C19 Open Discussion Week 33

From the NYT:

One in five New York City tenants did not pay rent in September, by one estimate, and there is growing concern of “an eviction tsunami.”

As apartment vacancies climb, sale prices and rents are falling, but nowhere near the magnitude needed to compensate for scarce affordable housing options.

And while the flight of affluent residents to the suburbs appears to be overstated, major companies are downsizing and fewer people are commuting, setting the stage for a new reckoning over personal and business priorities.

Real estate is everyone’s business in New York City. The industry generated nearly $32 billion in taxes last year, 53 percent of the city’s tax revenue, and it employed more than 275,000 people, according to the Real Estate Board of New York and labor statistics. An inveterate source of obsession, envy and frustration, real estate colors the aspirations and agendas of countless people, companies and policymakers.

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  1. leftwing says:


  2. Hold my beer says:


  3. Fast Eddie says:

    In my area and neighboring towns, houses go under contract in a matter of days. The for sale sign goes on the lawn and days later it’s followed up by under contract. Anything for sale, in any condition is gone. I would probably go postal if I was still looking to buy. Fat Karen and her smelly dump listed with a “6” handle would make me nuts but nothing lingers.

  4. ExEssex says:

    Today’s G.O.P. does not come close to serving this function. It has instead allowed itself to be co-opted and radicalized by Trumpism. Its ideology has been reduced to a slurry of paranoia, white grievance and authoritarian populism. Its governing vision is reactionary, a cross between obstructionism and owning the libs. Its policy agenda, as defined by the party platform, is whatever President Trump wants — which might not be so pathetic if Mr. Trump’s interests went beyond “Build a wall!”


  5. Chicago says:

    WTF happened to SNL? Not even slightly funny at all.

  6. 3b says:

    Chgo: SNL has not been funny in years in my opinion.

  7. 3b says:

    Fast: Same in my town, and it won’t end well. People never learn.

  8. ExEssex says:

    I think SNL is lacking in the writing dept.
    Perhaps coke-fueled writing rooms just got more laughs?

  9. Fast Eddie says:

    WTF happened to SNL? Not even slightly funny at all.

    Satire and anger are polar opposites.

  10. ExEssex says:

    10:47 eddie you lost the plot years ago.

  11. leftwing says:

    SNL skit last night with clueless gen-Zer’s was amusing….

    “[The Republican Party’s] has instead allowed itself to be co-opted and radicalized…NYTimes”

    The Times is more pathetic than even I thought if they actually wrote gthe above….

    Politicans are, by definition, political. They are wh0res, selling themselves to the highest bidder of whatever works, be it ideology, money, or pork. Every single one of them. Over our history. Third graders expect their Presidents to be beyond reproach…If you are an adult and expect it you are a fool. Or operating on thrid grader’s mentality.

    Newspapers, and especially the Times, were always the record above the fray. Uncover, report, educate.

    The Times has instead turned into the biggest political cheerleading hack around. Over a century of credibility out the window. The perfect wife and mother, turned crack wh0re. It takes an incredible lack of self awareness for them to make the above statement, and the fact that they are guilty of what the accuse politicans is so much worse.

  12. leftwing says:


    The chick at 0:42 is representative of waaayyyy too many people on this board…


  13. TruthIsTheEnemy says:

    lol. The nytimes must be satire referring to the right as reactionary.

    Haven’t they backed mob violence, censorship, abandoning constitutionalism and pretty much every other reactionary impulse out there right now?

    They are pure propaganda. Time to defund npr. Brainwashing outfit.

  14. TruthIsTheEnemy says:

    It’s not just SNL. The arts are dead at the moment. Political correct kills the creativity process.

  15. TruthIsTheEnemy says:

    We already see the weapon of choice of the propaganda industry in case of a Biden administration. Omission.

    It was prevalent with Obama. Simply don’t report the failures and scandals. There were many. The “scandal free administration “ line was just another part of the Obama myth. Though not an enduring one.

  16. ExEssex says:

    11:54 conservatives are history’s shittiest artists. Look it up.

  17. Phoenix says:

    War is coming. Civil, Global, Regional. It’s all aligning now.

  18. Libturd says:

    “Chicago says:
    October 25, 2020 at 10:13 am
    WTF happened to SNL? Not even slightly funny at all.”

    Discussed this withGator last night as we turned it off around midnight.

    You guys are correct. SNL used to be edgy, racy, and an all-around balanced offender of all cultures, religions, etc. Today, satire is banned. Also, they used to do a political sketch once or twice a season at best. Today, they open every single show with it. I think the actors are simply not as skilled either.

  19. Phoenix says:

    Bill Bur r threw one night of life into S N L. Haha Gucc i booted feet, heated seats in the SUV. Best part was when he asked where the camera was. He had their ticket.

  20. BRT says:

    I would say they did politics more than once or twice a season. I remember Carvey doing Bush very often. Will Ferrel and Daryl Hammond were hilarious. I think the dumbest move they did was get rid of Hammond for Baldwin on Trump. Hammond hit Trump out of the ballpark.

    That being said, SNL’s non political stuff is even worse. They just aren’t funny. Lack of talent and crappy writing. SNL had all kinds of legends walk through the door into 2000. Since then…not really. We used to talk about SNL in middle and high school every Monday. That just doesn’t happen anymore and hasn’t for nearly 2 decades.

  21. BRT says:

    I think Stewart and Colbert killed comedy for this decade. Not their fault though. I thought they were both hilarious on the Daily Show and Colbert Report. The problem is, all the rest of the cast tried to emulate them, not by being funny but by being political. It’s gotten so bad that Trevor Lawrence doesn’t even say jokes anymore, he just complains. Basically, comedians got lazy and just tried to be political because it got reduced to, “laugh at my jokes, I’m on your side!”.

    I think Burr and Chappelle have done a great job defending comedy. A few other great standups out there like Maniscalco have also done a good job. But, it’s still in the dark ages now. Even after their bits, people are screaming to cancel them unsuccessfully. No one got pissed at Chris Rock or Eddie Murphy for being offensive.

  22. Phoenix says:

    Humor has been neutered by “political correctness.”
    It’s not lack of talent, they have been kneecapped by cancel culture.

    Guys like Chappelle and Bur r are trying to break that door down again in order to survive.

  23. Phoenix says:

    “They are trying to cancel John Wayne. God cancelled him 40 years ago..”

  24. Fast Eddie says:

    conservatives are history’s shittiest artists. Look it up.

    Conservatives are wild in bed! Very curious, very er0tic.

  25. Phoenix says:

    Conservatives are wild in bed! Very curious, very er0tic.

    Larry Craig comes to mind. That kinky sex stall footsie thing. With a man in blue no less.

  26. Fast Eddie says:

    Had to google Larry Craig. lol. I’m not up on same s.ex hookups. To each his own, I guess. L1beral women look like truck drivers, for the most part. Conservative women tend to be very attractive; thus, uninhibited and more open to exploration.

  27. Phoenix says:

    I had to Google it too, just to remind you that neither side are saints and both sides are sinners.

  28. JCer says:

    leftists are just as bad as conservatives for the arts, freedom of expression is required for art. the right wing tends to repress as do the commies. Great art in Communist countries, think again the government tells you what you’re allowed to sing, draw, act, dance, etc. Creativity is driven by freedom of though and expression, the left is repressing expression at this point more than the right….

  29. Phoenix says:

    Oopsy. Angered a bunch of feminists with this one. They sting harder than murder hornets.


  30. Libturd says:

    Chapelle is simply the best.

  31. Hold my beer says:

    Please stop licking the lead paint

  32. homeboken says:

    Just a reminder – in 2016, many people on the left pointed to HRC not physically appearing in Wisconsin and thus losing her the state and election. One state.

    This year, the DNC candidate is appearing virtually nowhere except TV. If Biden somehow pulls a win, then election politics has changed forever.

    The Biden/Harris ticket will be mostly absent from in person appearances until Nov 3, per the campaigns.
    This is either an amazing discovery about how national elections work or the DNC is waving the white flag.

    I’m now looking at my map and I see Trump winning 39 states, with 3 more in play.

  33. homeboken says:

    In play states above include NY.

  34. homeboken says:

    Twitter is a wild place these days:.

    People attempting to post videos from Hunters laptop are met with a message that “the owner didn’t give permission to post”. So they block it.

    But the official DNC response, to date, has been that this is Russian disinformation. So who gives permission to post?

    Or is Disinformation the new magic word that makes problems disappear?

    For me, I couldn’t care less about explicitll videos. Unless it involves minors. I am much more interested in what the family was doing while Joe was VP.

    It’s worth repeating that if this laptop belonged to a trump kid, it would be 24-7 news coverage. You would hear of NOTHING else.

    And I would support the outing of it all. Crime is crime. No party politics here.

    Understand that once Trump wins reelection, the swamp draining will continue and it will hit both left and right, as it should.

  35. 30 year realtor says:


    I am too cautious to say this election is in the bag for Biden. However your call of a Trump landslide must be a drug induced fantasy.

    Remind me who that Bobulinski guy you mentioned was and why I would know his name.

  36. Fast Eddie says:

    This year, the DNC candidate is appearing virtually nowhere except TV.

    I watched one of O’Biden’s rare appearances over the weekend. I’m not sure where he was, does it matter? It was 20 minutes and he looked and sounded like the old man who yells to get off the lawn. He really looks old and tired, even when walking away from the podium. He said, “look, folks…” about 30 times in the 20 minute rant. He has zero energy, not convincing in any manner whatsoever and the dem machine knows it. He’s simply a fixture to get rid of Trump. It’s not about policy, the left doesn’t have a policy. It’s about agenda and power to fund their machine.

  37. Fast Eddie says:

    In play states above include NY.

    How can it not? 73% of the American economy is small business. O’Biden wants to lock everything down; Trump constantly says we need to open things up.

    The surge is cases?? Hello! We’re testing at a torrid pace, what do you expect! The number of deaths per cases back in April/May were 20 times greater than the number of deaths per cases today. Why? The measures we’ve taken, what we’ve learned and the treatments advanced have worked. And the first vaccine for approval is a few weeks away.

  38. Dink says:

    “In play states above include NY”

    This is absolutely delusional. You are detached from reality if you think this is true. Biden will win NY by 25+ points.

  39. JCer says:

    NYC prevents Trump from winning NY, Upstate will largely vote for the Orange Man, even the suburbs some people might defect but I wouldn’t bet on it, people are still upset over losing the SALT deduction……..

  40. Bystander says:

    Jordan Klepper in PA, at just one single Clown Rally.

    Guy at end sounds like Ed.

    “I make literally 4 times as much under Trump than Obama”
    Jordan: “What do you do?”
    “Debt collection”

    Priceless. You can’t make it up.


  41. 30 year realtor says:

    Spent some time in Delaware County NY early this month. Huge number of Biden signs in very rural area. Very different than when I was there at this time in 2016.

  42. Juice Box says:

    New York has not voted for a Republican since Ronald Reagan in 1984. But +25? There are allot of angry new Yorkers on both sides. I would say it will be closer but not close, Hillary won by +23.

    New Jersey was +14 for Hillary in 2016.

  43. Juice Box says:

    Bystander – “Debt collection” I know a guy he is awfully busy these days in NYC.

    6,000 city businesses have closed. It all hinges on office workers returning, and so far it is not happening in 2020.

    Partnership for New York City, expects 1/3 of the 230,000 NYC based businesses they track to close.

  44. BRT says:

    Hard to say what the numbers in NY look like. A lot of them already voted with their feet.

  45. 30 year realtor says:

    Every major poll has Biden up by about 30 points in NY. Fast Eddie and Homeboken are fake news!

  46. Phoenix says:

    Polls are too early. It’s not over till it’s over.

  47. Fast Eddie says:

    Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden misspoke on Sunday and appeared to begin saying the name of former President George W. Bush rather than President Trump while emphasizing that the 2020 election is important “because who I’m running against.”

    Biden made the gaffe Sunday at an “I Will Vote Concert” virtual campaign event that featured a number of high-profile Hollywood names including John Legend, Dave Matthews, P!nk, Cher and more.

    “Not because I’m running, but because who I’m running against, this is the most consequential election in a long, long, long time,” Biden said. “And the character of the country in my view is literally on the ballot. What kind of country we’re gonna be? Four more years of George, ah, George… gonna find ourselves in a position where if Trump gets elected we’re going to be in a different world.”

    Incoherent, rambling, disjointed, confused, faltering, fading, waning, hazy and dim.

  48. Phoenix says:

    Guess mommy will have to get back in the kitchen and make a pot of Chock full o’Nuts. Daddy can’t afford to buy her gourmet coffee anymore. More unemployed workers for the rest of us to shoulder. Time to hock those Gucc i boots on Facebook marketplace to pay for your increased tax bill. The good thing is crime is rising in NJ so those who “supposedly” fight it get to be heroes now and work even harder. I suspect they will not be smiling much anymore.

  49. Phoenix says:

    He could just go up there and make silly faces and potentially win the election. He might just be your next president…

  50. JCer says:

    30 YR, I’m not buying huge amounts of rural support in NYS, up there folks tend to not be too pleased with the Dems in Albany, so I would suspect not a lot of Democrat support in rural areas of NYS. My friend in VT tells me he is seeing Trump flags deep in Bernie Sanders country……the only thing Biden has going for him is that he is NOT Trump, that maybe enough but who knows.

  51. Phoenix says:

    I hope they steal every last byte of data from this company and post it somewhere online for all to see.


  52. Fast Eddie says:

    He might just be your next president…

    He might be president but not mine. I’ll tax the system like I did with Oblabby and will legally shield my finances as much as possible to limit the amount of extortion from the parasites and layabouts. S0c1ally, I feel for kids as the self1sh left1sts are going to stuff every confusing and inappropriate statement down the young ones throats. It hurts me inside to think how they drill their take on morality into these kid’s heads. They’re kids!! Teach them, guide them and let them play!! F.cuking tragic… like that woman who is an O’Biden supporter stating her 8-year old is transgender. F.uck you, lady. Let then at least be a kid before you f.uck their heads up with confusion. They’ll figure it out. Here’s hoping Trump can squeak by as I trust the left and these polls as much as I trust a clip artist in a crowd of tourists.

  53. Phoenix says:

    “My friend in VT tells me he is seeing Trump flags deep in Bernie Sanders country”

    Whites are all flocking to white havens. They are afraid of becoming minorities in their own country. It’s ironic, actually. White women have cancel cultured their own race into minority status.

    Pink hats soldier on!

  54. JCer says:

    Eddie, Biden doesn’t know what office he is running for, who he is running against and what year it is. He’s Joe Biden and he’s running for the United States senate if you don’t like him go vote for the other Biden. Seriously sometimes Biden thinks he’s running for the senate the first time and it’s 1972 other times it’s 2008 and he is running for VP on rare occasion he realizes it is 2020 and he is running for president again Trump. I seriously cannot believe this country is about to elect a nursing home patient to the presidency, but that is what it looks like. If Trump weren’t an absolute train wreck this would be a landslide…..

    A senile old man who is telling you he will raise your taxes, lock you in a basement, and ban fossil fuels is the front runner, do I need to say anything else……strange times indeed

  55. Phoenix says:

    ike that woman who is an O’Biden supporter stating her 8-year old is transgender. F.uck you, lady. Let then at least be a kid before you f.uck their heads up with confusion.

    Women have taken over the Democratic party. They even cancel cultured Al Franken who was a supporter of womens rights.
    Somewhere along the route it all turned south.

  56. Phoenix says:

    White women like O’biden. He is soft, emasculated, and will buy them a Yukon Xl or a new pair of Gucc i’s when they tell him to. It’s their turn to run the show now, and you are about to be cancelled right out of your CEO position with just an allegation.

  57. Phoenix says:

    I’ve already seen 2 guy’s “cancelled” out of their management positions at work due to whining complaints to corporate. Takes absolutely nothing anymore and you are tossed from the top rung of the ladder that you worked hard to get to right into the pile at the bottom when the panties get bunched up a bit too tight, they want to move up, or “perceive” something that has no backing in reality.

  58. Fast Eddie says:

    The mantra and belief of O’Biden supporters:

    From apathy to dependence – Increasing numbers of people lack the virtues and zeal necessary to work and contribute. The suffering and the sacrifices that built the culture are now a distant memory. As discipline and work increasingly seem “too hard,” dependence grows. The collective culture now tips in the direction of dependence. Suffering of any sort seems intolerable. But virtue is not seen as the solution. Having lived on the sacrifices of others for years, the civilization now insists that “others” must solve their woes. This ushers in growing demands for governmental, c0llective solutions. This in turns deepens dependence, as solutions move from personal virtue and local, family-based sacrifices to centralized ones.

  59. joyce says:

    and will legally shield my finances as much as possible

    Are you not doing this now?

  60. Phoenix says:

    What you state happens when you start losing your rights legally to control your own destiny. This is where America is going.

  61. Phoenix says:

    He is, every year, since he was 5 years old. And it’s legal.

  62. Phoenix says:

    This in turns deepens dependence, as solutions move from personal virtue and local, family-based sacrifices to centralized ones.

    Those of you who embrace overzealous law enforcement are creating this. A system that controls you, and the ability to enforce it. Great job.

    They all have us lining up for the slaughter. Move along now, they will be coming for you soon.

  63. 3b says:

    My complaint with the Biden supporters is that they won’t even acknowledge he is a weak candidate. People are going to or already have voted for a guy who is big part of the reason Trump was elected in the first place. Amazing to me that they don’t see the irony.

  64. Phoenix says:

    The Democratic women wanted an easy man they could control. That’s why Biden is in. Good luck with that.

  65. BRT says:

    Funny, Babylon Bee had a spoof article where Biden said he’s the only one who could beat Ronald Regan. If he only gaffed a little more.

  66. ExEssex says:

    10:31 i wager you are working.
    Whole sectors of the economy are decimated and you
    are smugly quoting Ayn Rand? Die Republican.

  67. Libturd says:


    Many of us know how weak Biden is. Many of us are extremely disappointed with the DNC. But this is no different than the wonks here who continue to ignore Trump’s constant lying and evidence of blatant stupidity. I am not going to waste my time providing examples.

    This election is over, regardless of the Republican wonks here claiming otherwise.

    I said this before Covid and it still rings true today if not even more so due to the impact of Covid. Trump won in 2016 for two reasons. First, there were a huge number of voters on the left that were not excited about Hillary and the corruption her and her family represented. Second, and more importantly, Trump represented a protest vote that many centrist voters found desirable. In 2020, Biden is another pretty sucky choice made by the DNC. But Trump is no longer a protest vote. He replaced one toxic swamp with another, mainly made up of his own family members and those few people who were crazy enough to back him in 2016 when the Republican Party saw the threat that he truly was.

    So as the Red party loyalists here want to make believe there is a secret Trump vote and that well attended rallies somehow equate to taking states in the Electoral and that the polls are wrong once again. They are simply ignoring the reality that first, most of the polls adjusted for their flaws in 2016 (which in most cases fell within the stated statistical error of the polls). Second, Biden’s lead is much greater in nearly every poll, than it was back in 2016, well out of the statistical error. Third, the turnout appears to be potentially record-breaking, giving serious credence to my theory that the left wing voters who stayed home in 2016 did not stay home in 2020.

    Then there is the comparison of war chests for Biden and Trump and the biggest issue possibly of all. Many Trump voters in 2016 are simply not enthralled with his performance as President.

    Where are the new Trump voters coming from?

    Michigan is up double digits right now. Florida is a gimme. Pennsylvania is trending further blue and national polls show Trump is trending in the wrong direction. Sorry, but well attended rallies and Trump supporter car parades just brings out the same wonky loyalists that would vote Red even if the candidate was a known serial killer. And it turns off those few intelligent Republicans who know that holding such events during a pandemic is absolutely crazytown.

    Anyone want to bet some more whiskey? There’s plenty of room in the Gator liquor cabinet. Could use some more rum as it was a summer of backyard juleps and rum & cokes.

  68. 3b says:

    Lib: You are the only one here who acknowledges Biden is weak. As far as corruption, there is at least reasonable basis that Biden may be corrupt as well. Who knows just exactly what he has been involved in these past 4 decades. He is more than likely corrupt by some definition. Him 4 decades plus, Trump 4 years. Biden is also a racist and a liar. Democratic voters should be outraged this is their choice as decided by the DNC. I get he is not Trump, but that is a low bar to meet. I can’t believe we are
    Probably going to get rid of a lunatic only to replace him with a corrupt old man, who is part of the problem that got Trump elected in the first place. This country is pathetic!

  69. Libturd says:

    Yes it is! It’s laughable. Hopefully in three years or so, we can all laugh about this down in my compound in Costa Rica. The invitation is open to all of you, except Pumps, who must have beat down by his wife or something.

  70. 30 year realtor says:


    Nobody in this entire forum has ever praised the choice of Joe Biden by the DNC. Biden is my choice against Trump, not my choice of the Democratic field. I would have preferred Warren.

    Trump only knows how to divide. In 4 years time the country has become divided in a way I have never seen before.

  71. Phoenix says:

    Lib: You are the only one here who acknowledges Biden is weak.

    I’d beg to differ on that one.

  72. Fast Eddie says:

    Trump Oblammy only knows how to divide. In 4 years time the country has become divided in a way I have never seen before.

    Fixed it.

  73. Phoenix says:

    Obama let the bankers off. As far as I’m concerned that made him a criminal.

  74. njtownhomer says:

    yep Obama divided into two groups round and flat buttoms. But there have been closet racists who resented having a black guy in charge.

  75. 3b says:

    My apologies to 30 and Phoenix if that is the case, I have to agree with Fast though on that Obama was a divider too, he should have been the unifier candidate bi racial , black and white, and all the possibilities. Instead he emphasized divisions between the two, real and imagined in my opinion.

  76. Phoenix says:

    Utah hospitals could start rationing health care at overwhelmed facilities, hospital association says.

    Keep pushing something past it’s design limits and see what happens.

  77. Libturd says:

    How about that market? We are again at the bottom of the upward trend channel since March. Every time Mr. Market has done this, it has bounced straight up to set a new high. It’s the start of what should be a pretty ugly earnings season. Then again, I would expect the Dems will pass a porkulus bill that will make Obama’s look like chump change. May be buying in a bit tomorrow.

  78. 3b says:

    Phoenix: Agree, he did. It would have sent a powerful message.

  79. Phoenix says:

    At least we have 12 aircraft carriers and hypersonic missiles.

  80. leftwing says:

    “I’ve already seen 2 guy’s “cancelled” out of their management positions at work due to whining complaints to corporate. Takes absolutely nothing anymore…”

    I said this here a few years ago and took some grief for it….In a professional office setting I don’t view a woman as offering diversity of view or bringing any other benefit that outweighs her risk to me. I view her first and foremost as a personal liability to be managed, not as a co-worker. I would never be alone with a woman co-worker in any setting. Which is unfortunate for the sane women because some of the best networking I had in advancing my career was one-on-one with a successful senior employee getting to know me. Dinner while traveling. Drinks after a client meeting. Sharing a rental car. I’m certain I used this example previously….you’d have to be batsh1t crazy to get into a rental car alone with a female co-worker. Even leaving malice aside the potential for issues for you is way too large to manage.

  81. Phoenix says:

    3b. I could care less what color he was. He sent a clear message by letting them all go. That we as citizens are worthless.

  82. Phoenix says:

    Neither one of the examples I cited had anything to do with sexual misconduct. It was just a matter of control. Very sneaky and deceitful tactics.

  83. Phoenix says:

    They have more weapons in their arsenal that you can even begin to imagine. And their desire for power will show you they will use them anytime they feel like if they don’t get what they want.

  84. leftwing says:

    Phoenix, even worse…

  85. leftwing says:

    any color you can provide on their claims and tactics?

  86. Libturd says:

    See, I didn’t see Obama as a divider more than the traditional red vs. blue team hijinx. I saw him more as a failed chance to have done so much more. Trump, on the other hand, through his endless tweeting of love or hate for every goddamned object that enters his field of vision has taken this division to heights I never imagined could occur. No one likes it when the other team is in power. But the Trump hatred is unmatched in US history, except for perhaps during the Civil War. Sure the left disliked Bush one and really poked the bear with Bush two, but the right claimed Obama was a Muslim non-citizen. Come on now.

    Let’s see what crap the dumbo in chief is tweeting today.

    “Cases up because we TEST, TEST, TEST. A Fake News Media Conspiracy. Many young people who heal very fast. 99.9%. Corrupt Media conspiracy at all time high. On November 4th., topic will totally change. VOTE!”

    Sheesh. Does anyone really think a swing voter is going to buy this load of dung? He’d be smart to get Bannon back and find some xenophobia to push again.

  87. Fast Eddie says:

    Pence to speak in Minnesota; Trump for three rallies in P.A., O’Biden napping and Harris off the table.

  88. Libturd says:

    You do realize that these rallies are super spreader events. Did you see the path of destruction that Sturges left? I applaud the Dems for not holding rallies. They don’t need to.

  89. relo says:

    Tell me a good “woke” joke.
    – Michael Palin

  90. leftwing says:

    “May be buying in a bit tomorrow.”

    For discussion purposes only…..

    Will be interesting to see if we break beneath the channels and moving averages pre-election…..

    More importantly, I believe the markets are not fully discounting where we go post election with political turmoil, stimulus, and COVID.

    Seems to me everyone says these downsides are priced in, yet each time something pops that seems obvious market gets jittery…Europe starting surging weeks ago so why are we surprised they’re locking down….We may not have a winner on Nov 3 so why are we buggered now that the race has tightened and PA/VA won’t even have possession of all the mail-in ballots until days after then….

    I have CNBC on in the background most days, conventional wisdom seems to be that once we clear the election you will get stimulus because the need for ‘posturing’ disappears….I would take the exact opposite trade for the same reason…..once you have locked in your seat and the next election is by definition the furthest away in time why would you soften your position? Plus, add that Repubs are going to be even less compliant if they lose both WH and Senate does anyone really expect them to sign on to and bring to the floor a massive spending bill authored by pelosi? the only reason we have this entire Pelosi/Mnuchin kabuki dance over the last few weeks is so each side can go into the election not not-supporting aid, using that amorphous position to both place political blame on an opponent and as a placeholder until control of WH and Senate is sorted out and the winning party can get on with their own, not a compromise, agenda.

    Lastly, I believe everyone is underestimating the actual optics of election night and the ensuing days. Odds are DJT comes close to ‘winning’ election night and loses with the mail-in. Under that scenario imagine the lawsuits, inflammatory and partisan reporting, DJT inflaming actions, and general uncertainty. I fully expect to see citizen shooting citizen…not many, but political deaths in some city’s street will be the 6pm national news lead-in……along with the other aforementioned really ugly visual reports.

    While everyone says this uncertainty is priced in, and vol popping into the low 30s today is certainly way above average, I’m just not convinced it captures the likely facts to be on the ground from Nov 4 through about 11th….

    Personally I’m long vol (short market), short my criminals in Rochester (performing for me again today), short money centers, have my LYFT CA Prop long trade on, and then some smaller stuff.

    Am putting together a buy list for next week Lib. Any suggestions?

  91. Libturd says:

    It’s Donny Covidseed!

  92. Libturd says:


    Will do some research this week. I always share my trades. They are quite infrequent these days. Will look for non-internet names that got beat down more than the market in this latest pullback with my required risk-reducing five years of earnings and sales growth.

  93. Hold my beer says:

    Talented. Retired FDNY on disability pension who still works as a stuntman.


    No state income tax on his 136k a year disability pension.

  94. Fast Eddie says:

    Polls Are Tightening: Trump Will Deliver Stunning Upset (Update 2)


  95. ExEssex says:

    Trump Trump Trump Trump


  96. Libturd says:

    Gary. That article was written by a hedge fund loser. Believe what you want!

  97. Libturd says:

    Also, Trump didn’t destroy HRC as that expert writer wrote. It was crazy close.

  98. D-FENS says:

    Today’s slap in the face. @GovMurphy is sending MVC mobile units to prison this week so the thousands of convicted felons he’s releasing early get ID cards while you wait in line. That’s Phil’s #NJ: Crime pays. You pay for it.

  99. ExEssex says:

    Dow Tanks on word that Trump might win again.

  100. 3b says:

    Biden: Very disoriented today.

  101. ExEssex says:

    Bankruptcy filings are surging due to the economic fallout of COVID-19, and many lenders are coming to the realization that their claims are almost completely worthless. Instead of recouping, say, 40 cents for every dollar owed, as has been the norm for years, unsecured creditors now face the unenviable prospect of walking away with just pennies — if that.

    While few could have foreseen the pandemic’s toll on the economy, the depth of investors’ pain from corporate distress was all too predictable. Desperate to generate higher returns during a decade of rock-bottom interest rates, money managers bargained away legal protections, accepted ever-widening loopholes, and turned a blind eye to questionable earnings projections. Corporations, for their part, took full advantage and gorged on astronomical amounts of debt that many now cannot repay or refinance.

    It’s a stark reminder of the long-lasting repercussions of the Federal Reserve’s unprecedented easy-money policies. Ultra-low rates helped risky companies sell bonds with fewer safeguards, which creditors seeking higher returns were happy to accept. Now, amid a new bout of economic pain, the effects of those policies are coming to bear.

    Debt issued by the owner of Men’s Wearhouse, which filed for court protection in August, traded this month for less than 2 cents on the dollar. When J.C. Penney Co. went bankrupt, an auction held for holders of default protection found the retailer’s lowest-priced debt was worth just 0.125 cents on the dollar. For Neiman Marcus Group Inc., that figure was 3 cents.

    The loose lending terms that investors have agreed to mean that by the time corporations file for bankruptcy now, they’ve often exhausted their options for fixing their debt loads out of court. They’ve swapped their old notes for new ones, often borrowing against even more of their assets in the process. Some have taken brand names, trademarks, and even whole businesses out of the reach of existing creditors and borrowed against those too. While creditors always do worse in economic downturns than in better times, in previous downturns, lenders had more power to press companies into bankruptcy sooner, stemming some of their losses.

  102. D-FENS says:


    BREAKING: Washington announces $2.4 billion-sale of 100 Harpoon coastal defense systems to Taiwan – AFP


  103. Fast Eddie says:

    Did O’Biden have a stroke in Chester, P.A.? Omg, what was he trying to say? BTW, Pennsylvania is now +2 for Trump. O’Biden is losing steam really quickly now. CNN interviewed people in P.A. and the oil/fracking thing was the deal breaker.

  104. ExEssex says:

    Mitch McConnell won’t risk his Senate leadership by forcing fellow Republicans to back a big stimulus bill, as he expects President Donald Trump to lose in November, Ian Shepherdson, Pantheon Macroeconomics’ chief economist, said on Thursday.
    “McConnell expects Trump to lose, and therefore, for him to spend political capital to support Trump by forcing through a bill which would put his own leadership position at risk after the election, to me, doesn’t make any sense,” Shepherdson said in a webinar.
    The Senate majority leader won’t persuade his own party to vote for a big relief spending bill, because “splitting the party is death to the leader,” Shepherdson said.

  105. Fabius Maximus says:

    Its morning in Gilead.

    I’m now at 30% we get a clean election and dropping.

  106. D-FENS says:


    Fabius Maximus says:
    October 27, 2020 at 7:35 am
    Its morning in Gilead.

    I’m now at 30% we get a clean election and dropping.

  107. D-FENS says:

    Biden stopped campaigning because every speech he made turned into a MAGA rally. The optics were getting embarrassing. This was Joe Biden’s rally in PA this weekend:


  108. D-FENS says:

    It’s a funny meme you numbskull

    Fabius Maximus says:
    October 27, 2020 at 8:07 am

  109. Fast Eddie says:


    That twitter link is remarkable! G0d, we can only hope that there’s a hidden army of Trump voters flying under the radar.

  110. RC NJ says:

    No need to head to Pennsy for a Trump Rally. There was one in Verona Park this past Saturday.


  111. TruthIsTheEnemy says:

    In case there was anything else you needed to know about Biden and his 50 years of stealing from us, he’s being endorsed by GW “shrub” Bush. Biden has locked up the neocon vote.

  112. D-FENS says:

    The story has gone from Biden is corrupt to Mainstream media is disappearing the story that Biden is corrupt.

    The notion that the US news media has climbed into bed with the intelligence agencies has been laid bare.

    TruthIsTheEnemy says:
    October 27, 2020 at 8:56 am
    In case there was anything else you needed to know about Biden and his 50 years of stealing from us, he’s being endorsed by GW “shrub” Bush. Biden has locked up the neocon vote.

  113. 30 year realtor says:

    Trump voters are the vocal minority, not the silent majority.

  114. Fabius Maximus says:

    Texas will be interesting to watch. W endorsing Joe is the one of the last ties the GOP moderates had with the current party. Add in that Bloomberg just dumped 15Mil in advertising into the state for this last week.


  115. A Home Buyer says:

    The verbal slips Biden made when speaking for the most part are invisible unless you are really looking for them.

    But meme or not, the unedited version of Biden’s part of the Rally was as satisfying to digest as charred burnt toast. In stark contrast, his wife gave an excellent introduction opening for him.

    He may be better off not “rallying” his base then continuing doing rallies like this, but this is all just my opinion.


  116. Libturd says:

    Biden has always had a speech impediment. The fact that the narrative from the right is that it is proof of senility or even a stroke just speaks to their complete lack of intelligence and continued use of dishonesty. Then again, it’s not surprising as they would walk of a bridge for their moron in chief. One more week of this nonsense and the world will be a much saner place where the politicians are still corrupt, but the obvious lies should let up. I wonder if Trump is still going tweet his nonsense all day. For sure, real estate will take second place to duping his dumb-ass followers into forever purchasing Trump merch. I can only imagine the steaming fly-infested dung he will be hawking on Fox News for the rest of his life.

  117. Juice Box says:

    W endorsing Joe?

    That hasn’t happened. Even Jeb is staying out.

    Poor Sleeping Joe thinks he is running against W too.

  118. Fabius Maximus says:

    So who paid off K’s mortgage and CC debts? Also can I get a Pr00f of L1fe on Bill Barr?

    “Kavanaugh argued the exact opposite legal position in 2000 working for Bush 43 in Florida than he did yesterday in the Wisconsin case. Exact opposite What do they have in common if not the law. Both were an attempt to steal the election and undermine our democracy. Fool me once..”


  119. Phoenix says:

    Cat fight stuff. Claimed the guy favored one over the other. Sure he showed her a tad more attention, but that one is like a Selena Gomez- cute as a button, but genuinely nice. Actually asked me one night if I needed a ride to my car and gave me a ride. Not a mean bone in her body. Sad thing is he helped them all-not just her, these are all of the new kids. Funny thing is the ones he did not favor, the older group, never said peep. Sent emails directly to H.R. on him. Guy looks deflated like his own wife turned on him cause he really went out of his way to make sure they were treated well. One of them took his job.
    The other guy, I don’t know. Heard through the grapevine similar story. That guy switched out of his department over to ours. Win for our team that’s for sure. First rate, great skills, easy to work with.

    They get so jealous over everything. One went for supplies with a resident, came back with no supplies and a “flushed chest” and messy hair. She is cute, has that thing about her- I get it. The others are so pissed as he is supposedly the “hottest” resident around.
    I say good for her. But they are going to make her pay-I heard one above her state how she is going to make her life miserable.

  120. D-FENS says:

    Fabius, can you tell me if this has been manipulated? I can’t tell


  121. Libturd says:


    Now that’s pretty funny and really well done.

  122. TruthIsTheEnemy says:

    My bad on the shrub comment, fell for The click bait.

    That Biden rally is hilarious. Is that MAGA people beeping? And Biden is running on the Obama platform. Totally hollow platitudes. Other than bureaucratizing the worlds best health care system, what is his platform?

  123. ExEssex says:


  124. Libturd says:

    “what is his platform?”

    Ending Trump.

    That’s good enough for me.

  125. Fast Eddie says:

    The difference in enthusiasm is drastic. If you were to ask an outside objective view, Trump would win without question. If no one is showing up for O’Biden, it’s hard to imagine they’re showing up with their votes. The silent majority? I keep hearing that’s associated with the right. One side is fighting like he11, really wants it and the other side is trying to play some sort of defense. O’Biden is up in almost every swing state? Yet, no one is showing up for an old man who struggles to speak, has no energy and no answers.

  126. TruthIsTheEnemy says:

    Eddie, which is why they tried to rig the election with the mail in shenanigans. Totally obvious.

  127. Fast Eddie says:


    That is the truth… this is how the left operates. The media and tech corps somehow think fringe, radical, progressive ideas is what drives America? I’m so f.ucking sick of hearing tolerance and acceptance and demanding free stuff and people must accept other people identifying as a pronoun and on and on… it’s f.ucking maddening. Shut the f.uck up and do something productive. Universal incomes, free housing, cradle to grave coverage and every other thing are symbols of a lazy and listless nation. Omg, it’s pathetic.

  128. ST2 says:

    There’s a old adage in Special Ops, “Don’t confuse enthusiasm with capability.”

  129. ExEssex says:

    11:53 damn!!!! Savage .

  130. Fast Eddie says:

    There’s a old adage in Special Ops, “Don’t confuse enthusiasm with capability.”

    O’Biden has neither.

  131. Bystander says:

    Palpatine had lots of energy too but I would not choose a leader based on that.

    Also, I am the only one who thought Mandalorian was beautifully shot but had dogsh*t plot and writing…geez, overrated.

  132. Juice Box says:

    WTF? Allot of undecided voters in swing states? Why the wait on the mail in ballots? Did they go in the garbage?

    In Michigan 2 million mail ballots have been returned, but another 1 million haven’t been yet.

    In Wisconsin, about 659,000 mail ballots are outstanding, out of 1.7 million requested.

    In Pennsylvania there are 1.5 million mail ballots outstanding, out of 3 million requested.

  133. ExEssex says:

    12:04 Biden is going to win and your boy will be cast aside shoulders hunched orange make-up smeared on his collar. You’ll hear from him on Twitter and he’ll fancy himself some sort of hero. He’ll take over Rush’s radio show and fade into oblivion.

  134. Libturd says:

    “but had dogsh*t plot and writing…geez, overrated”

    Agreed. But it’s still the best thing Star Wars in ages. The last couple of films have been way too sanitized and multicultural. I was waiting for a transgender robot.

  135. ExEssex says:

    12:31 * a lot

  136. Bystander says:


    Agree. I could barely stomach the PC inclusive non-sense and it reminded me why right hates the liberal brow beating agenda. There has to be a balance but those movies were straight up PC garbage. Rogue One was awesome bc it just told a story.

  137. BRT says:

    I don’t know why people are screaming that Disney ruined Star Wars. Truth is, Lucas ruined it around 1996. But…it was his to ruin, so it’s fine.

  138. BRT says:

    Palpatine had lots of energy too but I would not choose a leader based on that.

    Biden is more like Jar Jar, who, as we all know ushered in Palpatine.

  139. Libturd says:

    1600 new cases in NJ. We sure are rounding the corner, of the funeral home.

    This is when it goes parabolic. Everyone, run to Shoprite to get your toilet paper, Oreos and Lysol wipes ASAP. Wait in the longest line and get Covid for free.

    We are the dumbest country.

  140. Fast Eddie says:

    1600 new cases in NJ

    1) How many are asymptomatic?
    2) What’s the hospitalization rate?
    3) What’s the case/death ratio?
    4) how many tests per day are being conducted?

  141. Bystander says:

    He is more like Yoda on his death bed, trying to rid us of Sith lord Vader.

  142. Libturd says:

    Will you ask the same question when it hits 6,000 or 8,000 cases a day? Or is this still just a minor flu?

    These aren’t all happening at the nursing home and hospital this time.

  143. Libturd says:

    Shouldn’t be long before we eclipse American WWII deaths.

  144. Fast Eddie says:

    Will you ask the same question when it hits 6,000 or 8,000 cases a day?


  145. Fast Eddie says:

    Joe Biden has pitched himself to voters as a “union man,” a son of Scranton, Pa., who respects the dignity of work and will defend organized labor if he wins the White House.

    To rank-and-file members in some unions, especially the building trades, it doesn’t matter. They’re still firmly in Donald Trump’s camp.


  146. Libturd says:

    After four hours of research, I purchased some MRVL and AUDC. Both I see as short-term plays.

    AUDC should continue to benefit from the transition from Skype and other IM engines to MS teams which is definitely becoming the business standard. It’s a Covid play for sure.

    MRVL is being marketed as a 5G play, but they do a lot more than that. They make some speedy SOC crap for cloud hardware as well. Though probably overvalued slightly, 5G is going to be the shiznit as America is too stupid to stop the spread the of COVID.

    MRVL probably will move like a barge. AUDC is priced better and definitely the riskier of the two.

    I also liked TW (they build trading platforms) and AMGN (a bio tech with a nice 4th quarter pipeline) and DHI (yes a housing stock because no one wants to live in an apartment) for the longer term, but I need to see if this pullback is the real deal or if we’ll rebound tomorrow. If we don’t rebound tomorrow, I will probably pull the plug on the trades I made today as well as the ones I made about 3 months ago. I am still over 50% cash in my trading accounts.

    I have no fukcing clue what I’m doing, so if you want to follow me off a cliff, I will not be providing a parachute.

    In other financial news. My lower unit went under lease today. I lost 1/2 a months rent. First time this has ever happened in 17 years. Things ARE changing. All of a sudden, proximity to the train is not terribly valuable.

  147. Fabius Maximus says:

    So its all “look at this, look at this, see!” up until its called out as BS, then “Its only a MEME!”

    Got it!


  148. A Home Buyer says:


    So how do you think the below sentence was supposed to go? For more years of George Lopez interviews?

    “The character of the country in my view is literally on the ballot, what kind of country are we going to be,” he says. “Four more years of George uh…George, going to find ourselves in a position if Trump gets elected, we are going to be in a different world.”

    Did you watch the video in the link to Bidens page? The AP transcript removed a bunch of ums and ticks ash he struggled around that sentence. His wifes facial expressions immediately begin sinking here after mentioning “George” and starts stuttering.

    It doesn’t bother me that he messed up a name. But i cannot fathom to how he could have meant his interviewer in that exchange.

  149. Crushednjmillenial says:

    Looting in Philly again.

    I can’t believe this is happening so close to the election.

  150. BRT says:

    I was supposed to take my kids to a museum in Philly on Sunday. Leaning towards not going and just eating the cost of the tickets/reservation or asking them for a reschedule.

  151. Libturd says:

    Wow, just discovered another bullsh1t tax.

    Now I need a smoke certification anytime there’s apartment turnover?

    $75 to Montclair and they don’t even come to inspect. What a crock.

    I already have 10 year battery powered smoke/co detectors on each floor. Now they must be within ten feet of every bedroom, in each stairwell and you need to purchase a new fire extinguisher with each cert.

    Between the illegal covid eviction ban and this, I’m guessing the number of mom & pop landlords is going to drop drastically. Rents are naturally going to go up after this since the big guys don’t F around and will just charge everyone more.

    It’s seriously time for me to think about selling my place. It’s just not worth it anymore. I’m sure it will be converted into a single family, renovated and there will be two more affordable units gone from the rent rolls. I really can’t believe how bad it is getting here. $75 for what?

  152. Libturd says:

    BRT, no one is looting a museum. You’ll be fine. This is not Newark style looting (yet). It’s extremely organized and almost too much so.

  153. SomeOne says:


    Obama was a divider too, he should have been the unifier candidate bi racial , black and white, and all the possibilities.

    The “one drop rule” seems to be still the norm…

  154. Libturd says:


    The problem with the Bobu guy is that he is clearly pissed that he did not profit enough off of his corruption. This is what happens when you make a crackhead a business partner. Though the emails do appear to be real. Noone trusts what comes out of Bobu’s mouth. Especially considering that he is spilling the beans because he did not get his fair share. Sorry, but this story is getting lamer by the minute. All of the ties to the big guy are in Bobu’s oral testimony and not in any emails. A point the Post intentionally leaves out. Then again, it’s the Post, which has less integrity than used toilet paper. I’m not so sure it’s censorship as much as there isn’t anything there but a lot of conjecture and a dumb crackhead son who is responsible for his own actions. If I didn’t know better I’d say you’re our first paid troll. Especially considering that Bobu and you both hail from Chicago (supposedly).

  155. Crushednjmillenial says:

    Lib . . .

    Some towns currently charge $300 or so for exactly that inspection. I am very surprised this is new in Montclair and I am surprised it is so low.

    Further, I expect the State will eventually require a similar inspection. It is a revenue source to pursue against a captive business – real estate rental properties. The food processing or oil processing plants can move away. The financial data centers sure can, too. But, New Jersey real estate can’t leave, so it will pay for our new $5B in state debt and all the other debt service owed by the state.

  156. SomeOne says:


    I can’t believe this is happening so close to the election.

    Do you mean that the timing of the shooting seems suspicious?

  157. Libturd says:


    It must be nice.

    Stern was talking about what’s involved in international travel to Australia. Yup, you are required to quarantine in a hotel for 14 days after being tested. There will be an agent outside your room the entire time to bring you meals and to make sure you don’t act like a selfish prick American. No new cases were reported yesterday. Here we won’t even wear a mask. Whatever! The morons always know best.

  158. Libturd says:

    Here’s another one. In nearly costs the same amount in tolls as it does for gas to drive round trip to Atlantic City. And as we all know gas is becoming more and more sin taxed.

  159. BRT says:

    I wanted to go to center city as well. My son is already having issues with being at home. I don’t need to accidentally subject him to any nonsense.

  160. JCer says:

    lib, at the moment the “big guys” are taking a beating, we will see how many properties survive this, also lower income=lower rents. The eviction ban is a big problem, from what I’ve heard the big companies are discounting just to get paying tenants if they have vacancies. I image some landlords will just turn the keys over on their marginal properties, most residential projects have a DSCR of 1.5-2, marginal properties will be even lower(more levered and less equity, the investors want less skin in the game) and potentially the projections were based on fairytales so you have properties just barely covering the debt service. What happens all of the sudden now that there are more vacancies than usual and only 50% of the apartments are performing?

  161. Libturd says:


    It’s really crazytown then. How are we not in a great depression right now? How does this whole facade not collapse on itself?

  162. Fabius Maximus says:


    Trying to turn Joes Speech impediment into something its not, is getting a bit old.
    Just keep manipulating video for the base.


  163. njtownhomer says:

    Lib, mine was $110 and they had me buy a monster 2A-10BC huge new extinguisher. Looks like the regular one from the year before doesn’t cut it. They request to see the receipt of the purchase of the extinguisher. As if tenants are gonna risk them do the work. Great income source for the towns.

  164. Phoenix says:

    “It’s really crazytown then. How are we not in a great depression right now? How does this whole facade not collapse on itself?”

    I ask myself this same question every day. You know it’s coming, you just don’t know when.

  165. ST2 says:

    Belgium having big problems.


    Doctors in the Belgian city of Liège have been asked to keep working even if they have coronavirus amid a surge in cases and hospital admissions.
    About a quarter of medical staff there are reportedly off sick with Covid-19.
    Now 10 hospitals have requested that staff who have tested positive but do not have symptoms keep working.
    The head of the Belgian Association of Medical Unions told the BBC they had no choice if they were to prevent the hospital system collapsing within days.

  166. homeboken says:

    I said this 2 weeks ago here, it was true then and remains true.

    There is precisely zero percent chance Biden could obtain a security clearance right now.

    Granted, POTUS doesn’t necessarily need a clearance. Buy that’s who you are voting for. Have fun.

    Tony Bobulinski went on recorded, for 1 hour, in front of a multiple million person audience. Handed all supporting evidence to the authorities. Remember when the left adored “whistle-blowers’

    What a disgrace this has become.

  167. homeboken says:

    Documents, texts, emails, audio recordings, pictures, names, dates, times and meta data. All backed up by named sources, on the record.

    No anonymous whistleblowers here.

    The Biden family are traitors.

    Change my mind.

  168. 30 year realtor says:

    Every media outlet would love to have a verified story to run that would take down a major politician. This laptop story was peddled to every major conservative media outlet and they wouldn’t touch it.

  169. Fast Eddie says:

    All of the ties to the big guy are in Bobu’s oral testimony and not in any emails.

    Bobulinki presented everything to the FBI, NSA, etc. and illustrated them last night with his interview with Tucker. It’s not hearsay or made up. They even played a few recorded phone calls. Having high level security clearance himself, Bobulinski said O’Biden is compromised.

  170. 30 year realtor says:

    In order to get re-elected Trump must keep his base and add to it. Doesn’t appear likely.

  171. Crushednjmillenial says:

    Someone . . .

    I am surprised the looting is happening so close to the election because, while I am not conspiracy theory-minded, it seemed like the Left shut the looting down when it was becoming clear that the US voter was not going to stand for looting.

    I am not saying there is some shadowy big leader who fully controls the left. However, it stopped right after the RNC polling numbers came out, after the Right kept pressing the “looting” message at the RNC.

    I don’t think the shooting is suspicious. I think that it is what it looks like – mentally ill armed suspect, police back up over and over and then legally justified use of force.

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