The real estate boom is …. coming?

From Fox Business:

Real estate tycoon explains when house prices will start to drop and ‘open the floodgates’

Over the next year, two macroeconomic indicators may align and create booming opportunities in real estate, according to RE/MAX’s chairman and co-founder.

“I estimate that there’s between 9 and 11 million people who want to be homeowners that can’t afford to be homeowners right now,” Dave Liniger said on “The Claman Countdown,” Monday, “because of the cost of the interest rate, or because they already got a house with a very low interest rate that wouldn’t transfer to the new purchase.”

“[But] all of a sudden, we’re getting more inventory on. It makes for a quick sale. There’s lots of buyers,” he continued. “So as the inventory increases, you’ll start seeing price pressure, and you’ll probably see some price relaxation throughout the country.”

Liniger’s comments come as the cost of buying a new home just hit another all-time high, new data from Redfin shows.

The median U.S. home sale price soared to $397,954 in June – a nearly 5% increase from a year earlier. That marks the highest level on record and the biggest annual increase since March.

Thus, the monthly mortgage payments at that price, when accounting for the 6.86% median interest rate for a 30-year mortgage, is now $2,749. That figure is reportedly $88 shy of April’s record high.

RE/MAX’s co-founder expanded on his prediction that market pressures could finally start to cool from years of underbuilding homes and the Fed’s aggressive rate campaign.

“Our homebuyers have been used to a 15-year period of the lowest interest rates in the country’s history… And so they’re reluctant to move out of that into something that’s 7 or 8%,” Liniger explained.

“It’s important to understand: the average interest rate since we started RE/MAX in 1973 is 7.78%. But this 15-year period has thrown everything out of kilter,” he added. “So if you start seeing the interest rate dipping down towards 6%, 5.9%, I think it would open the floodgates.”

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  1. grim says:

    So my message to everyone is get behind Joe and move on. Put the focus back on Donnie. That is the way to win. Replacement is a sure way to lose.

    The rift in the Democratic Party has already cemented the loss, it’s a done deal. Doesn’t matter which way the Democrats go, it’s now a lose-lose. November will be a bloodbath.

  2. grim says:

    There’s been an interesting set of discussions going on in the AI communities around the implications of AI on monetary policy, some of this stemming from remarks out of the last Fed meeting. The premise is, AI will seriously f*ck with the Fed’s dual mandate. If significant productivity gains materialize from AI, you could see simultaneous high growth/high inflation, with declining employment (higher unemployment).

    Fed’s dual mandate would likely favor employment over inflation (politically, it’s the only way in this scenario). Low rates, high growth, high inflation. Sort of a golden period if you have capital and assets, but a major headwind to middle/low class as costs rise and employment declines.

    Curious what your thoughts around this topic, other technological improvements that impacted labor have not necessarily broke the dual mandate linkage, but perhaps this is simply a straw too many?

  3. Very Stable Genius says:

    The result of Russia successfully been placing operatives in the US for decades. Trump is their Manchurian candidate. US became so successful that it could only be brought down internally. Maga is doing the job

    grim says:
    July 11, 2024 at 5:16 am
    So my message to everyone is get behind Joe and move on. Put the focus back on Donnie. That is the way to win. Replacement is a sure way to lose.

    The rift in the Democratic Party has already cemented the loss, it’s a done deal. Doesn’t matter which way the Democrats go, it’s now a lose-lose. November will be a bloodbath.

  4. grim says:

    Sure, all of that is true, but in spite of this slow, underhand pitch, the democrats still can’t seem to get their shit together.

    Election 2024 – The Conspiracy vs. The Inept

    You can assign either party to either corner, I’m not sure it matters.

  5. Very Stable Genius says:

    Democrats aren’t driven by hate nor follow cult of personality like Reagan, Trump, etc.

    Democrats are many thinking individuals, very diverse. Don’t follow in line as directed by Fox News

    grim says:
    July 11, 2024 at 6:41 am
    Sure, all of that is true, but in spite of this slow, underhand pitch, the democrats still can’t seem to get their shit together.

    Election 2024 – The Conspiracy vs. The Inept

    You can assign either party to either corner, I’m not sure it matters.

  6. Fabius Maximus says:

    grim, I went to a panel at AWS yesterday that touched on it. The panel was more focused on the rise of digital assets. They were talking about how the rise of open banking and the like has taken some assets outside the control of the central banks and how they are trying to get ahead of it with their own digital currencies. FedNow is up and running and seems to be successful.

    There was a side bar conversation that was interesting. On one side you have the Executive Order on AI, on the other you have SCOTUS overturning Chevron and agencies ability to regulate. So how this space will look in 2 or 3 years is already up for debate. Add in (and this is from me) the Heritage Foundation stance to abolish the Fed, (I’m sure its part of Project 2025) and we are in for a total political Sh1tShow.

  7. Chad Powers says:

    I agree that the election is already lost regardless of who the Democratic nominee eventually is. Things look too chaotic and disjointed right now. Changing nominees this late in the game would likely only add to the division in the party. If Trump wins people can blame the Democrats for their Lawfare campaign. After the midterms Trump was looking like a spent force, yesterday’s news, a has been. However, with every indictment Trump rose in the polls. It didn’t help that the first indictment and conviction appears for all purposes to be a misdemeanor bookkeeping offense which through some convoluted legal shenanigans was turned into a felony offense but only if the offender was named Trump.

  8. Juice Box says:

    Fab – You parroting Maxine Waters now? Waters said in a hearing Wednesday with Fed Chairman Jerome Powell. “MAGA wants to put you out of a job, Chairman Powell.”

    You forget who deregulated banking and caused the financial and housing crisis. It was democrat Bill Clinton Glass–Steagall with it’s passing in 1999.

    BTW – I am no fan of this so called project 2025, but what they really said was end the Federal Reserve’s ability be be the “lender-of-last-resort”. We all know how that played out the last time, it was heads I win and tails you lose, the FED covered all the bad bets that the TARP didn’t like AIGs wonderful credit/default swaps. Since then the Democrats have done really nothing, as the wealth gaps have worsened between the middle class and wealthy Americans.

    All you need to do is look at housing. The middle class is now pretty much priced out.

    People will be voting with their now empty wallets in November, between food and housing inflation, as it all happened in this Administration nobody gives a flying fuck about “saving democracy” and “stopping facism” or whatever Russian bogeyman they are going to cook up this time. Even the lowest information voters know we have checks and balances in the system.

    Democrats are going to run Sleepy Joe they don’t have a choice now and it’s now common knowelegde that they were keeping him out of public because cannot even debate his way out of a paper bag. You can bet it is going to be a slaughter in November. We were promised a 1 term president. That was said it over and over in 2020 and instead we are getting the white house turned into a the most expensive memory care center around. What senior spending their final days living in a memory care center gets to see a top notch doctor like Dr. Kevin Cannard once a month anyway?

  9. 3b says:

    I feel bad for Biden being humiliated like this. Former supporters like George Clooney publicly calling on him to drop out.

  10. 3b says:

    Juice: Worst Fed ever, destroyed the housing market for the younger generations. As for the Fed and the lender of last resort, absolutely agree on that.

  11. grim says:

    Dems had torches lit 5 minutes after the debate was over.

    The commentary coming from the left leaning media about Biden’s performance was WORSE than the right.

  12. Juice Box says:

    3B – Hollywood actors like George Clooney are used to taking direction they don’t give them.

    It’s been reported that George Clooney called Obama before hand to warn him. It’s more than likely Obama is now using him as a proxy. There is a campaign to replace Sleepy Joe and Obama is a part of it, he is in the small circle of power brokers that still influence the party, like Clooney they raise the vast sums of money from millionaires and billionaire for the PACs.

    There are two camps now. DNC Chairman Jaime Harrison has been awfully quite, he got the job because Biden nominated him for it after he lost to Lindsey Graham trying to out him from his senate seat in on of the most expensive senate campaigns ever. Vice Chairs are Whitmer, Duckworth and Martin….They probably have stopped answering their cell phones by now, as they have been ringing off the hook. Whitmer just came out again for Sleepy Joe.

    It’s a mess for sure.

  13. Very Stable Genius says:

    Enemy operatives run Fox, but now have infiltrated “left leaning media” too

    grim says:
    July 11, 2024 at 8:39 am
    Dems had torches lit 5 minutes after the debate was over.

    The commentary coming from the left leaning media about Biden’s performance was WORSE than the right.

  14. Juice Box says:

    Yes Fox News got to Joy Reid, Brian Stelter, Joe Scarborough, Chuck Todd, Van Jones, and Anderson Cooper..

    There is no other way to explain it other than a vast right wing conspiracy….

  15. LAX says:

    We shall see. I am not sure I’d over estimate the popularity of the rapist though.

  16. Chicago says:

    You are aware that was a movie. It is fiction.

    Very Stable Genius says:
    July 11, 2024 at 5:55 am
    The result of Russia successfully been placing operatives in the US for decades. Trump is their Manchurian candidate.

  17. LAX says:

    Trump’s a pathological liar and a bumbling buffoon.

  18. Fast Eddie says:

    Geezus, the floodgates have absolutely crashed on the dems. Every diabolical scheme they’ve hatched is in flames. The spotlight on the party of Elite is burning brightly exposing every puss-filled sore that has become of them. And now that the money train is screeching to a halt, they’re stabbing each other in the neck right out in the open.

  19. No One says:

    I think there’s about a 50% chance that Biden will have some sort of health emergency/issue before the Dem convention that will lead to a replacement. That’s just my total amateur guess, but now there is a group that is ready to pounce at and publicize any health event as an opportunity for change, rather than yet another to be covered up.

  20. LAX says:

    The Dems are fine, what they are doing is jettisoning a cantankerous old man.
    Proving the Party is not “one man” as the GOP appears to be.

  21. LAX says:

    Vote Blue.

  22. No One says:

    A few weeks ago I shared an article with my wife about how the Venice FL area had high odds of a property price drop (due to price/affordability and rising newbuild and resale inventories). She forwarded it to a friend who then immediately cancelled a planned investment in a house there. There are minimalist new starter houses there 3br/1.0 ba under 2000sf listed at $400k that would have sold for $200k or less a few years ago, not selling now that the investors are backing off. Surrounded by hundreds of acres of mid-level newbuilds still coming. They will eventually be filled, but I’m guessing at lower prices than recently.

  23. Juice Box says:

    re: “cantankerous old man.”

    My understanding is the DEM primary rules say the 3,500 delegates from the primary elections are pledged to vote for him on August 7th and that is less than a month from now…

    That is ONLY unless he steps down…..He isn’t stepping down.

  24. leftwing says:

    “Jill apparently loves the power…”

    Find the Vogue interview. She’s downright effusive on the perks…at one point she describes in detail ‘what power feels like’ and describes being in the Pres Limo with roads shut, entrance ramps backed up, all the flashing police lights…

    Straight out of the Phoenix Crazy play book.

  25. 1987 Condo says:

    From what I have read, there is a $100 million campaign fund for Biden that can only be transferred to Harris if Biden is selected at the convention, and then he steps aside.

    “Campaign finance rules create an incentive for Mr. Biden to stay in the race through the Democratic National Convention in August. At that point, but not before, Mr. Biden would be able to transfer his campaign’s anticipated $100 million war chest to Vice President Kamala Harris, assuming that she, too, is still on the ticket.

    If Mr. Biden drops out before the Democratic Party formally makes him its nominee, then Federal Election Commission rules dictate that no more than $2,000 of any campaign funds that he raised may be transferred to any other candidate, including Ms. Harris. The Federal Election Campaign Act governs what a presidential campaign may do with “excess campaign funds,” which is what the money left in the Biden for President campaign will legally be considered if he is no longer a candidate. Those excess funds may be contributed in an unlimited amount to the Democratic National Committee or an independent expenditure committee. Presidential campaigns may also contribute such funds to other federal campaigns, subject to contribution limits, which are $2,000 per election.”

  26. Juice Box says:

    Here is what is being floated in the news as to the DNC Rules. They can change the rules during the convention, which occurs after the nomination by a virtual roll call, and vote on the changes. That would be cantankerous at the Convention in Chicago.

    If he voluntarily chooses to step aside after the convention ends on Aug. 22.

    Under the existing rule, Democratic National Committee Chair Jamie Harrison would name a new nominee, in consultation with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries, D-N.Y., and Democratic Governors Association Chair Tim Walz of Minnesota. Their choice would be presented to DNC members — a group of party leaders much smaller and more elite than the delegates to the convention — for ratification or rejection.

  27. LAX says:

    9:39 it isn’t Biden’s decision.

  28. Libturd says:

    I don’t mean to sound like Pumps, but I told you all the housing ship was turning. It is never different. You just need patience. I can’t move to Vegas until next Summer, but if history is a lesson, my home in Glen Ridge will take a lot longer to drop than the housing in Vegas. Vegas realtors are already starting to panic. When housing collapses there, it’s fast and furious.

  29. LAX says:

    Once the powerful of the Party, the Clintons, Obamas, and the like decide it’s time for him to leave. He’ll leave. If he is smart, he’ll bow out gracefully. The bottom line is that when the Democratic Party powerful decide the Party no longer supports you, you are gone. Done. Finished. Sooner than later. Kamala will be the candidate and my guess is that she will win.

  30. Juice Box says:

    LAX – What are you smoking this morning? It’s been reported over and over what the process is… The party’s first vote takes place by thousands of pledged states delegates BEFORE the convention. This is the virtual roll call vote happens on August 7th before the convention. It’s possible, but also highly unlikely, that delegates could choose someone other than the president during the virtual roll call. Somebody needs to swing 3,5000 delegates from all of the states to pick someone else and that person need to be 51%. It can be Joe, Kamala, or heck George Clooney. Someone needs to win a majority.

  31. Juice Box says:

    LAX – That just puts you in the Kamala camp, a small minority right now.

    George Clooney mentioned several others including my pick Andy Beshear. I am in his camp, an even smaller minority.

  32. LAX says:

    We shall see! These are exciting times. I’m all about it.

  33. BRT says:

    Lib, it’s already turned in a lot of markets, especially the hottest ones. Dallas, Phoenix, Florida. The Northeast lagged the rise and fall in 2006-2008. I think the best play is sell now, go on vacation in Europe for a year, and come back and buy your retirement home.

  34. LAX says:

    I’m also prepared for the reality that Trump Ver. 2 might be in office.
    Hunker down baby!! It’s about to get real real.

  35. Chicago says:

    Kamala Harris? You just haven’t seen enough of her. Putting aside her nails-on-the-chalkboard voice. There is nothing worse than condescension from someone who is uninformed. She has Hilary’s anti-charm on steroids.

  36. BRT says:

    Here you go Lib, BBQ from Brooklyn, $165 plate. Who the hell pays this?

  37. Chicago says:

    Ten 417.

  38. leftwing says:

    “If you don’t think there is an AI, interest rate cut, government spending bubble. Then get ready to get hammered…then the market HAS to be incredibly overvalued.”

    Market is very overvalued by nearly any one of a dozen valuation parameters going all the way back to 1920s, not just trailing/forward PEs. Lots of recent good studies on that.

    Problem is Investing 101…valuation as a timing tool is mostly useless….

    Having said that I continue to run low cost/

  39. Libturd says:


    I am in the process of making my home turnkey. I’m about 1/3rd of the way done restoring my interior oak trim which looks like it hadn’t been touched since the home was built 100 years ago. The difference it makes is night and day. Of course, some idiot Gen Z’er will probably paint over them in white. Then we paint the entire interior with today’s hottest colors. Finally, retile the entryway, fireplace, kitchen and bathrooms. Wainscot stairway to finished basement. Refinish the hardwood floors on the 2nd and third floors and we is ready to turn about 3K in materials and about a month of sweat equity into an extra 100K.

    So far, we replaced a decaying porch and walkway to the street with engineered pavers. Replaced the remaining original windows on the first and the rotten attic windows with vinyl replacements. New furnace, new roof, new hot water heater, new smart washer/dryer, new smart door lock on back door. Ring doorbells on front and back. Smart thermostat. Of course, already hung the brass embossed address sign above the mailbox.

    Zillow has us at 1.1M. Three surrounding houses that sold in the prior three years have gone for 100 to 300K over Zillow. I’d be happy with Zestimate. Anything extra is bonus.

  40. LAX says:

    10:19 She doesn’t bother me. She’s fine as wine.

  41. TraitorJoe says:

    If they swap him out it will be Kamala too but it’s too soon. Part of the left embrace of stupidity requires you to hide your leaders. Too risky to do it now.

    Make the change at the last possible moment and then say it was all so sudden. Then you get propaganda and millions of useful idiots to repeat it.

  42. BRT says:

    Kamala is literally the lefts version of Sarah Palin.

  43. TraitorJoe says:

    She’s all incoherent word salad. Can’t understand a damn thing she says.

  44. LAX says:

    10:34 your opinions are meaningless to me.

  45. Chad Powers says:

    Where‘s the BBQ sauce and Mac & cheese? For that price I‘ll be eating at home!

  46. LAX says:

    10:33 once you prove your ignorance grasshopper.

  47. leftwing says:

    “BTW – I am no fan of this so called project 2025, but what they really said was end the Federal Reserve’s ability be be the “lender-of-last-resort”.

    Can we please put the FUD around Project 2025 to bed?

    It is nothing more than the latest MSM bogey-man manufactured to scare the populace into running to Team Blue. The latest installment of what even the Liberals on here admit is essentially a political campaign by media.

    The Heritage Foundation is a Right think tank. The reason think tanks exist is to publish and promote their views. There are dozens on both the Left and Right. Conflating a politically biased think tank’s views/wishlist with future policy to be actually enacted through three elected houses of government is beneath the intellect of even Liberals here.

    Take this drama of P2025 hook, line, and sinker and you all will as foolish as you do now after buying into the “Joe is OK” narrative of the last three years FUDed by all the media…

  48. LAX says:

    Project 2025 is a roadmap for extremism and a way to install political lackeys into the governments pool of non-partisan workers. It deserves every bit of the negative press it is getting. Trump’s feeble attempts to distance himself from it are laughable and only show his predictable cowardice.

  49. leftwing says:

    “The commentary coming from the left leaning media about Biden’s performance was WORSE than the right.”

    Self preservation.

    Someone posted here last week on the ’emperors new clothes’ syndrome about how people will willingly accept mass delusion up until the time they realize that everyone else is seeing the same reality.

    MSM/Left media (is there a difference?) were so far in with the Emperor that their only option of trying to maintain a shred of credibility is to throw SloJo under the bus hard.

    The Right? They don’t even need to say ‘told ya so’. They were there and correct the entire time.

    Pull the Clooney opinion piece in the NYT. Look at the comments. Hilarious.

  50. Libturd says:


    It could keep running for a while longer. My magic eight-ball, infused with green tea leaves and hanging under the mistletoe says we continue to move up, though at a slower pace and with greater volatility, right through the end of next Summer. Maybe another 10 to 15 percent from where we are today. Then, we correct on the back of a residential housing correction, collapsing commercial RE where interest rates are still too high for investors to refinance, the AI bubble bursting (though, no doubt there will be a couple of winners among the rubble) long before this tech changes the landscape.

    My plan is to continue moving ten percent chunks of my long term equity holdings into stable funds every 500 point move up on the Nasdaq. I’ll be approximately 75% stable by the end of this rally. When we bottom out again (or Nasdaq drops past that yellow line in the chart I posted yesterday [about 15,750]), I’ll put back in about 25% and will leave it 50 growth/50 stable until I retire a few more years down the road. Will probably keep on working, but at Home Depot or Lowes or Walmart where my healtchare will be covered until I can get our fine Socialized health care which is reserved for the senior set.

  51. leftwing says:

    “Project 2025 is a roadmap for extremism and a way to install political lackeys into the governments pool of non-partisan workers.”

    By an organization whose raison d’etre is to formulate those types of views, dumbass.

    There are a dozen on the Left and Right, and each takes the extreme positions of their own corners while trying to influence politicians that lean their way.

    Nothing new there…except again MSM trying to FUD it for the benefit of Team Blue and clueless Left lackeys like yourself buying it.

    And btw it is laughable that the Administrative state is non-partisan.

  52. TraitorJoe says:

    Sure, he was totally competent his while possibly, and then bam dementia kicked in a few nights before the debate. Is not like he shlt his pants or anything while president.

    Just keep playing the fool, no reason to change.

  53. leftwing says:

    “The Dems are fine, what they are doing is….”

    LA-LA-LA-LA-LALA-LA….[sung loudly with fingers jammed deep in ears]

  54. LAX says:

    10:53 I told you, I’m not worried.
    Pure & Simple. Trump wins? He wins. Life goes on.
    Biden did his job in 2020. It’s time for someone else to step in.

  55. 3b says:

    BRT: Yes, she is and she is arrogant on top of it. As I have said, massive turnover in her office, including her one time top advisor and personal friend.

  56. leftwing says:

    “My understanding is the DEM primary rules say the 3,500 delegates from the primary elections are pledged to vote for him on August 7th…”

    “Here is what is being floated in the news as to the DNC Rules. They can change the rules during the convention…”

    Don’t have time to get in the weeds on this topic but top level view will be interesting to see how the virtual nomination rolls out…when (must be by the 7th to preserve OH ballot and I’m not aware of any scheduled date yet)….and rules will be interesting as rubber starts to meet the road next week with Dems as Platform, Rules, and Credentials Committees of the DNC all meet on July 16th, 19th, and 21st, respectively.

    So, some road signs coming up soon on ultimate destination…

  57. LAX says:

    I think Kamala could take Trump down. I would love to see them debate.
    My guess is that she scares the shit out of Trump. Full diaper and all.

  58. LAX says:

    And now this….

    Frustrations are mounting across southeast Texas as residents enter a fourth day of crippling power outages and heat, a combination that has proven dangerous – and at times deadly – as some struggle to access food, gas and medical care.
    More than 1.3 million homes and businesses across the region are still without power after Beryl slammed into the Gulf Coast as a Category 1 hurricane on Monday, leaving at least 11 people dead across Texas and Louisiana. The storm continues to threaten flooding Thursday in New England.
    Many residents are sheltering with friends or family who have power, but some can’t afford to leave their homes, Houston City Councilman Julian Ramirez told CNN. And while countless families have lost food in their warming fridges, many stores are still closed, leaving government offices, food banks and other public services scrambling to distribute food to underserved areas, he said.

  59. Libturd says:


    That BBQ plate doesn’t even look that good. No ring on the dryish looking brisket which was not sliced across the grain (which is why it’s falling apart despite it’s lack of moisture) and those pork ribs aren’t trimmed right either. They didn’t square off the top of the spare ribs so there is cartilage running perpendicular to the rib bones which have not even pulled back from the meat, which means they were likely cooked too quickly. Even the pickles are not the right type. Those are too green which means they are not even half sour or garlic dill. Plus broccoli and potatos? Where the collard greens at? Or the burnt topped mac and cheese? Honestly, in ingredient cost, that plate should cost no more than $10 to produce. With the labor and rubs maybe $15. In Texas, that would cost at worst $20 to $25.

    By the way, my 4th of July BBQ fest was a major success. Ended up having over 40 people from the block served. The kids were terrors, but the food was great. The sauce for the bourbon glazed smoked quarters was to die for. Of course, I had to reduce 6 cups of the hooch to make it for how much chicken I served which made it pricy. Try this at home. You will be truly blown away. Use any brown sugar based chicken rub and make sure to get the rub under the skin as well as over it. Most people said it was the best chicken they ever tasted and I concurred. I made the sauce on Monday, three days ahead of the jam btw.

  60. leftwing says:

    “I told you, I’m not worried. Pure & Simple. Trump wins? He wins. Life goes on.”

    LOL, revisionist history. What happened to an existential election and the death of democracy?

    You liberals are a joke. How anyone can take anything you say seriously is beyond me.

  61. Fabius Maximus says:

    “‘what power feels like’ and describes being in the Pres Limo with roads shut, entrance ramps backed up, all the flashing police lights…”

    Didn’t Christie say the same thing about shutting down the Lincoln Tunnel to go into the city. What did you call him at the time?

    “By an organization whose raison d’etre is to formulate those types of views, dumbass.”
    The problem with your view is that the right have shown that they can execute and deliver on their radical vision. The Federalist Society and the current SCOTUS composition are a case in point.

  62. LAX says:

    11:20 I think I have a healthy attitude. I’ve co-existed among conservatives my whole life.

  63. Libturd says:

    Interesting market reaction to cool inflation number. My theory in the cuts being priced in appears sound.

    And like clockwork, the Nasdaq bounces off the 50-year peak line like a pickleball served by Ben Shelton.

  64. leftwing says:

    Fabs, again, stop putting me into one of your ‘boxes’ and then assigning me thoughts according to how you classified me.

    Christie was and is a fat POS.

    On your other point…

    “The problem with your view is that the right have shown that they can execute and deliver on their radical vision. The Federalist Society and the current SCOTUS composition are a case in point.”

    Current composition of POTUS is on the Dems…Law always dictated a supermajority (60 votes to overcome a filibuster) to confirm federal nominees. Rs filibustered some of Obama’s appointments in 2013 so the Senate, under Dem control and driven by Majority Leader Reid, changed the rule to a simple majority for all appointments other than SCOTUS.

    McConnell, then Minority Leader, strongly cautioned Reid against it going so far as to state that it would ‘increase partisanship’ and that if implemented Reid would ‘regret the position’ when the political tides turned.

    Reid persisted, and the Dems were able to fill the Federal benches with their selections alone. Rs took the Senate eventually and in 2017 McConnell – credit to him for being truthful to his word and taking a good hard swing back at the Dems – extended that simple majority vote to SCOTUS as well. That allowed Gorsuch to be appointed and opened the dam. No way the new three conservatives would have cleared 60 Senate votes.

    Had Obama/Reid simply worked under established law to put forward appointees that could clear 60 votes there would have no change in 2013 and no need for a response in 2017. Instead they stacked the deck to take a shortcut, and true to prediction it came back to bite them in the ass. And to also make the country (and Court) more, not less, politicized….

  65. BRT says:

    Lib, I agree. It looked pathetic. But the crazier part was many people going , “that’s not 165, it’s more like $50”.

  66. BRT says:

    You’re right about Gen Z. Kid who bought the home 2 doors down from me, corporate laywer. He tore up his entire lawn yesterday because he wanted to install a sprinkler system. I told him that everyone in the neighborhood stopped using theirs as it’s a waste of time/water/money. He said he couldn’t handle moving the sprinkler around 4 times a day to different parts of the lawn. Next order of business today, gigantic white vinyl fence along the entire back property. In our neighborhood, if you do that, you stop the airflow from the openness and it just gets humid beyond belief. I learned this after every tree pruning before I ripped them all out.

  67. Juice Box says:

    3B – ” massive turnover”

    It was all downhill for her since day 1. She demanded everyone rise when she walked into the room, including those in the White House aides to the president and perhaps including the President himself.

  68. LAX says:

    12:24 yeah there was “no turnover” in Trumpland

  69. Fabius Maximus says:

    Left, its your words putting you in that box not my thoughts.

    “no need for a response in 2017” and thats the key, regardless of what Reid did earlier, McConnell had that option and executed it. The idea that he would not have executed if Reid hadn’t earlier is laughable.

    The big hypocrisy was stalling Garland for months as we were “too close to an election” and ramming through Barret in weeks as “we need to get this done before the election”, but yea, McConnell is a noble stand up guy that puts country first.

  70. Fabius Maximusa says:

    And as I said, replacing Joe at this point is not feasible. If this happens, even if they lose they will appeal it all through the election, declare the electors invalid and try again to stall or invalidate the certification.
    People need to realize that Joe is locked in.
    Heritage Foundation working on election legal challenges in case Biden pulled from DNC nomination

  71. Fabius Maximus says:

    Shuttered auto plants will become EV factories thanks to $1.7 billion Biden program
    The money will go toward 11 projects that aim to retrofit auto manufacturing facilities that have closed or are at risk of closing.

  72. No One says:

    So corporate welfare is good, when it supports “green” initiatives?
    In many cases, this is throwing good money after bad.

  73. 3b says:

    LAX: I did not say there wasn’t. And certainly with Trump it was not surprising. In the case of Harris when your whole office staff basically walks out including your top advisor and friend, that says a lot. Her aides spent hours preparing briefs for her on different topics, policy points, countries she was visiting, and just blew them off/ ignored them, and therein is the arrogance on her part. Is that how she will conduct herself as President?

  74. OC1 says:

    My understanding is the DEM primary rules say the 3,500 delegates from the primary elections are pledged to vote for him

    The wording of the rules leaves some wiggle room there. It says that those delegates “shall in good conscience reflect the sentiments of those who elected them”.

    So if a delegate can’t “in good conscience” vote for a candidate that he feels is not mentally capable of doing the job…?

  75. OC1 says:

    In the case of Harris when your whole office staff basically walks out including your top advisor and friend, that says a lot. Her aides spent hours preparing briefs for her on different topics, policy points, countries she was visiting, and just blew them off/ ignored them

    Can’t you say pretty much the same thing about Trump?

    So we’d have two bad candidates. But 0ne didn’t try to overturn an election.

  76. Libturd says:

    Trump didn’t do anything wrong. It’s simply not possible. Fake news.

  77. LAX says:

    1:21 Put her in a pantsuit – she’ll be fine

  78. Fabius Maximus says:

    NYT Board Finally comes out against Donnie. They must be losing a lot of subscribers to make this U Turn.
    New York Times editorial board declares Trump ‘unfit to lead’
    Board calls Trump ‘a chilling choice against this national moment’ days before Republican national convention

    Martin Pengelly
    Thu 11 Jul 2024 10.09 EDT

    The editorial board of the New York Times has declared that “Donald Trump is unfit to lead” in an urgently worded article published just ahead of the Republican convention, where Trump will once again be formally named the party’s choice for president.

    Noting that the former president and convicted felon has now become the Republican nominee three times in eight years, the board said: “A once great political party now serves the interests of one man, a man as demonstrably unsuited for the office of president as any to run in the long history of the republic, a man whose values, temperament, ideas and language are directly opposed to so much of what has made this country great.”

    It called the selection of Trump “a chilling choice against this national moment”.

    On Monday the paper’s editorial board also made Joe Biden the subject of a piece, in which it insisted that “that the best hope for Democrats to retain the White House is for him to step aside”, given that the president “continued to appear as a man in decline” following Biden’s disastrous debate against Trump in Atlanta last month.

    But the latest piece focuses squarely on the danger posed by Trump, 78, and questions about his own cognitive fitness.

    Many voters, the Times argued, were “frustrated, even despondent”. On Thursday, a new survey from the Washington Post, ABC News and Ipsos said 67% of US adults (and 58% of Democrats) wanted Biden to step aside, while 50% of US adults (but only 11% of Republicans) said the same about Trump.

    Saluting Republicans that it said “pursued electoral power in service to solutions for such problems”, such as Ronald Reagan, George HW Bush, John McCain and Mitt Romney, the Times board went on to say that “too many Republicans set aside their concerns about Mr Trump because of his positions on immigration, trade and taxes. But the stakes of this election … are more foundational: what qualities matter most in America’s president and commander-in-chief”.

    Trump was convicted on 34 criminal charges concerning hush-money payments to a porn star that a jury agreed were designed to interfere with the 2016 election. He was originally slated to be sentenced today, with the possibility of jail time, but after the supreme court ruled that presidents have some immunity from prosecution the judge has delayed the sentencing until September to review the case.

    Trump faces 54 other criminal charges, concerning election subversion and retention of classified documents, and in civil cases has been fined hundreds of millions of dollars for business fraud and millions more in a defamation suit arising from a rape allegation a judge called “substantially true”.

    His attempts to overturn the 2020 election culminated in the January 6 attack on the US Capitol. Nine deaths, about 1,300 arrests and hundreds of convictions are linked to the riot. Trump was impeached a second time for inciting an insurrection but Republican senators acquitted him, leaving him free to run for office. Trump has promised to pardon rioters.

    The Times editorial board said these events and other indicators – which it categorised as moral fitness, principled leadership, character, a president’s words and the rule of law – indicated that Trump had “shown a character unworthy of the responsibilities of the presidency.
    “He has demonstrated an utter lack of respect for the constitution, the rule of law and the American people. Instead of a cogent vision for the country’s future, Mr Trump is animated by a thirst for political power: to use the levers of government to advance his interests, satisfy his impulses and exact retribution against those who he thinks have wronged him.

    “He is, quite simply, unfit to lead.”

    It added that while Democrats “are rightly engaged in their own debate about whether President Biden is the right person to carry the party’s nomination into the election, given widespread concerns among voters about his age-related fitness”, the importance of that debate was down to “legitimate concerns that Mr Trump may present a danger to the country, its strength, security and national character – and that a compelling Democratic alternative is the only thing that would prevent his return to power.

    It said it was a “national tragedy that the Republicans have failed to … [set] aside their longstanding values” and ignoring what former Trump officials “have described as his systematic dishonesty, corruption, cruelty and incompetence”, and urged American voters to “perform a simple act of civic duty in an election year: listen to what Mr Trump is saying, pay attention to what he did as president and allow yourself to truly inhabit what he has promised to do if returned to office”.

  79. 3b says:

    Oc1: I thought I had made it perfectly clear with Trump, certainly no argument from me on any of that. It’s all true. My point is there are those on this board who believe Harris is well qualified for the position. She is not, same as Trump. Is that clear now?

  80. 3b says:

    Lib: I never said Trump did nothing wrong or claimed it’s fake news. The Democrats however for the last few years that Biden was fine, and his mental decline was all right wing/ Fox News talking points. Well, that’s not the case. People are so emotionally blinded by their hatred of Trump, that they refuse to recognize how bad the Democrats are but for different reasons. So it’s clear I will not be voting in this years election just like the last two elections.

  81. Juice Box says:

    DNC Chairperson Harrison says lock your knees and stiffen your spine..(and perhaps bend over). Sleepy Joe all the way..

  82. Juice Box says:

    Our esteemed Senator from New Jersey Robert Menendez is now perhaps hours from his conviction or exoneration as the jury is now deliberating.

    If he gets off this time the Democrats should run Bob for President.

  83. Very Stable Genius says:

    Most mass media is rightwing.

    Fabius Maximus says:
    July 11, 2024 at 1:47 pm

    NYT Board Finally comes out against Donnie. They must be losing a lot of subscribers to make this U Turn.

  84. Juice Box says:

    AI comment from me, since the Fed seems worried about full employment.

    AI’s capabilities are still really unknown. Mapping an AI’s ability to actual human understanding and cognitive capability are really still far from close to human or anywhere near perfect in it’s current form. How many hit Songs or blockbuster AI generated movies so far? Sure lots of quick and dirty lyrics and some interesting adaptations of pictures or movies but really anything original yet? I haven’t really encountered it.

    For now it seems it CAN ONLY RELY on memorization via it’s training, many times copyrighted works and other things it has encountered and memorized. That isn’t always considered learning. I don’t really see it “understanding” or a general cognitive capability of the current AI models.

    Sure we lose the call center jobs first. Big businesses for now seem to be using it as an AI assistant. I know my company has bought and built a few already. Will the real gains in AI materialize as well as massive white collar job losses? Perhaps eventually…Timeline is always hard to say but the next 10 years should be very interesting.

  85. Juice Box says:

    re: “NYT Board Finally comes out against Donnie”.

    I would say very few of of his supporters read Pravda or care what comes out of a newspaper from NYC.

  86. Hold my beer says:


    That $165 plate is obscenely expensive .

    Check out the menu from this Texas chain bbq

    The super chuck wagon is 2 pounds of meat, 4 16 oz sides, six slices of Texas toast or buns and sauce. Feeds 4-6 people. $67.99

    Rudy’s is another Texas chain that’s pretty good.

  87. chicagofinance says:

    Cap Cheapo?

    I scavenged a nice monitor from a colleague. He just chucked it because the screen cover was scuffed. Do you know of a good patch kit? The display itself is tremendous, just the screen cover has two scuffs…….

  88. LAX says:

    Kamala will eviscerate Trump in a debate.

  89. OC1 says:

    I can’t move to Vegas until next Summer

    Vegas just had five days in a row of 115 degrees.
    Yesterday at 4 am it was 97.

  90. LAX says:

    It’s a “dry heat” though OC !

  91. 3b says:

    Lax: I think you should go back and listen to some of Harris s speeches from the past. Her one in France a few years ago was appallingly bad. However, you should do it when you are not smoking weed. Kamala Harris is terrible period. Any reasonable person not blinded by emotion can see that. And yes Trump is appalling as well. We know that.

  92. LAX says:

    All I need to know I see in her steely gaze and her warm embrace.

  93. 3b says:

    LAX: She is still a moron.

  94. LAX says:

    With all due respect Trump has got to be one of the ten stupidest people on the planet.

  95. OC1 says:


    Sometimes both your choices are bad. But usually, one is less bad than the other.

  96. 3b says:

    Oc1: True. But, that’s not good enough for me. I find Harris as scary as Trump. But, either or I will not be voting in this election same as the previous two elections. I am good with that decision.

  97. Jim says:

    Trump versus Dementia Joe. This is the reality NOBODY is afraid of Joe, who said Just don’t , and they all laughed at him. He told Putin don’t do it . Our country is in danger …end of story.

  98. LAX says:

    6:23 hahahaa okaaaay. Sit this one out too, that’ll help

  99. Grim says:

    The next 4 months are going to be incredibly stressful for Biden.

    I don’t see how his condition improves between today and Election Day.

    The stress, effort, will take a serious toll on him.

  100. 3b says:

    LAX: Yes, it will. It will help me. Give the American people a real choice instead of Biden or Trump , or Harris.

  101. LAX says:

    Voting is a privilege. An obligation. The very lifeblood of our democracy.
    Not doing so is simply ridiculous.

  102. BRT says:

    How long until they Ron Burgundy Biden on the teleprompter? “GO F*CK YOURSELF SAN DIEGO”.

  103. 3b says:

    LAX: Our political leaders have an obligation to provide us with leaders that we should be able to respect and be proud of. Instead we are offered a lunatic Trump, an old man who has been in Washington DC for 50 plus years no real record, and who lied and plagiarized, and had to drop out of a Presidential race in the 80’s and yet still managed to continue his political career, and finally our third choice an arrogant moron who talks like a middle school child. So based on that no moral requirement or duty to vote for any of these 3.

  104. LAX says:

    You sound like a 55 year-old bachelor that “loves women”, but just never found the right one.

  105. 3b says:

    LAX: No, I have my woman. You sound like you got a kink for women in power who wear pant suits.

  106. LAX says:

    You sound like a fucking moron.

  107. 3b says:

    LAX: I think you smoke too much weed, and have too much free time on your hands. It’s making you very angry. Not a good look, especially for a man your age.

  108. LAX says:

    Guilty as charged. But seriously, how the hell can we talk politics when you haven’t voted in a dozen years? It’s about a lot more than just one person. Elections have huge implications. Pick a side ffs.

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