Are agents employees or contractors?

(Anyone have access to the full text?)

Ain’t just a problem for Lyft and Uber. From Bloomberg Law News:

Change in NJ Realty Agent Contractor Status Could Upend Industry

The structure of New Jersey’s roughly 60,000-person real estate industry hung in the balance Wednesday as the justices considered whether home selling and buying agents should be classified as employees instead of independent contractors under state law. 

The case’s oral argument, which dove into a messy web of statutes and legal tests, could have a huge impact on the industry. The plaintiff is arguing for the opportunity to bring a class action with fellow brokers, even though he signed a contract that classified him as an independent contractor.

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  1. Juice box says:

    Gotta get up early…


  2. Hold my beer says:

    Third yall

  3. Phoenix says:

    But somehow, somehow, it’s always the illegals……

    It sounds ridiculous given property taxes already but this is huge expense. I am amazed at number of people who have IEPs. It is basically everyone now. It is one of those quiet issues because of the legalities.

    btw, I can’t remember if it’s IEP or 504 but if your kid qualifies for one, the town has to bus your kid to school, even in preschool. Our rich neighbors did it just so they didn’t have to drive them to preschool in the morning.

  4. Phoenix says:

    Have to say maybe not for much else, but he did score a direct hit on these two.

    Republican candidate Vivek Ramaswamy compared two GOP candidates on the debate stage to “Dick Cheney in three-inch heels” when asking voters what kind of leader they wanted.

  5. Phoenix says:

    As if children haven’t been fair game in politics. Plus she isn’t much of a child anyway is she?

    But maybe the most memorable exchange came between Haley and Ramaswamy as candidates addressed whether they would ban TikTok in the U.S. Ramaswamy took aim at Haley, noting her daughter was on the social media platform. Haley responded, “Leave my daughter out of your voice.” She added, “You’re just scum.”

  6. Phoenix says:

    That group looked like a bunch of unhinged aliens last night.

    Can’t wait to see the other group. Joe will probably have a cup stapled to his face to harvest the drool seeping out.

    They better find Bonnie Tyler and have her sing her famous song. Time is running out.

  7. leftwing says:

    “Left again, you have no idea how much time my wife puts into teaching her kids, starting new programs, working with parent’s, and is not into politics.”

    Again, Trick, it’s not personal. I am certain she works hard. I am certain she is a good teacher. This is not about her teaching, it is about beliefs and activities away from actual education but in the classroom.

    You brought up your wife’s views and I ran with it specifically because I do believe she is a good teacher and reasonable as you present that way. I am expecting she is not one of the (too many) crazy 20-somethings I see shrieking into IG that they won’t be able to establish “trusted relationships” (?!) with their students if they can’t discuss their sexuality with them.

    So, if a reasonable older teacher believes they have the right and even possibly the obligation in her role as an *educator* to step in the middle of a family situation of which she has no knowledge regarding the most intimate of personal issues involving a minor child, yeah as the child’s parent that’s a major problem.

  8. Phoenix says:

    Hold my beer says:
    November 9, 2023 at 7:21 am
    Juice and Phoenix

    His videos remind me of those Russian car crash videos. I know I shouldn’t watch and laugh but I can’t stop.

    It’s all funny until the cops show up at your house. It’s all funny until your kid is being interrogated by middle aged housewife who hate men by their nature, and you hope you don’t lose your child.

    Then, after said cretin determines your ex is a lying hoe, she conveniently decides to take a vacation during your DV, not even bothering to send one of her lackeys to take her place. Then comes back all happy with her tan and fresh tats, only to ask you, ” why aren’t you with your child.”

    Umm Beech,- where were you to provide evidence of my innocence? I know, getting your F’n nails done or your hair braided.

  9. Phoenix says:

    In the 70’s it was Archie Bunker showing you who called the shots. He was just a bigoted dolt. Those days are gone, and for the better.

    Today it’s a triggered female with, just the simplest words out of their mouths, to have you eliminated from a job, a college, your house, or any place else they want with a false allegation, defective “perception” or severe hypersensitivity to any sort of spoken word that enters her ear canal.

  10. BRT says:

    There has always been a set of ethics and a clear line between teacher and student and what you can talk about with them. Who’s your favorite musician? Is it Michael or Lebron? What’s your favorite sport. How was the game last night? What instrument do you play? What are your hobbies?

    The same goes for your own life. Kids used to not even know our first names. How was my weekend? Great, went hiking. Took my kids to their tournament. Went to Philadelphia.

    These tiktok teachers that you see are crossing those boundaries and are so delusionally comfortable with it, they broadcast it for the entire world to see. They are clearly not playing with a full deck, and I wouldn’t want my kids anywhere near their classrooms.

    But in my town, there are no lines. The superintendent and the BOE encourage them to be crossed. The populace votes in these BOE members by a large majority. It will only get worse. What what’s happened since this shift is we went from being in the top half of NJ in our standardized tests to the bottom 3rd in about 5 years. That’s quite an accomplishment.

  11. Bystander says:

    If the Rs held a debate, would anyone notice?


    I watched some it on y-tube. Scott and Christie are toast. Ron is next as generates zero charisma. I have to admit that Vivek has a bright career as a comedian. He’s got the zingers He can put up the most bs statements and keep going. You have to love the Russia hoax and nbc dig. Guy brings it bc he does not believe a word of what he is saying. Nikki is ok..calling him scum was funny. He is a funny little weasel in otherwise parade of dull.

  12. Fast Eddie says:

    Hey, does anyone know when that O’Biden Inflation Abduction Act kicks in? I went to Stop N Shop and bought toothpaste, Brillo pads and a jar of peanut butter for $16.08.

  13. Fast Eddie says:

    I didn’t watch the debate, caught clips of it. I like Nikki.

  14. Bystander says:

    I have no problems with President Nimrod? Nimrata? Anything but the two frontrunners now. Vivek was funny again with the pleading with D to be honest that it will be Newsome or Michelle Obama. He has all but wrapped up Trump’s vp slot

  15. LAX says:

    Dark Brandon has entered the chat.

  16. Libturd says:

    On the IEP tip. It is extremely expensive and there are a whole bunch of lawyers making an excellent living taking advantage of the lousy situation and a nice chunk of the money that should have gone to helping these children. The problem in NJ is the lack of regionalisation. There is no way any small or medium-sized school district can possibly service this population without it significantly impacting the funding for the neurotypical population. The special needs for those students who really need it are varied, constantly changing and too often those students can only succeed through one-to-one educating.

    Our son spent three years in an extremely expensive ABA center. Though, a significant portion of the population is against the techniques used, ABA really, really works. When used at a young age, it would greatly lower the cost to educate these students from grades 2 or 3 through 12 as their distracting behaviors will mostly be eliminated. This 1/2 hour per student per week of BCBA supervision that the state mandates is a complete joke. And they are not teaching the principles of BCBA to Special Education teachers in most colleges.

    We’ve spoken extensively with the brilliant director of the D’s BCBA program about bringing her model to the public schools in NJ, but she said it can’t be done without regionalization. It’s simply too labor intensive to repeat in every district. Keep in mind, she was the former director of Special Ed in a large city in NJ and was so successful there that it became THE township for families of children with Special Needs to move to. She quit working for the town when the state mandates were eating up too much of the time that should have been used to further educate her students. Even as a private learning center, there are too many useless mandates. But much less than in the public schools. And for anyone against ABA, you are straight up wrong. Why anyone is against giving a child the ability to be a productive member of society (and much less of a burden) makes absolutely no sense.

    NJ is a stupid, stupid state. It will all end horribly eventually.

  17. Phoenix says:

    Nikki. Beware you can’t unsee this:

  18. Phoenix says:

    Could be. If there is a God, he made men with a defect that has yet to be cured with medicine. The cardiovascular system is only capable of suppling blood to only one head at a time. The head that is no longer receiving blood becomes hypoxic, and no longer functions normally until blood flow retuns.

    By that time damage is done. You are married, you gave up government secrets, your wallet is empty, you have a child in production with someone you didn’t want……

    Juice Box says:
    November 9, 2023 at 9:55 am
    Was this not a spy operation?

  19. Phoenix says:

    Phoenix says:
    November 9, 2023 at 11:07 am
    He added: “They are doctors, they are lawyers, they are accountants, they are elected officials, they are executives of high tech companies and pharmaceutical companies, they are military officers, government contractors, professors, scientists. They are the men who fuel this commercial sex ring.”

    So the addicts are the problem (fuel), not the dope dealers (the women).

  20. D-FENS says:

    They’re still hunting down j6 protestors. This one in NJ is still at large as far as I know.

  21. Phoenix says:

    What you need for bike thieves. Came a long way from Adam-12

  22. Emily says:

    Navigating the legal landscape of real estate in New Jersey! 🏡 A case with potential ripple effects for the industry. Keeping an eye on the outcome! 👀✨

  23. LAX says:

    Anyway, like I was sayin’, shrimp is the fruit of the sea. You can barbecue it, boil it, broil it, bake it, saute it. Dey’s uh, shrimp-kabobs, shrimp creole, shrimp gumbo. Pan fried, deep fried, stir-fried.

  24. Hold my beer says:


    I’ve told this story before here. When we lived in Livingston my wife took one of our kids to a birthday party when the kid was 4 or 5. Every mom there no matter if corporate, professional, or SAHM, other than my wife was on some sort of happy pill. I don’t understand how that could be. It was something like 15 or so women all on something.

  25. Fast Eddie says:


    Were these the Livingston wives?

  26. Hold my beer says:


    lol. That was a great movie

  27. Libturd says:

    Listening to the fentanyl question at the debate. I was surprised no candidate took the position that we need to stop our dependence on opiods.

  28. Fabius Maximus says:

    While regionalization might help with special ed, the cost will be comparable to a private placement. We have a public regional program up in Bergen and it’s not cheap.
    The districts themselves are curriculum driven. They set the pace and if you fall behind it’s off to “Resource Room” that just sets you up for the lower skill level classes in future. forensics for science requiment. BCBA is not quite a diploma mill very, but it’s not what it used to be. That said most schools could use one but won’t be able to justify a full FTE on staff. Mrs Fab suggested to our principal that they split the cost with a neighboring town. Two days in one district the next three in the other and flip back and forth. As bothe districts use the AB school weeks it would work.

  29. Fabius Maximus says:


    In the city for an AI event at Microsoft. Not expecting a lot from it as it was supposed to be 11-4 and they have pushed it 3-6 with no lunch.

    I am going hard on the startup route. Given the OpenAI announcements this week and and the free resources MSfT are throwing at it. It’s worth a shot. I have 10 ideas in the hopper. Worst comes to worst I build a useable demo to show skills.

  30. Fabius Maximus says:

    On the pronouns and the bathrooms I have no issue with it. I want the school to be a safe space for all kids. If a kid feels that they can’t talk to their parents that is the issue your should be focusing on. I am very open with my kids and if they want to identify with a letter, go fly the flag there are several to choose from. There will always be things our kids keep from us and I’m ok with that. There are things I have never told my parents from when I was that age.
    When I take my kids to the Pediatrician I let them go in first so that they have privacy to bring up anything they don’t want to talk to me about.

    So Left is your issue that you object to your kid wanting pronouns or to use a single stall bathroom. If not, then what is the problem with supporting a kid that may have issues at home.

  31. No One says:

    I think Nikki is the net beneficiary of the debate. She seemed reasonably informed, and presidential, while basically getting the non-religious women vote by repeatedly stating a “softer” “pro-life” policy than the others.
    DeSantis was ok, but once a candidate moves down in the polls it’s hard to reverse direction, I don’t see a huge surge ahead for him.
    Vivek increasingly looks like a Trump wannabe – personal attacks coupled with flaky policy ideas and just makes stuff up when he feels like it. Theoretically he’s the most libertarian of the candidates, but I think he has more personal ambition than moral or intellectual convictions. People who want a mean, self-serving bullshitter already have Trump.
    The other two should just say bye bye. President Tim Scott or Chris Christie just will never happen.
    I wonder if Trump will ditch his fake pro-life stance if he sees it hurting his popularity?

  32. No One says:

    Looks like that brothel was run by Koreans. Wonder where the girls are from.
    They advertised the “sessions” as photography sessions with models. I guess the girls did more than pose.

  33. Libturd says:


    D has had three different BCBA’s in the public schools. I’m not sure how they got their certs, but they were all clueless when it came to administrating ABA in the classroom. What passes for ABA in most public schools is buying a program, like ReThink. Then once a quarter, they conjure up some fake data to present at the IEP meeting. There are no customized learning programs, there is no focus on eliminating disturbing behavior(s). Heck, we asked to observe the classroom in one of our local schools here, which meant the BCBA was there and everyone would be at their best behavior since they all knew they were being observed. Well, there’s a knock at the classroom door and one kid jumps up and runs to the door to get it. Two of the four instructors run after the kid hellbent on making sure he doesn’t run into the hallway and then who knows where to. But the kid opens the door and welcomes the visitor. Would you believe the teacher praised the kid for welcoming the visitor and the BCBA did not even budge? This, while we are observing, and the school knows the reason we do not think our son will do well there is because of their lack of ABA used in the classroom. Moments later, they do a lesson with coins and cash registers where one of the kids clearly has no clue what the purpose of the lesson was. Instead of trying to explain how the 5 cent nickel will only fit into the nickel slot and the 10 cent dime will only fit into the dime slot, the BCBA gets up, show the kid how the larger coin won’t fit in the smaller slot and vice versa with the dime. So instead of trying to teach the kid any math (and this kid knew math), the lesson became small slot, small coin. Big slot, big coin. And this is special education in a self-contained classroom in our district. With the same number of staff with similar remuneration, there would be a BCBA overseeing and teaching the teachers, not the kids. Then there would be two RBTs, one recording the data as to whether or not the kid is doing what is asked and the other doing the asking. If the kid fails, the BCBA will make a suggestion as to an alternative way to get the kid to understand the request. This is the basis of ABA. It’s so pathetic.

  34. Libturd says:

    “Looks like that brothel was run by Koreans.”

    Gettin’ jjigae with it!

  35. Juice Box says:

    re: ” happy pill”

    My wife is back from her annual retreat with her college GFs they go to Mexico every year. Several of them are taking micro dose THC pills as a sleep aid.

  36. TraitorJoe says:

    Vivek was on the money when he asked why they would entertain nbc by allowing them to moderate. Someone is purposely handing your platform over to hostile propagandists. You’d have to either be stupid or a plant to agree to that. Trying to prop up some of perception of legitimacy. Of course she was speechless when the dossier coup attempt was raised.

  37. Libturd says:

    I try not to even take acetaminophen. Everyone is microdosing this and that and eating edibles, etc. Kids are all on Zofran. Then there are all of those bullshit drugs that are not regulated by the fda.

  38. Juice Box says:

    My neighbor is a regular now at the local dispensary. I would say he is high 24 x 7.

    Remember how they said it was not addicting?

    Another lie.

  39. BRT says:

    even the ones not on prescribed medication are now popping the thc gummies on a daily basis. I’m amazed at the 40 somethings I know who never did drugs suddenly going all in on gummies simply because it was legal.

  40. Libturd says:

    Ginkgo Bioworks Holdings, Inc. (DNA)
    NYSE – Nasdaq Real Time Price. Currency in USD
    Visitors trend2W10W9M
    Quote Lookup

    1.2601-0.2299 (-15.4295%)

    Did pumpkin off himself or just head to AC early.

  41. BRT says:

    Anyone that tried to put forth that it was not addictive clearly has had no experience with degenerates. First off, it elicits a dopamine response, which in turn, makes it addictive at the most basic level. But I remember back to college when all the kids in the dorm who got busted for possession went on probation and would have no record if they could stay clean for like 3 months. Not a single one could resist smoking within that time.

    With newer strains and more concentrated doses, they say it’s gotten even more addictive. In fact, the straight THC oil that the kids can vape makes them high, giggly, and hyper…totally the opposite of what you would have expected.

  42. BRT says:


    my sister read about microdosing mushrooms to try to improve memories of “traumatic experiences”. Well, she tried macrodosing on her own. They have mushroom stores in Portland. I swear, it messed it her up permanently. When you talk to her, it’s like she’s operating in sleep mode. Now, every little event that she remembers from her childhood was somehow a terrifying experience. She’s also distorted those memories into something they weren’t. Now, she hates my mother and refuses to talk to her

  43. Libturd says:


    I experimented with Shrooms and even Peyote when I was in college. Smoked a lot of weed too and was very lucky that it never took much for me to get really stoned. Stayed away from anything not natural for the most part, though did X at a few raves. Eventually, I decided that I liked reality a lot better than being high. Definitely know of some seriously addicted pot smokers who all amounted to nothing. Hmmmm.

  44. leftwing says:

    “So Left is your issue that you object to your kid wanting pronouns or to use a single stall bathroom.”

    Absolutely zero issue with either. Not on my radar, not even mentioned. Don’t know how you’re deriving that.

    “If not, then what is the problem with supporting a kid that may have issues at home.”

    This is the exact point. The teacher, admin, and school in general has zero facts on that home and therefore cannot render any opinion regarding an ‘issue’. And who gets to deem something an ‘issue’ anyway?

    And that further assumes, quite generously, that school personnel have even a modicum of competence to address any ‘issue’ should they have the facts…..and that they specifically should be empowered to do so. Or, as I’ve stated much more simply…who the fuck are you to be interfering in my family business.

    Schools and their personnel should not be in between any family on topics not directly related to education. Especially highly personal topics as these.

    Or perhaps I’ll look at the spouses and adult children of teachers who may be in the financial field and if there appears to be ‘issues’ with them reach out to one of the more than handful of former colleagues carrying Head of IB, Group Head, etc titles among several firms…the one degree of separation among them is pretty deep there…you know, just for the well being of teachers’ families. Wouldn’t want anything bad to happen.

    You’re a teacher. Educate. Stay out of the personal business of others.

  45. 3b says:

    Citi considering exiting the municipal business. Fraser weighing potential political fallout.

  46. Libturd says:

    I agree with Left on this one.

    We know a vice-principal that lost her job after completely mishandling a series of serious bullying events. Eventually the kid offed herself. Real shame too as she was really smart, great looking, and well put together. Needless to say, I don’t trust the administration in most schools to handle non-educational issues well. If the kid wants their parents to know, they’ll tell them. Whether it’s being bullied, or wanting to terminate a pregnancy. It’s not the school’s responsibility to parent. Now if it’s a school staff member causing the havoc, then that’s a whole nother story.

  47. Libturd says:


    Lots of the Mazda guys on Rredit are bitching about the subscription for the remote start which can only be performed through the app. After three years free, you will need to pay Mazda a subscription price to remotely start the car. I don’t like the government interference in this case, but do like how it will personally affect me.

  48. 3b says:

    Powell says more hikes might be needed, poor treasury auction results.

  49. Phoenix says:


    Why Zofran? Stomach issues?

  50. BRT says:

    There’s one thing to be accepting of your child’s preferences. There’s another thing to play along with made up identities and ideas that didn’t exist 10 years ago. It’s an even further stretch to go along with experimental hormone treatments and organ removals which many have already regretted. Personally, I’m of the opinion that the trans community is way too cultish and are going around trying to convert gay kids to their side. I see no difference between them and the bible thumping psychos that try to convert their gay children straight.

  51. BRT says:

    At the state level, they are trying to make it possible for a pathway to help a kid make decisions outside of the involvement of their parents under the guise of protecting the kid from the parents.

  52. D-FENS says:


    In the next few years every auto manufacturer is looking to charge for everything…want more horsepower? Pay the subscription…want heated seats, pay. want a few more speakers turned on? yep subscription.

    I hate 99% of the legislation coming out of Trenton but, I can get behind this bill.

  53. Fabius Maximus says:

    How is respecting a kids pronouns and letting them us a single stall bathroom “rendering an opinion” or how is that ” interfering in your family business”. In some ways it’s the opposite.

    Your kid is getting bullied at school and you don’t want the school to get involved as its “Non-Educational”. They want to be called X or don’t want to go into a bathroom where a jock is going to stuff their head down a toilet or a mean girl is going to demean them.

    Again what is the problem here? Are you upset that your kid may request this and you are not aware. Will you be ok if your kid requests this and the teacher does call you to tell you and starts injecting themselves “into your family business? Or you just don’t want this level of support available to kids in school?

    What should they do when a kid asks, just call Dyfs and let them deal with it?

    BRT, are they doing these “experimental hormone treatments” in the library? You are pulling this discussion way off to the side. Those treatments and discussions are well outside the school setting, and the school will never be a part of that conversation.

  54. Libturd says:

    Meant Zoloft not Zofran.

    Ha ha

  55. OC1 says:

    “In the next few years every auto manufacturer is looking to charge for everything…want more horsepower? Pay the subscription…want heated seats, pay. want a few more speakers turned on? yep subscription.”

    The subscription thing is certainly annoying, but maybe it’s better than the current system where if you want, say, heated seats you generally have to shell out an extra few grand for the “comfort package” and pay for a lot of other features that you might not want.

  56. Trick says:

    They are all going to be doing it, one example ford is going to have the hands free driving on all modes and make it subscription based. So you will not have to by the top trim to get it. And with over the air updates you will get new features as the years go by.

  57. Phoenix says:

    When “the system” takes someone kids away.

    Maya, 17, was just 10, when she was removed by the state after doctors accused her parents of faking symptoms for her rare condition – complex regional pain syndrome.

    The jury found the emotional distress caused to her mother Beata Kowalski – who was forbidden from seeing her daughter for three months – led to her suicide in 2017.

    Maya, her father Jack and brother Kyle broke down in tears as the jury’s findings were read out at the court in St. Petersburg on Thursday.

    Jurors found the children’s hospital liable for false imprisonment of Maya, battery of Maya, fraudulent billing of her father Jack, inflicting emotional distress on Beata, wrongful death claim for the estate of Beata and intentionally inflicting emotional distress on Maya.

    The family argued that the grief-stricken mom fell into a depression and ultimately hanged herself in the family garage, but Johns Hopkins had vehemently denied that it caused her death or abused Maya.

    It took the jury of six close to three days of deliberation before deciding they family would receive $211,451,174 in compensatory damages.

    The jury also awarded the family an additional $50 million in punitive damages for false imprisonment and false imprisonment with battery.

    In total, the Kowalski family will receive more than $261 million.

  58. Libturd says:

    Nasdaq is still melting up. Hope some of you listened to me last week. Obviously, noone knows, but I have a really good feeling that the worst is behind us. Sure, we are probably in, and I expect a short recession, which could alter market sentiment. But bad sentiment will be short-lived as everyone and their mother is waiting for Powell to say, “We are done.”

  59. Libturd says:

    Too which he most likely will, the moment the recession is confirmed. Premature post there. Sorry.

  60. Hold my beer says:

    Saw something bizarre today. I’m at the car dealership getting a recall taking care of. A Mercedes pulls up. Driver gets out carrying chik fil a breakfast and his phone. A guy from the waiting room comes over and takes the food. Since when do people who drive newer Mercedes do DoorDash or Uber eats?

  61. Libturd says:

    When their car is in the shop?

  62. 3b says:

    Lib: We will see about the short recession, I am not convinced. As far as waiting for Powell, to say he was done, the market assumed he was after the last meeting; yesterday he said he may not yet be done.

    Whenever he finally does say yes, this time I mean it, I am really done, then the market will want to know when a are you cutting rates, and then by how much. There are people out there expecting that rates will get back to where they were before the Fed started tightening.

  63. Hold my beer says:


    The driver of the Mercedes was a DoorDash or Uber eats delivery person.

  64. Libturd says:

    HMB, I know. Badly formed joke. Still kind of funny. At least to me.

  65. leftwing says:

    Lib, TGT. Today, earnings 15th.

    Know the issues with consumables v. discretionary…not trying to catch the bottom but volatility at nearly two year highs meaning I can insure any situation pretty well….

    Has had the daylights knocked out of it….at 108 and COVID low around 90…..

  66. Hold my beer says:

    And the dealership is still too expensive for anything other than a free recall. Dealer claimed I need new tie rods for $890 and $130 for an alignment. I don’t trust the dealership at all so I took it to my local garage. They said yes I need new tie rods and you have to get an alignment when you get the tie rods done. They want $250 less and are going to use made in US parts.

  67. Hold my beer says:

    Jerome Powell says just close the f$&!ing door. NSFW

  68. leftwing says:

    Fabs…getting closer together, narrowing the gap.

    “Again what is the problem here? Are you upset that your kid may request this and you are not aware.”


    “Will you be ok if your kid requests this and the teacher does call you to tell you and starts injecting themselves “into your family business?”


    “Or you just don’t want this level of support available to kids in school?”

    Support is being informed. Interference is the teacher acting on these topics without informing. So, yes, I want support.

    For nearly any “thing” there is one party ultimately responsible who also has the big picture. CRM. Project Management. Sports teams. Your kid.

    Anyone other than the responsible, full view party is support. Can be integral support, but still support.

    For the kid the responsible party is the parent. Not the school. School is support.

  69. leftwing says:

    That Powell hot mic moment was priceless. The casualness of the f-bomb clinches…

    “In total, the Kowalski family will receive more than $261 million.”

    Don’t think I’ve ever supported ‘runaway’ juries but in this case I hope it gives the family enough ammunition to ream those sanctimonious bastards at the hospital supported by the mindless nimrods of the State.

    No different here than our school discussion…hospital was just ‘protecting’ the child from the parent….

  70. Trick says:

    Hold, had to go to the dealer over 8 times to get them to approve a new engine and transmitiom replacement on our suv. It was just before the 10 year 100k warranty ran out, all other issues we used a local mechanic. Going forward I would not buy a Korean car out of warranty.

  71. Juice Box says:

    BREAKING: The FBI has seized New York City Mayor Eric Adams’s phones relating to a federal corruption investigation

  72. Hold my beer says:


    We had the transmission replaced under warranty for our pathfinder at 29k miles. I take it to the same dealership for its 45k mile service. They claimed I needed a transmission flush because the fluid was dirty and had 45k miles on it. I was like how can it be so dirty it needs to be flushed since you replaced the transmission less than 15k miles ago. I’ve never had anything besides a recall done at a dealership since.

  73. BRT says:

    For me, it’s just Honda. And I grew up on Fords. The cars just last forever if you treat them right.

  74. BRT says:


    who did Adams piss off? At a time when everyone and their mother in office is getting away with open corruption with media cover.

  75. Chicago says:

    Left: Red get caught looking ahead. Crimson come in winless.

  76. Boomer Remover says:

    The kids on r/WSB have been posting videos of JPow saying various things. If you listen to it carefully, you will hear a pause, and the generated voice snippet.

  77. Phoenix says:

    But we have boatloads of money to send other countries. Thanks Moody’s, just re affirming what I have been saying, Boomer is putting America’s children deeper in debt.

    Nov 10 (Reuters) – Moody’s on Friday changed the outlook on the government of United States of America’s ratings to “negative” from “stable”.

    The rating agency said it expects United States’ fiscal deficits will remain very large, significantly weakening debt affordability.

  78. Phoenix says:

    Not enough data, in fact none, but I have seen tons of middle aged women that are drinking. Not scientific but I could easily see the possible connection.

  79. Phoenix says:

    “Taylor was originally charged with three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and admitted to the crime but Judge Angelita Blackshear Dalton dismissed the case because Taylor was deemed incompetent.

    Ludwig’s parents are struggling to come to terms with their daughter’s death, especially given the unjust circumstances.”

    They wanted “justice?” Good luck finding that in an American courtroom. I’d wager that judges are the attorneys that either weren’t successful in private industry, or that just want to suck off the government teet like most other lazy government employees.

    The distraught parents of a Belmont University freshman who died after being hit by a stray bullet fired by a career criminal have spoken out – saying a piece of their was taken from them.

    Jillian Ludwig, an 18-year-old from New Jersey, was struck in the back of the head by a bullet while walking along a track at a park in Nashville, Tennessee at around 2:30 pm Tuesday.

  80. Hold my beer says:


    I spent 3 years in Australia. I would be surprised if an overweight middle age woman who wears sports jerseys wasn’t a big drinker. It was amazing how many people in their 30s and up were still heavy drinkers like frat boys. It was one of the reasons we moved back to the US. My wife was worried our kid would become part of the heavy drinking culture or become a surfer dude beach bum.

  81. Phoenix says:


    I had no evidence, still don’t, less even than you. But I saw first hand what that stuff plus alcohol can do to you. Downright frightening.

    If I were ever to need it, it would be because I became a diabetic. Not weight. But anyone can become diabetic, good thing is I don’t drink much, if at all anymore. Makes me too happy.

  82. Hold my beer says:


    When we were living there the average Australian spent 10% of their income on alcohol.

    Not saying this woman was a drinker, but there’s a huge drinking culture over there.

    Plus people are openly racist. Like making Archie bunker type comments at work and walking down the street.

  83. Phoenix says:

    Plus people are openly racist. Like making Archie bunker type comments at work and walking down the street.

    Very different from America. Here they are racist in forums and comment sections.

    Like an undertow.

  84. trick says:

    BRT, My last civic had a lot of issues and I take care of cars. Rear end caused massive cupping on the tires which was partially fixed with a recall and the engine block cracked, engine replaced under recall. My 4runnder has been trouble free through 160k miles.

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