C19 Open Discussion Week 57b

Updated Vaccination by Age Range for NJ:
Afternoon of 4/5 vs Morning of 4/9

At Least 1 Dose
Total Pop: 8.9m
Total 1st Doses: 3.2m – 36% of total pop (Up from 34%)
18-29 – 1.4m population – 288k dosed – 21% 1 Dose (Up from 19%)
30-49 – 2.3m population – 800k dosed – 35% 1 Dose (Up from 33%)
50-64 – 1.9m population – 928k dosed – 49% 1 Dose (Up from 46%)
65-79 – 1.1m population – 896k dosed – 81% 1 Dose (Up from 77%)
80+ – 400k population – 320k dosed – 80% 1 Dose (Up from 75%)

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105 Responses to C19 Open Discussion Week 57b

  1. grim says:

    NJ COVID-19 deaths should fall off a cliff any day now.

  2. grim says:

    30-49 accounted for 4% of C19 deaths
    50-65 accounted for 16% of C19 deaths
    65+ accounted for 80% of C19 deaths

    What we’re going to see is, as the higher age ranges max out, the lower age range rate of vaccination will accelerate (this isn’t so obvious). Anecdotally – watch for the 30 and 40-somethings start to brag about vaccination fairly regularly.

  3. Hold my beer says:

    Frist non grim

  4. The Great Pumpkin says:

    I don’t know. WSJ is losing their way. How is one supposed to pay for society if no one wants to pay for it? The rich and corporations unfortunately make most of the money. Where else are you going to get the money? Every country is in debt because of this game of taxes being played by the rich and corporations, they refuse to pay their fair share. You know what that debt from each country is…how much money we borrowed from the rich to keep this train going.

    “Democrats try to sell Biden’s plan with a tax-competition myth.”

    “Boost­ers fo­cus on the OECD pro­gram’s min­i­mum rate, which would prob­a­bly be around 12%. If a com­pany paid less than that share of its to­tal tax­able prof­its in the coun­tries where it does busi­ness, its home coun­try would im­pose a tax to cover the dif­fer­ence. The Biden tax plan would hit com­pa­nies with an ef­fec­tive tax rate closer to 26% on global prof­its. Ms. Yellen is thus count­ing on a global min­i­mum tax to block U.S. com­pa­nies from re­turn­ing to the pre-2017 norm of keep­ing cap­i­tal over­seas.”


  5. Hold my beer says:

    I saw the U.K. rates have plummeted. The 7 day average dropped 20% in the last week. That’s with 47% with one dose

  6. Fast Eddie says:


    I’m waiting to see that type of drop here. NJ still had 4,000 plus cases as of yesterday?? I don’t know where they keep getting these numbers. When I got the first shot two days ago, there was hoards of people getting the dose. I assume a week or two from now, we’ll see the numbers fall off a cliff? We hope.

  7. BRT says:

    At Least 1 Dose
    Total Pop: 8.9m
    Total 1st Doses: 3.2m – 36% of total pop (Up from 34%)
    18-29 – 1.4m population – 288k dosed – 21% 1 Dose (Up from 19%)
    30-49 – 2.3m population – 800k dosed – 35% 1 Dose (Up from 33%)
    50-64 – 1.9m population – 928k dosed – 49% 1 Dose (Up from 46%)
    65-79 – 1.1m population – 896k dosed – 81% 1 Dose (Up from 77%)
    80+ – 400k population – 320k dosed – 80% 1 Dose (Up from 75%)

    I heard Canada just hit 3% vaccinated

  8. BRT says:

    Eddie, the website Save Jersey keeps claiming Murphy dumps cases from last year into current cases. He got questioned on it and fumbled completely so I wouldn’t doubt it. I don’t know for sure.

    That being said, between my family and a bunch of people I know, lots of people getting it the past month. Warm weather will bail us out. It’s already on the down slope again. Biden admin talked about diverting vaccine to the worst states….about a month too late there buddy. I’m surprised a genius like Fauci didn’t suggest something like that when the rises started occurring again. This was so easy to see. A smart rollout would have given more vaccine to the colder states because warmer states wouldn’t need as much. But you know…the buzzword of the year is “equitable”.

  9. Fast Eddie says:

    But you know…the buzzword of the year is “equitable”.

    That ship has sailed. Buzzwords are down to a week long life span. Wait a few days and gun control will be in the rear view mirror as well. The party formerly known as the democrat party will forever find a boogey man to attack logic, it’s what they exist for in their present form. If it’s a slow week and no “crisis” surfaces, they’ll go back to the mainstays of rac1sm and climate change.

  10. Grim says:

    NJs next wave appears to have crested.

  11. Hold my beer says:


    Texas has dropped a lot and is still rapidly dropping. 7 day average is down about 15% this week. 17.5% are fully vaccinated. The state is now putting up fewer daily cases than my county was in January.
    The state must be down about 90% from the January peaks.

    I got the first Moderna dose 3 weeks ago and I still won’t eat in a restaurant or go to the movies, but I put on my kf94 mask and carry a few spares in case I sneeze or it gets damaged (it’s pollen season here) and go about my day.

  12. ExEssex says:

    Second Moderna jab today. Wish me luck!

  13. ExEssex says:

    10:40 we should just go back to “Make America Great Again” that seemed so prescient.

  14. Fast Eddie says:

    we should just go back to “Make America Great Again” that seemed so prescient.

    We were on our way until the angry, in-deniable, jealous, crayon-eating, woke, leftist’s, wrongful ways were being displayed and miraculously, hundreds of thousands of votes were discovered in the swing states, in the dead of night and presto, a demented old politician with no charisma, no ideas and no track record was pushed into a role as a tin G0d.

  15. leftwing says:

    I wonder if the B117 or NYC variants have some impact on the numbers.

    Got my second jab in Feb (Moderna). Both times the main reaction I had was wildly inflamed sinus passages, as if I were continually smelling fresh cut horseradish. Second jab also literally just drained the life out of me.

    Had exactly those symptoms starting Sunday lasting for two days…

    Has been in the back of my mind if I ran into a variant recently.

  16. Anon says:

    Many healthy, well-to-do 30 and 40 year olds in my community were bragging about getting their shots weeks and weeks ago. They “wink wink” said they had asthma or some other medical condition so they could elbow to the front of the line.

    These are the same people who jockey for moral superiority by preaching about their white privilege and the need for social justice at every opportunity. B$tch, you just robbed a vaccine from somebody. “Rules for thee but not for me.” Same as it ever was.

  17. BRT says:

    I don’t begrudge anyone for “jumping the line”. The “eligibility” from moron Murphy had no logic to it and the initial plan was totally abandoned by making “smokers” eligible . Sitting around waiting for King Murphy’s blessing is akin to watching everyone run through the entrance while you are still waiting to be let in.

    But yes, I have noticed a lot of virtue signalers who liked to pontificate on facebook all day about their moral superiority somehow justify their vaccine shot and take a selfie on facebook.

  18. Anon says:


    I am in NY so smoking history isn’t one of the criteria. But similar deal. I imagine that is how the people justified their checking the box as having a history of asthma.

  19. ExEssex says:

    11:41 on our way to what exactly?

  20. leftwing says:

    Good friend offered me the ability to jump the line in late Dec. His employer is a major healthcare company and issued a blanket (generic) eligibility letter. Truly even he really shouldn’t have been toward the front of the line because he spends only a small portion of his work week if any in doctors’ offices (mostly) and hospitals (occasionally) during regular times and what he does in those offices is not ‘mission critical’ to their functioning. End of last year he hadn’t been in an office or hospital for six months with no visits on the horizon.

    Anyway, they were given specific locations to call…did not go through the State signup. He offered the letter to me, I passed, didn’t think it was right. He called me back and said the location didn’t even ask for the letter let alone his work ID, that I should just call and schedule. I did, far enough out where by the time my appointment rolled around the State was at level 1B or whatever the fcuk it was called that included smokers and co-morbidities. I personally qualified under the co-morbidity but still honestly felt a little badly because for sure there were a bunch of elderly who certainly should be in front of me…got over it because straight up technically I did qualify and morally if the State was doing smokers then WTF, by any measure of my ethics I should be in front of them. So I went and feel fine about it.

  21. BidenIsTheGOAT says:

    How deep does your brain decay are to go to forget the letters ATF?

  22. ExEssex says:

    Crazy isn’t it?

  23. Bystander says:

    With Dumpy, we were on our way to few COVID deaths..but millions of bleach drinking deaths.

  24. njtownhomer says:

    Got my second dose of MRNA and in 8 hours fever, muscle pain, inflamed sinus that lasted 36 hours. Be ready with prepared food and meds before going to vaccine appointment. First dose didn’t do a thing.

  25. 3b says:

    Moderna vaccine has more side affects than Pfizer, and JJ. Typically, first shot for most no reactions away from sore arm. Second shot more reactions. The younger you are the more severe the reactions can be. The key to minimize reactions is to drink a ton of water day before your second shot, day of, and continue to drink as much as you can when you get home. This is from my Doctors at my Daughters research university/ medical school. It was also confirmed by Nurse who gave me my second shot this past Monday, at HN hospital in Teacneck.

  26. Anon says:

    I suppose it could be worse. I could live amongst flat earth anti-vaxxers.

  27. Fast Eddie says:

    on our way to what exactly?

    Operation Warp Speed – from an unknown horror to millions being inoculated before he left office.

    A true nationalist movement, the return of a classical America welcoming the new working class with emphasis on Black and Hispanic folks – as witnessed by a half million raw new votes in LA County alone and overall vote increases in 2020 from 2016.

    The Abraham Accords – Arab nations agreeing to normalized relations with Israel.

    An epic mountain of economic growth in 2020 alone while the rest of the globe stagnated.

    USMCA, also leading to the Phase II agreement with China.

    Bakr al-Baghdadi and Soleimani dead.

    The launching of the Space Force.

    Energy Independence.

    The wall – the same wall the O’Biden regime is considering to impede the disaster at the southern border.

    All of this a fraction of the impressive success in his administration.

  28. Bystander says:

    Don’t forget Space Farce, Ed – Star Trek symbol, Guardians of the Galaxy et all. That guy sure knew marketing

  29. Bystander says:

    I see you had it. You know the branch of Air Force that existed for years. Some would call that expanding government with a separate mouth to feed now.

  30. SmallGovConservative says:

    As bad as I knew things would be under Dem governance, and having expected things like the disaster at the border, the insane spending including bail outs of the incompetent blue state governments, and the use of our military to further LGBTQXYZ nonsense, the one thing I didn’t think Slow Joe would mess up — at least not immediately — was the middle east. With the Abraham Accords, Trump literally handed Joe the keys to possible peace in the middle east — get reasonable Arab leaders to recognize their interest lies in peace/economic relations with Israel, ignore the corrupt and incompetent Palestinians, and isolate and pressure Iran. Given that, it’s incomprehensible to see Joe’s team of eggheads practically begging Iran for a ‘deal’ again, literally waiting in their hotel rooms in Vienna while Iran, Russia and China determine the terms to which the US will ultimately agree. Beyond pathetic!

  31. leftwing says:

    “..but millions of bleach drinking deaths.”

    One could only hope….can you imagine how cleansing it would be if millions of people stupid enough to drink bleach actually did.

    We’ve become smart enough to fcuk with Darwin. This pandemic should have been a natural thinning, 100m+ dead. We celebrate our scientific achievements, but long term….

  32. Bystander says:


    My son has been a mini-astro physicist since age 2 (now 6). Did not get it from me. Kid is obsessed with space books, magazine and videos. He was asked to come up with K word and draw a picture for 1st grade and he decided on Kuiper Belt, with crayon version of solar system showing its location. I’ve given up on this world. I’ve learned too much sh&t from this kid to even think we have control over anything. We f&ck the earth and earth will move on. I am all for enviro-responsibility but we are not far enough away from Neanderthal to come up with plan to save this place from our own demise…or just a random massive rock collision, solar flare or supernova explosion.

  33. ExEssex says:

    Next up? We’ll pack the Supreme Court.

  34. chicagofinance says:

    Technically I can be defined as a bank teller, so I could have jumped the line many months ago. That said, I saw way too many 80+, and certainly 70+, people desperately trying to find a way to get in the queue. I could not justify stepping in front of them, even it was more of a theoretical act.

    I wish I was vaxxed right now, but I think May is more likely for me given all of the people I need to support in the interim between immediate and extended family.

  35. Fast Eddie says:

    The border surge is at a 20 year high… kids are dying in the desert, at the Rio Grande and being abused and trafficked while O’Xiden’s border czar throws hands up in disgust and resigns. This administration has already eclipsed the Oblammy admin as the worst ever.

  36. Anon says:

    It also sucks how they held the door open for the boomers to get vaccinated for weeks on ends. It was then 30+ in NY for one week before they opened it to all. Gen Xers taking it in the keister as always.

  37. Phoenix says:

    Friend sent me three posts from the Washington Post paper. What the liberal women there think of men, along with their poor grammar:

    ” I bet he is white. White men do all the raping. And they get away with it. They are cancer in the body politic. I call for castration of all white males. I ‘ll call my bill SB snip snip 123. Seriously. We have to seize control of this country right now and quickly move to a one party state. Strip them of their land and jobs and give them to the migrants. Open some big open air prison camps where they can pay their debt to Our Democracy. The people have spoken. I bet this rapist is a republican too. the worst scum of the earth. not fit to breath the people’s air.

    “Heaven forbid we should expect men to be anything but dangerous predators, right?”

    “Evil Evil White men. Castrate them and send them to a re-education camp. First and foremost they shouldn’t breed. Second they are selfish and self centered. They have to be broken of this, quarantined, or humanly euthanized.”

  38. Bystander says:


    To quote Willy Wonka:

    “I know a worse one”

  39. Don'tGoToMarsExceptEddie says:


    What ever you do. DO NOT sign up for SpaceX and go to Mars.

    The truth is out there. Is a secret plans by the lessies trying to have more rug to lick. This is from the S P Anon. https://youtu.be/TrvMzk1ozE4

    Is not repeat, not from the Q Anon. Those guys are just a bunch of paranoid schizophrenics that spend their days smelling deer f6rts. Just ask Eddie.

  40. Brt says:

    I would presume my son had uk variant. But it was hardly an issue. 1 day fever, 2 day cold. Once we all have some type of immunity, this becomes the common cold at worst.

  41. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Do reports like this take into account the impact if you don’t upgrade our infrastructure?

    If you don’t like this plan, what is your plan to fix American infrastructure for the 21st century? If China can run up huge debts, why can’t we? All that infrastructure investment seems to be helping China.


  42. RC NJ says:


    Are there really Democrats who don’t like raising fees and taxes? Seems to me they want to put their hand into NY’s cookie jar but the lid keeps closing on them.

  43. Brt says:

    They’ll be ok with it once NJ gets it’s cut.

  44. ExEssex says:

    2nd Moderna, not much appetite and some soreness right around the spot. But all is well. Drank loads of H2O and avoided caffeine yesterday.

  45. Phoenix says:

    How life can go downhill.
    1. Teacher, retires, becomes superintendent. Married to someone who is also superintendent.
    2. An Ashley Madison hack reveals a name.
    3. A firing due to said attack.
    4. A fire.
    5. A divorce.
    6. Mom takes kids and splits.
    7. This nightmare.


  46. PhoenixNeedsUppers says:


    You need to take Prozac. Dude you are DEPRESSED.
    From Nietzsche:

    -He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.
    -Thoughts are the shadows of our feelings-always darker, emptier and simpler.
    – I was in darkness, but I took three steps and found myself in paradise. The first step was a good thought, the second, a good word; and the third, a good deed.

    Here are some non pc gaffes from Prince Phillip from the BBC. Hopefully, it will cheer you up.

    Here are some of his most famous quips.

    1966: “British women can’t cook”.

    1969: “What do you gargle with, pebbles?” To Sir Tom Jones after a Royal Variety Performance.

    1981: “Everybody was saying we must have more leisure. Now they are complaining they are unemployed.” During the 1981 recession.

    1984: “You are a woman, aren’t you?” In Kenya after accepting a small gift from a local woman.

    1986: “If you stay here much longer you’ll all be slitty-eyed.” To a group of British students during a royal visit to China.

    The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh on the Great Wall of China in 1986
    image captionThe Queen and Duke of Edinburgh visited China in 1986
    1988: “It looks like a tart’s bedroom.” On seeing plans for the Duke and Duchess of York’s house at Sunninghill Park.

    1992: “Oh no, I might catch some ghastly disease.” In Australia when asked to stroke a koala.

    1993: “You can’t have been here that long, you haven’t got a pot belly”. To a Briton he met in Hungary.

    1994: “Aren’t most of you descended from pirates?” To a wealthy islander in the Cayman Islands.

    1995: “How do you keep the natives off the booze long enough to pass the test.” To a Scottish driving instructor.

    1996: “If a cricketer, for instance, suddenly decided to go into a school and batter a lot of people to death with a cricket bat, which he could do very easily, I mean, are you going to ban cricket bats?” In response to calls to ban firearms after the Dunblane shooting.

    1997: “Bloody silly fool!” Referring to a Cambridge University car park attendant who did not recognise him.

    1999: “Deaf? If you are near there, no wonder you are deaf.” Speaking to a group of young deaf people in Cardiff who were standing near a steel band.

    Prince Philip: A duty to Queen and country
    Live reaction: Prince Philip to retire
    1999: “It looks as if it was put in by an Indian.” Referring to an old-fashioned fuse box in a factory near Edinburgh.

    2001: “You’re too fat to be an astronaut.” To 13-year-old Andrew Adams who told Prince Philip he wanted to go into space.

    2002: “Still throwing spears?” Question put to an Australian Aborigine during a visit.

    2002: “You look like a suicide bomber.” To a young policewoman wearing a bullet-proof vest on Stornoway, Isle of Lewis.

    2009: “There’s a lot of your family in tonight.” After looking at the name badge of businessman Atul Patel at a Palace reception for British Indians.

    2009: “Well, you didn’t design your beard too well, did you?” To designer Stephen Judge about his tiny goatee beard.

    2010: “Do you have a pair of knickers made out of this?” To Scottish Conservative leader Annabel Goldie Pointing while pointing to some tartan in Edinburgh.

    2010: “Do you work in a strip club?” To 24-year-old Barnstaple Sea Cadet Elizabeth Rendle when she told him she also worked in a nightclub.

    2012: “I would get arrested if I unzipped that dress.” To 25-year-old council worker Hannah Jackson, who was wearing a dress with a zip running the length of its front, on a Jubilee visit to Bromley, Kent.

    2013: “The Philippines must be half empty as you’re all here running the NHS.” On meeting a Filipino nurse at Luton and Dunstable Hospital.

    2013: “[Children] go to school because their parents don’t want them in the house.” To Malala Yousafzai, who survived an assassination attempt by the Taliban and now campaigns for the right of girls to go to school without fear.

    2017: “You look starved.” To a pensioner on a visit to the Charterhouse almshouse for elderly men.

  47. ExEssex says:

    Moderna shot – as the day wears on increased weakness and some body aches.

  48. Juice Box says:

    Lots of CVS appointments available for the Pfizer Vaccine. I was able to move my 2nd shot this week from Atlantic City up north to Bayonne.

  49. 3b says:

    Keep drinking water!!

  50. The Great Pumpkin says:

    OK, yes, raise labor rates.


    “Be willing to pay at least a little more for the products and services you consume.

    Consumers who only want the lowest price and don’t consider its costs in other areas are also part of the problem.

    We have gotten used to prices that do not reflect anything like their real costs. That party is winding down.”


  51. BRT says:

    Protection from natural immunity in follow-up of over 25,000 healthcare workers:
    If you’ve had covid, there’s an 84% lower risk of (re)infection for at least 7 months.
    93% reduction in symptomatic infections.
    No effect of B.1.1.7.
    All good!

  52. joyce says:

    For Phoenix,

    Terroristic threats while brandishing a weapon = paid vacation

  53. Bystander says:

    Fun times ahead. Glad fundamentals are at play with people paying 100k more for 800k house than a year ago. It will all end well in NYC area. Subway Hq in CT just gobbled up huge space in Miami. Lots of push to FL.

    “New York is bracing for an exodus of its wealthiest residents after officials passed a budget that will see them pay the US’s highest tax rate, as they desperately seek to boost their Covid-hit economy.

    Under the new rate, which is expected to soon be rubber-stamped by Governor Andrew Cuomo, the city’s top earners could pay up to 14.8 per cent tax – a combined federal, state, and city tax which could reach 52 per cent.

  54. Walking says:

    Got my second pfizer shot Wednesday. Drank lots of coffee (4 cups decaf ) day of and another 3 day after . Had soda for dinner. Felt slight chills Thursday night for an hour . All good since. Put in 20 hrs work this weekend.

  55. The Great Pumpkin says:


    What exactly do you think is going to happen to Florida if all these businesses create high paying jobs? Their cost of living and taxes will rise dramatically. The surge in population will guarantee that.

    You think SF became expensive because of politics? Understand this, the more successful a place is, the more expensive it becomes. You can’t have a low tax area that is successful and filled with lots of people. It doesn’t exist.

    Keep trying to sing this song, but most don’t want to listen.

    Nyc is the most successful city in America. It’s a guarantee that it will have the highest tax rate in the country. It’s simply impossible not to. The tax rate might force a few to leave that can make the same money in a cheaper location, but most will not leave, because they simply can’t make this money anywhere else. Other cities simply do not have the eco system to make nyc type money.

  56. The Great Pumpkin says:

    And to maintain that vibrant nyc economy costs money…hence, higher tax rates to support said system.

  57. ExEssex says:

    Last night got chills and cold sweats. Feel fine this morning.
    Good times’

  58. leftwing says:

    Thanks on the Lancet study, great source and good read.

    So there is a 1.9% reinfection rate of those parties (hospital workers) among the most exposed to the virus. Not bad, as expected I would guess. Better than the 95% immunity conferred by vaccines alone for primary infection.

    Notably, there was the control group of 17,383 persons, again all hospital employees. Tested negative going into the study, had not yet been infected. Of that group 1,704 suffered primary infections over the six months of the study.

    That’s a 9.8% primary infection rate. Over six months. Amongst one of the most exposed population cohorts.

    After all the preening by and stroking of media sweetheart sexual harassers occupying gubernatorial mansions has passed, a rationale history will be written of this pandemic.

    The lockdown of this economy for over a year and the wanton and reckless spending of $5T of our children’s future is downright criminal. If there were any justice the progenitors should be tried and sentenced.

  59. leftwing says:

    “Nyc is the most successful city in America. It’s a guarantee that it will have the highest tax rate in the country. It’s simply impossible not to.”

    Took your daily dose of stupid pills early this morning I see, and likely a double-dose….

    Dumbfcuk….ever hear of economies of scale?

    The higher the population and density the less each individual should pay for goods and services.

  60. BRT says:

    It would take Florida at least 4 decades to create the bloated bureaucracy and tax rates that you have here. We’ll all be dead by then.

  61. Phoenix says:

    The boomer’s plan in a nutshell:

    “It would take Florida at least 4 decades to create the bloated bureaucracy and tax rates that you have here. We’ll all be dead by then.”

  62. Phoenix says:

    Yup. All for the boomers.

    “The lockdown of this economy for over a year and the wanton and reckless spending of $5T of our children’s future is downright criminal. If there were any justice the progenitors should be tried and sentenced.”

  63. Phoenix says:

    That “boomers got the vax” video becomes more relevant every day.

  64. BRT says:

    Saw this on FB:

    The FEMA vaccination site at NJIT in Newark has 9,600 shots that must be used by Sunday. Anyone from anywhere in the State of New Jersey can go with no appointment. Please share!
    8:00-6:00 the brand is Pfizer
    *To register and schedule an appointment, please call 855-568-0545.*
    Location: New Jersey Institute of Technology, Naimoli Family Athletic &
    Recreational Facility
    Address: Corner of Lock St. & Bleeker St., Newark, NJ 07103
    NJ Transit: Warren Street/NJIT Light Rail Station
    Free Parking: Science and Technology Parking Garage, 42 Wilsey St.,
    Newark, NJ 07103

  65. 30 year realtor says:


    You are in rare form this week advocating murdering migrants and imprisoning politicians. Do you have any other enlightened notions?

  66. Juice Box says:

    re: “must be used by Sunday”

    Defrosted too much? Empty out the 15560 or so low income apartments with rental assistance in Newark and problem solved. Give them all gift cards.

  67. Phoenix says:

    I’m all for imprisoning politicians. Certain ones of course.

  68. The Great Pumpkin says:

    So where does this exist? Why are cities always more expensive in every aspect?

    Is it no coincidence that the most successful economic locations over the last 50 years are all high tax and high cost? This has nothing to do with politics and everything to do with markets.

    “The higher the population and density the less each individual should pay for goods and services.”

  69. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Just look at Texas and Florida in their successful locations. Look how much their taxes and costs have gone up already, and it’s only beginning. You think these places are immune to the same factors that made Cali, Chicago metro, and nyc metro expensive and high tax?

  70. joyce says:

    I’m all for imprisoning politicians. Damn near everyone of them. Shooting migrants, definitely no.

    Take Murphy for example, let’s say they truly had no idea the budget wouldn’t be as bad as their b.s. predictions (remember, he knows a thing about Finance). Why isn’t he lobbying to segregate the borrowed funds so that it can be only be used for future emergencies and to repay the bonds as soon as possible? Why is he taking this money to “plug” the hole in the budget (and there is no hole) as well as increasing spending year over year by $5B? Are these one time spending items… of course not. I don’t like to make predictions but the following one is too easy. In 12 months, we will either continue this spending as the new baseline or there will be an insane amount of ranting and raving about budgets being cut. Anyone in favor of said “cuts” will be branded as greedy and not caring. And all of this doesn’t include the Federal money. With it being an election year, look out.

    Phoenix says:
    April 11, 2021 at 12:04 pm
    I’m all for imprisoning politicians. Certain ones of course.

  71. Bystander says:

    There is nothing left to say dip$h+t. BRT summarized it. Businesses see the savings now, not worrying about how expensive area will be 40 years. It only takes a handful of big firms to move elsewhere and there is enough labor slack to cripple this area. You are already seeing it. You think it will go oe forever- the ‘pass the buck’ game with people selling highly expensive and highly taxed (to pay big pensions) homes. The less companies are tied to geography for talent, the less they will stay in high cost area. The Fed is masking the floor shuffling that is going on under your feet.

  72. leftwing says:

    “You are in rare form this week advocating murdering migrants and imprisoning politicians. Do you have any other enlightened notions?”

    Just trying to keep up the neighborhood for the kids. Will let you know if any other efforts come to mind, maybe make it a group project.

  73. leftwing says:

    BTW, for the record, was not advocating “murdering” anyone. I specifically did not say that.

    Simply said open fire once the boat left the opposite shore or at no less than 20 yards out on dryland.

    Rationale people turn and run.

  74. ExEssex says:

    “It’ll never be the same for Trump unless he’s a candidate again,” said Harold Holzer, an historian who is director of Hunter College’s Roosevelt House Public Policy Institute and wrote a book about presidents and the press. “I don’t think it’s unnatural for coverage to diminish. I’m sure it’s tough on his ego, given how much oxygen he sucks up and how much ink he generates, but it’s not unnatural for an ex-president to get less attention.”

    It’s been a dramatic adjustment nonetheless. Trump’s tweets used to drive the news cycle, with CNN, MSNBC and Fox News often spending dozens of hours a week combined displaying his missives, according to a GDELT analysis of television news archives. Since he was barred from Twitter and other platforms, Trump can no longer speak directly to large swaths of his audience and must now rely on his supporters and conservative and mainstream media to amplify his messages.

    To compensate for the ongoing blackout, Trump aides have been pumping out statements and endorsements that often sound just like the tweets he used to dictate. “Happy Easter to ALL, including the Radical Left CRAZIES who rigged our Presidential Election, and want to destroy our Country!” read one sent from his political action committee. (“Happy Easter!” was the more subdued version offered by his official government office.)

    At the same time, Trump has been ramping up his appearances on conservative media — even sitting down with his daughter-in-law for her online program. But few of those comments have reverberated as mainstream outlets, long criticized for allowing Trump to dictate coverage, have become increasingly wary of repeating his falsehoods, especially pertaining to the 2020 election.

  75. leftwing says:

    “Is it no coincidence that the most successful economic locations over the last 50 years are all high tax and high cost? This has nothing to do with politics and everything to do with markets.”

    Dumbfcuk….we were talking individual tax rates…nominal costs, especially of daily living items like food, of course will be higher.

    So try to stay focused longer than the average housefly now…..

    Taxes? The 14 feet diameter water tunnels bringing water into the city from the Catskills cost the same to maintain regardless of whether there 8m or 9m people in NYC….the fixed costs of the subway are the same regardless of usage (as the MTA is unfortunately learning during this crisis)…maintenance of the parks is the same….plowing the streets…..etc, etc.

    Same aggregate cost/more people equals less paid per person….

    For those services where the aggregate costs may rise as you add to the population (ie, sanitation collection, police) the marginal cost of adding the service for new residents is less than the current average cost thereby reducing the average cost (rate). I won’t even get into that discussion with you…how the fcuk are you certified to teach the social sciences?

  76. Phoenix says:

    Not surprised. It’s only going to get worse.

    All of it.

  77. leftwing says:

    Back to real estate as I surf on this rainy day…..

    Mentioned my hometown ranches a few weeks back, each listed around $1.2m. Flat yard, smaller, and power lines sold overnight; bigger cliffside no yard just took a price reduction…maybe some rationality…..

    Peak prices….mentioned how the going rate was through $3m again on higher end…those are moving more slowly and to the extent they are resales not nearly the appreciation of other levels…Asks around 3.1, prior purchases at around 2.7 up to five years ago…..maybe some rationality…..

    Total insanity?

    The 1.0-1.4 range…..houses on a main through road that were flat out undesirable because the backyards were also against NJT tracks have new construction now at 1.0m…..The 1.4m houses are garbage at that price, main roads or 50 year old colonials that sold for 800k within the last four years….god help anyone needing houses in this range, it will take eight years to grow into these prices at least. For the thoroughfare/track houses at those prices good luck getting out at par ever absent another bubble.

  78. Juice Box says:

    People are definitely overpaying. We had a house sell in our development for $120,000 more than the nearest comp.

  79. ExEssex says:

    House two
    Doors down sold in 1 day for over ask.

  80. Phoenix says:

    What goes up…….

  81. Fast Eddie says:

    Kirsten Gillibrand:

    Paid leave is infrastructure.
    Child care is infrastructure.
    Caregiving is infrastructure.

    All liberals should be this transparent. There’s not a group in existence that disguises their true intentions like a liberal. Someone must have held a Glock to her head to get her to blurt this out. We all know the code from the liberal playbook. You can be assured that not one Republican will go along with this charade.

  82. leftwing says:

    Weirdest looking ‘Colonial’ I’ve ever seen….where I’m from these are called ‘tiny houses’ that you order online…

    But, hey, the exposed butlers pantry next to the dormered bedroom in the open concept living plan the size of a generous family room really makes it….and, btw, why worry about a cabinet that won’t open unless you move a sofa when this gem can be yours for the bargain basement price of 1.125…..

    Anyone dumb enough to purchase this house at that price deserves to be stripped of the capital they will see evaporate.


  83. leftwing says:

    Actually, I take back my above comment. It is a Colonial, half of just got lost. Anyone find the missing piece, can someone check the neighbor’s yard?

  84. Phoenix says:

    Lipstick on a pig…

  85. The Great Pumpkin says:


    If you believe the bs you tried selling me, please explain why sf and nyc cost more to do business than other locations?

    You rather blame politics, than blame the market…bottom line. Just own it.

  86. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Govt costs don’t go down because an area becomes more dense. The opposite happens every single time.

    Do you think Tokyo or London carry a high cost and high tax because the blue team?

  87. Bystander says:

    No Ed…the R charade is the 1.5T failed F-35 but keep talking about that yours is part of fiscal conservatives..

  88. leftwing says:

    “If you believe the bs you tried selling me, please explain why sf and nyc cost more to do business than other locations? You rather blame politics, than blame the market…bottom line. Just own it.”

    No, Mr. Reading Comprehension…..pay attention now…ok, TEACHER…..

    In a thriving urban environment nominal costs are more, agreed. Incomes likewise are more, agreed.

    The topic of conversation is tax rates….has nothing to do with cost of living in an urban environment which everyone agrees will be more….

    The percentage of that (higher nominal) income that you pay for government services (ie, taxes) should be lower because of economies of scale, eg. it costs the same to plow and salt the 6,000 miles of roads in NYC regardless of whether there are 8 million people living on those streets or 2 million people living on those streets…see, your lack of mastery of fifth grade is on full public display yet again, recall X/8m is less than X/2m…..

    “Govt costs don’t go down because an area becomes more dense. The opposite happens every single time. Do you think Tokyo or London carry a high cost and high tax because the blue team?”

    Dumb fcuk, talking out of your ass again…first, see above…second London doesn’t have an income tax, it doesn’t even have a property tax.

    For each of the five years I lived there my UK only taxes due were less than my US only taxes due, ie. the UK taxed me less.

    You can’t even be bothered to obtain facts, are you really that intellectually lazy? Seriously, how are you allowed to teach anything to anybody, let alone minors?

  89. 3b says:

    Left: Understand this, there is only one expert on this board, on every topic and every subject. Understand this well even though you and I and many others here have years and years of experience in corporate America and have MBA s and CFP’s and CFA s and JDs and some multiple degrees, we simply don’t know what we are talking about. There is one and only one does. Understand this, and accept it.

  90. joyce says:

    LW, 3b,
    Don’t respond, not even indirectly. Just let it go

  91. leftwing says:

    Joyce, agree.

    I ignored him for the better part of five years because he was either a troll or halfwit. Responding to either is pointless and it wasn’t worth my time to figure out which he was anyway.

    Thought I saw a ray of sunshine a few months back, looked like on an intellectual level he was about to graduate middle school. No such luck. Back to ignore.

  92. The Great Pumpkin says:

    I don’t care what the tax rate is. All I care about is the total cost of making the city run. Ny taxes are high because everything is higher in ny. I have to pay 40 dollars for 2 hrs parking. Gee whiz, how can that be. How can they charge that much for parking? Well, the same reason they have to charge high taxes. Everything in the city costs more because it is the supreme location for economic competition in America. Sf is the second most expensive because it is the dominant location of economic competition in America. These markets are global powerhouses and you expect cheap taxes? You expect a global powerhouse to have cheap costs?

    And you are calling me an idiot…but you are right, team blue is to blame for the high costs and high taxes in Cali and nyc.

  93. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Something becomes high cost simply because of economic competition. The more competition drives up costs, the more it drives up the tax cost.

  94. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Are the sellers ripping off the buyers in the housing market right now, or is competition driving up the price? Are stocks overpriced or is there a lot more competition driving up the price of limited investments since you can’t put your money in the bank in a low rate world?

  95. leftwing says:

    Joyce, 7:03pm/7:08pm……halfwit it is………damn, I was really rooting for troll.

  96. 3b says:

    Joyce: Understand this you are right! But we did have a nice few days last week!

  97. JCer says:

    Pumps doesn’t get it, it’s the locust. These public sector leaches see money and are attracted to it like a fly to pile of dog $hit. Eventually there will be enough money being made in Florida or the sun belt and the government leaches will move in. Part of the problem is the stupid populous who keeps voting for larger government. NYC is expensive because it is a desirable location but also because of government interference. I can actually stomach high priced real estate because it’s an asset with value, the issue is the 50k a year I pay in property taxes for the privilege of “owning” said asset. Blumpy knows nothing of international taxes, truth be told with NY’s latest changes it has to have some of the highest taxes in the world and some of the worst return with respect to services.

  98. leftwing says:

    Dude, it’s not that he doesn’t get it…..he’s turned around shooting directly at the clubhouse…

    The same supply/demand forces that drive parking to $40 and condo prices into the stratosphere make your taxes increase….errrr, OK……

    Total budget for a municipality, not individual tax rates, is what matters. Guess that’s why no municipality wants ratables….LOL. Pave Baltusrol and increase the municipal budget by $5m…from a purely tax point of view I don’t care, so long as they are paying more in taxes on the new entity than the amount by which the municipal budget increases my rate goes down (only theoretically, to your point JCer).

    Truly my last post even referencing his drivel since I won’t be reading any of his crayon drawings again…..there is literally no other activity on your laptop that could be a less productive use of one’s time than reading/debating him. I knew that five years ago, ceasing to ignore this fool is my own fault.

  99. 3b says:

    Jcer/ Left It’s obvious he does not know NYC; those of us who do, know where the deals are and don’t pay 40.00 for 2 hours parking.

  100. BRT says:

    Who’s going to pay $40 for 2 hour parking when I can step out of my Tesla and let it be an autonomous taxi driving people through the city while I see a show.

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