Price Reduced! Superstar!

From the Star Ledger:

One of the oldest log cabins in the U.S. is up for sale — again — in N.J.

It’s a case of history repeating itself, this time at a much marked-down price.

Billed as “the oldest log cabin in the Western Hemisphere still standing in its original position,” the circa 1638 Nothnagle Log Home in Greenwich, Gloucester County, is for sale again.

The asking price: $475,000.

This is the seventh time since 2015 that the 1.3-acre property on Swedesboro Road in the Gibbstown section of the township has been put on the market. Initially offered for $2.9 million; subsequent listings have seen the price tag drop from $1.75 million (2017), to $875,000 (2020), then $750,000 (2021), and now just under half a million.

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  1. grim says:

    I realize it’s a historic property, but just wait until you see the photos.

    $2.9 million … ahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahha

  2. dentss dunnigan says:


  3. Very Stable Genius says:

    While GOP run states drown in hate, poverty and despair:

    California’s economy has proven relatively resilient, first through the pandemic and now through the current period of elevated inflation. So much so, that the Golden State’s gross domestic product is poised to overtake Germany’s as the fourth largest in the world after the US, China and Japan.

    It had already leapfrogged Brazil (No. 7) and France (No. 6) in 2015 and supplanted the UK (No. 5) in 2017. Although many of California’s current figures won’t be published until 2023, estimates suggest the state may have already caught Germany, with at least one forecast implying California is ahead by $72 billion when considering the state’s recent growth rate.

  4. Fast Eddie says:

    “As a piece of history, it is worth every penny that we asked for it, but that’s just not reasonable now,” said seller Doris Rink.

    Doris, it’s worth what someone is willing to pay for it. Word of advice: Tell your house listing tour guide to step aside because the ‘spaghetti against the wall’ price strategy is not working.

  5. grim says:

    Maybe it would stand half a chance if it didn’t look like a hoarder lived in it. Wouldn’t be surprised if someone got botulism at the open house.

    What’s the ceiling height? 6 or 6.5′? You can walk upright upstairs, you just need to walk between the joists.

    Getting the historic designation is usually the kiss of death when the property is in this condition. They didn’t do themselves any favor on the resale, because any new buyer now has to face a whole new set of hurdles. Is it a house, or is it a museum, those are different buyers.

  6. Juice Box says:

    We have an old farmhouse and property nearby. It was purchased by the town and a nonprofit about 50 years ago and is maintained as open space, about 250 acres with an old farm house from the 1600s and an old barn. There are various tours and activities with it, including some fossil beds in a nearby stream that the school tours enjoy exploring. Land was once Lenapi and then an Irish immigrant farmed it and raised horses on the land. Our development is named after the horses, and was built in the 1970s, as many of the other tracts were sold off for housing in the 1980s. Now there is little land left to sell here, and everything else is protected. Last remaining tracts are being developed by Toll Brothers and others.

    $800k townhomes.

    1.5 million dollar new homes too.

  7. Juice Box says:

    Seller Doris Rink is 80 years old and has lived there since 1968. They had to be a bit eccentric back in 1968 to buy the place (for perhaps almost nothing from family) and actually live in it, perhaps they were flower power children of the 60s.

  8. Fast Eddie says:

    “The cabin was built without a single nail,” said Rink. “It’s amazing how well it has stood throughout the ages.”

    Translation: The fucking joint could collapse at any moment. Tie a rope to the kids ankle so we know where to dig through the rubble.

  9. grim says:

    JB – Yeah Wayne’s got one or two as well. Most know the Dey Mansion, which hosts tours and other events. It backs the county golf course so most of the land is well protected now:

    And the other is one we talked about here, the Van Saun house, which was the headquarters for the Marquis de Lafayette during the revolutionary war:

    It’s certainly a cool property, but got nothing on the listing right above, which closed at $725k or so 2 years ago. Completely renovated, and with an incredible provenance, for 1/4 of that log shack’s original asking price?

  10. BananaJoe3rdWorldPres says:

    I would love to hear how leftists create fertile economic conditions but I know a Twitter copy/paste troll would not be able to articulate it. It certainly don’t correlate with business friendliness.

  11. SmallGovConservative says:

    Fast Eddie says:
    October 24, 2022 at 9:14 am
    “…roaches and house prices are the only things that will survive a nuclear blast in our area…”

    Good one, Ed. I’ll add one other item to the list of things that will retain value despite recession, inflation, rate hikes, nuclear war — high quality sports memorabilia. I bid a few hundred dollars on a college football ticket stub from 1883 — yes, 1883 — last night, and woke this morning to find that it sold for $1100. I’m convinced that high quality sports memorabilia is bulletproof.

  12. Ex says:

    California? Ah home sweeet home.
    Newsom does a very decent job running the place.

  13. crushednjmillenial says:

    DCCC pulling back support for Malinowski in the 7th congressional district, 2 weeks from election day. I don’t know if Kean should be considered so far ahead, even though it makes sense that he is favored to win.

  14. Fast Eddie says:

    The U.S. Federal Reserve will go for its fourth consecutive 75 basis point interest rate hike on Nov. 2, according to economists polled by Reuters, who said the central bank should not pause until inflation falls to around half its current level.

    Six days before the election. I wonder how the democrats will spin that one. lol.

  15. Ex says:

    “Lol” inflation is a world-wide event.

  16. Ex says:

    The investment mogul is a longtime friend of Trump’s from the celebrity’s heyday in the 1980s New York real estate world. Barrack’s early support for Trump played a pivotal role in Wall Street lining up behind the Republican in 2016. He would go on to chair Trump’s inaugural celebrations, which were mired in accusations of self-dealing and corruption that ended in a settlement with the District of Columbia attorney n this behemoth trial that started last month, federal prosecutors are trying to prove that Barrack abused the access he got to the incoming president by using it to secretly lobby on behalf of Arab royals. For example, an indictment updated in May claimed that Barrack quietly tweaked the GOP platform at the 2016 Republican National Convention—making sure to avoid any mention of the Saudi royal family’s connection to the 9/11 hijackers.

    Trump’s Billionaire Pal on Trial for Secret Foreign Lobbying

    For jurors, the trial has also become a crash course in the complex and often paradoxical U.S. diplomacy in the Middle East. Feds have had to thread a needle, describing its fractured relationship with competing royal families in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates, maintaining that they are indeed friendly at times—but not as trustworthy as one might assume, and certainly “not allies,” as one prosecutor put it.

    But on the stand Monday, Barrack frowned and shifted uncomfortably in his seat as he lamented four years of chaos that ensued—and seemed to blame his association with Trump for his legal troubles today.

    “Would it have been better to support someone else?” his defense attorney asked.

    “In hindsight, unquestionably,” Barrack groaned, citing the “continued drama this president found himself in.”

  17. Fast Eddie says:


    I’m convinced that high quality sports memorabilia is bulletproof.

    Add anything else on the planet hyped up to send muppets into a frenzy. 90% silver ‘junk” coin was forever fixed at X times the face value whether it be a 1964 Kennedy half dollar, Ike dimes pre-1964, Standing Liberty quarters, etc. It didn’t matter if it was a Barber half, Walking Liberty half, Franklin Half or a Kennedy half, any denomination, all were priced the same based on current silver prices. Again, we’re talking about readable dates, pretty coins mostly but what the collectible community labels as ‘junk’ coins.

    NOW, it’s based on “premium” values for the coins, judging whether a coin has “lost” any silver content due to wear and touted as sets and collectible value returns. In other words, a whole shit load of psycho babble to extract premium cost. As a result, the muppets are still buying and now think previous lots of bulk silver junk coin is returning greater demand in pieces and segregated selections. This is how I know inflation is out of control.

  18. grim says:

    G man,

    Sitting on a box full of old coins and bills, can you help me decipher this? I am not interested in bringing it into a shop, I know I’ll just get robbed.

  19. Fast Eddie says:


    I would most definitely give you more than any dealer, any shop and any hawker would give you. I collect for fun, not investment. You know where to find me.

  20. grim says:

    Some cool stuff. 1920s $100 gold certs. Lots of red seal silver certs.

  21. Fast Eddie says:

    Do a search online and get an idea of the retail ask prices. Dealers are going to want to offer you 50% of their hammer price. They used to work with collectors within an 80% buy/sell ratio. Those days are gone. They are vultures now. I assume sports or any collectibles are the same but I follow coins/currency closely.

  22. Fast Eddie says:

    Red seals and silver certs are more common. 1966 $100 red seal U.S Notes command decent prices. Dealers may not even want the lower denom red and blue seal silver certs. A 1928 $gold cert is primo, if that’s what you have. All gold certs are primo. Fed reserve $500 and $1000 notes are always hot. Pre 1928 large size notes is a whole other world.

  23. grim says:

    Yeah, have one pre-1928 note. My first thought was, why the hell is this so big.

  24. Fast Eddie says:

    Pre 1928 notes were called horse blankets. The notes are actual linen and cotton. Do a search on the 1896 Educational Series notes and look at the images. They’re works of art. All pre-1928 notes were beautiful. The 1896 silver cert notes that were saved in bank condition (uncirculated) are valued in the thousands and tens of thousands of dollars.

  25. Ex says:

    For years, pundits and political strategists have speculated about Donald Trump’s hold on the Republican Party. It is an essential question for the party and, as a result, the country: Could there be Trumpism without Trump? And what, exactly, would that look like?

    Two weeks before the first midterm elections since Trump left office, the answer to the first question seems clear. Trumpism is embedded in the DNA of the party. Most of those who refused to pledge fealty to the former president lost their primaries or retired to avoid defeat. With only a handful of exceptions, the Republicans running for office are strongly in Trump’s camp, embracing some version of his denials of his 2020 election loss.

    Candidates from Arizona to Pennsylvania have adopted his views, bombastic style and anti-establishment attitude and made them their own. Today, I will examine three Republicans who are putting forward their own versions of Trumpism — some of which might help Trump win if he were to run for president again, and others that might someday defeat him.

  26. Libturd says:

    Trumpism = Going batshit crazy when the Cracker Barrel adds “Impossible” sausage option to their menu.

    Yet, they continue to claim theirs is the party of acceptance, inclusivism, and blah, blah, blah.

    It’s simply the party of disinformation and absolute hatred of anything that was not deemed acceptable in 1830.

  27. No One says:

    I wonder what the real overlap is between the Trumpists and the Religionists. Kid Rock is a Trumpist but doesn’t strike me as sincerely religious or living by the standards of 1830.
    Both parties seem to push their politicians into cookie cutter platform voting. Joe Manchin was enemy #1 for a while with Dems. How many Repubs vote pro-choice? Allowing abortion for rape and incest now seems avant-garde for them, begrudgingly accepted by what % of R politicians?

  28. Ex says:

    Kid Rock grew up very rich (car dealership owner dad).
    He’s all about his crew of freedom lovin’ muricans.
    Republicans love money and often “aspire” to riches.
    Therefore the admiration of Trump. They also resent
    anything that doesn’t put bread on their table.

  29. Ex says:

    Most people from flyover country particularly the southern states identify as Christians.
    The churches have become more active in promoting their beliefs in governance from the pulpit. I wonder if that means they should start paying taxes since they obviously have evolved (sorry) to become political as well as religious entities.

  30. Fast Eddie says:

    Listen, I just wanna know when the ‘Mega Maga Trickle Down” rap is up on Y.outube.

  31. BananaJoe3rdWorldPres says:

    Hardly newsworthy or particularly insightful. Trump realigned the party platforms. Democrats used to support the working class. They no longer do. Republicans used to court the elitists and professional class, they no longer do. The neocons belong again to the democrat party. Your either get with the program or get out.

    And if inclusivity means mutilating a confused child like Joe professes to support then you can count me out. That was a total travesty lending the office of the presidency to such a misused cause. How many kids will be mutilated as a result.

  32. DonateToKeep TraitorTsHairOrangeInPrisonFund says:

    No One,

    There always being there. Everyone forgets that during the great depression, 1/3 of the country wanted to go fascist and still there you see it today in that Trump’s numbers are ~ +/- 33% , 1/3 wanted to go communist, and keeping that 1/3 in the middle to keep the country as a democracy was FDR’s genius.

    The 1/3 that are authoritarians generally are middle to low IQ, like black and white issues as they can’t handle the complicated grays in life. Religion fits right in because it defines the black and whites and the top down managerial structure of certainty fits their personality profile.

    These are the people that allow herr H to have his regime, as Hannah Arendt wrote in the Banality of Evil, one of her quote was that the sad thruth is that most evil is made by people that can’t make up their mind to do good or evil.

    Her thesis is that the great evils in history generally, and the Holocaust in particular, were not executed by fanatics or sociopaths, but by ordinary people who accepted the premises of their state and therefore participated with the view that their actions were normal.

    Explaining this phenomenon, Edward S. Herman has emphasized the importance of “normalizing the unthinkable.” According to him, “doing terrible things in an organized and systematic way rests on ‘normalization.’ This is the process whereby ugly, degrading, murderous, and unspeakable acts become routine and are accepted as ‘the way things are done.'”

    No one, the fact is that the deep south social control structure has more in common with places like Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala that you can imagine. The few ruling elites (good ole boys or descendants of conquistadors) control because they get the 1/3 to fight the other 1/3.

    No One says:
    October 25, 2022 at 12:23 pm

    I wonder what the real overlap is between the Trumpists and the Religionists.

  33. leftwing says:

    “The bigger issue with the wage disclosure is that it will make everyone…keenly aware of this fact. Suspect it will drive quit rates even higher in NY.”

    If one cannot navigate maximizing their own comp, why do I want them attempting to do something for me?

    “Lol inflation is a world-wide event.”

    LOL. US voters don’t care, even assuming they know.

  34. Very Stable Genius says:

    Gary fits the profile

    DonateToKeep TraitorTsHairOrangeInPrisonFund says:
    October 25, 2022 at 1:32 pm

  35. Old realtor says:

    The religious zealots of the right don’t give a damn what it takes to get their agenda done. If they can rationalize voting for Trump, they are willing to sell their collective soul to the devil to accomplish their agenda. Rather disgraceful. No better than any other group of religious zealots. No use for any of them.

  36. leftwing says:

    “It’s [Repubs] simply the party of disinformation and absolute hatred of anything that was not deemed acceptable in 1830.”

    Woke up on the wrong (left) side of the bed this morning, eh?

    That GNRC trade I sent you the other day hit 50% max profit this morning…often I’ll exit at that level if it’s hit in a matter of days….

  37. BananaJoe3rdWorldPres says:

    Churches now promote their belief systems from the pulpit, who would have thought.

    I think just like the defund the police idea, not that the left has politicized nearly every aspect of society they are trying to get away from it. A total meltdown at penn state last night because the intolerable left can’t possibly allow a differing viewpoint.

  38. leftwing says:

    “…the great evils in history generally, and the Holocaust in particular, were not executed by fanatics or sociopaths, but by ordinary people who accepted the premises of their state and therefore participated with the view that their actions were normal.”

    So says the Left, as they pledge fealty to their party and ostracize outsiders….

    “No one, the fact is that the deep south social control structure has more in common with places like Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala that you can imagine.”

    So, please inform, which countries resemble the control structures of our deep blue cities?

  39. BRT says:

    as per yesterday, TDOC up almost 9%. That’s the thing about these stocks that I both love and hate. A 1.4% move on SPY correlates to a 10% move on a sh1tco.

  40. KeepTheTrumpKids EatingCaviarFund says:


    Your question is bs. The fact local government is what the local voters want. What you call blue or red cities are as they are because the people that live in them vote like that.

    However, the south is special. Take a look at Jacksonville, FL. It was a city until 1968. Once the mostly white power structure so that the blacks were going to take it over because of civil rights and voters rights legislation they consolidated the city into mostly white suburban Duval County so the blacks just had token power.

  41. crushednjmillenial says:

    Two weeks to election day . . .

    D’s will electorally face the consequences for not only being wrong about covid shutdowns and spending, but also for suppressing and censoring the dissenting opinions which, as it turns out, were correct. On Covid, I’d say it’s clear in 2022, which was the party of disinformation re Covid.

    “Religious zealots” on the US right have been sidelined since Bush 43. Since Bush, you had McCain, Romney, and Trump as presidential candidates – so two business-oriented moderates and than a Buchanan-style economic populist. It does NOT take religion, and certainly does not take religious adherence, to have right-ist social perspectives/views. A 100% atheist can find it distasteful to terminate a fetus (which at some point in gestation resembles a baby, of course) because they have affinity for protecting babies.

    There’s nothing inconsistent between being on the spectral plane between an agnostic and an atheist, and finding LGBT or other sex ed curricula to be inappropriate for children younger than 4th or 5th or even 6th grade. An atheist can still find it distasteful to have a drag queen character providing some kind of entertainment/reading aimed at children (and probably a large proportion of atheists do!). It is probably a bonkers idea to a supermajority of Americans that school personnel could possibly channel a child into medical care without parental notification or consent (either the parent is unfit and DYFS should take the kids away OR the parent should have authority over a child’s medical care).

    Similarly, doesn’t take a racist to believe that woke race perspectives, woke feminism perspectives, and other woke assertions are bad for society. Indeed, open-minded and left-oriented people (like, Bill Maher, who supports all kinds of left-side of the field economic and social policies) have said as much.

  42. Fast Eddie says:

    It’s interesting how the parties flipped on their direction; the left now the party of the snoots and self-servers while and the right represents the grass roots, blue collar, productive forces. 20% of Black men are now voting Republican and the parties are split 50/50 with Hispanics with even greater numbers turning towards the GOP every election cycle. Oh well, you guys on the left tell yourself anything you need to lessen the pain. Question: are you more disappointed in the deceit and failure of the democrat party or that you fell for it all?

  43. Ex says:

    2:58 B.S. no such shift has occurred.
    The rights only legislative win was a tax break for the wealthy.
    Tax break for ordinary folks was temporary.

  44. Ex says:

    2:54 nonsense the GOP pushed through Supreme Court members who killed Roe v Wade. Even your narratives are lies.

  45. Fast Eddie says:

    A democrat strategist from the Washington Post noted the party can’t compete in places such as Ohio and must stick to “states that have more college-educated people.”

    As I said, the new democrat party; the party of white wine, pomps and snobs.

  46. A Home Buyer says:

    In my area (not in NJ), I’ve received a thick cardstock mailer everyday for the past week advertising the Democratic platform of: “the other guy wants to restrict your abortion rights. Vote D to save democracy.”

    I’m not sure it’s having quite the impact they were hoping for. Like it’s important.. i get that… but what about everything else? Is your rebuttal to your challenger to crawl up into your singular fuzzy and loosely defined stance on that one topic?

    Idk. Fun as always.

  47. Ex says:

    3:12 did you go to or graduate from college?

  48. EddieLikes OnlyWhiteOreos says:


    You might be right regarding the dems attracting the degreed crowd and it can be blamed directly on Bill Clinton as he sold out the labor based democratic party and turned the democrats into republican light, then the republican became the lunatic fringe.

    But you ignore the danger at your own peril that a low intellectual educational level crowd with an inferiority complex can and is being manipulated very easily by a power elite with an agenda.

    Always look behind the curtain. An example is the name Peter Thiel keeps coming up. Look up his background. It say in big bold letter this guy wants to be a ruler of people.

    This is from Wikipedia –

    Thiel was born in Frankfurt am Main, West Germany, on 11 October 1967, to Klaus Friedrich Thiel and his wife Susanne Thiel.[15][16] The family migrated to the United States when Peter was one year old and lived in Cleveland, Ohio, where his father worked as a chemical engineer. Klaus then worked for various mining companies, creating an itinerant upbringing for Thiel and his younger brother, Patrick Michael Thiel.[17][18] Thiel’s mother became a U.S. citizen, but his father did not.[16]

    Father did not become US Citizen. Ask yourself why? Is either because he DID NOT want to be or COULD NOT because of Herr H links. The family later on they went on to live in apartheid south africa. Overall is not a confidence building exercise that this guy’s upraising leads you to believe that he’s going to promote the values american democratic system. Hell he’s probably perfecting his atomic race of superman to take over the world and move to Mars with Musk.

  49. leftwing says:

    October 25, 2022 at 2:36 pm”

    Probably among the dumbest responses ever….so dysfunctional, fringe left politic cities are OK because ‘people voted that way’ but dysfunctional fringe right politic states are not?


    So, just for clarity, please define which characteristics of a polity matter in the analysis…oh, that’s right, you reverse engineer it…Left whackos, OK…Right whackos, not.

    Rigorous analysis there….I’d call it tortured analysis except there is no analysis whatsoever…

  50. leftwing says:

    BRT, yup, that’s why on these earnings I wait until afternoon of and use options (defined risk).

    Still wanting to short that TDOC pig, but not seeing a good enough risk/reward….

    Nice day though…my vol trades paid off bigly, took most off…not to mention the LT SPY I put on a few weeks back…just want some good results from GOOG and META and I will likely be back at ATH….

  51. Fast "Mega Maga" Eddie says:

    Father did not become US Citizen. Ask yourself why? Is either because he DID NOT want to be or COULD NOT because of Herr H links.

    Is this anything like the Kevin Bacon game?

  52. No One says:

    FDR was the one who wanted America fascist. Wanted unconstitutional federal power to control industries, wanted to pack the supreme court with his yes-men, broke the tradition George Washington set by going beyond two terms as president. Prolonged the depression with bad economic policies that leftist historians incorrectly celebrate as being helpful.

  53. Fast Eddie says:

    The national average price of diesel as of Oct. 24 is at $5.34 a gallon — $1.63 more than last year. That’s $1,602 to fill up a tractor trailer. It was $2.69 a gallon on Trump’s last day in office.

    Any questions?

  54. Ex says:

    So “no” college. Then it’s not a shock you are stuck.

  55. Libturd says:

    Google earnings were not what you hoped for Left.

  56. Hold my beer says:

    It’s going to be a cold winter for lots of people in New England and New York.

  57. leftwing says:

    Yup, saw that Lib…trade on this one is out to mid-2024…long some calls (spread), been writing nearer term puts at multiples of the spreads most recently Jan 2023s…effectively my ‘par’ is now a hair under 100 (price at which I will get 1:1 gains in 2024), that will decrease to low 90s in a few months. My value at risk (cost) above 70 is sloppy but hanging around 9.00…by June my cost should be near zero with 1:1 gains above about 90 which trade at that point will ride to mid-2024…in the meantime I’m marking about 70% of the move in the stock, up and down.

    Take advantage of long vol to write options around your views and positions…it can matter….My basis in most my longer term positions is radically reduced by doing so…for the actual shares of DNA now, for example, my basis in the stock is now under a buck…

  58. Ex says:

    4:48 once it’s gets below freezing in Texas it’s anyone’s guess as to wether the grid down there will hold.

  59. No One says:

    Don’t have to guess whether California’s “green” electric grid will hold up every year. It won’t. And they will prohibit you from installing a backup gas generator to offset their incompetence.

  60. Grim says:

    Ration heating oil? You can just buy diesel fuel and burn that. You don’t even need to pay the gas tax on it if you buy off-road diesel that is used for large equipment.

    Unless they are planning to ration diesel fuel first, trying to ration heating oil is futile.

  61. BlueSkyIs TheStockToBuyAccordingToLeftwing says:


    What analysis are you rambling about?

    There are well known facts about local politics.

    1- Who are the VIP in a town/city? – The real estate industry
    2- What is the biggest source of political rewards/patronage? – The legal services of the city
    3- Who does that powers that be has to keep happy? – The voters.
    4- How and where does the politicians raise money from? – Whoever you do favors for

    1- It might be condo, malls, or subsidize housing developers. But developers will be the top dealmakers.
    2- The law firm that the city hires might be democratic or republican, but the city will need a sizable law firm to represent it across all areas.
    3- It might be a bunch of public housing hoodlums, red neck bible trump traitors thruthers, jehovah witnesses, scientologist or moonies. But you got to keep them happy to be re-elected.
    4-Developers, Law firms, and political hacks getting easy peacy jobs and unions negotiating contracts are the ones that donate money, time and effort.

  62. leftwing says:


  63. Ex says:

    SoCal? Never gets below freezing here.
    I’ve got solar bill is never higher than $175. Fixed rate.
    Neato. Backup gen is gasoline fueled.
    I guess you can always snuggle in w/ your livestock or wifey iffn ya got one,

  64. crushednjmillenial says:

    They have Fetterman out there debating tonight. I’d probably decline the debate if I was Fetterman’s campaign manager

  65. Ex says:

    When Architectural Digest set out to rank “The 55 Most Beautiful Small Towns in America,” Alabama made the cut thanks to one small coastal community.

    Magnolia Springs in Baldwin County made the selection. It’s not the first time the community southeast of Fairhope has been so honored: Southern Living once described it as having “almost too much charm to handle.”

    Contrary to the site’s title, architecture wasn’t the primary factor. Towns were chosen based on “easy access to nature, the presence of historic or design districts, and topography that’s appealing in its own right — whether it’s beaches or mountains, or maybe a riverside perch.”

  66. Fabius Maximus says:

    ” I’d probably decline the debate if I was Fetterman’s campaign manager”

    From what I see he’s crushing it. Oz just tripped on a rake with this.

  67. Fabius Maximus says:

    BREAKING: Democrat Mandela Barnes is very close to overtaking Republican Sen. Ron Johnson in the Wisconsin senate race in new poll.

    Republican Sen. Ron Johnson – 50%
    Democrat Mandela Barnes – 49%
    – CNN poll

    Tick Tick Gary

  68. BananaJoe3rdWorldPres says:

    If your a fan of brain dead politicians then I suppose fetterman killed it. Another mumbling fool propped up the propaganda industry.

  69. leftwing says:


    “New York City’s COVID vaccination mandate for municipal workers was “arbitrary and capricious…”

    Ya think? The whole circus of the government’s wild overreaction to the virus, the effects of their actions which are still being felt today, is the literal definition of arbitrary and capricious.

    The dual goals of the Left…control your life and take your money.

  70. leftwing says:

    Regarding the elections…neat anecdata in here on where the National Committees and Super PACs are and are not funding…especially against the backdrop of how the Districts voted for Pres…

    “The flow of money from super PACs and national party committees, which prioritize the most competitive races, reveals a House battleground landscape that is overwhelmingly tilted toward seats that Mr. Biden won in 2020…Of the 46 House races that had seen at least $3 million in outside spending through this past weekend, 42 of them were carried by Mr. Biden in 2020…Eleven of the districts most flooded with money are seats that Mr. Biden carried by 10 percentage points or more. That is a remarkable number of solidly Democratic seats for Republicans to be contesting. In 2020, Democrats did not win a single district that Mr. Trump won by 10 points or more.

    In contrast, Democrats have devoted virtually no national money to targeting seats Mr. Trump carried.

    In fact, of the roughly $400 million in outside spending that has gone into House races nationwide so far in the general election, only a little over $100,000 in Democratic super PAC or party committee money has targeted a Republican incumbent in a seat that Mr. Trump carried.”


  71. Juice Box says:

    NYC alone under De Blasio laid off over 1400 for not vaccinating. They now owe back pay and the jobs back as well. $$$

  72. BananaJoe3rdWorldPres says:

    The mandates are the most unconstitutional overreach of government power in most of our lifetimes, perhaps back to the Japanese internments.

    It should and will be back as an election issue. I guess in ‘24. Certainly takes a lot of the wind out of the “my body my choice” sail.

  73. Libturd says:

    We are all living in Crazyville.

    You can not mandate a vaccine, but you can mandate a women’s uteri???

  74. leftwing says:

    Random firings from the base of the brainstem…

    If anyone has access to morning calls of a major IB, please post (even excerpts). Quite helpful…Some comments from two I get:

    Major positive that the markets shook off HK overnight drawdown…Two banks raising floor to 3500 range…Positioning is still incredibly light…undeployed cash at ATHs, HFs nets in bottom 3rd percentiles on 1,3 and 5 year lookbacks…strong demand off block desk for share offerings…short covering triggers around 3950…also large shorts across major sovereigns…upside implied volatilities popping, call options are outpacing puts, extremely rare…managers caught short are ‘hedging’ by moving massively into upside calls….

    Lib, fun with charts…2006-08 v 2020-22….

    Let’s see how MBLY trades today….

    Very anxious money out there, poised for a face ripper either way…slight whiff of softening on 11/2 and with everyone so offsides you may have a major rally. I’ve been doing vol for a while now and without getting too deep in the weeds the levels at which run of the mill calls are trading are exceptional for any period prior 3/2020…meaning there is no conviction on this move up but everyone taking some upside afraid to be caught short/cash…you get actual movement up that HF/CTA money on the sideline is going to pour in…

  75. BananaJoe3rdWorldPres says:

    Who is mandating anything to do with a uterus and under what authority?

    The left showed their true colors during covid. Power first, everything else second.

  76. Juice Box says:

    Fab – re: CNN Poll.

    Really CNN poll? As if you would not immediately discredit any poll paid for by Fox News.

    But hey don’t take my word for it Nate Silverman rates CNN’s Pollster with a C grade….as in their accuracy is low once the votes are tallied.

    But anyway here are all the Wisconsin projections based upon his secret sauce… looks like a landslide coming…

  77. BRT says:

    There’s a historic house in my town, that will literally collapse on it’s own weight any day now. The owners have not been allowed to do anything to it because of the historic designation.

  78. Phoenix says:

    Xi Jinping has begun his historic third term as Chinese leader by crashing the stock market, with tens of billions wiped off the value of leading firms in recent days.

    Joe Biden has begun his historic first term as American leader by crashing the stock market, with tens of billions wiped off the value of middle class 401k’s in recent days.

  79. Libturd says:

    The recession is coming. The recession is coming. And right on schedule.

  80. Juice Box says:

    There were four uterus control informercials in a row last night on prime time NBC TV show “The Voice” and several scattered in between commercial breaks, all negative against candidates not from our area…..

    I normally don’t watch the prime time stuff but it was blaring on the TV as I was cleaning the kitchen and well caught my eye because the $ spend must be enormous. Demographics for the show 18-49 is 6.77 million viewers, no longer a blockbuster show anymore but still raking in the $$$.

    Just to mention again. It’s for all the marbles in the Senate for sure but anyway estimates are these midterm elections are projected to exceed $9.3 billion in spending. An incredible amount by any previous election cycle by far for midterms. The 2018 Blue Wave was $6.7 Billion and 2014 midterm was $4.7 Billion.

  81. Bystander says:

    Speaking of layoffs, it appears that Oracle cloud is giving up due to high labor costs.

    “OCI recruiters and hiring managers have been directed to stop hiring from top markets like the San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle, and New York and instead focus on candidates who would command lower salaries. What’s more, some open roles in the unit are being shifted internationally, such as to Eastern Europe, where people involved with OCI hiring say they can get multiple new hires for the price of one.

    “Salaries are too high, and so we’re looking in other areas where salaries and cost of living are lower,” an employee involved with OCI recruiting told Insider. They asked to remain anonymous because they weren’t authorized to speak to the press.

  82. Libturd says:

    “Who is mandating anything to do with a uterus and under what authority?”

    Wow! Your power to ignore your Achilles Heal is admirable.

  83. Libturd says:

    Anyone think META is going to report anything more than negative?

    They are past their 5 minutes of social media fame and they have moved full hog into those bulky VR helmets and controllers when their subscriber base is rapidly aging into their, “I need help to set the VCR,” years.

  84. Juice Box says:

    Only a matter of time as I said before with the car thieves…

    ..Shots fired in Holmdel this morning. Police shot a perp whole stole a car crashed it on Rt 35 and brandished a weapon I gather trying to carjack another car to get away, he was shot by Police.

    “HOLMDEL — Police fired shots on Route 35 after a stolen vehicle crashed and the driver attacked two people on Wednesday morning, officials said.

    The stolen vehicle crashed into another on Route 35 between Laurel Avenue and Centerville Road on the Middletown/Holmdel border, according to Monmouth County Sheriff Shaun Golden.

    The driver of the stolen vehicle got into an altercation with the other driver(a) and another person at the scene, officials said.”

  85. Libturd says:

    We had an attempted theft on our street last week.

    Fortunately for the car owner, he was sitting in the second row of seats when the perp jumped into the driver’s seat. It’s a long story as to what he was doing in the back seat of the car, but it so surprised the criminal that he immediately jumped out of the car and ran into the car in which he came and sped off.

    I expect the hijackings for ransom to begin next year.

  86. Chicago says:

    Juice: I wish the cross street on 35 was Navesink River Road.

  87. Chicago says:

    Lib: you really want to mess around with that bone pile?

    Very difficult to have a second act a la Microsoft Azure.

    More times that not, the exact character that created the breakthrough innovation is antithetical to a second act. Even with a killer value prop, there also serendipity.

    The day Zuck created the conditions for a Chairman Xi lifetime appointment was the pattern of his own undoing.

  88. Libturd says:


    No, just expecting earnings to be terrible. I’m sitting back here and waiting for this faceripper to get juicier. My investments today are mostly from bank promotions.

  89. Bystander says:

    “If one cannot navigate maximizing their own comp, why do I want them attempting to do something for me?”

    You obviously have never witnessed how comp works for 90% of workers. A file comes down with total pool and it usually does not change YoY. Execs then tell manager how many top-rated employees are allowed. (very few). The manager then has to please all folks which means you may get little to nothing bc they have to keep someone else from leaving that year. You have little control over navigating your comp other than leaving. You often find it has become formulaic across most firms. They all use same wage data from Challenger Gray, Gartner etc and they all compare against cheaper vendor talent.

    I know the Jane Streets, Bridgewaters etc probably don’t talk salary because there is expectation of 300k comp and up. Actually I know this bc my brother recently took a job at hedge fund. He said never talked comp and they were generous. Most banks are simply post based on band even if position requires alot more leadership, employee mangement, tech knowledge, trading knowledge, regulatory knowledge etc. They throw it out there with same comp and see what comes back. Your only choice is try to find a higher paying role elsewhere. That will take time..alot of time in NYC for roles 140K or more. Banks are turning to contract work almost exclusively now and unable to fill lower paying roles. They put pressure on recruiters to do the dirty work of low-balling then blame them when no candidates appear. It is a bad circle. This law will help transparency. Too much waste of time with low-ball garbage.

  90. Juice Box says:

    Anyway the NY court’s ruling against NYC vaccine mandate will be appealed, with perhaps two more appeals possible.

    Garvey v City of New York was for the sanitation workers fired, approx 1400.
    There are still tons on unpaid leave including many teachers some estimates are 9,000 municipal employees still on unpaid leave. It will take perhaps another year or two in the courts or they might settle beforhand.

  91. Juice Box says:

    Chi – Close…today.. several issues…This van this morning wanted to take short cut to the Govenor’s house…

  92. SmallGovConservative says:

    Juice Box says:
    October 26, 2022 at 9:35 am
    “Only a matter of time as I said before with the car thieves…”

    Dem governance at it’s best — train robberies in Cali, subway pushers in NYC, car jackings in Jersey…

    Anyway, the Pennsy Senate debate, more than highlighting just how much of a train wreck the Dems have in Frankenstein Futterman, highlights the dishonesty and uselessness of ‘mainstream’ media. Any reasonable person can see that Futterman is unfit for office, both due to his cognitive decline and his inability/unwillingness to articulate anything approaching a policy on any issue, yet the editorial board of the state’s largest newspaper felt it appropriate to endorse him , and wants to see him in the Senate, helping to govern America — simply unbelievable!

  93. BananaJoe3rdWorldPres says:

    Not really. First I don’t think Roe is the effective battle cry that the propagandists claim. It’s not moving the middle.

    Second there is a distinction between a mandate and returning legislative control to the states. That line of reasoning probably works for low IQ people though.

  94. Libturd says:

    Yet the Populists run another wealthy television celebrity with absolutely no interest in improving anything except his total net worth.

    Listening to the rants on the right is getting tiresome. And again, yes, the Left sucks today too, maybe even moreso. But the flaming tire fire of kindergarten group think that is the current playbook of the right is simply embarrassing.

  95. Fast Eddie says:

    Rampant crime from cities to rural towns, uncoupled inflation, energy prices at stratospheric levels with supply levels at historic lows triggering fuel rations, foreign policy blunders, drug cartels controlling an open border, no baby formula still, Covid restriction failures, kids way behind in math and reading while labeling concerned parents as terrorists and we’re to believe that the freedom to bludgeon your baby will swing the vote.

  96. Libturd says:

    “Second there is a distinction between a mandate and returning legislative control to the states.”

    So state mandates are okay. Federal mandates not so much. Who has the low IQ now?

    Like I said before you posted. Kindergarten group think may be too generous of a definition.

  97. Libturd says:

    ” freedom to bludgeon your baby will swing the vote.”

    Just wait and see.

    The Republicans had it, until they stacked the court with liars. They overplayed their cards. I could be wrong, but I heard similar arguments in 2020, like predicting the results of the elections by the size of the moronic rallies on the right.

    Though, I would like to see Pelosi punished as much you guys.

  98. The Great Pumpkin says:

    All this division over a vaccine. It’s like a SNL skit, but it’s our reality. The vaccine became politicized and now who is going to get stuck paying for these antivaxxers to get their jobs back? That’s right, you and I, and all over a f/ing vaccine. A vaccine for god’s sake that I don’t know one person that was hurt by….lawyers are loving this, running up the bill on bs.

  99. The Great Pumpkin says:

    I thought I was seeing things when I first saw that he was running. Dr. Oz? Is this a joke?

    Libturd says:
    October 26, 2022 at 10:14 am
    Yet the Populists run another wealthy television celebrity with absolutely no interest in improving anything except his total net worth.

  100. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Options market is out of control. Controlling risk my ass.

    “Major positive that the markets shook off HK overnight drawdown…Two banks raising floor to 3500 range…Positioning is still incredibly light…undeployed cash at ATHs, HFs nets in bottom 3rd percentiles on 1,3 and 5 year lookbacks…strong demand off block desk for share offerings…short covering triggers around 3950…also large shorts across major sovereigns…upside implied volatilities popping, call options are outpacing puts, extremely rare…managers caught short are ‘hedging’ by moving massively into upside calls….”

  101. BananaJoe3rdWorldPres says:

    Set aside the fact that abortion limits are not a “mandate”, despite attempts to conflate the two, if the law is passed through a legislative process then yes.

    Banana Joe shooting from the hip and trying to appease the reactionary left with his power grabs are a different story.

  102. Juice Box says:

    Bystander – Not surprised about Oracle and their cloud efforts. Estimates are they have as low as 2 per cent for the cloud market as a whole. They lag massively and are now trying to increase the speed to develop their SaaS offerings buy hiring cut rate developers? Sure they can always hire ten for the cost of one but will the work get done?

    Larry pulled the plug on Oracle cloud Version 1 back in 2018. Version 2 is no better. It is still basically network, compute, and storage, and does not have perhaps what is now thousands of different services available under the pure SaaS model that is available between Azure, AWS and Google etc. If you cannot get it from one you can get it from the other and they support integration of multi-cloud environments that many companies now run.

    Oracle might have to pull the plug again in another year or two. At least IBM did when they pivoted and bought Red Hat for 33 Billion three years ago…it is starting to a little promise for them..

  103. joyce says:

    Really? There are no such things as ‘legislative mandates’?

  104. Juice Box says:

    Story just gets stranger and stranger. Seems it was not your average car car thief but a patient at a local hospital that went full on mental….Stole a van at the hospital, crashed near the Governor’s mansion on Rt 35 south, then stole the car of someone who stopped to help, drove north on Rt 35 and crashed again, threatened police and was then tasered and then shot.

    Sources: Patient who stole vehicles, crashed shot by police

    A large police presence is in Holmdel, where Route 35 is closed in both directions at Centerville and Union Avenue. Sources say a crisis patient who was being discharged from a hospital was shot by police after stealing and crashing two vehicles.

    Sources tell News 12 that the incident began several miles south outside Bayshore Hospital in Holmdel. Sources say a white delivery van was left running when a crisis patient got out of the hospital, jumped into the van and crashed it into the median near Navesink River Road. A good Samaritan stopped to help the driver of the van.

    At that point, sources say the driver stole the good Samaritan’s vehicle and drove north on 35, crashing between Laurel and Union avenues.

    Police arrived on scene, and the patient allegedly threatened officers. Sources say they first used a Taser on the person, then shot him when the person failed to drop a threatening object in their hands. The man was taken to Jersey Shore University Hospital, where he’s being treated for his injuries.

  105. crushednjmillenial says:

    I’m out of the loop . . . what are the car thieves doing with cars from Monmouth County?

    Is it:

    -use stolen car for a crime (i.e., commit a targeted murder by traveling to the murder in a stolen car)
    -chop shops for parts
    -putting the stolen car on a container in Port Newark destined for overseas market

  106. crushednjmillenial says:

    Bystander v. Leftwing on employee comp . . .

    I think ByStander is talking comp for cost-side employees. Left is describing comp for revenue-side or highly-specialized talent.

  107. Phoenix says:

    South Africa REFUSES to seize Putin ally’s superyacht, saying the country has ‘no reason’ to comply with Western sanctions.

    Reminds me of the threads on the car forums with a guy wanting to purchase a classic car and the seller not wanting a check. Buyer gets pulled over and has his cash seized by the police as drug money. Americans love to confiscate money, it’s like apple pie and Chevrolet.

  108. Ex says:

    10:14 critical thinking isn’t your thing is it??

  109. Fast Eddie says:

    So, I didn’t know it until today but Fetterman also has cardiomyopathy and a pacemaker/defibrillator in place.

    Why are they propping this man up? Where is his family? Why isn’t his family telling doctors on the side to tell the man he can’t run for office? The same for sleepy Joe. It appears the power to move s0cialism forward is more important than an individual’s health… even if it’s family that needs to step aside.

  110. Phoenix says:

    Abortion, rainbow colors, the alphabet-

    None of that matters when you are paying 6 bucks for heating oil, 8 dollars for a big mac, or have to pay over 7% for a mortgage.

    “It’s the economy, stupid”

    115 BILLION to Ukraine, none to the middle class of America.

    Joe is not aware of much, and probably isn’t aware he owns this- been huffing too much hairspray. His handlers have done him in.

  111. Phoenix says:

    Fetterman’s corpse at room temperature is still better than OZ winning at 98.6

  112. crushednjmillenial says:

    Fetterman v. Oz debate and the balance of power in the Senate. . .

    On a human level, I was depressed all night yesterday after watching the debate. It’s sad how much damage a stroke can do, how suddenly such a medical ailment can come about, and the effect it has on that individual’s loved ones. Live well, everyone – enjoy life because it goes by too quick. I hope the best for Mr. Fetterman and his family as his ongoing recovery continues. He worked his way up from mayor to Lt. Gov to the doorstep of entering the US Senate and it’s even more sad that his medical condition sidelined him while he was on the verge of such high success.

    On a political level, the PA senate race is now locked for the R’s. So, one of the 4 toss-up races (PA, GA, NV, AZ) has now been decided. By locking PA, the R’s have assured themselves a minimum of 50 seats. For the record, if Fetterman didn’t have a stroke, I think he would have won the election.

    The R’s have 50 seats unless they drop a ridiculous seat (OH, WI, NC). These three seats are competitive but really unlikely for the D’s.

    The R’s need one of GA, NV or AZ to get 51. I’m thinking they win NV by 1 or 2%, GA by .5% and lose AZ by 2%. So, I’m projecting 52 seats for the R’s.

    Finally, the media is talking nonsense in their assertion that R’s have surged lately. If you look at polling and apply a filter based on polling misses during the post 2015-era, today’s R strength has been apparent for months. Further, the D’s are swimming upstream against history (difficult midterms for party that has a first-term incumbent president).

  113. BananaJoe3rdWorldPres says:

    Eddie when you compare him to a president who shakes hand with thin air, looks for deceased acquaintances in the crowd, has incontinence issues, then fetterman is on the top of his game.

  114. Ex says:

    11:23 …and yet a clearly impaired Trump is perfect as leader of the “free world”.
    Trump, a guy that on this very best day can barely contain or articulate a thought. Is just fine?

  115. leftwing says:

    “You can not mandate a vaccine, but you can mandate a women’s uteri???”

    Nope. I believe each is the provenance of the respective individual.

    Do you?

  116. Ex says:

    I did not watch the debate and don’t vote for the fellow, but yeah, I am really sorry about Fetterman’s condition.

    I always had concern for Trump as well. I think he is a very un-well human. I certainly think he needs to sit down and retire. He’s done enough damage.

  117. Fast Eddie says:

    critical thinking isn’t your thing is it??

    Says the person who backs a political party who’s members considered the placement of litter boxes in unisex bathrooms for students who identified as furries.

  118. Libturd says:

    This market really wants to move up. Either a lot of people are going to get whacked again, or I will.

    Woe is me.

  119. Fast Eddie says:

    who’s = whose

  120. Juice Box says:

    Not that I vote in PA, but besides his health issues, he is not some “blue collar tough guy” as he portrays himself by being a very large 6ft 9in tattoos and beard etc. Guy has an MBA from the University of Connecticut and a master’s degree from Harvard and did not run up any debt. His family paid his way until he was nearly 50 years old.

    Fetterman’s father had to cut him a $54,000 a year in support until he was nearly 50 years old. His only paying job from his 30’s until nearly 50 years old was a $150 a month part time job as mayor of Braddock. His sister also tossed him a home for $1…

    What was this man doing with those decades of time besides getting fat, and getting tats? The mayor’s job was only part time….

  121. Ex says:

    11:43 I rest my case.

  122. No One says:

    Maybe Fetterman’s wife Gisele is hoping she gets to get appointed in his place when he drops dead. She’s a real pillar of the community. She likes to be called “SLOP”, second lady of Pennsylvania. From Fetterman’s own website, it looks like she has an impressive resume, such as:
    “Gisele also co-founded the nonprofit For Good PGH which drives numerous initiatives on inclusion including “Hello Hijab,” which produces miniature hijabs for dolls, promoting tolerance and diversity. ”

    I’m guessing that it’s important to put hijabs on dolls because otherwise lusty men might try to rape the dolls. I’m not sure what Allah had to say about doll-rape and whether the Koran says dolls have to cover their faces like women such as Mohammad’s 13 year old bride. But nothing says tolerance and diversity like hiding the faces of plastic dolls. Maybe she can also provide simulated abortion services for dolls where the hijab didn’t work to keep Ken away. Or does the Koran say that the doll should be stoned to death in such circumstances? Isn’t diversity, equity and inclusion great?

  123. Juice Box says:

    And I left out my point…..The DEMs in PA cannot find anyone better to send to the Senate? There are no Corey Booker or Robert Menendez wannabes in PA?

  124. Libturd says:

    Just to be clear how much Dr. Oz is another liar, only interested in using the morons willing to vote for him for his own personal gain.

    Again, our political choices equate to, vote for a TV celebrity who lies for personal profit at every opportunity (sound familiar?) or vote for another candidate with questionable cognitive impairment.


  125. OC1 says:

    Who here mentioned Red Rock Canyon (near Las Vegas) as a cool place to visit? Assume it’s one of the gamblers (Lib?).

    Anyway, I spent a day there during my recent jaunt through the southwest, and it was definitely worth the visit. (I still find Las Vegas itself to be horrible).

    I was hoping to spot a big horn sheep there, but no luck. :( But elsewhere during my trip I did spot 2 california condors, some endangered Utah prairie dogs, magpies, a Stellars Jay, a ton of ravens, and 1 coyote. My NJ coyote sitings (3) still beat my SW sitings LOL.

  126. Juice Box says:

    Crushed – All of the above, anyway to make a buck dishonestly. The car thief gangs have been hitting every neighborhood in every county. The gangs are using juveniles to steal the cars because they don’t go to jail under bail reform, they get a summons and released, in one case it was a 14 year old girl caught stealing a car.

    Legislature (lead by Democrats Codey and Bucco) are trying to plug that bail reform hole with new legislation for juvenile auto theft, first offense is 60 days community service and second one is 60 days in the lockup because right now if they steal two cars there is no punishment.

    It has however been months since the legislation was introduced and no floor vote seems the other Dem party members do not want to plug the bail reform hole for now perhaps maybe never..

  127. Bystander says:


    Yes. That is exactly difference and cost-side population is way, wage bigger than revenue side. The wage law is trying to help cost-side employees getting whacked by wage suppression/compression in high inflation market. Banks need millions of these people yet wage secrecy (with downright lies) has been going on for years. There are so many tactics, it is unreal. I could run a mini-camp on misinformation. The biggest one is using fake India recruiters to scam entire market with lower paying roles so that they set low expectations for applicants. It is absurd.

  128. Fast Eddie says:

    Republicans will take PA, NV and GA. The GA vote will not be decided for a few weeks probably. Worst case scenario is Republicans at 51 Senate seats. The House is just going to be a bloodbath… don’t know how many seats will be + R in the House but it will be substantial.

  129. The Great Pumpkin says:

    So much luck involved in life. Just look how much the year you were born matters, or whether you are a child of divorce or not. Life is a lot more about luck than we acknowledge. Yet at the end of the day, you have to play the cards you were given to the best of your ability….but luck does matter.

    “Women our age sometimes romanticize the freedom we used to have as kids in the ’70s or ’80s, but sociologist Linda Waite, PhD, director of NORC at the University of Chicago’s Center on Demography and Economics of Aging, has done extensive national surveys of middle-aged people, and she says Gen X was at a disadvantage from the start. Our parents’ choices often led to instability at home. Four in 10 Gen X children were likely to have divorced parents (the divorce rate, which peaked in 1980, recently hit a 36-year low). The effect was both financial (when your father leaves, it’s much less likely he’ll pay for college) and psychological.

    “If your parents are divorced,” Waite says, “you see the world in a fundamentally different way. You see the world as unstable. That left people cautious.”

    If our childhood in the late ’70s and early ’80s was a time of massive changes—the first generation of latchkey kids, high crime rates in the headlines, missing children’s pictures on milk cartons, the AIDS epidemic beginning—our transition to adulthood was equally rocky. Many of us started our job hunts in the early ’90s recession, which was followed by a “jobless recovery.” If you were born later into Generation X, you might have entered the workforce around the 1999-ish stock market peak, but the tech bubble started to burst, landing us in the 2001 recession.

    When it came time for many of us to start thinking about buying a house or a car, we slammed into the Great Recession, the worst economic crisis since the Depression, which hit Generation X hardest: According to a Pew Charitable Trust report we lost almost half our wealth, compared with around a quarter for boomers. Gen X went from the most successful generation in terms of home ownership in 2004 to the least successful in 2015.”

  130. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Republicans or Democrats….both continue to put forth pathetic candidates. How long can this continue? It’s really hurting our country.

  131. Ex says:

    Who the hell, wants to go into politics??

  132. leftwing says:

    Lib, on META the question isn’t whether earnings will suck – they will – but how much of that is and, more importantly, how much of what Zuck will say is baked into the long decline.

    On the market meltup, I put out why above…everyone leaning neutral to bearish, and market getting away from them. LOL, when was the last time big cap tech were down across the board and SPX up? Let alone down 2-7% and SPX up 50bps? Very unstable. Impossible to explain how unusual that call options were driving the VIX. I mean it’s called the fear index for goodness sake lol.

    GOOG and META are my biggest individual positions and I’m still up today…definitely did some trimming on other stuff though.

    “Bystander v. Leftwing on employee comp . . .I think ByStander is talking comp for cost-side employees. Left is describing comp for revenue-side or highly-specialized talent.”

    Kind of, but not relevant. My point was in response to the challenges of lack of transparency and stands regardless if one is an expense center or revenue generator…

    If you cannot figure out how to maximize your comp in the face of inadequate transparency why do I want you working for me?

    You will never value the work you do for me higher than the what you are able to get paid…if you can’t be effective at what is closest to you, you will most certainly underperform for me…

    Kind of like hiring someone to be chef in your restaurant who burns the toast in her dirty home kitchen…if you can’t figure out your own house – cost or revenue – why do I want you in mine?

  133. BRT says:

    left, said I wouldn’t but I felt like gambling on TDOC today. I’m too bored sitting out the choppy market. I just got a quick 4% in an hour. I’m out.

  134. leftwing says:

    LOL. Nice.

  135. Juice Box says:

    Apple going for META’s jugular…

    “On Monday, Apple quietly updated its App Store rules to require that iOS developers use in-app purchases — and thereby give Apple 30 percent — on “sales of ‘boosts’ for posts in a social media app.” This primarily affects Facebook and Instagram, which let people pay to boost the reach of their posts. It’s the first time Apple has directly taxed advertising in iOS apps.”

  136. Juice Box says:

    BTW – Apple is saying nothing is changed it’s always been FU PAY me my 30% cut or else.

    Apple claims nothing has changed
    Apple issued a statement claiming that nothing has changed – that the policy has always been in place. The statement implies that the rule simply wasn’t enforced, and that the new wording is a clarification rather than a rule change.

    “For many years now, the App Store guidelines have been clear that the sale of digital goods and services within an app must use In-App Purchase,” Ajemian said in the statement. “Boosting, which allows an individual or organization to pay to increase the reach of a post or profile, is a digital service — so of course In-App Purchase is required. This has always been the case and there are many examples of apps that do it successfully.”

  137. leftwing says:

    LOL. Liberals are wishful ignorant children, on their best days….

    German wind farm built on a former coal mine being disassembled to get back at the coal….can’t make this shit up….

  138. crushednjmillenial says:

    Why is nobody asking Biden if he will change his position on Keystone XL?

    Biden issued an executive order on Day 1 of his presidency to block the pipeline. Seems like a bad signal if I was an oil infrastructure investor.

  139. Bystander says:

    Most cost-side jobs are not transactional, commission-based or easily bench-marked. On cost side, comp is driven by nebulous group wide goals to drive strategy. You have some personal goals to help meet that strategy. You could agree with a manager that you exceeded all goals but execs could say that group wide target not met..and therefore company target not met and therefore bonus / wage increase pool shrunk. Your “value” has been established but your manager can’t impact your comp due to levels of decisions above. If that rings true to people then take it otherwise go with Left’s explanation. I don’t get it myself because doubt he gets how my side works in tech.

  140. leftwing says:

    “You could agree with a manager that you exceeded all goals but execs could say that group wide target not met..and therefore company target not met and therefore bonus / wage increase pool shrunk.”

    Same on revenue side…to have a top year you need the firm, the division, the group, and yourself to align with top results…miss one and you won’t get hit at the level you ‘should’.

    Point is not how any type of comp ‘works’ (which at its core is all very similar since it is basic supply/demand) but again how willing and able one is to overcome the obstacle of transparency (again, a universal issue).

    If one cannot advocate better for comp than yielding to a wall of no transparency there is no room for you on my team, cost or revenue side.

    You will never work harder for me than you will for your own comp. If you disrespect your own comp, why would I want you on my team?

  141. Juice Box says:

    Crushed – Keystone is purely an issue with imported oil, it was ONLY for moving Canadian tar sands to Texas to be refined, and it does not solve the refining capacity issues. We are short refining capacity to keep diesel and even home heating oil prices lower. BTW this bitumen from Canada is the worst of any product even coal, both to mine it then heat it to separate it from sand and then modify it to make it a liquid to even flow in a pipeline. We are the only county importing it from what I understand.

  142. Bystander says:

    Same on revenue side…to have a top year you need the firm, the division, the group, and yourself to align with top results…miss one and you won’t get hit at the level you ‘should’

    That’s nice but making 250k bonus vs 300k is different than many cost side people getting under 5k bonus, no bonus or no comp increase at all. It is a little more life and death. I have a guy in this situation now. Got zip increase last year, rent went up $250 month on top of everything else. Another is H1b who will have to move back to India bc group won’t pay up for expedited process. Cost-side has been crippled by control measures. There has to be more leverage for lower paid roles and this law will help with turnover as Grim mentioned.

  143. Libturd says:

    Come on Juice. Pipeline is to oil as Trump is to the greatest economy ever.

    His grandfather invented the wheel AND bread. Jews and Arabs are sharing wives.

  144. Phoenix says:

    We are short refining capacity to keep diesel and even home heating oil prices lower.

    Cause yeah, we need 12 aircraft carriers, but no refineries. Energy isn’t a national security issue /s

  145. Phoenix says:

    Good for Apple.

    America is overrun with advertising, spam, and crank calls.

    Make ’em pay more.

  146. BRT says:

    lol, somebody fat fingered META with a buy order to 141 in the afterhours on their miss. Now it’s sitting at 115. I wonder what it’s like to accidentally lose 25 million.

  147. leftwing says:

    ByS, not debating the facts with you. Your facts are your facts, you’ve been open for years…you are in an area not deemed important in a shit organization…

    My point is different…

    “There has to be more leverage for lower paid roles and this law will help with turnover as Grim mentioned.”

    Anyone who needs a law to overcome an obstacle that can be accomplished with diligence in the absence of the law deserves what little they get, quite frankly.

    Back to my statement…You (the generic you) are not going to work harder for me than you will to get better comp for yourself…As such, if you disrespect your own comp so much that you need a law to overcome some simple obstacles I don’t want you on my team as I cannot trust your judgment or commitment.

    Not really sure what’s so controversial there….works for any level, minimum wage to CEO….

  148. Bystander says:

    It ain’t just mine left. It is most of banking world and most people work in that those ‘shit’ areas. If we want a thriving economy then time to pay up..kicking and screaming via the law as needed. There is zero wrong with this. It is not attacking any freedoms. Transparency is always better except for those who profit off lack of it.

  149. leftwing says:

    Again, talking past each other so for the sake of everyone else I’ll let it rest here…never said anything was wrong with the law…simply stating if someone can’t put in the effort then I don’t want them, too many others who are functionally identical who will put in the effort…

    Hell, had the same conversation recently with one of my kids who’s looking at a move…”Dad, I don’t know this, dad I don’t have that piece of information…”.

    Told him he was correct in that having the info would guide him…told him it was available with some work, also that I know how much time he spends recreationally on the computer…and, until he was willing to put in at least as much work weekly on the direction of his career as he does with F1 racing games I don’t want to hear it, and he will make poor career decisions….

    I specifically did NOT say “oh, my poor son, you need a law that posts all salaries and benefits online across all employers so you can sit on your ass with a craft IPA while feeling entitled to top category…”

  150. leftwing says:

    BRT, saw that….hell of a fat finger, algo maybe?

    I actually got paid to take the trade I have on….I’m good down to 80, although I will be marking losses tomorrow at 60% of the stock move. Let’s see where she goes, if she continues to drift lower may put some more on especially if vol holds up…this thing is a cash flow pig and all Zuck needs to do is flip a switch to pump it up.

  151. Bystander says:

    Your comp is based on two limiting factors – time and money. Your son may find information that he is worth XXX but how long can he wait to find XXX? If a kid without parent support and loans due then not long. That is the answer, plain and simple. Someone searching for 5 months with a family and medical coverage needs, may take less as time goes on. Employers pounce on gaps to take advantage of salary negotiation. I had a initial phone screen with management consulting company. They asked me to disclose any offers in the works and which companies I interviewed with. He wanted me to tell him my expected salary as well. It is a sucker’s game if you play it incorrectly.

  152. Phoenix says:


    It’s America. No one tells the truth anymore.

    Gen Z is the best at communicating and fighting this type of dirt using text-they tell each other the rat techniques used by corporations, the salaries, and how to slip past the creepy interviewers. It’s one thing I love about them.

    “They asked me to disclose any offers in the works and which companies I interviewed with. He wanted me to tell him my expected salary as well. It is a sucker’s game if you play it incorrectly.”

  153. joyce says:

    I am not commenting in favor or against the law with the following question. I think there’s mostly bad parts of it and some is okay (mainly because of other bad laws that I wish weren’t there to begin with).

    Question… are you saying, if you were the manager at a corporate retail store or franchise where paying minimum wage or slightly above was commonplace, that you would not hire someone whom you otherwise thought was competent because they agreed to receive minimum wage since you were willing to pay them $2/hr more if they only asked for it?

    leftwing says:
    October 26, 2022 at 4:40 pm
    ByS, not debating the facts with you. Your facts are your facts, you’ve been open for years…you are in an area not deemed important in a shit organization…

    My point is different…

    “There has to be more leverage for lower paid roles and this law will help with turnover as Grim mentioned.”

    Anyone who needs a law to overcome an obstacle that can be accomplished with diligence in the absence of the law deserves what little they get, quite frankly.

    Back to my statement…You (the generic you) are not going to work harder for me than you will to get better comp for yourself…As such, if you disrespect your own comp so much that you need a law to overcome some simple obstacles I don’t want you on my team as I cannot trust your judgment or commitment.

    Not really sure what’s so controversial there….works for any level, minimum wage to CEO….

  154. BRT says:

    Even with the knowledge of salaries, people in general, are too stupid to negotiate for themselves. Every single teacher’s salary is public record. That won’t stop some kid who just majored in Physics and wants to be a teacher from agreeing to $20k below their worth. Hell, I’ve been trying to get people to leave their districts with a guarantee of a $20k raise. They refuse.

  155. BRT says:

    FB at 105, how much did Zuck burn on buybacks at 300?

  156. Juice Box says:

    LOL – Seems our esteemed Senator Menendez cannot keep his nose clean.

  157. Bystander says:


    That is some truth. Many people will opt for safe and known, regardless of salary. That is what companies count on. My boss is worst example. I told him during comp call last year that I would be happy if he left for a job that treated him better, both mentally and wage wise. He said not leaving. It hurts everyone around him

  158. The Great Pumpkin says:

    “After yelling about ARKK and Cathy Woods all year long @gnoble79 goes and launches an ETF and it’s down 20% in the 1st week – moral of the story is macro doom porn is better as entertainment than signal. Despite my doomposting I’m long, I don’t trade by yield curve inversion lol”

    “I can’t believe this isn’t being covered in the Media. The ETF $NOPE could be the first ETF to get a Margin Call as more money is exiting and the Cash is being Leveraged to 257%. I’m not sure that’s even legal with all the leveraged shorts that are collapsing. This is Enron stuff”

  159. Fabius Maximus says:

    Fetterman can recover from his stroke, Oz will always be an AHole.

  160. Ex says:

    BRTz most people don’t have a lot of negotiating powers and other fear losing
    Seniority which is the key to job security in teaching.

  161. BRT says:

    lol, leveraged ETF swings 20% in a week? Enron? I think the strategy is very poor at this stage of the game. These people are late to the party.

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