C19 Open Discussion Week 16

Four months since we started this discussion…

From CNBC:

New Jersey governor: ‘I believe we will be back in school’ this fall with coronavirus protocols

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy told CNBC on Friday he thinks K-12 schools in the state will reopen for in-person classes in the fall. 

“We want them to, and I do believe they will,” Murphy said on “Squawk Box,” while acknowledging that hopes for reopening schools could be derailed if coronavirus cases were to get really bad again in the state coming out of the summer.

“Imagine predicting in late April what late June would look like in America. Probably none of us would have gotten it right, good or bad,” the Democrat added. “So with that big caveat, two months out, I believe we will be back in school. It will be a new normal. There will be protocols in place that had not been in place before.”  

Murphy’s comments Friday came as schools at all levels across the U.S. are trying to develop plans for how to safely welcome students back for in-person instruction this fall. Many schools across the country shifted to remote learning in March as the Covid-19 outbreak intensified.

State officials released details of New Jersey’s reopening plan Friday afternoon. Staff and visitors must wear face coverings, while students are “strongly encouraged” to have them on, according to the Department of Education’s “The Road Back” plan. Schools also must have social distancing within the classroom “to the maximum extent practicable,” and districts also must develop a protocol to screen students and staff for symptoms of Covid-19, the document states. 

School districts must reopen for “modified” in-person classes, according to the plan. But given that the required changes may limit a school’s ability to operate at full capacity, a “hybrid” learning environment — some in-person instruction, some remote — may be necessary, the document acknowledges.

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  1. Hold my beer says:

    Not it

  2. Nomad says:

    Scott Galloway, NYU bus prof has some controversial & provocative things to say about higher ed. This weeks weekly column is no different. Big changes, per Galloway, coming to higher ed.


  3. juice box says:

    School year is already f•cked they won’t be gong back full time.
    Murphy punted and now many towns won’t have a full school year.

  4. Juice Box says:

    My kids start camp July 6th. It almost did not happen, camp was moved from one location at the last minute to another pool club.

    We are taking temps for 14 days, anyone that even has a cough or sneeze will not be allowed in, screenings every morning and it’s only 50% capacity this year (LOTS OF FAMILIES WERE TURNED DOWN AND ARE ANGRY ON FACEBOOK), mask NOT required as well swimming with a mask it not possible and they will wash hands after every activity. No trips to the museums, water parks, aquariums this year either and no lunches served, and Yes it’s still full price.

  5. ExEssex says:

    The 2020 Social Security and Medicare trustees report, published Wednesday, showed that Social Security could pay full scheduled benefits until 2035, and that the Medicare’s Hospital Insurance Trust Fund would be depleted earlier, in 2026.

    The report mirrored the numbers from last year – but crucially did not reflect the effects of the current coronavirus crisis.

    Now an analysis from the Bipartisan Policy Center gives a hint at just how much the current downturn could bite into Social Security.

  6. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Grim, my comment is awaiting moderation. A little help if you can.

  7. The Great Pumpkin says:

    I really wish we would just go back to normal already. It’s a virus, and for most of the population, they are not going to die. I’m not a scientist, so maybe I’m missing something, but I’m not scared of this virus. I’m more scared of the harm we are doing to the economy.

  8. The Great Pumpkin says:

    My comment is in mod, but it reflect this. See what happens when you start focusing on fairness and equal, it all goes to sh!t. Look what happens when you put this lefty mindset in office…how much better was it under Bloomberg and Rudy? They need to go back, before they take the ship down.

    “Everybody Hates Bill
    Weeks into the George Floyd protests, Mayor de Blasio has alienated his constituents, the police, and even his own staff.”


  9. ExEssex says:

    8:58 I think they’ll make teachers spend more time at school and transmit lessons to the kiddos. One day a week virtual. The other four days classrooms are open and they rotate a quarter of the kids through classes once or twice a week.
    It’s going to be strange. Most of the onus will be on the kids.
    But at least kids who detest languishing in a classroom will be freed up to pursue rewarding solitary ventures of which there are many.

  10. ExEssex says:

    I’m glad I taught in NJ and pre-COVID.
    I had a blast, worked hard, he was a person
    and left with a pension. I will say teaching
    and learning going forward will be very different.

  11. ExEssex says:

    He was = grew as

  12. ExEssex says:

    10:01 don’t worry when they send you back to orange and that classroom,
    You can test your immunity.

  13. The Great Pumpkin says:

    I’m an old school democrat. I just want my party back. The one that protected the environment (not to extremes), focused on helping the individual but not supporting, held big business in check when it became a detriment to the market efficiency, and most of all, the one that loved and supported American individualism in its love for the worker.

    Democrats now represent divisiveness group think, obsession with collectivism, and a crazy love affair with unmitigated fairness according what their “bias” deems “fair.”

  14. Fast Eddie says:

    Pascack Valley and Hills are getting rid of their mascot names… Cowboys and Redskins, because it’s offensive. I want the New York Yankees to change their name because it’s offensive to native Northerners. I want the Giants to change their name too because it’s offensive to tall people and tall buildings. And I’m a white guy but don’t call me “white” because it’s labeling me and putting me into a specific bucket. I want to be known as an achromatic human mostly identifying as a He.

  15. Hold my beer says:


    Wait till the woke crowd realizes July is named for Julius Caesar who killed and enslaved 1/3 of the population of what is now Europe west of Germany.

    The protestors are actually destroying and defacing statues of abolitionists for being racist. The mob has grown insane and ignorant.

  16. Hold my beer says:

    Wow. Corona has gotten so bad in Texas that the counties San Antonio is in sent out text alerts asking people to stay home and only go out for essential trips and the republican Speaker of Texas Legislature is going on tv to ask people to wear masks and how if people wear masks the spread will decrease and the economy can recover

  17. njtownhomer says:

    This time, I agree with Fast. It is my district -:) and it is stupid. There are a lot of needs at the schools to open up properly this fall yet they are stuck in a mascot.

  18. njtownhomer says:


    2 weeks ago I drove thru the state. Except Travis, the use of masks were like 10%. It was even worse in AR and TN.

    Today I saw Pence finally with a mask. They finally got the point.

  19. Walking says:

    Hold, don’t worry in 3 weeks there will be herd immunity and live will be back to normal. NY reporting protests did not lead to covid spread due to herd immunity with most younger protestors having covid with no symotoms. We all thought yelling and chants in close proximity would cause a spike but nyc is fine. Rip the band aid off for 3 week and it will be fine.

  20. BoomerRemover says:

    My pre diabetic mother in law (checks his watch) should be in a PHX area church right about now, praising Jeebus at the top of her lungs, no mask of course.

    Her husband put up a fight but eventually gave up trying to rationalize. I suspect he may have figured this was a good way to jettison the aging mother, the looney wife and just ride off into the sunset in peace.

  21. Jersey Dilemma says:

    Need some financial advice folks…

    Divorcing, and considering if I should keep the house or not.

    Approximate value of house is $900K, mortgage balance is $400K.

    900K – 400K = $500K equity to divide between spouses.

    That’s $250K to buy out the other spouse from the house.

    What are some options to come up with $250K to buy out the other spouse?

    What would the new mortgage amount be for the spouse keeping the house?

    Thanks in advance for any advice.

  22. Hold my beer says:

    Jersey Dilemma

    Would you or your soon to be ex still want to live there after divorce? Lots of people sell and buy something else as a fresh start. Divorce counselors even tell their clients to at least throw out some mutually used items like towels or sheet sets and get new ones or replace some of the furniture to make the house yours insteads of yours + ex.

  23. Hold my beer says:


    Maybe 3 months we will be at herd immunity but our case count is still going up and the hospitals will get overrun next weekend.

  24. Chicago says:

    I always thought it was a reference to Dolly Parton. Learn something new every day.

    Fast Eddie says:
    June 28, 2020 at 12:16 pm
    I want the Giants to change their name too because it’s offensive to tall people and tall buildings.

  25. Chicago says:

    Wear a mask, social distance, avoid contact whenever possible.

    The area being affected now are due to ignoring the above and going to bars and restaurants indoors.

    This isn’t that difficult.

    If you are white, O+ blood, have plenty of vitamin D and take care of yourself, you should see the latter part of 2021.

    Trump is really doing the country a disservice.

    Walking says:
    June 28, 2020 at 3:24 pm
    Hold, don’t worry in 3 weeks there will be herd immunity and live will be back to normal. NY reporting protests did not lead to covid spread due to herd immunity with most younger protestors having covid with no symotoms. We all thought yelling and chants in close proximity would cause a spike but nyc is fine. Rip the band aid off for 3 week and it will be fine

  26. Sunday Nite Score Card says:

    Nerdy MDs, MPH, & PhDs + 3 (quarantine/social events/mask)

    MetroNY/Northeast Spring shut down + 1

    Billionaire chanting ” Don’t shut down” – 0

    “Don’t Mess with Texas/Dixie”
    Low IQ/Fake News/Ideology before facts – 0

    Improvement of USA national IQ + 1

    Of course Trump is doing a national disservice, that was the point of voting for him. The ideological careless, greedy, apathetic, used car salesman societal course that started with Reagan and sped up with the Clintons was only going to end up crashing like a Boeing 787MAX. Voting for Trump was a push by a large segment of the population to just get the end over with.

    You got to admit, that over the last 6 months, we have learned clearly in very bold terms, how beholden we are to the billionaires and pathetic and un-American we have become.

  27. The Great Pumpkin says:

    “What just happened? Wordsworth and his brothers-in-arms at the Bastille found that their bliss faded when the fighting subsided and the revolution’s ideology had to be put into practice, which drained its poetry. Revolutions never come near to meeting expectations. Their gains get reversed, reactionaries reassert themselves, mafias and dictators exploit the disarray. And of course revolutions have casualties—sometimes in unbearable numbers. But Leon Trotsky’s observation that revolution is the locomotive of history still seems about right. At the very least, we would do well to notice that we’re in the middle of one.”

  28. grim says:

    Contact tracing largely a failure and an unbelievable waste of money, give it a few more months and this opinion will be widespread.

  29. Walking says:

    Grim, you would have better luck getting your lost wallet returned then someone giving out info to a tracer.

    ChiFI, check out the Manhattan night life on St Marks, we are at herd immunity at this point. the South/Southwest will be there soon enough, it is just they are not densely populated so its taking time for this to roll through.

  30. Chicago says:

    Most woke whites have good intentions, but their symbolic gestures will, at best, have little effect and, at worst, do real harm. The campaign against police is a good example. Broad anti-police sentiment has ­already caused cops to become less proactive in high-crime neighborhoods, with the predictable result that shootings have spiked around the country.

    Whites are engaging in activism motivated by a misperception about black life that doesn’t comport with reality for most blacks. With their views of blacks as wounded and perpetually oppressed, woke whites would do more good by doing nothing.

    Charles Love is the assistant executive director of Seeking Educational Excellence. Adapted from City Journal.

  31. JCer says:

    Chi, we have a winner! The high crime that impacts predominately minority neighborhoods is one of the greatest issues facing the people living there. Police killings and racial profiling is not even on the radar of what really is impacting the lives of your average black person. Just the sheer numbers of people who are victims of all kinds of crime, things we take for granted where we live, the ability to park your car in the driveway without having your windows smashed, the ability to get stuff in the mail and not have it be stolen, etc. The sheer impact on quality of life is incredible and lets not even get into when a random child gets shot by a gang, it happens. Crime makes life much more difficult for the vast majority of working class blacks, most of these people are honest and just trying to live their lives and a small minority is terrorizing their community.

    Anti-police sentiment is a real problem, historically the way black folks have been treated by law enforcement and the courts makes it somewhat easy to understand why there is a natural mistrust. The fact that the police pretty much run for profit is also a problem, they are always looking to make revenue off those who can least afford it. Senator Scott put together a decent proposal for police reform but the intransigence of the democrats to even engage in discussion tells me this is all about politics and not about reform. They don’t want to fix it and they certainly don’t want Trump to have any kind of legislative victory going into 2020. Mind you the republicans pulled the same garbage with Obama, it was wrong then and still wrong now. If we can legislate to change the laws in common sense ways that address an apparent problem we should and it is their duty to the people they represent to do so.

    People are done with COVID, that is why we are seeing what we are seeing. Protests/riots….yes, trips to the bar…yes, pretty much people are throwing social distancing to the wayside. It is not different here, I just got back from Cape May, bars and restaurants are packed, they are outside but big deal there is no distancing. People aren’t distancing at the beach, Congress Hall looked packed with tons of people at the pool, people are even going into the stores.

  32. Hold my beer says:

    Got my mower back yesterday. Works like new.

  33. Banking says:

    Banks have pulled back sharply on lending to U.S. consumers during the coronavirus crisis. One reason: They can’t tell who is creditworthy anymore.

    Millions of Americans are out of work and behind on their debts. But, in many cases, the missed payments aren’t reflected in their credit scores, nor are they uniformly recorded on borrowers’ credit reports.

    The confusion stems from a provision in the government’s coronavirus stimulus package. The law says lenders that allow borrowers to defer their debt payments can’t report these payments as late to credit-reporting companies. From March 1 through the end of May, Americans deferred debt payments on more than 100 million accounts, according to credit-reporting firm TransUnion, a sign of widespread financial distress.

    The credit blind spot has further clouded the outlook for lenders. For years, strong consumer spending and borrowing helped propel them to record profits. Now the economy is in shambles, and they are trying to figure out what is going to happen to all of the debt Americans racked up in better times.

    Lenders that are having a tough time spotting risky loan applicants are approving fewer borrowers for credit cards, auto loans and other consumer debt. They are also hunting for new data sets that could indicate who is in financial trouble and how much they need to set aside to cover soured loans. The Federal Reserve last week said the biggest U.S. banks could be saddled with as much as $700 billion in loan losses in a prolonged downturn.

    “Without accurate information, their only option is to pull back on credit,” said Michael Abbott, head of banking for North America at consulting firm Accenture. “Banks don’t know who is going to pay and who isn’t. It’s like flying blind into a credit storm.”

  34. Chicago says:

    But the BLM protests, which have created the anarchy, are notable for the scarcity of black people involved — just one in six are black, according to the Pew Research Center.

    There are too many videos of deranged white leftists abusing black police officers to accept that this is a movement to improve the lot of black Americans.

    In Washington, DC, over the weekend, two black men protecting the Emancipation Memorial, which was funded by freed slaves, were abused by white people.

    “Why are you protecting it?” shrieked one BLM activist.

    “You don’t even know the history [or] who paid for it,” replied one of the black men.

    “Why are you fighting me?” she screeched back.

    It’s as if white virtue signalers can’t comprehend that black people would have independent ideas. How dare you not slot into the cartoon narrative I have created for you, they seem to say.

    That’s how Scott sees it, anyway.

    “When Speaker Pelosi says one of the most heinous things I can imagine: that Republicans are actually trying to cover up murder, the murder of George Floyd, with our legislation, that’s not politics.”

    “She knows that she can say that because the Democrats have a monopoly on the black vote, [and] in monopolies, you start devaluing your customer.”

    It wasn’t a slip of the tongue when Joe Biden told a black radio host, “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.”

    It’s the Democrats’ election strategy.

  35. Chicago says:

    Yet here was Pelosi patronizing him about an issue he knows everything about, and she nothing.

    “How in the world does this woman, standing in front of a $24,000 refrigerator, have the sense to jump into the bottomless pit of race politics?” he said on Fox News.

  36. 1987 Condo says:

    Beer…good for you! same thing happened to me, first season with new mower hit the gas cap…was told it was over, guy at hardware store said he’d give me $20 for it…..got it repaired for $60..that was 8 years ago..

  37. homeboken says:

    Watching videos of rioters, claiming to be protestors, that block vehicles that are in motion.

    In every case, the rioters start pounding on the hood, windows, etc. Most of the time, they throw objects at the windows.

    What is the law here as a driver? If a driver is operating their vehicle and rioters begin taking aggressive posture against the vehicle and the driver decides to let physics to do the dirty work, would the driver be held guilty of any crime?

  38. Hold my beer says:

    1987 condo

    $100 to repair cable adjuster, sharpen blade, tune up, and drain and clean gas tank. And the guy picked it up and delivered it too.

    It cuts and moves better and faster. I’m thinking of sending it out every February for blade sharpening and a tuneup. Would be $70 or so. Would save me a couple of hours from going out and getting the tune up kit and then disposing the oil and probably save me a hours a year cutting the grass and having to rake away streaks of clippings the dull blade was leaving behind

  39. You need a Lawyer says:


    Ask a lawyer. It depends on your state. You need to prove their was an immediate threat to your life. Being in a car eliminates most of that threat, until they break the windows, your in a self contained safe bubble.

    Property damage or inconvenience will not permit lethal action. Similar to guns, your first duty is to avoid the conflict entirely if possible and not instigate.

    Even if justified with lethal force, the politics of today will likely see you arrested for an overnight stay and worst case having to prove your innocence in court and in the media and public.

    Car Camera system will be useful.

  40. Libturd says:


    Kind of figured your mower would be fine. You need to sharpen your blades at least once a season anyway. Adjusting the cables is a joke. Watch YouTube to learn that 60-second trick. What was involved in the tuneup? It’s one spark plug, a less than 1-pint of oil change, blow out air filter. I never cleaned out a fuel tank, though I run every engine empty as part of winterization. The truth is, you only need to send out to sharpen the blades. Everything else takes about 15 minutes in total. What I do is in late October, I winterize the mower, trimmer, pressure washer and leaf blower and siphon the gas into my snowthrower and blower and tune them up then (takes me about 30 minutes). In the Spring, I summerize the winter stuff and tune up the Summer stuff. Takes about an hour. It’s all really easy to learn and probably saves me a few hundred bucks. Some of my equipment, like my weed-eater is now 37 years old and still starts on first pull.

    I need to add a hitch to the CX-9 for a few reasons. Thinking about doing it myself unless anyone know’s anyone locally who would do it for $100 or less. There’s no drilling involved, but I’ve read that it’s tricky getting it in around where the spare goes and then the spare doesn’t easily fit. I don’t have ramps that could support the CX-9 anyway.

  41. Juice Box says:

    Lib – U-hal put the hitch on for pretty cheap, I had them do mine.

    Fo your CX-9 looks to be about $150 for the hitch installed.


  42. grim says:

    What is the law here as a driver? If a driver is operating their vehicle and rioters begin taking aggressive posture against the vehicle and the driver decides to let physics to do the dirty work, would the driver be held guilty of any crime?

    Undercarraige mounted smoke unit. Trigger from inside the car. Will completely fill the area with smoke to scare off anyone.

    $1000 installed, let me know.

  43. ExEssex says:

    Just wait til the incels start marching with their giant erections.

  44. ExEssex says:

    Imagine a legion of these guys:


  45. Juice Box says:

    My 76 firebird came with a smoke screen

  46. Bystander says:

    The state of America, wealthy Dumpy supporters ready to let bullets fly. We must protect those English laurel hedges


  47. Chicago says:

    Here in my car
    I feel safest of all
    I can lock all my doors
    It’s the only way to live
    In cars

  48. ExEssex says:

    Is it me or are Republicans missing frontal lobes?

  49. 1987 condo says:

    I’ll make this call, Trump drops out, Pence takes over. Pence already pushing wearing masks, trying to recover….and catch up…I could be wrong, lol

  50. Libturd says:

    Trump will never drop out. Though the thought was pleasant.

    Juice. Have an appointment on the 13th in North Newark for the job. $265 – Got a stronger one than the cheapo. Thanks. We’ll see how they do. Lots of bad reviews from the other U-Hauls which is not surprising as they are all ghetto locations.

  51. Bystander says:

    Hold on as fake news..this would be amazing if true. It would be so Trump and also a slap on idiots worldwide who believe this guy was anything more than an charlatan and a stunted, narcissistic, crying 5 year old. Apologies to my 5 year old who shows more maturity. What a disgrace. Which party is in turmoil again? Who now, red cow?

    “Donald Trump may drop out of the 2020 presidential race if he believes he has no chance of winning, a Republican Party operative reportedly told Fox News.

    The claim comes in a report in the president’s favourite news outlet that cites a number of GOP insiders who are concerned about Mr Trump’s re-election prospects amid abysmal polling numbers.”

  52. Juice Box says:

    Lib- For my truck they had to remove the exhaust from the rubber mount to squeeze in the hitch receiver, otherwise I would have done it myself.

    Only thing I use my hitch for is the bike rack to haul our bikes down to the beach, park etc.

  53. 1087 condo says:

    Would Trump prefer to lose or drop out and say he would have won, and be able to continue to rail against the opposition…….

  54. Bystander says:

    In case you missed it, here is the anti-mask red hat dolt contingent at work in Palm beach.


  55. ExEssex says:

    Take me back I’m tired of the twenty first century

  56. ExEssex says:

    This guy:

    Trump would reportedly brag about his own wealth, genius, “great” accomplishments as President and the “idiocy” of his Oval Office predecessors to Saudi Arabia’s Mohammed bin Salman and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, according to CNN.

    One person familiar with almost all the conversations with the leaders of Russia, Turkey, Canada, Australia and western Europe characterized Trump’s calls with them to be “abominations” so grievous to US national security interests, according to CNN. The source told CNN that if congressional members of Congress “heard from witnesses to the actual conversations or read the texts and contemporaneous notes,” they believe that many senior Republican members would no longer retain confidence in the President.

  57. Roger Fox says:

    If we can avoid the second wave of the epidemic, schools at all levels in the US that are trying to develop safe enrollment plans will be able to accept students for personal study this fall. Otherwise, we cannot plan anything.

  58. The Great Pumpkin says:

    1. Pending home sales (contracts) rebounded sharply in May, topping economists’ forecasts

    3. Next, we have a couple of updates on consumer credit.
    • Mortgage lending has remained relatively stable even as credit cards and auto loans tumbled during the crisis.
    • Household delinquencies are expected to rise further, especially without additional government assistance.

    5. Morgan Stanley expects an additional $1 trillion in fiscal stimulus.

    6. The impact on household net worth has been much less severe in this recession than after 2008. That’s mostly due to the stability of the housing market and the rebound in stock prices.”

  59. The Great Pumpkin says:

    10. Inflation expectations have rebounded.

  60. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Wave of Corporate Failures Stays at Bay—For Now
    Some on Wall Street are starting to wonder if the anticipated crush of corporate failures will ever arrive


  61. The Great Pumpkin says:

    “India bans Tik Tok. The country banned dozens of Chinese mobile apps, including WeChat, as part of its response to a border clash earlier this month which left 20 Indian soldiers dead.”

  62. The Great Pumpkin says:

    “Who needs offices? Employers like Facebook are becoming excited about the long-term prospect of remote working, mostly because of the money it saves. But decades of setbacks suggest a bumpy road ahead. In the past, IBM, Best Buy and other companies scrapped work-from-home experiments after finding that telecommuting diminished accountability and creativity.

    But maybe this time really is different, because of the combination of a major health crisis and better technologies like Zoom. Some retailers, expecting that work from home is here to stay, are revamping their offerings to concentrate on a new kind of workplace clothing: the Zoom Shirt.”

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