Three’s Company is cool again

From CNBC:

Gen Z, millennials are ‘house hacking’ to become homeowners in a tough market. How the strategy can help

Gen Z and millennials are “hacking” the housing market as high prices and interest rates make affordability difficult.

The term “house hacking” refers to the practice of renting out a portion of your home or an entire property for an additional stream of income.

Almost 4 in 10, 39%, of recent homebuyers say the practice represents a “very” or “extremely” important opportunity, according to a new report by housing market site Zillow. That share is up eight percentage points in the past two years.

Younger generations are especially keen on the idea. In Zillow’s survey, more than half of millennial, 55%, and Gen Z home buyers, 51%, expressed positive views on house hacking.

Zillow polled more than 6,500 recent homebuyers between April 2023 and July 2023. Respondents were adults who moved to a new primary residence they purchased in the past two years.

The additional income from house hacking can “help make those dreams of homeownership penciled into reality, given that there’s so many affordability constraints on the current market,” said Manny Garcia, senior population scientist at Zillow. 

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30 Responses to Three’s Company is cool again

  1. Juice Box says:

    Rent for that fictional 3br Santa Monica apartment was only $300

  2. Fast Eddie says:

    It should be called “Threesome Company.”

  3. Fast Eddie says:

    Now that mortgage rates have fallen from a bit over 8% toward 7.32%, we can see the immediate impact as purchase application data was positive for the third straight week.

    There’s the 30 mile radius around NYC and then there’s the rest of the universe. This freight train here never slowed down. Go watch the movie “Unstoppable” for a reference.

  4. Phoenix says:

    These two were meant for each other, this parasite for expecting to get a 400k house for 57k, and him for not adding her to the deed.

    I got myself into a real doozy of a situation.

    I made $57,000 in loan payments on my then boyfriend and now husband’s house. He was going to let his place get foreclosed on, but since I had already spent quite a bit of money helping him out, I didn’t want that to happen. Our plan was for him to sign the house over to me and my son once his loan was paid in full. We also got married.

    Well, you guessed it: I paid off the loan and now find myself in court because, all of a sudden, he has decided that now that his house is paid off in full, he no longer wants to be married to me — and he wants his place back! My attorney said that what I paid toward the loan is money I effectively gave him as a gift, but the rest is marital funds.
    It now looks like the kindness I showed him in trying to help save his house and his credit rating — and to ensure that my son had his own home — is going to cost me $57,000, and all because of this jerk. What can I do to recover my lost funds? Is it true that he can walk away with his house in our divorce?

    Feeling Like a Fool

  5. grim says:

    Come and knock on our door…
    We’ve been waiting for you…

  6. leftwing says:

    My nephew is doing this hack with his house in CO. Seems to be working…’tenant’ is someone he knew from college.

    Phoenix, cannot state this too frequently or loudly…

    You are the mark if you are the primary earner in a relationship, or can reasonably expected to become so (eg, birth of child and dual-income spouse turns into stay-at-home-caregiver).

    If so, just make it easy on yourself and right now sign full and unfettered power of attorney over all your assets and future income streams.

    Doing so will save you at least a year of your life, untold frustration, and six figures of expense…better than having some housewife in a black bathrobe do it for you.

    Or better yet, rent the other chromosome and don’t own.

    Blood is permanent, other relationships are entirely situational and transactional.

  7. Juice Box says:


    Ireland’s new hate speech proposed legislation .. Up to 12 months in prison for refusing to give password to your devices if suspected of committing hate speech.

    Also protected status is expanded to include “national origin”.

    So it will become illegal to speak out against the British now or even to make a joke about them too, as offensive language or even a joke is now verboten..

  8. Fast Eddie says:

    new hate speech proposed legislation…

    The liberals here will adopt this. Any conservative or libertarian type speaking out against American s0cialism will be subject to jail time.

  9. Fast Eddie says:

    If the 10-year yield can break under 4.34% with some kick from bond buyers, we have an excellent shot at getting under 7%.

    And the delta will be adjusted to reflect higher house prices and increased offers. Instead of sifting through three days worth of offers, you’ll need four days. And, the addendum will be updated to not only feed the squirrels but to submit an exclusive list of the neighborhood hot wives.

  10. Chicago says:

    Chicago says:
    November 26, 2023 at 5:38 pm
    Left: Just saw that the Red pulled an upset on BU. and it was a 3rd period comeback. Cant figure this out, unless it was a slump that they shook. We can hope. Really erratic so far. They were in every game except QPac to some extent.

  11. leftwing says:

    Interesting season so far in the Pairwise. A few names above the line one would not expect, a bunch below…let’s see how the second half of the season unfolds.

  12. 3b says:

    Fast: Recessions are a thing of the past, and low interest rates the norm.

  13. Fast Eddie says:


    Record online sales across the board. This weekend was insane at stores; muppets spending uncontrollably like it was a competition. Slo joe gets reelected in a landslide and we celebrate as the debt reach $40 Trillion. Rock N Roll!

  14. Fast Eddie says:

    How is silver and gold not twice current levels? That one I can’t understand.

  15. leftwing says:

    “Record online sales across the board.”

    Margins suck. Retailers may get slammed.

  16. LAX says:

    $7.8 Trillion was Trumps debt run up and that went to corporations.

  17. LAX says:

    10:30 how about lying. How about insurrection.

  18. D-FENS says:

    Just another reason my ancestors had the right idea when they left.

    Juice Box says:
    November 27, 2023 at 10:01 am

    Ireland’s new hate speech proposed legislation .. Up to 12 months in prison for refusing to give password to your devices if suspected of committing hate speech.

  19. Fast Eddie says:

    $7.8 Trillion was Trumps debt run up and that went to corporations.

    O’Biden’s debt run up went to family members, friends, Unions, cronies and those who engineered his election. The rest went to Soro-type corporate insiders to boost the portfolios of democrat senators.

  20. No One says:

    My suspicion is that for the last while, some of the non-traditional savings have been going into crypto rather than gold and silver. Gold’s rise historically preceded inflation, and had a big move up 2018 through mid 2020, and mostly stayed $1800 to $2000 since then, so that suggests inflation probably isn’t going on a further big run like 2021-22.

  21. LAX says:

    2:24 you left out space lasers.

  22. BRT says:

    Gotta love western democracies that need to protect you with every single aspect of the 1984 playbook.

  23. BRT says:

    “I think it was President Reagan who said, ‘We’re from the government. We’re here to help.”

    -Miguel Cardona, secretary of education

  24. Phoenix says:

    Satan should be her name
    Mother in Law, Mother in Law.

    To me they about the same
    Mother in Law, Mother in Law

    My boyfriend’s mother lost it at me because I don’t want children – she called me toxic and tried to make her son break up with me

  25. Phoenix says:

    Eddie, they are all good with spying on us including your beloved Donald Trump .

    Following the Times’ story, former US president Barack Obama reportedly suspended funding for the Hemisphere program in 2013. And while discretionary funding was withheld over the following three years, a White House memo obtained by WIRED shows that individual law enforcement organizations across the US were permitted to continue contracting with AT&T directly in order to maintain access to its data-mining service. Funding resumed under former president Donald Trump but was halted again in 2021, according to the White House memo. Last year, under president Joe Biden, the funding resumed once more,

  26. 3b says:

    Juice: The Irish government back in the 1970s had censorship relating to the provisional IRA s campaign in the north of Ireland. Section 31 of the Broadcasting act, if you want more information.

  27. Chicago says:

    Stu: 2026 Frozen Four is in Vegas.

  28. Libturd says:

    Stu: 2026 Frozen Four is in Vegas.

    I’ll be living there by then. Cool! Could be a nice spot for a blog GTG for the hockey fans,

  29. leftwing says:

    In, for sure!

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