Feelin’ hot hot hot

From CNBC:

Afternoon – any initial thoughts about if you need to rearrange resource alignment to accommodate for any changes in the portfolio structure?

Job growth in August likely slowed from July’s frenzied pace, but it is still expected to have been quite strong, with broad-based hiring across many sectors.

Monthly jobs data is always important, but the August report, released at 8:30 a.m. ET Friday, is particularly key since the state of the labor market will be an important consideration in the Federal Reserve’s next interest rate decision later this month.

The economy is expected to have added 318,000 jobs in August, less than the surprisingly strong 528,000 jobs added in July, according to Dow Jones. The unemployment rate is expected to hold steady at 3.5%, while average hourly wages are forecast to rise 0.4%, or 5.3% on an annualized basis.

“The view from market participants is the employment report is more important than the CPI inflation report in determining whether a 75 basis point or larger hike in September is more appropriate than a 50 basis point hike, and I think that’s the right view,” said Michael Gapen, chief U.S. economist at Bank of America.

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  1. dentss dunnigan says:


  2. dentss dunnigan says:

    Sleepy Joe has declared WAR on 50% of americans …..

  3. Very Stable Genius says:

    “A federal judge in D.C. has handed down the longest sentence yet stemming from the Jan. 6th assault on the Capitol.
    Former NYC police officer Thomas Webster will serve 10 years in prison for assaulting police during the violent insurrection,”

  4. 3b says:

    So much for the President unifying the country. As for dark forces in the Republican Party there are, and there are dark forces in the Democratic Party too who wish to silence any and all differences of opinion or dissent. We are in this mess because of the extremes that are condoned by both parties.

  5. Hold my beer says:


    The extremes on the right want us to be a Christian Iran. The extreme on the left want us to be a green version of China.

  6. BRT says:

    What I am always enamored by is that every once in a while, there’s talk of seceding from the union, and the same people who are like “we be so much better off without those states” are like “absolutely not, you can’t do that”.

  7. Libturd says:

    Job reports in. Looks to me like Powell needs to act more aggressively.

  8. BidenIsTheGOAT says:

    Communist playbook. Identify the greatest threat as coming from within. Use state powers to persecute your political enemies. Suspend due process. Inflate charges and hand out disproportionately long sentences for crimes against the regime. See above. The only thing missing is the education. I’m sure something is in the works.

  9. 3b says:

    Hold: Simple comparison, but pretty accurate, and no dissent on either side. Plenty of room to set up reeducation camps, for whichever side ultimately wins.

  10. 3b says:

    Lib: I agree I think he goes 75bps this month.

  11. Libturd says:

    I don’t think there is any way in which he can’t after the “pain” promise.

  12. Libturd says:

    I didn’t even know there was a speech last night.

  13. Phoenix says:

    “Black family DECLINE invite to go back to Sesame Place after launching $25M lawsuit because ‘racist’ Rosita mascot ignored their kids – who they claim are still ‘traumatized'”

    America has a legal system, not a moral one.

    It has a legal system where money can buy whatever form of “justice” you can afford.

    Capitalism is the driving force, its why corporations donate to politicians, to sway votes.

    So yeah, sue Disney. Financial “Trumps” moral in America. It’s not how you get the money-the only thing that matters is that you have it.

  14. Phoenix says:

    Only ones going to feel the “pain” in America are the less affluent.

    The rest have plenty of Morphine Money and Dilauded Cash to blunt their pain, but will whine even while fully medicated.

  15. Fast Eddie says:

    I have a question: Why is it considered double homicide if a pregnant woman is murdered but just an egg when you want to get rid of it? It goes from being a human to an egg, depending on how one feels?

  16. Ex says:

    It’s fun watching insurrectionists locked up.
    It’ll be even more fun watching Donnie bleat like a stuck pig
    and scream for his minions!! Don’t worry folks he’ll pardon
    everyone iffn’ hE gEtz elecTed aGain.

  17. Phoenix says:

    I have a question: Why is it considered double homicide if a pregnant woman is murdered but just an egg when you want to get rid of it? It goes from being a human to an egg, depending on how one feels?

    The answer to your question can be found here- you are worthless Eddie.


  18. GoatLovesTreasonOrange says:


    What you are talking about is the authoritarian playbook. The latest version says Trump’s, but as always he’s to incompetent to pull it off.

    Is authoritarianism communism that has proven to be a failure in East Germany, North Korea, Cuba,etc. You see voluntary communism work well with the Amish, Co-ops and alike. Of course humans are selfish and past a point requires force to get things done like the ideas that you want.

    You actually think that your authoritarianism has legs for 2024?
    Just have a thought experiment on what February 2025 is going to look like if the 2024 is stolen by complicit GOPrs. That is the end of democracy. Think what the financial markets are going to do when Wall Street realizes you can buy judges in the USA like in Latin America or the judges follow an ideological agenda like in Beijing.

    If you get what you want. May you choke on it.

  19. BidenIsTheGOAT says:

    Get yourself some help. You’ve lost yourself. The country can survive trump.

    The reaction to trump I’m not sure about. Maybe if you stopped obsessing over him 24×7 and buying into hoax after hoax he would decline in popularity. Stop playing the fool.

  20. Phoenix says:

    Think what the financial markets are going to do when Wall Street realizes you can buy judges in the USA like in Latin America or the judges follow an ideological agenda like in Beijing.

    Why do that? Just get a copy of Pegasus and listen in on Wall Streets most private conversations.

    You will know immediately what to invest in.

    Don’t think for one minute this is not happening.

    It’s like being in denial thinking your perfect teenage child isn’t having raunchy sex in the back seat of a car somewhere.

  21. 3b says:

    Grantham co founder of Boston based GMO, says it’s basically the end of the world, busting of the super bubble.

  22. Chicago says:

    I feeling a little Curtis this morning.

  23. 3b says:

    The superintendent of Lodi Public Schools was arrested for punching a woman in the head and assaulting a man who tried to intervene in Seaside Heights. What a guy!

  24. Ex says:

    9:59 24 hour party people!!!

  25. Ex says:

    9:44 Trump’s done. He knows it. He knew it when
    he lost the election. They hang seditionists.

  26. BRT says:

    3b, I know someone who worked there. He said guy showed up yesterday for the district 1st day like nothing happened.

  27. Ex says:

    Or maybe Donnie would prefer a firing squad.

  28. Ex says:

    Remember the eyes are watching:

  29. BRT says:

    Sesame Place needs to just man up and ignore them. They’ll go away.

  30. Hughesrep says:

    What happened to the F&@$ your Feelings crowd? Bunch of Snowflakes.

  31. Ex says:

    PS – secession is a fantasy.
    The net negative red states, you know the ones
    who generate no tax income on their own and whose
    Residents largely take from the feds instead of contribute…
    Who’d pay their monthly benefits checks????

  32. Libturd says:

    Goat and other cheerleaders of the Trump party.

    Some of what you say rings true. Unfortunately, there were two gargantuan mistakes that the populists made that eclipses any wrongdoing from the other side.

    1) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UaekXFg3S8A

    2) The Overturn of Roe vs. Wade.

    You can’t take this stuff back.

  33. 3b says:

    Ex: Yeah, but the red states have most of the military bases, and probably most of the armed forces are from the red states. If there was ever a major conventional war, the blue states might need those red staters to do the fighting. Personally, I am starting to think a divorce might be the best answer all around. It’s clear things are getting worse not better. Countries/ empires slits up disappear through out history. There is nothing to say the USA should be any different.

  34. BidenIsTheGOAT says:

    Roe vs Wade wasn’t a political calculation. I don’t know many people who hated it and would consider losing an election over its repeal a “mistake.”

  35. Libturd says:


    Just got to get the money out of politics and we’ll all be alright. The two parties and the vast majority in this country have more in common than not. Honestly, a motivational centrist could easily win this country back. But as the left and right continue down the road of demonizing each other, the odds of someone willing to risk their reputation to turn things around becomes less and less likely.

    The herd is easily manipulated with lies. The herd can be more easily persuaded by the truth. The truth is that both parties are in it for themselves and could care less about the future of our country. I still have faith. There’s too much at stake to lose that faith.

  36. Libturd says:


    You need to get out of your echo chamber some time. You were also convinced there was no way Trump was losing the last election for the same reason. And don’t give me this stolen election bullshit.

  37. Fast Eddie says:


    The answer to your question can be found here- you are worthless Eddie.

    When it comes to relationships, that link may be taken as satire but you know, it’s definitely true. Men are quickly judged to be deemed worthy or not… sometimes a brutal and immediate dismissal and other times, made to feel like they’re on some sort of waiting list. We can have much debate on this subject but for sure, women hold the advantage immensely. As for the difference between abortion and murder, no one will answer here honestly but deep down, I know the answer to the question I posed.

  38. Libturd says:

    “Why You Can’t Trust Friday’s Jobs Report, And What It Means For The S&P 500”

    Check out the federal tax withholdings (down 12% year over year).

    Also, “July’s guess that business formation added 309,000 jobs to the seasonally unadjusted employment total stands out for being unlikely. Keep in mind that the S&P 500 had just tumbled 25% from record highs, crypto was crashing, inflation was near 9%, and the 10-year Treasury yield had just hit an 11-year high.”


  39. Libturd says:

    Where does it end Gary? Should every single sperm and egg be made into a life? And how can you be adamantly agaisnt such life saving research such as stem-cell which has saved countless lives. And is capital punishment not murder?

    The church and most organized religion is responsible for more murder and death than all of our modern wars combined.

    Go through your money into the basket. Abortion is murder but pedophilia is covered up.

    And ultimately. You can’t claim you are for less government regulation and then tell women what they can and can’t do with their bodies.

    Where does this end? Weekly egg and sperm harvesting in the name of Jesus?

  40. joyce says:


    Fast Eddie says:
    September 2, 2022 at 10:36 am

    The answer to your question can be found here- you are worthless Eddie.

    When it comes to relationships, that link may be taken as satire but you know, it’s definitely true. Men are quickly judged to be deemed worthy or not… sometimes a brutal and immediate dismissal and other times, made to feel like they’re on some sort of waiting list. We can have much debate on this subject but for sure, women hold the advantage immensely. As for the difference between abortion and murder, no one will answer here honestly but deep down, I know the answer to the question I posed.

  41. Fast Eddie says:

    I read the transcript of O’Biden’s speech. This is the man who said he’ll unite the country… threatening half the nation with military force. Add in the addition of 87,000 armed guards to shakedown lemonade stands and yard sales, nationalize schools with liberal doctrine, silence any dissent by using a nationalized media, instill fear and urgency and you gotta wonder; who’s the fasc1st group?

  42. Fast Eddie says:

    Explain what, joyce?

  43. 3b says:

    Lib; I think we are past the point of saving the country in its present form, and money will never in my opinion be removed from politics. I have always been a centrist/moderate, and lean left on some issues and right on others. I think a lot of people feel that way, but there is no home for us in the current 2 party system. With a country as large and diverse as ours, this pick one party or the other , one side or the other. If people of good will came together and said let’s talk about we do agree on and go from there. No one gets everything, but no one walks away with nothing. The extremes on both ends have hijacked the parties, and the vested interests are covered on either side. Each extreme claims the moral high ground , and wishes to force their extreme views on the vast majority of the American people, if we protest or object, then we are labeled or suspect, and so we say nothing. That’s ultimately what those on the extreme want. No one is going to wane to come forward and run, as the extremes will find whatever dirt real or imagined to destroy the person. Are we supposed to believe these people were pillars of virtue their entire lives, they never said or did anything stupid in their youth, they never evolved in their beliefs over the years? As I said I think we are too far gone at this point, and so we will muddle along until it collapses.

  44. Libturd says:

    More market headwinds.


    It’s funny too, because I just warned you all about this a few days ago and charted the correllation between Fed Debt and the market in October of last year.


  45. joyce says:

    You said you know the answer.

    Fast Eddie says:
    September 2, 2022 at 10:48 am
    Explain what, joyce?

  46. Very Stable Genius says:


    Oath Keepers general counsel Kellye SoRelle was ARRESTED today and charged with conspiracy to obstruct an official proceeding and obstruction of justice — both relating to the January 6 violent insurrection.

  47. joyce says:

    “declared WAR on 50% of Americans”

    “threatening half the nation with military force”

    Is this the transcript of the speech?

  48. BidenIsTheGOAT says:

    Bidens SA. We know they don’t believe in attorney client privilege when it comes to prosecuting their political enemies. They took trumps personal document in that raid and are refusing to return them.

  49. Crushednjmillenial says:

    I don’t understand where critics on the left see the right aiming for Christian Iran.

    Trump and MAGA is:

    -rejecting neoliberal economics (less free trade and less immigration)
    -rejecting Washington DC elites, media elites and other similar forces in US society
    -rejecting woke (I.e., rejecting extreme, super-extreme compassion for the perspectives, preferences and alleged needs of minorty groups AND finding victimhood under every rock)
    -strict loyalty to Trump as the preeminent voice for the above
    -tepid to full adherence to other normal R party points where it didn’t conflict with above

    -later on . . . Rejection of disruptive covid practices and rejection of the idea that US elections are fairly administered

    The religion part of MAGA is Trump brilliantly showing the religious right the list of potential SCOTUS candidates. That’s it. That’s all the religious right gets.

    The religious right was a stronger force during the Bush years. McCain 2008 was a step backward from there (establishment as can be); Romney 2012 was the business wing of the R party. Trump 2016 and Trump 2020 was more “ the trans stuff went too far” not “we need more rights for gay conversion therapy” or whatever the whacky portions of the religious right might want. Sure, Trump is more pro-Christian or pro-religious right but that is just adhering to R party positions as long as they don’t conflict with core tenets of MAGA.

  50. No One says:

    You think every kid at Sesame Place gets a hug?
    I’ve got a meme for that:

  51. Fast Eddie says:

    Abortion is just a convenient way to commit murder to remove the burden of having to be held accountable and responsible. Whereas the double murder is defining the fetus as being a person for the purpose of criminal prosecution of the offender. This is what the court says in states where applicable. Is there a different answer?

  52. BRT says:

    Maybe they can provide a list of people we are allowed to vote for without being an enemy of the nation

  53. Fabius Maximus says:

    “There are 47% of the people who will vote for the president no matter what … who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims. … These are people who pay no income tax. … and so my job is not to worry about those people. I’ll never convince them that they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives,”

  54. Libturd says:

    Of course there is a different answer. It’s only murder if the child is living outside of the womb. Who are you to tell me what to do with my body? Every time an egg goes unfertilized it is murder. Every egg is no less a potential child than is every zygote. Correct? Where does it end? Forced fertilization in the name of Jesus? Seriously. It’s as flawed an argument as the right to bear arms. Do I not have the right to a nuclear or biological weapon? It’s in the Constitution. Heck, it’s not even a religious thing.

  55. Fast Eddie says:

    Or, we can say that in a double homicide of the woman and fetus, neither have a choice when it comes to ending a life. But, women have the right to terminate even though the fetus has no choice. But that’s not murder. Therefore, abortion is for convenience.

  56. No One says:

    A fetus isn’t a person. I don’t know why conservatives are so obsessed with fetuses. It’s clearly a religious view of humanity that does it. Do they really want to pump up the Downs’ syndrome population? Or strip young people of their dreams for life due to a mistake that will burden them with monetary and time obligations they cannot afford?

  57. Fabius Maximus says:

    “They took trumps personal document in that raid and are refusing to return them.”

    They handed back his passports. As for the rest, if it is evidence of a crime he does not get it back.

    More worrying 71 empty folders. Where are the contents.


  58. Libturd says:

    I just read that speech. I was probably Biden’s best and was no less offensive than any of the garbage Trump spewed out at his rallies. Why is the right so up in arms. For a group that has taken assholery to a whole new level, I’m surprised the collective skin is so thin?

    From 6/25/22 in Illinois.

    “And I especially want to commend the Justices for standing strong in the face of outrageous threats and even violence. You’ve been seeing what’s been going on, there’s never been a time like this. The Left Wing campaign of terror directed at the Supreme Court in recent months is unlike anything in the history of our country. The attempted assassination of Justice Kavanaugh, the illegal intimidation of Justice’s homes and the radical Lefts’ violent terrorist attacks on pro-life centers were a frontal assault on our Republic. That’s what they should be investigating. This was an organized and concentrated effort to threaten the Court and interfere with its decisions, but the Justices stood their ground against these extremists and these terrorists, and they did not back down. Congratulations and thank you.”

    I dare you to read this transcript. It’s pretty embarrassing if you ask me. It reads like it was written by a third grader. Pure propaganda too. But whatever. If this is the sh1t that floats your boat. I truly feel sorry for you.


  59. Very Stable Genius says:


    a New Jersey man pleaded guilty to using pepper spray on police officers on January 6, including one who later died.

    Julian Khater, 33, pleaded guilty to two counts of assaulting or impeding officers with a dangerous weapon. He could face up to 20 years in prison.

  60. Juice Box says:

    Biden is right about one thing Crazy time is just getting started this political season so you better buckle up butter cup.
    Projections are for this the 2022 cycle will see nearly $9.7 billion in political advertising.
    That’s more than double the previous midterm record, set in 2018, and even more than was spent during a 2020 election cycle that featured the presidential race.

    All of these political messaging eyeball impressions are bound to affect those on all sides of the political spectrum who do get too emotional and riled up to the point of real violence besides some angry teeth knashing and keyboard mashing.

    Stay away from any political in person events would be my advise, and go long social media stocks.

  61. Libturd says:

    I’ll promote anyone who will give me a cool Benjamin.

  62. Phoenix says:

    Capitol Police Officer Caroline Edwards, who suffered a concussion when she was knocked to the ground while battling rioters outside the west front of the Capitol, saw Sicknick grab his head and sit down after he was sprayed. But she said he turned pale rather than the typical red in reaction to pepper spray.

    “All of a sudden, I see movement to the left of me and I turned and it was Officer Sicknick with his head in this hands,” Edwards testified June 9 at a hearing of the House committee investigating the attack. “And he was ghostly pale, which I figured at that point that he had been sprayed and I was concerned.”

    So was it the bear/pepper spray that did him in, or this: “Sicknick died the next day of what was ruled natural causes from strokes.”

    With Chauvin, was it the fact that he was overweight with medical conditions, or the knee on the neck that did him in?

    Now you understand why both need to go to prison.

  63. Phoenix says:


    You are a cheap date.

  64. Libturd says:

    Goat considers Julian a patriot. :P

  65. Fast Eddie says:

    Broadcast networks passed on carrying Joe Biden’s speech in Philadelphia, as the president cast MAGA Republicans as a threat to democracy.

    ABC ran Press Your Luck, CBS went with a Young Sheldon rerun and NBC with a Law & Order replay.

    A threat to democracy… we’ll go with Young Sheldon. LOLOLOL!

  66. Libturd says:

    Yet, the right’s panties are all in a bunch.

  67. BidenIsTheGOAT says:

    Big difference between a political candidate making a partisan incendiary speech and president doing that in prime time using a military backdrop. No comparison between the two in terms of convention. It just hasn’t been done especially when that president has already been using state power to persecute his rivals. Corrupt old Joe is out for blood.

  68. BidenIsTheGOAT says:

    Jan 6 was a National embarrassment. If you bridge the law you should be prosecuted. I’d like to find out exactly what happened. Democrats are blocking that from happening.

  69. Libturd says:

    “Democrats are blocking that from happening.”

    How so?

    The truth is, Trump gave the Magassholes the candle. So of course, they lit it. One only needed to see Trump’s complete lack of action to subdue the mob that day, for proof of his intent. If you recall, it wasn’t until Biden told him to call his dogs off, that things got under control. Of course, you are in complete denial of the truth, so it doesn’t really matter what I typed here.

    Go on and tell me how this compares directly with the so-called riots that occurred in the cities protesting police brutality. We know. Your ability to reason does not exist.

  70. SmallGovConservative says:

    dentss dunnigan says:
    September 2, 2022 at 7:18 am
    “Sleepy Joe has declared WAR on 50% of americans ”

    It’s the only thing he, or just about any other Dem incumbent can do. The Dems are a party that has zero interest in good governance and as a result, there are virtually no Dem incumbents that have any accomplishments to run on. When you have no accomplishments, and you can’t run a positive campaign, you run on fear. In the Dems case, all they want to do is scare their base of mostly female voters — as well as the dwindling number of toxically-feminized men (Ex, Flab, etc) that support them — into voting this fall. Can you imagine any Dem running a campaign like Ronald Reagan, simply asking voters if they’re better off now than they were ‘x’ years ago?

  71. Ex says:

    11:58 the right has a verrrry short memory.
    Reactionary AF too.

  72. Libturd says:

    All they got is name calling. That’s what they call progress.

    In other news, it took all of four hours for the markets to come to the same realization that 3B and I did four hours prior.

    Not that I wish this on anyone, but where is Pumps? Did he actually decide to teach this year?

  73. Fast Eddie says:

    The democrats don’t give a shit about the January 6th thing or any goody goody nods to their fake fucking loyalty to democracy… blah… blah. They’re livid that Trump was right; both in his predications of what what happen if the left continues to implement their failed policies because he knew it’s always going to be a guise to do nothing more than put themselves in power and also because the Trump policies were a success. The left is seething!!

    Billions of dollars extorted from tax payers on a national level results in practically nothing positive, substantial or longstanding. If intentions were true and proposed plans integrated properly, it would result in something tangible. Years ago, yes, but not anymore. Tax and spend proposals by the left have become nothing more than money funnels to democrat coiffures. Trump exposed them, called them out, implemented successful plans and the democrats, aided by the media are constantly stirring up division to hold on to their regimes. Peddling seat time with a high-ranking U.S. power broker can be very lucrative for both sides. You saw what happened when Trump tried to get to the bottom of the quid pro quo schemes within the O’Biden syndicate. And I call the left power brokers because when a dem gets elected, (S)he’s in a position of power; when a Republican gets elected, (S)he’s in office.

  74. Fabius Maximus says:

    “a political candidate making a partisan incendiary speech and president doing that in prime time using a military backdrop. ”

    What a complete crock. Donnie stood at the base of Mt Rushmore on July 4th and had AF1 do a flyby over the crowd. Do you want a transcript of that speech.

  75. Juice Box says:

    Don’t Say Beetlejuice three times!!!

  76. Libturd says:

    I agree with all of it but “the Trump policies were a success.” He managed to enrich himself much like all of them before him. Heck of a measuring stick.


    Where is the success?

  77. Libturd says:

    Look at that chart Gary.

    And you say the Democrat’s have a spending problem? Let me remind you, this was during the GREATEST ECONOMY EVER!

    He was a lying farce and only the morons who don’t pay attention took him at his word. And after all this, they still do. Trump was good at one thing. Putting on a show. That’s all he’s ever been good at. He’s P.T. Barnum. And just like with Mr. Barnum, eventually ended up with another business bankruptcy.

    His list of successes are not measurable. He was the master of lies. The worst president ever by a landslide and you fools give him a pass because he speaks a good game. Look at the final score for a change. A comatose Biden, who represents everything that Trump abhors, beat him.

    Just give it a rest.

    As bad as Biden has been, and he’s been a pretty weak one, the populists are so friggin’ stupid that they overplayed their surefire winning hand against what will probably be their last chance to have gained power. It’s laughable, but oh so predictable.

    Can’t wait to see Harris beat Trump in 2024. I probably won’t stop laughing until 2025.

  78. Old realtor says:


    Who is paying for these unwanted children and pregnancies that you are forcing upon people? Certainly not Republicans. Abortion and birth control are tools in family planning. Good family planning leads to less need for government benefits. Why would someone want to bring unwanted children into this world?

  79. SmallGovConservative says:

    Libturd says:
    September 2, 2022 at 1:46 pm
    “Can’t wait to see Harris beat Trump in 2024…”

    Major TDS flare-up for Lib today. You usually maintain at least a shred of rationality when discussing politics, but you’re as bad as the fulltime dingbats (Ex, Flab, etc) today. Meanwhile, as the stooges shriek about ‘threats to democracy!!!’, here’s just a small example of the reality of Democrat incompetence…

    NYC could spend $300M annually to house migrants in hotels: analysis — https://nypost.com/2022/08/22/nyc-could-spend-300m-annually-to-house-migrants-in-hotels-analysis/

  80. Old realtor says:

    What’s your position on birth control?

  81. Libturd says:

    I never said the Dems weren’t morons too.

  82. Old realtor says:

    The idiot Trumpers like Small Gov, Eddie and GOAT are not capable of understanding that you don’t have to be a dyed in the wool Democrat to think that Trump is dangerous. They believe you are one of them or you are the litany of ignorant names they call Democrats.

  83. joyce says:

    Old Realtor,
    I would hope abortion is not part of the ‘planning’ phase, not because of any religious or other objections, only because there are much safer options.

  84. SmallGovConservative says:

    Old realtor says:
    September 2, 2022 at 2:03 pm
    “Why would someone want to bring unwanted children into this world?”

    In a democratic republic like the USA, why would anyone disagree with a Supreme Court ruling that the determination as to whether or not abortion should be legal, must rest with the people and their elected representatives — not un-elected judges?

  85. Phoenix says:

    ” We received a report of a “tresspasser,” we did not receive a report of an individual engaged in a first amendment type activity. Once we come in under that pretext, we now have an allegation of a criminal act. Once that allegation occurs, the law states that we have a mechanism to determine—
    To determine what?

    So, it starts with an allegation. Not a fact, but if you watch this it’s a bunch of angry women who don’t like being filmed- then allege a crime- and sick the dogs on a guy who is just recording legally.


  86. BidenIsTheGOAT says:

    Release the tapes and documents. They lied about the cops being killed. What else have they lied about. We know it will be much since Adam Schiff is involved.

  87. Phoenix says:

    Release the tapes and documents.

    Agree. Transparency is key.

    The truth shall set you free. Or money. Money sets you free as well.

  88. Phoenix says:

    Donut lady. She means business wanting her donuts. No wonder these employees want raises. I would.


  89. Phoenix says:

    Thank You engineers of Tik Tok, for bringing me crystal clear audio and video of my fellow Americans and how they act in the wild, quality even better than Technicolor.

    She is a real keeper.

  90. Fast Eddie says:

    What’s your position on birth control?

    100% for it.

  91. Old Realtor says:

    I support mandatory education about birth control and family planning in elementary school and ongoing through high school.

    There are many available options, including abstinence. Everyone capable of producing offspring should fully understand what is available to them and how it works. This should greatly reduce the need to resort to abortion.

  92. Old realtor says:

    How do you feel about the MAGA Republicans who want to outlaw birth control?

  93. Fast Eddie says:


    Look at that chart Gary.

    What if covid didn’t hit? What if Trump was reelected instead of having papered over windows in the middle of night as votes were ‘counted’? My point is tax cuts need to coincide with cuts or freezes in spending. Trump had three years, not eight.

  94. Fast Eddie says:

    How do you feel about the MAGA Republicans who want to outlaw birth control?

    Republicans don’t necessarily agree with everything on the list. They debate, have disagreements, are on the same page with some things, differ with others. Unlike democrats, who seem to march in lock step regardless. Shockingly, in a poll by FiveThirtyEight, 93% of republicans said birth control should be legal to 91% of democrats. When it came to abortion, 31% of Republicans said it should be legal compared to 80% for democrats.

  95. Old realtor says:

    But Eddie how do you feel about that issue? Is it important to you? If your daughter couldn’t get birth control and was raped, how would that make you feel?

  96. No One says:

    I’ve been seeing Twitter memes from Republicans saying that watching Republicans defending Donald Trump’s various misdeeds reminds them of this video:

    Actually, the video reminds me of the stock market lately.

  97. Old realtor says:

    A woman has an unquestionable right to decide about her own body. Men who want to decide for women are blind and ignorant of reality.

    I strongly support the right of women who are against abortion not to have one.

  98. Phoenix says:

    “A woman has an unquestionable right to decide about her own body. Men who want to decide for women are blind and ignorant of reality.”

    5 minutes of fun in the sack can lead to 18 years of child custody battles, damaged children, heartache and grief, and thousands of dollars in attorney fees.

    Have any son’s that would like to hear my story? I can explain in detail just how easily a woman can do this to a man with no repercussions from the system that will blindly attack them. Married, not married, dating, doesn’t matter.

    They have more than an unquestionable right about their bodies- they will have an unquestionable right about yours as well.

    All it takes is one drop of goo and a diagnosis of Bipolar and you are going down faster than the Titanic.

    Crazy has been legalized in America.

  99. Phoenix says:


    Crazy has been weaponized in America. That’s better.

  100. Phoenix says:

    I know she want’s to have fun. I work with women all day, plenty are DTF for entertainment purposes. They don’t care if a doctor is married, hey, he is the cheater, he isn’t. Sure some are on birth control for other reasons, but most are on it for the chance encounter they are hoping for. And sure, so are you. It’s fun TF.

    Me, I ain’t tapping anything I wouldn’t consider having a child with. Not even wrapped with a Michelin All-Season.

    Freeze it, get clipped, and have fun. Or don’t. But realize your rights are gone the minute you pull down your zipper.

  101. Phoenix says:

    And BTW,

    Happy Memorial Day weekend to all of the fathers who got a letter this week giving their ex’s a 12 percent cost of living increase in child support payments.

    That’s 12 percent after tax. They really got 18 percent.

    Wrap it up-double bag if necessary.

  102. RentL0rd says:

    Fast Eddie, as a male you have no right to opine on abortion. Period.

  103. Phoenix says:

    “Fast Eddie, as a male you have no right to opine on abortion. Period.”

    And be careful, you might not even have the right to ever see your child. Only to pay for him/her.

  104. Comrade Nom Deplume, back from the Dead says:

    Old Realtor reminds me of why I encourage every young man to get the snip and never get married except in extraordinary circumstances.

  105. Comrade Nom Deplume, Still Saucy says:

    What’s your position on birth control?

    100% for it.”

    If only Fabius’ mother felt the same way all those years ago.

  106. Comrade Nom Deplume, seeing that nothing has really changed says:


    “You see voluntary communism work well with the Amish, Co-ops and alike.”

    Uh, nope. I live among the Amish and they are uniformly capitalist and conservative. Despite having a strong community, they work hard and for profit. Savvy businesspeople too.

    I think you conflate community with socialism and it just isn’t the same thing, no matter how hard you try to wish it so.

    Back to work. It’s been fun.

  107. Ex says:

    Comrade….the dark knight…welcome “back”


  108. The Great Pumpkin says:

    The Housing Crash is getting BAD in these cities.😬

    📈Inventory up 100% YoY. For Sale Signs Everywhere. Prices dropping.

    Would not want to be a Homeowner in Phoenix, Raleigh, Austin, Nashville, or Tampa right now.


  109. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Have to treat those “it” real estate spots like a tech stock. Have to cash in at the highs.

  110. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Northeast remains the safest real estate in the game. North jersey is gold in the 1600’s.

  111. joyce says:

    Well, that’s stupid.

    RentL0rd says:
    September 2, 2022 at 5:16 pm
    Fast Eddie, as a male you have no right to opine on abortion. Period.

  112. Fabius Maximus says:

    “Don’t Say Beetlejuice ”

    Juice, I told you before, if you say that word Eddie Ray shows up.

    And true to form, instead of opining on something that he allegedly has some expertise, he posts some Amish BS that is easily refuted. https://www.delawareonline.com/story/news/health/2018/12/13/how-dover-amish-pay-their-medical-bills/2189620002/

  113. Fabius Maximus says:

    “If only Fabius’ mother felt the same way all those years ago.”

    Eddie Ray, What’s up? Did you forget to add my wife and daughters into that post for a Trifecta?

    I see you are staying classy as always.

  114. Phoenix says:

    Woman trying to control other women’s bodies. A “Catholic” no less.

    Nurse sues CVS after claiming the company fired her from her job at Virginia clinic because she refused to give contraceptives or Plan B drugs to patients due to her religious beliefs
    Paige Casey, who is Catholic, is suing CVS for allegedly firing her for her religious beliefs after her existing exemption was denied

  115. Ex says:

    Appearing on Fox News’ America Reports on Friday afternoon, Barr—who has distanced himself from Trump over the ex-president’s election lies—was immediately dismissive of Team Trump’s attempts to appoint a special master.

    “Well, I think the whole idea of a special master is a bit of a red herring,” he flatly stated. He went on to say that Trump’s attorneys haven’t identified any private lawyer communications that should be insulated from government review, adding that everything else appears to be “seizable” by the feds.

    “What people are missing, all the other documents taken, even if they claim to be executive privilege, either belong to the government because they are government records, even if they are classified, even if they are subject to executive privilege, they still belong to the government and go to the [National Archives],” Barr said.

    “And any other documents that were seized, like news clippings and other things in the boxes containing the classified information, those were seizable under the warrant because they show the conditions under which the classified information was being held,” he added. “So I think it’s a red herring. I think it would, you know, at this stage, since they have already gone through the documents, I think it’s a waste of time.”

  116. Phoenix says:


    Orange head will never spend one day in prison.

    That I am sure of.

    Neither will any of the Secret Service that deleted government emails.

  117. Fast Eddie says:

    I’ve been wanting to change my laptop homepage for a while now and finally did the other day. I changed it from Yahoo to msn.com. Msn seems to just report news and happenings and has a lot of content I can see quickly. I also like the font and layout when you click on one of their major headlines to read more. Yahoo has become a combination of MSNBC and the National Inquirer. It is a comical tabloid of anti-American rhetoric constantly. Too much. If there are any other neutral sites that you like, let me know and I’ll check them out.

  118. FatEddieNeedToCLearCookies says:


    Is not the site per se, is what you click thru.

    All news sites use algorythms and feed you the equivalent of what makes you click. A web news site is a mirror of you. That is what make $$ for facebook, tik tok and others.

    Test it yourself, click on dog or cat articles and you will see how many of those articles you will see in days.

    You want honest, as clean as you are going to get non manipulated sites. Go in private mode, clean cookies, use TOR, Duck Duck Go. However things are not going to be convenient and you will have to log in a lot.

  119. Juice Box says:

    They are still trying for SLS launch of Artemis to the moon today even though there was another hydrogen leak. They had to reseat the umbilical hoses filling up the hydrogen for the main engines at the base of the rocket platform. This has been a problem for many months during fueling tests etc. This fuel loading technology is a rehash of Saturn V rockets and the Space Shuttle. They are 35 foot tall and pneumatic to fold back during launch and shielded with closing blast doors to protect them from the rocket blast during launch.

    Pic Below


    Should be liftoff around 2:17 p.m if they can finish the fueling of the rockets without further incidents. If sucessful there should be at least 38 days of cool video from space as we did not have 4K video streaming to and from the moon 50 years ago.


  120. Juice Box says:

    Phoenix – “Neither will any of the Secret Service that deleted government emails.”

    If they wanted to prosecute them or really anyone else for obstruction including Trump or Hillary Clinton it would be a slam dunk, just like many people now being prosecuted for Jan 6th. Delete any text or online post or messages for example. It does not need to be a government record. Any time you do that with “evidence” it is obstruction of justice.

    18 U.S. Code § 1519 – Destruction, alteration, or falsification of records in Federal investigations and bankruptcy

    “Whoever knowingly alters, destroys, mutilates, conceals, covers up, falsifies, or makes a false entry in any record, document, or tangible object with the intent to impede, obstruct, or influence the investigation or proper administration of any matter within the jurisdiction of any department or agency of the United States or any case filed under title 11, or in relation to or contemplation of any such matter or case, shall be fined under this title, imprisoned not more than 20 years, or both.”

  121. Juice Box says:

    So this whole media manufactured hysteria of Trump keeping PRINTED White House records now boils down to evidence collected so far which is 17 documents marked secret and 7 documents marked top-secret and 3 documents marked confidential and a bunch of empty folders.

    How come there are no electronic files? You would think they would at least be looking for and found records stored electronically somewhere. To me it seems crazy to think the White House only used filing cabinets of printed records to run the government. There has to be an electronic trail of who logged into a Executive branch computers and downloaded and or printed materials. There has to be more, how can it be just 24 printed documents that are secret and top secret? Where is the Don Jr Laptop or the Ivanka Iphone?

  122. Phoenix says:

    “If they wanted to.” They don’t they won’t. It’s part of the game.

    The American legal system:

    „Men substitute words for reality and then argue about the words.“

    And we still have Q-tip running the country-just itching to get us into a war with China.

    Edwin Armstrong.

  123. JuiceNeedsToLookAtIgPicture says:


    Guarantee you there meticulously records of who handled the documents. Fact do you know that registered mail can be used for mailing secrets, reason is there is a transfer log as it makes its way in the mail.

    The jump from electronic to paper can made at the request of people like POTUS. The problem with Orange traitor boy is that he’s a disorganized egocentric manic dipshit, which does not take care of documents.

    Even if he is not sending material to his foreign handlers. What are the odds that someone in his orbit is actively compromised. Few people in his world have a history of being personally trustworthy, have a history of reliably handling government secrets or even decent credit ratings. Orange’s orbit is made of used car salesmen and real estate salesperson style of integrity, these fckrs will sell their kids into slavery for the right price

    Would you trust any in his circle with your money?

  124. Juice Box says:

    re: Guarantee you there meticulously records.

    It seems that is there is only person the Feds are after for an indictment right now, that by itself stinks of politics. BTW he and his lawyers are morons. I agree with Barr on that one, there was no reason for anything to be at his club, other than perhaps him trying to hide documents from the Jan 6th committee. We may never find out as it’s all classified and sealed.

    You also lost me with sending material to his foreign handlers. There was a massive investigation truly massive and nothing turned up other than unhinged conspiracy theories written by those in the 4th estate who write fabrications full of conjecture for people like you who eat it up and believe unquestioningly that something is true because it appears in the media.

    I questions the veracity of the latest news, the accuracy of what we see printed in the media. Right now it boils down to 24 documents and a bunch of empty folders.

  125. JuiceNeedsToLookAtBigPicture says:


    But would you give your life savings and trust these folks to manage and take care of it for you. Think Miller, Guliani, Bannon, Stone, Pillow Ex-crackhead Guy, or any other name you can think in his orbit?

    Better yet who in his world would you trust to with your money? Pick a name, even one of orange’s kids.

  126. Juice Box says:

    Straw man much? Trump is not any kind of portfolio manager, asset manager, or investment manager. BTW there are plenty of people I would not trust with money that are one of those which only makes your straw man argument even weaker.

    Look stick to the facts here.

    1) Trump is an idiot
    2) Trump’s appointed document custodians are idiots
    3) Trump’s lawyers are idiots
    4) Whatever comes of this all three of the above will still be true

  127. Juice Box says:

    SLS Artemis launch scrubbed again, 8-inch quick disconnect fitting still leaking Hydrogen again. Same problem that has plagued this rocket for months during testing. I gather it is something duct tape won’t be able to fix.

  128. Fast Eddie says:

    Go in private mode, clean cookies, use TOR, Duck Duck Go.

    I did all that.

  129. FatEddieDeservesWhiteOreo says:


    You got me. Myself I go to Reuters & BBC for news.
    For home page if you like space go for Astronomy Picture of the Day or the HDEV International Space Station camera.

    I pose the same question to you that I ask Juice.

    In Trump’s circle who would you trust enough to give them your life savings to manage and take care for you and if you have any kids, give them the guardianship of your kids if something happened to you.

  130. Chicago says:

    Oreo: Jared Kushner Not sure about the kid part

  131. ChicagoGetsALincolnLogAndBeer says:


    You had to think about it. That was the point of the question.

    Every presidency since WW2 and even earlier, with the Nixon exception had more than a few smart, decent, people with integrity that would call BS when needed to be called and not kow tow to POTUS.

  132. Phoenix says:

    Jared Kushner would take it and you would never see it again from the window in your nursing home where you would take your last breath alone.

  133. Juice Box says:

    Nice evening, down at the Keansburg beach watching the Nerds cover bank for free. Kids are swimming and paddle boarding and having fun, cops could care less about Alcohol too.

  134. Ex says:

    1:57 noiiice

  135. Chicago says:

    Juice: talking to the stock person and customer service person at Chapel Hill Whole Foods. Chunks of their liquor section are empty. They keep certain things off the floor. They have multiple incidents where individuals have walked in with a shopping cart. Go to the liquor section, fill the cart and walk right out of the store

    They go to the Middletown police. They have said he have excellent video. We can give you a full description including getaway car. Police said they are not interested.

  136. Phoenix says:

    They go to the Middletown police. They have said he have excellent video. We can give you a full description including getaway car. Police said they are not interested.

    Boo ef fin’ hoo. Po Po was at my house assisting my ex in stealing from me.

    No video required, they used their own eyes.

    The police have no duty to protect………

  137. Ex says:

    Former President Donald Trump said Democrat candidate Lt. Gov. John Fetterman “is a spoiled and entitled socialist loser who leeched off his parents’ money” during a rally in Pennsylvania on Saturday.

    In 2018, The New York Times debunked Trump’s claims that he was a self-made billionaire. The outlet reported Trump received the equivalent of at least $413 million from his father’s real estate empire, beginning when he was a toddler.

    Trump also said Fetterman, who is running against Republican Dr. Mehmet Oz for a seat in the US Senate, “lives on his parents’ money” and alleged Fetterman uses drugs.

    Tick….tick….tick u orange asshole

    Tick tick tick u hypocrite.

  138. Crushednjmillenial says:

    9:48 on Whole Foods shoplifting . . .

    In a situation like that, the manager of the store (if he cared), should find where the break in the chain is. What I mean by “break in the chain” is:

    -does the patrolman (using his discretion) (a) not see a crime? (b) not see a crime that can be policed using police resources efficiently?, (c) has he been told not to police this kind of crime by a sgt, lieutant, captain or the chief of police himself , (d) has he taken this kind of crime to prosecutors and the prosecutors drop it; (e) have the police and prosecutors worked together to bring it to a judge but a judge tosses the case or slaps the wrist.
    -repeat along the chain and find the break
    -talk to relevant official (police brass, prosecutor, judge)
    -talk to political leaders in jurisdiction and explain justice isn’t being done
    -maybe you get results but maybe you don’t. It’s the government, after all.

  139. Comrade Nom Deplume, shaking off the dust says:


    I try to follow your lead.

    Praying for a Gooner collapse too.

  140. NowIknowWhyCrushed says:

    Millennial you are too naive.

    If it was a small business owner. People along the chain, starting with the mayor will listen and act.

    You are dealing with Whole Food ~ Amazon. No one is going to lift a finger so that Amazon which are well known penny pinchers nasty employers will make more money for Space Baldy.

    Whole Foods want to stop it, they got to spend some money and hire their own goon squad.

  141. Juice Box says:

    Chi – The cops had to open a case, but what will come of it, nothing unless there is violence during the shoplifting which elevates the crime to a felony. Mayor has been on Facebook blasting our State Attorney general and legislature, these are now considered no arrest,no bail crimes now, shoplifting, automobile theft, catalytic converters theft etc, if caught a summons only. Bail reform across many blue states, they want to stop incarcerating and claim it’s the only way to do it. The bail reform laws were passed by the legislatures so th blame falls there.

    The cops won’t chase anymore either too dangerous, this includes the state police too.

  142. Phoenix says:

    Don’t forget:

    Did you donate 30 percent of your profit to the PBA?

  143. Juice Box says:

    The NJ GOP Senators are on the case and have introduced legislation. Their legislation would make gang shoplifting a third-degree crime with a consequence of at least a year in jail and everyone involved would not be eligible for parole. It has a snowballs chance in hell of passing.

    Also of note our mayor ordered the local Police to park patrol cars at the parkway entrances to deter the criminal gangs. It remains to be seen if there will be a lawsuit for this as “profiling”.

    “MIDDLETOWN, NJ — Middletown has now posted multiple police cars parked at the entrances of Exit 109 and 114 to the Garden State Parkway.

    The police cars will be there for the foreseeable future, said Middletown Mayor Tony Perry, who said he directed the police department to place the cars there beginning last Thursday.

    “We will have marked and unmarked patrol cars there for the future,” said Perry on Monday. “And license plate readers.”

    “The suspects in Monmouth County car thefts and home invasions usually flee back onto the Parkway, police have previously said.

    Perry said he felt compelled to take action. He also called for changes to New Jersey’s bail reform system, where suspects accused of a crime are no longer held on bail and usually released within hours of their arrest.

    “Until our judicial system actually keeps the people it is supposed to protect safe, we have to do things like this,” said Perry on Monday morning. “We need criminals held in jail when they are accused of a crime.”

    “Just a simple warning to anyone thinking about stealing a car in Middletown … we have multiple police officers at Exit 109 and Exit 114 that would love to meet you! They would be happy to give you a tour of our new town hall, including the jail cells and our court room. Don’t stop here, just go back up North! #MiddletownNJ” Perry posted to his Facebook page Friday.”


  144. Juice Box says:

    Loss prevention at retailers will build a case, collect video evidence etc. Where most of the criminals screw up and will use a debit or other credit card at the store. That will tie them back to crimes etc.

    BTW there have been arrests and lots of them across New Jersey.


  145. Juice Box says:

    Chi Facebook post yesterday from Holmdel PoPo

    At 5:00a.m. this morning our Officers were notified by the Colts Necks Police Department that a black BMW SUV had been stolen from Freehold Township, had just attempted to break into a home in their town near the Highway 34 border.

    Our officers began checking that area when we received a call from a township resident that a vehicle matching that description was scene on Chardonnay Drive. While officers searched that area, we received a call from the Middletown Police Department that the same vehicle had passed their officers on West Front Street driving over 100mph.

    Our officers then observed the BMW on Everett Road heading towards Route 520. As our officers attempted to get behind the BMW, it fled onto Route 520 where it struck a marked Holmdel Police Car and continued to flee from the scene.

    The officer was injured at the scene and transported to Bayshore Medical Center for treatment. He has since been released from the hospital and is home.

    Our Officers continued to pursue the vehicle before deploying a tire deflation device on the BMW. The tire deflation device disabled three of the four tires, but the subjects continued to drive the vehicle and got back to Newark before crashing again and fleeing on foot, where our officers eventually lost sight of them.

    The stolen vehicle was recovered at the scene at transported to Holmdel Police Headquarters to be processed.

    If any residents have any surveillance footage matching that vehicle description or an suspicious activity, please contact headquarters.

    As always we ask residents to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity immediately.”

  146. Phoenix says:

    Empty out Whole Foods, Do nothing. But you can do this:

    ‘I hope your momma let me beat you’: Parents are awarded $275,000 after Maryland cops held down their five-year-old boy who was truant from kindergarten, handcuffed and shouted at him.


  147. Ex says:

    The man who jumped to his death from the 18th floor of the famous ‘Jenga’ tower in lower Manhattan’s Tribeca neighborhood Friday has been identified as a Bed Bath & Beyond executive. Gustavo Arnal, 52, was the Chief Financial Officer of Bed Bath & Beyond, a company that has been going through struggles of late due to high inflation and a sagging economy. The company announced plans to close 150 stores, of its roughly 900, and lay off 20 percent of staff just two days before Arnal’s death. He reportedly sold over 42,000 shares in the company, oft-identified as a ‘meme stock’, for $1million just over two weeks ago, according to MarketBeat.com. At the time, he still owned 267,896 shares in the company, valued at just under $6.5million. Arnal moved to Bed Bath & Beyond in 2020 – when the company was already struggling due to the coronavirus pandemic – from London-based cosmetics giant Avon, where he was also CFO, and had spent 20 years at Proctor & Gamble. When Arnal was brought to Bed Bath & Beyond in April 2020 a company spokesman said in a statement they were ‘bringing in world class talent to offer new perspectives, expertise and experience as we rebuild our business.’

  148. Phoenix says:

    “Until our judicial system actually keeps the people it is supposed to protect safe, we have to do things like this,” said Perry on Monday morning. “We need criminals held in jail when they are accused of a crime.”

    We don’t have a judicial system. We have a legal system.

  149. Juice Box says:

    Ex – CFO sells at the peak the BBBY meme stock pump and dump scheme?

    I wonder if he got a Wells Notice from the SEC before jumping.

    Arnal Gustavo EVP, CFO Aug 17 Sale $29.95 12,500 shares value $374,375
    Arnal Gustavo EVP, CFO Aug 16 Sale $24.22 42,513 shares value $1,029,824

  150. Phoenix says:

    Just read the Trump article. Looks like he pulled up with a gasoline tanker to make sure he has enough fuel for the fire.

    Have friends going to Europe. Told me travel has changed there due to energy problems.

    That’s before Putin turned off the gas completely. I guess only the wealthy there will have heat- the middle class are going to freeze- If the Farmers Almanac forecast is correct it’s going to be rough there. Should be fun here too as America, the heroes of the world, try to supply Europe with resources it’s own people need and can’t afford.

    And then old Q-tip and Nancy Face Lip out poking the other bees nest aka China.

    Looks like the Boomers/Greatest want to go out with a bang!

    And in my field, salaries keep rising. Supplies are missing. Stress level high, workload increasing. Expect health insurance costs to increase dramatically-and your local taxes as well to support those who have “Cadillac” plans through the government.

    It’s not time yet, stock up so you can

    Smoke ’em if you got ’em.

  151. Phoenix says:

    Hey Old Goat,
    Don’t you have enough money yet? Don’t worry, you won’t see jail time.

    NJ Borough’s Dem Leader Took Cash In Attempt To Influence Criminal Case: Prosecutor.

    The chairman of Sayreville’s Democratic party and employee with the NJ Turnpike Authority has been charged with accepting thousands of dollars in cash in exchange for “influencing a a criminal case,” authorities said.

    Thomas V. Pollando — the borough’s former council president and current VP of the Middlesex County Planning Board — was caught between July and August 2022 accepting the cash and saying he’d attempt to use his political clout to influence an ongoing criminal case, Middlesex County Prosecutor Yolanda Ciccone said.

    Pollando, 72, of Parlin, served as the long-time president of the Sayreville Athletic Association and also holds a seat on the Sayreville Economic & Redevelopment Authority. He is currently employed with the New Jersey Turnpike Authority.

  152. 3b says:

    72 And still employed with the turnpike authority? That’s a position a younger person with obligations should have. These old feckers just won’t leave.

  153. Juice Box says:

    Phoenix – Drill baby drill. US LNG gas exports to Europe are exploding. The Europeans have setup 20 floating gas conversion platforms that will unload USA LNG from tankers and convert it on the fly to home use etc. Won’t be enough to keep the poor from freezing however.

    Nice little chart we are now the largest LNG exporter.


  154. Phoenix says:

    A reminder of how long America has been meddling in Taiwan/Chinese affairs. “Highly secret effort.”

    The first combat use of the Sidewinder was on September 24, 1958, with the Republic of China (Taiwan) Air Force, during the Second Taiwan Strait Crisis. During that period of time, ROCAF North American F-86 Sabres were routinely engaged in air battles with the People’s Republic of China over the Taiwan Strait. The PRC MiG-17s had higher altitude ceiling performance and in similar fashion to Korean War encounters between the F-86 and earlier MiG-15, the PRC formations cruised above the ROC Sabres, immune to their .50 cal weaponry and only choosing battle when conditions favored them.[12]

    In a highly secret effort, the United States provided a few dozen Sidewinders to ROC forces and an Aviation Ordnance Team from the U.S. Marine Corps to modify their aircraft to carry the Sidewinder. In the first encounter on 24 September 1958, the Sidewinders were used to ambush the MiG-17s as they flew past the Sabres thinking they were invulnerable to attack. The MiGs broke formation and descended to the altitude of the Sabres in swirling dogfights. This action marked the first successful use of air-to-air missiles in combat, the downed MiGs being their first casualties.

  155. Phoenix says:

    US LNG gas exports to Europe are exploding.

    Thereby raising the price of natural gas here, which runs the turbines for electric production in America. I’m sure that gives the middle class here an orgasm like they have never seen before. Not to mention the amount of groundwater pollution with fracking solutions and solvents being dumped. And real efficient to ship all of this across the Atlantic in mass quantities to heat homes.

    It’s something to be proud of. /s.

  156. Ex says:

    9:21 damn though.

  157. Ex says:

    When I lived in Chicago a quiet kid two floors above me in an 8 flat
    was a jumper. Gotta be the loneliest exit imaginable.

  158. Phoenix says:

    This biography is on Edwin Howard Armstrong, an inventor who patented regenerative receiver circuits & superheterodyne circuits both of which led to the development of radio. In late 1933 he was issued other patents for a new radio signaling system which became FM radio. He spent much of his time in court defending himself & suing others over the primacy of his patents. In 1954, after 5 years of legal battles about the FM patent, & after his wife left him in 1953, Armstrong committed suicide.

    Jumped to his death because of that sc um Bag Sarnoff who spent his whole life screwing others.

    Left a legacy of a beautiful tower in Alpine, NJ. Still used today.

  159. Lisa G says:

    Hi anyone on the board get a home standby generator installed?
    If so di your property taxes increase?

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