NJ’s new tax rebate

From Patch:

$900M In Tax Relief Could Be Coming To 1.8M NJ Homeowners, Renters

Nearly 1.8 million New Jersey homeowners and renters could get some money back from the state under Gov. Phil Murphy’s new property tax relief program proposed in his 2023 budget.

Murphy highlighted the ANCHOR (Affordable New Jersey Communities for Homeowners and Renters) Property Tax Relief Program, which proposes to pay out $900 million in property tax relief to qualified homeowners and renters, during a visit to Somerville on Thursday.

“I am proud of the forward progress this administration is making on the affordability challenge we inherited several years ago,” said Murphy. “Through the ANCHOR Property Tax Relief Program, more New Jersey taxpayers will receive the support they need to offset the costs of property taxes, making our state stronger, fairer, and more affordable for all.”

This new program would replace the Homestead Rebate Program, which only affected 470,000 homeowners annually and provided an average benefit of $626. Renters were also not eligible for the current Homestead program.

Under the new program, homeowners making up to $250,000 per year will be eligible to receive an average $700 rebate in 2023 to offset property tax costs. Also, renters making up to $100,000 per year will eligible for a rebate of up to $250 to help with rent increases due to property taxes.

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  1. dentss dunnigan says:


  2. Hold my beer says:

    And taxes will go up $800 a home to cover the administrative costs of the program.

  3. Juice Box says:

    Quick buy crypto it’s recovering….

  4. Chicago says:

    Grim finally found an effective solution to rid this board of Pumps.

  5. Grim says:


  6. Grim says:

    Hah that’s awesome.

  7. Grim says:

    Tweet tweet … bang!

  8. Fast Eddie says:

    Well, the Nashville area was my number 1 choice if I moved out of state. I guess that would be on hold since that area seems to be off the charts in price. Who am I kidding though, I’ll probably never leave Jersey.

  9. Juice Box says:

    Seems a few more crypto coins have gone kaput…this is the equivalent of delisting and well fraud if they ever make some regulations around these coins.

    “Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, has halted the trading of Terraform Labs’ Terra (Luna) and TerraUSD (UST) tokens on its platform following one of the industry’s biggest meltdowns.

    The exchange indefinitely suspended the trading of Luna and UST tokens across all its spot, cross margins, isolated margins pairs after the tokens lost nearly 100% of their value in a span of days.

    The move, which follows the exchange pulling support for trading of futures contracts for the Luna token earlier on Thursday, comes as Terraform Labs has increased the circulating supply of Luna tokens to over 6.5 trillion, up from 386 million three days ago (according to Terrascope, a tool that tracks Terra stats) in an attempt to push its sister token, a supposed stablecoin, to regain its 1-to-1 peg to the dollar.”

  10. Juice Box says:

    Elon’s margin loan is the reason not the fake bot accounts, anyone who spends anytime on twitter knows that way more than 5% of the accounts are bots.

    “Elon Musk is in talks to raise enough equity and preferred financing for his proposed buyout of Twitter to eliminate the need for any margin loan linked to his Tesla shares, according to people with knowledge of the matter.

    The billionaire’s advisers, led by Morgan Stanley, have begun soliciting interest from potential investors for as much as $6 billion in preferred equity financing, the sources said, asking not to be named discussing a private transaction.

    Musk, 50, had originally teed up a $12.5 billion margin loan as part of his $44 billion deal to buy Twitter. That was halved to $6.25 billion after he disclosed $7.1 billion in equity commitments from investors including Larry Ellison, Sequoia Capital, Qatar Holding, and Saudi prince Al Waleed bin Talal Al Saud, with the latter rolling his Twitter stock into the deal.

    Since then, Musk has received commitments for another $1 billion in equity, and is in talks for more, one source said.

    That additional equity, on top of the preferred financing, would be enough to erase the margin loan, cutting the risk of the deal for both Musk and his lenders. ”


  11. Grim says:

    Nashville is equally, or more expensive than NJ for neighborhoods you would actually want to live in.

    You stand no chance competing with a TikTok influencer.

  12. Grim says:

    The audacity…

  13. Juice Box says:

    So on Elon’s pivot from I am buying Twitter to we are now a private equity firm buying twitter. 12.5 Billion was a margin loan on his TESLA stock.

    Typical margin loan-to-value ratio is 20% or at the time of the announcement 1/3 of his entire Tesla stake about 64 million Tesla shares. Since the price of Tesla stock has nosedived since the announcement last month about – 28% you can bet Morgan Stanley was asking for more shares as collateral, allot more shares.

    I would think this twitter deal is done for good unless there are more suckers out there with billions to spare on a long shot that twitter can be turned around to compete with META etc.

  14. Juice Box says:

    You can bet Elon won’t get Bill Gates or Warren Buffet to answer the phone either. News says many other players aka private equity funds are discussing participating in this new preferred financing. Really just discussion, nobody hot to jump on the twitter train?

  15. Juice Box says:

    Lol – These guys are just too much… Unregulated offshore perhaps illegal in the USA fake crypto futures market where you can ALSO bet on whether Trump will be president again buys a stake in Robinhood.

    Robinhood Markets (HOOD) – Robinhood soared 22.4% in premarket trading after Sam Bankman-Fried – who founded cryptocurrency exchange FTX – revealed a 7.6% stake in a regulatory filing. The purchase makes him the third largest shareholder in the trading platform company.

  16. Phoenix says:

    A tale of two Americas…

    “Residents break down in tears as they return to find their multi-million dollar mansions overlooking Laguna Beach destroyed by ferocious wildfire. A woman who raised her family in a home that has now been reduced to rubble said she wasn’t sure if they would try to rebuild their $3 million house. ‘Maybe it will be too hard,’ she said.”

    “Young woman who suffered severe burns in condo fire had just used her life savings to buy it.”


  17. Juice Box says:

    No worries FED says they won’t let the 1970s repeat.

    Yeah no worries about an emergency Fed meeting on a Saturday night to no longer focus on rates but to actually control bank reserves to prohibit lending?

    Some History..

    “By January 1979, inflation was threatening to rise further, as prices jumped 7.7 percent from the year before, according to the personal consumption expenditure index. At the same time, there was concern about the US dollar, which had lost 12 percent of its value against major foreign currencies since late 1976.

    A few weeks later in a breakfast meeting with reporters, Volcker, who had just started his tenure as chairman, reinforced this message, saying he would be focused on restraining the growth of the money supply, with the ultimate goal of promoting sustainable growth for the US economy.

    Throughout the late summer and early fall of 1979, the Federal Reserve under Volcker had begun pushing the federal funds rate slightly higher. At the same time, unemployment began rising to about 6 percent, a move that began making officials in the Carter administration nervous, according to media accounts at the time. An unnamed Treasury official told the Wall Street Journal in September that the Fed would be forced to cut interest rates once unemployment hit 7 percent, “because the unemployment rate will be too high and Congress isn’t willing to bear that burden.”

    However, some members of the Federal Open Market Committee remained concerned about the level of inflation, and Volcker made a dramatic move to attack the problem. During a rare press conference on the evening of October 6, 1979, the Saturday before Columbus Day, Volcker announced the results of an unscheduled FOMC meeting held earlier that day.

    In front of reporters who had rushed to the Eccles Building to cover the unexpected announcement, Volcker explained the FOMC would shift its focus to managing the volume of bank reserves in the system instead of trying to manage the day-to-day level of the federal funds rate. It was an approach that would lead to more fluctuation in rates and, Volcker hoped, rein in inflation.

    Previously, the Fed had conducted policy by targeting growth rates for the money supply and by keeping the federal funds rate within a narrow range that was believed to be consistent with the monetary growth objectives. This was the result of a congressional mandate that required the Fed to set targeted growth rates for the money supply and report on its success or failure to meet the targets. However, as the Board of Governors noted in its Annual Report for 1979, “It was felt this procedure had become less reliable in an environment of rapid and variable inflation.”

    “By emphasizing the supply of reserves and constraining the growth of the money supply through the reserve mechanism, we think we can get firmer control over the growth in money supply in a shorter period of time,” Volcker told the assembled reporters. “But the other side of the coin is in supplying the reserve in that manner, the daily rate in the market…is apt to fluctuate over a wider range than had been the practice in recent years”.

    As a result of the new focus and the restrictive targets set for the money supply, the federal funds rate reached a record high of 20 percent in late 1980. Inflation peaked at 11.6 percent in March of the same year. Meanwhile, the new policy was also pushing the economy into a severe recession where, amid high interest rates, the jobless rate continued to rise and businesses experienced liquidity problems”


  18. Phoenix says:

    Textbook example of gaslighting:

    A New Jersey man paralyzed in a 2014 police encounter will get $10 million in what might be the largest police brutality settlement in state history.

    That’s when a Camden County police officer stepped on his neck, cracking it audibly.

    “no wrongdoing took place and is not liable for any of the actions and circumstances of the aforementioned incident”

  19. Phoenix says:

    You knew this was coming.

    Consider this, they are telling the truth about this statement “No worries FED says they won’t let the 1970s repeat.”

    Maybe they know it’s already going to be much worse..

  20. Phoenix says:

    Sorry about the dyslexia this morning. Coffee hasn’t crossed the blood/brain barrier just yet.

  21. 3b says:

    Woman in my town arrested for killing her 3 year old son, after repeated abuse, and a 19 year old in the neighboring town arrested for having child porn on his computer. Dark side of the suburbs I guess.

  22. Juice Box says:

    Phoenix – Just trying to get a sense of how big the problem will be. Will it be a short one or another “unforeseen” event like 2008.

    Fun fact there is still no proper accounting of off balance sheet exposure for the banks.
    I am not talking about letters of credit either.

    Credit derivatives.. protection sold. Credit default swaps, interest rate derivatives etc.

    That is what caused to bailouts back in 2008..

  23. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Can’t wait to see the reversal. If ark stocks get on a roll, it could be worse than the GME squeeze. So many of her stocks will pop so f/ing hard. Going to be epic to watch when it comes.

    “Robinhood Markets (HOOD) – Robinhood soared 22.4% in premarket trading after Sam Bankman-Fried – who founded cryptocurrency exchange FTX – revealed a 7.6% stake in a regulatory filing. The purchase makes him the third largest shareholder in the trading platform company.”

  24. 3b says:

    Juice: Lots of talk out there about with rates continuing to rise, it will eventually cause something to break, which will cascade into other areas. One person gave an example of something that could break, based on current conditions and debt outstanding. I will leave it there so as not to disturb the Friday morning tranquility of the blog.

  25. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Coin up 55% since yesterday’s lows. No idea when this all bottoms, but man, generational wealth will be made. So many fire sales out there that will compound multiple times in a short amount of time.

  26. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Whoever bought DNA this week at 2.12 is one lucky mofo….double their money at 4.

  27. Juice Box says:


    Citigroup analyst Jason Bazinet just valued Robinhood maybe $15 share in a takeover.

    This chart says to break even Cathy would need twice that from their Robinhood purchases of 21 million shares.


  28. The Great Pumpkin says:

    I was just thinking about this. Tech companies that go full remote are shooting themselves in the foot. You know how much money they make off offices. Why do you think apple doesn’t want remote work. That means businesses no longer buying their products and updating them regularly. Another reason I see no chance for this.

  29. Phoenix says:

    The question is, will the American “flag” help Americans as much as this cat?

    I’m betting that the cat had a much better chance than many Americans.


  30. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Who cares about Cathie breaking even. You didn’t go all in at the top. You can buy now and easily make big money on the way back up.

    “This chart says to break even Cathy would need twice that from their Robinhood purchases of 21 million shares.”

  31. Phoenix says:


    You live in insulatedville with tenure, and are as tone deaf as the lady crying about how “hard” it will be to rebuild her insured 3 million dollar mansion.

  32. Juice Box says:

    3b – Debt outstanding is not entirely where the risk is. The credit derivatives are what brought down the house last time. I was able the find the gross off balance sheet data, the credit protection sold by banks is in the trillions. There is no way of knowing what industry say finance or say even energy has some real actual exposure right now. There is no accounting by the regulators.

  33. Bystander says:

    Good luck

    “More than two years after the outbreak of coronavirus, only 8% of Manhattan office employees are back in the office five days a week, according to new data from The Partnership for New York.

    Meanwhile, 38% of Manhattan office employees are coming into the office part-time under hybrid work schedules and anticipate that by Labor Day they can bring that number to 49%, according to the survey.

    Nevertheless, it’s clear despite employers’ best efforts to bring workers back, the power has shifted from employers to employees, said Kathryn Wylde, president of The Partnership for New York.

    “Companies have tried everything — offering free meals, free snacks and they can’t bring people back full-time,” Wylde told The Post.

    Before the pandemic, more than 80% of companies demanded that employees come in five days a week. But now, 78% of companies expect to permanently offer a hybrid model as a way to keep top talent, based on data from the survey — which interviewed 160 major companies between April 21 and May 4

  34. 3b says:

    Juice: Agreed, but loans are coming due and have to be paid, the articles I have been reading did not specify what exactly might break but used that as an example. What ultimately breaks remains to be seen,but you can argue once one thing breaks then they all start to break.

  35. joyce says:

    NJ politician, with previous DWI conviction, was unsteady and slurring words after hitting two parked cars has charges dismissed. It seems clear that she was at least under the influence of legal drugs … which I was pretty sure could still get you a DWI in this state. But also appears like prosecutors didn’t want to provide all discovery. Somethings very fishy.


  36. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Can someone point me to a US stock market pullback that didn’t end up in new all time highs at some point in the future?

  37. leftwing says:

    LOL, can’t imagine being the banker at Morgan Stanley advising Musk…fees have to be worth it, I guess, and very cool to have that relationship…but that poor son-of-a-bitch’s phone absolutely lit up at 5:59am this morning, with serious people on the other end, and worse thing is he most certainly had no answer and absolutely nothing to say because you know Musk in no way consulted with him first…

    On the other end of interactions with cool people that Walesa story is outstanding…what a great chance occurrence for anyone let alone that trooper. Love the way Walesa is dressed…looks like a senior running late for the early bird at Red Lobster….

  38. The Great Pumpkin says:

    You focus on every bubble, yet you ignore the labor market bubble. Wait till it loosens some.

    Bystander says:
    May 13, 2022 at 9:54 am
    Good luck

  39. BRT says:

    BRT says:
    May 11, 2022 at 2:04 pm
    SHOP and ROKU now 85% off the highs. Not much meat on the bone anymore. Might be good for a bounce.


  40. Phoenix says:

    At 71, the prescription could be practically anything. As someone who has looked at thousands of patient’s charts in order to do my job, you would be surprised at who is taking what.

    You can look really healthy and have a death sentence, or look like death warmed over and not really be that sick at all.

    “the 71-year-old senator had a reaction to her prescription medication, but he would not comment on the name of the prescription.”

  41. Bystander says:

    Because you have never lived in a legitimate market that does not relay on Fed to print trillions to keep game going. The dot com bubble was a brilliant supernova explosion, exactly how capitalism should work. The past 15 years are sham. To be clear, the Fed has done absolute nothing yet but infant baby step. Look at losses. Buckle up Blumpy. Of course, they will take two more baby steps and then sit their arse down, probably sh&t money on the floor to keep game going.

  42. 3b says:

    In other news, butt implants are booming!! Sounds painful!

  43. Phoenix says:

    Musk got his start grifting off of Ebay which was a very good platform until he muscled in and started taking a cut like a mobster.

    I’m sure that if he ran for President Americans would vote for him.

    It’s the style they like and admire.

  44. Fast Eddie says:

    Painful to peak at the 401K and side portfolios. I tend to go long term, blue chip, passive index investing… can’t imagine what the “all in one basket” investors and advisors are experiencing. I wonder how long the bear lives?

  45. Phoenix says:

    Look this up.


  46. 3b says:

    Phoenix: Its a pain medication, non- opioid from what I read. Does not seem to have any side effects. Still don’t understand why people would waste money on a butt implant.

  47. 3b says:

    Consumer sentiment hits 10 year low as per U Michigan survey.

  48. leftwing says:

    “Yeah no worries about an emergency Fed meeting on a Saturday night to no longer focus on rates but to actually control bank reserves to prohibit lending?”

    My only response Juice is that this time around the inflation is driven by an asset bubble…not sure cutting off lending would help, especially since those that actually need long or short term liquidity through lending are the companies we actually need to expand and re-shore….manufacturing, farming, minerals….

    Given that, if there is going to be a holiday weekend night surprise, I suspect it may happen around QT.

  49. joyce says:

    I’ll believe it when I see it… that is the food/drink prices dropping by as much as 50% at NYC/EWR airports.


  50. Bystander says:

    Labor market bubble? Where? I work at probably the most unhappy bank you can imagine. I have been maintaining same weekly call for a year with probably 30-40 on business and tech side (50/50 mix). Tech turnover has been off the charts yet same unhappy business people remain. If there were great, greener pastures everywhere then they would have jumped. It is not whole labor market.

  51. BRT says:

    Also, renters making up to $100,000 per year will eligible for a rebate of up to $250 to help with rent increases due to property taxes.

    lol, wtf, make $100k a year, but can’t afford rent. That $250 really makes the difference.

  52. Juice Box says:

    Joyce fat chance. OTG the company that built out those restaurants (Terminal C in Newark and others). They are leveraged up, borrowed billions to further expand. When they re-did Terminal C they had to pony up something like $120 million six years ago to build it out like that.

    That means you have to pay up……and you will pay..

  53. Juice Box says:

    3b – Consumer sentiment

    That was quick.. and by the looks of it we are headed back to 1980.


  54. Bystander says:


    100k is the new 50k, 200k is the new 100k. The horror stories on rent hikes are pretty insane. My sister in dumpy Hamden CT, lived in equally dumpy 2 BD with concrete steps and wood balcony falling apart. Her rent is now $200 more month than I paid for my apt in UES NYC in 2011, which included heat and electric.

  55. 3b says:

    Juice: Yep. Certainly was!

  56. Juice Box says:

    BTW for the coin believers out there.

    Think of this scene from the movie Trading Places.


    “Following a plan laid out by Kwon on Wednesday, his Terraform Labs company has tried to resume normal function on the blockchain network on Thursday, only to later abort the attempt after just 4,089 new blocks were added to its chain.”

    Here is their latest pinned tweet.

    “The Terra blockchain has officially halted at block 7607789.

    Terra Validators have halted the network to come up with a plan to reconstitute it.

    More updates to come.”

    Machines are turned off and on again maybe, and now his wife is in Police protection in Korea, some people lost everything.


  57. Bystander says:

    Well it is the business travelers and big shots who will pay $30/ beer. The Corporate card of course, Fed-ex Gold card, oops I meant Amex Gold. My mistake. In fact, I saw what looked like a 19 year old with a group of friends pay for DQ blizzards with his Amex gold. I nearly laughed but then kind of cried inside when I busted out my Chase AMZ visa. Moderna CFO can buy rounds for entire EWR with one day of work too.

    “A Moderna CFO exec will be paid $700,000 despite leaving his job after 1 day, a report says”

    Some financial improprieties at last company..nice to be the king.

  58. leftwing says:

    Terra is a c. $60B liquidation to zero…Think Enron was about that, as was the final Madoff number…..?

    So, the pitch….Deposit money in something intangible, get a ‘guarantee’ that an algorithm is going to maintain your value at par, then receive double digit percentage ‘dividends’ in a ZIRP environment from said deposit in return for your money and a 21 day lockup…

    Yeah, nothing fishy there….sign me up!

    Sorry for the lack of empathy but people this fucking stupid deserve to lose all that money.

    I really should have chosen a criminal career. I’d own half the Caribbean. I never realized people were actually this vulnerable and dumb.

  59. leftwing says:

    “Some financial improprieties at last company..nice to be the king.”

    LOL, nuisance suit avoidance. He just has the ability to be a bigger nuisance than most.

  60. No One says:

    Virtually everything crypto or NFT is blatantly bubbly/mlm/scammy or at best gambling. Of course it will end in tears for most.

  61. Phoenix says:

    “I really should have chosen a criminal career. I’d own half the Caribbean. I never realized people were actually this vulnerable and dumb.”

    Yeah you did.

    It’s just that you don’t have it in your core to do this to innocents and dolts.

    It’s called empathy and it’s what makes you decent.

  62. Bystander says:

    Oh, the great resignation, labor market bubble – truth laid bare

    “Those job switchers have tended to be in leisure, hospitality and retail. In leisure and hospitality, the rate of workers quitting rose to nearly 6% from 4% since the pandemic began. In retail it jumped to nearly 5% from 3.5%. White-collar employers still struggled to hire, but they saw far fewer resignations. The quitting rate in finance, for example, declined at the start of the pandemic and is now just below 2%, and in media and technology it stayed roughly consistent, also below 2%.”

  63. Phoenix says:


    I agree, don’t see why someone would want a butt implant, but I would imagine it’s part of the search for a partner-trying to figure out what a partner would want or make you more attractive to them.

    Nothing worse though than a ruptured silicone breast implant. Think the most rare warm steak in your hand, cover it with honey, and try to wipe the honey off with a wet napkin.
    And should you get any of that juice on the floor it will be like an ice skating rink for the next 2 weeks. Silicone is some tenacious goo.

  64. BRT says:

    left, do you really think you’d be able to con this guy?

    Luigi Domenico
    Replying to
    I am changing all my BTC for LUNA, because LUNA has fallen a 96%, it can only fall a 4% max now. Plus I trust you and the community

  65. BRT says:

    I had a friend working for GE when they were getting destroyed and begging for a bailout in 2008. While they were begging, his corporate account was still allowing him to spend all kinds of money entertaining clients. He took me out to several meals on their dime.

  66. 3b says:

    Phoenix: Not PC of course, but I think it’s women vs other women, as in they take their direction and are influenced by what other women think and do. My wife says women are women s worst enemies. She won’t be winning the feminist of the year award!!

  67. 3b says:

    Empathy is sorely lacking today, perhaps it always was and I am just noticing it. I have seen people so some incredibly mean and awful things to others, and smiling why they do it. They probably sleep fine at night. Interestingly enough some are the ones who post those life positive posts on Facebook, about being nice to others and enjoying people and life. I guess they lack self awareness as well.

  68. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Coin up 76% in two days. Everyone said they were going bankrupt. Tune out the noise.

  69. Bystander says:

    Sure, Blumpy

    What’s that? One twenty? You’re up twenty bucks, baby.
    Well, you know, not counting the first table.
    Thanks for clarifying that.

  70. Juice Box says:

    Ah plastic surgery.. seems to be some interesting stats on it.

    In 2020 around 1,200 with the artificial butt implants, lots of men too walking around with the plastic posteriors…Seem the fat injections, aka moving the fat from the Belly to the Butt had 21,823 procedures.

    Largest amount of these butt procedures seem to be the Real Housewives aka women in their 40s.


  71. Bystander says:


    There is none. Locally, I was thinking about the guy who threw Robek’s shake at staff and said foul stuff. His son was on ground and rushed to ER after allergic reaction. Can’t imagine scare and stres..he is to blame. Not staff’s fault but that guy was fired from ML, lost certs and now what? He and family live destitute forever? What happens to these people? Look at his police pic. Guy was crying and broken.

  72. 3b says:

    Juice: Never would have thought men go for butt implants!! Guess that makes me sexist.

  73. Phoenix says:


    Truth. Not PC is right, I work in a female based career-I can’t even post some of the things I have heard or seen.

    They are so cutthroat against each other. I have never seen a time or situation where the women in my career could really write their ticket on compensation. They can get together and make noise, but when push comes to shove, they don’t seem to be willing to actually stay cohesive enough to take on the system and get the compensation they deserve.
    They travel, work overtime, take extra shifts, do everything corporate needs to control costs, then complain about being fed pizza, not getting vacations, not enough pay-

    All you have to do is say no, and not do it.

    But the money feels sooooooooooooooo goooooooood. And so does a 3k purse.

    And the complaining continues, and nothing changes.

    Not PC, but that is it in a nutshell.

  74. Juice Bxo says:

    Pumps – It was a bankruptcy warning from the CEO in their SEC filings…No worries Armstrong bought his $133 Million Bel Air Compound, he is all set. The employees with the deferred comp? Opps…

    They had their IPO on April 14 2021. Their CEO then dumped $288 million in shares immediately.

    As they say don’t hate the player..

    -24.07% past 5 days
    -52.91% past month
    -78.89% past 6 months

  75. 3b says:

    Bystander: That story was bad all around. As for empathy I think you are right, there is none.

  76. 3b says:

    Phoenix: I don’t understand it, staying together they would have the power to get real change, don’t understand why they don’t see it in your world.

  77. Juice Box says:

    BRT – Luigi posted an update..

    It’ back to the family tradition of goat herding on the island of Malta.


  78. Phoenix says:


    Scare and stress? I get it. But if you are that worried about your child’s allergy you don’t go to a place like that. You always run the risk.

    These are teenage girls. With a nut allergy just cross contamination could be enough to cause an issue, let alone a mistake in the drink itself.

    My child has an allergy, I am licensed and understand the ramifications and risks.

    You cannot react like that, ever.

    Well, maybe years ago before there was a camera pointing at you from every direction you could. But don’t expect that time to return.

    He got schooled by a couple of kids who understood social media better than he did. Years ago they were powerless, today they will take you down.

  79. Phoenix says:


    Individual greed. Competition. Old Goats vs Baby Lambs. Jealousy over who the male doctors are attracted to, the ones that went into the career hoping to find the man of their dreams and instead are being beat to death-with stagnant pay for years and the youth getting raises that are a bit too close. The reasons are endless.

    Then there are the Karens. Stop to take a leak-you took a 16 minute break instead of 15.

    Plenty of studies done on how to control people using their personalities. I have no doubt management is trained on how to manipulate and control, or pit the youth vs the aged.

    I just sit back and watch-nothing will change anyway. The only way to effect a change is to leave. Those who have left and traveled are profiting handsomely. Those that stay and complain just keep squawking. But like anything else timing is a factor, and this opportunity will fade without any meaningful changes due to the lack of cohesiveness.

  80. Bystander says:


    Absolutely not defending the guy. Completely agree. I could also see where guy is probably working all time, perhaps is not as close to enough to situation and wife says get something nut free. He comes back from Robek’s and thinks it is fine. Big freakin’ mistake. He explodes because he think peanut-free = nut free. In old day, before video, no one finds out. He says employed. Now, get gets financial and social death sentence. Fair?

  81. 3b says:

    Phoenix: Sounds like my wife is right on her women being women s worst enemies; at least in your world.

  82. Juice Box says:

    3B – correction!

    Women Are Women’s Worst Enemies because it’s the Patriarchy fault..

  83. Libturd says:

    CMC Crypto 200

    666.13 is about as ominous of a price you will ever see.

  84. Phoenix says:

    A classic.

    Gets me every time.

  85. Trick says:

    On Friday the 13th :)

  86. 3b says:

    Juice: Of course!

  87. Fast "The Great Maga King" Eddie says:

    Since 49 democrats voted to pass a bill allowing you to suck the brains out of your baby in any state, it would seem that the mandatory 60 votes required would’ve assisted in ending the baby formula shortage. This appears to be a consequential move out of the democrat playbook. It would’ve killed two birds with one stone.

  88. Bystander says:

    Maybe its just me but I think the financial markets are too complex when SeatGreek has requirement that clearly requires person from MIT as product manager. This is legit.

    *BS/MS/PhD in Computer Science or Engineering or related field
    *Understanding of derivative pricing models and portfolio performance factors
    *A proven track record of shipping internal use pricing, trading, or investment products,

  89. 3b says:

    Chgo: The worlds gone mad!

  90. leftwing says:

    “It’s called empathy and it’s what makes you decent.”

    Yeah, thanks for that Phoenix. Funny, just this morning I identified a feeling I haven’t had in a while as I pulled a phrase I hadn’t used in over a decade…kind of took me back to immediately post-GFC…

    Interestingly, the real test comes when your child hits those points in life where this stuff really matters….you want to keep instilling values, which is a simple way of saying you do the right thing just because it is the right thing, and not for pecuniary gain and often not to your personal advantage…then you run into reality.

    I suppose that is why I have a particular issue with the Left and their hypocrisy…it’s really easy to guide your kid by pointing at someone and saying ‘he is an asshole, don’t be that way’.

    Much harder when others offer generous sounding platitudes and then fuck you twice as hard.

    Real questions for the liberals here, I promise no follow-on trolling, just looking for a soul searching answer….do you honestly believe all the collective ‘in all our best interests’ bullshit fed you by your leaders?

    Like, do you actually believe that at any time WJC truly ‘felt your pain’? Do you really believe that Nancy Pelosi truly cares about anything in your in life if it doesn’t affect her? Not that they mouth the words at the appropriate times, but that they are really wired that way and would act upon it even to their personal detriment.

  91. Nomad says:


    try to thing of our country as a human body with an immune system that when functioning properly, can fight off a variety of disease and infection. When the disease and infection become too prevelant and a tipping point is reached, the body becomes overwheled and unable to fight off the said disease and infection.

    Democracy is similar and up until now, had an immune system if you will to handle disease and infection. Now, there are more people on the extremes both right and left and its pushing the patient to the brink. Try to take a centrist approach and objective viewpoint to politics and be skeptical and inqusitive of both parties. People become so emotionally atttached to their team / tribe that many times, they wont even hear what the other side is saying.

  92. Bystander says:


    How about you frame the question differently? What politicians do you believe? No one wants more government interference, higher heath costs, have less freedom, pay more in taxes for less services. That should be common ground for both sides. I have been on record as truly liking Ron Paul as a principled man. Did I agree on every issue? Absolutely not. I would take a principled man with some good ideas and some bad ideas over a person who believes in nothing and changes with the wind in order to gain power. Bernie is also a principled person and many of right acknowledge that as a positive trait. The question is why principled people are impossible to elect? Like most answers, we simply don’t want the systemic change. I am fed, clothed, fat and the system has worked for me ok. Until it breaks, don’t touch it. Once it breaks, no one of us will get what we think we are looking for. Debt will break it. That is non-partisan issue.

  93. Bystander says:

    Last thing, sorry Ed..a sad day for you. Say goodbye to your dirty little love interest with the filthy mouth


    If I can pull it off, going to see Dark Star Orchestra perform France 1972 show at the Cap. Might be tough but that will be awesome event tonight.

  94. 3b says:

    Bystander/ Left: I agree with you both. As for principled people being elected, that will never happen. The old feckers on both sides are destroying this country. As for hypocrisy, both guilty of it, I know we disagree on who is more hypocritical, but I believe it’s the left at this point. But I would stress in the end they all suck.

  95. Boomer Remover says:

    To the three and a half individuals who have not yet gotten it: CoViD is making rounds. Stay frosty.

  96. The Great Pumpkin says:

    “$ARKK still ahead of Berkshire after being beaten down to the pulp?🤯incredible!”

  97. leftwing says:

    “3b says…Bystander/ Left: I agree with you both.”

    Make it a threesome….

    “How about you frame the question differently? What politicians do you believe?…I have been on record as truly liking Ron Paul as a principled man…Bernie is also a principled person…The question is why principled people are impossible to elect?”

    ByS, we’re a lot closer than I ever suspected. Agree on Ron Paul, and Bernie. Said it here before, and people scoffed, but had Bernie been the Dem nominee I would have voted him in the general. Why? A total plagiarism of your post…I would take a principled man with some good ideas and some bad ideas over a person who believes in nothing and changes with the wind in order to gain power.

    On the difficulty of electing principled people I believe many won’t run because they know they will not be able to effect change because the environment is so populated with the ‘politicians’. It’s pointless, frustrating, and possibly self-destructive.

    Kind of analogous to why a faithfully married man doesn’t frequent whorehouses….

  98. 3b says:

    Left: I would have voted for Bernie as well. I think it would have shook things up enough and scared the ruling powers enough to actually accomplish something that would really benefit the majority of the American people.

  99. The Great Pumpkin says:

    “DNA is software.

    RNA is apps.

    Proteins are consumers.

    From one of the worlds best health care investors.

    I liked the analogy.”

  100. The Great Pumpkin says:

    If I ever meet chi in person…want this song playing in his intro to the walk in.


  101. The Great Pumpkin says:


  102. Phoenix says:

    ” Stay frosty.”

  103. Juice Box says:

    Jeff Bezos is right here too.


    This is the second fake news tweet from the White House in a day.
    The White House Twitter account Made a False Claim COVID Vaccine Wasn’t Available Until Biden was President.

    PSAKI is gone so are these coming from the new press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre?

  104. Juice Box says:

    Speaking of the truth in tweets Lol Elon….just caught this one..

    “Biden’s mistake is that he thinks he was elected to transform the country, but actually everyone just wanted less drama”


  105. Juice Box says:

    Some strange videos coming out of China of their Covid disinfectant spraying, guys spraying airport runways and now this.


  106. BRT says:

    that’s funny considering that in November, he was campaigning on the fact that you can’t trust the vaccines that were due out in a couple of weeks because Trump was rushing the process.

  107. BRT says:

    btw, this consistent crappy weather is prolonging the sick season. In the past 3 weeks, I’ve had flu, covid, and now stomach flu running through my household. Same for my students and my kids school.

    Public health officials thinking that isolating people from contact for nearly a year was in the interest of public health need to reflect that their ideas were completely counterintuitive. In a just world, we’d fire them and revoke their degrees for their incompetence.

  108. The Great Pumpkin says:

    He nailed it.

    Juice Box says:
    May 14, 2022 at 8:20 am
    Speaking of the truth in tweets Lol Elon….just caught this one..

    “Biden’s mistake is that he thinks he was elected to transform the country, but actually everyone just wanted less drama”

  109. Boomer Remover says:

    Phoenix —
    We let our guard down last weekend, spent the day in NYC visiting friends, got something to eat, left the masks behind for once. FFWD a few days and I am on Paxlovid and Benzonatate. I am stressing about giving it to my family while living in the office. I can’t believe we are dealing with this bs years later.

  110. The Great Pumpkin says:


    Two of my students got the stomach flu this week…

  111. Torquemada TheOneAndOnly says:

    If course they did Pumpkin. They read the crap you post here and they got sick. You are like a bad case of Mexican food.

    BTW. Come on people you got to realize by now that a large chunk of the problem we got in this country (apart from the locust boomers) are the lunie bin catholics. TX crippled governor Abbott is one just like Desantis, along with most of the supreme clowns.

    Finally, don’t wear any masks. If you do you are not macho enough and don’t deserve to roll coal on a pick up. I must admit that my side gig is in healthcare and I want crisis pay again. I have an expensive shopping list of needed products for the upcoming business opportunities in uterine scraping and massaging. What do you guys think of a van, sort of like those dog groomers that come to your place to shave your pooch.?

  112. Phoenix says:

    For the hockey fans on here.
    Hopefully not a bad case of Mexican food. This has nothing to do with Pumps.

    Chipotle Mexican Grill [chipotle.com] is offering a Buy One, Get One Free Entrée when you wear your favorite Hockey Jersey valid after 3:00 PM local time on May 16, 2022 at participating Chipotle locations.


  113. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Now you know why gas is so much money. Pay the Saudi’s!

    They could easily increase supply, but won’t.

    “Saudi Ara­bian Oil Co., com­monly known as Aramco, said its net in­come surged 82% to $39.5 bil­lion in the first three months of 2022. Last week, it over­took Apple Inc. as the world’s most valu­able com­pany, with its mar­ket value ris­ing to $2.4 tril­lion.”


  114. Ex says:

    10:21… more like:


    ChiFi FTW

  115. Boomer Remover says:

    Ex – This live set made me appreciate the band that much more.

  116. Torquemada The OneAndOnly says:


    When the supreme clowns legalize “Auto De Fe” again rest assure that I’m coming after you with my toolset to make you pay for all the pain that you have inflicted on is readers, your students, and on society for being a crappy teacher.

    Be here forthwith noted that one minute after the supreme clowns declare it legal, which they will as I know what they are made of. I will charge the soul known as the”Pumpkin” under the ecclesiastical celestial all powerful universal church of god, the son and holy spirit in the vatican with a troop of Boy Scouts as my witnesses.

  117. leftwing says:

    Dial back the shrooms brother…..

  118. The Great Pumpkin says:

    “In 1929, 1973, 2000, and 2008, a better short than any company was the guy who would be buying all the way down.”- M. Burry

  119. The Great Pumpkin says:


  120. Bystander says:

    The question now is how can Faux News blame Biden for Buffalo and perhaps SoCal shootings? I am sure Tucker will have his angle. Was it CRT that sent the white supremacist over the edge?

  121. Jim says:

    Interesting, dump your house before you can’t. Not a bad move. Closing my 3 unit in less than 30 days…keeping fingers crossed.

  122. The Great Pumpkin says:

    LGR!! 🤘🏻

    What a series. Huge for the character development of this young group.

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