Northeast Holds Out

From Forbes:

Pending Home Sales See Surprise Rebound In May, But Experts Warn Housing Market Is ‘Undergoing A Transition’

Pending home sales, which measure signed contracts on previously owned and existing properties, unexpectedly rose slightly in May, up 0.7% compared to April and surprising analysts who were largely expecting a drop of up to 4%. 

Home sales were strongest in the Northeast (up roughly 15%), while other regions like the Midwest and West both saw declines of 1.7% and 5%, respectively.

Pending home sales were still nearly 14% lower than they were a year ago—with year-over-year declines in all major regions as buyers have had to contend with rising mortgage rates in 2022.

The average interest rate on the popular 30-year fixed mortgage home loan now sits at nearly 6%, not far off from its highest levels since the 2008 financial crisis.

Though mortgage rates have been shooting up this year, they moderated somewhat in May, which helps explain the surprise increase in pending home sales: The average rate on a 30-year fixed mortgage rose as high as 5.6% in early May before closing out the month at 5.25%, according to Mortgage News Daily.

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  1. Ex says:


  2. dentss dunnigan says:

    No Commet

  3. Fast Eddie says:

    In and around the surrounding towns by me, I still see houses listed go up for sale and almost just as quickly, the ‘Under Contract’ tag replaces it. It’s a matter of a few days at best. When word goes out that a house is for sale, it’s like a swarm converges. Current interest rates and price appear to have zero effect at this point. I think you’d need a sea of listings to make a dent. Otherwise, the Northeast seems to be insulated.

  4. Old realtor says:

    Real estate market around here is still in the stage of final rush to buy. Trying to buy before rates go even higher. Last stage before the eventual slowdown.

  5. Fast Eddie says:

    Real estate market around here is still in the stage of final rush to buy. Trying to buy before rates go even higher. Last stage before the eventual slowdown.

    It’ll be interesting to see. If the inventory levels stay low, it would suggest these houses still sell in a flash and at close to asking? I saw a few houses that looked really shabby from the curb and they were gone just as quickly! Your experience in this industry obviously counts for a lot so we’ll see what happens into the fall.

  6. Libturd says:

    I agree with Old Realtor.

    There is no way that the last 20% doesn’t blow off like a mobile home in the path of a tornado.

  7. 3b says:

    Fast: At some point, it does, rates are higher, mortgage payment higher.

  8. 3b says:

    Lib: Agreed, that last 20 percent will be gone. Just like a tornado as you say.

  9. crushednjmillenial says:

    The other side of the coin, though, is that to blow 20% off, you are lowering prices in the same proportion as the GFC.

    And, with high inflation, new construction (which competes with existing home sales) costs more. And, if wages are increasing due to inflation, then the amount of nominal home price that a buyer can purchase is increasing (althought counteracted by higher interest rates and eventually higher property tax).

    Will house prices go down in NJ by 20% in real terms? Sure, easy to see. In nominal?

    Don’t get me wrong – I’ve seen the open houses at small multis with MUCH less attendance compared to two months ago. I understand that demand is declining. I suppose I just am extrapolating that inflation out as huge driver of everything for a while.

  10. crushednjmillenial says:

    Jared Bernstein is on the national council of economic advisors for the POTUS. Or, some similar title.

    He was on CNBC this morning. He was asked if energy policies over the last 20 years are really what is behind current high energy prices (i.e., maybe too much green dreams is hurting us today). Bernstein agrees, but then he just still needs to circle back to climate change being so important to fight against.

    I’m surprised a memo hasn’t gone out inside the DNC saying something like “drop climate change talking points. Immediately. Until further notice.”

  11. Old realtor says:

    Just to be clear, I am not predicting a 20% price drop in our area. Not excluding it either. Just don’t have a clear feeling on how much prices will be impacted at this point.

  12. Fast Eddie says:

    There is no way that the last 20% doesn’t blow off like a mobile home in the path of a tornado.

    If it does, it’s going to take a few years. And as was mentioned above, is it in real terms or otherwise?

  13. 3b says:

    Fast: The 20 percent rise in a year was unprecedented, so a 20 percent drop could happen just as quickly. Unprecedented on the price increase side, but can’t be unprecedented on the price decrease side? Time will tell, but the party is over.

  14. Trick says:

    House two doors down has a coming soon sign out, listed low 5’s, these have been selling at high 5’s low 6’s. Let’s see how many are waiting on the lawn come Saturday when it is open. If it is quiet then we know the market is changing. At least out here

  15. Bystander says:

    Let’s be realistic – 30 y rates were still 3.25-3.5 from Jan – March. You get a 90 day lock and people still buying with low rates into June. You won’t see real slow down until Jun/Jul/Aug numbers when buyers got that 4/5/6 30 y handles.

  16. The Great Pumpkin says:

    I was on this way before Burry. Of course Jim and Face put me down for it, and called me the village idiot. Rates are going to 1970s…sure. Deflation is the real battle…i have pounded this for the past 2 years while everyone cried about inflation going back to the 1970s. Dream on.

    “This supply glut at retail is the Bullwhip Effect. Google it. Worth understanding for your investing endeavors. Deflationary pulses from this- -> disinflation in CPI later this year –> Fed reverses itself on rates and QT –> Cycles.”

  17. Bystander says:

    Back to real issue at hand, impromptu Jan 6th hearing today to present new evidence against the orange protector of ‘white life’. Mark Meadows aide to testify. Again, all made up stuff by RINOs,

  18. Chicago says:

    Grim called the top in September 2005 which, given a lot of the suburban price conditions that eventually unfolded, was correct. That said, it really didn’t crack apart until 2007. So anything happening that is so dramatic as to be visible in 2022 would be nothing short of an implosion. Implosion? We don’t have broken credit markets yet.

    Old realtor says:
    June 28, 2022 at 8:40 am
    Just to be clear, I am not predicting a 20% price drop in our area. Not excluding it either. Just don’t have a clear feeling on how much prices will be impacted at this point.

  19. BRT says:

    Lib, it’s a Whitehouse Italian day for me today

  20. Libturd says:

    Down in AC?

    A couple of great finds for you. The bar pie at the Baltimore Grill, plus it’s a great dive bar to hang in.

    Tony Baloneys, hipster Italian Fusion (up by Ocean).

    Dock’s for seafood.

    Longo’s for Italian.

    Lot’s of mediocre establishments in the casinos themselves.

    Dare you to get the Whitehouse Special. It’s only $1 more, but you can’t fit your mouth around it.

  21. Bystander says:

    That’s exactly correct, left. All of this because Jeebus lovers are fearful of after-life and these restrictions will get them into pearly gates. Try to cover it up as state freedom but ultimately this is religious state persecution of women. I can’t think of anything that directly attacks a person’s freedom than a state to forcing birth or prosecuting for attempting to end pregnancy.

  22. Bystander says:

    sorry, Lib not left. I am sure that is coming though

  23. Libturd says:

    Rape babies are in the Constitution.

  24. Libturd says:

    My home goes up for a second time (long story to be shared after it sells) next weekend (most likely).

    Should also be a pretty good litmus test. Especially because I have offers from February to compare with now.

  25. Libturd says:

    My multi in Montclair that is.

  26. No One says:

    Jared Bernstein is a hard left ideologue with very little understanding of how an economy actually works. He was chosen for the council of economic advisors not because of his economic understanding, but because he bolstered the leftist faction’s power. Bloomberg news has been eagerly allowing this progressive hack to spread his propaganda. Half the time I watch/listen to Bloomberg over the past few years it’s promoting some woke/green narrative, and he’s one of the enablers. Let’s make fun of his worthless degrees:
    “Bernstein graduated with a bachelor’s degree in music from the Manhattan School of Music where he studied double bass with Orin O’Brien. He also earned a Master of Social Work from Hunter College as well as a master’s degree in philosophy and a PhD in social welfare from Columbia University.”

  27. Juice Box says:

    Lib – Bored? What no more Montclair home to hawk?

    What is the status? Do you need any crisis actors to pack and open house??

  28. Fast Eddie says:

    Below is directly from msnbc.c0m. At least they’re being honest and calling it for what it is, a drama series:

    Over the course of its five roughly two-hour segments, the committee has been putting on a prestige television show — one that plays with a nonlinear timeline. If the chaos of the Jan. 6 assault on the U.S. Capitol was the opening sequence of the show’s pilot, each subsequent episode has focused on unfolding the layers that contributed to the attack.

    It’s made for a rich drama so far. But unfortunately it doesn’t take long for the news cycle to move on, even before the committee has been able to present its metaphorical season finale. There’s also the risk of losing control of the tightly crafted narrative that the panel has labored to produce.

    Yes, it’s the J6 Committee, in theaters now!! Russia! Russia! Russia! I mean, erecti0n! erecti0n! erecti0n!

  29. Juice Box says:

    Uber and Hertz now leasing lots of Teslas for drivers. They have a million gig drivers in the USA too..

    “From Bloomberg

    Some Uber and Lyft drivers are finding that renting or buying a Tesla, the luxury electric car, is a more profitable option now amid soaring gas prices that have upended the economics of gig work.

    Last summer, Heidi Barnes, 34, thought about upgrading her beloved 2009 Toyota Camry, which she nicknamed “The Beast,” for a sleek Tesla Inc. Model 3 sedan. The Lancaster, California-based driver never imagined that the high-end vehicle would become less of a splurge and more like a last resort until the average price for a gallon of gas in the US surpassed $4 for the first time in March. Almost overnight, a full tank went from costing Barnes roughly $60 to a day to more than $100, making it harder to make a decent profit from ferrying passengers around Los Angeles County. “It was a huge push to get in a Tesla sooner rather than later,” Barnes said.

    Barnes opted to rent a standard Tesla Model 3 for a month through Hertz, which has a deal with Uber Technologies Inc. offering drivers a weekly rate of $344 that includes insurance, basic maintenance, and unlimited miles. Even after accounting for the cost to charge the car, Barnes was paying roughly $450 a week for “the car of her dreams,” less than the nearly $600 required to fuel her Camry. In her first week, Barnes’ earnings covered the cost of the rental for the month.

    Her new ride is also a hit with passengers. “They’re a lot more generous,” Barnes said. “Usually I’m lucky to get $1 to $3 tips but it’s now $10 or $15, sometimes consecutively.” In total, she netted over $2,600 during her 25-day rental, more than double the $800 to $1,000 she typically made from driving the “Beast,” according to screenshots of earnings she provided to Bloomberg. ”

    “Since launching its partnership with Hertz in November, Uber has seen more than 15,000 drivers rent a Tesla. “Participation has been really compelling,” Adam Gromis, Uber’s public policy manager for sustainability, said in an interview. “Drivers are smart and they know how to maximize their take-home pay.” Uber has about 1 million Uber drivers in the US, according to The Rideshare Guy, a website dedicated to the ride-share industry.”

  30. Juice Box says:

    Ed – “doesn’t take long for the news cycle to move on”

    Ukraine anyone?

    The Mob is fickle.

  31. Fast Eddie says:


    Yeah, as if Ukraine doesn’t exist. Remember covid? RvW is already in the rear view mirror. What “tragedy” will the left come up with next? Is democracy still hanging in the balance?

  32. Bystander says:


    There is fake drama like the orange mook’s Apprentice and there is truth drama like fact that he tried to overturn election. Putting it on TV does not make it less true, particularly when it Barr, Ivanka, Donoghue, Rosen and R after R clearing testifying that crazed moron tried every unconstitutional tactic possible to promote Big Lie. I know you will never get there though.

  33. Juice Box says:

    Congress hired James Goldston, the former president of ABC News to produce the Jan 6th show. It is now by definition reality TV folks, it’s written and directed and produced now for maximum drama and eyeballs.

    We all know there was a mix of bad people and well fools down there on the 6th. 840 people have been arrested and charged out of the estimated 2,000 rioters that entered the building.

    Congress will be in recess for summer vacation by August, so we get a break, but come September we shall have many more months of trials and convictions in the courts and news cycle leading up to the next election. If they are going after Trump with federal criminal charges they have a whole lot of time to build a case with witnesses who will cut deals to lessen jail time and they have plenty of time to do it.

  34. Bystander says:


    What more do you need to know other than aide testifying that Gaetz, Brooks, Biggs, Goehmert and others asked her to assist with pardons? This was Mark Meadows aide, not some D plant..geezus.

  35. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Love this place…been around forever for a reason.

    “Dock’s for seafood.”

  36. BRT says:

    Lib Docks is on the radar but in with 4 people that don’t eat seafood. One day

  37. Juice Box says:

    Bystander – re : “What more do you need to know ”

    Well plenty for starters. I am not a voter for any of those people or a member of their party, but there are some bigger constitutional concerns with pardons overall.

    They were either panicking or advised by legal counsel that there is a genuine risk of prosecution, so they should ask for a pardon. I err on the side of panic here since well Trump was gone in just a few short days on January 20th.

    Proclamation 4311 (Nixon’s preemptive pardon) on September 8, 1974 is getting close to 50 years now. We should find out once and for all if it was legitimate with the court’s ruling.

    It’s too bad Trump did not pardon himself or others, this really would be a nice court testfor sure. Preempting a prosecution for crimes that have not even been identified much less charged? Nobody should have that power. The idea of the pardon is you were guilty but let off early, not completely off the hook like a preemptive pardon would grant.

  38. Juice Box says:

    Bystander – The DOJ prosecutors have a conundrum with Trump. The law is not clear here, and has not been tested in courts. The main question may not be is do they have enough evidence to charge Trump with crimes. They will attempt to stick him with the same charge that has worked well in court so far for the rest of the Jan 6th defendants, and with hundreds of prosecutions they are I gather hoping for a rulings NOW against these defendants that will be in the favor when challenged by Trump’s lawyers.

    Obstruction of an Official Proceeding.. The federal prosecutors will have to believe that the courts will not overrule their argument that inducing another person to violate a legal duty in relation to an official proceeding (Pence certifying) meets the definition of acting with an unlawful purpose.

    From what I have read it has not been fully tested. We shall see as this will play on well into the 2024 election cycle.

  39. Juice Box says:

    So we blocked gold imports from Russia? That will teach them!!!

    Why do we even bother importing that relic at all? Federal Reserve holds billions of ounces of that useless relic sitting in vaults in NYC and Ft. Knox that really have no purpose at all and very well will be there a long time after we are all dead and buried.

  40. Juice Box says:

    Car-flation here to stay as well, prices will not be dropping even when the chip shortage is over, and that has no end in sight.

    “Overall, the average price paid for an electric vehicle in the U.S. in May was up 22% from a year earlier, at about $54,000, according to J.D. Power. By comparison, the average paid for an internal-combustion vehicle increased 14% in that period, to about $44,400.”

  41. Bystander says:


    I completely agree with you on pardon system. Used and abused for too long on both sides.

    That would be outside panel view but again it simply shows that the Big lie colluders knew prosecution was outcome and asked for Dumpy’s get out of jail free card in advance. Sick.

  42. Bystander says:


    This will be going for years. Any sane person would like to Raffensperger call and put guy in jail, ..except cult who will mans-plain false interpretation for the big Orange baby. It is there – jail threats, asking him to find votes..cmon.

  43. Ex says:

    Good Luck Lib!! Lot’s of litmus coming.

  44. Fast Eddie says:

    No one is testifying, they’re offering coached opinions for the TV show. There’s no cross-questioning, it’s a one-sided washout aimed of jilted, jaded, resentful, angry heavyset, unattractive and bitter muppets.

  45. Ex says:

    However, even as investors piled into the housing market, many real estate insiders over the past two years hesitated to attribute much, if any, of the boom to investors. In their view, numerous factors drove the housing frenzy. Historically low mortgage rates, spurred by the Federal Reserve’s response to the COVID-19 recession, attracted all types of buyers. That included white-collar professionals who saw their jobs transition to remote during the pandemic and were eager to ditch apartments in places like San Francisco and Boston for homes in markets like Boise and Tampa. The pandemic also coincided with the five-year window (between 2019 and 2023) when millennials born during the generation’s five largest birth years (between 1989 and 1993) would hit the peak first-time homebuying age of 30. That elevated demand simply overwhelmed the supply side: Housing inventory, which was already trending downward before the pandemic struck, fell to a 40-year low during the boom.


  46. Ex says:


    In the first quarter of 2022, investors made up a record 28% of single-family home sales, according to a report published last week by the Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies. That’s up from 19% in the first quarter of 2021. It’s also far above the 16% that investors made up of single-family home sales between 2017 and 2019. (To conduct the analysis, the Harvard researchers analyzed home sale data collected by CoreLogic.)

    The investor bull rush into the housing market was the most pronounced in fast-growing markets in the U.S. South and West, according to the Harvard researchers. That finding is backed up by a separate Redfin analysis, which looked at all home sales (unlike Harvard’s single-family homes analysis). In the first quarter of 2022, investors made up a staggering 33.1% of home sales in Atlanta. Not far behind was Jacksonville (32.3%), Charlotte (32.3%), Phoenix (29.0%), and Miami (28.2%). Those same markets are also among the nation’s most “overvalued” housing markets that are at risk of seeing a home price decline, according to Moody’s Analytics.

  47. Bystander says:

    Well Ed, if it is a meaningless sham with no testimony then why is Barr throwing Dumpy under bus and laughing at him now. If he one of the heavy-set angry muppets, coached by Ds? Your logic is not too strong.

  48. Bystander says:

    Cue the mental gymnastics about how everyone else is to blame except Don..truly a laugh.

  49. Bystander says:

    Cassie Hutchinson is a babe..and a patriot coming to the light side.

  50. Bystander says:

    Just a light link for your afternoon. Wish comments feature was on. Some big footage coming today.

  51. Fast Eddie says:

    “Hey pal, it’s Dad,” Joe Biden says in the audio. “It’s 8:15 on Wednesday night. If you get a chance, just give me a call. Nothing urgent. I just wanted to talk to you.”

    Biden continues: “I thought the article released online, it’s going to be printed tomorrow in the Times, was good. I think you’re clear. And anyway if you get a chance, give me a call, I love you.”

    The voicemail was retrieved from a cellphone backup located on Hunter Biden’s discarded laptop.

    The audio seemingly contradicts President Biden’s repeated claims that he ever talked with his son about his overseas business dealings.”

  52. Bystander says:

    Wow, she stood, raised her hand and swore that she would tell truth or risk perjury. I would almost say she is testifying..

  53. Bystander says:

    Next hearing Ed…not a cult member. Go after Joe and Hunter sometime. Let’s focus on orange jumpsuit to match sprayed Orange hair.

  54. Fast Eddie says:


    Will you be watching the cross-examinations as well?

  55. SmallGovConservative says:

    Bystander says:
    June 28, 2022 at 12:59 pm
    “Well Ed, if it is a meaningless sham with no testimony …Cue the mental gymnastics about how everyone else is to blame except Don…”

    I really worry about Bi’s mental health if/when Trump (or DeSantis) wins in ’24. And how does a self-proclaimed, irreplaceable project manager spend two hours in the middle of the day doing his best Punkin impression by machine-gunning post after post about the evil T — and still claim to be under-appreciated? Maybe you should ditch banking, where I assume they expect you to get something done every now and then, and see if there’s an opening for another stooge on Kamala’s staff.

  56. Bystander says:

    Scared, Small? I would be to if a cult member with no defense other than own warped, bias mind. DeSantis can beat Trump, dipsh*t.

  57. Bystander says:

    Liz Cheney is strong R so yes bi-partisan. Cross-examine Trump’s family and entire staff testifying against Big Lie..sure. Big Lie colluders ran away as usual play when faced with MAGA insanity parade

  58. No One says:

    Cathie’s act is now that she “was wrong on one thing” – inflation. That’s a diversion from the reality that she was actually wrong on a lot of things, from being excessively optimistic about forecasts for the companies she owns, and about having no realistic valuation discipline. If your investment process depends upon you getting inflation forecasts right, then you don’t have much of an investment process. In economic forecasting, nobody reliably predicts the big surprises.

  59. Fast Eddie says:

    What’s the result of Pelosi’s testimony when asked why she refused to station the National Guard ahead of the demonstration? I searched but can’t find her testimony.

  60. SmallGovConservative says:

    Bystander says:
    June 28, 2022 at 1:22 pm
    “I would be to if a cult member with no defense…”

    Take deep breath, Bi.

    But Bi’s frantic posts are very interesting in that they illustrate just how much emotion Dems have invested in the J6 sham hearings being able to stop T from stomping SlowJoe in ’24. Face it Bi, you voted for the worst prez in modern history; there literally is not a single competent person in his entire admin. Barring another mail-in sham, the Biden nightmare will be terminated in two years and you’ll be relegated to donning your pink-hat and screaming at the sky again.

  61. Fast Eddie says:

    Oh, and how I love when the s0cialist democrats use the word ‘Patriot’ to describe their ilk. That’s like calling H1tler a humanitarian.

  62. BRT says:

    I’ll add to that by saying the only way you could generate her 2020 returns was through absolutely irresponsible all in balls to the wall investing in a bubblicious environment. Buying HOOD wasn’t a single mistake. It was dozens because she doubled down every time. Same goes for every other stock

  63. Bystander says:

    Ahh, Nancy directs National guard now..the swallowed lies know no bounds.

    Why are you here, Small? Should you not be on recruiting trail with Schiano making Rutgers great again (or for first time)? Always backing those winning horses..hah

  64. Bystander says:

    “That’s like calling H1tler a humanitarian.”

    Pretty sure, Big Lie / “white life” supporter Congresswoman Miller actually said last year.

  65. Fast Eddie says:

    You hear that sound? It’s another voter switching their affiliation to the Republican party.

  66. Bystander says:

    OMG, Cassie the patriot testifying that she heard Trump tried to choke out United States Assistant Attorney General Engel in presidential limo. hah..

    No more comments from me on this. Too rich.

  67. BidenIsTheGOAT says:

    This looks like an attempt by old boomer types to remain relevant following the radical takeover of their party. No one cares.

  68. BidenIsTheGOAT says:

    No one except for the people who fell for Russia collusion, thought fauci was trustworthy etc. The dupes and true believers.

  69. Fast Eddie says:

    Cassie the patriot wannabe Kardashian…

    Fixed it. I just watched replays of “key” moments of this chick’s “testimony” on the msnbc website. For those of you raised in the suburbs and weened on naivete, this woman is straight out of the Amber Heard school of drama. Yes and No answers shouldn’t be garnished with decorative detail. She’s giving herself away.

  70. Libturd says:

    Ho hum.

    Same chart, stock price is right on the line. So what you thought was the start of the recovery is really just the return to the average slope of the line that I drew back in November. Interestingly enough, the price is so low and a few months have passed that you can see the line on the chart representing the typical 8% a year return that the market is famous for. It’s that purple one all the way at the bottom. Technically, the Nasdaq should only be worth $2,800 unless something is different with the Nasdaq than the S&P500. Well besides the fact that most Nasdaq companies don’t pay dividends. Did I just say that?

  71. Libturd says:


    You ought to give me props. I’m right like 99% of the time.

    Remember this one?

  72. Libturd says:

    Ef it. Dumb site often doesn’t like links.

  73. Bystander says:

    Hah, are a cult member but at least you have sense of humor.

  74. crushednjmillenial says:

    If Dems believe MAGA is a threat to democracy, then why are D-aligned groups advertising for the MAGA candidates against Establishment candidates in R primaries?

    One would imagine that if MAGA was so dangerous, all D efforts would be to pull the country away from MAGA candidates at every level.

    To be clear, Dem-aligned groups are funding MAGA R’s in their battles against Cruz-Bush R’s. Another sign of the cynicism at play here by the D’s as they keep the bright lines shining on the Jan. 6 hearings.

  75. BRT says:

    I pointed out all the scientific sins of Fauci and the greater medical and academic establishments in real time the past two years. Some are finally saying and confirming the truth. Most have developed nesia and pretended they didn’t say things.
    Others are trying to rewrite history as if they were on the right side of it.

    The truth was always in the raw data and published literature, we just chose to ignore it for the sake of following our unelected health authorities.

    Most recent paper in nature confirms everything I said last year.

  76. OC1 says:

    I think that has been known for quite a while (I certainly knew it, as did the CDC); that Nature paper just refines the estimated risk.

    But myo/pericarditis (and lot’s of other bad things) are also caused by covid (even in young people).

    To understand the risk/reward ratio of vaccination, you have to compare vax risks vs covid risks.

  77. BRT SticksToPhysics YouAreNotTimeTraveller says:


    You might have a great collection of PDFs, that might or might not have the validity, just like about how the Trumpman was cheated on election night.

    But as one of the ones in duty both in NYC and in NJ hospitals. With one big hospital having over 210 people on ventilators, a cardiac arrest an hour, 1-2 intubations an hour, low equipment, skilled and unskilled staff (over 30 janitors quit).

    Everyone in the command chain, from shift supervisor to governor had to make tough decisions and can’t be blamed. A limited blame goes to the Trump the traitor for making it a vulgar monetary and adulatory profit seeking event.

    What you want in your 20/20 rear view mirror; would have let to people dying in front of their families. Which of course would have let to legal issues and outright violence. Trust me when I tell you that so many people were paranoid that talking to family members included the normal social greetings and a cloak veiled threat from families.

    Initially in ER it came down short of breath, can’t breath, aggressive and confused, unconscious, pulse less. All within a hour if no intervention. Stretch that process to days and weeks with intervention.

    You should stop your Monday morning “ I knew it” quarterbacking. You were not there and were not in the battle. If it happens again I’ll offer you a volunteer assignment operating the IPads’ FaceTime as the relatives say good bye and I pulled the plug afterwards.

  78. BRT says:

    First, post under your name. 2nd you obviously have no idea what I was even referring to. Third, my grad schools research was in antiviral HIV therapies.

  79. Juice Box says:

    That was some testimony from Hutchinson today. She she saw a broken White House porcelain plate in the White House dining room.

    All hearsay but pretty riveting for today’s Jan 6th Reality TV production.

    “The valet had articulated that the president was extremely angry at the Attorney General’s AP interview and had thrown his lunch against the wall,” Hutchinson said.

    “Such tantrums were not uncommon by Trump” she said.

    “There were several times throughout my tenure with the chief of staff that I was aware of either him throwing dishes or flipping the tablecloth to let all the contents of the table go onto the floor and likely break or go everywhere,” Hutchinson said.

    Also testified she heard (hearsay) that he lunged from the steering wheel in the “Beast” and attempted to choke Secret Service when they would not take him to the Capitol and instead took him to the White House against his orders.

  80. Very Stable Genius says:

    Trump on January 6, 2021:

    (Choking Sec Service Agent)

    “Take me to the Capitol Now”

    Secret Service:
    “Sir you need to take your hand off the limo steering wheel” …& my neck!

  81. Juice Box says:

    How does one grab the steering wheel from the back of the “beast” anyway?

    There is protective glass and armor, it’s not like it’s the back seat of a honda civic and it’s 3 feet away.

  82. Bystander says:

    She just top R aide for Mark Meadows and the Orange goon, who sat 20 ft from oval office. What does she know? Clearly a dem stooge. Man, we are good. Q will have some interesting theories on Cassie. Is she a lizard person? Wait and see what the cult says.

  83. Libturd says:

    Research is making a clear point. You have a much greater chance of developing heart problems, including myocarditis, if you contract COVID-19 compared with getting a COVID-19 vaccine.

    Plus, nearly ALL of the cases of Myocarditis and Pericarditis, especially in kids, was extremely mild. 98.6% I think. Again, almost a statistically insignificant number of myocarditis deaths occurred. I think zero in the United States.

    I don’t like getting the flu. I especially don’t want Covid. A little care in masking when spending extended periods of time with large numbers of strangers is worth it to me. Again, nearly no one did. Regardless of a mandate or not. To this day, I look around the airport and 9 out of 10 people are still wearing nearly useless cloth masks. I’m cool with the vaccine and boosters. I know they have saved millions of lives. I also know that their effectiveness varies with different strains and is most effective for about four months. Definitely. We should fault the Fauci’s and Berx’ for doing a piss-poor job informing the population of these facts. I really wish more time was spent on the sharing of newfound information instead of on politicizing. Smart people did their own research. Most people play the lottery. Smart people don’t. And there lies the largest problem.

    Seems pretty straightforward to me. I’ll wear my KN95 on the flight to SFO tonight and then the short jump to RNO. It will be worn properly and is of extremely high quality and verified by independent research. Everyone else can risk getting sick a few days after we land. That is their option. As is playing a lottery where they are more likely to get struck by lightning twice in their lifetime than winning.

  84. Juice Box says:

    Very Stable Genius or Bystander or BiPolar.

    Who paid for the five attorneys that marched in and out with Hutchinson anyway?

    It really is a top notch production James Goldston will get a top job at Netflix or Amazon after this one.

  85. Juice Box says:

    The original Pfizer vaccine was great. Now not so much, latest variants apparently bypass it almost completely.

    Look we bought and paid for billions doses of an older vaccine, now in cold storage. They need to reformulate, but alas that is not in the cards it seems. Here we are almost July 2022, they renamed it Comirnaty (must have been some study group on that name) but it is still mostly the same formulation for the spike protein.

    Pony up..This fall new formulation. You will need two doses, and no it’s not paid for.

  86. Bystander says:


    Don’t be an idiot. Barr, Ivanka, Rosen, Donoghue all part of cabinet testified that big lie was insane construction by Don’s warped brain. You then have AZ and GA Rs testifying that Prez/Rudy called them to put in fake delegates and overturn election. AGs being threatened and shuffled around they did not say election was corrupt. Now, you want every to believe these people are Dem stooges. Cassie is just cherry on top. Don’t be that guy.

  87. Libturd says:


    I am aware. Profit, sadly, is driving a lot of this nonsense. And yes, the two newest variants appear somewhat less resistant to the original vaccines when it comes to stopping infection, but apparently still stop serious infection.

  88. Ex says:

    1:46 lighten up Francis.

  89. crushednjmillenial says:

    4:38 on covid in the ER . . .

    After May 1, 2020, Red States stopped shutting down businesses. So, for example, you could get your hair cut at a barber shop indoors with a mask on.

    Before May 1, 2020, any shutdown was pretty much fine. Six weeks of shutdowns did not cause all the economic and other problems arising from covid. It was the blue state nonsense after May 1 or May 15 or June 1, 2020, and the media narratives that lingered far after that date.

    Despite the Red States opening up on May 1, 2020, ONLY 1 million Americand died form Covid. Less than 1% of the population. Overwhelming majority were old or sick. In exchange for maybe saving 1 million 80+year old Americans, maybe, we spent $5T, caused rip-roaring inflation and might have seeded the ground for an actual economic disaster (something worse than GFC that might derail the normal economy). Maybe not, though . . . maybe the US can actually carry $50T of federal debt and the world’s economic system won’t break.

    But I know one thing . . . the powers that be that followed Fauci put us all at risk for an economic disaster. Our current economic system is not perfect, but as we march forward in time, we get new medicine, new tech that raises our standard of living as humankind. The morality in our system is that if you compare 1900 to 1980 to 1990 to 2000 to 2010 to 2019, you would rather be born in the later date, if you have any sense. New fireproof materials keeping you safe. New automobile sensors that mean you avoid the crash that would have given you lifelong pain. New lifestyle trends that make it easier to lvie a healthier life (a Whole Foods in all mid-sized US metros rather than a rare whacky Austin thing). Globally, pre-Covid, we got starvation and food insecurity as low as was ever true historically as a percentage of the population, and did so with 8B humans on Earth.

    The Fauci followers might have jeopardized that. Maybe not and the US can carry $70T of federal debt. We will know in a few years if it was worth giving 1 million Amercian 80 year olds an extra few years in the nursing home.

  90. Juice Box says:

    Lib if you are going to Reno on a comp in July make you get Kevin Hart Tickets, He is there for two days.. 1st and 2nd… I would say if you are way up Rainman go for that comp if you can he is fking funny.

  91. Boomer Remover says:

    Juice — It wasn’t the beast, rather it was the SUV which they’ve used many times. The video if the SUV driving away was played during the hearing. I watched in picture in picture while billing hours today.

  92. JUice Box says:

    Bystander – idiot? keep it clean I am a fool long before idiot…

    Did Donny grab the steering wheel through the steel and glass wall or not? You do know what hearsay and perjury is right? She is a nice looking young woman that did not see it directly. You do understand that right? They can subpoena the rest involved to get to the truth but won’t. Mark that one down…get to the truth they have subpoena power and all.

  93. Boomer Remover says:

    and yeah, Juice — Don’t be that guy. I am happy to tick the rep box, but DJT is a moron who commanded an army of morons. Go read DJT’s unhinged Twitter feed today. Barr didn’t mince words and he’s not a moron like his boss.

  94. Juice Box says:

    Bystander – It’s actually called the ” SUV version of the Beast”

    Truth now use reason vs the political lens. The 75-year-old former president attempted to wrestle the steering wheel through a glass and steel wall of his SUV from a Secret Service agent.

    Perhaps there is video evidence, does look pretty armored and well I don’t know for sure perhaps we can subpoena it?

  95. Boomer Remover says:

    here’s the clip:

    but yes, she did claim it was the beast, when a distinction should have been made. I believe the same SUV that drove him from the hospital post covid. Agents wore full PPE.

  96. Juice Box says:

    You folks are really really glued to this, that just means it’s working.

    Look it’s not everyday we have a cross between professional media and Hollywood and well the folks that work for the government and usually do the congressional broadcast production. Whomever pitched this to Nancy Pelosi will get an award eventually.

    It’s a great product so far millions and millions of views.

    Just don’t forget who the audience is.. I don’t consider any of you idiots, heck I will take the title for myself. Wake me up when the Secret Service Agent who was driving the SUV/beast and the dining room busboy testifies.

  97. Bystander says:


    Seriously, how many former Trump staff members have to come out before you. She also testified that Rudy Colludy and Meadows asked for pardons and stated that she heard Meadows says “you heard the president. Pence deserves it (to be hung)”

    Geez, even Cavuto and Brett Baier on Faux News are talking how damaging this is and she was under oath. Do you really want to be crazier than Faux News?

    Former Trump director of the Office of Management and Budget Mick Mulvaney Tuesday said he believes former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson after her explosive testimony against former President Donald Trump in a January 6 Committee hearing.

    “My guess is that before this is over, we will be hearing testimony from Ornato, Engle, (sic) and Meadows,” Mulvaney said of the three biggest characters in Hutchinson’s testimony.

    “I know her. I don’t think she is lying.”

  98. Boomer Remover says:

    The hearing is a misguided attempt at getting the low IQ’s to see the light, it most certainly not aimed at those who, like me, waived their hand at the DJT shyt show some time ago.

    This effort is misguided. It turns out there’s no swaying stupid. People see this and still believe the big stolen election lie, clutching their copy of 2k Mules.

  99. OC1 says:

    “Did Donny grab the steering wheel through the steel and glass wall or not?”

    The diagram of the limo in that DailyMail link you posted earlier says that the president has a switch to lower the glass partition.

    So he certainly could have tried to grab the wheel.

  100. Bystander says:


    How does this also align with Trump saying “And after this, we’re going to walk down, and I’ll be there with you” The cult thinks he meant spiritually?

  101. 3b says:

    Apparently, Secret Service sources are saying it never happened ( Trump grabbing the steering wheel). Cassidy did say it was second hand information. Why didn’t the committee just call the Agents to testify?

  102. leftwing says:

    “Wake me up when the Secret Service Agent who was driving the SUV/beast and the dining room busboy testifies.”

    And then what? Seriously, who the fuck cares?

    So we’ll establish that the President of the United States gave an order to his Secret Service, they defied, and he in a fit grabbed the wheel? Remind me, is that punishable by life sentence or death?

    And I can assure you of this….If I’m President and the SS directly ignores my order, if I’m CEO and my PA directly defies my order, if I’m an MD and some VP directly declines, yeah, I’m going to be ripshit in the moment and there will be hell to pay…no apologies either.

    Damn, if I were Commander-in-Chief I would have asked twice more, then smiled politely, and calmly but normal voice called my closest military advisor and informed them that I am being held by a rogue secret service agent and they need to intercept my vehicle immediately and get me released. And that I would not be adverse to them shooting on sight.

    So what did happened today? The ‘gotcha’, super surprise, can’t-reveal-the-witness-name testimony is that we had a spoiled brat for a President (uhm, kinda knew that already) prone to hissy fits when he doesn’t get his way (kinda knew that one too, right)?

    Probably could have just stipulated that upfront and saved thousands of hours and millions of dollars.

    This isn’t an investigation, it’s a bunch of 16 and 17 year old HS girls gossiping around the lunch table about last night’s party…

    “Oh my GAWD, can you believe he did that?!”

    And By, as a friend, you ought to stop using the term “Big Lie”. It undercuts the little credibility in your posts. I mean even CNN ceased using the term out of embarrassment….

  103. The Great Pumpkin says:

    “More on the Bullwhip Effect. Across the economy, different verticals are in different phases at the same time. But fundamental equity investors are rarely looking at more than one vertical at a time.…
    And the math.”

  104. Ex says:

    7:26 whatever

  105. Ex says:

    Ark Invest CEO Cathie Wood said Tuesday that the U.S. is already in an economic downturn, and she admitted that she underestimated the severity and lasting power of inflation.

    “We think we are in a recession,” Wood said on CNBC’s “Squawk Box” Tuesday. “We think a big problem out there is inventories… the increase of which I’ve never seen this large in my career. I’ve been around for 45 years.”

  106. Bystander says:

    Left, your rant is drivel as adults had to protect scores of people from being injured and/or prosecuted. They still faild Some even wanted to protect Constitution which you pretend to care about when it suits your view. I don’t need credibility as Barr, Rosen, Donoghue, Bowers, Hutchinson,Raffensperger and dozens of Rs have it. Continue to be proud though.

  107. leftwing says:


    Actual inflation 8-10% or higher.
    Many personal asset values plummeting.
    Interest rates at 10+ year highs.
    Commodities at recent record levels.
    Housing affordibility at recent record lows.
    War in Europe.
    Already likely in a recession.
    Supply chains still busted.

    But, but, but……

    “Oh my GAWD, he grabbed the STEERING WHEEL! Can you just believe it?!

    He meaning the former President. Who was voted out of office nearly three years ago.

    Who are the unbalanced ones?

  108. leftwing says:

    Actually, I think it would be hilarious if Trump trolled them all…he’s not nuanced so it will never happen…but….

    I think it would be outstanding if he came out and simply said “OK.”

    “Assume I did grab the steering wheel. What’s next?”

    Seriously, if he simply said assume I did it what do you do? Try to impeach him a third time, post-office? LOL.

    “Madame Speaker, on the fourth count of the impeachment Respondent did on January 6 reach across the dashboard and grab the steering wheel.” [a collective gasp then hush fills the Chamber where FDR solemnly declared a day of Infamy].


  109. Bystander says:

    Dumbass would be running dope in 2024 and still coddling him when president responsible for COVID deaths, worst stock plummet in history, worst unemployment since depression and highest debt accumulation in modern era and socialist bailouts that led to inflation. Now, clearly tried to overturn democratic election according to own staff.

  110. leftwing says:

    Two ‘agains’….

    Again, you are using data points many of which any president exerts little control with start and end dates within a much larger cycle. Simplistic argument at best. For any administration.

    Again, I hope the Orange Idiot is gone. Letitia, Pelosi, didn’t matter who… they would give the Rs the biggest gift ever… the ability to run someone on his swing state winning policies without all the assholery that likely costs a few percentage points or so.

  111. The Great Pumpkin says:

    I see a bifurcated labor market developing as unskilled and semi-skilled remain in short supply, but white collar workers, having proven their redundancy during COVID, will find gross excess in the labor market, pressuring wages at the end.

  112. crushednjmillenial says:

    Another blow against civil liberties and Western Ideals from our cold and polite neighbor to the North . . .

    Canada’s federal police admit that they are using spyware to get around encrypted messaging services in high-stakes criminal investigations, as discussed in this article below.

    Three points:
    (1) If they are doing it in Canada, they are doing it bigger in the USA;
    (2) If police or the government have a capability, it will be stretched and abused;
    (3) If the police want to investigate suspects, then they should establish rapport with potential participants in a criminal enterprise and otherwise get evidence without invading privacy, because as noted above, tehy will abuse every privacy-invastion tool and this is likely happening in the USA (Snowden says)

  113. Juice Box says:

    Crushed – nothing new to see here “national security exception” is the catch phrase for any country for their secret surveillance programs. We even have a secret court “FISA court” to legitimize it.

    EFF’s case was was rejected by the US Supreme Court on June 13th Jewel v. NSA leaving the 9th circuit ruling to stand. Dismissed because it’s a “secret” that the mass spying programs that everyone has known about for decades now.

  114. crushednjmillenial says:

    The Jan. 6 hearings (from the snippets I hear in passing on the news, car radio, etc.) seem to be showing the good reason for certain procedural safeguards in our Western system of justice. For example, hearsay evidence is usually excluded.

    The Jan. 6 hearings are also showing why we have the opportunity to confront the witnesses against us in the context of a court of law. I don’t think anyone on the panel probably asked the simple follow-up questions “so, to be clear, Ms. Hutchinson, you did NOT see with your own eyes that Trump grabbed for the steering wheel? You heard this from someone?”. (Not saying that grabbing for the steering wheel is bad or good, just my point is the Jan. 6 hearings are illustrating why in the court system we have certain safeguards).

    Same way raw footage can be selectively cut and spliced to strongly suggest one viewpoint or person is bad or good in a documentary film.

  115. crushednjmillenial says:

    Bystander . . . I appreciate your perspective on the Jan. 6 issue.

    You are giving me an insight into how millions of Americans feel about this (albeit, probably not enoguh millions to derail the 2022 Red Wave). I happen to disagree with Jan. 6 hysteria. When I watch the msm talk about it, it just seems so out of touch. But, nope, many out there agree with it.

    In my household, in 2022 and 2024, my wife will likely cancel out my R vote with her D vote. So, even though she isn’t keenly interested in politics, she gives me some barometer of D sentiment (for example, she has some openess to Trump policies, but she is 0/10 on board with his tone and brusqueness). She is skeptical of the Jan. 6 msm circus and now the commission, but apparently many D’s are not.

  116. Juice Box says:

    Musk not kidding about GTFO out California. Closing San Mateo office with 200 layoffs.

    200 layoffs mostly “data labelers” for Autopilot and Full Self-Driving programs. Looks like those jobs shuffled off the Buffalo NY.

    Linkedin says the Buffalo location has 102 applications for that job “Data Annotation Specialist”.

    I gather the jobs are moving to so TESLA can receive the tax rebate money with NY to move the jobs there. They agreed to provide the Gigafactory in Buffalo with 1600 jobs and as of last years report they were 460 short of the total the company promised to create under its original agreement with the state, and were subject to tens of millions in fines for not filling up the Buffalo Gigafactory with jobs.

  117. crushednjmillenial says:

    8:41 . . . yes, the primacy of national security is one legacy of the NeoCon Bush admin that I’d hope we are turning away from as a country. Not saying GWB 43 started it, just that it reached a crescendo in post-ww2 history under him.

    Not that Obama changed it, but many likely read part of “Hope and Change” to mean a rejection of foreign wars and an unlimited surveillance state.

    Not that Trump changed it, but part of the re-alignment on the Right was a rejection of foreign wars and an unlimited surveillance state. Even if this wasn’t so much articulated in coverage of the political earthquake of 2016, a lot of people had a lot of problems with GWB 43, all around, after he was re-elected in 2004.

    It’s just hard for Americans to articulate their feelings on civil liberties, because if you are not a wonk or a tinfoil hat, you aren’t hearing about this too much. The msm doesn’t cover it, and any coverage on it is a bit exhasuting. Wayyyy more emotional coverage and pointed coverage of obscure calculation of social security COLA adjustments or medical bankruptcies than the way our government wipes its feet with the American flag on the way to spying on its own citizens. In sum, I think a lot of Americans identify with the liberatarians on civil liberties, but neither the two main parties or other mainstays in American politics speak to it.

  118. Juice Box says:

    re: “the primacy of national security is one legacy of the NeoCon Bush admin”

    Not even close.

    A bit of history of the erosion of the 4th amendment by wiretapping etc and the creation of the surveillance that now employs 32,000 alone at the NSA.

    FISA law was under Jimmy Carter a Democrat in 1978

    Church Committee (Democrats in Senate) was 1975.. revealed the existence of the NSA to the public <– Great Read huge amount of info released from that Senate Committee.

    Supreme court ruled in 1973 warrants are required for domestic intelligence surveillance. Fourth Amendment challenge to surveillance aka the "Keith Case"

    NSA created in 1952 by President Truman (Democrat) it was so secret it was not revealed until 1975, it operated for over two decades with almost no restrictions and no warrants.

  119. Juice Box says:

    Get ready for Fall.

    35% of all new Covid cases as of June 18 are the two new Omicron subvariants that evade the existing vaccine.

    Here are the presentation from yesterdays meetings of the FDA advisory committee on boosters monovalent or bivalent.

  120. SmallGovConservative says:

    Bystander says:
    June 28, 2022 at 8:16 pm
    “your rant is drivel…”

    Like Norman Bates becoming his mother in Psycho, Bi appears to have finally snapped from his TDS. Except he’s become a twenty-something progressive female, flitting from issue to issue and ranting that every dingbat that dislikes Trump must be heard! Here are some of the people that Bi believes: Cassidy Hutchinson, Christine Blasey Ford, Julie Swetnick, Michael Avenatti. What a pud!

  121. Bystander says:


    Appreciate the thoughts. This is not about red wave or Republicans taking power. Truly don’t care. DeSantis wins then ok with that if Ds put forth horrible candidate then get what deserve. This is about a single crazy man entertainer who should never be allowed within 100 yards of any federal bldg ever again.

  122. Bystander says:

    Funny, Small, I picture you closer to Buffalo Bill in Silence of Lambs. Secretly tucking it in while harboring deep resentment and anger towards women. Probably some obsession with Orange skin but I’ll give you benefit of doubt that you are still swimming in shallow end of the pool.

  123. 3b says:

    The country has enough division, polarization, and, hatred on both sides. And the far left and the far right are both bad. But, regardless of where any one stands or just doesn’t care any more, I think it is clear, that Donald Trump should never ever be President again.

    It’s time for the Republicans to dump Trump, and it’s time for the Democrats to dump the far left wackos. Oh, and all these old politicians need to leave on both sides.

  124. No One says:

    Jan 6 hearings are beating a dead horse. Anyone with eyes already knew that Trump was a narcisist who couldn’t deal with the reality of his loss, so of course had to blame other people, and then more or less mentally cracked trying to rig the system to stay in power like some sort of banana republic dictator.
    At that point anyone with sense already knew that Trump was undeserving of being entrusted with power again. Trump has said he’s a better president than George Washington was, and probably thinks Washington was “weak” to step down after two terms. Trump is unstable, dumb, but crafty and manipulative. The Republican party should have broken with him on Jan 7, but they are scared of losing his dumb fanbase.

  125. Bystander says:

    Kudos, 3b. I don’t know how sentiment could be any clearer.


    Listening to your Dead show from Long Beach ’80. Great. Never heard this one before and now have to check out West Coast tour from that year.

  126. Very Stable Genius says:

    False equivalence, whataboutism, and childish arguments to apologize and defend criminal actions by the former prez.

    Lol Lol

  127. BidenIsTheGOAT says:

    Trump unhinged people in a way I’ve never seen before. They threw out every notion of due process our rights of the accused. They accepted lie sheet lie in hopes that one would pan out, it continues to this day. My gut tells me the right will be able to move on a lot quicker than the left. He broke those people.

  128. BidenIsTheGOAT says:

    The political and expert class are thoroughly corrupt. They’ve sold us out time and again. Trump was willing to expose that and they tried multiple times to destroy him. I can understand why he became the way he did. Sometimes when you think people are out to get you they really are.

  129. crushednjmillenial says:

    Johnny Depp trial: front page news for days

    Ghislaine Maxwell sentenced yesterday to 20 years: already the article is off

  130. No One says:

    I wonder if it’s true that Chelsea Clinton and Ghislaine were friends. She did go to her wedding.

  131. Fast Eddie says:

    Don’s warped brain…

    I think I found the name of my band.

  132. 3b says:

    In other news, a friend I told about I Bonds opened an account, but since forgot his password. There hold time on a call is up to 5 hours, and if you contact them by mail it’s a 13 week response time!!

  133. Bystander says:

    Fat Muppets is better but Henson might come after you.

  134. Fast Eddie says:

    Chubby Muppets might work, too. Many variations, take your pick.

  135. BRT says:

    Fauci running a second series of paxlovid on himself without double blind studies on that 2nd regiments safety and efficacy. I guess his scientific process doesn’t matter when it involves his own health.

  136. Ex says:

    11:29 excellent!! Really like the mix with that one.
    Great version of Candyman :)

  137. The Great Pumpkin says:

    President Joe Biden may have nixed Donald Trump’s attempt to ban TikTok but the U.S. government’s fight against the app is not over. On Wednesday, Federal Communications Commissioner Brendan Carr tweeted a letter directed at Google and Apple executives Sundar Pichai and Tim Cook, calling the app a “sophisticated surveillance tool” that needs to be pulled from app stores immediately. He referenced a BuzzFeed News report that said employees of the Beijing-based company accessed U.S. users’ private information multiple times, adding to the “overwhelming body of evidence that TikTok presents a serious national security threat.” “TikTok is not what it appears to be on the surface,” Carr wrote. “It is not just an app for sharing funny videos or memes. That’s the sheep’s clothing.” Carr said Sundai and Cook have until July 8 to remove the app or provide an explanation as to why TikTok’s practices don’t “run afoul” of their policies.

  138. The Great Pumpkin says:

    “I support @BrendanCarrFCC’s proposal for @Apple’s @AppStore and @google’s @GooglePlay store to remove @tiktok_us

    At least until the CCP allows twitter, FB and Snap into China”

  139. Fast Eddie says:

    Stock market news lives updates: Futures fall, S&P 500 heads for worst first half in 52 years

    The more important questions are: Who grabbed a steering wheel and who threw a dinner plate?

  140. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Tech layoffs ramping in a big way

    I think July + August are when things really pick up

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