C19 Open Discussion Week 15b

From NJ Business Magazine:

Pandemic Drives Manhattanites’ Moves to New Jersey

New Yorkers concerned about contracting coronavirus in their apartment buildings’ elevators and who have been working from home in small-but-expensive apartments are fleeing to northern New Jersey’s suburbs, according to multiple sources such as Michele Messina, real estate professional at RE/MAX Villa Realtors.

“New York City is absolutely wonderful, but if you don’t have the space, it can be difficult if you are working from home,” Messina tells New Jersey Business magazine. “If there is more than one person – and if you are all on top of each other – then you are definitely starting to fast-forward moving out of that apartment and considering a house.”

The opposite trend – moving into urban areas – was occurring two years ago, Messina recalls. But with the coronavirus pandemic keeping people at home and wary of public places, real estate professionals have recently been advertising suburbia using words such as “quiet” and “serenity.”

ShowingTime statistics reported overall that for home showings, “the Northeast Region index increased 19.6% since last year, and was up 127.7% since last month (May).”

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  1. Fast Eddie says:

    I just tacked another 50K on to the sale price of my house. Supply and demand. The NY crowd will have no problem outbidding each other. Besides, some chubby house tour guide told me years ago that the area I live in is bleeding wealth. I was going to try to explain the big hat, no cattle theorem but she was too busy filing her nails so I didn’t bother.

  2. dentss@yahoo.com says:

    LOL …and taxes increased 12%

  3. Juice Box says:

    My cousin bought a place out in the Hampton’s in January this year and was planning on making it a rental property. Currently living there now indefinitely, won’t be back to Manhattan or Brooklyn anytime soon.

  4. Fast Eddie says:

    I will say this much… a decade ago, I was able to list scores of houses in the 600K range that were outdated dumps. The fat Karen shit holes were everywhere. The reek would permeate through my laptop screen. Now, it seems like the ones for sale in this range appear to be well-kept, for the most part. I see updated kitchens and baths. I suspect that the increase in taxes drove down the price a tad along with the post housing bubble deflation.

  5. Phoenix says:

    Fat Karen spoke to the manager, Fat Freddie her husband, and demanded a nicer updated kitchen and more cheese or else.
    He obliged.

  6. Juice Box says:

    ugh – Joys of home ownership.

    I replaced my downstairs HVAC system completely last year. Now my second zone upstairs HVAC unit is freezing up (low pressure perhaps), and not blowing cold air. I let it defrost for a day and now it’s blowing zero cold air, it must have leaked or cracked. Unit is 14 years old now and the evaporator has a sticker that says R-22 so it looks like I am going to have to replace it with a newer R410A refrigerant system as it’s higher pressure and all equipment must be replaced.

    Called my A/C guy nice and early this morning, no call back yet, he must be busy…..

  7. Bystander says:


    I feel you. My capacitor blew on Monday night. It was 88 degrees upstairs..miserable with kids. Had to call three Trane supply stores and one had it. Drove 35m to get it. Easy job once done but still a PITA.

  8. Juice Box says:

    I changed the caps already and the fan on the condenser myself about 4 years ago. This is a smaller 2 ton unit hopefully I can get it and the evaporator installed for $3k.

  9. Fabius Maximus says:

    The housing market by me is in a weird place. For the 500-800K range, if its priced right its gone in days. New Construction is gone by Rough-in.

    Mrs Fab listed a place. First viewings and offers were on Friday, contract signed on Monday. They went for a high price, but not too high, because at the end of the day they have to hit the appraisal number.

    I think it will be at the Loan level where things will tighten.

  10. Fabius Maximus says:

    Interesting take. Whats that “doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past”


  11. JCer says:

    Don’t even talk to me about air conditioning, the company I use is a bunch of crooks. They are good and have been able to fix my boilers when others failed and know the AC system in my house which is tough because I have a Unico system. But I just paid 1k for freon(410a), leak sealant and dye which seems to be about double what it should cost for a 5 ton unit. Thankfully the unit is working well but at 12 years old I fear what the cost will be to replace the unico part of the system. I have 5 ton units both the same age so knowing my luck i’ll be replacing both of them at the same time. The unico air handlers are at least 2x the cost of conventional. Probably staring down 20k+ when both systems eventually go. I told my wife already I’m finding a new HVAC guy, the only reason I agreed was because the guy was here and to get the system running. Last year I replaced the capacitor and the fan my self as these guys were probably going to be over 1k and I was able to get the parts on prime next day anyway for less than $200. For some reason I have all my issues with my upstairs unit.

  12. 3b says:

    Apparently Mnuchin is considering extending the tax filing deadline again. It’s coming up quickly, kind of late at this point.

  13. Juice Box says:

    My AC guy was just here, he topped off the R-22 as it was low and it’s now blowing cold air again. So low refrigerant was the cause and not something else thankfully, but a leak is a leak so who knows if I will make it through the summer. He charges $185 a lb for the recharge for R-22, all said and done I gave him $400 cash. He is a one man show so I don’t think the service was a ripoff and I did not have to wait. I have sent him a few customers recently too.

    Quote for new R410A system installed is $4800 all in. Not great and not terrible , I will hold off and see if it leaks again….

  14. Juice Box says:

    3b – will allot of people sitting on their asses why can’t they file on time? Is the IRS staff at the beach all summer of something or is it political?

  15. leftwing says:

    From the Huffpost…

    “The children, all under age 3 with teenage mothers or guardians, were feverish, coughing, vomiting and had diarrhea, immigration attorneys told HuffPost on Friday.”

    Why are these people even allowed to ever set foot on US soil?

    WTF makes them my problem? Are we here to (impossibly) cure the economic and social ills of every poverty stricken human in this world?

    If so, stop being so closed minded and open up the fcuking borders. Take all those parked airliners and start running full one-way flights from every third world nation to the US.

    If not, enforce our laws and keep these fcuking people OUT.

  16. Fast Eddie says:


    What the f.uck does four sick babies have to do with Trump? How many people were beaten, killed, had their businesses destroyed at the hands of democratic leadership? How’s that hope and change working out in Seattle? How many were killed in NYC this past week? There’s your f.ucking Antifa, Liberal, progressive greatness. Huff Po is a piece of shit organization.

  17. 3b says:

    Juice: I was surprised to see that, with the deadline so close. I assume if people who owe have money set aside to pay in July, and then get an extension to September or December, they might take that money and spend it, creating economic activity.

  18. FakeTruth isthe Problem says:

    Back to cop talk.


    With licenses for cop, a license board would have pulled his license by the 4th or 5th job.
    With personal liability insurance, the cost of insurance he would have felt the financial penalty in his 2nd job and would have no insurance coverage for his 3rd job, meaning no job.

  19. Bystander says:

    On H1b front, labor market not desperate yet as neither job replied to my request for rate. Still, a buddy of mine works for smaller accounting and invoice automation startup. He lives in high cost CT doing to project management. They are trying to grow development team in Cincinnati. He is always posting that they are hiring. Of course, all roles technical roles like Cloud architect and Full Stack developers. Startup has two founders that are Indian. I bet their strategy was to leverage H1bs and save money. I have to wonder how these companies will survive as business model starts to falter when you have to pay top dollar for US worker who will not work 14 hours a day and weekends. I bet they collapse within a year. So many companies popped up to play slave labor/wage arbitrage game.

  20. Bystander says:

    “Pandemic Drives Manhattanites’ Moves to New Jersey’

    Financial coffins..when virus clears they will wake up and say:


  21. Phoenix says:

    “Startup has two founders that are Indian.”

    I agree with Trump. Shut the visa system down. That would be patriotic.
    If these guys want a company they have each other. They can snuggle together for 14 hours a day and weekends in the same cubicle.

  22. Phoenix says:

    “Pandemic Drives Manhattanites’ Moves to New Jersey’

    Financial coffins..when virus clears they will wake up and say:


  23. ExEssex says:

    Trumps special brand of stupid is tanking the markets “again” –
    Great job killing off the Obama economy he inherited.

  24. homeboken says:

    I’ve been playing with my financial projections and getting increasingly annoyed.

    Below is property tax + state income tax differential NJ vs Other, over the remaining ~25 years left in my career and mortgage. Comparable size home Bed/Bath wise:

    NJ v TX Texas + $1,200,000
    NJ v FL Florida + $1.450,000
    NJ v TN Tennessee +$1,750,000

    I’m now of the opinion that staying in NJ is an effective transfer of my personal retirement to the public employee system of NJ. The question I keep asking myself: NJ is my home, lived here my whole life. Is NJ $1.5mm nicer than TX,TN,FL?

    The answer is pretty clear. Further doesn’t include the proposed NJ State Property tax making its way through the NJ assembly.

    NJ and you(r wallet) perfect together!

  25. homeboken says:

    Ex – Do you seriously believe that Trump killed the economy?

    Seems like a rather large compromise of intellectual honesty to ignore the fact that COVID shutdowns are responsible for the current unemployment #’s and lack of demand in the last 100 days.

  26. homeboken says:

    California Gov. Newsom, Legislators Find Way to Bridge Budget Deficit

    June 24, 2020
    An agreement was reached between California Governor Gavin Newsom and state legislative leaders this week on how to eliminate an estimated $54.3 billion budget deficit. The gap will be partly bridged by delaying $12 billion in payments to public schools and forcing state workers to take pay cuts that would add up to $2.8 billion.
    The state would also borrow from some restricted funds that must be paid back, as well as make spending cuts to other programs and temporary tax increases on businesses in order to bring in $4.4 billion in new revenue.

    Gov. Newsom, Senate President pro Tempore Toni G. Atkins and Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon said in a joint statement: “The COVID-19 global pandemic has caused a sudden and dramatic change in our nation’s and state’s economic outlook – and has had a cascading effect on our state budget. In the face of these challenges, we have agreed on a budget that is balanced, responsible and protects core services – education, health care, social safety net and emergency preparedness and response. This budget also invests in California small businesses harmed by the pandemic.”
    The agreement still must be approved by the legislature.

  27. ExEssex says:

    1:13 his total shitshow of a Presidency, his leadership void in the pandemic, and his penchant for Losing every red cent he ever made….yeah it’s His Economy dumbass.

  28. Bystander says:


    They just reposted same roles in Westport CT. I guess OH is not looking good now. Slight labor cost difference between Ciny and Westport…hah

  29. leftwing says:

    “Great job killing off the Obama economy he inherited.”


    You and Fabs ought to grab a mic and do a routine. Guaranteed you would get a million youtube views.

    Not with the crowd nor with the comments you would appreciate though…

  30. leftwing says:

    “The Worldview of Clueless Leftwingers from the ‘Great’ State of NJ”

    S1E1. Coming soon.

  31. ExEssex says:

    1:23 I’m glad you’re so entertained you cringey f@ckhead.

  32. ExEssex says:

    There will be a time in the not-so-distant future when everything and everybody associated with Trump will be passé. So much so that his very “stink” the smell of failure on literally every level. His smudged make-up, his unhinged stories about drinking wAter with one hand, not testing for illness in a pandemic, just like his beloved failed Nation-State Russia, will simply be shunned. Shoved aside and shone for what it is, bereft failure. Mass death, unemployment, and a world who probably could not care less. Due to a leader so hated, he’ll set new lows in History’s unequivocal scorn.

  33. leftwing says:

    In episode 1 our two bumbling Garden State liberals try to explain why the rest of the Nation ought to import the policies that have driven their state to near bankruptcy, yielding the highest real estate tax rate in the country, the second highest personal income tax rate, and a broken pension system. Marvel at their their befuddlement as regular people cannot hold back their laughter and derision when our two NJ liberals sincerely and earnestly try to explain how these failed policies are good for the nation. Fireworks ensue as one of them tries to justify his views after fleeing the Garden State and the mess it became as he resided there and took those benefits. (Comedy/Satire)

  34. 3b says:

    Home: Trump is an embarrassment and that’s an understatement, but it is amazing to me that so called leftists honestly believe that he created all the problems this country has, and once he is gone all will be well again. He was a one and done, all the problems will still be there a career politician like Joe Biden is not the answer. In other news AOC won the primary, the Democrats are going to have a tough time trying to control her.

  35. Walking says:

    Homeboken, interesting numbers. I remember I brought that yup here when a tech mechanic was retiring with a severence, 401k, pension, unemployment etc. Back in 2015. Bergen county was dead at the time especially towns with no train stop. He sold the NJ house at 50k under market just to get out asap. He wanted to make every month left in his life count, and when you added in 50k vs the bigger picture as you show, it’s chump change.

  36. Fast Eddie says:

    Great job killing off the Obama economy he inherited.

    LOL. Sure. Zero GDP growth with zero interest rates under the empty suit. There was no growth when Oblammy was a place holder. I can’t think of a single thing noteworthy under his regime except divide a country. Oh, and he gave us Oblammy Care which was just another way to steal from the production class. During Trump, we were trucking at a good pace until Covid threw us a haymaker. But, why would you care? You have no stake in the game?

  37. Fast Eddie says:

    Oh, almost forgot… Oblammy gave us months of wasted bathroom discussion debating which bathroom was more appropriate to f.uck your same sex lover in. Because, you know, we were all confused on proper bathroom etiquette and even more confused on which gender to identify with depending on the day of the week. Yeah, he sure was a ground-breaking leader… from beer summits to his empty speeches in all 57 states.

  38. Fabius Maximus says:

    Left my first episode of anything would be

    “Death of the Republic – How the GOP in 2007 started a fire in their party, that destroyed themselves and burnt the country to the ground”

    NYC Marathon just canceled.

  39. ExEssex says:

    Fab they don’t get it. Shocking.

  40. Juice Box says:

    news flash NYC cancelled.

  41. Fabius Maximus says:
  42. ExEssex says:

    jEbUs tOlD mE tRuMp iS tHe oNe….

  43. ExEssex says:

    Mayor Bill de Blasio and other top officials warned on Wednesday that the coronavirus pandemic was putting tremendous stress on the finances of government in New York City, raising the prospect that they might have to carry out some of the most sweeping layoffs of municipal workers and cuts in infrastructure spending in decades.

    With the coronavirus siphoning as much as $9 billion in tax revenue from New York City, Mr. de Blasio said on Wednesday that the city might have to lay off or furlough 22,000 municipal workers this fall.

    “We are running out of options here,” the mayor said. “That is the blunt truth.”

    The same morning, the state-run transit agency announced that it would suspend its much-heralded $54 billion plan to modernize the city’s antiquated transportation system.

  44. Libturd says:

    What is truly sad about Trump is that both his accomplishments and knocks on Obama are pretty much lies. The Republicans are truly going to regret falling for his circus come November.

    About his only accomplishment was putting two conservative jokes on the Supreme Court, but that you get for free.

    What did he accomplish? He exploded the deficit. His trade war with China ended up with no real or tangible deficit. The market increased nearly as much under Obama (with higher interest rates) then it did under Trump. His job creation was all at the bottom rung and was hardly better than Obama’s. He has made friends with lunatic prime ministers and has made enemies of formerly respected ones. He has made America the laughing stock of dealing with a pandemic.

    The truth is, it will now take a sh1tload of work to make America great again.

    And the only wall he ended up completing is the one around the White House.

    You can argue all you want. He was an abject failure and will go down in history as the worst president ever. If there is a silver lining, it’s that W doesn’t look like such an ass in retrospect.

  45. JCer says:

    Trump is possibly the most ridiculous person to ever enter politics. He’s rude, not statesman like, has a ridiculous appearance, talks like a moron, and is usually inappropriate, someone needs to take away his twitter acount. All that being said from a policy perspective he has not been so terrible. Frankly the policy aspect has been pretty decent compared to as Eddie puts it the mess Obama left or even GWB left. The situation has been bad going on 20 years. Furthermore the screeching and hollering from the left has been ridiculous. For all the blame Trump has gotten about COVID, how much of this really falls on the executive branch first of all and furthermore how much was mismanagement at the state level. When you look, the states run by the so called party of science have the highest case rates and death rates despite having some of the best hospitals in the country.

    Frankly the optics are a little funny but it almost seems when the dems couldn’t impeach over russia or any of the other scams and re-election looked like a sure thing they decided to allow COVID to ruin Trump’s re-election chances by killing off the old folks in the nursing homes and allowing looters to burn cities. It seems things were actually going pretty well as per Fast Eddie, maybe things structurally were not good but we were experiencing easily the best economic period in the last 8 years or more. Something stinks in the blue states, why were we hit by Covid so much harder?

    There was a nurse in the hospital in Queens who basically outlined how she felt the care they were using was killing patients(ventilating when not necessary) and additionally they were actually causing the spread of COVID by placing presumed cases in contaminated floors of the hospital. By all means given the age of folks in Florida and some other states the number of deaths vs. the number of cases is out of hand in the blue states. The same thing with the blatant hypocrisy that it’s ok to protest and riot but god forbid people go to work or even hike in a state park.

    Again I’m not a hardcore Trumper, I think the guy is ridiculous I’ve been making fun of the guy for over 20 years. But I do think the political establishment has been hell bent on trying to ruin him for the last 3-4 years.

  46. Juice Box says:

    Deblasio is too busy trying to paint BLM in-front of Trump Tower than run the city.

  47. 3b says:

    Lib No denying he was a failure. My problem is with the belief that the Democrats will be any better. We won’t have the chaos and circus of Trump, but are we really going to have any real meaningful change, that will truly benefit the average American? I don’t believe so. It will simply be back to the status quo.

  48. Libturd says:


    He is a friggin’ embarrassment. Everything about him, even prior to his political career was cringe worthy. It’s like Taking the entire cast of Revenge of the Nerds and choosing Booger as most likely to succeed. The fact he chose populism to win explains why he was hated from day one and rightfully so. He is the epitome of fake.

    There are few things worse than dealing with people who lie to your face and see no issue with it. It’s the same reason I can’t stand Murphy. He is cut from the same cloth. Perhaps the main difference being that he pays with his own money to make things disappear. Trump is so cheap (has always been) he doesn’t even try to hide his mistakes. He just moves on to the next one and acts like it never happened. He always has and always will.

  49. Libturd says:


    You are correct. It won’t be any better for you and me. We’ll cringe less, but suffer financially and as a country just the same. Socially, people will be treated with more respect, so there’s that. I truly believe that allowing a woman to choose what to do with her body is extremely important for more reasons than a Christian could comprehend.

    But all of the sh1t that comes along with a bought and paid for government will continue un-abetted.

    Shame about Bernie. He would have been perfect. None of his utopian sh1t would have ever passed, but he might have been able to make huge changes to our corporatocracy.

    In other news. I do blame Trump squarely for his mishandling of Covid TWICE! He will shortly have no choice but to shut things down again. As predicted, Florida is about to be our own little Italy.

  50. Walking says:

    Juice, if you will be shopping around for a unit look into Goodman as a cheap alternative. I know the HVAC pros hate them but my unit has never been serviced since install in 2005. Also they are still made in USA vs Mexico for carrier. My neighbors carrier an 8 year old unit needs service every year.
    I’m also not running the HVAC today as it’s a breezy 77 in the house with the windows open so my unit sees limited use except for nights. Lots of trees in our area with little sunlight. On the downside my gas pool heater runs non stop all summer.

  51. leftwing says:

    You guys are something else.

    No one on here defends Trump. People will defend some of his policies and views and agree that he is an ass-clown. JCer takes exactly those positions above and I have too many times to count. You guys have lost your marbles.

    Can we all stipulate a couple things at least? The man is an ass. He was elected not by casting a spell over Republicans but because the alternative (as yet again) is so fcuking dismal. And a key part of that electoral win was by acknowledging – however ineptly – issues of high importance to the electorate that career politicians view as the third rail (China, etc).

    Those points aside, you guys really are starting to look laughable….all this “he’s going to cause the fall of the Republic type stuff”…really?

    Four Presidents have been assassinated in office. That’s one in ten. Lincoln, a Republican, was assassinated during an actual Civil War. 618,000 Americans dead from fighting eachother. His VP and successor was a Democrat and faced a Republican Congress, which promptly impeached him and he survived by one vote in the Senate and had to govern…..FDR, presiding over WW2 and the US entry after an unprecedented three terms, died in office 90 days into his final term after 405,000 American deaths. His VP was brand new – he jettisoned Wallace who was the sitting VP for Truman – and the mess of WW2 and the bomb landed squarely in this rookie Senator’s lap which option he exercised making the US the only country to ever use a nuke in warfare, and against civilians…..I presume I don’t need to recount the late 60s discord with two dead Kennedys, MLK, and Malcomb X……etc, etc.

    What we have today is not a crisis. THOSE situations above are crises. The present – many of you – are a bunch of 40 and 50-somethings with a level of privilege unimaginable in history and in most of the world getting your fcuking panties all twisted up because a politician who’s a boor – surprise, surprise – doesn’t act, speak, or present himself in the manner in which YOU believe he should.

    Get fcuking real. Bunch of whiny little, historically oblivious bitches. Your actions make you equally embarrassing as Trump.

  52. leftwing says:

    And if you’re wondering why I’m so cranky, especially on a high vol day like today in the market, it’s because I’ve joined the “air conditioner just went caput” club. Fcuk me.

  53. ExEssex says:

    3:39 nice rant. No the truth.
    Rump is leaving. Bye. c ya. F’ off.
    Not because we hAte rEpUbLiCanS
    But rather because he is unfit to hold the office.
    I and millions of others believe he is extremely
    Dangerous and think 4 more years of his lEaDeRsHiP
    Will fell the United States.

  54. ExEssex says:

    I think I’ll just let this gorgeous southern Californian breeze wash over me now.
    Perhaps take a dip. Or a ride in the convertible.
    Eddie, we’ve all got a stake in this. Even me.
    Ever wanna see live music again? Go to a place and mingle?
    Work a job other than your bosses’ peen?

  55. Juice Box says:

    NYC Subway ridership is still down 80%, it has not improved much since Phase 2 began Monday.

    Social Media posts show empty Subway Platforms and Empty Subway cars during rush hour.

    Date,Total Estimated Ridership, % Change From 2019 Average

  56. leftwing says:

    “I and millions of others believe he is extremely
    Dangerous and think 4 more years of his lEaDeRsHiP
    Will fell the United States.”

    Which was the point of the rant, with that opinion you’re historically oblivious and/or off your rocker lol.

    Otherwise, I’ll see and raise you one convertible….today’s gains booked, long BAC ahead of CCAR through three different option positions and a hedge, and no reason to stay inside unless I throw some sand on the floor….there are some nice curvy roads Bernardsville-Peapack way, sparsely populated and recently paved. Time to light up the 911’s tires, maybe grab a truffle pizza and some meatballs in Motown on way home to pair with an IIPA (or two). Good way to work out some aggression.

  57. ExEssex says:

    Niiiiiice. Do those 911s still like to come around on you in the corners?

  58. leftwing says:

    Negative camber baby.

    Enjoy it thoroughly, but may go for something new soon.

    I’ve had the M series convertibles. Enjoyed those. Never an Audi, know one or owners of those who are fans. I’d like to do something truly exotic but I’m fundamentally cheap at heart…..Funny, my kid showed me the new Corvette the other night…good looking car but I’d feel like a total stereotype lol.

  59. libturd says:

    I’m stuck with a 5 year old Mazda 6 that has nearly 100K miles. If all goes as planned, it will my last car in America.

    I hear you loud and clear Leftwing. Never said America is collapsing. Actually called the rioting minor, to which everyone got their panties in a twist over. Though I am a tad bit concerned over what a sinking Trump ego might do, versus the already crazy actions of a sated Trump ego. No, I’m not one of those who say the military will have to remove him from office, blah, blah, blah. But I do worry about how he might spend our future dollars (increase the deficit) trying to spend his way to a failed victory attempt.

  60. ExEssex says:

    It was always 2 seats vs 4 for me that’s why I’ve always always gone BMW.
    Audi’s always left me a bit cold. I just love a dialed in 3. The M4s are gorgeous.
    Maybe check out the Alpha Romeo? Either way enjoy the sh-t out of the drive.

  61. ExEssex says:

    Knew a guy with an Aston once. The Vantage supercharged v8.
    I got to drive it once. That’ll turn your head around.

  62. SomeOne says:


    No one on here defends Trump

    It seems that there are some here that seem to worship him, though!

  63. Libturd Has aPoint says:


    You might be very right. I think the Orange is going to go full scale cash payments to Joe 6Paf thru the end of year to try to get re-elected and it will bouy the massive collapse. (From Bloomberg- 18.9% of publicly traded companies can’t pay for their interest expense from their profits aka technical bankruptcy.

    It will make a Biden win bittersweet for Clinton corporate democrats, aka Rockefeller Republicans with Budget Deficit being every other word and bail out only for corporations and bankers. As any attempt to stop the Joe 6Pack bail out will crash the economy worse yet.

    —But I do worry about how he might spend our future dollars (increase the deficit) trying to spend his way to a failed victory attempt.

  64. Phoenix says:

    2nd the Goodman. Unless global warming makes NJ toasty more than 6 months of the year you don’t get much value from buying a high end A/C in NJ unless you have specific humidity problems. No DC air handlers. Buy single speed, not variable. Use the KISS method. I never graduated from Harvard or Yale, but at one time in my life I graduated from Lincoln Tech so I know a bit even though it is no longer my career now.

    Trump did not cause all of the problems. Just the fact that democrats eliminated Wallace over Truman, and Biden over so many of the others shows they are muppets as well. It’s a sh****ow.

    Left, get yourself an ALP if you don’t have one. Revenue is down so expect to see more enforcement. Getting snagged takes the fun out of driving.

    Grandma, keep your mask up or else.

  65. Phoenix says:

    Unless you have a FOP or PBA card, two things that once again show how equal those scales of justice really are..

  66. Hold my beer says:

    10% of hospital patients in North Texas are covid cases.

    Tarrant county set a new one day high for new positive cases

    New daily highs for hospitalization and new cases again today in Texas


    Dallas County judge wants the Governor to either put in place the rules the urban counties were using back in March and April or allow those counties to reimplement them on their own.

    I’d say 75% of the people I saw when i went to the post office today were not wearing masks.

    I think end of July we will be as bad as North Jersey was in April. People won’t wear masks until someone they know gest tubed or dies. Exponential growth combined with a 3 to 4 week window from infection to hospitalization is an incomprehensible concept to most people.

  67. Juice Box says:

    re: ” spend his way to a failed victory attempt”

    Lib you TDS is showing, all spending is in Pelosi’s and the Democrats hands. Just look at the latest failed 3 Trillion spending bill in March that she literally whipped out of her purse a day or so after returning to Washington. It only passed by 9 votes in the House meaning lots of Dems did not like it, and thankfully it’s dead now.

    Next relief bill will be an extension on existing unemployment as the $600 Federal Unemployment Boost is ending in 4 weeks..

    Lost in the minutia of all if this is the extra $600 keeps household closer to what employed people would spend if they were actually employed which means they did not have to cut back and many did not.

    When you add $600 to the national average unemployment payment $372 weekly at the income replacement rate goes from 38 percent if of income to almost exactly 100 percent of income. In other words Pelosi’s Congress have replaced what the average American Salary for four months.

    They are going to have to do it again. Imagine if they don’t~~!… Every unemployed Democrat and Replublican will have to cancel Netflix, their internet service, Chipolte, and worse beer!

    There is talk of expanding it through 2021 and you can bet it is going to be the fight of of all time down in DC.

    Trump will promise them even more if they vote for him and his people. You can bet on that one….What is Biden going to do? Out Trump the Donald? I don’t see it happening…..

  68. SomeOne says:

    Trump will promise them even more if they vote for him and his people. You can bet on that one

    What would be the GOP position on that be? Would be interesting. I’d vote for Trump if he extends unemployment benefits for the financially weak people.

  69. SomeOne says:

    This stuff has to stop


    A 29-year-old Greek-American was killed by police in New York’s borough of Queens, after a neighbour misreported that he was carrying a gun inside his own home.

    George Zapantis, who suffered from bipolar, was in his basement dressed as a gladiator and was carrying a samurai sword when police arrived at his house on 150th St just before 9:30pm.

    When police entered the house, they ordered Zapantis to drop the sword, but when he refused to, they tasered him. As they attempted to handcuff him outside of the house, police tasered him again.

    It is suspected he died of cardiac arrest in an ambulance and was pronounced dead at New York-Presbyterian Queens hospital.

    Upstairs neighbours Ricky Noble, 42, and his 16-year-old daughter Shakira, described Zapantis as a church-going man who took care of his 33-year-old sister with down syndrome.

  70. Juice Box says:

    For the nerds.

    Why ‘The Mandalorian’ Uses Virtual Sets Over Green Screen


  71. Fabius Maximus says:

    TDS – Trump Denial Syndrome. Cant grasp how bad the situation is. Cant admit how bad shape the countty is in.

    Here is a piece on Bill Bar.
    Between this, the Flynn sentencing, packing the courts with unqualified Judges, the damage will take decades to undo. The legal community on both sides are outraged, most people dont understand what is going on and what is at stake.

    “So this is how liberty dies…with thunderous applause.” A quote for our time.

  72. Fabius Maximus says:

    Hey Gary, are you going to get your signs out and start protesting? They are undoing Greatness!


  73. Fabius Maximus says:

    I love to talk cars. My sister had a Z4, it was great until some T-Boned her and she is still dealing with the back issues.

    The Alfa 4C is a blast, but will get you into trouble very quickly. You have to know what your driving. Also the visibility behind you is bad, so outside of the open road, practicality drops. The step down Fiat 124 or the ND Miata is better choice. Stock it’s a lot of fun, with the saving from the Alfa, add some performance upgrades and the sky is the limit.

    Audi TT is Meh. Buddy had one and traded it for a Lotus Elise. Says he will never ever sell the Lotus. Its perfect for him. The R6 I would be scared of the servicing.

    You cant go wrong with Porsche or the Merc SLK. Friend has a Jag F Type, not my taste, but they seem to love it.

    There are also a lot of Classic choices and three wheel choices. I always wanted a Morgan, but at this point I might go for a Lotus 7.

  74. ExEssex says:

    California has pretty much killed my love of Hispanics. Over exposure to the group has shown me they wreck areas they inhabit and are incredibly annoying as a group. Your mileage may vary.

  75. Fabius Maximus says:

    This is a good explanation of why I go though the location settings of every app I use and turn them off.


  76. ExEssex says:

    10:41 the women are hot though.

  77. AP says:

    Ah nothing like waking up to a hot cup of coffee and checking out the casualty cruelty in display here. Feel free to unload whatever vile and careless thoughts cross your minds, folks! It’s your right!

  78. leftwing says:

    Not a fan of Astons. May be personal, spent some in London and they weren’t the first choice of the Brits. Got back home and it seemed every mid-level attorney had one, thought the vehicles were great, but couldn’t tell you why. Probably prejudiced me.

    Alfa….first foreign love, in college. A classic spyder….no performance, no handling, but just a fun great little car. Never had one but could go that direction….looked at the new models at last years Javitts show, like them but can’t get over the servicing…in the shop more often than not and repairs are expensive even by foreign standards…..

    SLK/AMG, can’t go wrong, agree. M series a favorite….funny anecdote below on mine…looking for something a bit different though…this is my fun car, put on less than 3k miles annually….

    I’m basically torn now between performance and uniqueness with a little bit of investment view mixed in….made a mistake on my first 911 that still smarts, bought it new (yeah, I know now…) and didn’t go turbo. Thoroughly enjoyed it, but the turbo and the alternative car I was looking at both appreciated…you want one of the worst decisions ever, the alternative I was considering was the Ford GT….It was the third and final year of production, they weren’t even selling out, and it was bang on the same price as the 911. Went the Porsche for the softtop, meanwhile those GTs at least tripled in price, trading for over $300k today……

    So, I’m kind of all over the place now….considering a classic Corvette, ’59 with the coves is nice, obviously zero performance. Been keeping an eye on big block CSX Cobras, no handling but classic and like strapping yourself to a rocket. Came close on a compromise last year on a Backdraft and then that fcuking DeCaprio movie came out and no joke the car’s price jumped 75% and held…

    So, the M3 anecdote and why I have a clean driver’s license for literally 20 years…we had very good help with the kids when they were young, the woman herself was young and at the time engaged to LEO. Our driveway sloped down and I parked my M3 convertible in the street. She backs the boys out going to a lesson in the kid carrier Expedition and given the elevation she has no chance of seeing the convertible before it was too late. Bumper of my Expedition meets front end of my M3. You know who wins. So WTF can I do, can’t run it through insurance, can’t hold a 20 something girl responsible so I smiled, told her not to worry, and paid the 8k OOP. She was so appreciative I got one of her husband’s shields for XMas that year…became good friends with the family (still) and as he’s moved up through the ranks so have I…currently have that honker of a Lt. shield now. That, combined with the propensity to pay exhorbitant lawyer fees/fines when it doesn’t work (like out of state sometime) has me with a sterling driving record. Sidenote, they may be cracking down a bit….just recently I got tagged for high 90s on the Parkway…officer was cool but I did get a computerized warning…told by people familiar with this stuff that it stays in the system for a year during which if I’m stopped again don’t expect courtesy…been a little lighter on the gas as a result….

    Separately, shout out to HMB….early info on conditions in TX was ahead of market and press. I owe you a few beers if you ever make it back up this way…Today, futures all over the place, BAC down slightly, it’s a risk area I usually don’t venture into but may be doubling down on a favorable CCAR for that name….that more than anything may determine where I go with a car lol. Good day everyone….

  79. Juice Box says:

    Upcoming IOS 14 will allow more control over location tracking. A less specific location data option, only the general area or city you are in, but not you precise coordinates and location.

  80. grim says:

    Today’s jobless claims higher than expected, ugly stuff.

  81. Juice Box says:

    I almost bought an used 1970 White MG midget MkIII for sale a cheap $900 dollars at the time. What turned me off about it was you have to tighten the spoke wheels and it was a rust bucket and this was 30 years ago as I was in High School at the time. There was a glut of cheap 20 year old rust buckets to choose from back then. I went with a used Fire Chicken 1976 Black with peeling gold fire chicken on the hood. That gas guzzler lasted until the front top ball joint broke on the Palisades Parkway. The towing and repairs cost more than the car so I junked it.

  82. Juice Box says:

    Furloughed workers are now turning into layoffs, after three months many business aren’t going to recover or have figured out they don’t need them. I have three cousins who were furloughed and no signs of returning to work.

  83. AP says:

    If you have a good job, get ready to fight for it. Focus on impacting the bottom line. Communicate and show up. Tough times about to get tougher, regardless of what happens in November I think

  84. zapaza19 says:

    and now for you young ones…

    I am a member of the BMW Car Club of America CONTINUOUSLY since 1980. Many Bimmers. The Most sought after I had was an E30 M3 with EVO 3 setup.

    circa 1990s: Daddy daddy, this car is too small for us. We need a bigger car.

    So, I sold it.

    Circa 5 years ago, in adult voice:

    Dad, why the hell did you sell that car?

    Could have bought an M1 in the mid-80s for about 33k.

  85. grim says:

    Only car I regret selling was my Wrangler. Got tired of it as a daily driver, especially in the winter with the soft top. So loud on the highway with BFG Mud Terrain 33s. I didn’t need the money at the time. But, I really had no place to keep it, so it went.

    Would need to pay a fortune to get another one now.

  86. Juice Box says:

    AP – Best defense is a good offence, do not to be passive at work.I have picked up the work from a few of the furloughed and laid off, and expanded demand for well me.

    One remote California based $$$$ engineer who was furloughed was working on “container security”. I found out he basically did nothing for a year or longer and we have had to start over, seems that that a few of these engineers working on our future were doing nothing all along, nickname of their pipeline was literally I kid you not “pipe dream”.

    We have a new C-Suite now and they need to justify their existence so now they want to tear it all down another rinse and repeat with their ideas. Game never changes in IT just the playas, they all need to bring in the “new” and tear down the “old” work of the past and denigrate those former employees to management to justify their $$$$.

    Volunteer to go to meetings, volunteer, volunteer get out of your safe space and make yourself valuable.

  87. Juice Box says:

    Speaking of cars, I am glad my licence does not expire for another two years. The thought of stepping foot in a DMV now makes me cringe.

    Do you need a REAL ID to fly? Just use your passport instead.

    Details on the new and unimproved DMV below, it opens in a few days.


  88. AP says:

    Juice, the old “not invented here” syndrome…

    Volunteering and stepping out are definitely a big part of my strategy right now. Tough part is balancing that out with home life, family and friends, and you know little things like a global pandemic to drive stress and anxiety up : )

    Relationships matter so much, if you have people truly on your corner at home or in your circle, that’s a godsend right now

  89. leftwing says:

    “Only car I regret selling was my Wrangler….Would need to pay a fortune to get another one now.”

    Long time wrangler owner, on my third one here just in NJ. Trade-in values are insane…I walk one in with 70k+ miles and get 3/4 of what I paid for it three years earlier…Not many cars with an RV of 75% on 25k miles a year….

    “Dad, why the hell did you sell that car?”

    Kids are kids, lol. Told my oldest as he was getting his license he could purchase at a good discount the first Wrangler I had here….ambivalent, since it was 4dr and ‘not cool’. So I trade it in…he comes back six months later looking how far his savings will (not) go for a used car is like “dad, wtf?”. Move your feet, lose your seat brother, lol.

  90. BigBoy Toys says:

    Car people, here is your candy store. Enjoy


    ’91 M3, 30K $117K

  91. leftwing says:

    Nice. Wish that were my garage.

    Especially like the McLaren at the end.

    If I ever had reason to just call it quits – terminal, upcoming club Fed visit, just not giving a fcuk any more – I would grab a brand new high performance lime green McLaren. Throw two pairs of shorts, three shirts, and a few stacks of bills into that little front compartment and do a coast to coast roundtrip. Arrive back three weeks after I left, hand the keys to someone, and just check out. Ahhhh.

  92. Fast Eddie says:

    Just recently bought a BMW 330i, x-drive, automatic 8-speed, turbo. Omg, does it love twisty mountain roads! And, I get look-sees from chickies when I get in the car. ;)

  93. leftwing says:

    Nice! Enjoy that!

  94. Bystander says:

    Watch those silver foxes, Ed ;>)

  95. Libturd says:

    Essex. Not sure of where you cali hispanic hatred stems from. As a culture, I find them extremely hard-working, family-centric, great cooks and generally pretty outgoing. Maybe things have changed since I lived in El Lay.

    My frugal side owes a lot to them as well. Especially when it comes to car repairs and cheap taco joints. Of course, landscaping and house-cleaning as well.

  96. NJCoast says:

    My first car, 1965 Mustang convertible, 289 engine, spinner hubcaps, midnight blue with white leather interior. I didn’t care that it was 11 years old, it was so cool driving it to the beach while cutting class the spring of my senior year in high school. My dad kept the car garaged for almost 20 years then sold it to a collector.

  97. Fast Eddie says:

    Then again, the chickies are probably looking at the car and not noticing me one iota. Oh well. lol.

  98. Libturd says:

    I’ve owned four cars in my life. None, that terribly exciting to drive. Though the Civic hatchback stick gave you the feeling that you were driving in a covered go-cart.

  99. 3b says:

    Lib I was surprised to see his comment about Hispanics. Well here we have proof Liberals can be racists too.

  100. Hold my beer says:


    Thanks. maybe next summer we will be able to go to jersey. My parents cancelled the annual beach reunion a few months ago.

    Tarrant county just put an order to wear masks in public starting Friday at 6 pm.

    In addition to wearing a mask I’ve been using Xlear nasal spray right before I go out to make sure my sinuses aren’t dry and then use it right after I wash hands when I get home to hopefully wash out anything I picked up. A nurse told us she uses it for herself and her family even before corona. She makes them use it before and after school and right before bed or before and after work. She thinks it cuts down their chances of getting a sinus or respiratory infection by keeping it from drying out and washing out some of the viruses and bacteria they picked up during the day.

    I’m sticking to shopping at hmart for the foreseeable future. If I have to get something from a western grocery I can’t order from amazon I go to the store right as it opens to avoid crowds and can use the self checkout.

  101. homeboken says:

    Things I believe to be truth:

    1. There is a problem of systemic racism.
    2. The “system” was not endowed unto us, it was created by people, mostly elected people.
    3. Electing the same people that have spent the last 40+ years, designing, building and enforcing the racist system is the dumbest idea I have ever been told to believe.

  102. TruthIsTheEnemy says:

    NPR. National propaganda radio. I guess the nascar noose and nazi car attack hoaxes came crashing down quicker than tehy expected so they had to dust off some old fake news.

    Have they looked into oblama trying to spike the incoming administration. That political terrorist tried to undermine the cornerstone of our system of government.

    Let’s see the other hoaxes NPR has pushed.
    3 years of Russia gate
    Impeachment hoax.
    Now the great racial antagonism hoax of 2020. Using racial grievance, violence and the cancel culture to silence dissent against any aspect of the progressive agenda and mobilize angry people to support Joe Biden.

  103. FakeTruth isthe Enemy says:

    Russkie Truthie, I got one theory for your RIA/FSB team to promote.

    Have you ever wonder why super conservative catholics like Scalia and Barr are so willing to destroy the values of Rule of Law that made America great? Why did of founding fathers – all Freemasons – had a big beef with the catholic church? Whya very large majority of catholic country corrupt backward mess?

    Maybe the child molesters purple burka wearers want to destroy the rule of law so they can run the country like they run Latin America. And you thought the problems were the jews?

    Run that through your RIA/FSB buddies to see if Putin approves it for you.

  104. SomeOne says:

    Truth, the closet liberal NASCAR and the drivers were on the hoax too, since all the drivers walked behind Bubba Watson? Ban NASCAR!

  105. Libturd says:

    Impeachment Hoax was not a hoax. Trump was caught red-handed. But when did the truth ever matter with him. It’s fun to watch everyone in his administration catch the virus. Can’t wait a week from now when we see the result of his church and arena rally.

    Russia gate was always bullsh1t. I’ll give you that one.

  106. BoomerRemover says:

    You may be onto something as I received more tickets in the last four months than the last fifteen years +. Crazy stuff too:
    $90 for parking in the wrong lot at Palisades park in March (empty park, lot was for boating permit holders)
    $50 speeding 41 in 25 deBlasio camera enforcement brooklyn
    $50 speeding 52 in 35 deBlasio camera enforcement west side highway
    $100 speeding 48 in 35 Sandy Hook park (federal park police)

    I wonder if they have the ability to crank the algo on those NYC cams to juice returns during times like this.

  107. ExEssex says:

    10:59 I agree. One thing I’ve noticed out here is that it’s less of a melting pot than the East. So instead of diverse integrated neighborhoods you get areas where one or another race/culture take over. Some of these areas (Van Nuys for instance) have fallen hard.
    Once decent towns now resemble the 3rd world.

  108. ExEssex says:

    11:10 perfect car – AWD is essential out East. I owned
    Two different models X drive – a 330 and a 325 – loved them both.
    I can get away with rear wheel drive out here.
    Thus the love of the s54 motor they shoehorned
    into a little 3 series body.

  109. Latino says:

    “California has pretty much killed my love of Hispanics. Over exposure to the group has shown me they wreck areas they inhabit and are incredibly annoying as a group.”

    “Once decent towns now resemble the 3rd world.”

    I am offended by your racism, ExEssex.

  110. Fast Eddie says:

    In further news, p0rn star Ron Jeremy has been charged with sexual assault. I think his trial will end in a hung jury. o:


  111. chicagofinance says:

    Ex – if you are interested….

  112. chicagofinance says:

    Fast Eddie says:
    June 25, 2020 at 3:22 pm
    In further news, p0rn star Ron Jeremy has been charged with sexual assault. I think his trial will end in a WELL hung DEFENDANT. o:

  113. ExEssex says:

    3:02 wammmmp waaaamp.

  114. ExEssex says:

    I’m entitled to my opinions.
    Personally if you aren’t a dumbass,
    I’m your greatest booster. Step of line the man comes
    and takes you awaaayyy. I am not a very progressive thinker.
    I’m not a fan of a lot a special interest groups. I think they’re
    A joke. But I know we need these folks on board to vote out the
    Truly offensive schmuck-in-chief. I support DACA. I’d love to see
    Humane treatment of Anyone seeking refuge in America.

  115. chicagofinance says:

    Everything Counts is next…… a good kick a%% version….

  116. ExEssex says:

    And no I’d never run off to a third world Country to retire.
    I like America too much. Totally ‘get’ it though, it’s just not for me.

    See also:
    Blue Dog Coalition, commonly known as the Blue Dogs or Blue Dog Democrats, is a caucus of United States congressional representatives from the Democratic Party who identify as fiscally responsible and centrist. The caucus professes an independence from the leadership of both parties and promotes national defense. Wikipedia

  117. ExEssex says:

    “Wheres the revolution?? Come on people you’re lettin me down”

  118. AP says:

    Ex, you’re playing yourself, dude. Come in here spewing toxic waste today. What’sgoing on?

  119. LurksMcGee says:

    With the current climate, its almost like an exorcism of the toxic waste swirling in people’s hearts and minds. Eventually it all comes spewing out.

  120. ExEssex says:

    Listen, I don’t hate Anyone.
    But I don’t like that many people either.

  121. chicagofinance says:

    This is the rest of the show:
    Enjoy The Silence
    Never Let Me Down Again
    I Want You Now
    Heroes (Bowie Cover)
    Walking In My Shoes
    Personal Jesus
    Just Can’t Get Enough

  122. AP says:

    I got you, mang. Didn’t sound like you for a minute.

    “Everybody wants to live together/why can’t we be together?” Sade, I think :-)

  123. Phoenix says:

    Boomer remover
    NY uses MRCD. Pretty deadly. They also use Dragon eye. Look those up. Lots of money to be made.

  124. AP says:

    The song Dennis and Lois, by the Happy Mondays reminds of this blog, at its best


  125. Latino says:

    Bad hombrés everywhere

  126. Libturd says:

    Jokes on Trump. He doesn’t even know how to pronounce the word hombre correctly.

  127. AP says:

    Bad hombres wearing bad sombreros while playing Michael Jackson’s Bad on their boombox. Strolling into a neighborhood near you. Careful out there

  128. ExEssex says:

    Booooorn in East LA


    Mara Salvatrucha, commonly known as MS-13, is an international criminal gang that originated in Los Angeles, California, in the 1970s and 1980s. Originally, the gang was set up to protect Salvadoran immigrants from other gangs in the Los Angeles area.

  129. AP says:

    Don’t know about you all, but the only thing I miss about the city is Smith & Wollenski. Realized I can do without sushi pretty ok

  130. AP says:

    Ok, and the museums.

  131. Juice Box says:

    Lib- Bush II could have done no “fair play” during transition, he chose not to. Reality is just a few days away from the transition they were trying at a minimum to handicap the incoming administration, and some took it too far like Strock. This is not acceptable to me, or anyone who cares about what it really means.

  132. Juice Box says:

    13o days left to go folks, and Joe Biden refuses to go to the scrap heap. There aren’t enough meds to resurrect him, Bring back Bernie!!!

  133. Libturd says:

    It isn’t fair and if it proves true, then they should be punished. But the lying never ends with this moron, so lets see if this is just another one to throw into the ever growing pile of lies or we’ll see if this one is real. Remember. I can’t stand Pelosi and her cronies and really, much of the DNC. But Trump is no angel. No one, and I mean no one, lies like he does without any qualms.

  134. Juice Box says:

    Lib- I agree, problem is this is fair to no-one. We are supposed to be better. Few are prepared for the toughest job in the world. We all know Barack was not perfect and neither is Trump.

    I do not want Biden or Trump but hell this is a double shit sandwich this time nobody sane wants to take a bite!

  135. Feelings says:

    It’s his opinion, go cry me a River.

    Latino says:
    June 25, 2020 at 3:02 pm
    “California has pretty much killed my love of Hispanics. Over exposure to the group has shown me they wreck areas they inhabit and are incredibly annoying as a group.”

    “Once decent towns now resemble the 3rd world.”

    I am offended by your racism, ExEssex.

  136. Feelings says:

    Another crybaby.

    Accept his opinion or don’t, but stop crying about it.

    AP says:
    June 25, 2020 at 4:01 pm
    Ex, you’re playing yourself, dude. Come in here spewing toxic waste today. What’sgoing on?

  137. No One says:

    In his screwed up little head, I don’t think Trump thinks he’s lying. He just thinks his wishes create reality or something like that. How have both parties been taken over so long by people fundamentally out of touch with reality and reason?

  138. Libturd says:

    They are not out of touch with what matters. Enriching themselves. At the end of the day, the masses will always be asses.

  139. Fabius Maximus says:

    The corruption is total.


    The question is to why these people will go to such lengths for Donnie. Occams Razor suggests that the dirt on them is deep. I said back in the day that if the DNC was hacked, do was the RNC. Add in National Enquirer, Epstein, and the Steele dossier (nothing disproven in it yet), and they know they will go down with him.

  140. Fabius Maximus says:

    Interesting day in my garage. I sold my Suzuki. After I saw the guy pass me on the GSP and end up on the side of the road 2 miles later, I cant see me riding again for a while.

    Took my 40yo Italian out for a spin. Got to the end of the street and the brakes went to the floor. I have hoses and caliper seals for a rebuild I was planning. That moves that project up. If that works all good, if not then this thing goes RestoMod with a big brake kit and I will “Singer” the rest of it. Lots of fabrication skills I want to learn.


  141. AP says:

    “Feelings” try posting something of substance for a few days, bud. It’s more fun when you put something on the line.

  142. Fabius Maximus says:

    This highlights the worst part of the the last 3 years.


    You are great for the talking point of the moment, but beyond that, you are on your own. Unless there is a dollar in it for them, they dont want to know.

    Thats why, the only way Donnie wins is Voter Suppression and Cheating. Let me guess, are we going to have voting issues in Lordstown this November? Just teeing it up!

  143. grim says:

    Trump loses.

  144. COVID says:


    Scientists just beginning to understand the many health problems caused by COVID-19

    CHICAGO (Reuters) – Scientists are only starting to grasp the vast array of health problems caused by the novel coronavirus, some of which may have lingering effects on patients and health systems for years to come, according to doctors and infectious disease experts.

    Besides the respiratory issues that leave patients gasping for breath, the virus that causes COVID-19 attacks many organ systems, in some cases causing catastrophic damage.

    “We thought this was only a respiratory virus. Turns out, it goes after the pancreas. It goes after the heart. It goes after the liver, the brain, the kidney and other organs. We didn’t appreciate that in the beginning,” said Dr. Eric Topol, a cardiologist and director of the Scripps Research Translational Institute in La Jolla, California.

    In addition to respiratory distress, patients with COVID-19 can experience blood clotting disorders that can lead to strokes, and extreme inflammation that attacks multiple organ systems. The virus can also cause neurological complications that range from headache, dizziness and loss of taste or smell to seizures and confusion.

    And recovery can be slow, incomplete and costly, with a huge impact on quality of life.

    The broad and diverse manifestations of COVID-19 are somewhat unique, said Dr. Sadiya Khan, a cardiologist at Northwestern Medicine in Chicago.

    See link for rest of article:

  145. Hold my beer says:

    Dallas is thinking of opening temp hospitals. Tarrant county set another one day high with over 500 new cases. And we have this


    When the red states turn into What jersey and nyc were like in April he will lose the swing states in the south and maybe some of the other ones as well. The basement boor has almost tied him in Texas in the latest polls. Playing down corona and discouraging mask wearing will be his jump the shark moment.

  146. Sad says:

    Instead of creating a business to compete with China, our country focuses on nonsense issues. They riot and destroy our businesses instead of focusing on putting food on the table and competing with China. What a bunch of losers.

  147. . says:

    120 million dead from Corona say Joe Biden before they cut the feed.

    He may not make it to November only 129 days to go.

  148. AP says:

    5:50am: Peggy Noonan is quite thorough and quite devastating this morning on this


  149. Chicago says:

    Noonan is generally on target.

    Trump completely whiffed for the last 4 months.

    He is imploding and likely is done.

    It is interesting how he has been completely exposed.

  150. Libturd says:


    Let me try to rephrase that for you.

    Now that we have figured out how to squeeze every last drop of productivity out of American workers to further enrich the top, the only place left to grow the bottom line is by forcing China to stop making products for less than what we can do. As our masters have their knees on all of our necks at our workplace, black people have a knee on their necks at the workplace, in their cars, in their schools and pretty much everywhere they go. Since a a few police officers continue to take what they call justice (the rest of us call it racism) into their own hands, a group of few blacks have decided to take some justice into their own hands. It’s hard to put much food on the table when the table only has three legs to stand on. What a bunch of losers.

    Finally, and I keep hearing this argument. WTF does black on black crime have to do with cops profiling and unlawfully killing innocent black men? If anything, it shows how poorly cops perform their job in our black communities. Does this not speak to the need for additional reform?

    Every time, as society, we kick the can down further down the road, we pack more energy into the powder keg. The next time, the ignored won’t just burn garbage cans and police cars.

  151. Hold my beer says:

    Went to Kroger’s at 6:50 this morning. All employees and vendors were wearing masks and every few minutes there would be an announcement that all employees and vendors had to wear masks.

    About 10-15% of customers not wearing masks. I don’t know if that is because mask wearing has increased or people shopping so early in the morning are trying to avoid crowds and are more likely to wear a mask.

    Also heard on the news last night that Fort Worth is having an outbreak.

  152. Libturd says:


    “He never makes anything better. And everyone kind of knows.”

    That’s a pretty spot on assessment. At the start of the campaign, it was lies about the attendance of the inaugural (like who cares) and plagiarism in the first ladies speech (like who cares). But as time went on, it became harder and harder to continue to give this moron a pass on everything under the auspices that he is simply uncouth and inexperienced. Much like HRC didn’t appeal to the far left enough. Trump’s xenophobia and obvious exploitation of race began to turn off the more academic supporters on the right. The Dems saw his populism very early. Republicans were just happy to get the White House back at any cost. Sadly, for the sake of their party, they realized it too late. They should have impeached this moron. They would have been significantly stronger under a polished Pence who would have been smart enough to not make Covid another dividing issue. I’ve known Trump was finished since day one. He is an ignoramus which explains all of his past foibles. He ALWAYS lets his ego get the best of him. You can’t keep fukcing people over claiming you are a great dealmaker. You eventually run out of people willing to work with you. It shows clearly in his need to label everyone with a good or bad tag. Who does that? Only an ignoramus.

    There are now millions of people who will get sick and thousands of people who will die because Trump has made the mask a symbol of oppression. He can point his finger at China all he wants. Not wearing a mask during a pandemic is like intentionally eating spoiled food. You reap what you sow. If you elect a person who uses hatred and lies to achieve power. You should expect that person to care little about his supporters.

  153. Libturd says:


    Noone believes it until the hospitals fill up and a few people they know die. It’s that simple. It’s one thing to watch it on the news. It’s another thing to experience it live. I told my mom in Boynton Beach to stop shopping everyday a month ago. She still refuses to listen. In her zip code of 40K people with a median age of 68, the number of cases in the past three days has increased each day by 30, 50 and yesterday 75 new cases. I did some math for her. At the current pace, in two weeks, she will have a 1 in 112 chance of dying. That number includes both the smart and the dumb people and there are a good amount of smart people. Don’t be a dummy.

    HMB, stop shopping. Let someone do it for you. I am 100% convinced that the majority of the spread outside of nursing homes and hospitals was at supermarkets during the hording. Everyone said it was population density, which doesn’t matter if everyone from far away gets together at the local ShopRite.

  154. AP says:

    Lib @10:16am. And the other side of this coin is that Third Way democrats have all but eviscerated the party and replaced its guts with armies of lobbyists and political consultants.

    The Bernie camp is not ready for primetime yet, so the democrats struggle for an identity. That’s gonna take a while hence Basement Biden. It’s a real political struggle that’s not easy to resolve

  155. Hold my beer says:

    Texas governor just ordered all bars closed

  156. Nomad says:

    How about a center left & center right on same ticket. Someone suggested William McRaven (seal, ran seal team 6 ops, President of UT Austin) paired with Andrew Yang.

    Partisan shit is a joke. Whip the peeps up into a frenzy then elected officials help big donors and special interests. The state of our nations is Due to years of neglect and yes, bi-partisan collusion behind closed doors.

    Until we get rid of pacs, dark money and put big teeth into lobby reform and term limits, nothing changes. How much longer can it continue or are we already at the point of no return. I suspect July and August are not going to be fun.

    Ugly story this am about Morristown Beard.

    This one ugly too. Apparently the superintendent told the kids father to stop harassing him And his staff. Horrible.


  157. Hold my beer says:


    Supposedly grocery shopping is low risk but I am going back to only going to hmart. Will either order from amazon or do without for anything else.

    I actually get dirty looks for wearing a mask in non asian places. Happened again today.

  158. LurksMcGee says:


    The same people giving you dirty looks are probably in disbelief of the spikes in Florida and Texas

  159. Libturd says:

    HMB, if you are standing in a line of 10 people for 15 minutes INSIDE, with any of them unmasked. You are taking an unnecessary significant risk.

  160. Hold my beer says:


    No lines at 6 am at kroger. The place is huge and has wide aisles. No lines at hmart in the morning weekdays. Would not go out on a weekend or evening.

    Bonus. Just scored 2 bottles of 32 oz germ x from office depot online. $9.99 a bottle plus shipping. Limit of 2 bottles.

  161. chicagofinance says:

    Libturd: I completely disagree with most of your analysis. Trump would have squeaked out a win if this COVID thing hadn’t happened and the Minneapolis murder. The problem isn’t that Trump is a self-absorbed narcissist. He always was. However, once his objectives deviated too much from the general interests of the public (i.e. public health & social upheaval), he was completely ill-equipped and uninterested in dealing with the task at hand. You were never tolerant of him, so it may not be so obvious. There is a swath of the swing vote, the middle 10% in swing states, that will abandon him. Whatever. Ultimately it is no big loss it getting him out. HOWEVER, if you want to view everything from a risk management perspective, Biden is worse. Trump and/or Biden is pure garbage and we will limp along. BUT, there is a probability that Biden and the dems sweep out Congress and we are in store for a serious amount of existential trouble.

    Libturd says:
    June 26, 2020 at 10:16 am

    “He never makes anything better. And everyone kind of knows.”

    That’s a pretty spot on assessment. At the start of the campaign, it was lies about the attendance of the inaugural (like who cares) and plagiarism in the first ladies speech (like who cares). But as time went on, it became harder and harder to continue to give this moron a pass on everything under the auspices that he is simply uncouth and inexperienced. Much like HRC didn’t appeal to the far left enough. Trump’s xenophobia and obvious exploitation of race began to turn off the more academic supporters on the right. The Dems saw his populism very early. Republicans were just happy to get the White House back at any cost. Sadly, for the sake of their party, they realized it too late. They should have impeached this moron. They would have been significantly stronger under a polished Pence who would have been smart enough to not make Covid another dividing issue. I’ve known Trump was finished since day one. He is an ignoramus which explains all of his past foibles. He ALWAYS lets his ego get the best of him. You can’t keep fukcing people over claiming you are a great dealmaker. You eventually run out of people willing to work with you. It shows clearly in his need to label everyone with a good or bad tag. Who does that? Only an ignoramus.

    There are now millions of people who will get sick and thousands of people who will die because Trump has made the mask a symbol of oppression. He can point his finger at China all he wants. Not wearing a mask during a pandemic is like intentionally eating spoiled food. You reap what you sow. If you elect a person who uses hatred and lies to achieve power. You should expect that person to care little about his supporters.

  162. Libturd says:


    Maybe. I think Trump was dead in the water long before Covid, but perhaps I’m mistaken. I do try to look at things without letting my bias get in the way and I do have friends all over the country (many Republican) since at the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter. We’ll see how large of a landslide it will be.

    Florida just went from 5,000 to 9,000 cases. At this pace, they are going to make NY look like walk in the park. I finally convinced my parents to stop shopping. I told them I would pay and set up the delivery.

    Biden doesn’t scare me except for lack of change. Republican’s should love him. He is about as conservative a Dem you will find. It might be AOC in 2024, if not before. :P

  163. Bystander says:

    I have not been out much in general public last few months to get ‘ground take’ on Trump. When my capacitor blew, I had to go to Trane Supply in New Haven. Kid behind counter was ex Marine, probably 30 max. Guys walks, probably 40 or so. Rougher looking, 275lbs and probably local who comes by for conversation. He starts in how Dems and Fauci are making up virus re-explosion to get Trump out. Honestly I just loved listening to these two talk bc it was normal conversation experience, missing from these times. Obviously a HVAC supply store is going to be Trump territory so I waited in line and listened only. Finally, I get to counter and kids goes ‘yep, but Trump is an idiot and Biden will win’. Guy says ‘no,no..Trump is leading in the polls’ That was it for me, I wanted in. I asked what polls and he mumbled some Fox poll. I told him every legitimate poll has Biden ahead and he lamented that ‘even so, Trump is better. You have just have to cut off his fingers and tongue because he says stupid things but policies are better’ I just said ‘neither party has policies that truly show they give a sh%t about you’ and started to pay. They both agreed..then younger one says ‘if Biden wins and touches 2nd amendment, he is locked and loaded anyway’. The other said he was to. That was my cue to exit. Mind of Trump voters, even in blue CT.

  164. Bystander says:

    It also cements my belief that while D base has captured unworldy Marxist ideologues, the R base is a bunch of infantile maschismo-laden wackadoodles.

  165. homeboken says:

    Lib – As you know, I am in the camp that questions if Biden even makes it to the ticket. I still feel that way but I now understand why he was picked. He is the perfect candidate for the current DNC. He has no original ideas at all, literally nothing. He is a conduit to power.

    Just enough of a name and can lean on his buddy Barack Jesus Obama to get elected. Once installed, he will be totally neutered. There will be a squad of un-elected people that are really in charge.

    I’ve only been of voting age for about 25 years but I have never, ever seen or even learned about in history, a candidate whose sole strategy was – Stay hidden as long as possible and hope the incumbent screws himself up enough.

    It doesn’t seem like a winning strategy. To attempt to win the WH not on your merit or ideas but relying solely on, the other guy is so terrible, why not vote for this old shoe instead.

    Either way, I am now convinced Biden will be the nominee, he is the perfect vehicle to install the Bernie ideas but under a “moderate” sales pitch.

    So, I fully expect I will be paying off on election day. But will you go double or nothing with me?
    My new bet is that Biden will not participate in more than 1 debate. There are 3 scheduled. He will do no more than one. Interested?

    I’ve also come to peace with a Biden POTUS so long as the DNC takes the congress. My career is directly correlated to government housing subsidy. If Biden is going to win, please let the whole thing go blue. I can make a fortune for 4 years and then will be able to relocate anywhere if the whole country turns into Minneapolis.

  166. Walking says:

    Lib -Best quote from Florida for your family
    In the I don’t wear a mask like I don’t wear underwear, things gotta breathe

  167. SomeOne says:


    I’ve only been of voting age for about 25 years but I have never, ever seen or even learned about in history, a candidate whose sole strategy was – Stay hidden as long as possible and hope the incumbent screws himself up enough.

    The thing is… COVID-19 has been a bit unusual. He is doing a sensible thing by not doing rallies. It is a time to step back, be cautious, and be reflective.

    My career is directly correlated to government housing subsidy. If Biden is going to win, please let the whole thing go blue.

    You know, the blue team will give big bucks to their cronies, just like the red team. Don’t expect major things to change other than some improvements on minimum wage, DACA, minor tweaks to immigration, etc.

    Trump could have done an amnesty like Reagan did and his followers would still have supported him and he would be leading bigly in polls. He could have asked the nation to wear masks too…

  168. D-FENS says:

    #BREAKING: A federal judge in NY has ruled that Mayor Bill de Blasio and Governor Andrew Cuomo have violated the Constitution by discriminating against religious groups, striking down #COVID lockdown orders that prevented outdoor and indoor religious activities.

  169. Hold my beer says:

    Should I repair or replace my honda self propelled mower?

    I hit a belgian block with it and it wont turn on. I’m guessing minimum $150-$200 plus tax to repair a 5 year old mower. I think the crank shaft and blade are toast possibly transmission too and need to be replaced.

    Junk it for a $299 Toro or fix it?

  170. D-FENS says:

    At some point, I think insurance companies will assign risk to businesses who wish to headquarter in American Cities where local leadership adopts policies of “defunding the police”. Between this and normalization of work from home strategies, cities in general are not looking healthy in the short term…

  171. Fat F.uck Fast Eddie says:

    Holy shit! Try selling your house in Minneapolis now. No police force… someone breaks into your house, you dial 911, who shows up? If it all?


  172. EddieHuffes TooFast says:

    Eddie, stop huffing will you. You are starting to be like https://youtu.be/hd1ciPnTGKg

    Now, like I said before. The “defund” is 2 sided. From the PR/political side looks very “wishy-washy liberal”. However, look from the cynical, dollars and cents side. City of Minneapolis creates a new agency to take over at certain day. From chief down new people get hired (at way lower salary and benefits than presently are given), old cops can apply for the positions (will get hired if not bradys or have a big disciplinary rapsheet).

    Voila, new department, more proven “peace” officers at way cheaper cost. No different than when a tech firm or investment bank moves its people somewhere – but they got to re-apply for job at new site.

  173. Bystander says:

    “I’ve also come to peace with a Biden POTUS so long as the DNC takes the congress.”

    ..and I fully expect the Tea party and R hypocrites to suddenly care about deficit and spending again. Will they scream ‘lock her up’ through their masks at convention? Might be hard to hear.

  174. chicagofinance says:

    ….am I old, intolerant, or hopelessly lost…..

    I had a member of my family use this term “non-binary POC”, and I had no fcuking clue what they were saying.

    Don’t people outgrow this stupid sh!t by the time they reach college?

    It sounds like the bleating of people desperate for attention, or disgusted by their own ordinariness.

  175. ExEssex says:

    4:46 or they’ve been co-opted by the Borg.

  176. ExEssex says:

    Note: The Borg are an alien group that appear as recurring antagonists in the Star Trek franchise. The Borg are cybernetic organisms, linked in a hive mind called “the Collective”.

  177. Bystander says:

    What would experts here pay for bluestone walkway. It is 34X3 feet. Right now, it is concrete. Contractor said he could put bluestone right over concrete so pretty straight forward. No Belgian blocks or anything fancy, What is going rate per sq ft for total job (labor, materials)? He said brick is expensive these days.

  178. ChiFiNeeds ToWatchLogo says:


    “non-binary POC” = RuPaul

    non-binary = can’t make its mind regarding if pin or cushion and if 2 nuts or 2 cantaloup

    POC = person of color – obviously a “tanned or deeply tanned or really really deeply tan aka hanged around the really tanned Jersey woman that was the role model for Trump for tanning.

  179. Juice Box says:

    Chi used to wear black eyeliner to Depeshe Mode concerts that makes him a Trinary.

  180. ExEssex says:

    I once saw Erasure. Twas truly the gayest show I’ve seen. Got my ass fondled thrice.

  181. Hold my beer says:

    Texas has gone from 50,000 to 100,000 cases in 21 days. Projected to hit 150,000 in 11 days. I bet it hits 200,000 in 15-17 More days and hospitals in DFW and Houston will be overrun by next weekend.

  182. Hold my beer says:

    Make that 50,000 to 100,000 in 31 days

    But how could anyone have predicted not wearing masks would spread it. Just because it happened in Wuhan, nyc, and Italy don’t mean it’s fixen to happen here.

  183. leftwing says:

    “In his screwed up little head, I don’t think Trump thinks he’s lying.”

    If I spend any time thinking of DJT it is on this topic. Truly makes me wonder, especially since I’ve worked for/with two other people in positions of influence/power with the same dysfunction. I was not able in these two instances to actually discern an answer. Probably won’t here either. Really do wonder though, is he so oblivious as to believe what he says (or, related, believes that if he says it, it will become true) or is he so fcuking stupid to not know (or care) what he says may be blatantly false and disproven.

  184. leftwing says:

    “The question is to why these people will go to such lengths for Donnie. ”

    No question. And no different from any other President.


    Every single President has someone willing to go to whatever political (or worse) extreme to preserve his power.

    Need I remind you of the ‘sainted’ JFK and his equally corrupt brother’s attempts at covering up the former’s affair with an East German agent who was spirited out of the country on little notice pursuant to a State Dept order on a USAF plane in the middle of the night? And Bobby’s subsequent threats to the press to try to suppress the story?

    Which, of course, opens the larger question of the hypocrisy of crying about Trump ‘insiders’ and ‘loyalists’ in the AG when that POS JFK had his fcuking BROTHER in the role…yeah, no conflict of interest there, lol. It would be the equivalent of putting Jared in as AG, could you possibly imagine the TDS…..


  185. leftwing says:

    NJCoast, local news panned Long Branch from the air earlier today. Looked shoulder to shoulder, man that beach was packed.

    Never been there so not sure the location, but there was a massive building with what looked like a courtyard (or boardwalk?) and right to the south a smaller, six story building with a ‘wavy’ type oval upper structure…..

    Glad I’m outta here on Monday taking a week off……can’t imagine what next week is going to be like approaching the fourth….

  186. leftwing says:

    Fabs, re: Singer and the 911 and your eyetalian…

    Funny, I used to be a purist. Someone here mentioned a ’65 Mustang convertible…in the day, hell probably now, I could look one over and under and detail every item on it and in it, stock or not.

    But in a weird way the restomods are growing on me. Think it is because in considering the late 50s ‘vette I love the look and idea but hate the thought of sacrificing performance and stumbled across some of them redone chassis up….used to be pure heresy to me, but now…..

    Good luck with yours. And thanks for the Singer video even if I would go an entirely different direction if I were to spend $500k on a car(s)….

    Also, they need someone else doing the test drive. Dude was riding the clutch the entire time…..painful to watch

  187. Phoenix says:

    Or it could be just a broken shear key.

  188. Hold my beer says:


    I just called a mobile lawnmower repair service. They pick it up and drop it off for free. Claim they can get it tomorrow and return it on sunday.

    My college roommate who cuts grass on the weekends told me to try to get it fixed. If it was $150 or more junk it and get a new one. But he thought it would probably be $60-$80 if only one thing was broken.

  189. NJCoast says:

    Leftwing, you can thank the Kushners for the buildup of the Long Branch beachfront. They own just about every building there.. It attracts an out of town crowd, hardly any locals. Daddy Kushner has an oceanfront compound less than a mile south in Elberon. The only thing that remains of the old days in Long Branch is the original Windmill, the best hot dog place on the shore. We used to have them come set up at Convention Hall to serve the E Street et al during tour rehearsals. The Inkwell Coffehouse is still in Long Branch but at a different location, same for Max’s.
    The beach we go to had plenty of room for social distancing. You just have to know where to go at the shore, avoid Long Branch, Asbury Park, Belmar, Bradley Beach, Spring Lake, Avon in Monmouth county. Small town beaches include Deal (no facilities) , Little Monmouth (Beach), Allenhurst (restrooms),Elberon. Oceanfront homeowners would like you to think the beaches are private, but they are public to the high water mark and they cannot deny access to the sand.

  190. Fabius Maximus says:

    Finally they are letting the kids out of the cages. When all said and done, this will be one of the low points of America.


    There are a few in here that will have to search their soul on their Position on this issue.

  191. Fabius Maximus says:


    That’s a bad bet. Joe has committed to 3 debates, its up to Donnie if he shows up. If Donnies passes are you still paying up?

  192. Phoenix says:

    A sheared flywheel key is a frequent cause of a lawn mower engine no-start condition or poor running, often the result of hitting a rock, stump or other non-mowable ( non-movable? ) object. They are cheap at 5 dollars or less. If you bent the crank I would junk it.


  193. homeboken says:

    You’re right fab, it is a bad bet. If any of the debates doesn’t happen , both sides will blame each other. It will be a while new task to say who caused the cancellation.

  194. 3b says:

    Eddie Huffes If the old cops apply and get accepted what happens to their old pensions? Do the new hires get pensions?

  195. grim says:

    What am I missing, Reagan had dementia for most of his second term, surely Biden’s won’t be an issue. Finding him wandering around the rose garden in his underwear surely no worse than Trump. Looking forward to getting back to normal with a few years of ineffectual leaders that nobody cares anything about.

  196. The Great Pumpkin says:

    India hates China with a passion now.

    “Foreign companies and governments have accused Beijing of wielding access to the Chinese market as a diplomatic weapon. Now, Chinese firms are getting a taste of what it is like to be on the other side”


  197. 3b says:

    grim Another ineffectual leader and then what?

  198. The Great Pumpkin says:

    President’s veto power is all they really have. People think Presidents are all powerful, but it doesn’t really work like that in America. It’s comical when people blame trump for everything, they totally got conned by Donnie. The narcissist makes himself seem more important and powerful than he really is, and these people eat it up. He loves attention and spotlight…

    Does the President control the govt? Not really, he just stops or approves of things like the tax cut plan in 2017. If that was a Democrat President, they would have vetoed that. Do people actually think Trump sits there and comes up with legislation or anything? Guy is on social media all day.

    Sure, President is the supreme authority over the military, but do you actually think for a second the president is coming up with plans and managing the military (aka calling the shots)? Nah, he is given a few options and picks from there.

    President also is in charge of picking powerful positions like Supreme Court. Does the president actually do the research and pick their own guy? Hell no, just like the military, he is given options on a plate to pick from. They already picked for him.

    So let’s admit the reason both sides fight for their guy to be president…,veto power, control of picking positions, and veto/approval power with the military. He/she is just a talking head and face of the party, hence, why they put up a candidate like Biden who is losing his marbles by the day. He does what they want, and that’s all they care about.

    grim says:
    June 27, 2020 at 8:49 am
    What am I missing, Reagan had dementia for most of his second term, surely Biden’s won’t be an issue. Finding him wandering around the rose garden in his underwear surely no worse than Trump. Looking forward to a few years of ineffectual leaders that nobody cares anything about.

  199. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Blow it up, but just realize, it will be back to the same sooner rather than later. Human nature created this, and it will create it again from the ashes of the previous model.

    It’s like when a revolution overthrows a govt. You get all this change immediately to go back to the exact same corrupt govt in the long run. Human nature is a b!tch.

    EddieHuffes TooFast says:
    June 26, 2020 at 4:05 pm
    Eddie, stop huffing will you. You are starting to be like https://youtu.be/hd1ciPnTGKg

    Now, like I said before. The “defund” is 2 sided. From the PR/political side looks very “wishy-washy liberal”. However, look from the cynical, dollars and cents side. City of Minneapolis creates a new agency to take over at certain day. From chief down new people get hired (at way lower salary and benefits than presently are given), old cops can apply for the positions (will get hired if not bradys or have a big disciplinary rapsheet).

    Voila, new department, more proven “peace” officers at way cheaper cost. No different than when a tech firm or investment bank moves its people somewhere – but they got to re-apply for job at new site.

  200. ExEssex says:


    “Well one of the things that will be really great, you know, the word ‘experience’ is still good,” Trump said. “I always say talent is more important than experience. I’ve always said that. But the word experience is a very important word. It’s a very important meaning.”

    “I never did this before, I never slept over in Washington,” Trump added.

    “I was in Washington I think 17 times, all of a sudden I’m the president of the United States, you know the story, I’m riding down Pennsylvania Avenue with our First Lady and I say, ‘This is great.’ But I didn’t know very many people in Washington, it wasn’t my thing. I was from Manhattan, from New York. Now I know everybody. And I have great people in the administration.”

  201. Juice Box says:

    Covid-19 cases ticking up, all over the place with some correlation to the protests too.

    Anyone taking bets as to whether NJ schools will be open in Sept? Our Governor punted yesterday there is no plan it’s up to the towns to decide and two months to go.

  202. Juice Box says:

    Example Texas, protesters crammed together here in Houston.

    The virus does not discriminate no matter what the news says.


  203. Saturday EddiestillHuffing says:


    That is the point. Lower costs everything. Lower salaries, higher benefit cost, less time off and to start no union, so they have a year or so to sort out the rotten stuff that might have gotten thru.

    It is colloquially known as the “Camden Model”. As it where was done very efficiently courtesy of George Norcross and his underling Sweeney. Expect to see a lot of it all over including NJ. Somerset County is in the crosshairs.

    Again, no different that a corporate takeover where the ones taken over are force to apply and interview for their positions in the new entity.

    Add to that Police position licenses, you are a certified lieutenant or sergeant. Plus personal malpractice liability insurance like nurses and doctors. And the marketplace solves a lot of the natural abusive psychologically based patterns that shows up in cops, lessens the us vs them cliques mentality, reminds them that their relationship is more nurse to a doctor as cop to prosecutors then warrior jurist and it will cost them financially when they screw up.

  204. Juice Box says:

    These categorical denials that that the large groups of protesters aren’t spreading the virus is dangerous. Right now in NYC in-front of city hall 500 people have setup camp for days to protest, and the Mayor does nothing.

  205. grim says:

    It wasn’t the protests, it was Memorial Day weekend.

  206. ExEssex says:

    Cops are a nuisance. Predatory on almost every level
    and probe to stupidity. You are not getting the best people, but rather
    a subset of cretins and ex-military grunts. They need to be brought down a peg.

  207. Phoenix says:

    They are not protesting. They are doing their best to get us to herd immunity.

  208. Phoenix says:

    Many of the times there were issues for the police is due to women calling them. Today’s women call the police for everything- kids in front of the house, a car parked outside for 3 minutes while the guy looks up an address, a squirrel in their attic, a pipe leaking in their basement, or if they see a bear in the woods while hiking.

    Many should go running for the shelter of Mother’s little helper instead of dialing 911 for a wet diaper. There are many more Karens that are not being videotaped.

  209. grim says:

    Some new research indicating a significantly lower infection rate can yield herd immunity, 43%.


  210. Phoenix says:

    Even if that really optimistic number you listed turns out to be correct, we still have a very long way to go.

  211. grim says:

    Infected care providers was a major cause of the first wave here in NJ, they are no longer a problem.

  212. Juice Box says:

    Protests began on 5/31

    We shall see the uptick soon as infection incubation and finally a hospital visit takes weeks.



  213. grim says:

    Last datapoint I saw for NJ was 17% antibody positive, nearly halfway there.

  214. Juice Box says:

    Also you may not develop antibodies, your T cells can take care of it as well and currently there isn’t a test to measure our T cell responses to Covid-19.

  215. joyce says:

    Coronavirus may have infected 10 times more Americans than reported, CDC says

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Government experts believe more than 20 million Americans could have contracted the coronavirus, 10 times more than official counts, indicating many people without symptoms have or have had the disease, senior administration officials said.

    The estimate, from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is based on serology testing used to determine the presence of antibodies that show whether an individual has had the disease, the officials said.

    The officials, speaking to a small group of reporters on Wednesday night, said the estimate was based on the number of known cases, between 2.3 million and 2.4 million, multiplied by the average rate of antibodies seen from the serology tests, about an average of 10 to 1.

    “If you multiply the cases by that ratio, that’s where you get that 20 million figure,” said one official.

    If true, the estimate would suggest the percentage of U.S. deaths from the disease is lower than thought. More than 120,000 Americans have died from the disease since the pandemic erupted earlier this year.

    The estimate comes as government officials note that many new cases are showing up in young people who do not exhibit symptoms and may not know they have it.

    Officials said young people with no symptoms, but who are in regular contact with vulnerable populations, should proactively get tested to make sure they do not spread it.

    “We have heard from Florida and Texas that roughly half of the new cases that are reporting are people under the age of 35, and many of them are asymptomatic,” one official said.

    The CDC has sent 40 response teams to help deal with the outbreaks, they said.

    More than 36,000 new cases of COVID-19 were recorded nationwide on Wednesday, just shy of the record 36,426 on April 24, concentrated on states that were spared the brunt of the initial outbreak or moved early to lift restrictions aimed at curbing the virus’ spread.

  216. Juice Box says:

    NYC’s own little CHAZ or CHOP, you are gonna catch allot more than the Rona Virus sleeping on NYC streets.


  217. JCer says:

    I’m really interested to see fatality rate and complication rates for the second wave. Remember the good doctor in Italy said it was weakening as did some researchers from Pitt. People getting sick is one thing, what is the hospitalization rate? That is what will really count.

    Trump is an absolute dunce, his saving grace was and will still be he incompetence at governing. Furthermore Pumps is absolutely right they are giving him options on who to appoint, etc. His original cast of characters may have been outsiders selected by Bannon but at this point the RNC is running the show, Trump only shows limited instances where he is in control which upsets the republicans. Biden is more frightening, the Manchurian candidate who will be controlled by an unknown entity, They won’t even have to con Biden into doing what they want he will just do it. I’ll take the ineffective dunce we know over the dementia patient with gods knows what behind him. I’m frankly terrified by some of the policy coming out of the DNC. This desire to reinstitute the estate tax starting from a very low number and to do away with basis step up even when you’ve paid estate tax is frankly crazy. Worse case scenario you could approach 60-70% on interested assets and it would hit the upper middle class in NYC metro and CA hard.

    Trump would be a lame duck, he has no ability to get the RNC to go along with what he wants, the dems won’t either, his political capital is very thin. We can get 4 years of gridlock which given the politicians we are working with is probably ideal.

    As for the handling of COVID-19, I’m not convinced with a Democrat president we would have seen anything different, the messaging from the president was disturbing but again somehow the democrat areas with the most stringent restrictions have had the highest case rates and also death rates. I’m not sure anyone has the answers, it wasn’t the ventilators that was a waste of time. Maybe if he could have gotten more PPE to the states, but really the role of the FEDs in this scenario is not to do anything on the ground, yes they could have done more for the supply chain but it is the role of the federal government to shut down states, this really does need to be done on a state basis.

    I think Chifis assessment was correct before this thing he was going to beat Biden and now it looks like he will lose. The X factor is Biden, does he totally botch the campaign and does the race strategy employed by democrats to bring out the black vote actually work or does it backfire and send white folks to Trump while not increasing black turnout. Using BLM is like trying to capture lightning as the anarchy is a major turnoff to a lot of voters.

  218. Hold my beer says:

    My lawnmower was hauled away by a mobile lawnmower repair place. The owner said 11 am pickup and he was here 11:03. He’ll call me with estimate and I should get it back Monday if its worth fixing. Not fixable I will be going to Home Depot to get a Toro for $329 that never needs an oil change. Just add oil as needed

    He even wore a mask.

  219. The Great Pumpkin says:

    If you want corrupt law enforcement like Mexico, move there, why are you advocating for that here? Yes, that’s the answer, lower salaries and benefits, get rid of the union, and poof….corruption here we come.

    People just don’t think sometimes.

    For example, let’s cry about poverty but incentivize our poor population with no jobs to pump out kids for a govt check. That will work out well. Your good intentions are harmful…

    Saturday EddiestillHuffing says:
    June 27, 2020 at 10:18 am

    That is the point. Lower costs everything. Lower salaries, higher benefit cost, less time off and to start no union, so they have a year or so to sort out the rotten stuff that might have gotten thru.

  220. RCCGNJ says:

    Homeboken, I agree with your thoughts about Biden. At first I thought it was crazy for the dems to make him the nominee. The fix was in after SC. Everyone fell in line in what seemed like 24 hours. Now I see that he is basically a substitute teacher keeping the kids occupied until the real teacher shows up. The more he hides in his basement the less chance of self immolation.

  221. Phoenix says:

    Just like Wallace and Truman

    “The fix was in after SC.”

  222. Hold my beer says:

    I’m guessing two weeks later this won’t end well. Lets put thousands of middle age and elderly true believers who won’t wear masks together indoors in the hottest corona spot in Texas.

    “The party does not plan to require masks at the convention, though chairman James Dickey acknowledged Tuesday that Harris County is currently under an order mandating that businesses require customers to wear masks.

    “The Republican Party isn’t considered a commercial entity so they themselves are not required to comply with the mask order,” said Melissa Arredondo, a spokesperson for the office of Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo, who issued the mask order.”


  223. leftwing says:

    Guys, you are ingesting sh1t that has a THC content about ten times the potency of SX’s best if you think that any police department that gets ‘defunded’ from a BLM political reform perspective will produce a new ‘social’ bureaucracy at a lower cost……

    If NYPD loses the proposed $1B from its budget do you really believe that the replacement entity and personnel are going to cost LESS? Seriously?

    Leave aside that both parties raid municipal piggy banks for their cohorts, and the D’s demonstrably moreso…..you really think those fat pensions and compensation are getting CUT when the Left takes them from the cops and gives them to their side? Cut by whom, the type of AOC proxy on the NYC Common Council (and comparable other liberal bastions considering political defundings)? When they have the ability to appropriate these funds (and more) for their cronies?

    I’m almost busting a gut on that one. Tossing a lateral from the cops to a new social bureaucracy is a liberal triple play…..jam your opponents politically, take their supporters’ compensation for your cronies, and establish an entirely new silo of municipal spending with their money that is entirely under your control – run by you, for the benefit of your ilk…..

    A political cabal taking the opposition’s funds to form an entirely new department for their cronies and they CUT costs…..jesus, I’m laughing so hard the tears are still running down my face……

  224. leftwing says:

    Oh, and BTW, DJT is done. Stick a fork in him.

    That means something coming from me…..

    Only way he is saved is if Biden screws the pooch on the VP pick (possible, but unlikely); or Biden really fcuks up the debates, like horror show spectacle ugly (equally possible and unlikely); or if this BLM sh1t turns the next few months into the Summer of 1968 with multiple American cities literally on fire (uncertain).

    Only question now is if there is blue wave that takes the Senate with it.

    If so, better not try to body surf that one. Pack your umbrella (assets), grab your loved ones, and GTFO as far from that beach as possible.

  225. 3b says:

    Left: I agree, I expect Biden will screw up the debates, whether it impacts the election, who knows.

  226. 3b says:

    Cutting one billion from the police, will just be another reason many companies will go WFH permanently. We are going back to old days of the 70s and 80s. All the transplants who have blown in over the last 25 years will now see that yes it was really that bad back then!

  227. leftwing says:

    Oh, and just, well, because…..


    Feels appropriate.

  228. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Imagine if the virus didn’t disrupt this..

    “There are early signs that a V-shaped recovery may be underway in the housing market.”


  229. chicagofinance says:

    Our culture has both made womanhood less appealing and also greased the skids toward social and medical transition for confused teens in genuine pain. Public schools peddle gender ideology with a fervor that would make a preacher blush. Transgender social-media gurus tout the euphoria testosterone produces, and Planned Parenthood is one of the largest suppliers of testosterone — and they do apprise of the risks, but on an “informed consent” basis. (Meaning, no therapist note is required and you leave the clinic with a very serious drug based essentially on the patient’s self-diagnosis.) Hundreds of plastic surgeons are happy to offer medically unnecessary double-mastectomies to girls as young as 16 without so much as a therapist’s note.

    Teens today spend far less time in person with friends than any previous generation. Most of their social life occurs online, where feelings of inadequacy run wild and the challenge of making and keeping “friends” never lets up. One of the surest ways to win friends and followers is by declaring a glamorous new gender identity, and so they do.

  230. 3b says:

    Chgo Why is planned parenthood involved in transgender issues?

  231. Leftwings NewSchool ofCops says:

    Leftwing, you got to know your cop history.

    Dinkins NYPD starting salary about $35,000+
    Giuliani NYPD starting salary about $25,000+, less sick time, tougher employment rules.

    Both salary scales met back at the 5 yrs mark into same salary. But there was gigantic turnover during those first 5 yrs with Giuliani. Those 5 yrs are key to whether they are going to go rogue.

  232. chicagofinance says:

    from article

    3b says:
    June 27, 2020 at 6:29 pm
    Chgo Why is planned parenthood involved in transgender issues?

  233. leftwing says:

    Whoever you are frustratingly using throwaway usernames…

    Agree that in any silo (cops, firefighters, social workers, etc) compensation may go down especially for fiscal reasons.

    My point is a little different….no chance in hell $1B in comp, benefits, and infrastructure is shut down on a SJW jihad and yet the resultant new PC ‘policing’ effort under the faithful is comped less than the cops, especially when staffing is taken into account.

    Be fully prepared for the new PC police to be funded at least as well (“why should we be paid less”, “our job is actually harder, the police couldn’t accomplish this”). Likely, the number of employees would be expanded as well to make sure this very important safety function is implemented fully and timely /sarcasm off/

    Political employment is pork barrel. Always.

  234. Hold my beer says:

    Dallas county had 561 new cases today and now has over 500 in the hospital. Both new records. My 500 case a day prediction took a few days longer than I thought.


    I think it will be at 1,000 cases a day soon and the hospitals will get overrun in another week. And people will have 4th of July parties and then things will get real ugly around July 20th.

    Collin county is the county that borders Dallas county to the north. It’s very conservative and literally no one wears a mask. They will be worse off than Dallas on a per capita basis by beginning of August I think. They only have about 1/3 the population of Dallas so hopefully their total numbers don’t catch up on to Dallas. Denton county which borders Collin on its west side and tarrant county on its north is the same way. It will be a bad August here. Like nyc was in April

  235. Hold my beer says:

    On the bright side my lawn mower repair was only $100. And included sharpening blade, tuneup and clean the gas tank and fix whatever I broke. And pick up and drop off is free. Or built into the price and called free.

  236. ExEssex says:

    Wife looks at me tonight and says “dogs allergies to grass are really beating them up this year, let’s get rid of the grass in the backyard and install turf! ” whoa!
    No more grass clippings in the pool. I can have them install a cup of two for putting practice. Turf baby! Out for estimates next week. Booooyah

  237. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Exactly what I have stated on here, yet accused of being racist or white privileged.

    “Yet when I hear it said that the U.S. is de­fined above all by racism, when I see books such as Robin Di­An­ge­lo’s “White Fragility” top the best­seller list, when I read of ed­u­ca­tors and jour­nal­ists be­ing fired for dar­ing to ques­tion the or­tho­dox­ies of Black Lives Mat­ter—then I feel obliged to speak up.

    “What the me­dia also do not tell you,” I tweeted on June 9, “is that Amer­ica is the best place on the planet to be black, fe­male, gay, trans or what have you. We have our prob­lems and we need to ad­dress those. But our so­ci­ety and our sys­tems are far from racist.””

    “But you can’t give the mid­dle fin­ger to a pan­demic, and 2020 has ex­posed the lim­i­ta­tions of Mr. Trump as a pres­i­dent. Yet when you look at the al­ter­na­tive, you have to won­der where it would lead us. Back to the elite hubris of the 1990s and 2010s? I can’t help think­ing that an­other shat­ter­ing de­feat might force sane cen­ter-left lib­er­als into say­ing: That wasn’t a one-off; we’ve got a real prob­lem. They’ll be in the same po­si­tion as the British Labour Party af­ter four years of Je­remy Cor­byn’s lead­er-ship and two elec­tion de­feats, when even­tu­ally the mod­er­ates had to throw the left­ists out. One way or an­other, the De­mo­c­ra­tic Party has to find a way of throw­ing out the so­cial­ists who are de­stroy-ing it.”

    Ms. Hirsi Ali is a research fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution.    


  238. The Great Pumpkin says:

    “The prob­lem is that there are peo­ple among us who don’t want to fig­ure it out and who have an in­ter­est in avoid­ing work­able so­lu­tions. They have an ob­vi­ous po­lit­i­cal in­cen­tive not to solve so­cial prob­lems, be­cause so­cial prob­lems are the ba­sis of their power. That is why, when­ever a scholar like Roland Fryer brings new data to the ta­ble—show­ing it’s sim­ply not true that the po­lice dis­pro­por­tion­ately shoot black peo­ple dead—the re­sponse is not to read the pa­per but to try to dis­credit its au­thor.”

  239. The Great Pumpkin says:

    “I have no ob­jec­tion to the state-ment “black lives mat­ter.” But the move­ment that uses that name has a sin­is­ter hos­til­ity to se­ri­ous, fact-dri­ven dis­cus­sion of the prob­lem it pur­ports to care about. Even more sin­is­ter is the haste with which aca­d­e­mic, me­dia and busi­ness lead­ers abase them­selves be­fore it. There will be no res­o­lu­tion of Amer­i­ca’s many so­cial prob­lems if free thought and free speech are no longer up­held in our pub­lic sphere. With­out them, hon­est de­lib­er­a­tion, mu­tual learn­ing and the Amer­i­can prob­lem-solv­ing ethic are dead.”

  240. The Great Pumpkin says:

    “Amer­i­ca’s elites have blun­dered into this mess. There were eight years of he­do­nis­tic hubris un­der Bill Clin­ton. Then came 9/11 and for eight years the U.S. suf­fered neme­sis in Af­ghanistan, Iraq and in the fi­nan­cial crash. Af­ter that we had eight years of a lib­eral pres­i­dent, and the hubris re­turned. Sanc­ti­mo­nious pol­i­tics co­in­cided with deeply un­equal eco­nomics.

    Through all this, many Amer­i­cans felt com­pletely left out—of the tech­nol­ogy boom, of the en­ter­prise of glob­al­iza­tion. I never thought I would agree with Michael Moore. But at an Oc­to­ber 2016 event, he pre­dicted that Don­ald Trump would win: “Trump’s elec­tion is go­ing to be the big­gest [mid­dle fin­ger] ever recorded in hu­man his­tory.” I still think that analy­sis was right. Mr. Trump wasn’t elected be­cause of his elo­quence. He was elected to con­vey that mid­dle fin­ger to those who had been smugly in charge for decades.”

  241. njtownhomer says:

    Ms. Hirsi Ali is a big elitist herself, with hubby Niall and her are way more elite than s others she blames.

    She really misses out the generational changes though, and the message to convey the white evangelist radical right causing the decay in GOP. Even Cheney puts out a mask picture and yet the GOP position is still the contrary. It ain’t the old center right anymore. It is mostly embracing the Confederate flag as primary.

    What is lost in the last 10 years was the dose of empathy. The unnecessary Bush wars, the GFC, seeing a black president in charge, then orange, everyone left out became angry and lost a feeling for being united.

    But the next generation will bring hope. Gen Y/Z will give shit once they pay the bills under lower standard of living and lower sense of security. They could move to far extremes, but I feel they would be more favoring social democratic in the end. No more individualism once you have very low chance of making the big dream.

  242. Davidret says:

    Hello. And Bye.

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