C19 Open Discussion Week 30c

From the Star Ledger:

‘We are anticipating a second wave’ as new coronavirus cases spike to 4-month high, N.J. health officials says

As the state hit its highest single-day total of new COVID-19cases in more than four months, officials warned Thursday that New Jersey is bracing for a potential second wave of the coronavirus that could escalate quickly if residents become complacent about prevention practices.

“We are anticipating a second wave and are preparing based on lessons learned from our prior experiences,” state Health Commissioner Judith Persichilli said at the state’s latest coronavirus briefing in Trenton. “If individuals do not adhere to social distancing, masking guidelines, washing your hands, staying home if you are sick, this wave has the potential to become a surge.”

New Jersey reported 1,301 new cases — the most the state has announced one day since 1,394 on May 29 — led by a sustained spike in Ocean County and its largest municipality, Lakewood. The Jersey Shore county had 285 positive tests, with 206 in Lakewood alone.

The good news: Persichelli said New Jersey is better prepared now than it was for the first COVID-19 wave in the spring, having been stockpiling personal protective equipment, ventilators, and experimental medications.

But unlike its peak in April, the state would be on its own in a battling a second wave since it’s likely to sweep through the United States more evenly than the initial wave that focused on New Jersey and New York, Persichilli said. As a result, New Jersey can’t rely on health care workers from other states to come in to help if frontline workers start becoming ill in greater numbers.

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  1. homeboken says:

    Frist, you lazy b@stards.

  2. Chicago says:


  3. Hold my beer says:

    Yesterday when I was driving home I drove past a local high school around 4 pm. A giant SUV pulls up to the high school exit, the driver’s door opens, and a huge woman with giant helmet hair leans out and starts hurling. It was awesome.

  4. BRT says:

    If it wasn’t the wrong decision like Murphy claimed, do they still plan on sending positive patients to nursing homes in the 2nd wave?

  5. Juice Box says:

    “Right now, there are 159 long term care facilities with active outbreaks, the DOH said.“ This was three weeks ago In the news still not under control in the nursing homes, deaths there are still increasing and there is little they can do, nowhere to put these old timers, their families still put them in these homes knowing COVID is not under control in many nursing homes.

  6. Phoenix says:

    Mommy has been drinking all day. It’s what they all do now. Drive by any liquor store and you will see the mommies buying cases of booze. Not one sound from the MADD women. On our local Facebook group the mommies are trying to stop other mommies from getting liquored up.
    If a father puked in the parking lot of a school, 5000 mommies would have called the cops. But when mommy drinks, no one calls anyway as they know he will just look down her shirt and drive her home.


  7. Phoenix says:

    Take y0ur parents home and isolate them, or leave them to die in a nursing home. It’s that simple.
    Don’t get old. No one will give a crap about you when you do. It’s not like you are a classic car or anything.

  8. Juice Box says:

    Phoenix – our local Whole Foods cannot keep the $2.99 cheap Chardonnay in stock, I am in there once a week and I asked one of the workers about it, seems they are selling that stuff by the truckload.

  9. Hold my beer says:


    Binge drinking is empowering.

  10. Phoenix says:

    You saw a woman with kids in the car throwing up. Did you call the PoPo on her?

  11. 3b says:

    Older women in general just seem to be really angry lately. Any time I see a customer service issue , it always seems to be older women bitching about something, and not just white women. The men just look broken down or lost and confused.

  12. Phoenix says:

    It’s not bitching. It’s empowerment. And god forbid you tell one to put their dog on a leash expect her to utilize law enforcement against you. Those brainless pit-bulls high on roids will chomp you to death in order to be a hero to her and possibly get a date.

  13. 3b says:

    There are guys I know my age who are divorced, nasty divorces, and they are still looking to either marry again, or live together. I don’t know why. If my wife ever divorces me, I would not remarry. One and done.

  14. 3b says:

    My old Aunt, never married says there is no such thing as love it’s a bunch of nonsense. It’s all a financial arrangement for security.

  15. Phoenix says:

    This one was a pastor, married with kids. Something must be going on in church I don’t know about.


  16. Phoenix says:

    Church is changing I guess as well. And due to the new religion less cow milk is required.


  17. Phoenix says:

    It’s the patriarchy. Repeat that 1000 times until you accept the fact that everything that happens is a man’s fault.

    Repeat it to yourself as you look into the eyes of Kamala Harris.

  18. Bystander says:

    Heading for another housing bubble? Guy that ran our Oracle GL IT processes for years at prior bank, is now a realtor. Older guy, probably 65+, but this is 3rd person I know that quite job to become a realtor full time. Place down street sold for over 60k more than 2015 price in less than month. It was new build that year. A year ago, our values were down 10% from 2015. My neighbors got crushed selling last Dec.(-100k) after owning since 2014. I guess 2.5% 30 year fixed will do that. I just closed on refi last week. No points and $400 in lender credits. Nutso times.

  19. Hold my beer says:


    I was thinking she had the flu. Already over a month into flu season in my area.

  20. Chicago says:

    Juice: order a case of this. 20% discount and use Amazon prime card

  21. Chicago says:

    Whole Foods also has the best price on Patron tequila, then tack on Amazon prime discount too.

  22. Phoenix says:

    It’s going to be the bubble of all bubbles.

    Your call. Mommies by me are drunks.

  23. ExEssex says:

    Just in case you were about to feel an unfamiliar spasm of sympathy for Donald Trump following his contraction of coronavirus, this week has provided a helpful reminder not only of his morally repugnant character but also of the danger he poses to the United States and the wider world.

    Firmly in the first category is his attempt to blame his infection on the grieving relatives of slain soldiers, citing Gold Star families’ tendency to “come within an inch of my face”. Speaking to Fox Business on Thursday, Trump said, “They want to hug me and they want to kiss me”, and so perhaps it was them who had made him sick. Clearly keen not to keep all that viral load to himself, Trump later told Fox News – in between coughing bouts – that he plans to host a rally in Florida on Saturday and another in Pennsylvania. He’ll doubtless repeat the gesture he premiered in his bargain-bin Mussolini performance on the White House balcony on Monday night, ripping off his mask with a flourish – as if to prove that nothing and nobody will stop him shrouding his devotees in a cloud of his contaminated breath.

  24. ExEssex says:

    10:17 well seeing as though ‘men’ have run the world for centuries who the f-ck else is responsible?

  25. njtownhomer says:

    I like mommies who are not drunk.

  26. crushednjmillenial says:

    NJ real estate . . .

    Anybody else seeing a huge surge of new listings in their area the last two weeks?

    If so, what explains the rise in listings? People who wanted to sell last spring finally couldn’t wait any longer? Hope of getting under contract before second wave?

  27. BRT says:

    People trying to cash in on the hysteria. My friend just for fun listed his home and he got $100k more than he thought he could. I was thinking of doing the same, maybe at $150k more and go back to living in apartments.

  28. 3b says:

    Just like before the pandemic, if the economy was so great, then the Fed should be able to raise rates, and look what happened when they did? And now with the pandemic they can’t, at some point it will be inflation or deflation, and the housing market will get crushed! Millennials get fckud again! I know a young couple buying a coop they really wanted a house but can’t afford it, but plan to move in 5 years cause they will make money on it. Moving out before they move in! I said nothing their parents told them it was great idea! The parents nice people know Jack shit about interest rates or inflation or anything else finance related.

  29. Phoenix says:

    Guess this explains your not so secret love for Kamala.
    10:17 well seeing as though ‘men’ have run the world for centuries who the f-ck else is responsible?

    ExEssex says:
    October 7, 2020 at 9:33 pm
    Pence has a semi. Kamala is a smokin’ babe.

    ExEssex says:
    October 7, 2020 at 11:33 pm
    10:58 yeah I don’t do exotic. Blonde & blue eyed usually wins for me.
    Shiksa-pealExEssex says:
    October 7, 2020 at 11:43 pm
    I didn’t say “i” was interesting in her.
    She looks good. We’ll put together.

  30. Phoenix says:

    3b So right.
    Boomers have no shame. These low interest rates just jack up housing prices. It’s like sticking a pacemaker in a dead guy, showing the family a rhythm on the EKG and telling them he is doing great, look at the heartbeat.
    The economy is the walking dead.

  31. Phoenix says:

    “I know a young couple buying a coop they really wanted a house but can’t afford it, but plan to move in 5 years cause they will make money on it.”

    Only if the husband is handy. Then the wife can claim they made money on it with his labor.

  32. 3b says:

    So what’s the consensus inflation or deflation?

  33. ExEssex says:

    We’re as much in tune as we were right from the start:


  34. BRT says:

    Deflation was being preached by many on this blog 12 years ago. It never happened. The only thing that didn’t really move was the price of oil, but that’s because we opened up a massive domestic supply. Housing, rent, healthcare, food, labor, tolls, taxes, electricity, all higher. There is no deflation with printing presses and 0% interest rates.

  35. 3b says:

    BRT: True but deflation in wages. And a massive bubble in the stock market and housing market. It’s madness.

  36. Juice Box says:

    Deflation? Does not happen when asset prices are not allowed to fall. Case in point the latest purchases by the Fed, and the suspension of mark to market again.

    Print until the cows come home or we are all dead. I suspect dead and buried long before.

    Just look at the latest jump of 3 trillion. Makes the housing bubble purchases look like
    a minor deal.


  37. 3b says:

    Juice: It’s not sustainable, the high prices have cancelled out the low interest rates. Simply unsustainable in my view. It happens sooner rather than later also in my view.

  38. ExEssex says:

    Can i have some remedy??


  39. BRT says:

    We are in the midst of fall. Less sunlight, less heat. Cases will go up everywhere where that is the case. Europe is exploding. The Northeast likely ain’t far behind. Good news though, nursing homes are open for visitation.

  40. Happy Renter says:

    “well seeing as though ‘men’ have run the world for centuries who the f-ck else is responsible?”

    Men are responsible for literally everything in civilization — from electricity to indoor plumbing, television, computers, trains, planes, cars, even for the societal peace that permits women to walk down the street unmolested by everything from wolves to other men …. all of it was built by and run by men. And supported by men in uniforms with guns and badges.

    Now run along back to your cat and your box wine.

  41. Phoenix says:

    Bill Burr ripped into white women on SNL. Damn that was funny.

  42. ExEssex says:

    10:45 Happy Dickhead. Buy a f’in house ya cunt.

  43. ExEssex says:

    F’in renters. There goes the goddddam neighborhood. Shitbags.

  44. Libturd, still in the fukcin’ hospital says:


  45. Fast Eddie says:


    What happened?

  46. Fast Eddie says:

    By the way, still haven’t seen an American flag where there is an O’Biden lawn sign. No, I’m not canvassing the neighborhoods, it’s merely an observation in my travels.

  47. ExEssex says:

    No Eddie its a stupid tweet from Donald Trump Jr.
    Apparently it is a talking point from the retard right.

  48. Libturd says:

    Run of the mill poison ivy morphed into just a terrible case of colitis. Went to bed Tuesday night with some slight soreness in my right ankle where I cross my legs when I’m watching TV or surfing the net from the recliner. Woke up on Wednesday non-weight bearing (due to absolutely astonishing levels of throbbing pain whenever my right leg pointed downwards. Sitting with it elevated, or lying down, it’s perfectly fine. Sometimes, the pain would ease just enough for me to say hobble to the bathroom. I went the clinic to get an antibiotic and it just got worse all day Wednesday. Was supposed to have an ultrasound Thursday morning but woke up with massive headache and fever of 100.4. So now I’m thinking Covid maybe, but highly doubtful due to my avoidance, but made some jokes about clean underwear and really needing a haircut for my impending funeral as I drove myself to HUMC. Been on IV antibiotics since and will probably be discharged tomorrow. My right leg from knee to ankle is red but definitely healing.

    Have real nice roommate from Parsippany, originally from Bolivia whose stents are expiring a little early so he’s a bit anemic. He’s a little hard of hearing, so every morning, he plays a concert of international yacht rock megahits. I surprised him with a croissant last night when Gator dropped by since every day he asks for one and they don’t have them. The truth is, the food here is truly worse then Brower Commons in the 80s. It’s inedible. On the bright side, I’m losing weight. This is the kind of place that ruins toast. It’s that bad.

    Hopefully tomorrow I return home on oral antibiotics. Will let you all know.

    On the Trump/Biden front, this election is long over. Not going to argue policies, which we all know aren’t all that different at the end of the day. Kamala was a little to pompous and Pence was left shining to many Trump laid Turds. Doesn’t matter anyway. The VP debate never has held any importance to the American voter. I see in further news, Trump has now stupidly blamed the parents of recent war fallen for his virus. This alone forfeits him from serving in his current role. But we’ll just through it on the pile of the thousands of other things that normal people know not to do, but his supporters keep writing him passes for.

    Not looking forward to Biden nearly as much as the country needs to get this moron back to selling steaks or interviewing beauty pageant contestants. And Joe is creepy?

  49. ExEssex says:

    he president’s son tweeted out a tired, worn-out political stereotype and got what he deserved. On Friday morning he asked, “Why do you never see an American flag on a house with a Biden sign in the front yard?”

    His underlying assumption is that Republicans love America more than Democrats.

    Sure, you’re probably a lot less likely to see a Democrat driving around in a pickup truck with a massive American flag flying from the back. You probably won’t see too many Democrats with a bumper sticker that reads: “American, love it or leave it” either.

    But that doesn’t mean they love American any less. They just choose to express it differently.

    This probably has to do with the fact that studies show conservatives are less critical of America than liberals. Which makes sense. For the most part, Republicans want to keep America as it is or restore it in ways they believe were better than now. Whereas, Democrats are constantly pushing for progress and change.

    Believing that America has to keep moving forward to reach its true potential for all its citizens doesn’t mean you love the country less. It just means you have higher expectations.

    It’s also a bit strange for Don Jr. to talk about patriotism when his father’s administration has openly attempted to solicit foreign help from Russia to undermine U.S. elections. His father also openly sided with Vladimir Putin over U.S. intelligence agencies and has fawned over murderous communist autocrat Kim Jong Un.

    Is there anything less patriotic?

  50. Chicago says:

    Ex: bargain bin Mussolini. Lol

  51. ExEssex says:

    Nearly everyone remembers the old cliché: If you can’t trust someone to get the little things right, how can you ever count on them to do the big things?

    President Donald Trump had better hope that bromide, invoked everywhere from youth sports teams to sales-force training sessions, doesn’t apply to him.

    As his presidency lurches toward a climactic judgment on Nov. 3, the little things lately have rarely gone more pervasively or embarrassingly wrong — at a time when public confidence in Trump’s handling of the big things is hardly robust.
    The initial reaction might be, So what’s new here? But recent days, in the wake of Trump being stricken with coronavirus, have highlighted just how the lurching improvisation that is a familiar phenomenon around Trump has entered a different phase. The professionals around the president aren’t merely laboring to contain and channel the disruptive politician they work for. Very often they are amplifying the chaos.

    That’s in part because, as his first term comes to a close, the professionals around Trump are not all that professional. It is now the exception in key staff and Cabinet posts to have people whose experience would be commensurate with that of people who have typically held those jobs in previous administrations of both parties. This major weakness has been revealing itself in a barrage of minor errors that summon Casey Stengel’s incredulous question about the 1962 New York Mets: Can’t anybody here play this game?

  52. Chicago says:

    This sample is confirmed for Policy of Truth.

  53. 3b says:

    For those who have Netflix, I would suggest Septembers of Shirraz about a Jewish Family in Tehran after the Islamic revolution. Very well done. And of course the final season of Schitts creek was released too.

  54. ExEssex says:


  55. Fast Eddie says:

    It’s also a bit strange for Don Jr. to talk about patriotism when his father’s administration has openly attempted to solicit foreign help from Russia to undermine U.S. elections.

    I wonder how much money Trump received from the wife of the mayor of Moscow? Do you think it was more or less than the amount Hunter O’Biden and his associate received?

  56. ExEssex says:

    I dunno but he owes $400m to someone.

  57. ExEssex says:


  58. ExEssex says:

    Sunday acoustic: https://youtu.be/Yu3rU-j5PWc

    Bonus Anton

  59. Libturd says:

    The flag thing is actually interesting. When you travel the world and ask people what their opinion of Americans is, somewhere in their description will come up our fierce patriotism. I really believe the whole flag idolization in this country is way overdone and more of a symbol of a time we are no longer in. Most Americans don’t know this but outside of a few dictatorships there are extremely few countries that require their school students to recite a pledge of allegiance to their country. It’s kind of Mao Tse Stupid IMO. In a way, getting a flag tattoo or flying a flag in the yard does not make you any more American than me. In a way, it’s a cheap cop-out. Especially when people do not honor the rules of flying that flag, which most don’t. Quite frankly, it hardly means more than that reflective AAA sticker that so many morons advertise auto services for free for.

    You know what’s patriotic? Respecting protest. Listening to the pleas of the downtrodden. Giving credit where it’s due instead of only seeing the rioting and looting. Honoring the constitution for the dynamic document that it was written to be, rather than bastardizing it to fit a narrative.

    So regardless of wearing a flag on your lapel or adorning the sliding window of your F150 with a bald eagle. Patriotism is more about how one behaves to their fellow countrymen as well as international neighbors. Patriotism is not calling Mexicans rapists, a fallen POW a loser and one by one coming up with first grade nicknames for politicians both abroad and domestic.

  60. Phoenix says:

    Get well soon.

  61. Vote by mail says:

    Vote by mail ballots being thrown in dumpsters or on ground in apartment lobbies. Problem apparently originates from Kearny sorting center. Letter sent to Tammy Whitcomb, IG for US Postal Service.


  62. Vote by mail says:

    NJ 11 residents here is county by county vote by mail drop box locations. Click on location for address.


  63. Libturd says:

    Not sure if the lost ballots are an election related issue. I can’t remember the last time someone making less than $15 an hour got anything right.

    In other not so surprising tit for tat news,

  64. Libturd says:

    There are your secret Trump voters

  65. Juice Box says:

    I for one wish the 100 million people that did not vote in the last election decide to have their vote counted like Shaq and many other athletes, rich and famous as well as the commoners. Perhaps civic duty, responsibly, work ethic might mean something. Anyone think vote by mail will move the needle of participation greater than 10%?

  66. ExEssex says:

    ‘Staggering numbers’: Early voting is breaking records in 2020, fueled by a big mail-ballot lead for Democrats (USA Today)

  67. Juice Box says:

    re:” big mail-ballot lead for Democrats”

    Exactly my point Essex the Dems have had the numerical superiority for a long time. The republicans should not have even had a chance in 2012 or 2016.

  68. ExEssex says:

    But they did and of course we see the result.
    If you or someone you know has Covid 19,
    You may be entitled to cash compensation!
    Call 800-TrU-MP that’s 1-800-TrUmP.

  69. SomeOne says:


    Get well soon.

    Re flag waving…

    “Patriotism, n. Combustible rubbish ready to the torch of any one ambitious to illuminate his name. In Dr. Johnson’s famous dictionary patriotism is defined as the last resort of a scoundrel. With all due respect to an enlightened but inferior lexicographer I beg to submit it is the first.”

    ― Ambrose Bierce

  70. njtownhomer says:

    I have seen a lot Trump Rally photos with Thin Blue Flag recently. I wonder if this strengthens the USA flag and patriotism displays, or does it have an implicit message to others? Using a flag none other than the original doesn’t make sense to me. But what would I know?

  71. joyce says:

    The thin blue line flag is desecration of the American flag. While legal in our country, it’s not something I’d expect Patriots to do… but they’re all heroes anyway so there’s that.

  72. ExEssex says:

    Thin Blue Line Flag – cops and cop lovers….
    Bumper sticker activism.

  73. 3b says:

    Get will soon Lib.

  74. NJCoast says:

    Feel better Lib. Sounds like you have Cellulitis not colitis. That can be nasty if it gets to your bone.

  75. BRT says:

    Lib, get well soon.

  76. Libturd says:

    Yes cellulitis. Thanks. Just an infection. Should be getting out tomorrow. Pain and color almost back to normal. IV out except for antibiotics so no more pissing in a bottle like we did too often in car ride home from Hoboken on Thursday nights thirty years ago.

  77. D-FENS says:

    WHO now comes out against total lockdowns to control the corona virus.


    After months of warning of the necessity of coronavirus lockdowns as a means of getting the COVID-19 pandemic under control, the World Health Organization has apparently had a change of heart.
    Lockdowns, one WHO official said in a recent interview, have done incalculable damage on their own and should really be avoided.
    The right way to combat the coronavirus pandemic, this interview continued, is a target mix of measures that include individual behaviors like mask-wearing and social-distancing.

  78. A Home Buyer says:

    COVID Observations:

    I was in the rabid “blue” (Socially Woke) portion of my state, at Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s this weekend amongst other places. Our state has not been a badly hit COVID numbers wise but we have also been very responsible to date regarding our efforts as a population.

    I was taken back by how few people (none) were observing anything that resembled 6 ft distancing when it wasn’t clearly marked out for them (ie. the 6ft markers in shopping lines). Whole foods reminded me of pre-pandemic occupancy crowding, with people bumping into you and standing next to you. I was trying to get my mask back on my young daughter and some a@@ nearly knocked my daughter over getting something off a shelf.

    Another anecdote, tables at a few restaurant (indoor and outdoor) that were seating people back to back (clearly not 6′ spacing) were not uncommon.

    Final anecdote, I am seeing more stores remove the directional markers, places to stand in line, etc. too as compared to a few weeks ago.

    I normally do not shop so I cannot say if its “different” then a few months ago, but it certainly feels different.

  79. BRT says:

    I spoke about this with my wife. People are getting more brazen when this is actually a time to step up the safety measures. Murphy is so stupid… keeping restaurants closed the entire summer and then opening them up in the fall… Same goes for the districts that think it was a smart idea to keep closed in Sept/Oct and try to open in November.

    I’ve always continually gone food shopping early in the morning or well into the evening. No people there. As far as places to eat, enforcement of these regulations is impossible. You gotta scope out the place and decide its for you.

  80. homeboken says:

    Biden giving Cuomo a serious look for Attorney General, should he prevail 11/3.

    As if you needed another reason…think about this guys cabinet.

    HRC – rumored to be Sec of Defense
    Cuomo -AG
    Warren – Sec of Treasury.

    Quite the rogues gallery

  81. Juice Box says:

    What no job for Gov Phil?

    Secretary of State?

  82. Juice Box says:

    re: “enforcement of these regulations is impossible”

    Yes especially when the politicians, celebrities and athletes who are worshipped by so many don’t follow them. Lead by example. I can find stories and pictures of all of our current political leadership breaking the simple rules of wear a mask properly, social distance, wash hands etc. It’s really not that hard to do.

    I make two supermarket stops a week. I don’t bring my kids. I don’t bring grandma. I make sure to wear a mask properly, distance properly, clean hands with Hand Sanitizer especially fingertips when I get back to the car. After emptying groceries I wash hands again. Up until June I was using gloves. I may go back to that again.

    When this virus comes roaring back, it’s going to be a mess.

  83. Fast Eddie says:

    Happy Columbus Day!

  84. ExEssex says:


  85. ExEssex says:

    10:19 uh huh – you mean people actually qualified?
    Not just donors….

  86. BRT says:

    No, he means the swamp

  87. 3b says:

    I can’t believe they would bring out HRC, but maybe I should not be surprised!!

  88. D-FENS says:

    Covid 19 couldn’t even kill our Obese president, 34 whitehouse staff…nor obese asthmatic Chris Christie.

  89. homeboken says:

    HRC just wrote a 5,000 word pitch for the job of Sec. Of Defense. It’s insane.

    Add Loretta Lynch and perhaps Barack to the SCOTUS.

    Getting the band back together. The band that nobody wants to see.

  90. homeboken says:

    This freaking guy…Mehta getting a real look in NJ this cycle.

    Sen. Booker just said that President Trump was wrong to pick someone who would overturn the ACA. Yet, he just said we should wait because the voters do not want someone who may overturn the ACA. That sounds like picking a jurist who would simply make the opposite pledge.

    …Sen. Booker just declared (before hearing from the nominee) that he will not vote for Barrett. His vote will be unburdened by actual answers by the nominee, but he is demanding assurances that a nominee will support the ACA.

  91. BoomerRemover says:

    I was quite surprised that remdesivir (sp) was able to send that fat fk Christie home.

  92. ExEssex says:

    12:48 why don’t you run outside and catch some Covid for us let us know how ya like it.

    cash me outside…..

  93. homeboken says:

    I never knew this…ACB would be the only justice on SCOTUS that did NOT go to Take or Harvard.

    Seems like a good idea to get some educational diversity in the court.

  94. homeboken says:

    Take – Yale. Weird autocorrect there…

  95. Libturd, going home says:

    I’m being released shortly.

    My roommate is a true conspiracy loving patriot. He’s suffering from not following his diabetic requirements and now has entered the dialysis stage as he’s killed his livers and kidneys. His list of medicines reads like the entire formulary. He’s listened to every minute of the hearing, so so have I. He is clearly in support of Trump and a nomination. He is about the same age as me. Maybe younger. He blames Covid and the fear of getting it for not seeing his doctors until it nearly just killed him. He clearly no longer works and I’m not sure how he even walks looking at his feet.

    This guy NEEDS Obamacare.

    Yet he is so wrapped up the right wing insanity that he will vote against his own survival. I suppose it takes a person who chooses to let it get this bad be dumb enough to support Trump.

    Listening to this complete sh1tshow, why bother with confirmations anymore? It’s a completely serious question?

    Though her resume is impressive, her simple speech is relatively weak. It is at best, a high school valedictorian speech. She is no RBG.

    This country is in really big trouble of the two parties don’t learn to compromise at some point.

  96. homeboken says:

    Lib – your idea of compromise seems to be – Accept my point of view and don’t argue.

    That’s not compromise.its a very big country. Lots of people have never been to NYC, LA or even Blue Ribbon NJ.

    Are you willing to compromise with these fellow citizens?

  97. Fast Eddie says:


    I assume that link of that girl above represents the typical O’Biden voter… an eerie outcast, a forsaken and unwanted vagrant. The other type of new age dem voter would be one that assumes they’re aware, edgy, woke, in the know, when in reality they’re arrogant prigs, lacking insight. The modern dem is not clever but again, how do you convince someone who doesn’t know what they don’t know?

  98. Libturd says:


    Absolutely. But I am neither a staunch R or D.

    This, and nearly every confirmation, every SOTU, really any federal hearing has become a completely orchestrated three-ring circus.

    There is a center. But not when each side will give a goddamned inch.

    You realize that come January, the court will be stacked. At some point, perhaps nominating a more balanced Judge rather than the female pope from Notre Dame.

  99. A Home Buyer says:


    I would most likely do very well, if not better, financially under Biden then I would do under Trump. Trump is a train wreck. Almost every time he opens his mouth I recoil in shame, embarrassment, or shock. I understand what he is trying to say, or maybe that is me hoping what I think he is saying is what I think he is saying, but the man is simply just not qualified to speak on anything other then a gameshow.

    However, I also do not want Biden to become president. I disagree with many of his policies and directions his vision of America would take us down. (Presuming he isn’t pandering to the majorities and will actually implement his policies). I am strongly Libertarian in my views, however even beyond that the country simply cannot afford the actions he is looking to implement. I do not see “fixes” in his proposals, I see kicking the can and “bread and circus” for the masses without resolving the structural issues tearing this country apart.

    Trump’s “policies” (mainly in-action at this point) I feel will be better for my family’s future then Biden’s policies will be. And that Irony is not lost on me given Trump’s a slimebag POS who I would be terrified if my daughter was ever in the same room with as him.

    However I’m still not sure I can even stand the thought of pulling for Trump. But Jo Jorgensen I feel is an even worse candidate then Gary Johnson was and would literally be throwing away my vote.

    This election depresses me.

  100. Libturd says:

    Sorry. Can’t type it into my phone anymore and don’t want to dare miss a minute of my roommates choice (FoxNews) of the confirmation analysis so far.

  101. JCer says:

    home buyer I agree with your thoughts and sentiments. My thought is we can survive 4 more years of orange man but Biden’s stated policies scare me and the fact that they won’t take a stance on packing the supreme court and they won’t give any inkling of who they would consider to take RBG’s seat is frankly terrifying.

  102. Libturd says:

    You are not electing Biden. You are electing the despicable DNC. Believe me, this pains me terribly too. And they’ll have the senate too for two years.

    But Trump? Come on. The man has really made us the laughing stock of the world.

    To this day, I still don’t get what is so wrong with Obamacare. It saved my family. One day it might save yours.

    Attacking it is really no more than not letting the other party have the first slice.

    Roe V. Well that’s a whole different story and I at least understand how people can be for overturning it.

  103. Fast Eddie says:

    Ginsberg should have retired. If she was so concerned about sustaining balance or holding on to whatever liberal bias they had, she should have stepped aside when she was sick and when Oblamma was president to nominate and confirm another to take her place. Which, by the way, is further proof that her last dying wish was to not be replaced before a new president is elected in November. That’s bullsh1t. Regardless, the dems had a chance and they blew it.

  104. Fast Eddie says:

    October 26, 2016:

    Hillary Clinton has widened her lead over Donald Trump, polling 14 percentage points ahead nationally, according to a new Associated Press poll, which comes 12 days before the presidential election.

    Conducted after the final presidential debate, the poll finds the Democratic nominee leads Trump among likely voters 51% to 37%, a significant lead over the Republican candidate.

    You self-sacrificing, bleeding-heart twerps better step off your perch a little. It’s awfully quiet on the other side. I’m sure you’re hoping that deafening silence is just that and not a su.cker punch about to come from the blind side.

  105. Bystander says:

    With Amy, 6 raised Catholics on the Supreme Court. Trump will have placed 3 Catholics himself. Tell us more about diversity and how abortion rights are settled law.

  106. homeboken says:

    Laughing stock of the world?

    1. This is, by any measure, the most desired nation to live in. It’s not even close on a global scale.

    2. Who the hell cares what the rest of the world thinks of the US? I’m second generation in the states and my interest in going back to my homeland in Europe is zero.

    I’ve long ago abandoned any desire to impress the JV national around the globe. They can’t compete with the US. Not in any way.

  107. A Home Buyer says:


    Unless of course, its not in alignment with the constitutional powers granted to our legislature and they happened to tie the entire bill passage around an apparent misuse of powers that when brought to the Supreme Court the first time tied the bill to a maneuver that is now being used to upend it this time.

    Instead of providing us legislative resolutions to legislative problems they decide to keep punting their sloppy and lazily written laws to the supreme court to flip a coin on people’s futures and force the Supreme Court to face increasing polarization.

    I mean, we are trying to reject a qualified and dedicated Female Justice on the basis she may rule because the legislature had to pass an omnibus utilizing methods that apparently aren’t holding constitutional muster instead of just doing it the way the founders and constitution wanted them too, even if it would be a bit slower.

    (All in all, to fix a problem Congress themselves originated back in the 60/70’s)

  108. Fast Eddie says:

    This is, by any measure, the most desired nation to live in. It’s not even close on a global scale.

    Touché! The cozy establishment hates that Trump came in and turned the place upside down. He got a lot done and it affected a lot of people in a substantially positive way. His accomplishments were intangible; the left’s accomplishments are symbolic. There’s enough d0lts in this country that believe what the l1beral charlatans are telling them. It angers my side because we wind up paying for it while they attempt to strangle any movement or freedom we may have.

  109. A Home Buyer says:


    And similar with Roe V Wade. While its an important decision, the way it was achieved leaves it fraught with small problems like its future being tied to political makeup of the Supreme Court at a given challenge.

    Rather then actually building up a legislative support to settle the issue, we are now locked into a nuclear deterrent with all parties unable to advance further. I’ve read that it has likely resulted in more stagnation regarding the advancement of reproductive rights then if it was properly fought after over these past 50 years.

    To my knowledge, this is not a “fringe” position, but always welcome to be educated.

  110. leftwing says:

    “My roommate is…”

    WTF? You are seriously slipping. Roommate! Roommate? The old Lib would be on here with five different angles to have a private room AND no deductible….

    “You realize that come January, the court will be stacked.”

    My wet dream if Team Blue takes both WH and Senate.

    Bear in mind that no less a liberal lion than FDR himself backed down from stacking the Court. He had support so strong that he had won the Pres election nearly unanimously (only eight electoral votes against) and was so popular he was elected to four terms.

    To paraphrase another “one foot in the grave” liberal….Mr Biden, you are no FDR.

    If a Biden/Dem Senate actually try to go through with stacking they will surrender the Congress and likely the WH for at least three election cycles.

    Please, please, please…..PLEASE….try to stack the Court. Please. I’m begging….

    Lib, get and be well…..

  111. D-FENS says:

    Who gives a fcuk what the rest of the world thinks of us? If they’re pissed of we’re doing it right.

  112. D-FENS says:

    Trump is the only candidate for president who is completely immune to the Corona Virus.


  113. 3b says:

    Bystander: That is a troubling statement so being Catholic means you are suspect? Sounds like 1960 JFK. Is religion going to come into play now? Conservative
    And Orthodox Jews are against abortion, as are many Muslims, as well as other
    Christians. There are probably even atheists who are against abortion. And by the way regardless of how one feels about the Catholic Church, they are consistent in that they oppose both abortion and capital punishment.

  114. 3b says:

    This is the most depressing election ever. I agree Trump is a disaster, and Biden as well, he will just be quieter about it. As for Obama care, as I understand it, it’s flawed but people are using it, so you can’t get rid of it without having something to replace it with immediately.

  115. 3b says:

    Lib: On your reference to Obama care, are you not covered under your employer s health plan.

  116. leftwing says:

    “But Trump? Come on. The man has really made us the laughing stock of the world.”

    Who cares? Like seriously, who the fcuk cares? I mean that.

    I have never understood that “embarrassment” line of thought. It’s like a bunch of HS girls have taken over people’s brains. “OMG, she didn’t say hi to me, she must not like me I’m gaaawwwna just DIE”.

    Lib you shared about bullies while growing up. I was eviscerated on moving to NYC. I landed a job at the top of the competitive food chain for which I was grossly under – no correction – not all prepared. At all. Not socially, intellectually, from a corporate perspective, networking…..

    I was a complete neophyte. If it weren’t so embarrassing and lengthy I would share my first day of work and what happened.

    You know what? Fcuk them.

    I was among the smartest and best at exactly what I needed to do. I carried everyone else, including those who actively and openly mocked me. They, and I of course, lived well off my work.

    So why the fcuk do I now as an adult care what some drunken Brit, close minded German, lazy Frog, or incompetent Italian thinks of my President? Their entire countries, cultures, and families exist because of US. We saved them from being overrun by darkness in the 1940s, invested in them to rebuild their decimated societies, protected them at no cost under our nuclear umbrella, and they continue to live better and safer lives to this day because of US.

    And I’m to care what they think? Seriously?

    They don’t like the Orange Chimpanzee we inadvertently elected? Too bad. Go fcuk yourselves. First pay me back ‘reparations’ for everything you have enjoyed for free from the fruits of OUR labors. Then take your opinions of MY country and President and shove them up your ass while simultaneously pulling your head out same said ass to discern WTF you are going to do with the aggressors still sitting on your borders while I’m at home living well.

    But tell me I’m supposed to feel embarrassed? Fcuk off. You need me much more than I need you.

  117. homeboken says:

    I think in the second term, Trump puts Western Europe on notice. Exactly as Left-wing described.

    Hey Germany, France, Italy, Spain – you need the AuSA soon much more than the other way around. The USA model put together 50 states and held it together for 200+years. The EU expirment lasted less than 20.

    Any of those european nations that laugh at the USA better be well prepared to go it alone for a while. It’s US first and the rest of Europe better remember that and respect the worlds superpower accordingly.

    Seriously, imagine the US putting huge tarrifs in Italy, how long would it take before we decimate that country? 3 months?

    We won’t do that but both sides need to remember that it can happen.

  118. D-FENS says:

    Wrong. The opposite of this.

    3b says:
    October 12, 2020 at 5:38 pm
    This is the most depressing election ever. I agree Trump is a disaster, and Biden as well, he will just be quieter about it. As for Obama care, as I understand it, it’s flawed but people are using it, so you can’t get rid of it without having something to replace it with immediately

  119. Bystander says:

    Ed, fixed

    “it infected a lot of people in a substantially positive way”

  120. 1987 Condo says:

    Left, classic rant!

  121. Bystander says:


    I went to Catholic school K-12 so I know a little about Catholic religion. There are many that theological academics and numerous teaching orders so education is key to them. They are also literal Bible interpretators and staunch anti-abortionists. There are not many more conservative religions ,certainly none more popular and accepted. It fits right agenda but why should they be so vastly overrepresented? Sorry but this in plain sight, fair question.

  122. 3b says:

    I agree with Left, who cares what the rest of the world thinks? Is there any shining beacon out there? I love visiting Europe fascinating countries wonderful cultures but with their sorry history who are they to point fingers? The EU was a positive, but has lots of problems. Britain foolishly is on the way out officially at the end of January,with visions of economic greatness and nostalgia for their lost empire; they will be sorry. Merkel is on the way out, and has allowed millions of refugees in that they won’t be able to settle into the various countries where they are now living. Poland and Hungary are getting more authoritarian. France is basically comatose with a struggling economy and a work force that ain’t into working. Greece is a basket case, where not paying taxes is a national pastime. The Balkans are unstable, Bosnia could explode in violence at any time,and the Europeans won’t be able to address it. Just like they stood back and watched Yugoslavia implode. And Trump is right they should pay more to NATO, why are we carrying the largest amount of the financial burden? As for us saving their asses in World War Two,it started with World War One, which we never should have gotten involved in. Then the British and French stood back and did nothing to stop Hitler who came to power in part because of Germany s treatment at the end of World War One. So who cares what they think? Oh and as much as they claim otherwise and not that I really care but they did not invent EDM; it originated in NYC.

  123. 3b says:

    Bystander: I went Catholic too including college. My concern is that if we start using religion as a litmus test, where does it stop? We are already so disunited. Now we throw religion into it? As for American Catholics many are quite liberal and ignore many of Catholic teachings, including American bishops. The Jesuits are so liberal now that forget about them being Catholic, I am not sure they are even Christian.

  124. BRT says:

    My wife and I are both Catholic. I didn’t want to wait the 12 months they were requiring to get married. I also couldn’t go through all the hoops and paperwork they were requiring as well. We just hired a retired catholic priest to marry us out of the church. I’m probably the most nonreligious person there is. I will go to church maybe once every 2 years for a special occasion. My 3 years in Catholic school involved me getting terrorized by the two meanest old women I have ever met. I was 6 and 7 years old.

    That being said, the most down to earth people I’ve met since moving to my current town have been two families we met at the church’s nursery school. Both are in the military as well. Probably our best friends in the area at this point.

  125. BRT says:

    We do plenty of looking down on Europe as well. Nobody should care. Talk to people in France about the UK. Talk to people in Germany about France. They aren’t one big happy family.

  126. 3b says:

    BRT Yes we do, like anything some of the criticism justified some not. The Europeans on a whole are more informed than the average American. The one thing they all seem to agree on is no one likes the English.

  127. No One says:

    Sotomayor is Catholic. I didn’t hear anyone complain about her catholicism. Maybe she’s Catholic the same way Biden is, or the same way Trump is whatever he is.

  128. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Ying and Yang. Greece is the best example of why paying taxes is important. Now if we could only find a politician that could understand the compromise of too much taxes and too little taxes.

    Society could be so much better off with compromise… Good luck appeasing either side. Both are right, and both wrong; if only they could meet in the middle.

    “Greece is a basket case, where not paying taxes is a national pastime.”

  129. 3b says:

    No one: Very good point.

  130. The Great Pumpkin says:

    That common ground is usually the correct position as both sides are unable to see the wrong in their position. Too bad humans were meant to be extremists…

    Some parts of Trump are still needed, but some parts of Biden are needed.

  131. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Response from a couple of days ago…

    Mr. Texas..

    Take the nasdaq, all you have is no income tax. At the end of the day, the best location in jersey is better than the best location in texas any day of the week. I’ll take any prominent location in the northeast over texas. I’m still reading these posts…

  132. The Great Pumpkin says:

    I’m playing the long term game.

    The only thing that makes places like texas more desirable than jersey is price. Eventually, spillover will cause texas to become overvalued in comparison to nj. I think we were already there 3 years ago.

    Ask yourself, what location was more valuable in the first place? Why? If low value is your selling point, and said value goes up, how long before it is not desirable based on its only selling point over said northeast location?

  133. Libturd says:


    Yes, I have coverage from work for me, but there were lots of things they wouldn’t cover had it not been for rules the ACA wrote in that did not exist before it. I know, because I had to play lawyer to my HR to get things added to our policy (which they did) after I pointed it out to them (though Gator found it and deserves the credit). Hopefully, within next 60 days, We’ll have a great story to tell. We are Stu known the quiet period as they call it on Wall Street.

    As for stacking the court. Laugh all you want. I would not only hope they do it, but expect them to do it. When has this or any Republican administration given an inch? Trump has taken divisiveness to a new high. Enjoy the nomination.

    I am still waiting to feel the impact of all of the great things Trump has done for me. So far, He has caused me a bloody fortune in the loss of tax deductions. I guess I should rest well at night knowing my son’s preexisting conditions (which he had nothing to do with I might add) will be covered as long as I work until I’m dead.

  134. Libturd says:


    Thanks for the help tonite.

  135. The Great Pumpkin says:


    Deflation, or inflation, there is no better asset than real estate in a desirable location. Doesn’t matter what the market is experiencing, there will be a premium paid.

  136. 3b says:

    Lib: I did not realize how involved it was .As I said you can’t get rid of Obama care without an immediate replacement. As for packing the courts if the Dems do it, I think they will ultimately be sorry. Trunps tax cuts limited the deductions to 10k, I had no issues with that, as it may limit tax increase if the amount deductible is limited. Personally, I don’t think there should be any deductions for mortgage interest or property tax. I think we should adopt a flat tax. Of course work from home will force nyc metro house prices and taxes to enable nyc to be competitive. Jamie Dimon said 40 percent of their entire global work force are capable of working from home permanently. The premium for this area will end.

  137. Libturd says:

    Yes it will. My lower unit is available. For the first time ever, I am having a hard time filling it. Very suspicious. It’s biggest selling point was proximity to the trains.

  138. Boomer Remover says:

    Who are these people banging at the doors to get into the richest s-hole in the world?

    Let’s be honest, there are only two classes thanking their lucky stars for getting in: The extremely wealthy who are here to avail themselves of expensive legal advisors and the working poor from undeveloped countries. I think you would have a difficult time making a case otherwise. What sane middle class person and or family wants to live here?

    The extremely wealthy won’t be living here full time, and the working poor don’t mind above ground power lines and the loss of power with every meteorological event because they have running water and indoor plumbing.

    I’m in Europe at least once a year (UK, Poland, Switzerland, Czech, Germany). My contacts are mostly 30-40s who seem to be enjoying a good quality of life. Traveling, raising families, owning and living in places significantly nicer than the home depot stick built special you and I current reside in. No medical debt, no student debt. The one thing they don’t have – categorically and across the board – are retirement accounts approaching seven figures by age forty and stock markets at an all time high.

  139. Fabius Maximus says:


    Good to hear you are going to make it out and back home. Why did you end up at HUMC? Not dissing it, but where you are there are good options closer.

    Can we have the over/under on your costs. I’m going $45K with 10% out of pocket.

    ACA was needed in this country. Without it many parents are faced with the choice, bankruptcy to try and keep yourself or your kid alive. When it was passing in2010 we had the GOP come with the slogan “Repeal and Replace”. The problem with that was they didnt have a plan then and in the 10 years since, they still don’t have one.

    It’s like Donnies “Infrastructure Week. 3 years later we are still waiting for it. The whole of the GOP platform can be summed up as “There is no plan, and there never will be.”

  140. Fabius Maximus says:

    At 40% for a clean election and a clear result. People need to focus on the fact that Donnie needs to hold on to the office at all costs. We had some rumblings this weekend that Donnie was looking to make a deal to resign and have the investigations dropped. I cant see that happening. The moment he steps outside NY AG will drop the hammer.

    Got this in my feed today. Cant say I disagree with it. He will burn the republic down.

    “The plan is not to win the popular (or even the electoral) vote, but rather to stay in power in some other way. We don’t even really have to guess about this, since Trump has spelled it out himself: he will declare victory regardless of what happens, expect state governments to act contrary to vote counts, claim fraud from postal ballots, court chaos from white nationalists (and perhaps the Department of Homeland Security), and expect the Supreme Court to install him. In general, the idea behind these scenarios is to create as much chaos as possible, and then fall back upon personal ruthlessness and an artificial state of emergency to stay in power. If Trump creates a constitutional crisis while his supporters commit acts of violence, the Supreme Court might be intimidated.”
    “In this transition from democracy to authoritarianism, otherwise known as a coup d’état, the actual number of people who vote for Trump matters less than it would in an ordinary election. In this scenario, it matters more how angry they are, and how willing some of them are to endorse extraordinary actions by Trump, or to take such actions themselves. Because he is treating election day as the occasion for a coup, Trump has good reason not to soften his message to reach more voters. In doing so he would risk losing some of the emotion he needs when he tries to stay in power by non-democratic means. He only has to stay within about ten points of Joe Biden to avoid the demoralization that arises when even core supporters realize they have been deceived by their leader and overwhelmed by their fellow citizens at the polls.”

  141. Fabius Maximus says:


    Should Thomas have resigned? We are looking at a possible 12 year Dem run. Does that fit with what you think RBG should have done?

  142. Fabius Maximus says:

    They snuck Trump up into Air Force One through the cargo hold.

    Biden out there taking the steps two at a time.


    Those Covid Lungs must be hurting Donnie.

  143. Fabius Maximus says:

    McConnel having an interesting debate. ACA, next question.


  144. Fabius Maximus says:

    12 hours to vote. Voter Suppression is the only way the GOP wins.

    Night has fallen, but voting lines continue in Marietta, Georgia. The
    team just finished serving dinner. They met someone walking out who arrived at 8am — he waited 12 hours to vote today. We must do better! Until then, #ChefsForThePolls will try to keep everyone fed.

  145. Chicago says:

    Nobody is going to pack the court. Biden doesn’t want to lose the Bernie people.

  146. Fabius Maximus says:

    ” The one thing they don’t have – categorically and across the board – are retirement accounts approaching seven figures by age forty and stock markets at an all time high.”

    Boomer. Fidelity manage 30million retirement accounts and have less than 200K over 1 million. While they do hold a lot of retirement accounts for those under 40, they hold about the same number (if not more) for those over 40. While I get that some are retiring on the house, that number will be dropping as well.

  147. JCer says:

    On Europe, it really depends on who you talk to. Many working people over there are supportive of Trump and wish their government took a hard stance against the EU, especially in Italy. The US has an enviable quality of life and many freedoms not available in other countries, Western Europe similarly as well as Japan were put under American protection and assistance after WWII. Their quality of life is directly related to our grandparents first kicking their @sses and then totally financing the rebuilding as well as their protection for the last 50 years. The situation for the youth and lower classes is not great in Europe. The Brits are most like the Americans, the continentals don’t have the retirement with 7 figures, the house in France or the costa del sol. If you go to FL plenty of old codgers own 2 or 3 homes and have over a million in retirement savings.

    Pumps, don’t talk about the Greeks, those people have not been dealt a good hand. Greeks don’t pay taxes because the tax system is absurd, the same is true of Italians, any system that has companies paying taxes when they lost money is INSANE and in fact a feature of their tax code. We have a few Greek friends, nationalized healthcare works great in that country, sure you don’t “HAVE” to pay but if you are concerned about the outcome of your medical procedure you pay the doctor a bribe! Got to love the Greek Islands, absolutely beautiful wish I was there now.

    The ACA totally deserves to be invalidated by the Supreme Court, it was poor legislation written by lobbyists passed under absurd circumstances. An individual mandate could work but bolting all of this cr@p on the already failing healthcare system without any attempt to “fix” the problems and contain cost has resulted in a nightmare collapsing under it’s own weight.

    Lib the rental market is horrible. I have a vacancy, interest is dead, rents are even lower. Corporate landlords are so hungry for cash-flow they’ll take almost anything within reason. I can’t believe what I’m seeing, I have heard of things renting at rates close to what they were going for 10-15 years ago. My family owns a partnership interest in an apartment complex and it is totally not performing at the moment, people are not paying rent, if it can’t cover the debt service it will go bankrupt.

    Fab, as a fidelity 401k customer I can tell you they are far from servicing wealthy clientele. They service the muppet class, most older codgers with a million or more have a full service traditional advisor. Also when you talk account balances how many do you have? I know I have at least 2 401k’s, an IRA, a Roth, and a brokerage and my wife has the same, if you look at accounts not clients it isn’t very meaningful also many have money spread around at different firms.

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