C19 Open Discussion Week 28c


N.J. unemployment jumps again after milestone week

After a week when unemployment claims slipped below the 20,000 mark in New Jersey, they jumped back up 25% during the week ended Sept. 19, according to the state Department of Labor & Workforce Development.

Initial unemployment claims for the week came in at 24,663, up from 19,636 the week before, and bringing the total number of workers seeking jobless benefits to more than 1.6 million since the COVID-19-related shutdown of the economy began six months ago.

The DOL has distributed $15.6 billion in federal and state benefits during the pandemic, including $286 million last week.

“New Jersey workers continue to struggle with the weight of unemployment and underemployment, and the accompanying financial worries of not having a job,” Labor Commissioner Robert Asaro-Angelo said in a prepared statement. “The Labor Department staff knows the difficulties our customers are facing, so they work hard every day to resolve as many cases and answer as many questions as possible.”

The state said 1.4 million people met the requirements for benefits, and 96% have received payment.

Nationally, the figure for seasonally adjusted unemployment claims was 870,000 for the week ending Sept. 19, up 4,000 from the previous week’s revised level.

The unemployment rate for the week ending Sept. 12 was 8.6%, down 0.1 percentage point from the week earlier.

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  1. dentss dunnidan says:

    first..it took Biden Months to even acknowledge the violence. And Harris hasn’t even acknowledged that 2 cops were shot.
    CNN’s coverage of the Black Lives Matter protest in DC prominently features an Antifa flag in the background…..Praying for the two police officers that were shot tonight in Louisville, Kentucky.Everyone is now heading to the Whitehouse this is when things might pop off…This is war for sure

  2. Homeboken says:

    Reading thru some of the quotes yesterday about Trump’s alleged or actual net worth.

    I’ve got no argument on the sum total you arrived, bc you can’t figure it out as an outsider
    that’s by design. But the methods you employed are very flawed.

    The world of leveraged real estate finance, in the institutional real estate world (2500 units under ownership, minimum) is no where near as simplistic as JCer penned yesterday. The methods employed by the rich, or mainly, their bankers, are much much more lucrative than the way you may own your 2 unit multi.

    The core principals are similar but only in the way that my 6year olds soccer game is similar to the EPL.

    Incidentally, if any of you have a solid in to a decision maker at a real estate institution and want to make a big referral fee, give me a call.

  3. Fast Eddie says:

    Can anyone find me a link showing the crowd size of O’Biden’s last rally? I want to see how many people are there for comparison.

  4. homeboken says:

    Congressional democrats have introduced a bill to limit SCOTUS judges to 18 year terms.

    1. This requires a constitutional amendment. Supermajority in congress, 2/3 of the states.
    2. I am in favor of this of course, I love term limits. Now the tricky part of getting congress to introduce term limits for the House and Senate. Fundamental problem with our system right there.

  5. Fast Eddie says:

    Joe Biden, meanwhile, has barely left his home without a mask for months, and he makes a point of keeping voters — when he encounters any — at a distance from himself and one another. Events at drive-in theaters have been kept under 50 — people, not cars — to respect state guidelines.

    This contrast continued Tuesday, when Trump flew to Florida and North Carolina, addressing crowds in both places, while Biden’s camp announced by 9:30 a.m. that he would make no public appearances all day.

    And CNN posts every poll under the sun stating O’Biden has a lead over Trump. I assume this is the new campaign strategy for every candidate going forward – stay in the basement and let the media decide for you.

  6. RC NJ says:

    Flipped between CNN, MSNBC and Fox Wed and last night. Fox did a split screen showing protests but CNN and MSNBC did their best to show as little as possible.

    As Don Lemon said it is showing up in the polling now so why broadcast something that is working against them. Fox was the first to announce a second cop was shot. The other two took over a half hour to acknowledge.

    MSNBC is really ramping up their extreme positions. They say how divisive Trump is but then let their panelists engage in their own form of hate speech.


  7. ExEssex says:

    6:59! We are in a pandemic, it is still killing people
    and you want to compare crowd sizes.

  8. homeboken says:

    RC NJ – MSNBC yesterday was particularly disgusting. They were blatantly racist while attacking the black AG of Kentucky.

    “He may be skin-folk but he ain’t “kin-folk”
    “Don’t let the color of his skin fool you, this man is a republican”

    That is such disgusting racist behavior and commentary. NBC should be ashamed of themselves and immediately issue an apology.

    The DNC views POC the same way it always has – Simple minded votes that can be relied upon to vote blue, no matter who.

    Shameful that these are the same people lecturing the rest of the country about race relations.


  9. homeboken says:

    Noteworthy that while that Kentucky AG slander was occurring, the king of the race pimps, Al Sharpton, was nodding his head in the next talking head square.

    Does anybody still think Al Sharpton wants to improve the lives of black Americans? The guy is leading the modern day Klan.

  10. ExEssex says:

    But Cameron, who is the state’s first Black attorney general, said that the officers were not charged because they acted in self-defense after Taylor’s boyfriend fired at them.

    ‘I certainly understand the pain that has been brought about by the tragic loss of Miss Taylor. I understand that as an attorney general … I understand that as a black man,’ Cameron told reporters.

    You either support castle laws or you do not.

  11. ExEssex says:

    Kentucky is a Castle Doctrine state and has a “stand your ground” law. A person who is not engaged in an unlawful activity and who is attacked in any other place where he or she has a right to be has no duty to retreat.

    “The castle doctrine raises a presumption that if a person is in their home, and then an intruder comes into their home and is trying to either assault them, do whatever, dispossess them of their home, that there is a presumption that they are in reasonable fear of imminent serious injury or death because of that …

  12. Fast Eddie says:

    We are in a pandemic, it is still killing people
    and you want to compare crowd sizes.

    Very convenient excuse to use to mask feeble, sleepy, old Joe.

  13. ExEssex says:

    9:41 it’s an IQ test actuallly.

  14. homeboken says:

    Ex- I agree, the “castle law” or stand your ground doctrine is something I support.

    OTOH – When there is a legal search warrant, and announced police presence, which has a witness corraborating occurred, then castle law is no longer a defense.

    The legality of the boyfriend shooting first (if he did) is predicated on whether the cops announced themselves. One side said they did, the other said they didn’t. Who knows truth.

  15. homeboken says:

    Fast – I totally support the Biden position of not holding any rallies or not even having any sort of noticeable ground game.

    The DNC can look down on DJT from their perch on the moral high-ground all they want. My sense is that moral-high ground will have a wonderful view of DJT sitting in the WH for 4 more years.

  16. ExEssex says:

    From the parking lot, undercover officers surveilling Ms. Taylor’s apartment before a drug raid saw only the blue glow of the television.

    When they punched in the door with a battering ram, Mr. Walker, fearing an intruder, reached for his gun and let off one shot, wounding an officer. He and another officer returned fire, while a third began blindly shooting through Ms. Taylor’s window and patio door. Bullets ripped through nearly every room in her apartment, then into two adjoining ones. They sliced through a soap dish, a chair and a table and shattered a sliding-glass door.

  17. leftwing says:

    “There are politicians family members all over boards of companies…”

    Disagree. There are former politicians all over. Show me the hordes of children…..

    “With all relevant caveats, it seems that Hunter Biden has a law degree from Yale, was appointed by GW Bush to the board of Amtrack for a five year period in 2005, was a major lobbyist prior to his dad being a VP, tried to start a hedge fund, etc.”

    Not going to pick apart the kid’s resume – which is light – but the relevant question is what does he bring to a specific Board? There is literally zero in his background for a Board seat at any major oil company, let alone one in a foreign jurisdiction. Closest would be the Yale Law degree, which from a Board perspective is not at all special, and certainly not for the Board in question. Unless he majored in Ukranian or maritime law :)

    “What is a market range for someone like that without bonuses, equity and such?”

    Pick any comparable public company and go to their proxy filing at sec.gov.

    As I’ve shown for US major oil companies the Board, outside of academia, is comprised of execs with multiple decades of experience, who were CEOs and Chairman of their own substantial major publicly traded corporations, they have deep business affiliations, and are or have been on Boards of some of the largest and most recognizable companies in the world (P&G, JNJ, MetLife, IBM, Caterpillar, etc).

    For this they receive $281k, all-in.

    Hunter received $600k for two meetings with no relevant experience for a company in a country in whose language he did not even speak.

    Not one person on the Board of XOM would even take a phone call from the addict, that’s how different a league he is in.

  18. ExEssex says:

    The daughter of a teenage mother and a man who has been incarcerated since she was a child, Ms. Taylor attended college, trained as an E.M.T. and hoped to become a nurse. But along the way, she developed a yearslong relationship with a twice-convicted drug dealer whose trail led the police to her door that fateful night.

    Sloppy surveillance outside her apartment in the hours before the raid failed to detect that Mr. Walker was there, so the officers expected to find an unarmed woman alone. A failure to follow their own rules of engagement and a lack of routine safeguards, like stationing an ambulance outside, compounded the risks that night.

    While the department had gotten court approval for a “no-knock” entry to search for evidence of drugs or cash from drug trafficking, the orders were changed before the raid to “knock and announce,” meaning that the police had to identify themselves.

    The officers have said that they did; Mr. Walker says he did not hear anything. In interviews with nearly a dozen neighbors, only one person said he heard the officers shout “Police!” a single time.

  19. homeboken says:

    So far this week DJT has had hugely attended rally’s or focused roundtable meetings in the following states:

    Ohio – Monday
    PA – Tuesday
    NC – Thursday
    FL – Today
    GA – Today
    VA – Today (where his schedule has him ending his day around midnight)

    Biden – I can’t seem to find any schedule for him. I know it has been a rather slow week on the public appearance front for the DNC candidate.

  20. Juice Box says:

    Warriors come out to play.


    Portland denied a permit for a rally on Saturday planned by the alt-right group the Proud Boys
    Officials say the estimated crowd size of 10,000 is too large to safely practice social distancing
    The Proud Boys, deemed a hate group, described their rally as a march to ‘end domestic terrorism’
    Left-wing groups are planning at least two events to oppose the Proud Boys, including one in the same park where the right-wing group plans to meet
    Oregon State Police and the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office say they will not help with crowd control due to the Portland mayor’s ban on tear gas

  21. Libturd says:

    Only a fool holds political rallies during a pandemic. It’s also quite clear in the photos I’ve seen that the people strategically placed behind Trump and in the front row against the barriers were all given MAGA masks. The rest of the fools don’t even wear them.

    Strike one – It’s selfish to even attend due to physical spacing requirements

    Strike two – It’s selfish of the president (or desperate) to ask his supporters to risk their health (and lives) to attend

    Stroke three – Who the fukc cares how many attend. It’s who votes that matters and it’s looking more and more like a landslide judging by the results of ALL polls in the swing states.

    In other news, how did you all like the executive ordered healthcare plan that could fit on a business card?

    Sheesh, he is an embarrassment. He might have done better to hide in the cave with Joe.

  22. Libturd says:


    Certainly it’s the former politicians themselves that sit on these boards. Let me dig and see what Republican children I can find. It’s still a relatively moot point in that everyone is looking to pay for favor. I don’t see this as being any worse than HRC’s foundation, which I abhorred.

    What’s truly shocking to me though is the apathy of the public. They grasp onto the dumbest conspiracies and make them their fighting points, meanwhile all of our elected officials are robbing us blind in every pay to play scheme possible. I guess people like the soap opera more than the purpose. It’s like watching the Olympics. The medals and performances don’t matter nearly as much as the sad, sad, sad backstory of how they got there.

  23. Libturd says:


    Though can’t look till later today. Too busy.

  24. Fast Eddie says:

    Like I said, Covid is a wonderful cover for an ailing, old man whose day is finished before it even starts.

  25. leftwing says:

    There will need to be blood in the streets to resolve the current social issues.

    May not be in six weeks or six months. But it will happen. The divide is too great and both sides leaders are fanning the flames.

    Separately, deeply saddened at the booing yesterday. I wasn’t a fan of RBG’s politics but had an incredible amount of respect for her personally and professionally. Such a sign of disrespect, to her….what’s next by these idiots, mass protests at burials at Arlington?

  26. leftwing says:

    Lib, don’t waste your time, you may find a handful of children but certainly not “all over”. And I challenge you to find even one taking a Board seat in an area in which they have no expertise while their parent is in office. While being compensated at least twice the going rate.

    “It’s still a relatively moot point in that everyone is looking to pay for favor.”

    It’s not. Board members bring real value – or at least should. That is why they are experienced deeply in business generally, experienced in the field or tangential areas deeply, and have decades of close contacts also at the helm of other major corporations whom they know on a first name basis.

    Former politicians fit that profile, especially for highly regulated industries. They are on Boards for their knowledge, experience, and yes contacts. Would an Al Gore or his equivalent picking the phone and calling an agency head have more sway than someone else? Of course. And that is part of the value added to a Board.

    By FORMER POLITICIANS. Once they are out of office.

    Hunter is exactly the opposite. Zero value of his own. The only value he brought is that his father was the sitting VP with a specific mandate over the country in question, for which he received an amount of money by a state enterprise that cannot be justified even if he brought personal value. That is flat out the definition of a bribe.

    To be clear, if Hunter had that Board seat AFTER his father’s term ended, fine. I don’t care, private transactions among private parties.

    But this situation is no different than your current town Mayor’s delinquent landscaper son being installed as Township Engineer at twice the pay of qualified professionals. Illegal with public funds while in office.

  27. ExEssex says:

    10:31 you’ll be very fortunate to make it as far as he has.
    Now you are just being ageist. I see a healthy guy, with a gorgeous wife,
    And problems that everyday people have. He’s a good dude.
    Sure he’s got baggage, but nothing compared to Trump.
    Say did you see where Eric is set to testify in the SDNY.

  28. Libturd says:


    The booing is not nearly as deplorable at Trump’s tweets. But, what do you expect? Honestly. The man has a libelous nickname for everyone he knows. They were clearly booing the president’s presence. Not Ruth’s.

    Also surprised by how quiet the many constitutionalists on the right here are about Trump’s refusal to accept the results of the upcoming election. This is truly scary stuff. But like all of his other lies, I’m sure you’ll just give him another one of your thousands of passes. I’m guessing it’s going to be that the Constitution doesn’t cover the Chinese Hoax (I meant pandemic) that was fully contained and was supposed to be over by Easter.

    Sheesh. This guy is truly an asshole.

  29. Libturd, about to Peloton for his 5th day out of six says:


    Trump hired his entire god-damned family. Friggin’ Ivanka got half of her trademarks requested in 2016 approved by China. This is NO DIFFERENT. It’s all immoral, not illegal! I can’t stand it as much as you. But one is no worse than the other. You are lying to yourself if you think otherwise.


  30. BRT says:

    We are in a pandemic, it is still killing people
    and you want to compare crowd sizes.

    Not to stir the pot but the media was all over Trumps initial rally that had only a few thousand months ago. That being said, we are both in the same snapshot of time, so crowd size is a comparable stat. The left has had no problems getting tens of thousands to crowd the streets shoulder to shoulder in marches so I don’t think the pandemic is preventing people from attending public events.

    This is very eerily similar to 4 years ago when Hillary, winding down, had trouble filling local gymnasiums. Given the failure of every poll 4 years ago leading into the election, I wouldn’t put too much faith into polling on its own. In NJ, I’m starting to see more Biden signs in certain areas, and more Trump signs in certain areas. I’ve been through Morris, Ocean, Monmouth, Somerset, and Mercer counties the past 2 weeks.

  31. TruthIsTheEnemy says:

    Joe Biden is a good guy? That’s rich.

    The guy has been stealing from us for 50 years and hi record of doing everyday people any good is pretty thin.

    He’s a politician and manipulator.

  32. Hold my beer says:

    In My area I don’t see signs for either one. Lots of signs for city and county stuff, but have not seen a single trump or Biden sign.

  33. Bystander says:


    You have the Bush-Carlyle-Bin Laden group that stole billion through war profiteering but hey let’s focus on Dems Biden corruption. Even worse, let’s throw Bush onto other side as not a real Republican anymore since he hates Trump. See how easy it is to be a member of the cult now?

  34. 3b says:

    One Biden sign in my town. No Trump signs. A few BLM signs and those annoying we believe signs.

  35. TruthIsTheEnemy says:

    The scope of hunter Biden and his accomplices graft that been exposed the past few days reaffirms what I’ve been saying about the Biden campaign all along.

    He’s only running so he can regain power and deep six all of the investigations.

    The Bama admin thought that Hillary was a slam dunk to win and became very greedy and sloppy about their meddling efforts.

  36. chicagofinance says:

    It is a little different…… they are all bad…. however, nepotism stinks, but influence peddling is something different…. also Hunter Biden is a degenerate and the dollars involved a bigger, also it is the hypocrisy test. Every charge you can level at Trump, the Hunter Biden saga is bigger, badder, stronger….. stunning really…

    The main point is that Joe Biden positions himself as the adult in the room and the moral authority. No, he is not.

    Libturd, about to Peloton for his 5th day out of six says:
    September 25, 2020 at 11:03 am
    Trump hired his entire god-damned family. Friggin’ Ivanka got half of her trademarks requested in 2016 approved by China. This is NO DIFFERENT. It’s all immoral, not illegal! I can’t stand it as much as you. But one is no worse than the other. You are lying to yourself if you think otherwise.

  37. chicagofinance says:

    I learned me something new today…. we all know NIMBY…. now there is
    BANANA – build absolutely nothing anywhere near anyone

  38. Fast Eddie says:

    10:57 – you’ll be very fortunate to make it as far as he has.

    I don’t disagree. But if your simple ability to string a thought and a sentence together becomes laborious, you’re more apt to be sitting in the sun on the porch with a drink than clamoring to be the leader of the free world.

  39. ExEssex says:

    Ahhh but isn’t that the truth Chi — space is the new super duper extravagance. Sure as someone mentioned yesterday, mom & pop post-depression brought 3 kids up in a 1100 sq ft one BR cape. Of course today our houses are exponentially larger. Never have I been so grateful for sq footage. WFH proves that if you stretch and get that jumbo you’ll be rewarded with some semblance of privacy.

  40. Bystander says:

    Wow, for Trump not being a “politician” he sure totes every Republican ideal there is. Tax cuts for wealthy, over-top-military spending, conservative judges, anti-Muslim, anti-abortion, anti-environmentalism. The general great hits. To red hat dolts, he is some passionate, independent innovator, like a Springsteen while in reality he is the Weird Al of conservative politics. That is insult to Weird Al who is actually funny and talented though.

  41. ExEssex says:

    11:54 Well Kami Kam Kam is ready like Spongebob to get busy once Joe goes. For some people that is a problem. Not for me. She punches quite a few of the right buttons for this guy. You say you want ‘law and order’ and yet you cannot deny she’s been on the right side of that. It might even cost her at the polls. She liked money & power and she made happen by hook or by crook baby. That’s the ‘new’ American way isn’t it?! Damn the torpedos….

  42. ExEssex says:

    11:56 Bystander for the muuuu f’ing win. Yes.
    Asking “what has Biden done for the common man…?” well sh*t sir, what has ANY republican administration done for the common man. I’ll wait….

  43. homeboken says:

    Regarding Dr (HA) Jill Biden – She may be smoking hot (not my 70 year old cup of tea but hey, perspective).

    Take a look at Jill’s first husband and how she actually came to meet Joe. It wasn’t some childhood love story. Ask Phoenix what he thinks about Jill Biden. I bet he can sum it up better than anyone.

    Regarding Trump and accepting election results – As a constitutionalist, I find it disgusting that the left is labeling Trump as “not willing to accept” the results.

    Many states have totally changed the way we vote, count the votes, how long we count the votes, how we verify the votes, etc.
    I promise you – If the DNC would drop the vote-by-mail plan and allow only 1. In person voting and 2. absentee voting, then the GOP would 100% accept the results.

    But changing the election methods to this mail a ballot to everyone, collect them en masse and just assume that the average American trusts the mail system is a wonderful joke.

    One side is trying to change the historic precedent of our voting system, under the guise of :COVID: and then in the next breath saying “Why won’t you accept this totally unproven voting system”

    Again – I’ve lived in NJ and Hoboken long enough to know that the only reason you allow mass VBM is bc you can cheat so easily. Ask Peter Cammarano or any of the Russo’s. That type of fraud was perfected by the HDCO and now you want us to cram it down the throats of voters nationwide? F that.

    You want the GOP to accept the results, no matter what? Let us vote the same way we have for our entire lives.

    Think of this way – the annual US budget is 4.7Trillion. Divide by 325MM people. Thats $14,738. That is how much each citizen’s vote is woth. (more actually, not accounting for under 18 yr olds)

    Take $14k, cash. Put it in envelop and mail it to yourself. But also put it in an envelope that everyone knows just by looking at it, what is inside. Until you are willing to do that, just knock it off with the VBM is totally safe nonsense.

  44. D-FENS says:

    Crossfire Hurricane.

    Biden is not as much of a candidate as much as he is an escape plan. The above listed investigation was not only unconstitutional but criminal…treasonous even.

    It’s absurd that Trump is accused of “not accepting the results” of the election. Democrats did exactly that in 2016. Now the plan is to make the election so untrustworthy that Americans themselves don’t believe it was free and fair.

    TruthIsTheEnemy says:
    September 25, 2020 at 11:25 am
    Joe Biden is a good guy? That’s rich.

    The guy has been stealing from us for 50 years and hi record of doing everyday people any good is pretty thin.

    He’s a politician and manipulator.

  45. ExEssex says:

    12:03 I picture you in a basement in Hoboken literally wearing a tinfoil hat right now.

  46. homeboken says:

    Ex – I am fully wrapped in tin-foil, hat only types are part of the machine.

    Not in Hoboken any longer though.

    The HCDO is the legal arm of the NJ mafia. You can call it conspiracy if you wish but anyone that lived and voted there knows the truth.

    The gameplan in Hoboken was – 1 box of candidate T-shirts and 1 box of fifty dollar bills. You go anywhere west of Madison St to the west and 1st St to 7th St North and South and hire election “day-workers”. They harvest votes in the “projects” and then fan out to the towers and seniors building.

    That swath of voters is more than enough to control the Hoboken budget, the Board of Ed and anything else that has a budget to be skimmed.

  47. JCer says:

    We have a winner:

    “The scope of hunter Biden and his accomplices graft that been exposed the past few days reaffirms what I’ve been saying about the Biden campaign all along.

    He’s only running so he can regain power and deep six all of the investigations.

    The Bama admin thought that Hillary was a slam dunk to win and became very greedy and sloppy about their meddling efforts.”

    Trump is incompetent, him, the keebler elf, and Barr should have been able to go after the criminal behavior of the prior administration and probably the Bush admin as well. Either Trump doesn’t intend to do anything or is totally incompetent, I’m thinking the latter but who really knows. The conspiracy to take him down goes beyond party, the establishment wants him gone and I doubt it is about his fitness for office as they have advanced a literal stroke patient as his replacement.

  48. Bystander says:

    If you really want to get down to it, there is no particular candidate who you can assign blame for decimation of US manufacturing as well as the zealotry of short-term financial profiteering. All D or R have subscribed to it for 40 years now. It does lead to one single man, imho, Jack Welch. The nearly religious idolism of him during 80/90s has filtered into whole generation of executive boards today. He was a farce.

  49. JCer says:

    Home it’s not just hudson county, but hudson is particularly bad. Murphy’s guys were literally vote harvesting during that election in Jersey City and Newark.

    I’ve literally witnessed first hand extortion from local NJ politicians, at one point my dad was in the process of doing a redevelopment, they were under contract to buy a site, they had preliminary site plans, and prospective tenant and a letter of intent to the city and the city(I’m not going to name the place) literally declared it a redevelopment zone and put out an RFP which of course was answered by all kinds of politically connected companies. This was used of course to obtain all kinds things from the developer and a HUGE amount of campaign contributions. Suffice it to say the politician in question did get sent to prison on unrelated but similar charges of corruption.

    Never assume corruption will not happen, at the lower levels it is common and the political machines are not above cheating in an election. Vote by mail is not just ripe for straight up corruption but rather vote harvesting, I suspect political goons will be going door to door to collect ballots, I can even see people being paid to vote and vote the “right” way. We may see this on both sides, but vote by mail is a terrible idea and has been advanced by the democrats, there is no reasonable justification for changing the election process(the COVID reason is a crock, party of science there is no scientific justification for this).

  50. Bystander says:


    If you have not watched that Jordan Klepper vs Trump supporters, please do so for entertainment purposes. While not ground breaking, it is so pointed at the illogic of the Trump cult personality. Watch it alone for Trump dynasty t-shirt argument. It is absolute gold and completely reaffirms the “I love the poorly educated” statement.

  51. Libturd says:

    So many convenient excuses for the Trump team. I’m going to call it all fake news!

    See how easy that is?

    Trump has simply run this country like one of his ca$inos.

  52. homeboken says:

    Jcer – Cosign all of that. Well said.

    Re SCOTUS – If I were Trump, I would not nominate on saturday, as is the current plan. I would hold it in my pocket until after the 1st debate.

    I would be relentless in asking Joe about his suggested lisst of nominees during the Tuesday debate.

    Trump nominating tomorrow, lets Joe off the hook of doing something he clearly does not want to do. Force your opponent to confront their weaknessess, don’t give an inch.

  53. JCer says:

    Lib your first mistake is in thinking he is “running the country”. He has no idea how the government works and depends on a revolving door of misfits to guide him. If Trump has proven anything it is that the president isn’t all that relevant(at least in domestic matters), he is a figurehead of a giant bureaucracy run by people he installs. He has been so effective at proving this the democrats want to install Dementia Joe in the whitehouse….

  54. No One says:

    I just mailed in my ballot today. Saves me an annoying trip to the local church that is my normal voting booth. There are 3 state issues up for vote. I voted yes for pot legalization and against both of the other 2. Voted R down the line the front page, my nj protest vote, just going anti-collectivist this year rather than anti-stupid.
    My view being that collectivism is a bigger long term threat to the US than idiocy.

  55. Libturd says:

    “I promise you – If the DNC would drop the vote-by-mail plan and allow only 1. In person voting and 2. absentee voting, then the GOP would 100% accept the results.”

    First, we are still waiting for a single GOP person to keep their word.

    Second, it’s going to be such a blowout that Trump’s refusal to accept the results are going to do so much damage to the red base that it is going to laughable.

    Shall I play your games?

    Here is a typical Homeboken news piece.

    Damning evidence has been found in the Louisville cop shootings. It has become blatantly obvious that the shooting was performed by a Trump supporter. What is the evidence? Well the smoking gun is that it is highly unlikely someone on the left would even own one. After all, the NRA is in bed with the right for sure. Second, with so many smart phones and media around, for sure the shooting should have been captured if it was from one of the protesters. This lends one to believe that the shooter was a well hidden right operative of Protifa. Though there is no proof that Protifa is more than a flag and a cult of bumper nutz adorned pick-up drivers. It has become clear that everything that can’t be explained as an attack on the left is the fault of Protifa and their nefarious sponser, Seorge Goros.

    These articles and many other like it can either be obtained with your subscription to the Patriot, or can be downloaded free with your Fox Gold Bar membership. Remember, use password Fauci5GThighland. Hurry. Offer expires by Easter hopefully.

  56. JCer says:

    No one, that is my sentiment. I think the republic can survive another 4 years of Trump, he is too incompetent to effect real permanent change. The plans the democrats have are frightening and could have permanent effects on the country, with Biden we don’t really know who is in control and what the agenda is, I would expect his administration be be better run than Trump’s.

  57. D-FENS says:

    Left wing fake news source

    ‘Trump Was Right’ About FBI Scramble to Assemble Russia Evidence After 2016 Win, Texts Claim

    AFederal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) employee involved in the probe into former national security adviser Michael Flynn claimed that President Donald Trump “was right” while discussing a 2017 intelligence briefing regarding the Russia probe, according to a court filing.

    The federal court documents, filed by Michael Flynn’s lawyers in the U.S. District Court of Columbia on Thursday, included text message conversations between FBI staffers about former President Barack Obama’s intelligence briefing on January 5, 2017. One unnamed FBI employee asked another “What’s the word on how [Obama’s] briefing went?”

    “Don’t know but people here are scrambling for info to support certain things and it’s a mad house,” the FBI colleague replied. “Trump was right. Still not put together… Why do we do this to ourselves. What is wrong with these people.”

    After Obama’s briefing, the then-president asked Vice President Joe Biden and FBI Director James Comey to stay behind, along with Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates and national security adviser Susan Rice, for a discussion about Flynn, then a Trump campaign adviser.

    The details of what took place during the meeting has been intensely speculated and debated by both sides of the political aisle. On January 3, 2017, Trump tweeted a suggestion: that the “Russian hacking” briefing was delayed so his opponents could build a case. The president has also alleged on numerous occasions that his predecessor engaged in “treason.”

    According to Rice and Yates, Obama was concerned over whether restrictions should be placed on the sharing of classified information with Flynn, the incoming national security adviser. At the time, he was being probed by the FBI as part of the Russia investigation, which started July 2016.

    In testimony before the Senate on August 5, Yates said under oath that Obama and Biden never attempted to influence the FBI’s investigation of Flynn. “During the meeting, the president, the vice president, the national security adviser did not attempt to in any way to direct or influence any investigation,” she said.

    Flynn’s lawyer’s shared additional text messages by an FBI employee on January 10, 2017, saying that analysts “all went and purchased professional liability insurance” because they were worried that “the whole thing is pretty ugly.”

    “I think [the] concern when we got it was that there was a big leak at DOJ and the NYT among others was going to do a piece,” the employee wrote. “If that piece comes out, and Jan 20th comes around… the new AG might have some questions… then yada yada yada… we all get screwed.”

    Federal employees at all levels often face allegations, complaints and investigations that carry risk of exposure to liability—and those that deal with the public face the most exposure.

    “Even in cases of baseless claims, legal fees, damages and other costs may run into the hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars, placing employees’—and their families’—financial security at risk,” wrote Federal Times, a source of information for senior U.S. government managers. “Fortunately, federal employees can protect themselves and preemptively mitigate this risk through Federal Employee Professional Liability Insurance.”

    Newsweek reached out to the FBI for comment.

    Flynn served as Trump’s national security adviser for 24 days before he resigned. In 2017, he pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about his communications with Russia. In May, the Justice Department announced that it was dropping the case and for charges to be dismissed due to evidence that the agency’s questioning of Flynn lacked a proper investigative basis.

  58. JCer says:

    Lib, you’ve swallowed the blue pill. Home is right governor bucktooth was vote harvesting in hudson county AT VOTING sites, not tin foil hat stuff it actually happened people have seen it. What is the reason for vote by mail? Why did the dems purposely create a potential constitutional crisis?

    As previously indicated, with my tinfoil hat on, the war profiteer machine has been behind the previous administrations Trump represents a threat to the gravy train. The last time this happened they assassinated the president, cheating in an election is child’s play comparatively……..

    I expect a close election that will be decided by the same swing states as always. Trump is terrible but Biden is a stroke victim and the dems are far off from the options and positions of middle america. The TDS people will vote for Biden just as the true believers will vote for Trump the rest of us are making a decision between two different sh*t sandwiches so I think all of these votes are in play and from day to day will change sides depending on a) what idiotic thing trump says or does and b)what bat sh*t crazy thing the dems say or do.

  59. Phoenix says:

    None of this would even be a discussion if it were not for the Boomer Democrats, who, in their infinite wisdom, chose the worst candidate they possibly could. It’s almost like they are trying to lose the election when it should be a slam dunk. If the Boomer dems were a coach of a team they would be fired.

    I think it’s going to be close and not a blowout. No one has this in the bag thanks to the democrats. That is an absolute crime right there.

    Home, yeah, you pegged me on Jill Biden. I don’t need to add anything. I won’t even bother to comment anything else on her traitor son. If he stands next to an American flag it should spontaneously combust from the spirits left by dead American soldiers which it is supposed to stand for. Same with Trump as well.

  60. Phoenix says:

    And 3b I read your post. Tail end boomers are bit different than their predecessors. I’m in line with you on that.

  61. Phoenix says:

    Vote by mail was unnecessary. If you can walk into a grocery store safely you can walk into a voting booth.

    Boomer paranoia is off the scale.

  62. Bystander says:


    Stimulus ended, extended unemployment ended yet jobless claims still rising higher than anticipated. 6 weeks to go and how many millions in key states will be eating cat food soon. Only in Trump delusion land does this seem to be a positive for a s(h)itting prez. Wait, Lord and Taylor is hiring for Xmas..oh sorry.

  63. Phoenix says:

    “If Trump has proven anything it is that the president isn’t all that relevant”

    Jcer, you underestimate his role. Sure he is limited in actual power to an extent, (although he is attempting to steal a corporation TikTok under false pretenses) but more than that he is the voice of the country.

    How many times has it been said, perception is everything. Americans chose him to be the leader of the free world, your spokesperson, what you supposedly stand for. Plus most people don’t know the extent of his power-so there is that.

    As far as Breanna Taylor, If I was in the apartment next door to her and police bullets came flying through my walls I would be pissed. Just imagine if they would have killed a child in the attached unit? For some drugs that did not exist.

    A check for “my loss” would not be cutting it for me.

  64. Phoenix says:

    “how many millions in key states will be eating cat food soon. ”

    how many millions in key states will be running out of cat food, then getting shot by the police for theft of cat food.

  65. Phoenix says:

    “Why did the dems purposely create a potential constitutional crisis?”

    To appease the frightened boomers and seniors who are still ordering from instacart.

  66. Phoenix says:

    It’s pretty clear.

    Wear a mask, wash your hands, don’t share a Juul, etc.

    Then go live your life, and pull the lever at a polling booth.

    How hard is it?

  67. Phoenix says:

    Separation of church and state:

    “Saves me an annoying trip to the local church that is my normal voting booth.”

    Please god forgive me for my sins as I pull the lever for this satanic creature.

    Say 10 hail Mary’s and all will be forgiven son. Don’t forget to leave your envelope and light a candle on the way out.

  68. Bystander says:


    There are only two pieces of toast to be sold, you want to sell sriracha butter infused sourdough toast to public, thinking you are hip? Or, plain old butter on white bread? I guarantee majority of public will go for plain old white bread. That is why Biden is here. I never liked it but let’s not fool ourselves that any other D candidate would be met with open arms.

  69. Phoenix says:

    Other than Zuckerberg and his ilk, who makes money from it? TikTok on the other hand has made some kids serious bank.

    Go to college, get in debt, become a STEM STAR, get a job in IT, then have it bounced off to India by your corporate run government- or-

    Become a cheerleader at age 8, learn some simple dance routines, when you turn 16 regurgitate those routines on TikTok and become a multimillionaire with no college loans to pay off. I’m sure these kids and their families are truly upset that their children don’t have a master’s degree in psychology.


  70. Phoenix says:


  71. Bystander says:

    Trump aside, how f-in hard is it to unseat any sitting president? Think about it. In 40 years, we have done it once and that was because bad economy and Perot. You can’t throw a change agent into mix. American middle is strong on status quo and familiarity. Gentle Joe offers grandpa familiarity, easy alternative to Orange chaos. That is all.

  72. Juice Box says:

    re: “eating cat food soon”

    I have the occasional craving for it, Chicken & Rice Entree in Gravy, just have to heat it up a bit so it tastes like a real meal and add some salt and pepper etc. I am telling ya it’s really not all the bad actually.

  73. Phoenix says:

    Yeah, but it’s not just plain old white bread. It’s got mold all over it.

    They could have done better. All day long. But their greed and corporate masters insisted on this. And Cheshire Cat Harris who is salivating like Pavlov’s dog.

    Once again, if the dems lose this, its not Trumps win, it’s the dems greed and stupidity.

    I have no confidence either side is going to win by a landslide. This one is going right down the middle of the pike.

  74. Phoenix says:

    Send me your info, we will get a GoFund me page going for you so you don’t get arrested and shot over looting from local cats.

    Cat women are violent. You show up as a stray in their yard to chow at the bowl they put outside-they will either kill you themselves-or claim they were threatened by you and send in a targeted airstrike like Amy Cooper.

  75. Phoenix says:

    Just done reading the local FB page where one of the town women was “so angry her blood was boiling” after she was told she was not allowed to be with her child during a procedure. Full blown Tahoe XL Karen.

    Oh my gawd, they did not let you?
    I would sue him.
    Call the medical board and complain.
    Really, you think it would help.
    Yes, and call your insurance and refuse to pay.

    30 posts until a professional shows up and explains everything to her and why. She calms down, until.
    No, my doctor cleans the area with Windex first.
    Really, yeah, mine too. Oh, so he is not supposed to use simple green?
    No. Either Windex or 409.
    Ahh, yeah my daughter is in the profession and she agrees with 409.
    I’d call the medical board. Sue him.

    They all need to hit the liquor store until they are so drunk they cannot find the keyboard.

  76. Bystander says:

    Totally agree, Phoenix but on the other side the toast is burnt, smoking and hurting your hand. You have someone who has does everything in his power to divide and instill fear, racism and blue/red division so to rally his base into voting for him. He can’t suck up anything and deal because ego is too fragile. He has torn country apart during this time. It has to end. The grand experiment is over.

  77. Juice Box says:

    Phoenix – my new career will be social media influencer promoting products

    Here is my inspiration..


  78. Phoenix says:

    Best line was “the other cat food was just for peasant cats.”

    I guess you could do this with American based cat food products.

    Find your niche and go with it.

  79. Phoenix says:

    No argument from me. You have valid points.

    I’m still trying to figure out whether or not to go android or Apple the next time around as a new cellphone is on my list within the next year.

    And a car.

  80. SmallGovConservative says:

    JCer says:
    September 25, 2020 at 12:31 pm

    “Trump is incompetent…” , “If Trump has proven anything it is that the president isn’t all that relevant…”

    The facts simply don’t support this. Trump’s demeanor is not presidential, but he is the most accomplished and impactful president since Reagan. Once again, here are some of Trump’s tangible accomplishments — feel free to list all of the modern day presidents that accomplished more in their first terms…
    – facilitated peace agreements between Israel and two Arab countries (as many agreements as Israel has achieved over it’s entire existence)
    – isolated and neutered Iran
    – effectively eliminated ISIS as a threat ( I know, they’re still meddling in Iraq)
    – eliminated Russian meddling in both the mideast and europe
    – replaced NAFTA with improved north american trade agreements
    – began construction of border wall
    – identified multi-dimensional Chinese threat and began addressing (for first time ever)
    – rebuilt military funding and morale; initiated establishment of new military branch, Space Force
    – significantly improved allied contributions to NATO
    – confirmed more federal judges than any other first-term administration
    – achieved record employment among all minority groups prior to lockdown
    – eliminated more regulations than any other first-term admin

    No need to go on; you won’t find another modern-day admin with as many tangible and meaningful accomplishments in it’s first term. You would have had none of these with a Pres Hillary — and you won’t get anything nearly as substantive from Pres Kamala.

  81. chicagofinance says:

    Phoenix says:
    September 25, 2020 at 1:44 pm
    “how many millions in key states will be eating cat food soon. ”

    how many millions in key states will be running out of cat food, then getting shot by the police for theft of cat food.


  82. Libturd says:


    Yes Biden is a crusty old, immoral, establishment Democrat. But he and the DNC won’t be releasing executive orders like the current kindergartner in the Oval office. Come on now.

  83. Juice Box says:

    More meat please.

    Igor Danchenko the star of Hillary’s Dossier was judged to be a “national security threat” + the subject of 2009 FBI counter-intel probe per CBS news.

    Did Obama know about this?


  84. Libturd says:

    What a pathetic list Moose.

    I would say passing the ACA was actually a much greater accomplishment than that list of nothings. But I’m not going to waste my time explaining why each one amounts to nothing. Everyone already knows it already.

    If anything, he has left the country in the worst shape both economically and politically as Nixon did. Probably worse. Now that’s an accomplishment.

  85. Fast Eddie says:


    It’s an impressive list! Why do you think the left is so violent and angry? Because those on the right believe in producing something tangible and the left is into symbols, allegory, motifs, emblems and tokens.

  86. Juice Box says:

    Which city do Joe Biden’s voters burn down this weekend? How many shots will be fired?

  87. Fast Eddie says:

    If anything, he has left the country in the worst shape both economically and politically as Nixon did.

    I’ve never been busier and have never made more money than I am now within the last few years. But Bystander pointed it out above… no president has had just one term other than G. Bush Senior and that was because of Perot. So, four more years of anger and tantrums from the left and four more years of being the envy of the world with a president who says what he means and does what he says.

  88. joyce says:

    “…a president who says what he means and does what he says.”

    LOL okay

  89. Fast Eddie says:

    This is f.ucking sad… absolutely sad… like a demented homeless guy speaking to no one. What is there, three people in front of him? Listen to this mess!! Omg.


  90. Bystander says:

    ” a president who says what he means and does what he says.”

    ..and when that does not work, lie your a$$ off. FYI – I have never heard Springsteen Band. Cool, sounds like much like The Band/Dylan era around that time.

  91. SmallGovConservative says:

    Libturd says:
    September 25, 2020 at 3:03 pm

    “I would say passing the ACA was actually a much greater accomplishment…”

    I’m surprised you went with this instead of one of Oblama’s other great accomplishments (I know, some were second term)…
    – calling ISIS the JV (before they went on their murderous rampage through the mideast)
    – announcing a line-in-the-sand in Syria wrt the use of chemical weapons (and then pathetically slumping away when Assad crossed it and murdered tens of thousands)
    – ‘leading from behind’ in Libya
    – telling Putin to ‘cut it out’
    – shipping pallet-loads of cash to Iran after begging them to sign his weak-kneed nuclear agreement
    – paving the way for men to use women’s bathrooms

    Can’t wait for more of this stuff if we get Pres Kamala.

  92. homeboken says:

    Downloaded the 54 pages from the FBI internal message system that seems to reveal that the lower level FBI folks knew that they were pursuing nonsense with Flynn and that Obama was driving the ship.

    Some of the agents procured Professional Liability Insurance. 1 – What is that? I honestly have no clue? You get insurance bc your boss tells you to do something illegal and you complete the task?

    Does it protect from civil case settlements? What a weird world, it seems more and more that Yates, Comey, Strozk etc not only lied to Congress, while under oath.

    The whole 2016 transfer of power is looking really filthy. It’s very rich that the media is asking Trump about his peaceful transfer in Jan 2021.

  93. 30 year realtor says:

    Biden campaigning according to social distancing recommendations from doctors and scientists who are experts in infectious disease. Insane? Just as insane as professional sporting events without spectators.

    Eddie, if you haven’t noticed there is now a thing called television and an even more new fangled invention, the internet and live streaming. Millions of people can witness a campaign event or sporting event live, without being there. Incredible but true!

    Meanwhile the polls from Fox News show Biden with a big lead nationally and in many swing states.

  94. homeboken says:

    If Dr. Jill loved her husband even a tiny bit, she would stop this torture. It’s disgusting elder abuse.

    See what happens when this poor old man has no teleprompter and forgot his adderall?

    This is terribly sad.

  95. homeboken says:

    Watching him question himself is so incredibly weak. If he pulls that routine during the debate, it’s over. People don’t vote for weakness.

    “Am I telling you too much?”
    “Should I stop, I’m probably telling you too much”
    “I can answer another qustion if you make it an easy one, like a Yes or No, question”

  96. Bystander says:

    “Smallgov” while claiming expansion of government via Spacefarce is a plus, you can’t make this stuff up. “Govt f*cks everything up, get them out”..but I can’t wait to be shot into universe on Trump-branded Orange space rocket. You can be first, Small like those russian monkeys. To above and beyond…hah

  97. Fast Eddie says:

    30 year realtor,

    Wasn’t that video sad?? A stumbling, muttering, sputtering, babbling old man. I love when he asks if he’s talking too much. lol. But, I actually feel sorry for him. I’m not sure he really knows what’s going on.

  98. Fast Eddie says:

    Meanwhile the polls from Fox News show Biden with a big lead nationally and in many swing states.

    Let’s ask Hillary what she thinks about those polls. LMAO!

  99. Bystander says:

    Spacefarce is one of my favorite Trump moments. He literally steals the Star Trek emblem and claims he created this idea with his own ‘big brain’.

  100. Fast Eddie says:

    ““I pledge allegiance to the United States of America, one nation, indivisible, under God, for real.”

    – Joe O’Biden


  101. SmallGovConservative says:

    Bystander says:
    September 25, 2020 at 3:48 pm
    “Smallgov” while claiming expansion of government via Spacefarce …”

    National defense is THE core responsibility of the federal government. I want a president who’s willing to start a conversation as to whether space-related defense is best supported by the existing branches, or warrants a new branch. You, of course, wouldn’t care about that; you no doubt think it’s more important for the president to spend his time addressing things like transgender issues — and fight to ensure that boys who like to dress like girls, can use whichever public bathroom they prefer.

  102. chicagofinance says:

    This looks as if someone tampered with it….. it was also edited to make him look incoherent. Don’t get me wrong, he is a mess, but why not just let him hang himself?

    Fast Eddie says:
    September 25, 2020 at 3:30 pm
    This is f.ucking sad… absolutely sad… like a demented homeless guy speaking to no one. What is there, three people in front of him? Listen to this mess!! Omg.


  103. homeboken says:

    A Fox News poll said that! Oh well, forget it, then. Polls are the gold standard of honesty.

    Seriously, imagine still beleiving a poll?

    You want conspiracy level stuff – Here’s mine and it relates to polls.

    I beleive the polling data is going to be used a part of the defense that Biden absolutely should be declared the winner, post Nov 3. There is going to be a a deficit to overcome and my prediction is the DNC will say:

    Look, there are several hundred thousand ballots that haven’t been returned. We know we mailed them all out. And Biden was polling 10% ahead of Trump in state XYZ. So we have to go find those ballots, the science of polling tells us that Biden was going to win this state.

  104. Juice Box says:

    EsEssex – “Eric is set to testify in the SDNY”

    Testify? You mean like in a court room in front of a judge and jury?

    An interview or deposition is nowhere near any kind of criminal charge, and it’s not the feds of SDNY it’s Cuomo’s NY goons. They have already leaked the investigation as well over a loan for a Chicago building. What is going to come of it? Is Trump going to jail? Only in your wet dreams.

  105. Juice Box says:

    Deblasio’s New York.

    Story about how unsafe my old neighborhood the West Village is now, and how things are about to go from bad to much much worse.


  106. joyce says:

    I used to think having the US as the world’s police was bad enough, now we’re going to police the galaxy. And then of course, we can challenge the Klingons for interstellar domination, right?

    SmallGovConservative says:
    September 25, 2020 at 4:06 pm
    Bystander says:
    September 25, 2020 at 3:48 pm
    “Smallgov” while claiming expansion of government via Spacefarce …”

    National defense is THE core responsibility of the federal government. I want a president who’s willing to start a conversation as to whether space-related defense is best supported by the existing branches, or warrants a new branch. You, of course, wouldn’t care about that; you no doubt think it’s more important for the president to spend his time addressing things like transgender issues — and fight to ensure that boys who like to dress like girls, can use whichever public bathroom they prefer.

  107. ExEssex says:

    4:47 i stopped nocturnal emissions years ago. Now my emissions all occur during daylight hours. But guess how they finally got Al Capone locked up….. ?

  108. Juice Box says:

    Essex – federal prison for personal tax evasion is not the same thing as a company not paying taxes. You can not jail a corporation, and you do realize all of this work was done by attorneys and accountants and not by Trump himself. Trump knows how to cheat and uses the system to his advantage but that does not mean they can personally tie him to inflated assets, loans and nonpayment of taxes. They don’t have anything and now are going to try and to trap the stupid one in an interview. He is too stupid to have engineered any of it.

  109. A Home Buyer says:


    Do me a favor and watch this video. Then compare it to the video you posted. Its 50 minutes. Suck it up and do it.


    Report back on your thoughts.

  110. Bystander says:

    Intergalactic defense against brown liberal aliens with no discernible g*nitalia.

  111. Libturd says:

    Yes, Space Farce made me laugh when I saw it.

  112. Libturd says:


    The hebrew Shalom/Budweiser spoof was quite good. I never saw it.

  113. ExEssex says:

    Moody’s Analytics, an economic-research firm, has published an economic forecast weighing the effects of Joe Biden and Donald Trump’s proposals. It finds Biden’s plan would produce dramatically faster job growth and higher wages for most workers.

    Biden’s proposals would lead to 18.6 million new jobs during his first term, and the average American’s income (after taxes) would increase by $4,800. Trump’s policies would lead to an increase of 11.2 million new jobs by 2025, with minimal real income gain for average households.

  114. JCer says:

    Essex and Trumps presidency was going to cause a recession, market crash, etc. I’m not buying it, the Biden plan is a one way ticket to recession town…..

  115. Libturd says:

    I would say the economies direction is non-partisan.

  116. Fabius Maximus says:

    I now have one kid back home for two weeks as the school goes remote for two cases.

    This is going to be a long winter.

    On a side note I did see my first “Cathol1cs for B1den” Law sign. Also the guy at the end of my street put up a Donnie sign. Funny part is that he faces a double Yellow road with a lot of traffic, but the sign is tucked around the side of the house on my street. I guess there is some spousal friction in that house.

  117. Fabius Maximus says:

    Mail in Ballots frighten the GOP. They cant gerrymander the polling places to make the opposition queue for hours.

    Word is now coming out that the 9 PA votes that Donnie is bleating over were discarded as part of the lawsuit the DOJ mounted against PAs naked ballots being counted.

    Disingenuous does not cover it.

  118. ExEssex says:

    We’ve been warned….
    I spent over 300 mornings in the Oval Office briefing the president and his senior staff. I had the privilege to manage, edit and deliver the president’s Daily Brief a summary of the most timely and critical intelligence threats to the U.S. from 2010 to 2014.

    As a Deputy on the National Security Council, I spent over 1,000 hours in the White House Situation Room providing the intelligence assessments which informed critical U.S. national security policy decisions — including the raid that rendered justice for the victims of 9/11.

    Since I have been eligible to vote, I have never registered with a political party. I remain an independent with a history of voting for candidates I believe in — I focused on their policy and not their party. Before this election, I have never spoken out for or against a candidate for any office.

    But I can be silent no longer.

    In the summer of 1976, I was 14 years old and new to Colorado, my father took command of the Western Region’s National Guard. I enrolled in the brand-new Smoky Hill High School on what was then the far eastern boundary of Aurora. As a military brat, I was accustomed to moving around and not putting down roots — but as readers will know well, Colorado has a way of pulling on your heart and it became home. It remains so as my family spends as much time as possible in our Dillon residence.

    Upon graduating from Cornell University, I joined the intelligence community as an analyst during President Ronald Reagan’s increasing investments in defense — a buildup that culminated in the collapse of the Soviet Union by the end of the decade. In my nearly four decades of service, I had the privilege of serving under six presidents — four Republican and two Democrat. The constant across all of those administrations was the oath I took to “protect and defend” the Constitution against “all enemies — foreign and domestic.”

    I know what it takes to succeed at the highest levels of our government — intellectual curiosity, the strength of moral purpose and a commitment to selfless service. Broadly speaking, I can personally attest that Americans were very well served by those they elected to fill critical national security positions.

    There is one important exception to that statement — our current president.

    I have briefed him up close — and I have seen and felt the effect of his faults on our nation’s security. Out of respect for the confidential nature of Oval Office conversations, I will not provide details. Suffice to say that the person you see presiding over COVID-19 press conferences is the same one in the privacy of his office. He has little patience for facts or data that do not comport with his personal world view. Thus, the conversations are erratic and less than fully thoughtful.

  119. ExEssex says:


    While it is natural for there to be tension between the intelligence community and senior policymakers, President Donald Trump’s decision to rely upon the word of dictators like Vladimir Putin is an unprecedented betrayal of his oath to the Constitution. Our current president bases his decisions on his instincts, and his instincts are based upon a personal value proposition — what’s in it for me?

    As a Commander in Chief, President Trump comes up tragically short. He fails to protect our soldiers when bounties are placed on their heads by his friend Vladimir. And not only does he not respect their service, but President Trump also belittles combat heroes who were taken as prisoners of war.

    As a nation, we were fortunate that a true crisis did not occur during his first three years in office.

    Then 2020 happened. This has been an unprecedented year for which many of us were not prepared. In moments of crisis, the American people demand — and deserve — a leader who will put the country first. Full stop. Because the reality and the science of COVID-19 conflicted with his personal views, President Trump knowingly downplayed the pandemic.

  120. ExEssex says:


    This is not about the economy, taxes, health care or any other normal ballot considerations. This is about American lives unnecessarily lost. This is about businesses unnecessarily closed. This is about being guided by service to all Americans. This is about centering decisions on a higher morality. President Trump’s actions — and inaction — demonstrates that he is not concerned about any of this.

    And as damaging as his faulty leadership has been, four more years would be devastating.

    We must elect a thoughtful, moral, responsible, respectful leader on Nov. 3. Our current president is not that leader.

    Robert Cardillo retired as the director of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency after 36 years of public service that also included serving as deputy director of the Defense Intelligence Agency and the Acting J2 — a first for a civilian — in support of the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Mike Mullen.

  121. ExEssex says:

    Waaaammmmp waaaaammmmp
    President Trump is promising four more years of low taxes, light regulation and a laser-focus on the stock market. Yet professionals on Wall Street are shunning Trump and funneling staggering amounts of money to his opponent.

    The securities and investment industry donated just $10.5 million to Trump’s presidential campaign and outside groups aligned with it, according to a new tally by OpenSecrets. It has sent nearly five times as much cash, $51.1 million, to Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

  122. Libturd says:

    Fake news

  123. JCer says:

    Essex, frankly you are posting something from someone in the intelligence community. Unlike president hope and lie, Trump has pulled back from our wars of conquest. I don’t trust “military leaders” who desire a constant state of war nor spineless tools of the intelligence community who commit horrific crimes under the guise of safeguarding the American way of life…

    And oh yeah the author of that piece was fired for schtupping his subordinate after numerous accusations of inappropriate conduct and self dealing

    If the banks are giving more money to Biden, bend over we are about to get Fcuked if he gets elected. The banks like to get a return on investment. The truth is the banks don’t want a free market, they like the regulation as it keeps out the competition and they are just passing the cost back onto their customers.

  124. leftwing says:

    “You can not jail a corporation, and you do realize all of this work was done by attorneys and accountants and not by Trump himself. Trump knows how to cheat and uses the system to his advantage but that does not mean they can personally tie him to inflated assets, loans and nonpayment of taxes.”

    It is literally impossible for me to tell you the number of corporations I funded directly or raised money for over a two plus decade career. As part of that process we tore apart their financial statements – assets, liabilities, cash flows, and income statements. Functional equivalent of taking a vehicle down to nuts and bolts.

    Typically, as it relates to taxes, these corporations returns were flagged upon filing and their taxes effectively negotiated with the taxing agencies which would then yield an agreed upon amount. This point is important because I am not aware of any claim by the NYS Department of Taxation that Trump’s companies cheated.

    Secondly, as to the inflated asset values for the banks and the difference between values on tax returns the answer is, of course. As anyone who has even owned just a rental property knows the tax basis is wildly different than the current value. As to Trump’s ‘inflated’ asset values for the banks no bank in the world takes a client’s view of the value of their own assets. As I stated above extensive diligence is done by the bank to derive its own valuation. And importantly, again, there is no bank claiming fraud by Trump.

    So what do we have? A ‘crime’ with no injured parties. The attempted criminlization of a civil non-crime. It is the functional equivalent of you tapping someone’s bumper in a parking lot, agreeing to give them $500 for a paint touchup, and the local DA charging you with leaving the scene.

    We have bare knuckle politics. The NYS AG is simply trying to accomplish what HRC in 2016 and the DC establishment thereafter could not. Good for her.

    I don’t have a problem with that and I am not complaining about it either. I’ve spent way too much time here telling others to effectively eat it when the Repubs jam the Left. And, as I’ve said previously, this will continue because it is how politics is played.

    So what to do?

    First, personally, stop getting your undies all twisted up in either direction as if this action represented something real. It is beneath the intellect here to take pure politics hook, line, and sinker. Or at least it should be.

    If you are the Repub establishment, you need to take the hit and get back in the game. Specifically, the FL AG should have trolled high profile cases where the Florida Department of Revenue was actually involved with some high level Dems. That ought to be simple, probably dozens in each of Palm Beach and Naples alone. Make sure they matter – we’re looking for six figure PAC donors, anyone who has Pelosi’s cell number…that level of person. Pick not one but three of them. Then throw the book at them. Perp walk them. When you have the first conference with their lawyers make it ten minutes, bring in the AG herself, she gives a soliloquy about how much she respects Cuomo, NYS and justice up there, and end the conference, No questions, no discussion. Then repeat it again and again every thirty days.

    Or, today, instead of some limp wristed call for the FBI to investigate Bloomberg on writing checks on behalf felons just fcuking charge him.

    That’s how the game is played. You run one of ours, we take out more of yours. Which is also as an aside the reason I have never registered Republican, because the leadership of the party has historical been too timid to roll in the mud with these crazy liberals. If they ever untape their nut sack and get into the game they would be worth consideration.

    For us overtaxed peons? Just grab some popcorn and your beverage of choice.

  125. leftwing says:

    “Honestly. The man has a libelous nickname for everyone he knows. They were clearly booing the president’s presence. Not Ruth’s.”

    I understand they were booing DJT and not RBG, obviously, lol.

    My point still stands…incredibly disrespectful to RBG. It is the equivalent of me attending a mutual friend’s wake and taking the opportunity to loudly berate my ex-wife over the size of her alimony. You just don’t have any sense of decency and respect and do something like that.

    Said it before…I don’t know what it is about this guy that so many of his opponents allow him in their heads and act so crazy…I’ve been pretty clear that I think McCain was a POS, still I felt incredibly sorry for him…regardless of my personal feelings the guy had a storybook life and in his final days, of everything he could do with his last breathes on earth he is writing DJT out of his funeral…Maybe I’m different, I just don’t comprehend.

  126. grim says:

    RBG and Scalia were close friends.

    Maybe both sides should really ponder that.

  127. Juice Box says:

    booing at a funeral? the loonies in that party know no bounds they are now actively accusing Barrett of kidnapping from their families the two children they adopted from Haiti.

  128. homeboken says:

    Cuomo on MSNBC saying “the American people don’t trust the FDA and they shouldn’t” regarding a potential vaccine.

    This incredibly reckless and will probably cost some lives. But hey, the guy has no issue sending old people to their death via nursing homes.

  129. leftwing says:

    Two nations…..totally agree with grim the Scalia/RBG model is the preferable path but there needs to be stand down and reconciliation of the casualties…factual reconciliation…..

    Regarding Cuomo, yeah two nations exemplified there….in the ADK since Thurs night, people upstate are batsh1t crazy at how reckless that statement was….

    Which, factually, if anyone knows even the slightest anything about the FDA approval processes it is….guess we’re not in de-escalation mode yet. Nice rub out into the boards guv, make sure your team keeps its head up skating down the ice next shift….

  130. Blue Ribbon Teacher says:

    The FDA has historically been the most restrictive government entity. Drugs that are regularly used overseas still require billions of dollars of studies and truckloads of documents. That’s why orphna drugs have been so profitable. They fast track the process to get them approved. And then, if you can repurpose them, you have sidestepped the stringent process.

    The vaccine is fast tracked by sidestepping the whole investment aspect of it. The reason it is not available now is because they are doing their due diligence. Honestly this whole it’s unsafe thing really took off when they said prepare to distribute the first doses in Nov and then the media floated the talking point that it’s unsafe.

  131. leftwing says:

    Totally agree BRT.

    It’s shameful that these politicians are calling into the question the integrity of these scientists.

    The processes as established – Phases I through III, post-marketing studies, double-blind, independent review boards – are among the most stringent, monitored, and scientifically driven around.

    The fcuking political hacks who cruised through second rate colleges and third rate law schools would be dropped from a weedout organic chem class in the second week. Real POS, and I am historically actually kind of a fan of Cuomo insofar as l1berals go.

  132. leftwing says:

    And, btw, most clinical trials these days aren’t even run by the companies themselves but by major CROs, ie, aside from the fact that even if the study were in-house management wouldn’t have access to the data underlying a double blind IRB study the fcuking data is not even in-house, it’s originated, gathered, and analyzed by a third party.

    You’d need to break every scientific protocol, every set of ethics, and have it happen in not just one but two major, independent decades old companies.

    The Left are unhinged, lying, flamethrowers. All of them.

  133. Fast Eddie says:

    Build Back Better…


  134. Juice Box says:

    The anti vax crowd cracks me up sometimes. They are busy injecting lots and lots of third world people way before any of those vaccines are even tested on our shores and under FDA scrutiny. Moderna’s mRNA-1273 vaccine was sequenced way back on JANUARY 13th, before the pandemic even began on our shores. Guess who funded that? CEPI AKA Bill Gates.

    There are at a minimum 212 known Covid vaccines in development and that does not include the Do-It-Yourself Covid 19 vaccines out there.

    I doubt any of these vaccines will kill people quickly, maybe slowly but there sure as heck won’t be 100% effective.

  135. 30 year realtor says:

    Trump has been politicizing the FDA since the start of the pandemic. No need to argue the source of the FDA’s credibility being called into question. Trump owns this one. Yes, the Democrats have played on what Trump started. This has further eroded trust. Undermining well respected agencies and institutions will be the undoing of this country. Public trust is essential for these institutions to be effective.

  136. Chicago says:

    Left: Scott gottlieb, Obama’s FDA chair is very confident in the process and very vocal about it. He has no ax to grind, and his pragmatic response is there no issue and Trump has no influence. He states it as matter of fact.

  137. 30 year realtor says:


    The only reason this is being called into question is due to the words and actions of the Trump administration.


  138. Blue Ribbon Teacher says:

    They wouldn’t be dropped in Organic. They wouldn’t even survive freshman chem.

  139. juice Box says:

    The Obama admin fast tracked the H1n1 vaccine folks, that was a live virus you snorted up you nose. It was not fully tested and people were rightly so afraid to take it.

  140. Fast Eddie says:

    Democrats: Tales, fables, stories, symbols, motifs, labels and logos… any idea proposed is manufactured off the endeavors and struggles of the production crowd and entrepreneurs. The dems use an apathetic and trifling approach to caress and mollify the meek and unassuming masses. They’ll propose a scheme in the guise of progress to advance their personal cause along with the isolated few who will gain as well. Let’s form a committee to study the possibility of assembling a commission who will study the benefits of gender neutrality in western society. See how easy it is to create fake progress? All off the backs of the wealth builders.

  141. Blue Ribbon Teacher says:

    Apparently the dmv charged everyone with the senior discount on their registration renewal online and is demanding 7 dollars. Here’s the kicker, they want you to pay it in person, not online. So….we screwed up….now you must show up at 6 am and waste your whole day to pay us. What a joke …

  142. joyce says:

    N.J. Little League official who helped steal $126K from his World Series team gets probation

    Steal = ordered to pay it back (let’s see if they actually do), no fine, no prison

  143. joyce says:

    I didn’t hear about that… hilarious.

    Blue Ribbon Teacher says:
    September 26, 2020 at 11:37 am
    Apparently the dmv charged everyone with the senior discount on their registration renewal online and is demanding 7 dollars. Here’s the kicker, they want you to pay it in person, not online. So….we screwed up….now you must show up at 6 am and waste your whole day to pay us. What a joke …

  144. BRT says:

    There is absolutely no evidence at all that scientific shortcuts are being taken in the vaccine. And a bureaucratic hack installed at the FDA has nearly nothing to do with the development of a vaccine at a private institution.

  145. ExEssex says:

    11:27 The oppressed are allowed once every few years to decide which particular representatives of the oppressing class are to represent and repress them.”

  146. Phoenix says:

    Why do seniors need a discount anyway? Old goats in America already have all of the money, plus pensions, social security and Medicare. Pay up Grandma! You killed off grandpa 8 years ago and pocketed all of his labor.

    And if you can afford to put 1000’s of dollars in the slots you can pay 7 bucks at Motor Vehicles. Plus no property tax holiday for you either-the youth are already paying way more for the overpriced crapshack you sold them that smells like Rheingold and Cabbage!


  147. Phoenix says:

    “N.J. Little League official who helped steal $126K from his World Series team gets probation”

    Explains the 2 angry mothers that had to sell their Yukon Xl’s that they received as gifts.

  148. Chicago says:

    30, point taken.

    As an aside, if you were a pharmaceutical company, would you play Russian roulette with the public with some pseudo vaccine that would potentially leave you open to tens or hundreds of millions of dollars of liability if it was deemed to be toxic. It’s not as simple as Trump ordering people around there are a lot of moving parts in this process

    30 year realtor says:
    September 26, 2020 at 11:16 am

    The only reason this is being called into question is due to the words and actions of the Trump administration.


  149. joyce says:

    Isn’t there blanket immunity for companies issuing vaccines?

  150. Phoenix says:

    Yes. Has been for a long time. You are not going to sue a vaccine company successfully.

  151. Phoenix says:

    (1)No vaccine manufacturer shall be liable in a civil action for damages arising from a vaccine-related injury or death associated with the administration of a vaccine after October 1, 1988, if the injury or death resulted from side effects that were unavoidable even though the vaccine was properly prepared and was accompanied by proper directions and warnings.


  152. Phoenix says:

    “What they aren’t allowed to teach politics in school now?”

    No. Too many kids have access to AR-15s, 9mm’s and TikTok.

  153. homeboken says:

    Wait?? How old is Joe Biden? He got to the Senate 180 years ago?


  154. Juice Box says:

    Vaccines are a risky low-profit venture that is why they are immune to lawsuits. Besides people just don’t understand that everyone has a different vaccine response, the ability to develop immunity depends on many factors, age, sex, ethnicity and other factors.

    You might have an easier time explaining General Relativity.

  155. Juice Box says:

    homeboken – Debate is Tuesday, he needs to come out swinging, should be interesting to watch to see if can keep it up without a nap.

  156. Juice Box says:

    The jokes write themselves folks. I see the Huff Po has gone full on National Inquirer.


  157. homeboken says:

    It’s nice when the interviewer helps Biden along with his line. It’s generally good form to respect the elderly when they become forgetful.


  158. 3b says:

    Phoenix: The youth should not pay the prices, it’s their own fault. Tell
    Grammy and G pa to go scratch!

  159. homeboken says:

    Goldman says that election chaos is overblown. I am not near certain that there will be massive chaos Goldman is always wrong in these calls.

    Markets are overestimating the possibility the 2020 election results will be delayed, according to Goldman Sachs Group.

    Concerns regarding a flood of mail-in ballots overwhelming the system and taking days or weeks to count have caused investors to price in outsized volatility lasting up until the Jan. 20, 2020 inauguration.

    But a delayed outcome is just a “tail risk” with a low probability of occurring as vote counting rules vary significantly by state and should give markets enough information to be able to determine a likely winner, according to Michael Cahill and Alec Philips, analysts at Goldman Sachs.

  160. Phoenix says:

    Battle axe in nearby town complaining about having to pay 30 bucks for the recycling center. Meanwhile she lives in a 700k home. Pay up Granny. You got a senior freeze for the last 10 years.

  161. Phoenix says:

    “Ten New Jersey residents face charges after police said they found 37.5 pounds of marijuana, $40,000 cash, guns and other items while executing search warrants at several homes, authorities said.”

    So in reality there was 90.5 lbs of marijuana and 150,000 in cash.

  162. Libturd says:

    “The loonies in that party know no bounds they are now actively accusing Barrett of kidnapping from their families the two children they adopted from Haiti.”

    And Hussein was a Muslim?

  163. homeboken says:

    Thursday nights NBA Lakers v Nuggets Game 4 was highly anticipated and drew 4.6mm viewers. During the 8pm-9pm hour, this wasnt the highest rated show. Tucker Carlson on Fox News drew 164,000 more viewers, 4.74mm.

    I’m sure the NBA has a more desirable demographic here but the fact that a cable news program outdrew an NBA playoff game is pretty astonishing, to me.

    If you want a laugh, follow Marc Cuban on Twitter and watch him argue with internet trolls that keep tossing ratings numbers on his feed and he always takes the bait and starts arguing.

    Even genius, billionaire businessman is susceptible to being deaf in the echo chamber.

    Politically speaking – the rise and dominance in Tucker Carlson’s ratings is a better indicator if national political sentiment than any single or group of polls that are constantly quoted here.

  164. homeboken says:

    DiBlasio finally getting the message or NYPD doing it in there own?

    This is precisely why BLM will fail as a movement however. BLM doesn’t spend money or create value, it destroys. On their own they can survive for a little while.

    Buy start f$cking around with business or worse, the cities tax money…well, even commie Billy D knows where is bread is buttered.

    The BLM attacking outdoor diners trend is another step in crushing local business and tax base. Any city that allows this will see the productive citizens flee for other locales. Then you are left with a bunch of very angry and poor protestors with no discernable skills to produce anything society wants. Good luck with that.


  165. Fast Eddie says:

    And Hussein was a Muslim?

    He still is.

  166. homeboken says:

    Did you know that 97% of the people that are killed by police, both armed and unarmed are MALE?

    There is obvious systemic sexism in every police department across the country. Why are cops targeting men and not women?

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