo overdid it. It was a show. Even this morning, I watched him for about ten minutes. One by one he was interviewing other blue team governors and was mainly discussing how Covid-19 in the US came from Europe and not China. Now Cuomo fans. Ask yourself, why is this important? And who the fcuk really cares? Once again, politics over common sense.

    A few nights ago, I watched on the news, the VPOTUS walk around the Mayo Clinic without a mask. This was a calculated decision on his part. His team believes we shouldn’t kill the economy. But he also sends the message that he is in support of spreading the virus. Once again, politics over common sense.

    I firmly believe the solution is not $1200 checks and impossible restrictions for business owners. The government should be issuing masks and gloves to every family. It should be educating people on their proper use and hygiene. Outside of restaurants and other enclosed places with some minor modifications, life should be able to go on much like it did before. But not when one side acts like Covid-19 is not contagious and the other side acts like one unmasked sneeze is a sure death sentence.

    We really are the dumbest country.

  21. RentL0rd says:

    We can shop if there’s social distancing. I refuse to shop for non urgent stuff if we are packed like sardines… I guess, Fastie and Joycie don’t understand the diffeeence.

    I drove over an hour to get ti the store and returned without getting out of my truck.

  22. joyce says:

    You mean stores limiting customers to 25-50% capacity? Maybe you should have gotten there earlier.

    And stop shopping for non urgent stuff all together.

    RentL0rd says:
    May 3, 2020 at 5:00 pm
    We can shop if there’s social distancing. I refuse to shop for non urgent stuff if we are packed like sardines… I guess, Fastie and Joycie don’t understand the diffeeence.

    I drove over an hour to get ti the store and returned without getting out of my truck.

  23. Libturd says:

    I do all of my shopping (about 4 trips in two months) at 7am. It’s nice. Only those really trying to avoid the virus are out at that point. Well besides the workers who I do everything in my power to stay away from.

  24. Phoenix says:

    TMZ: Lady Loses Her Mind on Car That Stops on Crosswalk & Blocks Her.

  25. Fabius Maximus says:

    Lib your posts are in some way linked. Pence is not wearing a mask to send a subtle message that’s its OK to break the rules. Its OK to defy authority if the law doesn’t make sense to you.

    You have all this PPE in the hands of these defense contractors that specialize in Security training and related services. 3M was made to bend the knee. Supply chains are getting redefined.

    The armed protests are the next step. LEO are being sent a message. Don’t enforce these laws. We had your back, but its time for you to make a decision you are either with us or against us.

    Lots of dots coming together and its not a pretty picture. These right wing protests are well organised and well funded. Remember the Tea party protests. I knew that was a fraud when I saw the first bus. If you roll up in a bus with your message on the side, that took planing and a lot of cash.

    Every day I am more and more convinced the right want the wildfire. For some its Gods Wrath others are happy that certain groups are getting hit harder than others and there will be a cleansing .
    I used to tease Clot with his call taht they would be rioting by June. I think that call was 10 years to early. Batten down the hatches and smoke ’em, if you got’em.

  26. RentL0rd says:

    I agree with stopping all non essential shopping altogether. The garden fix did appear urgent, until I saw the crowds.

    On a related note, wife ordered groceries via Shoprite at home. First we couldn’t get a slot for a couple of weeks. The slot we finally got was two weeks away. Finally, with no prior notice, more than half the items were not in the bags. We got one tomato – nicely packed; one lemon, two dark green bananas among other things. Original order was about $100… what we received was about $25 + $5 service charge.

    Who orders one lemon and one tomato?!!! Its almost like they want you to come into the virus infected stores on purpose.

  27. joyce says:

    Find an article yet about Blue Flame buying PPE from the federal government and reselling to the states/private buyers? I honestly want to know more.

  28. Walking. says:

    4 trips in 2 months? I do that in 2 days. I did enjoy the Lowe’s in Paterson today , full lot , no waiting at the door, made 2 trips for mulch, followed by a trip to the supermarket. How the heck are you surviving without going food shopping?

  29. ExEssex says:

    Who wants to play those eights and aces?
    Who wants a raise who needs a stake?
    Who wants to take that long-shot gamble?
    And head out for Fire Lake…

  30. Yo! says:

    Committee to Unleash Prosperity, free market think tank, publishing Covid-19 grades for 50 governors.

    7 guvs earned As, 4 got Fs. Any guess what Murphy’s report card says?

  31. Fabius Maximus says:


    Not a rabbit hole I am want to go down. But feel free. Here is an article with the players. Goole is your friends.


  32. ExEssex says:

    As a national conversation on sexu@l misconduct is gripping the country from Hollywood to Capitol Hill, some renewed attention has been focused on the sexu@l misconduct allegations that at least 25 women have made against Trump since the 1970s.

    A deluge of women made their accusations public following the October 2016 release of the “Access Hollywood” tape, in which Trump was recorded boasting about grabbing women’s genit@ls in 2005. Some others made their stories public months before the tape’s release, and still others came forward in the months following.

    Trump has broadly dismissed the allegations, which include ogling, harassment, groping, and r*pe, as “fabricated” and politically motivated accounts pushed by the media and his political opponents. He promised to sue all of his accusers during the 2016 election. In some cases, Trump and his lawyer have suggested that he didn’t engage in alleged behavior with certain women because they weren’t attractive enough for him to be interested in.

  33. Fabius Maximus says:

    Committee to Unleash Prosperity, what a joke!

    Arthur “Laughing Curve” Laffer I had to look up where he was in relation to Abe Vigoda.

  34. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Draconian social-distancing and early lockdown measures have clearly been effective, but Myanmar and Cambodia did neither and have reported few cases.
    One theory that is unproven but impossible to refute: maybe the virus just hasn’t gotten to those countries yet. Russia and Turkey appeared to be fine until, suddenly, they were not.
    Time may still prove the greatest equalizer: The Spanish flu that broke out in the United States in 1918 seemed to die down during the summer only to come roaring back with a deadlier strain in the fall, and a third wave the following year. It eventually reached far-flung places like islands in Alaska and the South Pacific and infected a third of the world’s population.
    “We are really early in this disease,” said Dr. Ashish Jha, the director of the Harvard Global Health Research Institute. “If this were a baseball game, it would be the second inning and there’s no reason to think that by the ninth inning the rest of the world that looks now like it hasn’t been affected won’t become like other places.”


  35. A Home Buyer says:

    Fab (and Lib)

    I’ll take that bet. See you peacefully in June.

    There is a lot of stupidity out there for sure, but lumping everyone who wants the economy to resume in with a few lunatics who think racists slogans are cool is probably painting the group with a pretty broad brush. Do we really need a repeat of the deplorables fiasco? I mean, what percentage of the protest are we talking about here with this garbage… 1%? I’ve got to admit, I don’t understand the “work will set your free” sign. That was a death camp slogan… I’m almost thinking it’s a counter protester highlighting that they shouldn’t work, but I’m probably misunderstanding.

    As to the guns, the individuals who showed up with them probably would have carried them if they were protesting chocolate ice cream. it’s a certain mindset to express your rights that way. They maintained their calm, they didn’t “storm” the building like some news articles said, and it was peaceful like many other protests where firearms are present.

    Now August… August is a different story. Once the government gravy train stops supporting all those millions without work…

    Anyways, another day of crazy tomorrow.

  36. A Home Buyer says:

    Something else to point out since I just reread Libs news article… It is a summary of different individual racist signs that have cropped up over a month or so at different events.

    Basically, the high lights reel of a few different nut jobs at each protest.

    I get it, the right has insanity on it, but these aren’t Reich rallies either.

  37. njtownhomer says:

    Pence is not wearing a mask was a message for religion. It was meant only the God decides not us message.

  38. Juice box says:

    women protesting lock down in Columbia hint nudity


  39. joyce says:

    This article talks of buying supplies from China.

    Fabius Maximus says:
    May 3, 2020 at 9:16 pm

    Not a rabbit hole I am want to go down. But feel free. Here is an article with the players. Goole is your friends.


  40. BoomerRemover says:

    Juice: that video predates COVID. It’s amazing how easily people can duped online. No fault of your own as you didn’t see it prior, but when deep fake tech hits the easily manipulated ones are screwed. Or rather, based on our behavior in the current, we’re all screwed.

  41. BoomerRemover says:

    With so many mental health issues in the population it’s amazing that these people feel safe in a gathering of open carryer. A friend is an officer, we went to a range some time back, and all I could think of was “fk, look at all these impulsive mouth breathers! any one of them could turn 90 degrees and do some damage.” I just could not relax. And don’t get me started on going downrange to dig holes for targets looking at those who finished before me just standing there feet away from their arsenal.

    I don’t trust strangers to open carry around me and neither does the rest of the civ world. Speaking of, I gotta get my kid a passport.

  42. grim says:

    With so many mental health issues in the population, the level of PTSD and anxiety disorder cases that are being created during this pandemic are going to be extraordinary.

    Suspect there will be far more people that will struggle with panic disorders triggered by people standing too closely, or coughing, versus standing with a gun.

    The pandemic will define mental health challenges for the next generation.

  43. grim says:

    As of yesterday, we’re up to 52% of NJ Covid-19 deaths being associated with long term and assisted care facilities. Trend continues to move upward.

  44. A Home Buyer says:


    And where is your concern that someone might park their car over you intentionally?

    Or blow up a device next to you?

    Or use a knife, bat, spatula, etc.

    All things that much more likely and easier for a nutcase to do.

    You sound illogically scared of people more so then guns. I don’t mean that as an insult, I don’t know anything about you, but my guess is you have no experience shooting either so the added experience of guns and random people is stressful for you.

    I can understand that, it’s a huge amount of responsibility in a small frame but at the end of the day it’s a mechanical device operated by predictable physics. However you either trust the person beside you or you don’t, gun regardless, and if you don’t removing the gun doesn’t make them any less dangerous.

    I presume your shooting concluded safely despite your fellow Americans, excuse me, mouth breathers, eyeing you up to put a bullet in your back because that’s what we do?

  45. Hold my beer says:


    Two weeks for delivery. Ouch

    I can still get instacart same or next day here and I also subscribed to imperfect foods. Will definitely keep imperfect foods. Good quality and if we get a surge in cases this month or a second wave in the fall we can still get most of our fresh groceries from them in case we can’t get delivered groceries. I’ve given up on amazon fresh. I got 2 deliveries from them in March but can’t get a delivery slot since then.

  46. Juice Box says:

    Boomer good catch I keep any eye on #Covid19, it usually is pretty decent.

  47. Yo! says:


    Magedeth MurFy’s Covid-19 report card.

    My advice to guv: Throw open state to under-65s! Get this spring selling season going before it is too late.

  48. Yo! says:


  49. Phoenix says:

    Summed up nicely.

  50. 3b says:

    Yo There is next year’s spring selling season. This one is dead. There will be great deals in the next year. Oh and stock market will be revisiting it’s earlier lows in the meantime.

  51. Libturd says:

    In three weeks, a lot of people are going to be singing a different tune about opening the government up without proper precautions. You can give people the freedom that they want. But you really should educate them first. We picked up some prepacked Holsten’s ice cream yesterday. You call in your order and they put it in your trunk. Across the street Rita’s was a mad house. I hope Grim is right about the difficulty this virus has in spreading outside because the large groups of unmasked, nonsocial-distance practicing teenagers and tubbies was endless.

    I’ll be the first to point it out when Kemp and these other highly graded Republican Governors sound like Cuomo when their hospitals overload. And they will. We need 50 million masks. 20,000 ventilators. A ship.

    To call that group a think tank is akin to calling Whitney Houston a Pharmaceutical Scientist.

  52. Libturd says:


    Yes, I have no fear of guns even though I am against most semi and automatic firearms. It does help that I have experience with them and I believe in their purpose for hunting and for collectors. In my opinion no guns belong at any assembly of people. Please tell me what purpose it serves in relation to protesting the state to reopen the economy?

  53. Yo! says:

    I take it back. MurF-y is doing a super job and should run for president. He will be top 3 alongside George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. When our future president subdivides his Monmouth County acres for affordable apartment buildings, progressive activists and real estate donors will stand shoulder to shoulder to carry Him into the White House.

    What is value of his residence if rezoned multifamily? Should be taxed that way.

  54. Libturd says:

    I hate Murphy just as much as the next guy. But a report card based on who kisses Trump’s ring the most often is about as newsworthy as aliens that perform anal probes.

  55. The Great Pumpkin says:

    I sure hope so, pumps wants to go shopping for some sales. And this purchase will be an investment as it won’t be my permanent residence.

    3b says:
    May 4, 2020 at 9:35 am
    Yo There is next year’s spring selling season. This one is dead. There will be great deals in the next year. Oh and stock market will be revisiting it’s earlier lows in the meantime.

  56. Juice Box says:

    re; 20,000 ventilators

    Treatment is refining as we speak. If they catch this early enough it seems Remdesivir is stopping the need for ventilation in some cases.

    Also Docs in Chicago have reported using NIVs successfully as well, it does require special negative pressure rooms. We should get more engineers building negative pressure rooms tents or bubbles with HEPA filters.

    Most docs and nurses fear the ventilator more than anything else, recovery is very low so far in some studies. In NYC it’s even lower recovery rate, as your body cannot handle high pressure from a ventilator for sometimes 3 or more weeks straight of being knocked out and having a machine breath for you.

  57. Libturd says:


    Back in February, the reports out of China even said that the ventilator resulted in 9 out of 10 deaths. First thing I heard from a buddy out of HUMC was the same thing. He thought the numbers were worse.

    The more time we have to fight this thing, the better off the results will be. Heck, there’s talk of a possible vaccine to be available in late June.

    Sending people out to get infected, which apparently gets you a higher grade according to partisan think tanks, is as bad, if not worse than locking everyone inside.

    The next two weeks are going to be very interesting. Between the warmer weather and the newfound confidence in partisan hack politicians reopening the country with next to no enforcement or even knowledge of protocol to stop the spread. I expect a ton of, see, how great this is? Until the third week, when it backfires tremendously and tons of families are seriously ill simultaneously. Only this time, it won’t only be in the tri-state area. It will be occurring simultaneously across the entire country.

    Throw in the impending meat shortage and it’s going to get really sh1tty around here real soon. June indoors is going to suck royally.

  58. No One says:

    How much help or guidance did NJ provide the old folks/assisted living facilities? Instead of spending so much time locking down the whole population, they might have focused more on making those places safer. I suspect dirty nurses and bedpan-changers are spreading the virus and killing the old people.
    But there’s hindsight involved in spotting the big vulnerabilities.

  59. Phoenix says:

    Some NJ Ozark humor. Listen to the audio.

  60. Libturd says:

    The normal caveats apply.

    Check out this model from Penn, where they take a stab at measuring the economic impact vs. the value of life in reopening states.


    Again. I can not vouch for accuracy, politics, etc.

  61. Libturd says:

    The nursing homes are still a disaster. There are simply not enough people willing to work in them. The one we are intimately familiar with is barely functioning. But no one cares. Hey, the parks are open!

  62. A Home Buyer says:


    My unfiltered and uneducated legal answer? It’s an enormous personal liability to open carry in a protest.

    My unlawyered opinion is you surrender all legal protections and claims of self defense barring some unusual circumstances as the individual will be damned near impossible to suggest they weren’t the “aggressor” or “initiator” of the conflict were they showed up volunteeringly armed to a conflict should hostility break out.

    When you carry, your primary goal is 200% de-escalation and prevention. We live in a peaceful country so thankfully open carrying is symbolic and even when they are present peace and calm still happen.

    However, with that said it’s incredibly important all the same that it’s allowed to continue only because the government should not be able to prevent open carrying. If you want to get into this part and all the other bullsh!t like HB 5717, idiotic comments by individuals who don’t understand fire arms, out other threads in that vein, let me know. I honestly feel where we are today is because of continued escalation on both sides of this argument.

  63. A Home Buyer says:

    Just to clarify, I do not mean the individuals are escalating.

    I mean their elected politicians, the NRA, advertising, and the news networks which are progun.

    Just like on the other side I blame basically the same groups except replace NRA with Newtown, etc. And the other anti groups.

    I have no issue with people having opinions. I have issue with their groups who are supposed to know better making insane, illogical, non factual, politicized, or misleading statements to sway opinion.

  64. Libturd says:

    My opinion. If you want to use what pretty much amounts to a machine gun to defend yourself at a non-gun-related protest. Lord help you if you actually have to defend yourself from an out of control reporter or counter protester. If it were me, a nice large Pfeifer-Zeliska .600 would be a much smarter choice.

  65. Bystander says:


    “women protesting lock down in Columbia”

    That is a Spencer Tunick video, probably from years ago. He goes all over the world getting large groups of people to go au natural.

  66. A Home Buyer says:


    Please explain to me what you think a machine gun is.

  67. Libturd, the Master Beta says:


    A gun that lets you unload round after round without lifting the trigger finger. Essentially, a fully automatic.

  68. Libturd, the Master Beta says:

    I know, here comes the argument about how cartridge fed semi-automatics (and now bump stocks) are just as efficient at in-discretionary killing as an automatic.

  69. Libturd says:

    I’m all for naked female protests btw.

  70. joyce says:

    I’ll jump in because I’m bored. Libturd, I’ll bet there was a grand total of 0 automatic weapons in the crowd.

    Libturd, the Master Beta says:
    May 4, 2020 at 12:49 pm

    A gun that lets you unload round after round without lifting the trigger finger. Essentially, a fully automatic.

  71. Libturd, the Master Beta says:

    You are correct Joyce. Just some crazy mean looking semi-automatics. You know, the kind that can easily unload 60 rounds a minute and 100 rounds in total without replacing the cartridge. Cause when an overzealous reporter gets all up in your face, you are better off taking the entire counter protest out rather than the only other idiot there besides the shooter.

    Actually. Everyone there is an idiot.

    I can hardly remember the last time a protest had an impact on anything.

  72. leftwing says:

    “So when the Garys and the Leftwings and the Juicys urge us to run out and get back to work…”

    “Have we become so obstinately grounded in our own political leanings that lives and the economy mean less than saving lives and the economy?”

    Nothing I’ve ever said was political. Matter of fact, I’ve pointedly avoided any of those discussions on the topic of C19.

    It’s a matter of facts and logic. Lib, if we follow your pathway give me an endpoint. That is, when does everything re-open. Because there is no difference in your personal exposure to the virus right now and six weeks ago. Or six weeks from now.

    Run your scenario for me that comes to a definitive conclusion other than ‘we are closed indefinitely until a vaccine’. If you can’t present one and there is just an amorphous statement of ‘lives matter’…then these literal life and death decisions are nothing more than random actions, and on that point we are in full agreement that respect of the ill and the unemployed demands more than off the cuff, random government actions.

    In other words, explain to me, please, why it was perfectly acceptable to open NJ parks on Saturday, 5/3, and why it was not alright to open them on 4/26. Or why we should not have waited until 5/10? Do you really believe there would be a single incremental infection among any of those three dates?

    And, for the poster who turned around at Lowes after seeing the mordibly obese on line, why? If you are low risk it does not matter. If you are high risk you should not be out under any circumstance anyway. It does not matter who is around. This virus is somewhat unique as your personal exposure belongs uniquely to you…unlike the cold or flu it does not attack the human population anywhere near equally.

    Guys, when new normal comes around there is no level of testing or vaccine that will assure that you are in a sterile environment. We will all have to operate in an environment that is assumed to be infected and make our own personal decision on the risk of exposure we are willing to accept. That is exactly is how I come to my conclusion/proposal, just open up now. Because like NJ parks, the risk will be the same irrespective of date.

    Once we reopen, whenever that is, if you are low risk (under 44 and healthy) you are and will be fine. If you are high risk, you will be living a very different lifestyle. That will happen. As a society we have a choice on timing, but not on occurrence.

  73. Fat Fast Eddie says:

    And besides, how can I tell if a woman has a pretty face when 3/4 of it is covered up? ;)

  74. ExEssex says:

    This darn virus. It’s going to change the world.
    A world so steeped in inequality that it’s already
    close to a tipping point. I’m sick of the nonsense.
    Glad to see some of these vaunted institutions hounded
    for refunds because they can’t deliver anything of value,
    because there was very little of value there to begin with.
    Fear of shopping for your tenth pair of tennis shoes while slaves
    In China assemble them in modern factories. Again, no loss.
    The hourly worker is imperative? Yeah no sheeeet. Gary. You. Tard.

  75. leftwing says:

    “I agree with stopping all non essential shopping altogether. The garden fix did appear urgent, until I saw the crowds.”

    Read this statement slowly three times, and then realize the person you thought was your father is not, and that you are instead the bastard child of the poster who used to have the honor being the stupidest, most nonsensical person on this forum.

  76. Fabius Maximus says:

    AHB something that does not have (or does not need) a disconnector. And no, i didn’t have to look that up.

    Here is the difference between the anti groups and the 2A groups. Anti groups say “we have lost our kids and our friends what can we we do to stop it?” I could give you a list of reasonable compromises. 2A will not even consider having the conversation.

  77. Libturd says:

    If you can’t present one and there is just an amorphous statement of ‘lives matter’.

    My opinion is that the parks shouldn’t be opened until the politicians stop making a freakshow out of this event. Both sides. The problem though, is that lives do matter.

    In three weeks time I think we are going to realize it. I don’t small regional hospitals are prepared for this. Nor are the large city hospitals in much of the country.

    I think we can all agree that we should all pray the vaccine they are testing in Oxford is both effective and quick to market.

  78. ExEssex says:

    The real story is in this world you are only as good as your last paycheck.
    But corporate welfare and tax haven boondoggles make certain that paycheck
    never really amounts to much. Your being taxed so public servants can live the last 30 years of their lives in relative comfort. Every last dime will go to the older gen until that well is dry. Going forward….So let’s buy buy buy!! Sorry, no money for that. Bigger house!!! Yes! Better cars!!! Puleeeaze but can I finance 120 months??
    Can I buy you dinner? Suuuure. Let’s sit in the plexiglass cube and enjoy the ambience.

  79. Libturd, the Master Beta says:

    Oh. And that us curvy dudes get first dibs.

  80. A Home Buyer says:


    Can you provide any justification that anyone in the crowd had an automatic weapon, much less why you implying a majority had them? And if that was not your intent, why did you introduce “machine guns” and automatic rifles into this discussion?

  81. Blue Ribbon Teacher says:

    School’s out for summer! Schools out for ever!


  82. Fat Fast Eddie says:

    I just realized liberals speak and write in anfractuous languages so that their arguments sound as if they have merit.

  83. Libturd says:

    Oh, now I’ve gone and stirred up the gun nuts.

    I was referring to the pictures here https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EVvI1CWXkAAE48w?format=jpg&name=small. And yes, none of them are fully-automatic. I used the word machine gun for effect. So shoot me. Wait! I’m kidding.

  84. Libturd says:

    Good word Gary. Can you provide us an example?

  85. A Home Buyer says:


    You throw around the word compromise. Where is the compromise for the gun owners other then surrender because it’s for the “best”?

    You want to compromise?

    Offer us easier access to suppressors to help our hearing.

    Offer us unified carry privileges across all states.

    Offer us access to perform our own NICS checks.

    Offer us more legal protections in general or at least attempt to unify the patchwork laws across the nation and end things like hollow points being a special class of possession crime in new Jersey

    Instead, all we get us, we are going to ban all “assault weapons”, which has no legal definition other then “scary” and varies by state to state because literally a couple people a year use them to commit mass murder and otherwise less then 500 people die per year because of them. FBI statistics for long guns.

    I’m sorry, but even looking back at Canada. They had everything you wanted, and that still wasn’t enough because they had 3 mass shootings over 30 years. It’s simply never enough.

  86. Libturd says:

    And that purple cartridge is nice. I wonder if he’s gay?

  87. A Home Buyer says:


    That is my entire point. I have no need to beat this any further with you.

    But let me repeat the following:

    I have issue with their groups who are supposed to know better making insane, illogical, non factual, politicized, or misleading statements to sway opinion.

  88. Libturd, the Master Beta says:

    Something completely off topic. My mechanic says the exhaust system from the cat back needs replacing. I did recently notice one of the hangers was shot (thanks highway salters). Well, the mechanic claims it’s $1700 since only OEM is available and Mazda wants $800 per side materials alone. The rest is labor. Does this sound legit?

  89. libturd says:

    AHB – clear.

  90. Walking says:

    Lib if it is the cat as well as exhaust it is about right for a dealwrship, independent might be less

  91. Libturd says:

    No. Cat not in the estimate. I see a Walker kit for $930. I know the markup on the parts is part of the mechanics pricing. I just can’t believe it’s $1700! The last full exhaust job on Old Faithful (my civic) was under $300.

  92. Libturd says:

    I just checked with my old Faithful Firestone dealer.

  93. Libturd, the Master Beta says:

    Interesting Chinese propaganda clip.


  94. Walking says:

    catalytic job on my 08 Saturn was $750 with parts and labor. It was the cat and exhaust manifold.

  95. Libturd says:

    Yup. Thanks Walking.

  96. Fabius Maximus says:


    Automatically, no compromise, because I am going to “surrender” something. They lost kids, what are you bringing to the table?
    I saw a statistic that April was the first month without a schools shooting or incident in decades. Not sure how true that it, but I could believe it. Canada 3 in 30 years and they are still going further. Canadians will happily comply as did the Australians when they had something similar.

    But to your points. You want suppressors on the table, fine. Do those muzzle flashes blind you as well?

    For your hearing, how about subsonic ammo?
    What about you give up the 556 and stick with 223 in your AR?
    How about you can have all the semi auto and customize how you want, but you are limited to 22LR.
    All higher caliber, bolt action, lever, revolver etc only.
    How about unified laws and regulations (not just carry) across all states? Some states lose and some states gain.

    Anything there limiting your ability to hunt or go pewpew.

  97. Hold my beer says:


    Look up the parts you need on o’reilly auto parts website for a price on the parts then check online how many hours the work will be. Some cars have the cat in a weird place and it can take a lot of work for the mechanic to reach it. Is your mechanic including new o2 sensors in the quote?

  98. Hold my beer says:

    Mine was $1,700 or so last year to replace the cats (my car has 2) and the o2 sensors at a local exhaust place. The dealer wanted more than that for the parts and the guy at the desk admitted they order the parts from o’reilly and mark it up more than double plus charge something like $180 an hour for labor and claimed it was a 9 hour job.

  99. Libturd, the Master Beta says:

    Yeah. I did a bit of the research on parts. It could get all the parts for between $900 and $1,000. I’m waiting for Firestone Bridgestone to call me back. They are usually reasonable. I don’t usually shop around this much for auto work, but I think I have the opportunity here to spend about 1 hour researching/estimating to save $200-$400.

    On valuing one’s time. I don’t how cleaning ladies do it, but they do my whole house for $100. Two independent Brazilian moms. Two hours. I tip them nicely and they do a fantastic job. Without them, we’ve been cleaning the house every other Saturday. It takes Gator, me, Gator’s brother and my 14-year old 3 hours each to do what they do. I just don’t get it! They are like magicians.

    Now mowing/maintaining the lawn. Landscaping service wants $55 week year round plus tax, so 3K total. I mowed the lawn once so far this year. Figure there are 25 to 30 mows a year and three fertilizer applications. It takes me one hour to do the lawn and weed wack. Maybe a total of 3 hours a year trimming hedges and pruning tree limbs. So at most, 35 hours, but probably closer to 30. I usually use $50 an hour to gauge my time/value equation. Cleaning lady is a no-brainer based on the earlier math. But lawn mowing, I come out so far ahead it’s outrageous. Plus I like the exercise and can’t stand the leaf blower noise.

  100. BoomerRemover says:

    “I don’t know anything about you…”

    You won’t find much posting activity from me in the twelve years that I’ve been around.

  101. leftwing says:

    “The problem though, is that lives do matter…”

    Always agreed lives mattered, I don’t think anyone on this board ever argued differently.

    My proposition is very simple and not only allows re-opening but saves lives relative to current practice. Quarantine at-risk individuals. Funnel resources for their care and sustenance to them. Let the other 150 million people get on with their lives.

    Are you seriously arguing that the current quasi, 80% of the time lockdown of everyone (“purchasing gardening supplies was urgent until it wasn’t”) is saving more lives?

    And, moreover, at-risk isolation is what will happen even when there is a therapeutic or vaccine. Unless of course you want to argue that either the therapeutic or vaccine will eradicate the virus understanding, of course, that humanity has been successful in eradicating maybe a few viruses over our entire history and only after multiple decades? Or is there another reason I’m missing that the common flu still exists?

    Run the scenarios. It is inevitable you will end up with a conclusion of some level of isolation or quarantine of the at-risk population even after therapy/vaccine. If so, why not do it now?

    The only rationale for the general population lockdown was to ‘bend the curve’ so as to not overwhelm the ICU capacity. It was never about reducing these admissions, just spreading them out over a manageable time. Most jurisdictions are through that spike yet the general population lockdowns remain randomly in place and randomly removed. Senseless and counterproductive for deaths and prosperity. These governors seem to have accomplished nailing a very morbid two-fer. Death and unemployment.

  102. ExEssex says:

    If a central bank sets its overnight deposit rate to below zero, lenders must pay their central bank to hold their reserves. Banks could then pass those costs on to their customers, charging fees for positive balances.

    Some economists believe negative interest rates can jolt life into flatlining economies, encouraging money to be invested or spent, though others fear a negative interest rate policy could keep an economy subdued.

    “We’re doing things that we don’t know [their] ultimate outcome,” Buffett said when asked about the possibility of negative interest rates in the U.S. at Berkshire Hathaway’s annual meeting on Saturday.

    “[Negative interest rates are] probably the most interesting question that I’ve seen in economics,” Buffett said, speaking to shareholders via webcast and warning of “extreme consequences” if a negative interest rate policy is brought in.

  103. A Home Buyer says:


    To start, First link on Google.


    But to the rest of your post, just drop the word compromise and I think we’re okay because you don’t really mean to compromise between two parties, you mean “do as I say”.

    Question for you, if we implement these changes per your post, when someone uses a revolver to kill 6 people, your going to be ok with that? You won’t push for more laws because it was only a revolver?

    As to happily comply, sure, that have me a chuckle. Because not complying is illegal and gun owners follow the law and do not want to end up dead or in jail. But sure, we happily comply every time add more laws.

    Otherwise I understand you views. I Disagree with them, but I understand them.

  104. Juice Box says:

    Lib – re: “Now mowing/maintaining the lawn. Landscaping service wants $55 week year round plus tax, so 3K total.

    Does that include cleanups and mulch?”

    I pay $35 a week for cut, edge, blow for the season, price has not budged in 8 years and it’s only about 7 months billing not 52 weeks on my 1/2 acre so about $1200.

    I do the fertilizer myself takes all of an hour to do twice a year. I do the weeding and trimming, planting and also spring and fall cleanups and do the mulch. Wife and I plant the flowers and tomatoes usually only out back behind our fence as we have lots of deer. This year we are trying our hand with some sunflowers and a few other seeds we have laying around.

    I pick up mulch by the bag on-sale for $2 a bag, a loss leader for the Depot or Lowes. I get away with topping off the mulch with about 80 bags a year, takes 3 trips to the store in my truck. Every few years I will get the 10 yards delivered and wheelbarrow it around but that is usually way overkill and only when I am doing the beds out back near the property line fence that need extra. I may have the landscapers do the 10 yards this year with a full cleanup if I can get a decent price say $800 including mulch.

  105. A Home Buyer says:


    If you want to exclude things like BB guns, gang activity after school hours, armed roberies, etc… and instead refer to mass shootings where the assault guns are used, please refer to these instead.



  106. Libturd, the Master Beta says:

    I agree the sheltering is/was about flattening the curve. And it worked everywhere it was put into place before the numbers exploded. Our area waited too long and about 1/5th of the population got infected and we still overwhelmed our health care system. 80% of the population here is still going to have to either get infected or vaccinated. Now the rest of the country? Most of them sheltered in place in time. So the first wave there was minor. Perhaps 5% of the population at best got infected.

    So when we head back out of our homes, most either devoid of proper education around stopping the spread or just not caring (way too much of the latter for my liking unfortunately) I don’t think we will be bending the curve anymore. So that second wave should me much worse than the first wave. We are 20% of the way in the tri-state, but haven’t even gotten to the first batter say, where my sister lives in Ohio (Warren County) where the population is 234,000 yet only 172 confirmed cases. Speaking with her, people aren’t even wearing masks. This Covid is only a city problem. But it’s not. When I said 200K-1000K deaths was an accurate prediction, it was based on this having to spread it’s way across the country. This is not your regular flu. It will kill 4 to 20X the average number of victims in one year.

    If beaches, movie theaters, concerts, bars and restaurants reopen we are still pretty fukced. There is no way these places can open and continue to bend the curve. If we don’t bend the curve, we kill our healthcare system. It’s one or the other.

    As for vaccination being the answer. It is. Though some people still get the flu, the fact that the majority of the population can fight it off without sickness is why it works. It’s called immunity. I’m not sure why you are having trouble with that concept Leftwing. Right now, without immunity, you will get infected and unless you are very young or very healthy, you will get sick. About 40% of the population opts in for the flu shot. For many, it works and they do not get sick. It also helps reduce the spread of the flu as so many will never get it to spread it. Plus those that do get it, the impact is reduced as is the period of time in which you are contagious. So those who are volunteering to get the flu shot (me) is benefiting those who stupidly opt out. Speak with any health care worker. They all know how effective it is. And I will also say this. It’s anecdotal, but nearly everyone I know who gets the flu has not gotten the shot. I always ask and my friends tend to be honest. Can you get the flu without the vaccine? Yes, but it’s pretty rare. And remember, people who claim they got it after having the vaccine have a tendency to lie about it. Much like all 15 year olds will tell you they have had sex already. Now imagine if 100% of the population got the flu shot?

    None the less sit back and watch what happens now. The economy will hardly improve and a lot more people are about to throw themselves upon America’s sword. I applaud them for it. Some won’t have a choice. Others have the choice, but they believe the lies. It’s really a sh1tty place that we find ourselves in.

    I will wait for the vaccine and will continue to thank and help those who are not able to help themselves. It’s the least I can do.

    “Most jurisdictions are through that spike”

    You take a lot of liberty in saying this. Remember, the tri-state area is the only place where things remained open after the spread began in earnest. Heck, we are at ground zero and are already letting our guard down. What to do you think is going to happen in other places where they have yet to witness friends dying?

  107. Libturd says:

    Juice. Where do you live? Includes fall leaf collection and spring cleanup (big deal).

  108. No One says:

    Libturd, regarding the Chinese propaganda, they are doing much more than that. My wife’s former classmates in China are hungry to hear of tales of death and misery from overseas, as the government tells them how lucky they are to have the Communist Party controlling everything. Then my wife upsets them to no end by saying its not such a big deal, sends pictures of us walking happily our dog on our own under our neighborhood cherry blossoms. We are careful and only go out of the house a couple times a week. I happily played a round of golf Saturday, shot a 95, not bad for first outing of the year without having the driving range open (too wet). Anyway, Chinese fascism is running high, and I’m glad the US public isn’t over-eager to throw away their individual rights permanently to government masters as the Chinese are.
    Chinese propagandists became over-confident and I suspect it will come back and bite them.

  109. Juice Box says:

    re: Where do you live?

    I am in sunny Monmouth county, not far from our Governor.

    Leaf collection is curbside here, I just blow it out to the street maybe two times I run my push blower and backpack blower, landscaper usually help after they cut grass at the end of the season, but fall pickup is usually now December these days.

    Spring cleanup is supposed to be just branches but everyone puts out the whole enchilada, plants, stumps, logs, branches etc, I have quite a big pile in the street right now waiting for the town to pick it up.

  110. 3b says:

    Juice what type of truck? Was thinking about purchasing a used one. Looking at Nissan Frontier at the moment. Just very early stages.

  111. Blue Ribbon Teacher says:

    My town is amazing with brush. They literally show up once a month to take everything. They actually had to cut back and stop with the stumps because the arborists figured out they could cut down 40 trees and let the town take care of it. They process them all into mulch and deliver to residents for $11 a cubic yard. They also turn all the leafs into compost which is better than any commercial garden/potting soil I’ve ever purchased.

  112. Blue Ribbon Teacher says:

    I agree the sheltering is/was about flattening the curve. And it worked everywhere it was put into place before the numbers exploded. Our area waited too long and about 1/5th of the population got infected and we still overwhelmed our health care system. 80% of the population here is still going to have to either get infected or vaccinated. Now the rest of the country? Most of them sheltered in place in time. So the first wave there was minor. Perhaps 5% of the population at best got infected.

    Technically, it’s another 60% need to get infected before the virus dies out. Still a lot though.

  113. JCer says:

    Juice, I’m in essex. Landscapers here charge more. I think they figure we pay so much in property taxes charging an extra 15 for a mow won’t be met with any resistance. I was paying $50, now I’m paying $55 I haven’t been really pleased with either landscaper but at least the current guy is honest. The other guy was charging me even when he couldn’t come due to weather. Current guy doesn’t do a fall and spring cleanup he just does the cleanup as part of the monthly so I pay for november and december for fall cleanup($440)as well as march($220), the cleanup is ok but not great. I basically pay 10 months so $2200.

  114. crushednjmillenial says:

    In my opinion, we didn’t shutdown to save 100-200k lives in the US – if those were the grimmest of predictions, we wouldn’t have acted as we did. We shut down to avoid 1m+ deaths and hospital overload resulting in tremendous death from otherwise preventable injuries and medical events.

    If the projections are 100k-200k deaths, then I believe any politician not moving quickly toward re-opening is defying real public opinion.

  115. JCer says:

    BRT, my town does the same. The DPW is actually very good, they take sticks and wood far in excess of what they claim they will and they also do a pretty good job of cleaning up afterwards. Good tip on the leaf compost, I’ve gotten the mulch which was pretty good in my town(shredded hardwood, we get 5 cu yds delivered for $50)

  116. Hold my beer says:

    CDC is predicting 200,000 new cases a day and 3,000 deaths a day in the US by end of May.


  117. ExEssex says:

    Two of Elon Musk’s Los Angeles mansions appear to be up for sale on property website Zillow for $30 million and $9.5 million.

    The listings, which say they’re “for sale by owner,” went live on Sunday just two days after the eccentric billionaire tweeted that he intended to sell almost all of his physical possessions and that he “will own no house.”

    Moments before he made those remarks on Friday, Musk tweeted to his 33.6 million followers that Tesla stock was too high, leading to $14 billion being wiped off the company’s market cap. It’s unclear why he did this.

    Musk’s two luxury properties are both in the the exclusive Los Angeles neighborhood of Bel Air. One is a five bedroom ranch and the other is a six bedroom estate.

    A representative for Musk did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

  118. leftwing says:

    Lib, I give up. Thought we were close logically but not.

    You do acknowledge bending the curve was about spreading out the intubations over time, not reducing them in total. But then you go on to tie bending the curve with reducing mortality, which it is not the case once you are under the curve. Again, if you contract this virus and you are in the highest at risk groups (80+ with several comorbidities) chances are you will die. And that is regardless of whether a bunch of healthy kids and young adults are playing on a beach or in a park or not.

    Also, you lament not being able to bend the curve even further. That doesn’t make any sense. Once we get admissions under available ICU beds (vents) it’s mission accomplished. Which is why the Naval ship sailed out of NY Harbor, the Javits is mothballed, and Cuomo is giving away vents. You seem to be conflating ‘bending the curve’ with reduced mortality rates from the virus which was neither the original intent nor possible.

    Lastly, you question my comprehension of immunity. Yeah, haha, I get it. Do you understand that not only are we incapable of conferring immunity to C19 now but may never be able to? It is an open question whether contracting C19 provides immunity (and is irrelevant for high at-risk groups anyway since they overwhelmingly die before immunity). The best vaccines don’t confer immunity well among the high at-risk groups, even for the common flu. If you can’t ever assure immunity to the at-risk population, what do you do then?

    All of this brings us back to the original premise, the only way to decrease mortality is to quarantine the exact group susceptible. Or show me a vaccine that has common flu levels of efficacy in the at-risk groups. But at the very least, don’t hold the whole fcuking nation hostage when you are unwilling to do the former and incapable so far of doing the latter.

    Answer me one question, seriously. No theory or assumptions. Just a straightforward answer.

    Why are you so opposed to quarantining anyone over the age of 65 with multiple comorbidities until there is a vaccine?

  119. Nomad says:

    Good interview from Gottlieb from this Sunday. No drama.


    An AR can be made fully automatic (illegal) and not hard to do so giving it the properties (sans heat dissipation capabilities) of an M16 (previous generation of military issued fully automatic weapon – military uses M4 now).

    Fab, .556 pressure runs a lot higher than .223. Run it through a chamber that’s doesn’t have the psi capacity and it will blow up in your face. Ever so slightly different neck too.

    A Home Buyer says:
    May 3, 2020 at 10:10 pm

    Home, you are looking at where the puck is, not where it’s going. Read up about Cliven Bundy and his dust up with the feds and the BLM. There is an entire group of people looking to get into it in a big way. How many rounds of .223 are in US homes right now? 200mm would likely be low. Dr. Amy Acton had armed protestors at her home and her religious beliefs were a topic of discussion for the protestors. Lib, thoughts, you have kin in this part of the world.

  120. chicagofinance says:

    Hang tough buddy……

    No One says:
    May 4, 2020 at 4:00 pm
    Libturd, regarding the Chinese propaganda, they are doing much more than that. My wife’s former classmates in China are hungry to hear of tales of death and misery from overseas, as the government tells them how lucky they are to have the Communist Party controlling everything. Then my wife upsets them to no end by saying its not such a big deal, sends pictures of us walking happily our dog on our own under our neighborhood cherry blossoms. We are careful and only go out of the house a couple times a week. I happily played a round of golf Saturday, shot a 95, not bad for first outing of the year without having the driving range open (too wet). Anyway, Chinese fascism is running high, and I’m glad the US public isn’t over-eager to throw away their individual rights permanently to government masters as the Chinese are.
    Chinese propagandists became over-confident and I suspect it will come back and bite them.

  121. Hold my beer says:

    Just scored an 18 pack of quilted northern on walmart’s website and 20 pounds of flour.
    Free shipping on $35 and up so I added a few snacks


  122. Fat Fast Eddie says:


    Rock it!!

  123. JCer says:

    eddie, flour and toilet paper are so 2 weeks ago. Now you can get as much TP and flour as you want but try getting some fresh chicken or steak…..

    Shopping for meat is like living in the soviet union, this week we get ground beef, next week no beef some chicken wings.

  124. Libturd, the Master Beta says:

    Left. I think we agree on more than what we don’t.

    To answer your question, “Why are you so opposed to quarantining anyone over the age of 65 with multiple comorbidities until there is a vaccine?”

    Because I don’t see it happening. Not by this government at least.

    I do believe we need to reopen a lot of stuff. I get the saving the economy part. But I also know way too many people under the age of 65 who have been hospitalized and too many who have died. These are not obese people who presented with any health issues, though there is no way to know from appearances of course.

    You can’t even get gloves in this country and masks are now impossible to come by as well. So what this means to me, is that the country has decided they are going to go straight through this thing. Which on paper sounds good. Until the number of deaths we witnessed here the first time around are doubled or tripled the second time around.

    I believe we shouldn’t go straight through it. I believe we can employ some of the techniques that successful countries have employed fighting this thing. I think Sweden is going to look really really stupid in June if that vaccine play is successful.

    I am not confusing morbidity rates with infection rates. You don’t have to die to be hospitalized. I think our hospitals will be overloaded regardless of the morbidity rates. Of course, then increasing the morbidity rates of other sick people who otherwise would be able to go to hospitals without taking undue risks. We have already postponed our first 6 month scan for example. This was not our choice. If D relapses in June and we don’t find out until August, it will be the reopening of the country that will have killed him (just one example).

    Answer me THIS question, since I know you will. Are you cool with everyone running out and getting sick since most won’t die? And if so, should we all be going out without any protective gear? Do you really think our healthcare system is not about to be overwhelmed? Because I just don’t know why you believe that Warren County Ohio is going to have less cases and deaths once people stop practicing infection prevention than say Hunterdon County NJ today which has close to half it’s population, 4 times the cases and 3 times the deaths population?

    I still say, better to equip and educate the population to stop the spread than it is to infect the population to get it over with.

    And remember. When everyone here was saying this was the common flu and that the predictions of 60K dead were unlikely to happen, I was very much in the minority to say 200K was incredibly realistic. We are at 70K now and probably in the 2nd inning. And yeah, the fatality rate for those under 45 (without a condition) is 1 out of 100. Wouldn’t it suck if you won that unlucky lottery. I’ve won raffles with much worse odds. :P

    In three weeks, the trend should be clear. In four weeks, I think a lot more people see it my way. It’s tough playing Friday night quarterback.

  125. Walking says:

    Meat shrinkage, We stocked up on protein shakes, protein bars back in February when this first started.

    I’m still waiting to see if riots come next. We saw a glimpse this weekend in NYC. With the mayor still taking Joe citizens side this will get worse as we head into summer

  126. Glaring Light of Day says:

    Stocked up on meat a couple weeks ago, freezer is packed. But then, I’ve always had a lot of meat.

  127. Fat Fast Eddie says:


    eddie, flour and toilet paper are so 2 weeks ago. Now you can get as much TP and flour as you want but try getting some fresh chicken or steak…..

    Stew Leonards… always stocked. Pick your meat, they have it.

  128. Glaring Light of Day says:

    “…cartridge…” Dear Turd – it’s called a magazine, not cartridge. If you are going to flap your gums about a subject, do a little research first.

  129. Juice Box says:

    The Meatrix has arrived.

    “Costco has announced fresh meat purchases are being “temporarily limited to a total of 3 items per member among the beef, pork and poultry products” in response to the closing of a number of meat processing plants around the nation.

    Outbreaks of the coronavirus at a number of plants across the United States led to some closing down and others struggling to remain open. Last week, President Donald Trump used the Defense Production Act to designate meat processes as critical infrastructure.”



  130. Glaring Light of Day says:

    I spent Saturday hiking in the Delaware Water Gap, following the trail along Rattlesnake Swamp, then up to the Kittatinny Ridge. It was beautiful up there. But then, the people arrived – the suburban family out for the day with their dog and two sons, the wife and kids complaining because their shoes were wet or dirty while the husband remained silent…the millennial couple with their preschool daughter, the parents tatted, of course, mom feeding the sulking four year old snacks while dad checked his phone over and over again. I am not afraid of catching this virus, rather this lockdown has made clear to me how much I dislike being surrounded by other people. I grew up in NYC, spent my adult life in NJ, and when the youngest genetic offspring is done with school I am out, dragging family members with me, or not, that will be their choice. Life is too short to spend what years are left in this sheepfold.

  131. Fabius Maximus says:


    6 aint 60 so its going in the right direction. The Snopes is interesting but does raise two questions. Is having Mar 2010 as a gap something to celebrate. In the same vein where there incidents in Mar 2020? In your list there are a lot of green rows. What is an acceptable number?

    If you say there is no compromise to be had, that’s fine. I’ll push for as much restriction as possible, micro etch the ammo as well and you can fight it in court. I’ll keep pushing for NJ to be restrictive and it you don’t like it, you can always move to a different state. That 10th Amendment works both ways.

    Nomad. That’s my point most stamped for 556 will be stamped for 223 as well as it’s lower psi.

    Just back from Lowes for a plumbing run. 7PM on a Monday is a nice time to go.

  132. grim says:

    Fossil Farms in Boonton NJ.

    No line, no crowds, no wait, incredible product.

  133. grim says:

    Did some bison short rib two weeks back, melt in your mouth.

  134. Hold my beer says:


    It’s great flour too. Wheat Montana and only $5.98 a 10 pound bag.

    But imperfect foods dropped off this week’s order right after my tp triumph and I was brought back to reality. Ordered 2 different 5 packs of yogurt and received 1 cup of each. And got a bag of baguettes instead of a bag of popcorn.


  135. A Home Buyer says:


    What I read from your answer as I interpret it:

    -No, you will not stop as long as anyone dies from a firearm. Even one is to many and warrants banning of all firearms. well I guess you actually did say bolt action rifles were okay, for now.

    -Any death is abhorrent, but we strongly differ on where the blame resides and how to respond. (To answer your question, I posted those articles for your information since you said you didn’t research it, not to argue any point. Now ideally zero would be my perfect hope, but much like I’m not willing to give up alcohol to avoid hundreds of thousands of alcohol-related deaths, cars to avoid tens of thousand automobile deaths, bleach to avoid 3, 000 poisoning, or swimming pools to avoid 350 deaths, I’m not willing to give up long rifles to potentially save 500 people because five or six people a year go batch it crazy because her economic, social, and political systems are tearing peoples sanity apart.)

    -You keep using compromise, however you really do not mean compromise. You literally started to post saying, “automatically, no compromise” and then proceeded to deliver a series of “choices” of your acceptable interim policies. That’s not me saying there’s no compromise, that’s me saying I don’t want to play your game of picking the less sh!tty sh!t sandwich and saying it was my choice. :)

    -You seem to understand the laws you are willing to pass are ludicrous and possibly not constitutionally viable but are willing to pass them just because it screws with your opponents.

    -You don’t realize I already changed careers (but same field), moved my family (after a family discussion and got their buy in and compromised… No, not your version of compromise) and left New Jersey because we do feel that strongly about all of our freedoms.

    As always, fun as usual. I’m glad neither of us make the laws though. :)

  136. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Now I know why people become more conservative as they age. You just want it to be like the good ol days.

    That’s why I always loved my house location. It was that balance where I was so close to urban life, yet had woods across the street and behind my house. Priceless. Watched foxes, coyotes, helped a snapping turtle cross the street with my dughter, and I even had a video of my daughter and I watch a red tail hawk try to get this squirrel (squirrel won).

    I don’t know how much longer it will last, but damn it’s priceless at the moment.

    Glaring Light of Day says:
    May 4, 2020 at 8:52 pm

  137. The Great Pumpkin says:

    I had my beautiful weeping Willow in my front yard go down in the recent wind storms. Cut up a bunch of branches and put them in water bottles. Had the roots come out, and planted about twenty transplants by the creek across the street and the one behind my house.

    My daughter gave the fallen weeping willow a name…Willy. Showed her the cycle of life and how Willy will live on.

  138. Blue Ribbon Teacher says:

    Bison > Cattle by far. Unbelievable how much more flavor is in the meat despite it being much leaner.

  139. ExEssex says:

    We use a service called pigofthemonth dot com.
    Very satisfying bar b que via the mail.

  140. Fabius Maximus says:


    Ah the Swimming pools. Here’s my view on SPs and guns. How many multiple fatality incidents have been caused by a person with a pool. I put pools in that other category. How many SP deaths were there before we started mandating pool fencing. I equate little Johnny with an unsupervised accident, with little Jimmie finding MeMaws 38 under the pillow. Regulation in the home has a lot more constitutional protection than straight 2A.

    I hold that Heller was wrong. I maintain its a state right and not an individual right. We are going to disagree on that. But no law is ludicrous if it survives Supreme Court Scrutiny.

    Let me use your family analogy from the other side.
    “Hey honey, great opportunity, but we need to move to get there. If we do this its better for our family long term”.
    “He11 no, the only way your get me out of this house is cold in a box”
    “We can find you a similar house in the new location. the only difference is that your 6ft Rose bushes will be 3 ft buses. The roses look similar, they are just a little smaller”
    “What can I give you to facilitate this move. The changes in the new place are not that different. While they have a gym its may not be 24 hr, but when did you ever use the gym at 3AM. But you can access to the pool at the new new place. You don’t have that here”
    “No, in fact I want an extension on this house. ”
    “Honey, the majority of the family want this change. I can force this through legally. We can divorce and you will lose the house anyway. I would rather find a compromise, but you need to come to the table”

    Maybe you can be like Fauchi and request Brad P1tt to play you.

  141. crushednjmillenial says:

    Not a Sweeney fan, but he is pushing Gov. Murphy to move more quickly to re-open.

    “[Sweeney] acknowledged that restaurants would be a challenge, but “let’s start [re-opening] with the easy ones now.”


  142. joyce says:

    LEVITT: Yeah, the answer to that question is incredibly easy. And the swimming pool is far, far more dangerous than the gun when it comes to young children.

  143. A Home Buyer says:


    You really don’t understand compromise. It starts with a discussion of your thoughts, see if there is any common agreement. In this case, leaving Jersey. Then it comes to discussing locations, options, and what each means for work, family, and other future prospects.

    I ended up with one of my prime locations but conceding on both off us working (so my spouse could stay at home and raise the kids which was there dream). I had to take a job I really didn’t want but would pay the bills and to do so included taking particularly challenging and lengthy exams and getting licensure. I had to cut back on a few luxuries I enjoyed having like a second car, monthly camping trips, and video game (from both a cost and time perspective).

    Your example of compromise in a family is disturbing…

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