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From Bloomberg:

Housing Market Shows Cracks With Price Cuts in Pandemic Boomtowns

No city exemplifies the mania of the Covid-era U.S. housing market better than Boise, Idaho, where prices have surged by more than 30% in the past year. But in a sudden reversal, buyers are now the ones with power. 

Asking prices for houses are being slashed. Bidders no longer have to waive inspections to win over sellers juggling multiple offers. Demand has slowed so much it’s like a light switch suddenly turned off, said Dominic Zimmer, a local Realtor.

“You’re seeing the fear of missing out switching from buyers to sellers,” Zimmer said. “Now sellers are afraid of not scoring the way they saw their neighbors do a year ago.”

The cracks in one of the nation’s hottest housing markets mark an early sign that the U.S. boom — fueled by low mortgage rates and remote-work moves — is losing intensity. While much of the country is still seeing record price increases and plunging listings, in some destinations builders who could hardly put up homes fast enough now have inventory sitting. 

The slowdown is particularly pronounced in areas away from major urban hubs where buyers were seeking affordability and picturesque havens during the pandemic. That demand has ebbed as people have more reasons to stay put this fall, with the return of in-person school and more companies ordering workers back to the office, or at least requiring them to be somewhere in the vicinity. 

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  1. grim says:

    Covid Deaths per 100k
    #1 – Mississippi
    #2 – Alabama (+2)
    #4 – Louisiana (-1)
    #6 – Arizona
    #7 – Arkansas (+3) – Tie
    #7 – Florida (+2) – Tie
    #11 – Georgia
    #12 – Oklahoma (+6)
    #13 – South Carolina
    #17 – Nevada (-1)
    #18 – Texas (+2)
    #20 – West Virginia (+3) – Tie
    #20 – New Mexico (-1) – Tie
    #22 – Tennessee (-1)

    NJ will slip into the #4 place in 1-2 weeks, NY will fall to #6, Mass to #9, RI to #11, CT to #17, PA to #20. The Northeast no longer leads pandemic deaths.

  2. Juice Box says:

    News says you can mix and match.

    “Any booster-eligible person can now get a new shot of Pfizer, Moderna or J&J — with the flexibility to choose, based on their individual circumstances.”

    Also dosages are below.

    “Pfizer and J&J’s boosters have the same dosages as their original vaccine regimens: 30 micrograms and 0.5 milliliters, respectively. Moderna’s booster is 50 micrograms per shot, which is half the dosage of its original 100-microgram vaccines.”

  3. Juice Box says:

    4 inches of rain…Hope nobody drives and drowns today.

  4. Chicago says:

    We tried. The competition is fierce!


  5. Juice Box says:

    Seems Monmouth and Ocean will be getting the brunt of the storm, wind gusts of 45 MPH, that should take down most of the leaves remaining.

    I just put up my Halloween decorations, three massive spider webs tied up on tree branches and staked into the lawn, with various spider decorations on the webs including a corpse wrapped up in webbing. I may have to fix them after the storm blows thru.

  6. Juice Box says:

    Seems the wallstreet gamblers are making another run this morning.

    DWAC after hours 105.00 +10.80 (+11.46%)

    PHUN after hours 11.30 +2.56 (+29.29%)

    And the Coin Clowns are making a run on Shiba Inu on Robinhood listing rumors, it’s up 40.62% MUSK Tweeted he does not own any.

  7. Juice Box says:

    Musk now is mocking crypto as a curiosity not worth betting on.


    Out of curiosity, I acquired some ascii hash strings called “Bitcoin, Ethereum & Doge”. That’s it.

    As I’ve said before, don’t bet the farm on crypto! True value is building products & providing services to your fellow human beings, not money in any form.

    11:01 AM – 24 Oct 2021

  8. BRT says:

    For me, Palladium and Platinum look attractive. Dipping in a little bit.

  9. 3b says:

    Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey says hyper-inflation is on the way.

  10. Juice Box says:


    Nah… demand for what? Christmas tchotchkes?

  11. Juice Box says:

    3B – M2 still off the cliff, people still hoarding cash

    Savings rate..

  12. Ex says:

    Is a planned insurrection on the table…..?

    As the House investigation into the Jan. 6 attack heats up, some of the planners of the pro-Trump rallies that took place in Washington, D.C., have begun communicating with congressional investigators and sharing new information about what happened when the former president’s supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol. Two of these people have spoken to Rolling Stone extensively in recent weeks and detailed explosive allegations that multiple members of Congress were intimately involved in planning both Trump’s efforts to overturn his election loss and the Jan. 6 events that turned violent.
    Rolling Stone separately confirmed a third person involved in the main Jan. 6 rally in D.C. has communicated with the committee. This is the first report that the committee is hearing major new allegations from potential cooperating witnesses. While there have been prior indications that members of Congress were involved, this is also the first account detailing their purported role and its scope. The two sources also claim they interacted with members of Trump’s team, including former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, who they describe as having had an opportunity to prevent the violence.

  13. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Just months ago, Cathie was the laughing stock sweeping up $TSLA and $COIN during their descent.

    Now $COIN is blowing past $300 and $TSLA is heading to $1K.

    Zig when others zag.

  14. The Great Pumpkin says:

    In 2008-09, when the Fed started quantitative easing, I thought that inflation would take off. I was wrong. Instead, velocity – the rate at which money turns over per year – declined, taking away its inflationary sting. Velocity still is falling.

  15. 3b says:

    Juice: It’s self serving of course for Dorsey since he is so involved in the crypto crap, but a lot of truth in what he is saying.

  16. Juice Box says:

    3b – The message about money printing will fall on deaf ears. People will not be switching to crypto over the dollar and our banking system. It won’t happen because it won’t be allowed to happen. Take China for example. All crypto is now banned, and anyone still owing it will be caught unless they flee.

    Take the Weimar inflation back in 1920s. The only reason it hyperinflation happened is because they were occupied by the French Troops and the German government responded with ‘Passive resistance’ of worker strikes. The government then flooded the streets with money and continued to pay the striking workers, but there was nobody working and no production and no taxes being collected. Again the whole country refused to work. That led to the collapse.

    Modern Argentina has a similar inflation story, their inflation problems continue to this day and they have no dollars to pay their debt or trade. Modern Venezuela another hyperinflation example is a communist hell hole, even with all the Oil they have they cannot get people to show up and pump it out of the ground and into ships for export.

    We shall see inflation continue because that is the plan, to pay down old debts with cheaper money as there is no other way…

  17. Juice Box says:

    BTW – Dorsey’s best product is Dorsey. Another silicon valley preening flagellating narcissist, who thinks they can change the world and make it a better place but cannot build a software product that would actually do it. In my opinion what they have done with their power over Social Media has made the world a worse place, especially the USA where we are now more divided than ever. The so called insurrection and the false covid information spread like wildfire on their platforms, they are poison to many people as those people don’t have to capacity with all of the background noise out there on social media to decipher what is real and what is not.

  18. Libturd says:

    When the economy is good, people tend to hold less money by spending more or investing more. When the economy is declining, people feel more anxious, which increases their demand for money. This is sometimes called a precautionary demand for money, which is money held for emergency expenses. Since people with higher incomes generally have higher expenses, they tend to hold more money for emergencies. The precautionary demand for money will also be greater with greater uncertainty about the future. For instance, if you feel insecure about your job, you will tend to hold more money because of increased unemployment risk.

  19. Libturd says:


    ExPat, who was absolutely brilliant, would not let his kids use social media on their smart phones. He would get mad at me for even participating here. He claimed that all of these social media creators and tech leaders performed studies that showed how damaging to productivity and the human psyche these apps would do. He claimed that Zuckerberg, Gates, Jobs, etc., all refused to allow their family members and even themselves to touch the glass. I forgot which one it was, but one of them didn’t even own a smart phone. He used just a plain cell phone. Ex mostly used his to listen to financial podcasts.

  20. Libturd says:

    Gates called Microsoft’s attempt at entry into Social Media when they tried to purchase the portion of TikTok that operates in the US, “a poisoned chalice.”

    Zuckerberg limits his own kids to one hour a day on instagram.

    It’s all pretty interesting. I find my kid, who I don’t limit anything and try not to helicopter much over has piss poor social skills. But his grades are fantastic, so that’s good enough for me.

  21. Juice Box says:

    We use a joint Facebook profile to only post updates to family and friends. My own account is dormant. I will not respond to anyone, some people Think I am dead lol, and I prefer it that way, the ghosts from the past need to stay in the past. Twitter the land of angry people is verboten. I only read updates from a few people, but do not engage with the unwashed masses for you see they will bring any discourse down to their level and then will beat you ever time as they have all the experience being perpetual self reinforcing dullards.

  22. Hold my beer says:

    The Covid death rate per capita looks like a college football ranking poll

  23. Libturd says:

    I usually spend about ten minutes on Facebook about every other day. Mainly catching up on the going ons of friends and family.

    Since Trump empowered the unacademic, twitter has pretty much been ruined as have nearly all online forums.

    I never really caught on to Instagram/TikTok or even YouTube as I find most of the videos and stunts that go viral are infantile at best. Kind of like the way I couldn’t stand Friends on TV while the masses adored it.

    There is nothing I enjoy more than socializing in person, especially in a group of around 8 people. If it’s couples, I find it even more entertaining because I prefer to use a lot of humor in my conversations and since I really could care less what people think of me, I tend to shock people’s partners. It’s all fun for the thick skinned.

  24. JCer says:

    I don’t use social media. Frankly the people posting all the time are deeply unhappy, unfulfilled people who need to broadcast the details of their life to feel validated, happy people aren’t all over facebook….the clinically depressed are and it seems to make the condition worse. No I don’t want to be your friend on facebook are we friends in real life?

    Twitter is another animal all together, I don’t give a fcuk what you are thinking at the moment, twitter is like an unfiltered stream of consciousness for some people. Unless you are someone of significance you really have no need to tweet and the vitriolic responses to tweets is another thing all together.

    Honestly instagram and youtube are the best as it allows people to really share content but the lack of filters means there is a lot of garbage on these platforms.

  25. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Give this thread a read if you have not. Does a good job explaining why deflation is coming. Talks about oil too.

    The Great Pumpkin says:
    October 25, 2021 at 8:50 am
    In 2008-09, when the Fed started quantitative easing, I thought that inflation would take off. I was wrong. Instead, velocity – the rate at which money turns over per year – declined, taking away its inflationary sting. Velocity still is falling.

  26. Juice Box says:

    Pumps – Jack says Hyperinflation and Cathy says Deflation. Both can be wrong of course. The USA can be recklessly insolvent longer than most people can even imagine.

    I don’t see any reason to jump on this ETF…even if Elon got a million car order from the car rental agencies it is not going to juice up ark 10% holdings about $2 Billion in TESLA stock

    ARKK -11.18% YTD

  27. Fast Eddie says:

    Since Trump empowered the unacademic, twitter has pretty much been ruined as have nearly all online forums.

    Most people that love this country have been banned from the s0c1alist platforms, remember? It’s h.ate speech to love and defend America.

  28. Juice Box says:

    Biden will be at the new Portal Bridge replacement kickoff with shovel in hand for a photo Op most likely with Gov Murphy, afer all there is an election to win.

    FYI – The 1.8 billion was approved by Trump February 2020 after Gov Phil Murphy met Trump for dinner and presumably kissed the ring.

  29. Fast Eddie says:

    Biden will be at the new Portal Bridge replacement kickoff with shovel in hand for a photo Op most likely with Gov Murphy, afer all there is an election to win.

    Does the Obammy phone have camera functionality?

  30. Juice Box says:

    Twitter has been a dumpster fire long before Trump did anything, it had about 300 million lunatic asylum users before he was even running for office. He did however use social media it to win in 2016 and well lose in 2020.

  31. Libturd says:


    Though not as likely as last time, there is about a 20% chance that we will be in for a similar flooding event not dissimilar to the late August storm. Especially if you are east of I95 in NJ. Tomorrow’s coastal is going to pack a lot of liquid. Some reports are as high as 5-7″ though inland should be closer to 2-4″ (hopefully). The winds are going to whip up late tomorrow night so the ground will be lose when the rain is replaced with wind. Some outages are expected. Then later in the week, we could be looking at a shorter duration rainstorm, but with greater potential to be more severe (major thunderstorm). Just be warned. If you are in an area that tend to flood, don’t park your car on low ground.

  32. Out of the Ashes goes the Phoenix says:

    If you are in an area that tend to flood, don’t park your car on low ground.

    Unless you are NJ Transit, and want all new equipment.

  33. Juice Box says:

    Sewers are going to be clogged with leaves, so expect some driving and drowning…

  34. Grim says:

    I’ve pledged to stay on top of it this year. 17 bags this weekend. More to come.

  35. Juice Box says:

    re: “Unless you are NJ Transit, and want all new equipment.”

    Did you read about the Haunted Ghost Trains NJ Transit has? Whole bunch of decommissioned trains rotting out on some line in western NJ, did not bother to sell them to some third world country either.

    They are also spending BTW approx. $360 million to build some new higher ground r “safe haven” rail yards, and using eminent domain to take land to get it done.

    Good news is they finally won their Hurricane Sandy lawsuit against the insurance companies this year so another $400 million to play with.

  36. Juice Box says:

    We don’t bag here because we are fancy and all. We put a massive leaf pile in the street and the town comes by next month to pick it up with a front loader and trucks.

  37. 3b says:

    Juice: Same in my town

  38. Juice Box says:

    I rake out the beds to the lawn and then spend a few hours with my walk behind push blower. It has 200 MPH, 2,000 CFM (cubic feet per minute) and will clear out an entire forest of leaves to the street.

  39. Libturd says:

    Those push blowers rock. I only wish they were reserved for Fall use only. The dumb landscapers around here blow every nutrient off of every lawn they service every week. It’s incredibly loud, incredibly unhealthy for the lawn, bad for the environment and the lawn looks exactly as it did before they blow it 24 hours thanks to mother nature.

    I have a backpack gas powered blower. I use it twice a year for about an hour.

    After I mow my lawn, whatever clippings or leaves end up on the paths or driveway disintegrate in a day anyway.

  40. Juice Box says:

    I just wasted some brain cells watching a TikTok channel. never really spent time there and now I know why.

    Example Some English he/she does some weird dance lip-synch with some editing and some strange eye contacts and costumes. Has 16 million followers, 1.6 billion views, not sure how the monetization works but his new career must be paying him enough to stay home all day and produce these videos, that isn’t even worth paying to see in an off broadway show or back alley in Las Vegas.

    he/she ranks No. 506 globally and ranks No. 3 in the UK…

    Warning migraine will begin after the first video.

  41. Juice Box says:

    I am waiting for Gov Murphy after the election to go full on California. Ban gas powered machinery, vaccine passports, vaccine mandates, gender-neutral sections of retail stores, ethnic studies for graduation etc. He won’t do it now but after Nov 2nd you can bet it will be full on clown show because he will want to run for higher office next.

  42. BRT says:

    I just use a mulching blade and mow the leaves back into the ground.

  43. Let's go Brandon!!!!! says:

    The Covid death rate per capita looks like a college football ranking poll

    Frankly, I’m surprised by now that Florida hasn’t already hit #1. Everyone knows COVID causes the highest death rates among the oldest.

  44. Grim says:

    Biden will be at the new Portal Bridge replacement kickoff with shovel in hand for a photo Op most likely with Gov Murphy, afer all there is an election to win.

    The shit barge bridge.

  45. BRT says:

    lol, someone posted that they have a steak in their freezer up 20%. Does Yellen want to tax those unrealized gains?

  46. Libturd says:

    BRT, I can mulch too as my property is no longer covered with trees. Instead, I planted a wall of arborvitae the year I moved in from saplings. When I saw what mature bushes cost, $150-$600 each, I said no way. Even the 3 footers were $75 each. I was able to get all of the saplings shipped from PA for $40. They are all now about 5 feet high and since they rooted naturally from birth here, they will be much more supportive as opposed to planting mature trees with their formed rootball. And thousands cheaper too. I just take all of my leaves and blow them behind the arborvitae. They disintegrate completely by the end of spring and my 10×80 wild forest back there flourishes. So much so that I spend hours every summer trimming all of the wildlife back to normal. Lots of sassafras and baby oaks try to come up.

  47. No One says:

    Seems like the deaths per 100k would largely be explained by factor analysis incorporating known factors such as age, bmi, and perhaps some score for hospital quality/availability. Maybe income per capita works as a proxy for bmi and hospital quality.
    I wonder how neuroticism or general craziness per capita is doing post covid?

  48. No One says:

    Is everyone enjoying Google’s woke search home page today?

  49. No One says:

    Anyone watch Dune 2021 yet?
    I watched David Lynch’s Dune a few weeks ago and thought it boring and confusing and kinda pointless. I suspect new Dune will be also.
    But it should give my dual subwoofers a workout (HBO Max)

  50. Juice Box says:

    Tesla really popped today.. 1,045.00 40% YTD.

  51. No One says:

    Have you seen the ESG gang trying to take over everything?

  52. Juice Box says:

    Speaking of creating new asset classes. Online Gamer Clan FaZe going public with SPAC merger.

  53. Fast Eddie says:

    Is everyone enjoying Google’s woke search home page today?

    Is that what that is? I thought it was scary puppet day or something. And all the puppets appear white, isn’t that racizzz?

  54. Juice Box says:

    I started watching Dune 2021 last night on the iPad and fell asleep. Will finish it maybe tonight if I can remember where I left off. Amazing visuals, the character development is MEH for me so far.

  55. Juice Box says:

    Kid’s school guidance for Friday is no Halloween masks and no clown costumes. They can dress up and face paint but need to wear the covid masks as well. No clown costumes? Did I miss something? A quick search online says “any symbols of terror”.

    Clown = Terror?

  56. No One says:

    Clown = veiled criticism of Joe Biden. Not allowed.
    Can they go as Google’s hero of the day Claude Cahun? Looks a little clownish.
    Thomas Jefferson would be good, now that he’s a symbol of terror for some.

  57. Juice Box says:

    Todays winner is BKKT after Mastercard said they were partnering them for Crypto.

    Bakkt Hldgs Inc (BKKT) 30.60 +21.45 (+234.43%)

    CEO is ex Citi and Ex Chase Bank executive Gavin Michael.

    They were only listed on the NYSE a week ago!

  58. BRT says:

    The clown thing was based off the fake stories coming out around the release of the movie It. The only clowns in your schools are the admins waging war on Halloween, because apparently, that’s the in thing to do now.

    I love that they are so concerned about masks. Our kids have their nose hanging out all day long. Lunch is an absolute free for all. Zero cases in the school for 3 weeks straight….

  59. juice Box says:

    I find it interesting that a banking exec from Chase who ran the 15,000 person technology division went to work for a small unknown unicorn startup that is a spin off SPAC from Intercontinental Exchange.

    These guys are all pushing crypto as a payment system and a replacement for money, just a while ago it was loyalty programs and gift cards. Way to pivot….

    The company BAKKT has zero earnings, zero SEC filings etc. They are trying to get out ahead of Coinbase and others in the crypto money grab on wall street.

    This will not end well, reminds me way too much of the dot com bust.

  60. Juice Box says:

    The first IT miniseries was on ABC TV primetime in 1990s. How did all those kids survive the terror the first time around?

  61. No One says:

    Being against Halloween is one thing that school admins and fundamentalist Christians can bond together with.

  62. juice Box says:

    Our PTA threw a massive Trunk or Treat on Friday in the school parking lot and soccer fields perhaps 1,000 kids showed up with their families, very few Covid masks worn. 60 entrants decorated their Trucks and SUVs, and handed out treats some went all out spent a boat load on decorating with generators and smoke machines, it was competitive. It was a fun night for the kids. Our neighborhood gets ransacked on Halloween as it has 150 homes on very quiet streets. I am expecting an army of kids Sunday and will be prepared to give out the candy and I have lots of spider themed decorations, sounds effects and a spider dog costume. We are also doing Fright Night at Six Flags Saturday night for my son’s B-Day Party. It will be packed there as well. I expect chaos at that one. We are going early and leaving early to avoid the late night crunch as much as possible.

  63. BRT says:

    Juice, the lines will be long. It’s ok though, it’s basically all outside. I’ve been doing six flags for the past 11 months. Probably been about 15 times since then.

  64. crushednjmillenial says:

    Fed officials not able to hold individual stocks. They need to hold broad-based mutual funds, 45 day notice before any trades and minimum hold period of one year.

    I believe it should be 6-month notice before any trades and minimum hold period of five years.

  65. Libturd says:

    Even I would six flags without a worry. Though wish they would require masks when people are indoors. It’s so simple, yet so hard for many. I get boosted with Moderna tomorrow. Will let you all know how I feel.

    BTW, I’ve been doing some research into CRT. I think the right needs to revisit what CRT is, much like their positions on BLM, police reform, etc. It must suck to always get all of your information from deceptive news sources. You guys almost fooled me this time.

  66. Libturd says:


    It is a conflict of interest. Most are getting monstrous pensions anyway. I would only allow investment in total stock market indexes and even then, they should not be able to act on inside information. Want to invest? Then only timed purchases and sales no less than a year out.

  67. chicagofinance says:

    Note: the following is an Op-Ed; clearly slanted… I am unfamiliar with the authors. Clearly overstated…..


    The Democrats’ Tax Plan Would Sink Real Estate

    We’ve seen it before. The 1986 reform led to the savings-and-loan crisis and the 1990-

    By Dan Palmer and David Williams
    Oct. 25, 2021 1:45 pm ET

    The most lasting effects of government policies are often the unintended consequences. Americans learned this lesson the hard way in the aftermath of the 1986 Tax Reform Act. The tax proposals in the Democrats’ $3.5 trillion budget-reconciliation bill have the potential to kick off economy-crippling events similar to the savings-and-loan crisis of the late 1980s.

    The landmark 1986 Tax Reform Act reduced the top personal income-tax rate from 50% to 28%. The politically divided Congress paid for these cuts, in part, by raising the rate on capital gains from 20% to 28% and limiting the deductibility of real estate losses for passive investors. The unintended consequences were many and profound.

    As the new rules were phased in, investment capital dried up and asset values collapsed. Rents rose as landlords refused to pay their mortgage interest with nondeductible cash. Many other landlords “mailed back the keys” to the S&L associations holding their mortgages. The lack of investment capital, sharply lower valuations, and the resulting flood of foreclosures and “deeds in lieu” took down the S&L industry.

    Before the 1986 act, the S&Ls were the primary source of loan capital for local property owners, developers and builders. After 1986, 747 institutions with assets of more than $394 billion (about $1 trillion in today’s dollars) collapsed into the federal Resolution Trust Corp. When the S&Ls failed, community-based lending and much of the local home-building industry vanished. The fallout was ultimately felt up and down Main Street during the recession of 1990-91.

    Even before the 1990-91 recession, Congress knew it had blundered, and reinstated real-estate tax benefits for genuine professionals only. Those benefits still don’t apply to a casual investor who buys a small apartment block or enters a real-estate partnership. The lesson? The capital-gains tax rate has a larger effect on real-estate investment than limiting deductions does, but increasing rates and limiting deductions at the same time is deadly.

    Wall Street was the big winner, filling the void left by the S&Ls with commercial mortgage-backed securities, or CMBS. Today, most commercial and multifamily real-estate funding is done by CMBS loans. All major financial institutions—including banks, insurance companies and pension funds—participate heavily in CMBS markets. Consequently, we are all in this together. When the CMBS market collapsed in 2008, it plunged the global economy into the Great Recession. Taxpayers funded huge bailouts.

    Real estate is a long-term, risky and labor-intensive investment compared with stocks and bonds. Without tax incentives, real estate can’t compete with other investments for essential capital. Currently, real-estate professionals get depreciation deductions against taxable income, and long-term capital-gains rates when they sell. When an owner dies, his heirs get a free step-up in tax basis—that is, they don’t pay taxes on appreciation during the decedent’s lifetime.

    Under the House bill, taxation of real-estate operating profit would soar from 29.6% (37% less 20% business deduction) to nearly 46.4% (39.6% basic maximum plus 3.8% investment tax plus 3% surtax for some, with no business deduction), and real estate capital gains would spike from 20% to 31.8% (25% basic capital gains maximum plus 3.8% investment tax plus 3% surtax for some). For a successful investor, that’s an extra 16.8% tax on operations and an extra 11.8% tax on capital gains. At the same time, new limitations are phasing in to reduce mortgage-interest deductions and depreciation. Increasing rates while limiting deductible losses is the same deadly recipe as in 1986.

    Adding to the toxic brew, President Biden proposes a radical change to the way real-estate assets are treated when an owner dies. He proposes to tax the step-up in basis on death that has been a tax-code constant for a century. It is a foundational reason why families make multigenerational, long-term property investments. Taking away the free step-up in basis creates a disincentive to invest for the long term and ensures even less capital flowing to real estate.

    Whether a generational property transfer is taxed at death at the proposed 31.8% capital-gains rate or the higher proposed ordinary-income rate of 46.4%, it may also face a proposed 45% death tax. And that is before state taxes. The huge aggregate tax bill on death will force estates to sell properties to cover what they owe. As 1986 and 2008 proved, forced selling in real-property markets creates havoc in financial markets.

    What Congress did in 1986 to real-estate tax shelters was deliberate. What it did to S&Ls, community lending, investors, capital markets and Main Street was unintended. This time, it’s much the same, but the effect will be broader. Everyone is directly or indirectly exposed to the CMBS market, and sharply declining real-estate values are highly disruptive. Total CMBS loans today are approaching $4 trillion.

    If passed, the Democrats’ real-estate tax proposals will tank property values. This sudden, broad decline will be recessionary. Recessions hit all Americans, not the few that Congress and the president are targeting with this legislation. Washington is at serious risk of replaying a historic economic blunder.

    Mr. Palmer is a Republican strategist, activist and fundraiser and founder of Palmer Investments Inc., a real-estate investment firm. Mr. Williams is a tax attorney, certified public accountant, real-estate manager and investor.

  68. Ex says:

    I’m dying to sell now. Wish I could cash out and move to the rustbelt.

  69. grim says:

    Facebook is so done. Zuck needs to start contemplating ritual suicide if he wants to keep his company going. He’s more useful to Facebook spending his days covered in zinc nerd surfing on his beach in Hawaii.

  70. Ex says:

    They won’t do shit about Facebook. They can’t do anything about much of anything.
    Hashtag: inept

  71. 3b says:

    Lib: Sorry there is a lot of tall tales in CRT, and many respected academics have criticized it as well. Lots of stretching in the theory. As for BLM there are issues there as well as to what exactly they stand for, and legitimate questions as to where the money is going. In the end it’s all done to divide people, that’s what the bought and paid for politicians and the elites want.

  72. Juice Box says:

    re: “Facebook is so done”

    The guy spent 400 million to get Biden elected..I don’t think so and neither does wall st.

  73. BoomerRemover says:

    While I could have watched Dune at home on the OLED/Sonos combo, the missus and I went to an IMAX theater to really experience the jarring score and stunning effects.

    Zuck has kids?

  74. No One says:

    CRT argues there’s no reality, argues that groups exist but individuals don’t. Argues that the idea of merit is a construct of racist oppression. It’s modern philosophy melded with race and class warmongering.
    Maybe Libturd wants to ease his white guilt by getting bent over by a gang of intersectional race and gender studies majors. Or just doesn’t care because he plans to run off to a country that cannot afford the luxury of teaching such BS in their schools for now.

  75. No One says:

    I tried to watch Hannah Gatsby ‘s Nanette tonight. Quit 15 minutes in. Chappelle is right, she’s not funny at all. Maybe people obsessed with gayness like it.

  76. Juice Box says:

    Power just went out….

  77. Juice Box says:

    just got an emergency alert on my phone not to travel due to flash flooding. Yet school is open.
    Some people are going to drive and drown this morning.

    Power just came back on.

  78. Hold my beer says:


    How are kids supposed to get home after 5” of rain in a day? School administrators have all those years of education and lack common sense. If enough parents keep their kids home from school the state won’t give the school their share of state aid for the day anyway. There’s some sort of formula the state uses based on daily attendance rate.

  79. BRT says:

    I’m fighting to get my kid back in school. Screw the rain. He had an ear infection. Doctor checked him out. Cleared him to return. School wants a negative covid test? WTF? 1. He already had Covid, and they know that. 2. For an ear infection?

    His pediatrician is fed up with all the nonsense. He said the districts are out of control requesting all this garbage giving them busy work to do and superseeding the assessments of medical professionals.

  80. Libturd says:

    BRT in Singapore, vaccine mandates have a carveout for those recently infected. No vaccine is required if you were infected within the prior 6 months.

  81. Chicago says:


    China Urges Evergrande Founder to Pay Debt With Personal Wealth

  82. Chicago says:

    Three Piece Suit is cultural appropriation.

    No One says:
    October 26, 2021 at 12:31 am
    CRT argues there’s no reality, argues that groups exist but individuals don’t. Argues that the idea of merit is a construct of racist oppression. It’s modern philosophy melded with race and class warmongering.
    Maybe Libturd wants to ease his white guilt by getting bent over by a gang of intersectional race and gender studies majors. Or just doesn’t care because he plans to run off to a country that cannot afford the luxury of teaching such BS in their schools for now.

  83. Libturd says:

    As for CRT, it’s completely harmless unless you are a closet racist. Which makes total sense that the backwards ass, undeducated red states are hell bent on making sure the truth, that is, that institutionalized racism existed in this country and still does is not discussed. Same old populist garbage. Not sure what all of the fear and hysteria is about. Though I will say this, the way it’s discussed on the right, it would be scary. Sadly, CRT amounts to little more than discussing that our country had a racist past and that this racism still exists today, but to much less of an extent. Yeah, our past was pretty ugly. Doesn’t mean it should not be taught. Better those poor kids, both black and white in Mississippi don’t learn the truth in school. It’s not like these kids don’t already know it. But making laws to keep race issues from being discussed? Well that’s kind of what the Taliban does with their ugly history. No?

    The right is so convoluted. They will rally around saving statues, but won’t let history be taught. Hmmmm. And it’s not about white guilt at all. CRT does not blame white people of today for the horrific racism that existed in the past. It explains why racism exists today as a remnant of the past and how it has become so institutionalized in certain areas that we (all of society) is hardly aware that it even exists. It’s also open for debate, hence the name, critical theory. But that’s alright, better to sweep all American ugliness regarding race, under the rug.

  84. 3b says:

    Lib: Sorry I disagree, and I am no racist.

  85. Libturd says:

    “Three Piece Suit is cultural appropriation.”

    You are nuts.

    “China Urges Evergrande Founder to Pay Debt With Personal Wealth”

    I applaud the Chinese leadership. Here, you get to keep it all, even when you are caught red handed. If the public is lucky, the next guy who commits that crime gets time in a white collar prison until they are pardoned.

  86. Juice Box says:

    Here are two examples of the local nutters on FB…

    This one claims to be a teacher in town, who will start their own school if there is a vaccine mandate.

    “Hi everyone – First I just want to express this is not a fake profile. I am a teacher and created an alternate account to protect my job, which is why you’ll see I don’t have any friends. I am a real person! I am in the planning phase of creating a PEA so I can open a private school in the Middletown area. When the PCR test goes away at the end of this year, I am pretty certain the j a b will be mandated for me as a school teacher. This is not something I am willing to do. I have a feeling there are many of you who are also not going to be willing to sign your babies up for this experiment either, and my own mandate-free school seems like a pretty good solution all around. So, that brings me to this post – I am currently looking for a space… if anyone here has any ideas, connections, leads, please DM them to me or comment here. I am also willing to barter – if you have space I can use and want your kids in the pod, we could work something out. As I said, I’m still in the planning phase, and working on getting the PEA created now. I want to be ready for the new year (Jan) which is when I think things are going to get crazy (if our current governor wins). Thanks in advance for any feedback!”

  87. Juice Box says:

    Here are the anti-mask brigade nutters on FB, who also will be the anti vaxxers once the kids are told they need to get the shot to go to school.

    “My post yesterday was removed, here is what my friend stated about her meeting with one of Murphy’s top staff:
    Rachel Keane NJ Families for In-Person Learning (NJFIL)
    we had our meeting yesterday with deborah cornavaca. she is a chief aide to murphy, she has been instrumental in his covid response, and her role is an outreach coordinator. the purpose of our meeting was to oppose the mask mandate in daycares, and we thought her purpose was to listen and convey our concerns to the governor.
    i brought myself (an RN for ten years), a pediatrician of 20 years, and a few other important notable people including a preschool teacher, some of whom couldn’t attend but who submitted written statements in advance.
    We prepared and read written statements about the harms of masking young children and we gave specific examples including my toddler almost dying and my 5 year old developing impetigo on his face.
    deborah was defensive in her response. she said they’re following CDC. we said she isn’t following CDC because there’s no universal mask mandate in nj, just a kids mandate in schools.
    she said there’s no way they are going to repeal the mandate and theyre “doing the most possible to protect the most people possible.”
    She also didn’t give an offramp to masking. We asked for a metric for when they can stop masking and there is none, nor would she acknowledge that there needs to be one.
    most disturbing and very kellyanne conway-esque of her was her statement that we have our science and she has hers. like we have our facts and she has alternative facts.
    Please share this message with anyone like-minded. Murphy lost my vote yesterday and I am a staunch liberal all my life. It was a sad day for me and a very upsetting meeting.”

  88. Juice Box says:

    BTW – The local elections chat on FB is as bad as it can possibly be, accusations of illegal campaign donations from our Governor who lives in our town for a school board seat!! lol…

    One Guy running for Town Council was outed as a ex-criminal in Arizona for writing bad checks. Record was expunged but someone found it…lol…

    I need to leave this country.

  89. Juice Box says:

    Lol here is a FB gem..There is some flooding on Rt 35 and the highways is closed, there were some power outages etc, the next town over closed do to some flooding too.

    One parent lashed out on FB at the School superintendent this morning.

    Here is the post.

    “”The school system / superintendent sends out texts, emails, phone calls for everything from haunted house rescheduling to “covid rules” on a regular basis …but …….today nothing!
    A state of emergency, a nor’easter, and flooding there’s no update. Let’s do better @MaryEllenWalker.”

  90. Juice Box says:

    re: cultural appropriation – Yes I do believe the white girls are twerking way too much and it has upset some of the hoes from other sub-groups of whores.

  91. BRT says:

    I’m not an antimasker but I do think we are at the point (vaccines, therapeutics, etc…) that it should be a personal choice now. And accepting a cloth mask as satisfying the mandate defies logic, but people are religiously dedicated to it. Asking vaccinated kids to wear masks is stupid. They are all rebelling and have their nose sticking out all day. Asking elementary kids, who have no concept of hygiene to wear them is even dumber. And it’s done nothing to stop all these random respiratory coughs from plaguing our schools right now.

    Osterholm was on record saying the idea that masks prevented flu is completely unfounded. He noted, flu and other respiratory viruses disappeared the year after swine flu and they still have no idea why. Then it came roaring back the following year.

  92. Juice Box says:

    BRT – Our Legislature gave the governor the power this year to keep his executive orders forever, the health emergency expired in June but they changed the law so he can keep creating new ones at a whim.

    As far as Executive Order 251 the mask order from August they won’t expire it after 90 days it will be extended.

    He instituted tje Vaccination or Testing Requirement for All Child Care Center Personnel on 9/20/21

    He Instituted the Vaccination or Testing Requirement for State Contracted Employees
    on 10/20/21

    People are guessing after the election he will go full on California with a vaccine mandate or lose your job. He has the power to do it only because the legislature changed the law. These powers were supposed to be temporary.

    Again the politics of it are getting nasty now. The State of Florida is now recruiting NYPD to move to Florida and get a $5000 bonus for becoming a cop there.

  93. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Embarrassing. Politics really messed this country up. Hope Trump is happy…maga!

    Juice Box says:
    October 26, 2021 at 9:10 am
    Here are two examples of the local nutters on FB…

    This one claims to be a teacher in town, who will start their own school if there is a vaccine mandate.

  94. The Great Pumpkin says:

    BLM and MAGA. Two peas in a pod. Politics really is this pathetic. These two groups prove that.

  95. Chicago says:

    Pumps. Don’t use your prep to post here. Grade papers or refine your lesson plan

  96. No One says:

    Bad epistemology is always dangerous. So is collectivism. So is racism, which is really just a subset of collectivism. CRT has all three.
    The postmodernists have been ruining the universities for decades, and CRT has taken off especially over the past 10 years as a new more racist application of postmodernism. The reason why right wingers suddenly are screaming about it is that in the last few years these university-trained administrators and teachers are trying to embed it in k-12 programs more than ever.

    Lefties would go nuts if schools mandated teaching creationism in schools, ten commandments for 10 year olds, and were required to write essays about their sins. These schools are now teaching the equivalent on race now.

  97. Libturd says:


    That’s fine. I honestly used to take those kinds of positions. Call me woke. I am not offended by it.

    As I continue to age, I realize there is a lot we blame on the individual that is really the fault of how society directs us to behave. When I question the abhorrent behaviors of so many individuals today (intentionally reckless driving for one example), I realize that if people’s political leaders are not taken to task and always get a pass, why shouldn’t they? Society has become more about taking advantage of loopholes and screwing your neighbor than contributing your fair share and helping bring everyone up. All are free to disagree. Though I will emphasize this, and I’ve discussed this before here. Those who worked extremely hard to get themselves to the comfortable position they are in, regardless of race, tend to believe everyone has the ability to do the same thing. I used to believe this too. And strongly. Until a mentor at work, the most brilliant person I have ever ran into my life, made me aware of both my own intelligence and how it was blinding me. Now this woman was smart as hell. How do I know? Well she had two sons. One was pretty high level CIA and the other was a military codebreaker who was fluent in eight languages. But it really wasn’t that. It was her ability to read your mind. I remember once, we were travelling together and she asked how my older son was doing and I said great, but that I didn’t want to expose him to video games, especially shooting games, because I felt that first person shooting games was desensitizing kids to gun violence and perhaps causing the school shootings which were so prevalent at the time. She told me that exposure is not the issue. The issue is most likely lack of appropriate parenting. Making my my kid suffer as the lone kid with strict parents was only going to make it more likely that he acts out. Better to let him play the games, with time limits and explaining the difference between gaming and reality. I took this to heart and expanded this technique of parenting to nearly every taboo subject starting at an extremely young age. He is aware and even encouraged to have sex if that is what he wants. But he knows the importance of the act and that his partner must agree and not be coerced. I’ve been letting him have a sip of every single drink I’ve ordered in his presence since he was a toddler and occasionally let him have a small glass of wine or half a beer. I don’t admonish his occasional poor test score. I simple reiterate that if you studied enough and you still did poorly, than you didn’t understand the subject matter. Go after school and relearn it. If you didn’t study enough, well, that’s on you. We leave it at that. Well, this year, it’s been non-stop parties (junior year) to which my son chooses not to drink at. He knows that he can, and I even encourage him too, but no more than one drink per hour. If he overdoes it, he can call me for a ride home with impunity. He’s been drinking his whole life, so he knows booze is not meant for abusing. Same with drugs. He knows about the likelihood of these Chinese fakes and I encourage him to smoke weed a few times and see if he likes it. But pills are all bad and completely unnecessary. I provide these examples to try to support my argument about CRT. Things like this don’t threaten me or my family if they are discussed openly and critically. It is fine if you choose to believe otherwise.

    There is something about being raised Jewish that makes our tribe sympathize with the blacks in this country. Though, our plight was quite different, Jews have been a persecuted people for much of our existence. Lots of people aren’t aware of this, and I’m not sure if it is still true today, but the majority of the funding for the NAACP comes from Jewish contributors. At least this was the case when I was younger. It’s quite an accomplishment considering that Jews make up less than 2% of the U.S. population. And few know this, but the NAACP would not have been created had it not been for it’s many Jewish Founders who felt that joining forces to end racism would also yield similar benefits in their continued failing attempts to stop anti-semitism in America.

    I suppose the moral of the story is, exposure of ugliness, whether it be first-person shooters or lynchings in the town square are both preferred topics of discussion IMO. It is up to us as parents to steer our children to be productive members of society. I have a fierce independent streak due to having incredibly strict parents. So I believe in letting anyone believe in whatever they choose to. But exposure to what I don’t believe in is as important as exposure to what I do. To each their own.

  98. Out of the Ashes goes the Phoenix says:

    “So is collectivism”

    Isn’t that what team members do to make corporate owners wealthy?

  99. Out of the Ashes goes the Phoenix says:

    Okay Karen.

    ”The school system / superintendent sends out texts, emails, phone calls for everything from haunted house rescheduling to “covid rules” on a regular basis …but …….today nothing!
    A state of emergency, a nor’easter, and flooding there’s no update. Let’s do better @MaryEllenWalker.”

  100. Out of the Ashes goes the Phoenix says:

    He can test positive for up to 90 days.

    That is absurd. 10 day quarantine, grab a sledge and back to the quarry.

  101. Out of the Ashes goes the Phoenix says:

    Go around killing black people for a “supposed” fake 20 dollar bill with an allegation while being videotaped is going to get you some CRT.

    Shooting innocent black people in their own garage because “Karen” is in fear is going to get you some CRT.

    You lit the fuse. Now you can deal with the consequences.

  102. Libturd says:

    Btw, the jackpot on this storm is going to be in Connecticut. Better there than here.

  103. Out of the Ashes goes the Phoenix says:

    Great post. I’m “retired” Catholic and recently going through an annulment, while entertaining, made that religion totally repulsive to me.

    Ain’t no God or Jesus made the rules these freaks run that business enterprise under.

    Only some genuine wacko humans can make that kind of stuff up.

    At least I know what the real cause of global warming is, it’s the devil turning up the heat preparing for the visits of plenty of Catholics. Expect the planet to get much hotter.

  104. No One says:

    Here’s an ok summary of recent decades of Critical theory in academia:

    When public schools teach something parents object to, and their taxes are paying for it, and for most parents they have no choice but to send their kids to public schools, then they certainly should have the right to stop it. They are coerced customers of this crap when it comes to K-12. Maybe some like their kids being taught this stuff, so they can also go to the board meetings and support it. Ideally the government wouldn’t have a near monopoly on K-12 education and parents could choose between education services, and this could be another differentiation point. But parents basically don’t have a choice, and they barely have a voice, but many are trying to use it, and I don’t blame them.

    In my kid’s high school a few years ago, all the kids aspiring to the ivies were obsessed with CRT, BLM, SJW stuff. Some literally were/are advocating bloody revolution. While most of them were driving luxury cars to school. These are the sort of luxury beliefs that the ivies love, and lots of these kids got in. These are some scary kids, smart but intolerant and angry like the red guards my wife witnessed in China many decades ago. This is how schools are molding the “best and the brightest” now. While the white privileged racists can go learn plumbing at the trade schools.

    I feel a bit guilty because I could have spoken out at my daughter’s private school. I had the knowledge, philosophical background, and reasoning ability to at least to have made the school uncomfortable. But I feared repercussions to my daughter, who needed teacher recommendations etc to get into college. She didn’t really care about the politics of it that much, she just wanted to get out of there and get out of that hotbed of radical social justice sniping, and the experience taught her that she didn’t want to go to an elite liberal arts college that would be a lot like her private high school. She didn’t feel guilty when her class did some exercise of standing up in front and counting all their privileges and she turned out to be the “most privileged” in her class. She even would get cursed at or “cancelled” by kids for still liking Kanye West (who was already cancelled).

  105. No One says:


    Collectivism means the subjugation of the individual to a group—whether to a race, class or state does not matter. Collectivism holds that man must be chained to collective action and collective thought for the sake of what is called “the common good.”

    Collectivism holds that, in human affairs, the collective—society, the community, the nation, the proletariat, the race, etc.—is the unit of reality and the standard of value. On this view, the individual has reality only as part of the group, and value only insofar as he serves it.

    Collectivism holds that the individual has no rights, that his life and work belong to the group . . . and that the group may sacrifice him at its own whim to its own interests. The only way to implement a doctrine of that kind is by means of brute force—and statism has always been the political corollary of collectivism.

    Fascism and communism are not two opposites, but two rival gangs fighting over the same territory . . . both are variants of statism, based on the collectivist principle that man is the rightless slave of the state.

  106. Out of the Ashes goes the Phoenix says:

    No One,
    So the Military, the police department, and Medicare are Collectivism?

  107. Juice Box says:

    FDA panel meeting is going on now…it’s streaming on YouTube all day.

    PFIZER COVID-19 mRNA vaccine to children 5 through 11 years of age will get voted on.

    Here is the benefit/vs risk presentation. There is no myocarditis data for the 5-11 yr olds they are using the rate for rate for ages 12-17 years instead.

  108. BRT says:

    Juice, they only did 2000 kids from my understanding. Pretty stupid considering rate of myocarditis was likely somewhere 1 in 5000. So they had a 50% chance that nobody gets its. Small sample size is inexcusable IMO given there were likely millions of families eager to get their kids jabbed.

  109. Fast Eddie says:

    Btw, the jackpot on this storm is going to be in Connecticut. Better there than here.

    It’s been coming down in a sheet for an hour now. Omg, this is Ida 2.0.

  110. Libturd says:

    “Quillette is a far-right online magazine”

    Believe what you want.

  111. Juice Box says:

    Yesterday a the Kearny NJ Transit portal bridge presser maskless Biden exited the podium coughed into his hand and the shook Pascrelli’s and Gov Murphy’s hands amongst others. If we are keeping masks they need to bring back hand washing and social distancing…

  112. No One says:

    Military, police (and courts) exist to protect the individual rights of citizens. In ideal form, the idea is to prevent (or punish or deter) the use of force by criminals or hostile armies on citizens. See the declaration of independence on the purpose of government.
    Medicare is mostly a wealth transfer program operating in the realm of health care, taxing some to pay for services. It uses force to extract resources, and then grants benefits to people. Health care services compelled to be provided by other people isn’t a right, it’s a violation of individual rights.

  113. Libturd says:

    Eddie, the sun is out here in Glen Ridge.

    We narrowly avoided flooding again. It really started super heavy last night, but got down to 1/4″ an hour for the rest of the night which the ground can handle. It’s the 1/2″ an hour and up rates that will always cause our lake to form.

    Check your current rainfall history here, if you are curious.

    Best radar available here.

  114. Out of the Ashes goes the Phoenix says:

    “Military, police (and courts) exist to protect the individual rights of citizens.”

    Do you think they are good at it?

  115. BRT says:

    Medicare is mostly a wealth transfer program operating in the realm of health care, taxing some to pay for services. It uses force to extract resources, and then grants benefits to people. Health care services compelled to be provided by other people isn’t a right, it’s a violation of individual rights.

    Well, they want healthcare to be a right…unless of course, you are unvaccinated…even if you’ve already had an infection

  116. Libturd says:

    It’s a pretty miserable existence to only care about yourself and your own rights. Now if you were a poor black kid in Jackson, MS and you were espousing such a position, I would say you are crazy, but I would respect it.

    But once you have “made it,” the argument rings much more shallow.

  117. No One says:

    There’s a wide variety of views on Quillette, some from the right, some from the left. I’d say they are in favor of free-thinking and discussion and are against “cancellation” or silence on current taboo subjects. I cannot remember ever reading any typical conservative “Pro-Trump” stuff there.

  118. Libturd says:

    Healthcare should be a right, IMO.

    Education should be a right, IMO.

    Law should be a right, IMO.

  119. Libturd says:

    I suppose we should abandon the auto insurance collective too?

  120. No One says:

    The more police, military, and courts deviate from the purpose of protecting individual rights, they worse a job they do. In the hands of a collectivist, rights-violating oppressor, they become instruments of tyranny, rather than protection from it.

    So people who want freedom of speech are just being selfish? People who don’t want to be imprisoned for living their life without hurting other people, they too are being selfish? Yes, I selfishly want to live in a world where people live and let live, and have the liberty to voluntarily interact, to trade, etc. And where gangs trying to compel other people are blocked from doing so. Guilty as charged, I’m in favor of individual rights. I think everyone should have their individual rights protected. So old fashioned, compared to what we are taught now, that we are born into slavery to a collective, and that our own lives are not our own, so in debt to society that we can never pay it off. This is what modern philosophers and dominant intellectuals think, and I reject it. Americans didn’t use to think of themselves as slaves or cattle or tribesmen, but this kind of self-abnegation is now being taught as a virtue.

  121. Juice Box says:

    Must suppress the bad news on FB.

    Buy Buy Buy…This is an insane amount of cash burn to support the stock price at all costs.

    From their earnings news. Share repurchases – We repurchased $14.37 billion of our Class A common stock in the third quarter and had $7.97 billion remaining on our prior share repurchase authorization as of September 30, 2021. We also announced today a $50 billion increase in our share repurchase authorization.

    Tim Cook might just pull the plug on them too…. to stop the practice of slavery trade on their social platforms..

  122. Fast Eddie says:


    I check a few sources to see different weather metrics. Thanks. This shit makes me too anxious because of Ida and basically, any tropical/Nor’easter type event.

  123. Juice Box says:

    Then again that is old news….. Drug Cartels and Human Traffickers and all on Facebook nobody cares. Perhaps if Karen gets busted by the FBI for posting about the school board and the mask mandates enough times it will take a hit.

  124. Juice Box says:

    re” . This shit makes me too anxious” First thing I did this morning at 5am when the power went out was to check the basement for flooding.. The transformer explosion on the main road woke up the entire neighborhood it was Electrical arcing white and blue light for a while too. I have a sump and a backup so bone dry but last thing I need in my week is to have to rip out moldy sheet rock.

  125. JCer says:

    On CRT, it is anything but harmless. If anything it really hurts the people portrayed as “victims”. The solutions espoused in CRT teaching are the road to ruin, in place of liberal ideas we have friction between the races. As for CRT the fundamental tenants are disproven by the appearance of prosperous and successful minority groups. No one is saying we cannot teach the ugly history of this country so long as it is based in fact.

    Facts matter and the fact remains despite inequity in laws and systems the United States is home to the most prosperous black community in the world. Teaching CRT based curriculum might make some white people uncomfortable and might cause white guilt but the real damage done is to the children of color who are essentially taught the world is out to get them, society is irreparably biased against them and traits that are tied to success are “white” and they should not aspire to them. It’s a cancer and it helps nothing.

  126. BRT says:

    We are so hung up on definitions…the garbage they are promoting in these schools, in some cases, at such young ages, is divisive and in many cases, the embodiment of racism and bigotry.

  127. Juice Box says:

    Lib – once you have “made it” you want to “keep it” This is universal regardless of sex, race, color, creed, clan, religion and nation of origin.

    You think the Evergreen guy is going to give up his billions willingly meaning his choice that freedom gives you? If he isn’t on a flight to Canada soon he is being prevented from leaving just like Jack Ma,Colin Huang,Lei Jun, Chen Dongsheng, Zhang Yiming and many others there. The collectivists are taking apart their capitalist experiment that was ushered in only a few decades ago, and it many not survive in ANY FORM.

  128. Juice Box says:

    Markets are broken. Who the heck rents DVDs anymore? Redbox which should not even exist anymore just did a SPAC and it has jumped. 2.42 quote price arrow up+0.76 (+45.81%)

    Who the heck rents DVDs anymore?

  129. Ex says:

    Broadband should be a public utility. No more huge gubmint cash infusions to firms who do not invest and make our broadband among the slowest in the world while they get rich from what is now a necessity.

  130. leftwing says:

    Out of my Z longs…pretty overbought and can’t be a pig on a six day trade….

  131. No One says:

    I was in favor of individual rights since I was a teen, even though I and my family was poor, had no connections, no plan, and very doubtful prospects. Because I believed in liberty and opportunity for everyone instead of collective duty.
    If anything, I was probably more outspoken when I was young and broke, compared to after becoming professionally successful and well off.

  132. leftwing says:

    “BRT in Singapore, vaccine mandates have a carveout for those recently infected. No vaccine is required if you were infected within the prior 6 months.”

    You mean they are actually following the science?

    Unlike the idiocy of our many levels of government?

  133. grim says:

    Juice, they only did 2000 kids from my understanding. Pretty stupid considering rate of myocarditis was likely somewhere 1 in 5000. So they had a 50% chance that nobody gets its.

    If half the trial group received placebo….

  134. BidenIsTheGOAT says:

    CRT is about teaching history in the same way as the riots of 2020 were about equality. It’s a Trojan horse for Marxism.

    And anything trust doesn’t conform 100% to woke orthodoxy is labeled “right wing.” Rogan never voted for a Republican presidential candidate but he’s now right wing for questioning s3x changes for minors.

  135. Juice Box says:

    Pfizer presentation today..

    143 deaths nationwide for children 5-11 and 1.8 million positive cases approx 9000 hospitalizations.


    Safety data from N~2250 participants (1518 vaccine recipients and 750 placebo recipients) 5 to <12 years of age with a follow-up time of at least 2 months after Dose 2

  136. Juice Box says:

    I would question why we don’t wait for the Delta formulated version. I don’t see a compelling reason to rush this millions have recovered, they should do an antibody survey it’s likely the kids may have reached some level of herd immunity.

  137. Juice Box says:

    To be clear not against the vaccine at all, just don’t rush to give the the Wuhan formulation, if the newer delta and multi variant versions are in trials now.

  138. Juice Box says:

    re: “questioning s3x changes for minors”

    Lets be very clear here, there are no s3x changes for minors performed in the USA. There are some cases of drug treatment regimens for dysphoria after psychological examinations. There are no surgeons involved in that process. That is all about the head shrinks, there are no formal studies nothing to back any of it up that is widespread in anyway.

    I can think of a few head cases when we were kids that needed allot of treatment for various mental issues, most never got any. Antipsychotic medications might have helped a few of those kids that did some crazy crazy stuff when we were growing up. I know someone in NYC that works with these kids today. Extremely challenging work for them, most of these kids and they number in the thousands won’t make it and will end up incarcerated.

  139. Chicago says:

    Admit it. You are a redneck and white trash.

    No One says:
    October 26, 2021 at 12:57 pm
    I was in favor of individual rights since I was a teen, even though I and my family was poor, had no connections, no plan, and very doubtful prospects. Because I believed in liberty and opportunity for everyone instead of collective duty.
    If anything, I was probably more outspoken when I was young and broke, compared to after becoming professionally successful and well off

  140. leftwing says:

    anyone still in/around Westfield?

    how is flooding down that way around 28? think I’ll have issues coming from north of 78?

    i have PTSD from rainstorms on 22 a little further west……

  141. BidenIsTheGOAT says:

    It’s done chemical juice. You can walk into planned parenthood walk out with the hormones. Decide when you’ve grown up that it was a mistake? Too late can’t undo it.

  142. Juice Box says:

    Sure it is.. There is no such thing as changing your sex without a surgeon’s knife. Taking hormones does not stop the franks and beans from working as designed and no matter what it’s not for children. Adults can do whatever they want. A child cannot.

  143. Ex says:

    ChiFi that is not very nice. Not everyone has the proverbial silver spoon.

  144. Libturd says:

    No One (sorry for the delayed response, but I just got my booster),

    It was all very well researched and written until, “But, sometime in the 1990s, its proponents hit upon a clever way of advancing their case that would place their philosophy above criticism. When their fellow professors would point out fundamental conceptual flaws, they would simply smear them as racists, sexists and the contemporary equivalent of being alt-right. And it worked beautifully.”

    Then it becomes all conjecture/all political conservative hooey.

    You see, some of us radical Marxists I’m sure do label those who fear CRT racists. But the author plays the same trick that is so common in divisive journalism today. They take a one off or a few off and exaggerate and extend it to the entire population.

    Just because one believes in socialized health care does not make one a communist, soc1alist or marxist. And when it comes to collectivism, I’ve never seen such a large group of voters who think and act in lockstep on every single issue. So devoid of personal thought. So devoid of logic (at times). Yet the left are the collectivists. With all of their factions that until Pelosi bought off all of Biden’s challengers, there was a five horse race with no clear leader in the primary. Was there even a primary on the right? No, because to be part of the Trump army, you are not allowed to think for yourself. You must follow the party line to the grave. Even if it means not accepting the results of the election.

    Again, I know I am not changing any minds. But when it comes to this CRT agenda, it’s just feel’s like the right is clutching at straws. It’s gotten to the point that logic doesn’t even make sense anymore. What’s next? Putting laws on the book that ban the teaching of sex education?

  145. leftwing says:

    “It explains why racism…has become so institutionalized in certain areas that we (all of society) is hardly aware that it even exists….But that’s alright, better to sweep all American ugliness regarding race, under the rug.”

    That first statement is my issue… effectively says your reality is in fact not your reality, but only exists as dictated by others….

    Let’s look at opportunity and wealth gaps….the highest correlation is not race, but other factors. Intact homes, value put on education, substance abuse, family size.

    There is very little difference between isolated poor rural whites and redlined blacks once these factors are normalized.

    Yet somehow it must be about race. And if we don’t agree we simply must be oblivious to racism.

    Sometime very recently, on here, a poster made a denigrating stereotyped slang post of ‘hillbilly’ dialect. Impoverished, isolated, uneducated, white people being targeted and mocked for their situation through their dialect.

    Would that same person post about a black ordering food by “aksing” for some “shwimps”?

    Care to stand up and take ownership of your hillbilly post (can’t recall who it was)?

    Care to explain why one is an “-ism” and unacceptable while the other is apparently perfectly acceptable conversation among upper middle class suburban top percenters?

    And, lastly, explain how I can somehow deemed oblivious when I see the same facts as you regarding blacks see but disagree with your assessment of their origins while you find it perfectly acceptable to publicly castigate an entirely different subset of people in similar circumstances?

    Which one of us is oblivious and unaware of our biases?

  146. BRT says:

    Just made with through 78 to 287 with no issues

  147. Libturd says:


    You are such a parrot.

    Live and let live.

  148. Juice Box says:

    I know what that says and the agenda they push but reality is much different, you cannot get it so easily. They are not approved by the Food and Drug Administration for children. Off-Label use may be occurring but it’s very rare and does not change the outcome of puberty only delays it, you cannot get reassignment surgery as a child and the blockers only work for a short while you will still mature before you can get surgery. The implant mentioned cost $45,000 dollars and is not covered by insurance and neither are the shots which also costs thousands of dollars each, so the enablers are the rich parents who have troubled children with mental issues that require psychiatric care, and in those rare cases it is done for that reason.

    There may be some docs out there willing to do this (just like the ones writing scripts for OXY) but it’s still rare. It should not be such a hot button topic but it still is. Mental health professionals are involved here as well, you are not walking into the local clinic and walking out the door with it. It does not work that way.

  149. grim says:

    Just because one believes in socialized health care does not make one a communist, soc1alist or marxist.

    Every month that goes by, the case for a healthcare system predicated on employer sponsored plans becomes less convincing, for many people. I mean, except for the existing establishment using this argument to defend their turf. There are a lot of vested interests here, in ensuring that nothing upsets this status quo. Meanwhile, we’ve now got entirely new business models founded on trying to milk this system for even more money (PBMs for example).

    This system is completly broken. My wife went to the oral surgeon for a tooth implant estimate yesterday. The cost estimate form has a disclaimer that she needed to sign, indicating that the surgeon did not participate in any insurance, would not communicate with any insurer, and could not be held responsible if the insurer refused to pay, would not be responsible for any balance billing scenarios.

    This is the system we’re hell bent on defending? Her estimate basically said she could expect to pay somewhere between $5,000 and $10,000 out of pocket.

    I mean, it’s a dentist and not a medical doctor, and hell, that’s better than anything you’d ever get from a hospital.

    Tear this shit up, it’s broken and only getting worse. The middlemen are making fortunes and laughing about it.

  150. Libturd says:

    “Yet somehow it must be about race. And if we don’t agree we simply must be oblivious to racism.”

    Few believe this and those that do are the radicals. In Israel for example, the vast majority on both sides would like a peace between the Palestinians and the Jews. Though there are radical elements on both sides. I believe the side that is more desperate, the Palestinians will contain the larger number of radicals naturally. Why? Because they are coming from a position of generational oppression. The privileged Israeli’s, not so much.

    The same is the case for the blacks here. They are the oppressed. Not all of them, but so many are so poor and locked in the cycle of poverty.

    Throw in the parties and you have one side locking them in this cycle for votes. The other side is doing nothing to help them out.

  151. Libturd says:

    Damn vaccine is making me tired already. What an odd symptom. The 2nd dose nearly put me to sleep for two days.

  152. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Counterintelligence: A Closer Look
    The U.S.’s top counterintelligence official is sharpening his team’s focus to a handful of key technologies. They include AI, quantum computing, autonomous systems such as undersea drones, and biotechnology, said Michael Orlando, the National Counterintelligence and Security Center’s acting director. Mr. Orlando said he sees protecting these technologies from rivals as determining whether the U.S. remains the world’s leading superpower, The Wall Street Journal reports.

  153. Juice Box says:

    Dental implant costs are very high now. My dentist screwed up on my cracked tooth and had to pull it, claims it was fine then somehow split while prepping it for a cap. It’s healed now and I just got the $275 bone scan. It will cost me $4000 to get the implant. It’s the second upper molar and I still have my wisdom tooth behind it mainly because every time over the years the dentist told me to pull them I said no Fing way..I always refused just drill and fill. This is multiple dentists….I have had braces as a teen and I have six front laminates I splurged for when I was in my 30s and one cap. I made it much further than my parents, my dad had full upper dentures by the time he was 40…lol…

  154. Juice Box says:

    Speaking of teeth my oldest is finishing up his Invisaligns. Man do I wish they had those when I was a kid. The metal braces I had as teen were torture, monthly visit to tighten etc, rubber bands, bleeding, infections and well it was a turn off with the girls for sure. I also played Trumpet in the band, few times I caused a small cut in my inner lips trying to hit a high note. Wearing them for Football was no fun either, especially if you got knocked in the teeth..

  155. crushednjmillenial says:

    FB whisteblower . . .

    Ok, it seems that she is an orchestrated attack by Pierre Omiydar (Ebay Billionaire) taking a shot at FB/Zuck. Seemed like a fishy PR campaign, so this would make sense.

  156. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Billionaire Ken Griffin says work-from-home is hurting the nation and young people are making a ‘grave mistake’

  157. SmallGovConservative says:

    Libturd says:
    October 26, 2021 at 10:09 am
    “…Jews have been a persecuted people for much of our existence…”

    As a half-Jew myself, I’ve understood from a historical perspective why Jews have been persecuted. But I’ve never understood — until recently — how Jews have so willingly allowed themselves to be persecuted. Why, for instance, didn’t every German Jew leave Germany in 1933 or 34 or 35 or 36 or 37…? How could they not have seen what was happening, and what was coming…

    For anyone like me, wondering about this, look no further that Lib’s posts defending the modern Dem party, BLM, CRT, etc. For instance, it’s beyond comprehension how an otherwise intelligent and engaged guy like Lib can so easily ignore the growing antisemitism within the Dem party. But the cake-taker is Lib’s ridiculously naive comment dismissing CRT as a harmless academic exercise that simply seeks to improve awareness of racism. Make no mistake Lib, dogmatic CRT proponents hate you — for being white, for being male, for being a Jew, for being hetero. Their goal is not to ensure scholarly discussion of opposing views or difficult historical events, or equality of opportunity, or even equality of outcomes; their ultimate goal is punishment of people like you. The fact that you don’t — or won’t — see that, explains exactly how Jews have allowed themselves to be so easily persecuted.

  158. Ex says:

    No such thing as a half Jew.
    If you mom is Jewish, so are you.
    If not – sorry .

  159. Ex says:

    Now, Half-wit that’s another thing entirely .

  160. BRT says:

    The fact that they introduce kids to this type of stuff is a problem because they don’t have the intellectual capacity to reason through it or question it. Moreover, what you may view as an important issue, is tainted by politics and special interests. Moreover, each and every one of you has experience with more than enough awful teachers. The idea that you would rely on these individuals to deliver these things is laughable. Even if any of this stuff was grounded in truth, they would easily bastardize the message. Do you really want Pumpkin teaching your kids about racism? Best done at home.

    Teach kids history. The educational system is not equipped to cast moral judgements. The same people that are currently teaching kids about white privilege and income inequality just shut down school for the poorest kids in the nation for a year and half while all of their kids still went to school.

  161. Juice Box says:

    Ex – I think I am about 1/16th…

    I was until recently not a Jew but basically an unknown Jew. My willy was circumcized according to custom against my wishes, but then I found out over the summer through 23 and me about my NEW 1/2 sister in the UK who is a Jew. That makes me Jew by a just a little bit. Not really sure how much maybe just the little bit the Jewish doctor snipped off. The cheapness BTW is the Irish in me has nothing to do with being a little bit Jew.

    I think it ridiculous in this day and age you cannot be a Jew by choice and only bithright. What is this some kind of monarchy? If I declared myself a Buddhist they would not blink an eye. Anyway…L’Chaim

  162. joyce says:

    Can’t convert?

    Ex says:
    October 26, 2021 at 3:31 pm
    No such thing as a half Jew.
    If you mom is Jewish, so are you.
    If not – sorry .

  163. The Great Pumpkin says:

    “Big Tech has a new name, FAANG is now TAANG 🍊 $TSLA”

  164. MISC says:

    For those of you that have kids, it you were doing it all over today, and had the knowledge you gained from your years as a parent from the get go, given the current political climate in the US and world, would you have kids again?

    Lib, open parenting bootcamps, you could make serious $. I think a lot of the issues kids have today are due to the people that created the kids. Wus parents = wus kids and after a generation or two, you get super wuses.

    CRT – is it simply talking about black injustice from the past and present and that society is best when everyone gets treated the same and has equal economic / life outcomes and are some people upset about it because they believe CRT is not education but mind control?

  165. Libturd says:

    Jews allow conversion, but don’t seek conversions. Jews are too hung up on tradition (you know, being chosen means if you don’t behave in the same manner as Abraham, the messiah won’t recognize you as being Jewish). I am the worst kind of Jew. I know more about the religion than pretty much all non-orthodox Jews, though I choose not to believe in any of this nonsense.

    SGC, I’ll tell you why so many Jews didn’t get out. Because it was simply incomprehensible to believe that the Nazi’s would not only take it as far as mass genocide, but being some of the most learned among the German/Austrian population, didn’t realize how easy it could be to be manipulated through populism. You know, the same tactics used by Trump to rile up his army of non-academics. The important distinction between the BLM/CRT pushers is that their end game is equality, not superiority. The superiority complex, though, is alive and well through Trump’s continued scapegoatism and xenophobia. Just last week I heard him claim, without explanation or evidence, that dozens of countries around the world are intentionally sending newly released prisoners to America.

    “I hear it’s 50 countries! They are emptying out their prisons into the United States,” declared Trump, according to the Daily Beast. “Some of the toughest people on earth are being dumped into the United States because they don’t want them. They don’t want to take care of them for the next 40 years!”

    Then there’s his whole AIDS infected Haitian rant which he revived.

    I’ll stick with the academics over the proven liar who would say anything to anyone without flinching.

  166. Juice Box says:

    Todays winner is Inspira Technologies Oxy B.H.N. Ltd (IINN)
    8.15 +5.80 (+246.81%) 16:06 ET [NASDAQ]

    Extracorporeal respiratory support system, has the potential to minimize the need for mechanical ventilation. They plug into your femoral arterys in the upper thigh, near your groin and pump the blood around to oxygenate it…..

    Perhaps it can be modified for underwater use, no scuba gear needed? That would be way cooler than a covid treatment, swim the oceans with the dolphins…I bet Zuckerberg would purchase one….

  167. BRT says:

    Misc, yes. You are able to teach your kids to navigate through all this BS and think for themselves. It just requires you to be aware of what your kids are doing. Have a simple conversation like “Tell me what you learned in school today” goes a long way.

    As far as snowflake kids are concerned, parents are breeding their kids to be pushed around. They aren’t equipped to deal with adversity. There was a 3 year span where at school it was at it’s lowest point. Kids about to have a mental breakdown because they knew they were going to get a question wrong on the test. I had to explain to them that they aren’t perfect. But 9 years of teachers not grading will do that.

  168. Libturd says:

    Thanks MISC – whoever you are.

    You can be part of the first wave to visit my compound of Captain Cheapo happiness in Costa Rica and can spread the gospel to others.

    As for the expensive dental work, just get it done in Panama or CR. The medical experts down there are all American trained and degreed. Dental costs are often 1/5th to a 1/4 of the cost of doing the work here. Take another quarter of the savings and use it to take a vacation in one of the greatest countries in the world.

  169. Juice Box says:


    You must have missed these guys. They have been down in the village for a long long time. They definitely recruit, as they pitched me many times as I walked by.

  170. No One says:

    I watched that miniseries on Netflix “The Chair”. Shows liberal arts academia as a bunch of old liberals trying to please a bunch of Marxist SJW students in the English department, who are mostly into shouting and protesting for causes. The most highly prized rockstar professor is a WoC pushing CRT. The fading star white guy is merely a drunk postmodernist, so 90s now. The old farts teaching actual poetry and literature (from white English males!) are portrayed as dinosaurs.
    The director imagined the miniseries was fair and balanced.

  171. No One says:

    I can relate to Hillbilly Elegy a bit.

  172. Libturd says:


    I hate doing it, but teaching adversity is crucial. My son’s hockey team is now ranked 18th in the nation tier II. They are better than many of the local AAA teams. Though they have one achilles heel. They have four speedy little kids on offense who don’t like to get hit. All it takes is for an opponent to smash one of those kids hard and they all refuse to win the races to the lose puck for fear of being the next victim of a big hit. The team was 19-1-1 with it’s only loss to a tier I type team made up of the best players from Cleveland to Detroit. About two weeks prior to going to their last regular season game prior to the playoffs, I told my son that he was going to lose to the Skyland team. Though this Skyland team (Stockholm, NJ) was barely playoff bound, they nearly beat my son’s team the first time they met once they figured out our weakness. My son’s team ended up losing 4-0. After the game, the kids were obviously extremely upset. Not just because they lost, but 4-0 is a real drubbing. My son gets into the car and starts complaining to me that they lost because I said they would lose. I laughed and reminded him that this was probably the ideal time to lose. Better now than in the districts or nationals. I heard from many of the parents that their kids were really upset after the game. Mine was fine after about a minute. It’s just a game where the only people who care about the results are the kids and their parents. The rest of the world doesn’t know the team exists. Get over it.

  173. Juice Box says:

    crushed – Lost a few brain cells watching the first segment on FB, some of these millennial run youtube channels are pure garbage…. Pierre Omiydar’s $150,000 donation to the lawyers is a drop in the bucket. Zuck spent $400 million on swinging the election to Biden and nobody bats an eye, there will be no Section 230 changes that Trump wanted. There is just too much money to mess with Zuck, he can afford to play the long game rebrand and come out with a new “product” that keeps the customers hooked, just like big tobacco did with e-cigarettes. They have cash and equivalents of 60 billion dollars that just keeps on growing and growning. The are pretty much a Hedge Fund that blogs now….

  174. JCer says:

    Smallgov it is complicated but there is a very long history of Jewish persecution basically everywhere. First where would the people have gone? Not too many countries were willing to accept the Jews, hence Israel and Zionism, and capital controls meant they could not take their money especially when things started going south. You had a few different groups in the occupied territories, the wealthy integrated Jews didn’t want to leave their homeland and by the time they figured it out it was too late, the poor folks in the shetls had no real ability to leave.

    There are a few ways to look at Jewishness. Any active practitioner of the faith is a Jew in some respect. There is also an ethnic component but even that is interesting because not all Jews are genetically the same, all groups of Jews have significant admixture. Ashkenazi Jews have significant Italian genetics they got from taking local wives in the Roman Empire. So by Ex definition his ancestors go back a thousand or two years and they were no longer Jews, they left Judea and went to Europe, they did not take women and children with them instead converting local women. As a stateless group of people for thousands of years the diaspora resulted in a lot of conversion to basically keep the race/religion going, in your lineage if you go back far enough surely there was a mother who was not born a jew and you should be thankful for that as the other option was inbreeding.

  175. No One says:

    This is not what CRT is:
    “simply talking about black injustice from the past and present and that society is best when everyone gets treated the same and has equal economic / life outcomes”

    Also, you can either treat people equally or you can use force to create equal outcomes, but not both. Equal treatment by the law is one thing. Equal outcomes would involve very unequal treatment of people and is impossible anyway. CRT advocates are very explicit about demanding different government treatment for individuals of different races and identities.

  176. Libturd says:

    Jews for Jesus are not Jews. Neither are reconstructionists. Heck, I’d join up with those Original Jews before I considered those other two. At least those crazy brothers aren’t hiding anything.

    The Reconstructionists are the lazy Jews. Like me, they don’t really believe the messiah is coming, but follow some of the traditions like Friday night and Saturday morning services. Why the heck bother?

    Jews for Jesus are another proselytizing sect of Christianity. The truth is, you can’t be Jewish and accept Jesus as the messiah. Sorry.

  177. Libturd says:

    “CRT advocates are very explicit about demanding different government treatment for individuals of different races and identities.”

    Only the most radical do. But it makes a nice talking point to stretch it to all.

  178. MISC says:

    “Anyone Who Can Make You Believe Absurdities Can Make You Commit Atrocities”

    – Voltaire

  179. Juice Box says:

    Lib – They beg to differ, their mothers, and grandmothers and all down the line were Jewish after all so according the law they are….

    Reminds me of the segment Stern used to do.

  180. JCer says:

    Lib you are too hard on the Jews for Jesus. Yes they are Christians but they maintain Jewish tradition and ethnicity. They are a throwback to the early Church before the involvement of Rome, Christianity was a Jewish movement originally. Basically just because they believe Christ was the messiah doesn’t mean they need to discard the rest of their beliefs and traditions, there can be continuity between religions. Heck in any event even among Jews there are a lot of disagreements between the various sects and traditions.

  181. Juice Box says:

    I like being hard on the Jews, well anyway at least all the Jewish women I dated, boy did hear more than once how their Jewish boyfriends weren’t hard enough for them…lol!!!!

  182. Bystander says:

    “Btw, the jackpot on this storm is going to be in Connecticut. Better there than here”

    Thanks but barely inch of rain in my town. Just a rainy day. Weirdest storm – so spotty as nearby Norwalk was getting 3 inches downcoast and New Haven got 3in further upcoast.

    Reminder that black people were not even allowed into labor unions through 1960s. Red hat dope racists think there was no impact on family units and poverty, somehow blacks were not dicated to..sure.

  183. grim says:

    Lib – Good luck buddy, ended up in the ER on Sunday with tachycardia and palpitations. Clocked a 143bpm doing nothing but laying on the couch trying to relax. Apple watch screamed AFIB when I did the ECG. Didn’t think I was dying, but didn’t want to take a chance on that one. Had to go through the whole cardio ringer at the ER. ER doc said he might consider myocarditis, but he’d have to admit me and do the whole cardio workup to know for sure. After fluids for a couple of hours, heartrate settled down to mid 90s, and he felt comfortable enough to discharge me. We didn’t catch any AFIB on the monitor, otherwise I would have had to check in. Not typical for my ticker, my resting heart rate is usually mid/upper 60s. 100% back to normal by Monday morning. Shot related? Not Related? Fluke? Who knows.

  184. Hold my beer says:

    There’s a big reason why Chinese buy houses in the US and Australia. It’s a way to preserve some wealth. There’s no agreement to repatriate assets to China if the owner is convicted of any kind of financial wrong doing in China.

  185. JCer says:

    Bystander go look at some of the work done by Thomas Sowell. He very astutely ties a decline in the overall well being of black communities with the rise of the welfare state. Paradoxically as opportunities opened for black folks economic well being declined. I don’t think any reasonable person will dispute that black people prior to the civil rights movement were severely restricted and very unfairly treated in many aspects of life. The issue is with all the progress that was made someone decided to throw us back into a 1970’s mindset. Under the law we have almost achieved equality where we have not made progress is the overall economic well being, so much of the issue witnessed are related to poverty not race. I’m not sure what this has to do with the discussions around CRT, tons of people of all races came from a disadvantaged background why are American blacks under performing?

  186. Ex says:

    5:03 I married an tall Scandinavian – blonde hair/blue eyes.
    She converted.

  187. Bystander says:


    You don’t change 300 years of slavery, brutality and oppression in one gen. Also, Reagan and war on drugs made it much much worse in terms of small petty crimes destroying black family units. Not buying the ‘everything is equal’ now non-sense of the right. It is shown that majority of whites on right believe reverse racisim is the bigger issue. Party of the insane.

  188. Juice Box says:

    You are like me Ex my wife is Norwegian and Swedish but not too tall. The Fran Dresher accent or infact any NY metro girl was just not for me….believe me I know I tried them all out…

  189. Juice Box says:

    Bystander – Clinton wasn’t very good either and neither was sleepy Joe. Their 1996 crime bill and all….I doubt sleepy Joe is going to change much in the next three years, as well he and Barry O did not do so much either in the eight years they were in charge. Perhaps their savior will be coming in 2024, but then Kamala locked up allot of people so maybe in 2028 or 2128.. I don’t think we will live that long….

  190. Bystander says:


    Agree. I think you are helping with point. Things started to slowly change in the 70s but lots of laws over last 40 years also set-back black progress especially in getting two family units stabilized. Give Trump credit – he did right with first step act but no much more needs to be done. The prison system (and the politicians making coin off them) is one of the worst holdouts from slavery era.

  191. leftwing says:

    “Again the politics of it are getting nasty now. The State of Florida is now recruiting NYPD to move to Florida and get a $5000 bonus for becoming a cop there.”


    Hope they get a bunch of them. Should up it to 25k or better with a multi-year vesting. Really jam up these NE liberal sh1tholes

  192. Juice Box says:

    line up the little bastards…

    Vaccine advisers to the US Food and Drug Administration voted 17-0 with one abstention Tuesday to recommend emergency use authorization of Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine in children ages 5 to 11.

    Members of the FDA’s Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee agreed the benefits of vaccinating younger children appeared to outweigh the risks, but some members appeared troubled about voting to vaccinate a large population of younger children based on studies of a few thousand.
    “It is reassuring to me that we are giving a lower dose,” said Dr. Paul Offit, who directs the Vaccine Education Center at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.
    Pfizer has cut its vaccine to one-third of the adult dose for the children under 12 and said clinical trials showed this lower dose protected children well against symptomatic infection. The hope is it will cause fewer side-effects.

  193. Bystander says:

    Don’t look now lumber shooting back up toward $750. A certain dipsh*t said it would not rise and touted it’s decline as proof inflation is fine.

  194. BRT says:

    I like how everyone is acting like the hidden camera footage doesn’t count because it’s Project Veritas. He’s not showing us anything we didn’t already know. People on this board know Murphy is going to do it the instant he gets reelected. Newsom did the same thing.

  195. leftwing says:

    “I like being hard on the Jews, well anyway at least all the Jewish women I dated…”

    Blonde haired, blue-eyed, gentile from flyover country on a campus full of JAPs with daddy issues? I was passed around like a cheap whore sophomore year.

    And loved every minute of it lol.

  196. 3b says:

    Jcer: As I understand it Ashkanazi Jews genetically are European on the female side , and Semetic on the male side. When the Romans destroyed Israel and the Jews dispersed, those males married women from various European tribes as they wandered around. The Ashkenazi apparently tend to look down on Sephardic Jews, who originate in the Middle East.

  197. 3b says:

    Bystander: Reagan’s war on drugs was not the major factor in destroying the Black family unit. And the breakdown of the Black family needs to be addressed. Everything on the table.

  198. BRT says:


    good luck. Glad you appear to be ok. You said 1/2 dose right? If it was related, you are probably fortunate it wasn’t the full dose.

  199. 3b says:

    Pumps: At lest Ken Griffin works of course in corporate America so he is entitled to his opinion unlike yourself of course. As for forcing people back to the office, that horse has left the barn.

  200. Grim says:

    Yep, the 1/2, and it still packed a punch.

  201. Bystander says:


    Do you have any reasoning behind that statement?

    Anti Drug abuse act 1986 created 5 year (without parole) minimum sentence for 5 grams of crack or 500 g of regular coke.

    Avg time in jail went from 22 to 33 months and80% of people in fed prison for drug offenses are black.

    I think it sounds foolish to say it had no detrimental impact.

  202. 3b says:

    Bystander: I did not say it did not contribute to it , I said it’s not the only reason. To say it was all good until Regan era drug lords locked up minor offenders and then it all went bad is a simplistic explanation.

  203. Libturd says:

    I’ll be the first to admit that welfare creates dependency. We need to reform welfare to remove the dependency. I’m too tired. The shot is making me so sleepy. Catch ya all in the morning.

  204. leftwing says:

    “Anti Drug abuse act 1986 created 5 year (without parole) minimum sentence for 5 grams of crack or 500 g of regular coke.”

    500g divided by 28 is over a pound of coke. You’re a dealer. Not a recreational user, not carrying a vial with your friend and girlfriend. You’re moving volume.

    Welcome to the jungle.

  205. joyce says:

    I may be wrong but the implication could be the disparity between the quantity of the different drugs receiving the same prison sentence.

  206. Bystander says:


    I did not say it was the only reason. I am saying any progress made in 1970s was set-back by the draconian drug lock-ups of black community in the 1980s. We can’t continue to say ‘all is equal’ and problems still exist.

  207. Juice Box says:

    Re: you are moving volume…

    Back then yup and it was Bi-partisan too through Governor Clinton’s Arkansas airport, thanks to Regan’s illegal programs to sell drugs fund all kinds of blacked out illegal projects. They weren’t able to bury the entire paper trail…..

  208. Chicago says:

    Get an STD at SDT.

    leftwing says:
    October 26, 2021 at 8:11 pm
    “I like being hard on the Jews, well anyway at least all the Jewish women I dated…”

    Blonde haired, blue-eyed, gentile from flyover country on a campus full of JAPs with daddy issues? I was passed around like a cheap whore sophomore year.

    And loved every minute of it lol.

  209. Chicago says:

    HDFS. A Mrs. Degree

  210. Chicago says:

    I couldn’t disagree more. It’s a naked power grab. Ostensibly using a mangled and distorted view of American history to cloak themselves with moral authority. Also, a control of language to prevent and refutation of facts or tactics.

    Libturd says:
    October 26, 2021 at 4:09
    The important distinction between the BLM/CRT pushers is that their end game is equality, not superiority.

  211. Chicago says:

    Also, a control of language to prevent a refutation of facts or tactics.

  212. Out of the Ashes goes the Phoenix says:

    Just rolled in the door. Workload is insane anymore. Place hopping at midnight.
    Grim, watch out for that AFIB, you don’t want to throw a clot and get a stroke. Hopefully its all nothing and will pass.

    Lib, No way could do tonight. Got slammed. All of us , real hard. Dinner was a protein bar with coffee. Hope you don’t get too wacked from your shot.

    Wiped out. Going to bed. It’s already tomorrow.

  213. JCer says:

    bystander look at the data, literally negative progress. No one is saying things are equal but at the moment everyone is afforded “equal rights under the law”, YMMV, but it is the only way forward trying to compensate for injustices in prior generations will not “fix things”. Everyone was implicated in creating laws that had disparate effects on urban communities but the point remains you have to generally violate the laws to be a victim.

    Crack sentences were harsher because of the effects the crack epidemic was having on cities, it’s easy today without context to look and say “that law was racist”. The biggest victims of the crack epidemic were the poor, honest, non-addicted people living in afflicted communities. In the context of centers of excessive violent crime it makes sense that laws were targeted on those communities. Cocaine was used by quite a few wealthy people and therefore the societal ills were much more contained, it did not create a homelessness problem, petty street crime, etc. Crime impacts the poor a lot more than you understand. You’d need to ask the current president why he included the disparity in the bill, that is if he can remember, Regan was the president he did draft any legislation.

    Yes 3b you are correct about European jewery, it was common for men to move through the empire and take local wives. Sephardic Jews are from the Iberian peninsula and took Spanish and North African wives, they have some shared customs with north african Jews. Mizrahi jews come from the levant.

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