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Wave is coming, but how big?

From the Record: New York Fed predicts NJ bank repossessions will rise The number of New Jersey homes repossessed by lenders may increase by 49 percent, and maybe by as much as 140 percent, by the end of 2013, depending … Continue reading

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Housing in the post-boomer world

From HousingWire: Housing goes back in time as boomers hit retirement Housing will never return to pre-crisis levels with baby boomers aging and the next generation lacking the population numbers to support the credit and homeownership expansion that occurred in … Continue reading

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Should you test drive before you buy?

From the NYT: Trial by Rental The desire to test-drive the suburbs by renting is understandable. For most families, buying a house is the largest investment they will ever make. In a time of economic uncertainty, with employment continuing to … Continue reading

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Sunny at the Shore?

From the APP: Bidding wars, rebounding prices signal the Jersey Shore real estate market is coming back Shortly after it came on the market, Michelle M. Johnson and her husband rushed to put in a bid on an old, three-bedroom … Continue reading

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Government jobs to blame for the 9.9% unemployment rate?

From Bloomberg: N.J.’s Vanished Public Jobs Impede Economic Recovery, Study Says New Jersey’s economic recovery is hindered by the elimination of 61,200 local and state government jobs and Republican Governor Chris Christie’s spending cuts, according to a report issued today. … Continue reading

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Is housing sentiment starting to shift?

From CNN/Money: Economists: Housing recovery finally here It’s been a long time coming, but economists surveyed by CNNMoney believe the nation’s housing market has finally turned the corner. Of the 14 economists who answered questions about home prices in the … Continue reading

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Morgan Stanley: All clear on the housing front

From HousingWire: Morgan Stanley declares housing out of the woods Investment house Morgan Stanley is pretty confident about the housing recovery. In fact, even with mortgage servicing regulation coming and decisions on qualified mortgages forthcoming, Morgan Stanley believes the housing … Continue reading

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Obama: Congress standing in the way of the housing recovery

From the Hill: Obama calls on Congress to pass refinancing bill President Obama urged Congress on Saturday to pass a refinancing bill to provide a boost to the gradually recovering housing market. In his weekly address, the president argued that … Continue reading

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