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Good times on Long Island

From CBS NY: Long Island Housing Market Making A Serious Comeback Bidding wars, competition among buyers and low inventory are driving up demand for homes. And right now in our region the biggest rush for houses is on Long Island. … Continue reading

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Don’t need NY to tell us we’re cool … but it sure don’t hurt

From the NY Times: Wait, New Jersey Was Once Not Cool? New Jersey chic used to have a name: Bruce Springsteen. And that was pretty much it, at least according to the Garden State’s haughty neighbors across the Hudson River, … Continue reading

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No surprises here, big money stays in Manhattan

From Bloomberg: New York City’s Top Earners Still Choose Manhattan Over Brooklyn Brooklyn may claim the popularity contest, but Manhattan’s still home to the city’s highest earners. That’s the upshot from a Bloomberg analysis of household earnings by zip code, … Continue reading

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Foreclosures spike in NYC?

From The Real Deal: New York City foreclosures are back to financial crisis levels The number of foreclosures in the city continued to climb this year, with Staten Island and Brooklyn seeing the largest upticks in scheduled auctions. In the … Continue reading

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Come to the dark side

From CNBC: Jersey City becomes alternative to New York, but without the ‘sticker shock’ in prices Real estate prices in New York City have cooled but remain astronomically high, so Jennifer Tobias, a senior designer at the Studio Sofield design … Continue reading

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Uh Oh

From Bloomberg: Manhattan Home Sales Tumble Most Since 2009 as Buyers Push Back Home sales in Manhattan plunged by the most since the recession as buyers at all price levels drove hard bargains and were in no rush to close … Continue reading

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Who is to blame?

From the Star Ledger: Trump trying to block funding for Gateway Tunnel project President Donald Trump is trying to block federal funding for the Gateway Tunnel project even though the House has already allocated $900 million for it, according to … Continue reading

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NY jumps to the front?

From Inman: Home prices reach new peak, NY makes biggest gains According to the most recent Home Price Index (HPI) report from Black Knight, Inc., home prices in December increased .10 percent month-over-month and 6.6 percent year-over-year to $283,000 — … Continue reading

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Keep Manhattan, just give me that countryside

From the Real Deal: Why increasing numbers of New Yorkers are calling it quits on city life According to realtors, there’s a great exodus from New York City that can be measured in New Jersey commuters. Over the past 25 … Continue reading

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Looks like we got a loophole

From Bloomberg: State Tax Workarounds Could Mean $154 Billion Lost to Treasury New York state lawmakers could punch a $50.6 billion hole in the federal government’s budget by revamping their state income tax. If California followed the same approach, its … Continue reading

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In foreclosure … for 10 years

From Curbed: In 2017, NYC foreclosures reached its highest level since 2009 Foreclosures have been on the rise across New York City for a while now but in 2017, the number of cases hit its highest peak in eight years. … Continue reading

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Where’s our pork?

From the NYT: On Tax Bill, It’s Trump vs. His Hometown When President Trump returned to his hometown on Saturday for a day of fund-raisers, his third and final check-collecting stop was the Park Avenue home of Stephen A. Schwarzman, … Continue reading

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Sorry about your home prices

From the NY Times: How New Yorkers Would Lose Under the Republican Tax Bill The tax bill approved by the Senate is many things, offering a huge tax cut for corporations, lower rates for the wealthy, and a big victory … Continue reading

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New life into old suburbs?

From LoHud: Study: NYC suburbs could use 250K more transit-oriented homes The solution to rising housing prices in the New York metro area could be the addition of 250,000 homes to the city’s suburbs over the next 20 years, according … Continue reading

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What does your soul get you in NJ?

From the New Yorker: What a Faustian Bargain Gets You in New York’s Real-Estate Market In the New York real-estate market, where stratospheric prices continue to climb, a pact with Satan just doesn’t get you what it once did. Sure, … Continue reading

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